Atheists Don’t Need God, So Pastors Don’t Need Buses

FORT WORTH (CBSDFW.COM) – An atheist group in North Texas is launching another advertising campaign this week, and after hearing about it, some Fort Worth religious leaders are planning to boycott the company providing the ad space.

The DFW Coalition of Reason announced Monday that it will be using bus billboards in Fort Worth to spread the gospel of nontheism during the month of December.

Signs that read ‘Millions of Americans are good without God’ will appear on four buses belonging to the Fort Worth Transportation Authority, better known as ‘The T’ through December, a time many are celebrating religious holidays.

Joan Hunter, spokeswoman for the T, said the signs will not be on the buses before Monday, Dec. 6. Production of the boards took longer than expected because of the Thanksgiving holiday.

In April of 2009, also a time of religious holidays, the DFW Coalition of Reason launched a similar billboard campaign, placing billboards along I-35E in Dallas and I-35W in Fort Worth.  Those Billboards read, ‘Don’t believe in God?  You are not alone.’

The Coalition bought the ad space on four buses for $2,600.  The campaign runs through the beginning of the year.

The T runs 180 buses through the city of Fort Worth.

Coalition Coordinator Terry McDonald says the bus signs are designed to show that atheists are good Americans as well.

KRLD’s Emily Trube speaks with Terry McDonald

On Wednesday, a group of Fort Worth clergy and T employees announced they would consider a boycott of the bus line during the Christmas holidays because of its decision to allow the boards. The group discussed the boycott Thursday morning at Harvey Avenue Missionary Baptist Church.

“We are offended by the anti-God signs and we are very disappointed that The-T Transportation Authority would approve this, especially during the season when Christians around the world are celebrating the birth of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ,” said Bishop B.E. George, with Ministers Against Crime.

Several T employees contacted the Southern Christian Leadership Conference and received its support. Rev. Kyev Tatum, SCLC president, called the boards “ungodly foolishness.”

“We take offense that during this season in which we as Christians celebrate the birth of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ, that our tax-funded public transportation system would agree to put on its buses billboards that are opposed to our belief system” Tatum said at Thursday’s meeting.

But to McDonald, this is the way to show North Texans that there are groups available for atheists in the area, and that they are “not amoral people.”

“We would really like to dispel the notion that atheists are amoral,” McDonald said. “Atheists are as good as any other group, whether it be religious or not and we’re not amoral people. We’re regular people just like everybody else.”

Anthony Johnson, executive vice president of the transpiration authority, told the clergy group Thursday that the ads do not represent the views of the management.  He told the group they also accept advertising from religious groups.  “We’ve been putting Christian ads on buses and benches for years, this is the first time an atheist group has come and approached us with this.”

While the ads may be unpopular with many, including some of The T’s employees, atheist advertisers have the same liberties as believers, Johnson told the group.  “The constitution gives people the right to free speech, I cannot take that away from anybody.”

In response to the clergy boycott, McDonald sent a statement saying in part:

“Plans to place the bus signs just happened to come together at this time.  December placement was not planned nor was it avoided.  But this turns out to be a good time of year to clarify that the winter holidays belong to everyone.  Moreover, Christians don’t quit advertising their churches during Ramadan, Jewish holy days or times sacred to other religions.  Let those of all faiths and none be treated equally.

On the radio this morning the Reverend Kyev Tatum, pastor of Friendship Rock Baptist Church compared his proposed boycott of Fort Worth’s “T” buses to the Birmingham, Alabama, bus boycott in the 1960s.  It doesn’t take much of a skeptic to see that this is both an overreaction and a gross misrepresentation of a historic campaign for freedom.”

The T says they will be discussing the controversial billboards at their next board of directors meeting on December 15.   At the meeting, the board will revisit the company’s policy on religious-oriented advertisements.

  • DJ

    Good, maybe… SAVED, No!

    • jackie

      Praise God. I thank you Lord that I know you…. what a wonderful God we service .. To be without God is a great lost no matter how you put out your signs you are lost and most miserable….. and to The – T have you forgot about your worker not all of them is good without God how do they feel ? to be on a job that support something like this…………

      • Jamie

        actually, I’m quite happy without god. Who are you to judge other humans? I’m pretty sure there are some verses against that, best go repent to your sky daddy, don’t want him angry. (I hear he has QUITE the temper).

        Employment is “at will” in most states, if they are that offended by free speech I’m sure they can go drive a bus for a church somewhere.

      • Riddles

        As a person who doesn’t believe in any of the thousands of gods out there I can say I do not feel lost in the slightest.

        And miserable? Ha! Far from it.

        More than 2 thirds of the planet don’t even believe your god exists, don’t make up rubbish about how that many people are worse off than you because they don’t believe the rubbish you do.

      • A Grammar Nazi without God

        Lol… “A great lost.” Also, learn how to use a period. See? They usually go at the end of a sentence. Sigh.

      • Tia

        Ever heard about freedom of religion? That also pertains to those of us who chose not to have one and don’t believe in god. Assuming that atheists are lost and miserable is ignorant and uninformed because you can’t think outside your own religious box. And as for how the workers feel about the signs? I imagine some of them are offended but guess what? It’s massively irritating the other way around as well – seeing signs that advertise “God” – to those of us who don’t believe, the concept is as absurd as believing in aliens from outer space.

      • Gail

        Praise God in all his glory! People that think they are “good without God” truly don’t know the difference. I pray that God sends someone to touch their heart so they may know the Lord our God and all of his greatness.

    • Chuck E. Jesus

      The only thing we atheists wish to be saved from are fundamentalists.

      • ppddqq

        Then why God, and not Allah

      • eh hem

        It is all of the above.

        But, North Texas is an area dominated by English speakers rather than Arabic speakers. Allah is not the “Muslim God” but merely the Arabic word for God.

        Arabic speaking Christians also call refer to God as Allah.

        You might as well ask “Why not Dios?”

    • Riddles

      You’ve only your god to blame for that, he made the rules that put people in a position that they need to be “saved” from and he can change them any time he wants. After all, he is the one that decides people go to hell for not believing he exists regardless of how good they are (more than 2 thirds of the planet don’t believe)

      Of course, just pretending that your particular god exists out of the thousands of other gods just for the sake of argument.

    • Matt Bowers

      Saved by what, really? I’m on this billboard. I simply have no need for the god theory, yet life is treating me very well (the religious, however, have been another matter). There is no proof of a deity anywhere, just as there is no proof that there isn’t one. The only authority someone has when they say ‘there is a god’ is human opinion and hearsay.

      • Lisa

        No proof that God exists? I catch a snowflake in my glove today. The intricate detail of this tiny snowflake does not happen by chance. God is quite an artist. The amazing process of pregnancy and birth. The exact way every part of your body work separately and together. The glorious sunsets, blankets of snow, powerful thunderstorms these are handiwork of God. Romans 1:20 NLT:
        “For ever since the world was created, people have seen the earth and sky. Through everything God made, they can clearly see his invisible qualities—his eternal power and divine nature. So they have no excuse for not knowing God.”

      • 15 year old Atheist

        lisa you claim that you perceive a mode of being superior to your existence on this earth. But, to exist is to possess identity. What identity are you able to give to to your superior realm? They keep telling you what it is not, but never tell you what it is. All their identifications consist of negating: God is that which no human mind can know, they say—and proceed to demand that you consider it knowledge—God is non-man, heaven is non-earth, soul is non-body, virtue is non-profit, A is non-A, perception is non-sensory, knowledge is non-reason. your definitions are not acts of defining, but of wiping out.

        You saw a snow flake and merely that an item of hydrogen and oxygen that happend to take a certain shape because of its molecular structure and the way it fell.
        Nothing can come from Nothing.

      • BP

        The proof is with you. Prove God doesn’t exist. Because if your wrong….

      • MIchelle

        God loves atheists too! But I just feel sorry for them. To live life without knowing God must be awful. :)

  • Tony

    Oh how the heathen rage. Regardless if you believe it or does not change the truth. The truth is simply there is a God and His Holy Bible is true. I pray for you to learn about Him before it is too late.

    • Chuck E. Jesus

      How is this message, “raging?” Have you ever heard any of your “fire and brimstone” preachers raging? I guess it’s ok when they do it, but all we atheists have to do is make one simple assertion and suddenly we’re “ragaholics.” Please.

      • Courtney

        It’s double standards. You have to be able to live with them and get over it.

    • Jerry

      Thanks Tony. i will avoid walking under ladders for you too.

    • Viraldi

      Regardless if you believe it, reality doesn’t stop for your convenience. Observe the universe, not through the primitive text that is coincidentally venerated by those who corrupt minds and societies.

    • Riddles

      No matter how hard you believe your particular religion, it does not change the truth. The truth is that there are thousands of gods and your god is no more or less likely to be real as the rest of them.

      Just because you believe its true, doesn’t mean its the truth, truth doesn’t work like that, it stays the same regardless of who believes it and there is nothing special that makes you more likely to be right than anyone else

      • michelle

        What makes it truth is when you yourself are at the feet of the Savior, at that point you have no option but to believe

    • Mary B

      Amen, brother. Forgive them for they know not what they do.

      • Aaron Johnson

        Mary, we know full well what we do and require no forgiveness.

    • Riddles

      First off only you are raging at a simple expression of a differing opinion.

      Secondly no matter how hard you believe it does not make it the truth.

      The truth is the same no matter what you believe and its unlikely that your absent god and the bible of atrocities and contradictions is the truth

    • Educated

      Wow. “Hang yourself”

      Seems a bit hateful. Perhaps the eradication or all religions would better suit those of you who choose to spew hate and messages of self violence. Believer or Atheist, the message you have posted is foul. Hopefully you can learn to practice the tolerance that you so dearly would like the faithful to offer you.

    • Joshua Wilkes

      It is our job as Gods children to spread the message, Bless you brother tony.

    • Learned Pagan

      The TRUTH is, that MEN wrote the bible. If it (the Bible) is the entire truth, why is it constantly being revised and rewritten by MAN. Does your God change his mind that often? if your God is all knowing, why didn’t the Bible get written down correctly the first time? Is it because MEN and not God wrote it? Perhaps you are the ones that should learn the truth. How can you judge someone if you don’t know what it is they believe? Maybe it’s already too late… for YOU.

    • 15 year old Atheist

      God is infinite. Nothing can be infinite, according to the Law of Identity. Everything is what it is, and nothing else. It is limited in its qualities and in its quantity: it is this much, and no more. “Infinite” as applied to quantity does not mean “very large”: it means “larger than any specific quantity.” That means: no specific quantity—i.e., a quantity without identity. This is prohibited by the Law of Identity.

      Is God the creator of the universe? There can be no creation of something out of nothing. There is no nothing

      All your premises are false since they lack reason and evidence you rely on merely faith and by doing so youmake man regress by denying logic. The Bible is also written by man not by god Himself. There Are things called Works of fiction, for more books about gods and philosophy check your local library.

      • Michelle

        All the elements needed to make a watch are found in the desert yet you do not see watches laying in the desert having created themselves or become into being through evolotion. How do you think man got here? You don’t know because chances are you NEVER prayed, you never tried to seek Christ because you like all your lame followers think that there is no sin and that life is just about right now. Dig deeper and know that atheism is the route of people who lack spirituality and are too chicken to seek it!

      • Gail

        I will pray for you…. to be so young and well educated and yet sitting in the dark.
        Whether you believe it or not…. God does love you!

  • Ellen Orozco

    Boycott Fort Worth Transportation Authority until they take down the atheists billboards !

    • Aaron Johnson

      Ellen: I suppose you accept “Free speech for me, but not for thee”?

    • Jason

      Free speech and free market. You’re a socialist if you don’t like it.

    • Riddles

      Boycott the FWTA for allowing people you disagree with to voice their view in a perfectly factual and non-insulting manner like the constitution allows them too?

      People like you are holding America back from actually earning the title of the “land of the free”

    • Jerome Haltom

      Public transit would be so much better without morons handing out pamphlets about this or that religious group, no doubt. I support this boycott of public transit by religious people!

    • El_Superbeasto

      Good one. I hope you do boycott. It will only give us non-believers more exposure during your pagan holiday season. Do it.

    • les

      it sounds like you are trying to force your ways them . go ahead and boycott , walk to where you go !!!!!!

    • pet

      Ever heard of “freedom of speech”, I believe it is one of the amendments to our constitution, maybe even the same amendment that prohibits the establishment of a state sponsored religion.

      Oh, what the heck, why don’t we just throw our Constitution away, no one likes it anyway and it is a bigger hindrance today than it was several years ago.

    • Jim Hansen

      Why, because you don’t like the message??

    • Ann

      Ellen, would you boycott them if they had billboards saying “Millions of Americans are good with God”? And if not, why would you boycott a company for presenting a difference of opinion which breaks no laws and does not harm you or anybody else? I assume both billboards would be paid for at the same rates, and not with your money.

    • Chris Suarez

      Why would you care what an ad on the OUTSIDE of a bus says if you’re riding INSIDE the bus? Boycotting the bus makes no sense. If you really want to change their policy, ride the bus more frequently, then they won’t need to sell ad space on the side of the bus.

    • NotAScientist

      Indeed. How dare they use freedom of speech. Freedom of speech is only for you Christians, right?

    • Jamye Johnston

      Wow. Do you think we should boycott anyone who dares to advertise their organization publicly? That’s absurd.

    • Susan Winters

      Ellen I would prefer to boycott your employer until they stop hiring bigots.

    • Shannon

      If there can be no atheists billboards then there should be NO religious billboards at all. So it is ok tho spread your message but not ours? That is just wrong…

  • Texan

    “Good without parents” you can find million of children without parents doing good. Does it mean they born wihout parents. A question sign over your wisdom level..

    • Aaron Johnson


      If you are arguing that all children came from parents and wish to carry that all the way back to us being children of god, then where is the goddess in this argument? All children have a father, and a mother, I presume…or did god presumably make children by intercoursing himself?

    • BlueDevil

      The point isn’t “There are atheists who are good, therefore there is no God.” The point is, “Religion is not the exclusive source of morality’ – which counters the common assertion that we need religion in order to be good people.

    • Jamie

      what does that have to do with believing in something imaginary?

      I’m good without Santa, the tooth fairy, Zeus, Odin, Horus, pixies and the FSM.

      I don’t need the promise of one of the most evil characters in literature being nice to me after I die to donate to charity, help others or lead a lawful life.

    • TWF3

      …or maybe they mean they’re still good people without God. They’re good not because they’re forced/scared into being good, they are good because they WANT to be. Isn’t that what God would want? Or do you think the higher power just wants all of our time spent worshiping Him and gets jealous and vengeful if we don’t? If so, then God is a selfish d-bag and he really is no different than a corrupt power hungry human.

      • Chris Suarez

        Actually, I think Christianity, Judaism, and Islam all believe that God is a jealous god.

    • Wendy

      btw, there’s “rage” in the words “good without god”??

      That’s rage??????

      • El_Superbeasto

        You are correct, Wendy. It’s not rage. It’s called advertising 101. Bold caps work well in billboard advertising since they are easier to read from a distance than their thin, lowercase brethren. If it had been an angry message there would have been one, or a number of, exclamation points.

        I happen to like the message on this bus ad. The message is tame compared to some of the “believer” comments on here. I’d ride this bus.

    • 15 year old Atheist

      By that logical fallaciy you have already stated that god may have exsisted at one point but then left or by your definition died.

      • MIchelle

        you are 15.. you know nothing.

  • Chris

    God is the spirit of compassion and understanding. We are not here to condemn if we live in Him. We are here to live as he told us, to be kind and to be accepting of all.

  • Wendy

    Why? Why can’t an atheist show an opinion just like religious people do? I see “from God” billboards all over Texas, why can’t these exist along with them?

    If a billboard of all things threatens a person’s beliefs, then maybe they should re-examine it. Because that’s not a very strong faith is it?

    • Dr. Jackson

      Your billboard does not shake faith. Your ignorance in using the name of GOd in this manner is like peeing on a cross at a funneral. It is in poor taste but it only makes Christians hold closer to God. This was tacky and ignorant.

  • JB

    Advertising ceertainly makes a beliver outta me.

  • bob barker

    Isn’t it funny how the man in the sky believers cant accept the non belief of others?

  • Robert

    I think it’s great, but then again I’m an atheist. It’s stating that you don’t have to believe in god to be a moral individual and a patriotic American. Trust me kids, morality existed long before organized religion.

    • Chris Suarez

      How interesting Robert…when I first read the message I interpreted “good” as “fine”. I now see it can also be read as “moral”. That’s probably why some people would be upset…Often religious individuals like to claim the moral high ground, and this ad challenges that. I think it’s good for an inidividual to have their beliefs challenged.

  • Jerry

    Why is this controversial? The message isn’t hostile in any way. Are believers so insecure that they don’t want anyone to know a few of us are different? Church billboards are all over the place.

    • michelle

      Church billboards are not all over the place. Maybe in Texas. I have never seen a church billboard in our state.

  • Carl

    I agree with Jerry and Chris, first off as Christians we should know that the world is on its way to shutting God out completely, it’s in our doctrine. Second, why on Earth would I care if an Atheist group wants to reach out to other Atheists or undecided individuals? As a Christian I already believe God’s plan cannot be thwarted and as long as we “plant the seed” He will continue to let it grow if it is His will. A billboard can’t stop God’s plan folks. And for the Atheist, if he/she has no salvation and God sees fit to allow him/her to live in peace in this existence, then so be it

    • Dave

      Wow. Thank you.

      I really enjoy seeing someone take a view that opposes my own, but in a way that I truly respect. I wish more Christians were as tolerant as you.

    • Amanda

      As a freethinker, this is the best response I have heard from someone of religion. I do hope others take your lead.

      • Ron

        The Bible states that we are to love others. We are not to judge, but to pray for. judging is for God. However, as humans, we do not have the capacity to be perfect and tend to judge. None of this should come as a surprise to a believer, anyway, as the Bible states that there will be a great falling away from God in the latter days. This issue is just another sample of the prophecy of the Bible coming true.
        In this country you still have some rights to voice your opinion. This is nothing more than a group voicing their opinion. Even God allows you to voice your opinion (whether right or wrong). The only censorship the Bible dictates is not using the lord’s name in vain.
        Each of us is given free will to believe whatever we want. We will all find out one way or the other, whether we are wrong or not in our belief once we die.
        Since it is not my job to judge you, I will choose to pray for you instead.

    • Jim Clark

      Amen Brother Carl.

  • jerry of no faith

    judge not and yee shall not be judged

  • Rick McDaniel

    Religion doesn’t make people good. On the contrary, those who seek religion, are often some of the least nice people.

    I think that organized religion has become the scourge of modern man. It has become an excuse for terror, ostracism, discrimination, and more. It is causing conflict between peoples, all over the world.

    • Chuck

      most wars for centuries ultimately began over relegious beliefs

  • Sanchez

    “morality existed long before organized religion.” You’re right, cause before morality and before organized religion, there was God first.

    • Riddles

      Provide evidence that your particular belief out of thousands throughout human history is the correct belief before you go claiming it as fact

    • Aaron Johnson

      Sanchez: what does God have to do with morality? There are plenty of people that both claim to believe in the same Judeo-Christian God that have diametrically opposed systems of ethics. I think both Bill Clinton and George W. Bush both sincerely believe in God and may even claim that He is the source of most if not all morals–yet look at how different they treat others and expect others to behave.

      It seems to me that ethics/morality is a system of what you do in order to know how to treat yourself and others and enjoy your life, while religious duties/rites are what you have to do to please your God and make it to heaven and/or avoid hell.

    • Joshua Wilkes

      you said it, probably the only comment on here that makes sense.

      • Riddles

        Just because it matches up to your garbled opinions, doesn’t mean its remotely right

  • tevain

    freedom of speech. End of story. Even the most ugly statements are protected. Born free, live free, die free I say. I can say this because unlike 98% of americans I actually fought and bled for our rights. A guy in a bar a number of years ago called me a ‘baby killer’ and all I had for him was a “you’re welcome”.

    • Wendy

      tevain, I’ve NEVER understood the “baby killer” bit when it comes to war. It usually comes from people who have no idea what war actually is.

  • dona

    no comment

  • PWR

    The definition of good is in the eyes of the beholder. For man, we think that because we live in peace with others, give of ourselves, live a moral life, and help others, … we are good. Jesus said in Matthew 19: 17, “Why callest me good?, there is none good but one, that is, God …” In the BIble in Romans 3:10, it says, “As it is written, there are none righteous, no, not one:” In Romans 3:23 it says, “For all have sinned, and come short of the glory of God;” So God’s definition of good is the standard that we are measured by, not ours. But praise his name, He was made a way for redemption from sin, or not being “good”. John 3:16 says, “For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in Him should not perish, but have everlasting life.” Whosoever means anyone, no matter what you have or haven’t done. I pray that God opens the eyes of the unbeliever to the understanding of the Great Gospel Message – Jesus Saves!

    • Jerry

      So this god pronounces every human being in history awful because we can’t meet a standard he proudly set so high it is humanly impossible. Not only that, but he considers it justice to see us punished for our inability to achieve the impossible. But don’t worry, in infinite love, he gracefully provides a small chance to avoid being tormented forever for not being able to meet the standard he knowingly set too high in the first place – and for that “Great Gospel Message” we should be joyful.

      Isn’t this a bit like a firefighter who commits arson so he can be a hero by putting it out? I guess you could see some good in that, but as you say, it’s in the eyes of the beholder.

      • James

        Kudos Jerry. I went through a fundamentalist phase many years ago. Youthful vigor combined with youthful ignorance I suppose. I grew out of it.
        The big things to me were that the whole story didn’t add up, and if “god” really was like this, I didn’t want to spend eternity with that “god”.

  • carolyn clark

    They will change their mind when they start to die…

    • Jason

      So religion is an insurance policy for the hereafter instead of a path towards being as good as a person can be, eh Carolyn?

    • Aaron Johnson

      Carolyn: It won’t change my mind. Death is a natural phenomenon that makes life meaningful. If I could live forever, I would value nothing on this Earth.

    • Riddles

      Unlikely, not everyone becomes religious when they die.

      Though it does make sense since when one knows death is imminent it is common to allow emotion to take over rationality. Fear of death would naturally get you believing all sorts of things regardless of how crazy it is just so you can keep living.

      Its not really something to brag about that people buy religion when they aren’t thinking straight

    • Jerry

      Looks like tacit acknowledgment that fear is the basis of your belief.

    • Jim Hansen

      Don’t count on it Carolyn. Religion is a learned behavior.

  • James

    I have no problem with anyone who doesn’t believe in GOD. I know one thing, I would rather live my life as if there is a GOD and die to find out there isn’t, than to live my life as if there is NO GOD, and to die and find out, there is…..

    • Kyle

      Pascal’s Wager eh?

      Sad way to go through life.

  • Cindy

    Amazing how one billboard or advertisement can cause so much hatred. How one individual thinking different can cause so much hatred. Isn’t the differences of each person what makes this country so great? Isn’t that what this nation was build on?

  • James

    Although I do find it rather sad, when Carl Sagan, an admitted agnostic, asked on his death bed “tell me a little bit about This GOD of yours”……It is amazing how, even a non-believer, will cry out to “help me GOD”, even if they don’t believe in GOD…..hummmmmmm

    • Riddles

      When people die on their deathbed rationality often goes out the window as emotion takes over and accepts just about anything to keep living.

      Also a non-believer would only call out to the christian god if they were raised in such an environment. If they were raised in the middle east it would be Allah. They merely cry out to the one they know, only if they are that weak of course

    • Aaron Johnson

      James you are speaking total rubbish. I guarantee you that Ann Druyan and anyone else close to Carl Sagan would completely contradict your assertion. It’s disingenuous and rude of you to say something as baseless as what you just said and I find it quite offensive.

    • Jerome Haltom

      Such a thing never happened. Even if it did, you’re basically admitting that it takes cancer and a complete catastrophic mental failure to make somebody believe in God. Okay. =)

    • ...hummmmmmm

      1. The 2 quoted phrases are not equal.
      2. A dying person’s judgment is often questionable.
      3. Wanting something to exist is not evidence of it’s existence.
      4. The spurious tale of Sagan’s deathbed conversion has no source and is even disputed in the published writing of his widow, Druyan.
      5. My favorite version of this tale includes Sagan not only accepting God, but denouncing PBS.
      6. …hummmmmmm

  • Wendy

    @Carolyn, atheists die everyday

    @James—you’re basing you faith on a “just in case?” And I also would like to see some sort of proof about Sagan saying that

  • teddy

    I have just read typical comments from a bunch of typical Texas red-necked crackers. They are living paradigms of what the rest of the world knows to be true and are paradigms of why the rest of the world hates Texans.

    The only thing dumber than a born-again Texan are two born-againTexans.

    • les

      i sure hope you don’t live here !!!!!!! if so please leave , us red- necks will help you pack

  • Michael Stewart

    Maybe the money that paid for these ads would be better spent building a new multi-million dollar facility to “praise god” in… seems to work for the Christians and Muslims, oh wait no it doesn’t. They’re STILL at war

  • Chuck

    I really doubt if a church were to want to pay for a bus billboard that they would be allowed to do so.

    • Jerome Haltom

      They do so all the time. In fact Dallas and FT Worth are full of em. Even seen a few Muslim ads.

      Why would you doubt this?

    • Doubt is good

      Unlike the question of God(s), you can test this assumption. I suggest reading the transit authority’s advertising guidelines. If you are still unsure, have your church run an ad. It isn’t expensive.

      Your assumption is NOW valid wrt DART. This campaign was originally planned for both cities, but there was a rule change. It seems the atheist ad submission along with one from a Muslim group upset the board. After years of running campaigns from Christian groups, the board decided that no content from “religious” groups would be accepted. (You’ll find this in meeting minutes from ’09. Perhaps someone can narrow it down, as I’ve forgotten the specifics.)

    • Wendy


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