Officials Unveil Facelift Of Lower Greenville Ave.

By Stephanie Lucero, CBS 11 News

DALLAS (CBSDFW.COM) – Dallas city officials unveiled a plan Tuesday to change Lower Greenville Ave. from an area known for its nightlife to a family-friendly development district.

District 14 councilwoman Angela Hunt said $1.3 million from a 2006 bond package will be used to widen sidewalks and reduce the number of driving lanes from four to two.

The goal is to alleviate some of the “bad elements,” as Hunt says, that force Dallas police to place more than 20 additional officers there on the weekends and lessen general homeowner frustration with the late-night populace.

“We are spending tremendous taxpayer dollars and police resources babysitting the drunks at some of these bad bars,” Hunt said. “What we want to do is create a great family-friendly area that’ll have a balance of taverns and bars and late night operations that are not causing problems.”

New rules governing bars and restaurants will mandate a special use-permit for any business that wishes to stay open past midnight. They’ll likely have a six month window to apply for these permits.

“I love the idea of grandmas and strollers on that street, said Patricia Carr, president of the Lower Greenville Neighborhood Association. Carr said nearby residents have pushed for a similar plan for years.

The first phase of the renovation will include the two blocks between Bell and Alta Streets. Hunt said she plans to modify the entire nine-block stretch of Greenville Ave. between Belton Ave. and Bryan Pkwy. over the next five years.


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  1. dobbie says:

    Give me a break; don’t ruin Lower Greenville or youre going to lose a whole lot of business and money!!

  2. gaylord says:

    dallas is SOOOOOO anti-business and entrepreneurship…no matter which way you look, somebody is shaking their finger at someone else…back in the day, when Dallas was run by those ungly ole rich white men, things went fast, well, and sure. Schools were better (black and white)…oddly, dissatisfaction, even among us South Dallas people, was pretty low….

  3. Jeff H. Reynolds says:

    I don’t like this. I don’t think this is any different than an illegal and wrongful taking of property by the government. I contend that the decision of the city to change the character of the area may be harmful to the values and interests of the commercial property owners in the area. The desires of certain residential property owners in the area should not be allowed to tread upon the rights and interests of the commercial property owners. If the residential property owners in the area aren’t happy… then they should move. The character of lower greenville is well known and existed long before these residential property owners moved into the area.

  4. Jim C. says:

    Jeff Reynolds is absolutely right. Transform an area artificially when the free market has already decided how to use the property. Also disregard the owners of these businesses entirely even though they pay their taxes and abide by the law. For the homeowner unhappy about how his neighborhood has developed I’m sorry to report that many homeowners, who invest in a property at their own risk, often end up unhappy about the eventual state of their neighborhood. These are the risks of property investment.

  5. Kristn T. says:

    Let’s see….kill the West End-check. Kill Deep Ellum-check. Oh, look Greenville Ave is next. Everything in Dallas has to be shiny and “new.” By new I actually mean bland, cookie-cutter, sterile. I cannot figure this out! Seriously, do they think that young people are just going to decide to start staying in and going to bed at 10 pm? People want rowdy entertainment. The other thing I’m trying to figure out here is: What exactly makes the property values high over there? Oh, that’s right, convenient entertainment district. If they kill off Greenville Ave., watch how the property values drop because of the empty, pre-fab stip mall that will replace what’s there now….. Ugh. I’m sooo frustrated with this city, that I love.

  6. Saint Nick says:

    “Grandmas and strollers on the street”? If that’s the future of Lower Greenville, then just shut it all down. The place should be alive at night. Dallas needs life, not strollers.

  7. Bill Nakawah says:

    I support the city all the way ,I have been in Dallas for the past 30 years lower Greenville is one of Dallas landmark things went out of control with the new crowd we have been getting for the past 5 years ,We need to clean up the street up .soon just take a look at uptown legacy shops ……

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