Friends, Family Mourn Mother & Daughter After Deadly Wreck

By Andrea Lucia, CBS 11 News

DALLAS (CBSDFW.COM) – As traffic rushed by Sunday, friends gathered on a Dallas street corner to pray and mourn the loss of 24-year-old Kina Williams and her 2 year old daughter Karmen, who were killed in a car accident Saturday.

“It’s hard. It is hard to be out here. And, I almost cried when I was giving the prayer. But, I’m trying to stay strong,” said Patrice Benson, a longtime friend of Williams.

The mother and daughter were in a Chevy turning left across three lanes of traffic to enter an apartment complex on West Ledbetter Saturday afternoon.

Dallas police say Hilda Verduzco was speeding in her Mercedes and crashed into them.

“A Mercedes was coming up over the hill… 100 miles an hour,” said Catosha Brown, whose car was stopped at the entrance to the apartments. Brown said the force of the crash pushed Williams’ car into her own.

Brown saw neither Williams nor her daughter, but she did see Verduzco.

“She seemed drunk … When we got out of the car she told the witness she had a case of beer in the car and would they get it out of the car for her. They said,‘no.’”

Neighbors say the intersection itself is also dangerous for anyone entering or leaving the apartment complex.

“It’s a death trap. It’s a death trap,” said Patricis Giddings, who worries for her own grandchildren when they cross the street. Neighbors say, with three lanes of traffic in each direction coming to the top of a hill, it’s difficult to see what’s ahead.

“It may not be a drunk driver. They just may not see you, and they’re coming so fast, they hit you,” said Benson.

Neighbors now say they plan to petition for a stop light and crosswalk.

Tomorrow, friends plan to meet at the site of the accident for a candlelight vigil in honor of Kina and Karmen. Verduzco remains in the Dallas County Jail, charged with two counts of intoxication manslaughter. Her bail is set at $100,000.


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  1. Michelle Adams says:

    I am saddened at the loss ….i watched as they pulled them from the wreck…..first the mother then the baby… heart goes out to the family of the victims…….we are here for them…as a community i believe we can and we should …do all we can to support this family …..a bank account for the victims familys …a facebook page in honor of them …let us pull together….we can make a change here in a positive way …..any small thing we can do will be appreciated im sure…..if it were your family …..what would u want someone to do for u at a time like this……Prophetess Adams….MIRACLES CAN HAPPENE MINISTRIES

  2. Valdemar Cardenas says:

    My family. And I feel very sad and live very close to the accident . We actually heard the crash from about 8 blocks away. That impact was horrendous. BUT, we hope “our civic” leaders step up to the plate and install a cross walk and signal light at this entrance.

    1. Michelle Adams says:

      Yes….its very disheartening to say the least …..the candleight vigil is tonight …here at the complex..i pray many come to show support to the family as offer of support …there is much we as a community can do to help …but the sad fact wont bring them is senseless and needs addressing …lets pull together as a community and help …so many now with their head in the clouds everyday about there own situations ,,,,maybe if people would help others out …their problems would be worked out requires getting out of self…when we see a need and we can do DO IT! Prophetess Adams

  3. LaMonica Williams Collins says:

    Michelle, I’m a member of Kina’s family. Where and what time is the vigil?

    1. Michelle Adams says:

      Im so very sorry i did not get this until 10:25 after the vigil i pray u made it it was wonderful…..please forgive me …for noit checking here..will see u @ the funeral i pray …Apostle Adams will be doinga song selection….:(

  4. irtashia says:

    I just wanted to leave a comment and send my condolences to the young lady kina’s family. I’m so disheartened this happened. I have a young 16month old and I pray everyday we are in the car for us to be safe and have GOD w/ us on our journey,however when he feels its time for us to be taken he will definitely take. My prayers and thoughts go out to the family. Let God be your light out this dark tunnel your temporarily in.

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