Denton Crossing Guard Recovering After Being Hit By Car

By Melissa Newton, CBS 11 News

DENTON (CBSDFW.COM) – A school crossing guard is recovering at a Denton hospital after a car hit him in the intersection of Robinson Road at Teasley Lane.

The man was helping a group of students from LA Nelson Elementary cross the intersection when a car turning left off of Teasely hit him, police said.

“Apparently the sun was in a low enough position it had blinded him, and he didn’t see the crossing guard step out into the middle of Robinson,” said Officer Ryan Grelle of the Denton Police Department.

The crossing guard’s injuries were not life threatening, but the incident has some parents concerned.

“He’s almost been hit several times,” said Azure Hargis, who drives her kids to Nelson instead of letting them walk, “and I knew it was only a matter of time before he or one of the kids were hit.”

The speed limit on Teasley is 50 mph, and there is no designated school zone.

The Denton Independent School District said the school boundaries were zoned so that no students have to cross the busy street to get to school.

“I really honestly think we need a school zone, it is 50 miles an hour and there are 5-year-old kids walking to kindergarten, a traffic light would be a big help.” Hargis said

Students who live east of Teasley go to Nelson Elementary, while students on the west side go to another school.

“We’ve been working pretty diligently with the city to make sure we have safe routes to school for our students and our staff,” said Rod Reeves, Denton ISD spokesman.

The district has been working closely with the city of Denton and the Texas Department of Public Safety to put a traffic signal at the corner of Robinson and Teasely Lane.

It could be in place and operational as early as January 2011.

“We want to make sure that any place that students will be crossing will be controlled and safe so that necessitated us putting a light at that intersection.” Reeves said.


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  1. Cheryl Callison says:

    What this article fails to mention is that some of the sidewalk that leads to the school is less that 3 feet from the road. Our children are walking less that 3 feet from 50 mph traffic because the state refuses to put in a speed zone. We’ve been trying to get one since the school opened 4 years ago.
    They cut out busing this past year to the neighborhoods nearby so the amount of children walking home has increased significantly and then sent a letter to all of the parents saying that they are working with a group that helps ensure safety for children that walk home after school. Job well done eh? Way to go City of Denton and Texas DPS!

  2. aimee says:

    I knew it would only be a matter of time before someone got hit.. I knew it was coming, anyone that lives in this area knows that as well.. They took our bus away because of budget!! How much is someone’s life worth to the city of denton and the transportation department.. Come on!! I thought it was all about the safety for our kids! I will never let my child walk to school, especially in that area, but some parents don’t have that choice. Their kids HAVE to walk and be on time or they risk truancy charges..
    My heart hurts for that poor crossing guard, I just thank the lord that he is doing well and especially glad it wasn’t a child.. I have a feeling, that’s coming if they don’t do something to fix the dangerous situation at LA Nelson elem..

  3. Tori says:

    The speed limit most definitely needs to be lowered. And yes, there is a “sidewalk” from the Wheeler Ridge neighborhood, but the children not only have to cross Robinson, but they have to cross an entrance to a shopping area and a trailer park- both without a crossing guard. The school sent home a letter telling the parents to talk to their kids about how to walk to school safely. That’s a joke. How safe can we feel about our kids walking to school if the CROSSING GUARD gets hit?
    People need to slow down and pay attention and the City of Denton/ TDOT/etc… needs to do something before someone gets seriously hurt or killed.

  4. Tammy says:

    All of the other schools have a school zone, why not LA Nelson. Sam Houston and Guyer High have police, why not LA Nelson. Even with a stop light that the city has been promising will happen “eventually” I was told, is now going to happen after a kind man gets ran down by some b.s. excuse that the sun was in his eyes. We are fortunate enough that Jim wasn’t killed or one of our children. I bet the Denton ISD board doesn’t have any of their children walking down a 50 mph street so their children can get to school because the district is too cheap to supply the few buses needed to protect our children. They informed us at last minute that there were no busses and left us no time to find proper rides or ways to school. Our children deserve a school zone and 25mph in front of the school and surrounding blocks on Teasley, along with police guards protecting our children on the so called sidewalk made of gravel the city put in. Why don’t you have any of that in your story??? Show the path the kids have to take, show the actual traffic in the morning, most of your viewers would agree with the parents. It’s a death trap.

  5. Lynn says:

    I agree the children’s SAFETY should be the number one priority!!! I have always thought that they need a school zone IN FRONT of that school. The district does not have to provide buses that close to a school. The district has made sure the young students do not cross the major street of Teasley. The older students at Guyer High School MUST cross this same street and that is why there are police directing traffic there. They have provided a gravel “sidewalk” that is a good distance away from the street. It is not pretty, but it is functional. The intersection of Teasley and Robinson is hard to navigate on a normal basis, but when being cautious of children and adults crossing the street it gets even more difficult. This intersection NEEDS a traffic light!!!

    1. Citizen says:

      What the story does not provide is a clear picture of the extent of the injuries sustained by the crossing guard. It is SERIOUS. This man will most likely never comfortably move again. This man is a strong solid man and he was hit by a truck. If it was a child the outcome may not have been the same. God Bless the crossing guard for his heroic efforts to safely move the children across this street. City, State, School District, please wake up and realize you cannot place a cost on someones life. Do the right thing.

  6. Barabara says:

    What about the crossing guard? I mean he is a 70 year old man who got hit by a truck? The Denton Chronicle says he is in the ICU so apparently it is pretty bad???

  7. Richele Ritchie says:

    I have personally be almost hit at that intersection several times. I don’t believe the person that hit the crossing gurad about the sun because they never look to see if someone is crossing they just see a 50 foot opening and gun it to get across!!!. They also state that they have done everything to make this safe but the so called sidewalk is half gone in places and with the construction and 50 mph cars not 3 feet from said “sidewalk” it is very dangerous to walk or ride a bike. I hope that a child or an adult does not have to actually die before the city and school district pulls their heads out and sees that they wouldn’t let their child walk either. Fix this or bring back the busses so parents and students don’t have to walk in fear!!

  8. Doug says:

    Agreed. We live in one of the nearby neighborhoods, and our daughter has attended this school for 3-4 years now. This intersection is a death trap for both walkers and motorists. It is absolutely ridiculous that a busy road like Teasley, just feet away from the makeshift sidewalk to this elementary school does not a have a school zone and a ‘no phone zone’ – whether children have to actually cross Teasley or not. Where they do cross is just as treacherous due to the volume of left turning traffic from Teasley, and the over-crowded intersection there. It is ridiculous that a traffic light was not installed when the school was initially constructed. This is simply a matter of civil responsibility. The city can afford appropriate safety measures for the schools it chooses to build, and should’ve done this years ago. Anyone who questions this or believes “lacking funds” to be a viable excuse here needs to simply observe this intersection on any weekday morning. Or better yet, attempt to navigate through this intersection (by car or on foot). This is a cost the city can’t afford NOT to recognize. It is four years overdue (conservatively – this intersection has been dubious for a good six years). We all saw this coming. God bless this crossing guard, and we pray for a speedy and full recovery.

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