Buffalo Auctioneer Has No Reserve In Denton Arrest

DENTON (AP) – An auctioneer accused of bilking families near Buffalo, New York who had entrusted him with selling their deceased relatives’ heirlooms has been arrested in Denton by U.S. marshals. 

Anthony Monkelban fled Buffalo in August as complaints began piling up against him for failing to make good on payments for property he was supposed to liquidate.  

Arrest warrants were issued in Buffalo and at least six suburbs after the 49-year-old Monkelban, took away family heirlooms and valuables but never followed through with promised auctions. 

Authorities tell The Buffalo News that Monkelban was found hiding out in a recreational vehicle park in Denton earlier this week. They said Monkelban, who was staying with a friend, offered no resistance when marshals showed up.

  • Hemroidious

    He’s an honest looking fellow.

  • melvin

    if he is guilty i think they should give him the maximum sentance allowed by law .

  • Bob Lawblah

    looks like a normal guy to me …a normal guy from BUFFALO that is.

  • Joni Van

    This puke grew up across the street from me and cut a tree down for a neighbor right before he took off. I hope they throw the book at this POS, he was telling me about his auction business the end of July.

  • Janice

    Joni Van, what kind of street did you live on with this varment roaming on it?

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