Man Petitioning Against Homeowner Association In Sachse

By Jack Fink, CBS 11

SACHSE (CBSDFW.COM) – Luis Sanchez said the Quail Hollow Homeowner Association in Sachse is making his family miserable.

“We’re basically in a desperation mode right now,” Sanchez said.

He and his wife moved in with his elderly mother after she was involved in a serious car accident. His mother fell behind on paying her homeowners association dues. After months of haggling, the groups came to an agreement in January.

“They told me to go in and pay the two years association dues for ’09 and 2010,” Sanchez said. “I did so.”

He wrote two checks, each for $331, he said. But a month later, he found himself in more trouble, all over $8. Sanchez said the association’s management company, Principal Management Group, told him his checks were each $4 short.

Sanchez said he was told to write a check for the difference and all would be fine, so he did.

“About a month and a half to two months later, I got another statement that I’m behind the same amount some $1,400,” Sanchez said. He added that he wrote another check instead of fighting it.

“They were threatening with foreclosure, threatening to do this, threatening to do that with my mother’s home,” he said.

On the back of the $1,400 check, Sanchez wrote what’s legally referred to as a restrictive clause. It’s a note saying if the check is cashed, the debt will be “paid in full.” Nearly the three months later, the HOA returned the check, disputing the note on the back of it.

However, state law allows for restrictive clauses. When CBS 11 asked Dallas attorney Robert Miller to review the case, he noticed that Sanchez wrote a similar restrictive clause on the back of the $4 checks as well, and Sanchez said the HOA never turned those.

“Seemed to be what they wanted him to do, and he did it, and I’m not quite sure why they continued to pursue him,” Miller said.

Sanchez has gathered more than 100 signatures from his neighbors on a petition to remove the HOA’s management company.

After the petition, Sanchez said the management company sent him a letter demanding $1,400 in assessments and nearly $7,000 in attorney and legal fees.

While the company denies it, Sanchez said he believes it’s retaliation.
“They’re getting away with murder, and we need to do something about that,” Sanchez said.

The management company declined comment because of pending litigation. Attorneys for the HOA did not return phone calls requesting comment.


One Comment

  1. Josh says:

    Plain and simple, HOA’s are evil and should be done-away-with

  2. Jen says:

    Shame on this HOA!

  3. Rob says:

    HOA’s are Nazi”s!!!!!

  4. MARIANNE says:

    Texas legislators need to BAN HOA power…parr it down to hiring people to keep the clubhouses and pool areas clean and doing the community lawns…being able to take a person’s home and harrass them should be OUTLAWED.

  5. Robbie says:

    This is ridiculous. I hope this guy wins.

  6. Joe Peterson says:

    Mr. Sanchez is a Liar and has tried to force alot of the niebors to sign his so called pettition. It is unfair to judge based on one side and not the other. I do not care for HOA’s either. But as Mr. Sanchez Niebor I have watched intimdate everyone who will not take part in his position. When he came to my door to get his petition signd, He even threatened to retaliate against any ho didnt sigh his petition, once he got the Management company removed.. When I refused he tried to tell me it was a race thing. As Mr. Sanchez’s Niebor I wish he would leave, his constant trash and Boat in his drive way makes our block look awful. The Sanchez’s signed an agreement like everyone else in our commnunity and should pay his dues or move. Living on his block I prefer he move. Mr. Sanchez your words and actions make it impossible to try and have your back. Hoa’s are not good but Mr. Sanchez is worse.

    1. BDK says:

      I would have tried to take your comment seriously except you can’t even spell correctly.

    2. CanadianTexan says:

      Learn to spell or speak English or both…

      1. Joe Peterson says:

        Canadian Texan. LOL….I can see your comments are well thought out, insightful and must come from someone from Where???…. Has to be Canada..That’s like a Good HOA. Comment on the article..Canadian Texan…LOL..Are you also a Jewish, Muslim…? Or just confused….? Or do you need a map…? If you where from Texas you would be proud and realize you are answering an article not attacking an old man…Grow up liitle boy..God bless the Confused…

  7. Joe Peterson says:

    I guess my not spelling things out exactly correct, made your mind up…? Well I am an older man with an even older computer and sometimes not all the keys work correctly. I didn’t know my comments were going to be judged on my spelling….Not the facts of the content. I guess you’re an English teacher. Next time I will spell check it so you can read it, since you can’t read between the lines…. Live next door and it could have been a text, short hand or blog and you then might understand….A lot can be said about someone who doesn’t listen but judges. Judgment is made for the lord to decide, Spell check that!!! Do you live here,? Has Mr. Sanchez, came to your home…Do you see the constant complaints???, Is his boat outside your window???? I guess things are judged by those who are simply arrogant, ignorant and foolish. I have a life, didn’t feel I needed to spell everything as I am being graded, Is this better??? Teacher Teacher. He without faults should throw the first stone. God forgive you. I will sign my name to this e-mail because I live here BDK. What does that stand for? Have a back bone post your name.

  8. C.C says:

    I am sorry, but I Hate HOA’s…..I do live in these Estates and have also had very negative contact with Mr. Sanchez.. Everyone I have spoken too have not given Mr. Sanchez any Signatures. I would have to question the validity of those signatures., The Management Company is a pain in the rear, but no one forced me to live here and I understood the rules and regulations before I moved in…It is unfair that everyone else pays their dues and Mr. Sanchez feels he should not…Every year there is a vote or proxy to determine which management company is used and they probably are all the same . If Mr. Sanchez had all that backing and signatures the Management company would have been gone by now. HOA’s should be abolished but I don’t feel they are lying to me. Mr. Sanchez in my eyes has done everything not to pay his fees and all has failed. So he contacted the media not to better the community but to benefit ONLY himself. That’s how I feel about Mr. Sanchez …I also prefer not to see his boat anymore!

  9. CollinPlus says:

    If Mr. Sanchez has a boat and excss trash in front of his house,
    has Principal Management Company brought this to his attention
    and asked him to take action in removing the boat and the trash?

  10. Hemroidious says:

    Mr. Sanchez and his family should be put out and made to live as homeless, that way they will learn.

  11. C.C says:

    CBS Should have done better research before posting this article. The picture isnt even his house.

  12. Rick McDaniel says:

    Sue them and press for abandonment of the HOA, all together. It is time to stop these Gestapo-like HOA’s from abusing citizens.

    1. C.C says:

      Rick do you live in an HOA? If you pay your dues and keep up your property it is well worth not living in a shanty. Do I like getting reminders about my grass,? no. Would I rather live next to someone who addresses his neighbors as Gestapo’s.? Hell No, I will leave that to the guy living in a Van down by the river (RICK). Hoa’s have the good and bad. But Gestapo’s , You are comparing Neighbors to the death of millions….Shame on you, god need to enter your cold heart or Mr. Sanchez must be your pal….Shame on You! According to you he should not pay his dues like his Nazi Neighbors…I hope God can Forgive you..I couldnt

  13. TexasTwoStep says:

    Garland Code Enforcement allows for boats to be parked in driveways. A guy down at the end of our street has an RV parked in his driveway year round. And we live in Firewheel! You people need to lighten up! I’d rather have a boat than 6 cars out front!

  14. SDL says:

    Quail Hollow in Sachse is in Collin County, Wylie ISD, not Dallas County so they do not fall under Garland Code Enforcement

  15. C.C says:

    Rick do you live in an HOA? If you pay your dues and keep up your property it is well worth not living in a shanty. Do I like getting reminders about my grass,? no. Would I rather live next to someone who addresses his neighbors as Gestapo’s.? Hell No, I will leave that to the guy living in a Van down by the river (RICK). Hoa’s have the good and bad. But Gestapo’s , You are comparing Neighbors to the death of millions….Shame on you, god need to enter your cold heart or Mr. Sanchez must be your pal….Shame on You! According to you he should not pay his dues like his Nazi Neighbors…I hope God can Forgive you..I couldnt

  16. J.R says:

    Its amazing Mr. Sanchez has been allowed to manipulate the system and even used his mothers accident for sympathy. Ms. Sanchez is a wonderful older women that doesn’t deserve a son who continues to intimidate all his neighbors and makes her look like she has approved his psychotic tactics. Pay your fees and let your mom live in peace. CBS should be the one sued for there lack of investigation and one sided reporting. I have lived in an HOA for many years. This HOA does not want your home or to hurt anyone. I cant say that about all of them though.

  17. Hemroidious says:

    They should Tazer him and his mother and see what they say then.

  18. RH says:

    It is not so much the HOA that is the problem but Principal management. Our HOA changed from Principal to another management company and almost all problems were eliminated. A good management company can really help neighbors respect each others rights. A bad company like Principal causes everyone additional problems

  19. JOHN says:

    This is RIP OFF. We have to have some kind of law to protect consumer regard to HOA. They are abusive

  20. Luis says:

    This so called neighbor of mine, Joe Peterson, whom I have never met nor do I care to meet is a Liar, I have never nor will I ever intimidate anyone in my neighborhood, all these signatures where gathered because people simply want to get rid of this Management company that is not doing their job. All the intimidation came from the Management Company and from the association leaders not from us. This can be easily solved by contacting all the neighbors that signed and asking them. This Joe Peterson my so called neighbor needs to get the facts straight and stop lying it is obvious that he is jealous because I have a brand new boat and he does not. Our home is very well kept including a new fence that very few neighbors have. Maybe Joe should start by buying a newer computer that can spell correctly. The news station does not lie, they would not have done my story if they felt it was a lie, they even contacted a very well know Real Estate attorney and he too stated that he did not know why the Management is pursuing this and has agreed to take on my case. We will see the outcome and hopefully by then this Joe person has moved out of our neighborhood, as you all can see, based on the feed back from other readers, they too can all read thru the Lies this Joe Peterson is stating, even thru his misspelled words. Now based on his responses we can really see who the intimidator is and he uses the Lord name, some people.

  21. Luis says:

    Joe Stewart does not live in Quail Hollow and oif he does he is a renter as his name does not appear on any title search. ther rest of my so called neighbors are all association leaders that decided to put down bold face lies to cover their own rears and deceptions because the initials they are using there are no names with those initial under the title search. These people must all work for the Management company. If you are real neighbors come and talk to me maybe you will get a better understanding of what they are doing unless of course you all work for the Management company then I can see why you would use fake names and initials.

  22. Luis says:

    P.S the name should be Joe Peterson instead of Joe Stewart

  23. Don Dane says:

    They need a refresher of the definition of HOA ( I can only imagine the amount of head-aches they have when it comes to this stuff.

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