Groups Protest Bush Library Groundbreaking

DALLAS (CBSDFW.COM) – One day before the groundbreaking of the George W. Bush Presidential Library on the Southern Methodist University campus, a group held a rally and march in protest.

The group, “The People’s Response”, a self-professed coalition of local, state, and national groups, is calling for “accountability for the past and democracy for the future”.

According to 2002 Time Person of the Year Col. Ann Wright, the highest ranking State Department official to resign in protest of the Iraq war, “As a person who spent 29 years in the U.S. military and 16 years in the U.S. diplomatic corps, I am outraged that President Bush purposefully lied America into war.”

State Representative Lon Burnam of Fort Worth is part of the group that’s been demonstrating against having the Bush Library on the university campus. “It greatly diminishes and compromises SMU; because of the President’s record and because of the money involved, and the lack of commitment to intellectual honesty in the presentation at the library,” he said in a KRLD radio interview.

The group, led by the Dallas Peace Center, will also hold a march Tuesday morning during the library groundbreaking.


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  1. SolveProblems says:

    You people need to get on with your life. Bush is no longer President.

    1. jackp_78 says:

      They can’t move on. Bush is their boogyman. Without him, they have no purpose in life.

    2. Jim says:

      NO, but he is still a murderer and war criminal!

      1. JIm says:

        JUst as Truman was a murderer for getting the US in the Korean War and Kennedy/Johnson for the Vietnam war. So what is your point?

    3. katzien says:

      He’s no longer president but his damage will be long lasting.

    4. Donna Sayles-Corbin says:

      It’s not the fact that he is no longer President, they want him to pay for the crimes he committed during his presidency. And he should. He lied to ALL of the US citizens and took us to war over BS. Even his own father told him it would cause a economic collapse. But he and Cheney had their own agenda. They have ruined lives of a lot of Americans and need to pay for it. Protesters should come out in droves so this mess will quit being swept under the rug and considered the “norm” for Washington.

  2. Nicole Eldridge says:

    he is no longer president but he is still an illiterate liar.

    1. jackp_78 says:

      OB is a pompous, boy president who barely knows how to tie his own shoes. The only reason he is president is the color of his skin and his skill at leading people around by their nose rings.

    2. Seriously?! says:

      To call someone with an Ivy League education illiterate shows your immaturity. You are obviously ignorant of the fact that a Presidential Library is customary. I am not a fan of Pres Bush, but I find these comments to be low-class and completely inappropriate. There is absolutely no reason to protest decisions made in the past. Are these silly people also going to protest the Vietnam War while they are at it?! Pres Bush graduated from Yale and Harvard. Lon Burnam was educated in Texas…he really should be embarrassed to speak of intellectual honesty.

      1. Jim Jenkins says:

        If Bush could complete even one sentence without slaughtering the English language your claim of him be educated would not be so funny.

        Bush’s daddy bought him ALL of his degrees. He spent his college years drunk and high on cocaine. Bush was, is, and likely always will be a moron! His total incompetency as President cost hundreds of thousands of innocent people their lives and nearly bankrupt the USA. Until Bush stands trial for his lies and war crimes, people with morals will protest him as long as he lives!

      2. Donna Sayles-Corbin says:

        An Ivy league education means NOTHING if you didn’t learn anything. Just because he received a degree/diploma doesn’t mean he graduated. Hell, he was in the National reserves too, doesn’t mean he served. There’s proof of that.

    3. Bored with the Inane says:

      Yet another sheep bleats.

      If you could manage to read with comprehension or actually do your own research instead of blindly swallowing everything MSM spoon feeds you you’d find there are many liars on the Hill including our current CIC.

      Not sure why you have a problem with the library obviously reading isn’t your strong suit. Btw Bush is hardly illiterate, he graduated from two Ivy League schools, a feat no other CIC can claim.

  3. Marilynn Michaels says:

    The library will probably only hold comic books and that ilk. It may be your tradition that a “Presidential Library” be customary when a president leaves office, but in the past they’ve usually be educated, literate, intelligent men. You may not have agreed with their policies, but the question of intelligence usually wasn’t an issue.

    GWB’s record unfortunately makes a mockery of the office. It will take the world (and the US) a long time to clean up and re-dress the damage he and his cronies have done. Having said that, I don’t see how anyone of sense could elect a Republican for a long long time.

    1. JIm says:

      Considering that Eisenhower had to clean up after Truman’s Korean War and Nixon had to deal with Vietnam, which was left over from Kennedy and Johnson, the Iraq War should be relatively easy

    2. cactus says:

      Marilynn, that just shows that you are all the things you are accusing Bush of being.

    3. cactus says:

      Marilynn Michaels, Why is it that all you low class Bush haters hang out on Cnn, then you cuss CNN as being too conservative. You are certainly no intellectual yourself. If you had either intellect or class you would not be postingf this hateful trash. You need to get a life and just move on.

    4. Bored with the Inane says:

      Ms. Michaels, like Nicole, desperately needs an education.

      Both political parties have had a heavy hand in the damage done to our nation. Laying the blame on Bush and the Republican party alone is idiotic at best. Clinton made a mockery of the office prior to Bush and Obama, thus far, is doing his fair share.

      Here’s a reality check for you: the 1% controlling 40% of the wealth in this nation are the people in control regardless of which party holds the office of CIC or the majorities in the HOR and Senate.

      No wonder our nation is going down the tubes, reveling in willful stupidity has become America’s forte.

    5. JIm says:

      Marilynn Michaels, at the risk of giving away the last election day’s results, your “long long time” is over. Here’s a hint that even GWB would understand; Madame Pelosi will not be Speaker of the House in the next Congress.

    6. wd says:

      Yeah, right – that’s why the democrats got spanked in the last election – cause they were doing so much better…

    7. Donna Sayles-Corbin says:

      Either comics or pop-ups..LOL

  4. Sied24 says:

    @ على محمل الجد ونقلت هذا منك : — “ليس هناك اي سبب للاحتجاج على القرارات التي اتخذت في الماضي”…… والآن هو بيان مثير للسخرية. وقال كفى. ملاحظة jackp_78 تعلم كيفية يجادل النقاط الخاصة بك. مجرد نصيحة.

    Editor’s Note: Here is the English translation of Sied24’s comment, written in Arabic: @ Seriously and that you quoted: – “There is no reason to protest against the decisions taken in the past” … … and now it is a ridiculous statement. Enough said. Note jackp_78 learn how to argue your points. Just advice.”

    1. Tom says:

      Thisshould be translated into english so everyone will understand what you are trying to say.

  5. Tom says:

    Only a complete ass would protest against a presidential library! Every one of our recent former presidents have one. George Bush was the right man a a very bad time in our history. Imagine some other recent presidents dealing with the situations faced by GWB as president. The current president would appologize profusely for placint the twin towers and pentagon in the way of the errant and perhaps misguided muslim youths! Clinton would be smelling his recently dipped cigar and wondering what all the fuss was about. Okay, actually he would do much better than the current boob, but he wasn’t the man at that time W was and although he may have been misled at times, he reacted as he thought was right and I happen to agree with him. Leave the man alone. He is really a very good man and wishes nobody ill will.

  6. Dawn Castle says:

    Yes, he graduated from ivy league schools because of who he is, not because he actually earned it. remember the “c students can be president” remark? if you check it out you will find that children from extremely rich and illustrious parents go to ivy league schools, regardless. normal middle class kids cant get in.

    1. JIm says:

      That’s right- Senator John Kerry went through Ivy League schools as well. And, his GPA was one point BEHIND Dubya! Yes, we got the smarter one.

  7. James says:

    He was the President, and Tradition shows us that he gets a Library. Right or wrong, agree or disagree, he was our President, and deserves at least the respect of that title. For every person that thinks he was a horrible President, there is someone that thinks he was a decent President. One small group of students (that weren’t old enough to vote when he was President) do not represent an entire Nation. It’s OK to tell Children to sit down, and be quiet. By the way: we haven’t cured cancer, or AIDS. We haven’t done anything to decrease our Nations unemployment, or Poverty rate. We haven’t made a single advancement as a Nation in 30 years, and these kids decide to protest a Library?!?! This is why they should be ignored- pointless protests, and an attention-span incapable of seeing the bigger picture.

  8. Donovan Gerlach says:

    i dont’t know where to start with all the stupid comments left about bush, when we went to war in iraq and took a dictator out of office, i am sure you were all happy, but no you change your mind when you should suport your troops and back your country up! “A LIBARY” is not going to hurt a single person it is a place where you can do research on a school paper or reed a book, a libary is not something that you protest about, go to a voting booth and stop something there. your words are little compared to action you take!

  9. Bob Logan says:

    Please people you can not be real. You have to understand George bush is the poster boy for the idiots in DC. He started out by destroying the environment (logging) then he destroyed the moral fiber of America by saying you are with us or against us then making it partisan. He then has more vacation than any other adult in the history of employment (40%). While he let his fathers buddies and cronies destroy most of the world and worst of all he is contrite about it.

    No library but how about taking him to the international court to see how the rest of the world will deal with him. These libraries are there to celebrate the good deeds and patriotic acts of the president so future generation can benefit from the experience. The problem here is GW library will be empty most of the time just like his head. And to think that even after lying like he did with the non existant WMDs ??? he still tries to defend the war. How many little Iraq children have been killed or maimed by his LIES and INSANITY.

    1. Bored with the Inane says:

      Your generalities are astounding. We have many poster boys on the Hill.

      Logging was in full swing long before Bush took office, it’s an occupation in case you’re oblivious to this fact. Destroyed the moral fiber of our country? ROFLMAO yeah right, that task was accomplished in the 60’s by our moronic baby boomer generation. Destroy the world? Wow talk about omnipotent, Bush is far more powerful than I gave him credit for he’s practically a god according to you.

      And btw in case you’ve forgotten our exalted CIC Obama called half the country “crackpots”. Obama’s responsible for the explosion of the Tea Party and the ratings boom FOX news has experienced. Oh thank you Mr. President (sarcasm, I realize this had to be explained to you). Furthermore Bush didn’t whine like a spoiled brat and bar CNN or MSNBC reporters from his Q&A sessions as Obama attempted with FOX. Obama cries like a girl he’s embarrassing.

      As far as the invasions are concerned you can thank all the morons on the Hill for those debacles. These invasions were voted and moved on by our exalted leaders. You may want to do a bit of research into what members were involved with which committees before blindly accepting the “we were lied to” mantra too many are singing.

      Your comment is oxymoronic. Bush must really be one smart SOB considering you claim he bamboozled members of the Hill into backing these invasions. People having access to far more info than we were privy to and can supposedly think for themselves. By your own commentary Bush is absolutely brilliant. Fyi Obama hasn’t deviated from the war plan devised by the Bush administration ie: connected the dots you’ve laid out Obama warrants a poster boy plaque himself.

  10. Bob Logan says:

    Who Me

  11. Krystal says:

    Is there anything more annoying than a bunch of whining know it all “Monday morning quarterbacks”? Protesting a library…really? What a catastrophe!

  12. T Wright says:

    Do you miss me yet? BUSH!!!!!

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