By Bud Gillett, CBS 11 News

DALLAS (CBSDFW.COM) – Dallas Police are continuing their search for the driver who hit a motorcyclist Wednesday morning and left the scene.

The motorcyclist, 62-year-old Bennie Dee Barr, later died at Parkland Hospital from his injuries.   His wife is angry and frustrated anyone would treat her husband this way.  “How can you do that?   How can you just do that to somebody and take off and not even look back?” she asks.   “I don’t understand it, I’ll never understand it, I couldn’t do it to a squirrel in the street, much less a human.”

Bennie Barr was using his Harley-Davidson to go to work Wednesday, trying to save on gasoline expenses.

Police say in the early morning darkness a 10-year-old Mercedes turned in front of him and Barr struck the car.   He died of his injuries later at Parkland.   The driver fled and abandoned his car a few blocks away.

Lynn Barr has a message for that man.  “I want him to know that he took away a good man, with a good heart, and so many friends. “

Lynn says her husband was a bike man.  He recently sold his ‘chopper’ for a Harley because it fit him better.

Family members describe Barr as a big old bear of a man with a soft spot in his heart for animals.  Dogs and his birds, one of which continually sings You Are My Sunshine.

Police know who owns the car and are confident they will find the driver.   When they do they will charge him Failure to Stop and Render Aid, a third degree felony.

“If this was just merely an accident and the suspect would’ve stopped and even called 911 and administered some type of aid, it would’ve been merely an accident,” according to Dallas Police Senior Corporal Kevin Janse.  “There are still numerous charges that could be filed against this suspect  but that’s going to be the easiest one to prove.”

Lynn Barr wants the man caught.  But what she really wants, she can’t have… the return of her husband. “  I  want him to come home right now, I want him to come through the door and the dogs bark, and everybody go crazy and the birds.”

Funeral arrangements are incomplete, but Mrs. Barr says several of her husbands fellow bikers have asked if they can ride motorcycles to the service.   She says they may.