Newy & Babe Get Into It Over Jason Garrett

Newy Scruggs on 105.3 The Fan

DALLAS (105.3 The Fan) – CBS 11 Sports Anchor Babe Laufenberg calls in to 105.3 The Fan to chat with Newy Scruggs about a comment Babe made over the “similar characteristics” of Jason Garrett and NFL Hall of Famer Bill Walsh. The debate was over “similar characteristics” vs. “comparisons”. The call get’s a little heated – it’s great radio! Click below to listen to the sports guys duel on 105.3 The Fan.


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  1. Rod says:

    Newy is one of the most insecure, petty and immature people on radio and tv.
    This interview was very unprofessional. Not a huge fan of Babe’s. But he came away fom this looking like the better man.

  2. Louis B. says:

    Newy is right about Jason Garrett. Jason has had total control of the offensive
    (except when Jerry wants something) and what has he done. Newy is not on the Jerry Jones payroll and he is not a Cowboy hater. Newy tells the truth about the Cowboys. Babe is a regular employee just like me and I would’nt bad mouth my boss either but come on Babe don’t pee on me and call it rain. Jerry and Jason should bench and or cut some players Witten, Jenkins, Felix Jones, Leo. Davis and Sensabagh better known as Sensaburn. Then as a Cowboy fan I know J&J was serious about putting out the best product possible.
    Thanks Newy, for all that you do.

    1. Scott A. says:

      Louis are you kidding you want them to cut Witten,Jones are you high?

  3. willie pruitt says:

    Babe and Newy Jason Garrett is a yes man an will not be a Head Coach to take a football team to the super bowel. He miss his chance lasy year.

  4. Tonya says:

    It was not worth writing about, Newy keeps it real glad he stuck his guns and didn’t let that guy run his show.

  5. Rick McDaniel says:

    As suggested, Wade Phillips may have been none of the problem, whatsoever.

    Garrett has been Offense coach, and the offense has looked very bad.

    Romo has been lack luster, before his injury, and frankly, I don’t think he has the work ethic needed, and never did. He certainly is no Troy Aikman.

    Overall, the Cowboys have a multitude of problems, not the least of which, is Jerry Jones, himself, and his direct involvement with the team’s daily activities.

  6. Jay says:

    This wasn’t great radio.

    I said this, I didn’t say that. You said it, NO I didn’t say it. How can you tell me I said that and you don’t know what i said. But you said it because I heard you say it. Look dude, say whatever you want but I didn’t say this or that, you just think and want me to say what you think you heard me say.

    Stupid conversaton. I actually wasted 14mins/45 seconds of my day listening to this mess. Now i need to get that back. Geee-whiz.

  7. Paul W says:

    Garrett and the boys will finish 4-4 or 5-3 for the last 8 games.

    Go Cows!!

  8. AlaCuisine says:

    Kudos to CBS for hiring NBC sportscasters!! Sean Payton was successfull in NO because Jerry Jones is not the general manager of the Saints! Babe …adjust the tint in the shine free maybelline. Try ivory and leave the tawny in the bottle. your comments are irrelevant what is Troy saying Newy get it first hand from the first string!!! Babe your no Troy Aikman and by that I mean no similar characteristics are shared! Now that’s what’s cookiing!

  9. TRex says:

    The Cowboy’s were 1 and 7 with Jason Garett….He is the Asst. Head Coach…So he needs to take half the blame…What is going to change?..We will seewhat happens…

  10. iris says:

    Babe took offense, y? That’s what he said so why get an attitude about it? Shut up!!!

  11. Threadslayer says:

    Nope…..Newy was trying to twist around what Babe said. I got the point he was making, and I’m sure Newy did, too. But you gotta have something to stir so it gets people listening. Babe was just as guilty for staying on and engaging him. This was when two fools met…

  12. wlmino says:

    Newy is an idiot. He can’t understand English grammar. Go back to 8th grade English class.

  13. Todd, from Plano says:

    I heard this on the radio today and it was stupid. It was all about Newy trying to make leaps and bounds from what Babe said about Jason G. Babe said he had ‘characteristics’ of Bill Walsh and Newy tried to make the leap and say that Babe was saying he ‘is Bill Walsh’.

    Newy would not drop it and came across looking stupid. And that’s a shame because Newy is my favorite host on that radio station. He always seems to have a good head on his shoulders until this particular segment.

    C’mon Newy, you’re better than that.

  14. Charles says:

    Newy your are wright Jason was the assistant head coach and the offensive coordinator, and this year he hasnt done anything to show were he needs to be the head coach. if he cant run the offense whats makes Jerry think he can run the whole team.

    1. Dave says:

      I totally think you are wright. We should right this season off as a time to build our team and look for the write man for the head coaching job. Your comment is write on point….

  15. Craig says:

    Newy, if any firing would make the sports fans of Dallas happy, it would be YOU going away

  16. ray says:

    Newy brings credibility to the fan

  17. raoul says:

    Babe is a shill for Jerry Jones. He is on Jerry’s payroll. Simple math. Garrrett has the same characteristics as Bill Walsh: both are pale, white men. Walsh was a great offensive mind as offensive coordinator and head coach. Wow, this interview demonstrates why I do NOT watch CBS news.

    Tony Dungy got fired in Tampa Bay because he could not get any offense going. He brought some defense to Indy. But Indy already had a great offense. Babe is an idiot. Most be all those concussions as a quarterback.

  18. Hemroidious says:

    I tried listening to Scruggs program, but I fell asleep.

  19. Bleeding blue since birth says:

    It’s pretty sad that Newy can’t tell the difference between someone having the same characteristics as another person vs. someone IS just like another person or WILL BE the next “person.”

  20. Tom says:

    Okay, let’s see. Babe is a football professional who actually played (a little) for the Cowboys and knows Jason Garrett personally. Newy is the (sometimes) loveable buffon that clowns his way through sportscasting. Now, who should we believe?…………..

  21. mark in frisco says:

    the most juvenile argument I’ve heard. Babe is coming off as arrogant & not understanding someone can disagree without being ignorant. Newwy isn’t his 12 or 15 year old kid.
    Newwy is missing his best point – ‘same characteristics = comparison’ Everyone doesn’t have to use Babe’s exact wording. Babe is making a distinction w/out a difference. tHANKS!

  22. Mike says:

    I am NOT a Babe Laufenberg Fan at all. I usually cannot stand to hear him or see him, but I will have to painfully say that he made perfect sense and Newy was DEAD WRONG and made himself look really bad in this argument.

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