Dallas Man One Of The Few To Reproduce Bible By Hand

By Carol Cavazos, CBS 11 News

DALLAS (CBSDFW.COM) – You could call James Pepper a modern day scribe.

He’s taken a quill and ink and reproduced the Bible by hand. Pepper is believed to be one of the few who have reproduced the Bible this way in the past 500 years.

“Something that’s lost in modern printed works, is the use of handwriting,” Pepper said.

Pepper said it’s his way of spreading the word.

“If I can write the Bible, you can pick it up and read it. The idea that people don’t have time to read it, ah come on,” Pepper said.

He calls his plain, New Testament work “The Pepper Bible.” He’s also completed an illustrated set of the Gospels and other books of the Bible, too. His illustrations contain the most intricate detail.

Pointing to patterns of red dots on one page he said, “Those dots were murder.”

Pepper has a degree in Art History. He taught himself how to do calligraphy. Pointing to his Celtic script he said, “I can write like that. I can write the worst handwriting you’ve ever seen.”

Though he’s been at it 23 years, he confesses he still makes a mistake or two. But like the scribes of olde, he covers them.

“Ah. New decoration. There you go. They did it all the time. Oh yea. Absolutely,” Pepper said.

Olde has met new. Pepper’s Gospel According to St. Luke is available on an e-book.

It’s difficult to imagine that Pepper had vision problems as a young man. He says he’d be nearly blind if it wasn’t for medication. Now, he’s helping others see.

His next project is the book of Psalms. Then, it’s on to other books of the Bible. He said he’s going to keep going until he can’t.


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  1. Tom says:

    The early Jewish scribes who wrote down the Pentateuch were of such care that each page of text lined up exactly like the page from which it was copied, page after page. An old Jewish rabbi I knew could take a pin and pierce a copy of the Torah, then tell you each word that the pin touched as it went down through the Book. Amazing.

    I am excited that someone has continued this ancient skill.

  2. Sue says:

    This is really remarkable. I couldn’t find anything on ebooks. The drawings are amazing.
    I would like to find some of his work/

    1. pepperbible says:

      Thank you Tom and Sue! It is on the iPad on the iBookstore for the iPad and the iPhone. It is also on the Nook which is Barnes and Noble’s ebook format and they also have a device that is called the Nook and NookColor but you can download it on the Nook to a PC, Android, iPhone, iPad and of course the Nooks.

      My website is pepperbible.com for the latest information on my bible project.

      James Pepper

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