CORPUS CHRISTI (CBSDFW.COM) – From “SportsCenter” to morning talk shows across the country, a Corpus Christi middle school football team is all the rage. Everything centers around the play that left the opposing players wondering, “what just happened”?

The amazing play was run by the football team at Driscoll Middle School. Driscoll was trailing Wynn Seale 6-0 in the fourth quarter of Saturday’s city championship game, when the Driscoll coach decided it was time to run the “penalty play.”

The play shows the center snap the ball, or uh, hand the ball to Driscoll quarterback Jason Garza, who casually strolls through the defensive line just long enough to be out of tackle-reach.

Then he takes off!

The quarterback winds up in the end-zone, though closely trailed by a opposing team member.

The trick play tied the game at 6, but for all the buzz, it didn’t pay off in the end. Wynn Seale won the game.