CEDAR HILL (CBSDFW.COM) – A Cedar Hill school, trashed by vandals, is back open. Thieves broke into Plummer Elementary, causing serious damage, stealing computers and other electronics.

The effects of the vandalism and burglary could have been devastating, but the community was determined to not lose another day of learning.

“We’re ready to go this morning! Everything’s clean,” one adult proclaimed on Thursday. When students began lining up to begin their day at Plummer, this time, they wouldn’t be disappointed.

“[There are] clean hallways, clean classrooms, everything was orderly,” said PTA President Glenda Taylor. “The teachers were smiling and welcoming the kids in.”

Parents at the school couldn’t be more pleased. “[It’s] business as usual. I can’t tell that anyone had broken into the facility,” said parent Latoya Dyer. “There’s no glass. There’s no evidence of vandalism in the areas that I visited.”

Thieves broke into the school sometime after classes on Tuesday. After knocking out power, to disable the security cameras, they began a stealing spree. But, at times, they seemed more intent on simple destruction.

“The computers were on the floor. They bent the monitors. [And] I think that was just pure meanness,” one adult said.

Dyer, like so many others, is left wondering. “Yes, the students do have questions. My daughter has questions, but I think the staff has responded remarkably well,” she said.

When you looked in the hallways Thursday there were neatly stacked books and sparkling hallways. In just a matter of hours, staff and community volunteers had the campus clean and ready for classes. It will take longer, though, to replace all of the broken windows.

To show their appreciation, members of the PTA brought treats to the staff
Teachers turned the ordeal into a learning experience. “Yesterday, the kids were saying, ‘This is an adventure. Can we write about it?’ And the 3rd grade teacher said, ‘Well, of course you can write about it!’,” explained Principal Linda Cronenberg. “So the kids just whipped out their notebooks.”

The Cedar Hill school district is offering a $1,000 reward for information in the case.