I-30 Reopens Following 7-Vehicle Crash

By Jay Gormley, CBS 11 News

DALLAS (CBSDFW.COM) – A seven-car pile-up near downtown Dallas sent seven people to the hospital and shut down Interstate-30 in both directions for nearly five hours on Thursday. Two of the seven injured people are in serious, but stable condition. There were no fatalities.

The seven vehicles involved included two 18-wheelers, a cement truck and four passenger vehicles.

According to witnesses, one of the 18-wheelers was heading west on Interstate-30 when it plowed into the back of the cement truck, at around 1:00 p.m. Thursday afternoon near Sylvan Avenue. The cement truck was then pushed into the other 18-wheeler.

The cement truck then continued through the center guard rail and ended up in the eastbound lanes of the highway. The four passenger cars were either pinned or crushed by the larger trucks.

The cement truck driver received only minor injuries and stayed on the scene to speak with investigators.

Hazmat crews scrambled to keep spilled diesel fuel from running into the Trinity River below. Jason Evans with Dallas Fire-Rescue said that the fuel came within five feet of polluting the river.

Interstate-30 was closed for much of the Thursday afternoon rush hour, but reopened later on Thursday afternoon.


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  1. Sonny says:

    Trucks should be forced to drive in the right lane and the right lane ONLY!!! Truck driver are the biggest jerks on the road. They talk on their cell phone and don’t care what would happen if they get in an accident. A truck driver on his cell phone in Harker Heights a few years ago ran over a girl out running for her high school track team.

    1. PT says:

      I’m sure you talk and drive on yours as well Sonny. I think all drivers should be cautious especially if they are on their phones.

    2. Julia Ann Ferrell Harris says:

      NO…trucks should not be made to drive in the right lane only. It is the most dangerous lane for us to travel in because of all the one and off traffic. How many 4-wheelers talk on their phones and have accidents and kill people? How many 4-wheelers get in accidents that don’t involve trucks at all? Check the states with the insurance institute and with the U of Michigan, which conducts the greatest number of traffic research, and you will see that way over 70% of accidents involving a passenger vehicle and a commercial vehicle are cause by the passenger vehicle NOT the trucker. We have fewer accidents impaired by alcohol and drugs. Considering the number of miles we drive a year, we are among the safest drivers on the road!!

    3. CH says:

      When passenger vehicles and large trucks collide, 70% of the time is largely contributed to the passenger vehicle driver. This is according to the national safety council.

    4. Angel says:

      Truck drivers are like any other drivers some are good and some are bad- i see a lot of people talk on cell phones. Every day many drivers get into accidents due to talking on cell phones, so NO driving in the right lane would not be a solution to curb accidents.

  2. Doyle says:

    sonny what the hell makes you so perfect a truckdriver has more training at driving then any reg. driver and all together truckdrivers are way safer on the road and i live in dallas there are always cars crashing into each other there are at least 10 or more wreacks everyday

  3. Jim says:

    No cellphones whatsoever, please.

  4. Barbara says:

    Don’t be so hard on Sonny. He is right. Some of the rudest drivers on the road are truck drivers. Also, some of the nicest drivers on the road are truck drivers.
    However, they do drive large vehicles and do tend to think they own the road.
    The other night one almost ran us off the road after the road abruptly narrowed and he was determined not to let anyone in the lane.

    1. Randy Harris says:

      Did he even see you??????????? We do have some pretty large “blind spots”

  5. Libby says:

    Agreed!!! Truck drivers tend to be more aggressive bc of their size. They switch lanes without any blinker, wait until the last minute to stop, speed up in the rain and throw water on the cars beside them… They are for the most part rude! But thank God for the ones that are courteous and careful of others!!!

    1. CH says:

      Libby all drivers are a product of their environment. As a safety manager at a large truck fleet operator I see plenty of RUDE passenger drivers on cameras mounted in our trucks. Be careful of your actions with these trucks you may be on camera.

  6. Julia Ann Ferrell Harris says:

    Libby, can you be more uninformed? We tend to be more careful because of our size. We turn on our blinkers and NO car will give us room to move over. We don’t wait until the last minute to stop…it takes us that much longer to stop because of our size and weight. You throw water on other cars when you drive in the rain, too. Don’t right next to us because we do throw more water because, duh, we have 18 larger tires. We are very polite to those who are polite to us. Again, in wrecks involving trucks and passenger cars, over 70% are caused by YOU, not ME!!

  7. Michelle says:

    Darn straight Julia, my best friends are truck drivers and are always careful. Yeah accidents do happen to truckers but 90% of it isnt their fault. People should research before shooting off at the mouth or keyboard for that matter.

  8. candace says:

    I am amazed at such ignorance when it comes to people who don’t do the job we truck drivers do everyday. We put our lives on the line for you inconsiderate people. Trucks and the men and women who drive them make sure your life is convenient. If you bought it a truck driver brought it. You always want to blame the truck. Look at how you drive before you start throwing stones.

  9. cookie says:

    Ok so I’m guessing none of you were actually in this jam? I was stuck in traffic for hours. Not knowing what happened. I just assumed it was a fatal crash. Did I mention I was in this jam for hours and only traveled 15 miles then was forced to exit and go into more traffic jam. This metroplex was a total jam. I wished we had cars that would fly:) I’m thankful no one lost their lives. In the crash….I mean…it happens…car drivers can be rude to truckers and vice versa…we should all be more considerate. That person in that car or trailer is a human being and not a robot. You wouldn’t want the blood of another on your hands because you were driving impatiently or not alert. Yeah I didn’t get to see my husband today as I anticipated….but hey I live to see another day. Drive friendly….we all got some place to no where to go lol..

  10. Dragons Wife says:

    BRAVO to Candace, Michelle, Julia, and Randy! I’m a trucker’s wife and I’ve been in the truck with my husband because a very long time ago, I had the VERY misinformed opinion that truckers were awful. BOY did I get my eyes opened riding with my husband! He’s been a driver for over 27 yrs. and the work he does (along with ALL truckers out there) SERIOUSLY needs to be commended!! Trucking families live paycheck to paycheck. This is our reality. We (truckers and their families) sacrifice every single day just so business can provide products and services. We have to tolerate the prejudice of society concerning truckers and their families. I, and my trucking friends and family, have been scoffed at, belittled, treated like 8 week old garbage and even been spit on by several people. We’ve been shunned from different events even. You may find this shocking…. I don’t. I live it every single day. Our children have to deal with this type of attitude also. Parents teach children and children are very cruel to other children. This is just a tiny taste of what we deal with every day. Are you shocked yet? We’re not. We, as trucking families, are the first to feel the economy to tank and the first to see and feel the actual recovery. Yet, the average pay for a trucker (if being paid by the mile) is $.30 per mile. Yes, folks, I wrote thirty cents per mile. Average for miles per week are 2,000 – 3,000 miles. This means the gross take home is gonna be $600 – $900 BEFORE taxes. About a third of that goes to taxes. Talk about being extremely budgeted when there’s a family to be fed! And, trucker’s families do NOT receive assistance 90% of the time because they do not fall in the poverty level. It’s bad enough for those who are living on $700 a month for a single person that is receiving assisted living!! Now to compare that to a average family of 4 who need shelter, food, clothing, schooling, etc. No, trucking families are not rich by any means! So, truckers and their families are just trying to make a living just like everyone else. We are an overlooked part of society. Funny how people are quick to judge when every single thing they have, bought, or consumed IS because a truck driver is out there busting their butts to bring it! Think about how “inconvenient” your lives would be if the whole trucking industry shut down just for even ONE day. I know this for a fact…. it WOULD cripple this country. People really need to do their homework before jumping all over truck drivers. Truckers have to undergo SO many DOT regulations now, along with drug and alcohol tests. But yet, all we see in the media are those isolated situation/accidents/fatalities of the VERY few drivers that slip through the cracks. Hmmmm, I know other areas of society that “slip through the cracks” also. There is hardly any reporting of those things!

  11. Temple says:

    I drive from White Rock Lake to work nearly every day in Oak Cliff, so yes I was definitely inconvenienced by the resulting traffic jam for the accident on I-30. So let me tell you that being involved would have beyond inconvenient for me to say the least. At least I am familiar with alternate routes ans can usually make changes on the fly, so to speak. Getting lost in downtown on the way back to White Rock Lake was akin to a horror movie plot, being in the wrong lane can really be annoying, especially when you can’t change lanes to take advantage of the intersections that you are familiar with. I never thought that I would be so glad to see a street sign that said Gaston as I was last night. I knew exactly where I was at that time.

  12. 18 Wheeler Accident Attorney says:

    Overloaded trucks and unsecured loads is a common cause of truck accidents.

    Attorney David Pettus, an 18 Wheeler Attorney in Houston and the founder of The Pettus Law Firm, is dedicated to helping personal injury victims seek civil justice. “I can tell you that no where but in a courtroom can an individual stand eye to eye and toe to toe with the largest and most powerful companies in the world and be on a level playing field” says Attorney David Pettus. http://pettus18wheelerattorney.com/

    1. PEGGY SUE says:


  13. Tim says:

    A lot of 18 wheel truckers are uneducated jerks. Some cannot speak english and drive like a bat out of hell. The ones that I have seen that are nice are few and far between. Just last month I saw a 18 wheeler ran a red light twice and made no effort to stop. He knew that no one would mess with him for fear of the size of his rig. Yep there are a lot of autos on the road and they cause accidents and I think they should ban cell phones in all vehicles unless they pull over and stop or possibley stopped in traffic to let someone know what happened but the minute you start rolling you stop talking.

  14. michael says:

    I’m not a truck driver myself, but my father is. And I’ve rode with him n the dfw area. Truck drivers get cut off and stooped short all the time. Therefore yes they will be a little rude some times, exspecialy to drivers that drive STUPID! I’ll keep people from jumping in at the minute along with dumb driving habits in my pickup. I thank when a person gets their drivers license they should have to ride with a truck driver for a day, they would have much more respect for them.

  15. PEGGY SUE says:


  16. concerned says:

    who were the people that were hurt?

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