Atheists Don’t Need God, So Pastors Don’t Need Buses

FORT WORTH (CBSDFW.COM) – An atheist group in North Texas is launching another advertising campaign this week, and after hearing about it, some Fort Worth religious leaders are planning to boycott the company providing the ad space.

The DFW Coalition of Reason announced Monday that it will be using bus billboards in Fort Worth to spread the gospel of nontheism during the month of December.

Signs that read ‘Millions of Americans are good without God’ will appear on four buses belonging to the Fort Worth Transportation Authority, better known as ‘The T’ through December, a time many are celebrating religious holidays.

Joan Hunter, spokeswoman for the T, said the signs will not be on the buses before Monday, Dec. 6. Production of the boards took longer than expected because of the Thanksgiving holiday.

In April of 2009, also a time of religious holidays, the DFW Coalition of Reason launched a similar billboard campaign, placing billboards along I-35E in Dallas and I-35W in Fort Worth.  Those Billboards read, ‘Don’t believe in God?  You are not alone.’

The Coalition bought the ad space on four buses for $2,600.  The campaign runs through the beginning of the year.

The T runs 180 buses through the city of Fort Worth.

Coalition Coordinator Terry McDonald says the bus signs are designed to show that atheists are good Americans as well.

KRLD’s Emily Trube speaks with Terry McDonald

On Wednesday, a group of Fort Worth clergy and T employees announced they would consider a boycott of the bus line during the Christmas holidays because of its decision to allow the boards. The group discussed the boycott Thursday morning at Harvey Avenue Missionary Baptist Church.

“We are offended by the anti-God signs and we are very disappointed that The-T Transportation Authority would approve this, especially during the season when Christians around the world are celebrating the birth of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ,” said Bishop B.E. George, with Ministers Against Crime.

Several T employees contacted the Southern Christian Leadership Conference and received its support. Rev. Kyev Tatum, SCLC president, called the boards “ungodly foolishness.”

“We take offense that during this season in which we as Christians celebrate the birth of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ, that our tax-funded public transportation system would agree to put on its buses billboards that are opposed to our belief system” Tatum said at Thursday’s meeting.

But to McDonald, this is the way to show North Texans that there are groups available for atheists in the area, and that they are “not amoral people.”

“We would really like to dispel the notion that atheists are amoral,” McDonald said. “Atheists are as good as any other group, whether it be religious or not and we’re not amoral people. We’re regular people just like everybody else.”

Anthony Johnson, executive vice president of the transpiration authority, told the clergy group Thursday that the ads do not represent the views of the management.  He told the group they also accept advertising from religious groups.  “We’ve been putting Christian ads on buses and benches for years, this is the first time an atheist group has come and approached us with this.”

While the ads may be unpopular with many, including some of The T’s employees, atheist advertisers have the same liberties as believers, Johnson told the group.  “The constitution gives people the right to free speech, I cannot take that away from anybody.”

In response to the clergy boycott, McDonald sent a statement saying in part:

“Plans to place the bus signs just happened to come together at this time.  December placement was not planned nor was it avoided.  But this turns out to be a good time of year to clarify that the winter holidays belong to everyone.  Moreover, Christians don’t quit advertising their churches during Ramadan, Jewish holy days or times sacred to other religions.  Let those of all faiths and none be treated equally.

On the radio this morning the Reverend Kyev Tatum, pastor of Friendship Rock Baptist Church compared his proposed boycott of Fort Worth’s “T” buses to the Birmingham, Alabama, bus boycott in the 1960s.  It doesn’t take much of a skeptic to see that this is both an overreaction and a gross misrepresentation of a historic campaign for freedom.”

The T says they will be discussing the controversial billboards at their next board of directors meeting on December 15.   At the meeting, the board will revisit the company’s policy on religious-oriented advertisements.


One Comment

  1. DJ says:

    Good, maybe… SAVED, No!

    1. jackie says:

      Praise God. I thank you Lord that I know you…. what a wonderful God we service .. To be without God is a great lost no matter how you put out your signs you are lost and most miserable….. and to The – T have you forgot about your worker not all of them is good without God how do they feel ? to be on a job that support something like this…………

      1. Jamie says:

        actually, I’m quite happy without god. Who are you to judge other humans? I’m pretty sure there are some verses against that, best go repent to your sky daddy, don’t want him angry. (I hear he has QUITE the temper).

        Employment is “at will” in most states, if they are that offended by free speech I’m sure they can go drive a bus for a church somewhere.

      2. Riddles says:

        As a person who doesn’t believe in any of the thousands of gods out there I can say I do not feel lost in the slightest.

        And miserable? Ha! Far from it.

        More than 2 thirds of the planet don’t even believe your god exists, don’t make up rubbish about how that many people are worse off than you because they don’t believe the rubbish you do.

      3. A Grammar Nazi without God says:

        Lol… “A great lost.” Also, learn how to use a period. See? They usually go at the end of a sentence. Sigh.

      4. Tia says:

        Ever heard about freedom of religion? That also pertains to those of us who chose not to have one and don’t believe in god. Assuming that atheists are lost and miserable is ignorant and uninformed because you can’t think outside your own religious box. And as for how the workers feel about the signs? I imagine some of them are offended but guess what? It’s massively irritating the other way around as well – seeing signs that advertise “God” – to those of us who don’t believe, the concept is as absurd as believing in aliens from outer space.

      5. Gail says:

        Praise God in all his glory! People that think they are “good without God” truly don’t know the difference. I pray that God sends someone to touch their heart so they may know the Lord our God and all of his greatness.

    2. Chuck E. Jesus says:

      The only thing we atheists wish to be saved from are fundamentalists.

      1. ppddqq says:

        Then why God, and not Allah

      2. eh hem says:

        It is all of the above.

        But, North Texas is an area dominated by English speakers rather than Arabic speakers. Allah is not the “Muslim God” but merely the Arabic word for God.

        Arabic speaking Christians also call refer to God as Allah.

        You might as well ask “Why not Dios?”

    3. Riddles says:

      You’ve only your god to blame for that, he made the rules that put people in a position that they need to be “saved” from and he can change them any time he wants. After all, he is the one that decides people go to hell for not believing he exists regardless of how good they are (more than 2 thirds of the planet don’t believe)

      Of course, just pretending that your particular god exists out of the thousands of other gods just for the sake of argument.

    4. Matt Bowers says:

      Saved by what, really? I’m on this billboard. I simply have no need for the god theory, yet life is treating me very well (the religious, however, have been another matter). There is no proof of a deity anywhere, just as there is no proof that there isn’t one. The only authority someone has when they say ‘there is a god’ is human opinion and hearsay.

      1. Lisa says:

        No proof that God exists? I catch a snowflake in my glove today. The intricate detail of this tiny snowflake does not happen by chance. God is quite an artist. The amazing process of pregnancy and birth. The exact way every part of your body work separately and together. The glorious sunsets, blankets of snow, powerful thunderstorms these are handiwork of God. Romans 1:20 NLT:
        “For ever since the world was created, people have seen the earth and sky. Through everything God made, they can clearly see his invisible qualities—his eternal power and divine nature. So they have no excuse for not knowing God.”

      2. 15 year old Atheist says:

        lisa you claim that you perceive a mode of being superior to your existence on this earth. But, to exist is to possess identity. What identity are you able to give to to your superior realm? They keep telling you what it is not, but never tell you what it is. All their identifications consist of negating: God is that which no human mind can know, they say—and proceed to demand that you consider it knowledge—God is non-man, heaven is non-earth, soul is non-body, virtue is non-profit, A is non-A, perception is non-sensory, knowledge is non-reason. your definitions are not acts of defining, but of wiping out.

        You saw a snow flake and merely that an item of hydrogen and oxygen that happend to take a certain shape because of its molecular structure and the way it fell.
        Nothing can come from Nothing.

      3. BP says:

        The proof is with you. Prove God doesn’t exist. Because if your wrong….

      4. MIchelle says:

        God loves atheists too! But I just feel sorry for them. To live life without knowing God must be awful. 🙂

  2. Tony says:

    Oh how the heathen rage. Regardless if you believe it or does not change the truth. The truth is simply there is a God and His Holy Bible is true. I pray for you to learn about Him before it is too late.

    1. Mary B says:

      Amen, brother. Forgive them for they know not what they do.

      1. Aaron Johnson says:

        Mary, we know full well what we do and require no forgiveness.

    2. Chuck E. Jesus says:

      How is this message, “raging?” Have you ever heard any of your “fire and brimstone” preachers raging? I guess it’s ok when they do it, but all we atheists have to do is make one simple assertion and suddenly we’re “ragaholics.” Please.

      1. Courtney says:

        It’s double standards. You have to be able to live with them and get over it.

    3. Jerry says:

      Thanks Tony. i will avoid walking under ladders for you too.

    4. Riddles says:

      No matter how hard you believe your particular religion, it does not change the truth. The truth is that there are thousands of gods and your god is no more or less likely to be real as the rest of them.

      Just because you believe its true, doesn’t mean its the truth, truth doesn’t work like that, it stays the same regardless of who believes it and there is nothing special that makes you more likely to be right than anyone else

      1. michelle says:

        What makes it truth is when you yourself are at the feet of the Savior, at that point you have no option but to believe

    5. Viraldi says:

      Regardless if you believe it, reality doesn’t stop for your convenience. Observe the universe, not through the primitive text that is coincidentally venerated by those who corrupt minds and societies.

    6. Riddles says:

      First off only you are raging at a simple expression of a differing opinion.

      Secondly no matter how hard you believe it does not make it the truth.

      The truth is the same no matter what you believe and its unlikely that your absent god and the bible of atrocities and contradictions is the truth

    7. Educated says:

      Wow. “Hang yourself”

      Seems a bit hateful. Perhaps the eradication or all religions would better suit those of you who choose to spew hate and messages of self violence. Believer or Atheist, the message you have posted is foul. Hopefully you can learn to practice the tolerance that you so dearly would like the faithful to offer you.

    8. Joshua Wilkes says:

      It is our job as Gods children to spread the message, Bless you brother tony.

    9. Learned Pagan says:

      The TRUTH is, that MEN wrote the bible. If it (the Bible) is the entire truth, why is it constantly being revised and rewritten by MAN. Does your God change his mind that often? if your God is all knowing, why didn’t the Bible get written down correctly the first time? Is it because MEN and not God wrote it? Perhaps you are the ones that should learn the truth. How can you judge someone if you don’t know what it is they believe? Maybe it’s already too late… for YOU.

    10. 15 year old Atheist says:

      God is infinite. Nothing can be infinite, according to the Law of Identity. Everything is what it is, and nothing else. It is limited in its qualities and in its quantity: it is this much, and no more. “Infinite” as applied to quantity does not mean “very large”: it means “larger than any specific quantity.” That means: no specific quantity—i.e., a quantity without identity. This is prohibited by the Law of Identity.

      Is God the creator of the universe? There can be no creation of something out of nothing. There is no nothing

      All your premises are false since they lack reason and evidence you rely on merely faith and by doing so youmake man regress by denying logic. The Bible is also written by man not by god Himself. There Are things called Works of fiction, for more books about gods and philosophy check your local library.

      1. Michelle says:

        All the elements needed to make a watch are found in the desert yet you do not see watches laying in the desert having created themselves or become into being through evolotion. How do you think man got here? You don’t know because chances are you NEVER prayed, you never tried to seek Christ because you like all your lame followers think that there is no sin and that life is just about right now. Dig deeper and know that atheism is the route of people who lack spirituality and are too chicken to seek it!

      2. Gail says:

        I will pray for you…. to be so young and well educated and yet sitting in the dark.
        Whether you believe it or not…. God does love you!

  3. Ellen Orozco says:

    Boycott Fort Worth Transportation Authority until they take down the atheists billboards !

    1. Indeed. How dare they use freedom of speech. Freedom of speech is only for you Christians, right?

    2. Chris Suarez says:

      Why would you care what an ad on the OUTSIDE of a bus says if you’re riding INSIDE the bus? Boycotting the bus makes no sense. If you really want to change their policy, ride the bus more frequently, then they won’t need to sell ad space on the side of the bus.

    3. Ann says:

      Ellen, would you boycott them if they had billboards saying “Millions of Americans are good with God”? And if not, why would you boycott a company for presenting a difference of opinion which breaks no laws and does not harm you or anybody else? I assume both billboards would be paid for at the same rates, and not with your money.

    4. Jim Hansen says:

      Why, because you don’t like the message??

    5. pet says:

      Ever heard of “freedom of speech”, I believe it is one of the amendments to our constitution, maybe even the same amendment that prohibits the establishment of a state sponsored religion.

      Oh, what the heck, why don’t we just throw our Constitution away, no one likes it anyway and it is a bigger hindrance today than it was several years ago.

    6. El_Superbeasto says:

      Good one. I hope you do boycott. It will only give us non-believers more exposure during your pagan holiday season. Do it.

    7. les says:

      it sounds like you are trying to force your ways them . go ahead and boycott , walk to where you go !!!!!!

    8. Jerome Haltom says:

      Public transit would be so much better without morons handing out pamphlets about this or that religious group, no doubt. I support this boycott of public transit by religious people!

    9. Jason says:

      Free speech and free market. You’re a socialist if you don’t like it.

    10. Aaron Johnson says:

      Ellen: I suppose you accept “Free speech for me, but not for thee”?

    11. Riddles says:

      Boycott the FWTA for allowing people you disagree with to voice their view in a perfectly factual and non-insulting manner like the constitution allows them too?

      People like you are holding America back from actually earning the title of the “land of the free”

    12. Jamye Johnston says:

      Wow. Do you think we should boycott anyone who dares to advertise their organization publicly? That’s absurd.

    13. Susan Winters says:

      Ellen I would prefer to boycott your employer until they stop hiring bigots.

    14. Shannon says:

      If there can be no atheists billboards then there should be NO religious billboards at all. So it is ok tho spread your message but not ours? That is just wrong…

  4. Texan says:

    “Good without parents” you can find million of children without parents doing good. Does it mean they born wihout parents. A question sign over your wisdom level..

    1. Wendy says:

      btw, there’s “rage” in the words “good without god”??

      That’s rage??????

      1. El_Superbeasto says:

        You are correct, Wendy. It’s not rage. It’s called advertising 101. Bold caps work well in billboard advertising since they are easier to read from a distance than their thin, lowercase brethren. If it had been an angry message there would have been one, or a number of, exclamation points.

        I happen to like the message on this bus ad. The message is tame compared to some of the “believer” comments on here. I’d ride this bus.

    2. TWF3 says:

      …or maybe they mean they’re still good people without God. They’re good not because they’re forced/scared into being good, they are good because they WANT to be. Isn’t that what God would want? Or do you think the higher power just wants all of our time spent worshiping Him and gets jealous and vengeful if we don’t? If so, then God is a selfish d-bag and he really is no different than a corrupt power hungry human.

      1. Chris Suarez says:

        Actually, I think Christianity, Judaism, and Islam all believe that God is a jealous god.

    3. BlueDevil says:

      The point isn’t “There are atheists who are good, therefore there is no God.” The point is, “Religion is not the exclusive source of morality’ – which counters the common assertion that we need religion in order to be good people.

    4. Jamie says:

      what does that have to do with believing in something imaginary?

      I’m good without Santa, the tooth fairy, Zeus, Odin, Horus, pixies and the FSM.

      I don’t need the promise of one of the most evil characters in literature being nice to me after I die to donate to charity, help others or lead a lawful life.

    5. Aaron Johnson says:


      If you are arguing that all children came from parents and wish to carry that all the way back to us being children of god, then where is the goddess in this argument? All children have a father, and a mother, I presume…or did god presumably make children by intercoursing himself?

    6. 15 year old Atheist says:

      By that logical fallaciy you have already stated that god may have exsisted at one point but then left or by your definition died.

      1. MIchelle says:

        you are 15.. you know nothing.

  5. Chris says:

    God is the spirit of compassion and understanding. We are not here to condemn if we live in Him. We are here to live as he told us, to be kind and to be accepting of all.

  6. Wendy says:

    Why? Why can’t an atheist show an opinion just like religious people do? I see “from God” billboards all over Texas, why can’t these exist along with them?

    If a billboard of all things threatens a person’s beliefs, then maybe they should re-examine it. Because that’s not a very strong faith is it?

    1. Dr. Jackson says:

      Your billboard does not shake faith. Your ignorance in using the name of GOd in this manner is like peeing on a cross at a funneral. It is in poor taste but it only makes Christians hold closer to God. This was tacky and ignorant.

  7. JB says:

    Advertising ceertainly makes a beliver outta me.

  8. bob barker says:

    Isn’t it funny how the man in the sky believers cant accept the non belief of others?

  9. Robert says:

    I think it’s great, but then again I’m an atheist. It’s stating that you don’t have to believe in god to be a moral individual and a patriotic American. Trust me kids, morality existed long before organized religion.

    1. Chris Suarez says:

      How interesting Robert…when I first read the message I interpreted “good” as “fine”. I now see it can also be read as “moral”. That’s probably why some people would be upset…Often religious individuals like to claim the moral high ground, and this ad challenges that. I think it’s good for an inidividual to have their beliefs challenged.

  10. Jerry says:

    Why is this controversial? The message isn’t hostile in any way. Are believers so insecure that they don’t want anyone to know a few of us are different? Church billboards are all over the place.

    1. michelle says:

      Church billboards are not all over the place. Maybe in Texas. I have never seen a church billboard in our state.

  11. Carl says:

    I agree with Jerry and Chris, first off as Christians we should know that the world is on its way to shutting God out completely, it’s in our doctrine. Second, why on Earth would I care if an Atheist group wants to reach out to other Atheists or undecided individuals? As a Christian I already believe God’s plan cannot be thwarted and as long as we “plant the seed” He will continue to let it grow if it is His will. A billboard can’t stop God’s plan folks. And for the Atheist, if he/she has no salvation and God sees fit to allow him/her to live in peace in this existence, then so be it

    1. Amanda says:

      As a freethinker, this is the best response I have heard from someone of religion. I do hope others take your lead.

      1. Ron says:

        The Bible states that we are to love others. We are not to judge, but to pray for. judging is for God. However, as humans, we do not have the capacity to be perfect and tend to judge. None of this should come as a surprise to a believer, anyway, as the Bible states that there will be a great falling away from God in the latter days. This issue is just another sample of the prophecy of the Bible coming true.
        In this country you still have some rights to voice your opinion. This is nothing more than a group voicing their opinion. Even God allows you to voice your opinion (whether right or wrong). The only censorship the Bible dictates is not using the lord’s name in vain.
        Each of us is given free will to believe whatever we want. We will all find out one way or the other, whether we are wrong or not in our belief once we die.
        Since it is not my job to judge you, I will choose to pray for you instead.

    2. Dave says:

      Wow. Thank you.

      I really enjoy seeing someone take a view that opposes my own, but in a way that I truly respect. I wish more Christians were as tolerant as you.

    3. Jim Clark says:

      Amen Brother Carl.

  12. jerry of no faith says:

    judge not and yee shall not be judged

  13. Rick McDaniel says:

    Religion doesn’t make people good. On the contrary, those who seek religion, are often some of the least nice people.

    I think that organized religion has become the scourge of modern man. It has become an excuse for terror, ostracism, discrimination, and more. It is causing conflict between peoples, all over the world.

    1. Chuck says:

      most wars for centuries ultimately began over relegious beliefs

  14. Sanchez says:

    “morality existed long before organized religion.” You’re right, cause before morality and before organized religion, there was God first.

    1. Aaron Johnson says:

      Sanchez: what does God have to do with morality? There are plenty of people that both claim to believe in the same Judeo-Christian God that have diametrically opposed systems of ethics. I think both Bill Clinton and George W. Bush both sincerely believe in God and may even claim that He is the source of most if not all morals–yet look at how different they treat others and expect others to behave.

      It seems to me that ethics/morality is a system of what you do in order to know how to treat yourself and others and enjoy your life, while religious duties/rites are what you have to do to please your God and make it to heaven and/or avoid hell.

    2. Riddles says:

      Provide evidence that your particular belief out of thousands throughout human history is the correct belief before you go claiming it as fact

    3. Joshua Wilkes says:

      you said it, probably the only comment on here that makes sense.

      1. Riddles says:

        Just because it matches up to your garbled opinions, doesn’t mean its remotely right

  15. tevain says:

    freedom of speech. End of story. Even the most ugly statements are protected. Born free, live free, die free I say. I can say this because unlike 98% of americans I actually fought and bled for our rights. A guy in a bar a number of years ago called me a ‘baby killer’ and all I had for him was a “you’re welcome”.

    1. Wendy says:

      tevain, I’ve NEVER understood the “baby killer” bit when it comes to war. It usually comes from people who have no idea what war actually is.

  16. dona says:

    no comment

  17. PWR says:

    The definition of good is in the eyes of the beholder. For man, we think that because we live in peace with others, give of ourselves, live a moral life, and help others, … we are good. Jesus said in Matthew 19: 17, “Why callest me good?, there is none good but one, that is, God …” In the BIble in Romans 3:10, it says, “As it is written, there are none righteous, no, not one:” In Romans 3:23 it says, “For all have sinned, and come short of the glory of God;” So God’s definition of good is the standard that we are measured by, not ours. But praise his name, He was made a way for redemption from sin, or not being “good”. John 3:16 says, “For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in Him should not perish, but have everlasting life.” Whosoever means anyone, no matter what you have or haven’t done. I pray that God opens the eyes of the unbeliever to the understanding of the Great Gospel Message – Jesus Saves!

    1. Jerry says:

      So this god pronounces every human being in history awful because we can’t meet a standard he proudly set so high it is humanly impossible. Not only that, but he considers it justice to see us punished for our inability to achieve the impossible. But don’t worry, in infinite love, he gracefully provides a small chance to avoid being tormented forever for not being able to meet the standard he knowingly set too high in the first place – and for that “Great Gospel Message” we should be joyful.

      Isn’t this a bit like a firefighter who commits arson so he can be a hero by putting it out? I guess you could see some good in that, but as you say, it’s in the eyes of the beholder.

      1. James says:

        Kudos Jerry. I went through a fundamentalist phase many years ago. Youthful vigor combined with youthful ignorance I suppose. I grew out of it.
        The big things to me were that the whole story didn’t add up, and if “god” really was like this, I didn’t want to spend eternity with that “god”.

  18. carolyn clark says:

    They will change their mind when they start to die…

    1. Jim Hansen says:

      Don’t count on it Carolyn. Religion is a learned behavior.

    2. Jerry says:

      Looks like tacit acknowledgment that fear is the basis of your belief.

    3. Jason says:

      So religion is an insurance policy for the hereafter instead of a path towards being as good as a person can be, eh Carolyn?

    4. Aaron Johnson says:

      Carolyn: It won’t change my mind. Death is a natural phenomenon that makes life meaningful. If I could live forever, I would value nothing on this Earth.

    5. Riddles says:

      Unlikely, not everyone becomes religious when they die.

      Though it does make sense since when one knows death is imminent it is common to allow emotion to take over rationality. Fear of death would naturally get you believing all sorts of things regardless of how crazy it is just so you can keep living.

      Its not really something to brag about that people buy religion when they aren’t thinking straight

  19. James says:

    I have no problem with anyone who doesn’t believe in GOD. I know one thing, I would rather live my life as if there is a GOD and die to find out there isn’t, than to live my life as if there is NO GOD, and to die and find out, there is…..

    1. Kyle says:

      Pascal’s Wager eh?

      Sad way to go through life.

  20. Cindy says:

    Amazing how one billboard or advertisement can cause so much hatred. How one individual thinking different can cause so much hatred. Isn’t the differences of each person what makes this country so great? Isn’t that what this nation was build on?

  21. James says:

    Although I do find it rather sad, when Carl Sagan, an admitted agnostic, asked on his death bed “tell me a little bit about This GOD of yours”……It is amazing how, even a non-believer, will cry out to “help me GOD”, even if they don’t believe in GOD…..hummmmmmm

    1. ...hummmmmmm says:

      1. The 2 quoted phrases are not equal.
      2. A dying person’s judgment is often questionable.
      3. Wanting something to exist is not evidence of it’s existence.
      4. The spurious tale of Sagan’s deathbed conversion has no source and is even disputed in the published writing of his widow, Druyan.
      5. My favorite version of this tale includes Sagan not only accepting God, but denouncing PBS.
      6. …hummmmmmm

    2. Jerome Haltom says:

      Such a thing never happened. Even if it did, you’re basically admitting that it takes cancer and a complete catastrophic mental failure to make somebody believe in God. Okay. =)

    3. Aaron Johnson says:

      James you are speaking total rubbish. I guarantee you that Ann Druyan and anyone else close to Carl Sagan would completely contradict your assertion. It’s disingenuous and rude of you to say something as baseless as what you just said and I find it quite offensive.

    4. Riddles says:

      When people die on their deathbed rationality often goes out the window as emotion takes over and accepts just about anything to keep living.

      Also a non-believer would only call out to the christian god if they were raised in such an environment. If they were raised in the middle east it would be Allah. They merely cry out to the one they know, only if they are that weak of course

  22. Wendy says:

    @Carolyn, atheists die everyday

    @James—you’re basing you faith on a “just in case?” And I also would like to see some sort of proof about Sagan saying that

  23. teddy says:

    I have just read typical comments from a bunch of typical Texas red-necked crackers. They are living paradigms of what the rest of the world knows to be true and are paradigms of why the rest of the world hates Texans.

    The only thing dumber than a born-again Texan are two born-againTexans.

    1. les says:

      i sure hope you don’t live here !!!!!!! if so please leave , us red- necks will help you pack

  24. Michael Stewart says:

    Maybe the money that paid for these ads would be better spent building a new multi-million dollar facility to “praise god” in… seems to work for the Christians and Muslims, oh wait no it doesn’t. They’re STILL at war

  25. Chuck says:

    I really doubt if a church were to want to pay for a bus billboard that they would be allowed to do so.

    1. Doubt is good says:

      Unlike the question of God(s), you can test this assumption. I suggest reading the transit authority’s advertising guidelines. If you are still unsure, have your church run an ad. It isn’t expensive.

      Your assumption is NOW valid wrt DART. This campaign was originally planned for both cities, but there was a rule change. It seems the atheist ad submission along with one from a Muslim group upset the board. After years of running campaigns from Christian groups, the board decided that no content from “religious” groups would be accepted. (You’ll find this in meeting minutes from ’09. Perhaps someone can narrow it down, as I’ve forgotten the specifics.)

    2. Jerome Haltom says:

      They do so all the time. In fact Dallas and FT Worth are full of em. Even seen a few Muslim ads.

      Why would you doubt this?

  26. Wendy says:

    ahhh Teddy, come on. No name calling

    Everyone is allowed to think what they want, BELIEVE what they want. It’s when you’re told you CAN’T….that’s another story

    Shoot atheists are trusted less than any other group in this country. Why?

  27. Jeff says:

    I am constantly amazed that supposedly sane, rational people put such belief in something that has absolutely nothing concrete to prove it exists other than a book that was created by MEN. Men who had a need to create structure and wanted others to believe in the same things they believed in. Most of the stories in the bible and old testament are re-tellings of older religions updated to fit a particular time period. The Christian, Jewish and Islamic “GOD” has no more proof to back it up than the Egyptian, Roman or Greek Gods. Theirs just happened to fall out of favor as humans advanced. If someone can show me some kind of hard evidence of a god then I would believe, but I can’t believe in tales of God supposedly proving himself to humans thousands of years ago when they didn’t know how to explain occurrences that were happening so they explained them off as God’s will. I might as well believe in Santa or the Easter Bunny because they have about as much factual proof behind them as God.

    1. Rusrog says:

      Actually Jeff, there has never been an archeological find that contradicted a biblical statement. Think about the Dead Sea Scrolls, Hytite(sp?) Libraries. There has NEVER BEEN an archeological find that controverts biblical logic. Also, the amount of data and the similarity if the data over thousands of years lends credence to the biblical truth. The quality & quantity of the manuscript evidence of the Bible tends to lend even more credence to the proof of God’s word and it’s validity. We have all seen the deal where you whisper a phrase around a room and see how it changes, So you have to wonder how these stories made it through thousands of years, and untold people and still the song remains the same.
      My last point… There is tremendous evidence of design in our universe. Is it possible that a big explosion created a system where planets circle around a star with amazing precision and regularity. You can say we came from single cell organisms and simply evolved but how did the single cell organisms originate? It appears to me that smart people can recognize intelligent design and that points to a…. designer.

      1. skippy says:

        the same “designer” that created the heavens and the earth, yet only humans are the ones with the ability to recognize it as such? Why don’t cats or dogs pray or build temples to worship?

      2. Jeff says:

        Rusrog, the historical elements in various sections of the bible may match up to factual events but it doesn’t mean that God made those events happen. As I mentioned above, most of the stories in the Bible are re-tellings of more ancient stories, names and places changed to fit their times but essentially the same story. There are stories of the great flood and plagues and all types of things recorded by earlier civilizations that were passed down and incorporated into the Bible. So, there may have in fact been some sort of huge flood in pre-history, but does that mean that an omnipotent being sent it down onto the Earth? Why does that have to be the answer? Couldn’t there simply have been some sort of natural occurrence that caused a massive flood in many parts of the world? Does it make it better if God caused it? There was probably an actual figure who was recognized as “Jesus”. But does that mean he was actually the son of god? Early texts don’t say that. It wasn’t until about 4 centuries later that that piece of goodness was added and also many of the stories about him were tweaked and ones that didn’t match what they wanted were set aside. Why? Why even in the ones they kept are their such major differences in the manners and teachings of Jesus? Why? Because men set down and wrote them. They wrote what needed to be written to keep a new church in order and unify a splintering belief at the time. Religions have existed throughout time for basically one reason, to keep a population in line. Because most people are inherently not good if they don’t believe that someone is watching. Even then these “good” people kill in God, Allah, Jehovah’s name, They hate and ostracize anyone that doesn’t believe what they believe and they throw “facts” from a book made up by men at anything they don’t understand.

      3. Jerome Haltom says:

        There’s no evidence what so ever that the world is ~10,000 years old, and much to the contrary. You can pretend it doesn’t exist if you want, but it just makes you look silly.

        Smart people know to look deeper than their own initial instincts, and to use thinking and logic to investigate their own subjective experience. You’re argument is basically “what looks like design to me must be!” Yeah, good job on that.

      4. Aaron Johnson says:

        A massive amount of Jewish archeological attempts to find confirmation of the old testament came up completely lacking in any evidence whatsoever. Watch “The Bibles’ Buried Secrets”, PBS NOVA, from 2008 for starters.

      5. Shane says:

        How about Genesis? Ethiopians that were living 160,000 years ago?

        The Sumerians, existing 6000 years before Christ? Who took approximately 3500 years to learn a writing system? If there were 3500 years between Adam, and the first writing of the O.T., how much of that story do you think at all would be valid and/or correct?

        Tack onto that the idea that the Sumerians were worshiping Gods that they made before Yaweh came along, shouldn’t that tell you something about the Bible?

        Oh right, you’re ignorant, and you only look for what you want to see, and never the opposing opinion.

  28. Kenneth says:

    The Money they received to for this, says: “In God we Trust” on it.

    This is USA fundementals. I believe the T is going against what America stands for over all.

    1. Aaron Johnson says:

      Kenneth: What if it was paid for by check or credit card?

      USA Fundamentals such as the constitution make no mention of God or trusting him. I think you are mistaken.

    2. Jamye Johnston says:

      Actually if it came from us, chances are the “In God We Trust” has probably been marked out. I firmly believe that our money should be secular, not religious in nature. Doesn’t your particular religion actually state that “Money is the root of all evil”? Irony?

      1. Ron says:

        It does not say money is the root of all evil. It says that the LOVE of money is the root of all evil. I keep seeing you non-believers stating that believers need to do their research and state fact. Please have the courtesy to do the same.

  29. Wendy says:

    What does America stand for Kenneth?

    1. Linda A. says:

      I will pray for you because all things are possible through christ and i know the truth because i see his beauty every day and i know that inside of you is some good and i know my heaveanly father and yours is a forgiving father so put your advertisement because people who truly know the lord will pray for you and satan will cringe and go back to the place he belongs because he will never win, your sister in christ

      1. qwerty says:

        Excellent Poe! Lack of capitalization or punctuation makes this completely indistinguishable from an authentic religious rant. High marks are earned for the innovation of disengaging the Caps Lock key.

      2. Jerome Haltom says:

        Nothing you said makes any sense. It’s all one giant sentence, with no logical connections at all. Good job on that!

      3. Ron says:

        It makes sense to me. Oh , but wait, you folks keep telling us that religious folks are all dumb, ignorant fools. At least I can see thru the lack of punctuation to get the meaning of the comment. Who does this make the bigger ignorant fool????

  30. Lynne says:

    If Atheists cannot use advertisements like this, then the ‘I am second’ and all other religious billboards should come down, too. The first amendment guarantees the freedom of speech and that Congress shall not pass any laws prohibiting the exercise of religious beliefs. All you Christians saying that your way is the only way should get out of America – You are violating everyone else’s right to freedom of religion. America was founded on the basis that people could choose what religion they wanted to be, without fear of persecution. It’s the whole reason our forefathers left England. Or maybe you just didn’t feel like paying attention in US History.

    You complain that the city doesn’t have any money, and yet complain even more when some group purchases an ad and PAYS THE CITY. Stop being so hypocritical. Read your Bible.

    “Get rid of all bitterness, rage and anger, brawling and slander, along with every form of malice. Be kind and compassionate to one another, forgiving each other, just as in Christ God forgave you.” -Ephesians 4:31-32

    “Finally, all of you, live in harmony with one another; be sympathetic, love as brothers, be compassionate and humble. Do not repay evil with evil or insult with insult, but with blessing, because to this you were called so that you may inherit a blessing. For, ‘Whoever whould love life and see good days must keep his tongue from evil and his lips from deceitful speech. He must turn from evil and do good; He must seek peace and pursue it. For the eyes of the Lord are on the righteous and his ears are attentive to their prayer, but the face of the Lord is against those who do evil.” – 1 Peter 3:8-12

  31. PLB says:

    And it’s in the name of God, Allah, religion in general, that Humans KILL other HUMANS.

  32. carolyn clark says:

    Jim Henson….so is learning to feed your self….

    1. Wendy says:

      @carolyn, I don’t understand your point. Religion is learned, but any human will learn to feed themselves somehow (may not be proper–but it’ll work).

  33. jim says:

    atheist claim they dont belive in jesus but start talking about jesus around one he getsmad as all get up

    1. Wendy says:

      People can talk about Jesus all they want. Heck Jesus seemed like a cool dude. I wish more christians were like Jesus

      It seems to be the opposite. An atheist group buys ONE bus ad and people freak out, start telling us we’re going to burn in hell etc etc. Ja WE’RE the angry ones

    2. Aaron Johnson says:


      Wouldn’t you grow tired of someone who constantly talks about how their imaginary friend was responsible for all of the good in the world and that they wanted you to not only acknowledge his existence but pray and worship him?

      1. eh hem says:

        I could put with all their yammering if they weren’t doing these religiously motivated things:
        1) Trying to replace science with scripture here in TX.
        2) Discriminating against gays and atheists.
        3) Racing to out breed the Muslims
        4) Denying AGW findings.
        5) Voting people into office whose ONLY qualification is “being a good Christian”.

        These things really matter and cause real and terrible harm. This is not a belief that has no cost.

  34. El_Superbeasto says:

    Somebody still owes me a steak.

  35. eh hem says:


    Actually, Israeli archeology was sent out into the desert to find “the Title Deeds of Israel” some decades ago. They have come to the conclusion that virtually none of the OT is historical fact.

    Besides the obvious that the creation stories and Noah’s flood are completely fables, nothing like Exodus has occurred. Egypt never kept Jewish slaves (at least not in any significant numbers), they was no wondering in Sinai of a million Jews for 40 years, in fact it is now known that Jews originate in the Palestine/Israel area and didn’t come to the promise land from elsewhere. King David and Solomon are so wildly exaggerated from what is possible those stories are near complete fabrications.

    You need not even consult an archeology to know the NT is (at least) mostly legend. It contradicts itself at every turn.

  36. Bonham says:

    Wow 73 comments must b a record.

  37. reality_check says:

    It is always the “Angry atheists”, but as soon as they exercise their rights we see who is really the “Angry” group.

  38. Moral Without A Book says:

    SWEET SPLINTERY JESUS! I love to see people being “offended” (especially ignorants). It’s a shot in the arm to remind you what damage “political correctness” has done.
    You’re offended? Ok, BE offended! It doesn’t hurt anyone. You don’t like it, don’t look at it or ride the bus.
    FREEDOM of choice is what we enjoy in this great Republic. No one forced you to come here, and no one’s making you stay.
    Now excuse me, I have to go make the baby jesus cry.

    1. Joshua Wilkes says:

      if you consider making a baby cry amusing then you trully have no morals. how sad taking someones offense with pleasure, and wanting to make babys cry.

  39. Quit Whinning says:

    A new LOW way to make some money on the side of a BUS.

    1. Wendy says:

      ooh low? How so?

    2. Mr Sherm69 says:

      2 things. How is this ‘low?’ And who is going to profit. However you choose to answer this…PLEASE dont quote the bible.

  40. Jason says:

    I’m an agnostic, and even though I can find better ways to spend my money then touting my beliefs on the side of a bus, the message is still correct- many Americans live healthy, MORAL lives without believing in God. I would dare say many non-believers probably live more moral lives without believing in God than many believers who wear their religion on their sleeve.
    For all the talk of free market and free speech people around here like to spout, it’s funny to see how they flip their lid when both are put into practice for things they oppose.

    1. Jerry says:

      True, Jason. If you require god belief to be moral, it says much more about your own lack of character than it does a god. Typical amoral theists don’t care one bit what might hurt others or what might be wrong – only what gets them the reward or avoids punishment. Is that morality or pure, amoral self-interest?

      If your belief is the only thing that keeps you from murdering my family, then I guess I’m glad you have it, but that’s a pretty pathetic statement about you.

  41. Mel says:

    So much hatred here … Coming from all sides.

    There are “good” and “bad” people from every walk of life, every religion, every race, every sexual orientation. There is also so much evil in the world, we are fighting wars on every front … Drugs, terrorism, famine, etc … Why are the “good” people here fighting eachother over our differences instead of working together, using our commonalities as strenths, to make the world a better place for all.

    I agree that all have the right to freedom on speech & religious beliefs … However, we much respect one another. I think that just as it would be insensitive of the Christians to set up a nativity outside of a synagogue during Hannukah … It is likewise insensitive of the athiests to publish these ads during a reverent, holy celebratory time of Christian believers. People can make their voices heard without offending others which gains a lot more respect from those around them.

    Anger and hatred will never convert anyone to anything.

    1. Jerry says:

      Mel, what exactly is offensive about the bus message?

  42. Timothy Fish says:

    If atheists want to spend money on billboards, I’m glad we live in a country that gives them that freedom, even though I don’t agree with their beliefs. I do, however, wonder what the point is. It isn’t as if they believe that a person converting to atheism will be helped by that conversion. If a believer dies and God doesn’t exist, he is no worse off than the atheist who dies. The message itself isn’t particularly meaningful. Christians will tell you that there are many people who are “good without God”, but they go on to say that man’s goodness will still result in him going to hell if they don’t accept Jesus Christ. I’m sure God will use it for his own honor and glory, no matter what the atheists intend for it to accomplish.

    1. Jerry says:

      The point is to let nonbelievers in the proverbial buckle of the Bible Belt know that they aren’t as isolated and alone as they may seem. This can seem like a hostile and intimidating environment to ‘spiritual outsiders.’

      Although I don’t think the intent is to get anyone to deconvert, this can be very helpful in some cases. For me, the amount of stress, guilt, and fear that was lifted did wonders for my outlook.

    2. Amanda says:

      The difference between you and us is that WE dont live for ourselves. We arent good on this earth for the reason of where it will get us later. We are good because its the right thing to do, because we want to be. WE dont care where we go after our time here, that would be a selfish thing to think.

      “I’m sure God will use it for his own honor and glory”
      Why would such a benevolent god need honor and glory for himself? How is serving him any different than being a slave to a physical person that promised you baskets of gold later in life? Bowing down to a god that would rather millions be spent on churches to praise him than spent on the mentally ill who were made so by ‘his’ intelligent design – I’d rather burn for eternity quite frankly.

      “The point is”… to let others know its ok to be yourself. You dont have to sit in a building every week and told that you are only second best, that you were born sick (sinful) and can never be cured unless you serve an invisible being. It’s ok to think for yourself, to read the bible front to back and ask questions, to give credit to those who deserve it, to give yourself credit when you deserve it, to know its not your fault when something goes wrong.

      On the first day, man created god and they will continue to be created by those that are not comfortable in the unknown, that need someone to tell them how to be.

      1. El_Superbeasto says:

        Ringht on, Amanda.

  43. Chris says:

    Jackie, I’m always a little confused when theists like you state with such obvious conviction that atheists are “miserable”. How can you say that when you’ve never even met me? I’m actually a very happy person…I love life, I love my family, I have a great job and great friends who support me and stimulate me intellectually. What’s not to happy about?

  44. Joshua Wilkes says:

    Im a little confused you atheist say that your not making this busboard advertisment for controversy, then why choose December? hte month that Christmas is during, the day we celebrate Our Saviours birth? you all made this billboard to simply become noticed during the Christmas season and nothing more. stop being such attention hounds. and if you truly believe in letting people believe in what they wish then enough with the atheistic rubbish. keep it to your selves

    1. dearjoshuawilkes says:

      You do realize there are at least 100x Christian billboards to each atheist one?

      Pot, meet kettle. I think you’ll find we’re all black.

      1. Joshua Wilkes says:

        true very true, but the last time i read one, all they are trying to spread is love, friendship and fellowship, not this “millions of americans are good without God”
        so you atheist dont believe in God, the why does it bother you all to see these billlboards with an “non-existant” idol on them? the funny thing is if God trully was not real then there would be NO controversy on it, its only when something has the extreme possibility it could be real is when people do these things

    2. Amanda says:

      Try reading The Pagan Origins of Christmas before you get upset about someone trampling on your ‘holiday month’. Pagans celebrated the return of the SUN on winter solstice long before the religious created christmas to fall within the same time frame so that it would be more accepted by others.

      God impregnated Mary without her consent, rape in todays terms, with himself to be born and sacrifice himself to himself for a sin that he chose not to forgive so that others could be loved by him unless they chose not to be at which time they would burn in hell. Now that really sounds like something worth celebrating!

      But wait, Jesus was Jewish so that means he didnt believe in hell, so he was saving others from something he himself didnt believe in? Yep, makes perfect sense!

      1. Joshua Wilkes says:

        Ahhh the classic pagan rant, yes the roman catholic church chose December to celebrate our Saviours birth for one because no one knows the exact date and two to set aside an odd pagan custom “the return of the sun” i do believe the sun comes back everyday for the better part of 12hours at that, Secondly if you researched Gods impregnation of mary as you did the pagans you would of read that God sent angels to both joseph and mary fortelling them they would birht a baby and he would be the Lord Jesus Christ, and last Jesus was a jew as in race not religion.

    3. Aaron Johnson says:

      @Joshua Wilkes:

      And if it was done in January or May, you still would have found a way to complain about it. It’s done in December, (December 1st) and you complain about it coinciding with the birth of your savior (25 days later).

      It was done for far more than being noticed “in the Christmas Season”. Observe that it is not stating anything about Jesus or Christmas, nor does it have anything Christmas-related. It merely states that there are millions of Americans that are good without God. You would also do well to look at your bible and find the passages that states that God, Jesus, or anyone in there for that matter told you to “remember your savior’s birthday and keep it holy.” There is no sanctity to December 25th even within your own religion.

      1. Joshua Wilkes says:

        you are correct in the point on there being no proof that Christ was born on the 25th, as with many tradtitions and holidays, it is the day we chose to celebrate Jesus birth, and regardless of faith, sex, race, or whatever you be, Christmas is the time of joy and caring for one another, unless your nonbelief is against these as well? to me, atheist can be compared to a group of toddlers throwing a temper tantrum just to be noticed and nothing more. and so i dont forget Merry Christmas!

      2. Aaron Johnson says:

        @Joshua Wilkes:

        I don’t see where there is a child wailing and flailing on that billboard. It is stating a fact that is often overlooked: that Millions of Americans are Good Without God. That you choose to try and call it something like “toddlers throwing a temper tantrum just to be noticed” is your problem.

        And, I do forget Merry Christmas. I do not celebrate it or any other holiday, secular or religious. Or does your faith have a problem with that?

  45. Christe Wilkes says:

    God does exist. and all i know is that most of the atheist is just trying to get attention. especially advertising. i’m not going to give them the privelage. all im going to say is God is powerful and He will come back. and i’m praying for all the atheists. and Happy Birthday Jesus Christ!!! God Bless

    1. El_Superbeasto says:


    2. Aaron Johnson says:

      @Christe Wilkes:

      It’s not up to you to give atheists their rights, despite you referring to them as a privelage [sic]. And just so you know, a billboard advertisement is pretty much by definition something that is trying to get attention, so well I guess you got us on that one! I hope you consider the true and full (and only the true and full) implications of the statement that the billboard says, however: Millions of Americans That Are Good Without God.

  46. Ben says:

    I’m very happy and quite good without any god. And the world is much more fun, exciting, and amazing without believing in a fairy tale. I’m so glad I’m not a Christian anymore.

    I hope atheism continues to spread so we don’t have to worry about religion anymore. The world would be a better place with better morality. Happy winter solstice everyone n_n

  47. Matt Bowers says:

    Christmas has nothing to do with Jesus, if you read your history.

    1. Joshua Wilkes says:

      answer this then, why is there CHRIST in CHRISTmas? search Christmas on wikipedia and you will see

      1. dearjoshuawilkes says:

        Because Wikipedia is a credible source.

        The Christ is in Christmas because the church decided to put it there after stealing/adapting several pagan rituals and the date itself to try to assimilate pagans. (They didn’t want to give up their parties, church wanted to recruit, chalk it up to a good PR rep.)

        The traditions associated with the holiday itself, as well as the date are all take from other religions/traditions/cultures.

        So yes, there is CHRIST in CHRISTMAS, but that’s about the only thing Christians added that is unique.

      2. Aaron Johnson says:

        @Joshua Wilkes:

        Where is Jesus in colored eggs and bunnies? Where are colored eggs and bunnies in the bible? Where is Christmas in the bible? Where is Christ’s birthday listed in the bible, and where does it say that Christians should celebrate it?

  48. Courtney says:

    I think you guys are all immature and seriously need to grow up. Everyone is different for a reason. Grow up and accept that. I believe that people should be able to express how they feel. I mean that is one of our freedoms, is it not? Yes, I believe in God, but I’m not going to sit here and get mad at people for believing differently.

  49. Nameless says:

    I was a sceptic Muslim. I had this long, solo journey of discovery that there is no invisible man in the sky. And I have also discovered I am not alone in that.
    I think that’s one of the purposes of this bus ad: to let Atheists, non-believers know that they are not alone. They need to know that especially during this Christian (pagan) holiday celebration. BTW, my picture is one of the hundreds of pictures in that ad.

  50. D. Cody says:

    Happy to see this campaign. I try to treat people well and fairly and believe in sharing and in defending the rights of others. So often, others assume I’m a Christian because they see ms doing good. I have strong values without being a part of a religion, and wish others could recognize goodness without categorizing it according to someone else’s religion.

  51. Educated says:

    Why in the name of MY GOD would we boycott the FWTA? They sold ad space! Oh, hey les boycott yellow cab bc the have ads for strip clubs! Or Barns and Noble because hey they sell books on Hinduism. Come on! Learn to live together.

  52. Kyle says:

    I’m so happy Dallas is coming to its senses. Believing in a false god is detrimental to science and society at large.

    Be a good person without having to believe the ludicrous mythology of religion.

  53. Natalie says:

    I’m so disappointed. It’s 2010. We have made so many advancements in medicine and technology and still, there are people that live their lives based on a fictional book. It’s not an argument of beliefs, it’s an assertion of facts (i.e. evidence, science, not emotions, not opinions). I’ve seen billboards all across Texas that boast about “God’s Way”, so those who believe differently have just as much of a right to speak. People fear what they do not understand. I’m a proud Agnostic, because I acknowledge that I don’t know either way.

  54. Catrina Glasl says:

    God is, or is not, as you will him (or her) to be. What is important is that you live your life well. Treat others well, be caring, forgiving, and generous, and enjoy life and all it has to offer. If there s a God, and s/he is good, then you willl be rewarded, if not, you will still know that you have done well. If there is a Judgemental, jealous, picky God, we are probably better off without him/her. JMO.

  55. Joshua Wilkes says:

    Food for thought, If an atheist is wrong they go to hell, if a Christian is wrong nothing happens, I think ill stay on Gods side, simply knowing that Jesus died on the cross for US, living the life he wants us to(Christian or not) and no i dont believe just because of the fear of hell, we believe because we know. can you tell me you have never felt God in some way or another, think real hard

    1. dearjoshuawilkes says:

      Food for thought, what if YOU’RE wrong?

      I think you would be offending Zeus more than me, should HE turn out to be real, because -I- at least am not worshiping a false god.

      Pascal’s wager is a flip of the coin.

      “Live a good life. If there are gods and they are just, then they will not care how devout you have been, but will welcome you based on the virtues you have lived by. If there are gods, but unjust, then you should not want to worship them. If there are no gods, then you will be gone, but will have lived a noble life that will live on in the memories of your loved ones.” Marcus Aurelius

      “Live a good life. If there are gods and they are just, then they will not care how devout you have been, but will welcome you based on the virtues you have lived by. If there are gods, but unjust, then you should not want to worship them. If there are no gods, then you will be gone, but will have lived a noble life that will live on in the memories of your loved ones.” Thomas Jefferson

      Food for thought: if your God is just, why would he punish good people that simply didn’t believe but reward bad people that did? (I.E. I’d rather be in hell with Thomas Jefferson than in heaven with Hitler, should I turn out to be wrong)

      1. dearjoshuawilkes says:


        “Question with boldness even the existence of a God; because, if there be one, he must more approve of the homage of reason, than that of blind-folded fear.” -Thomas Jefferson

        TJ’s quote didn’t copy right (deceptive auto copy button failed me)

        Fixed before the trolling?

  56. jjthejetplane says:

    Christians are ignorant. They are ignorant of history, science, and even their own bible.

    Look at history. Humans have worshiped some type of god throughout history. The Christian God is no different than the many gods that have come and gone. What makes the Christian God any better than those?

    Science is a good one too. Look at all the advances science has made in medicine, aviation, and anthropology just to name a few. But evolution is a lie? If you dismiss evolution, you have to dismiss all science. >90% of scientists are atheists. Gee, wonder why that is?

    The Bible. All you have to do is read it. Front to back. You will realize how inaccurate it really is. Don’t take someones word for it. Judge for yourself.

  57. herb says:

    Note passed to me by God for you all.

    Dear Children,

    My aspiration for you is that you learn how to show respect, for each other in particular, and for my entire creation in general. Has it occurred to you that I want my existence to remain a matter of faith, not of proof? My atheist children honor me by honoring my plan for you to GROW in understanding of my universe so that you can come to me as strong, self reliant critical thinkers who come to the mature conclusion that I exist in the currents of love that bind creation. I planned for this to be a difficult challenge. Don’t despair.

    I am not well pleased by people who claim to believe in me merely because others claim to do so, or some self styled religious teacher tells them to. I am more pleased by a sincere atheist who shows love for his neighbor than by a heartless believer. Worst yet are those who appoint themselves my thought police and indulge themselves in cruelties toward those who don’t think about God in the way that they approve.

    And please don’t worry about the words of those religious terrorist who would have you live in fear. Turn away from fear and toward love. That is the first step towards me and away from sadness. It is the direction you will find me in. You are all my children and I love you all. Please stop fighting amongst yourselves and using your beliefs about me as an excuse for hatred.


    1. Roger S. says:

      What an amazing piece of fiction you wrote. If I didn’t know better I would say that sounds about right – for the alternative to the God (better known as Satan) to have written! He wants those who believe in HIm and accept HIs plan of salvation to show their love for HIm by helping others without thoughts of gain or glory and He wants those who do not believe in Him and who have not accepted HIs plan of salvation to do so without wasting another moment.
      While all people are God’s children, not all honor and obey Him, there are way to many who are rebellious and deny their right to call Him Father.

    2. Riddles says:

      How convenient that you are special enough for an all powerful god to send a message to you to spread through the medium of a news website comment page.

      And you both share the same opinions too, why its almost as if you are just getting your own opinions and claiming your god shares them.

  58. DRight says:

    Opinions are like ass holes, everyone has one.

  59. miss d says:

    The idea of a God is ridiculous to any thinking, intelligent mind.
    But there is nothing wrong with the belief of spirit and the power of thinking. Just because I don’t believe in a God, doesn’t mean I don’t believe in love, the Golden Rule, and other Godly actions. People have told me I am a very spiritual person,even though I am not religious.
    May the force be with you!

    1. Ron says:

      Why is the idea of God rdiculous to any thinking, intelligent mind???? I happen to have a thinking, intelligent mind and believe in both God and science.

  60. Ben Moore says:

    I feel sorry for these folks (non believers and those who promote their thoughts and ideas). One day when the Lord returns and I assure you that he will just remember how “Good you were without Him and how much you want His forgiveness upon His return and He says I know you not! At His second coming every knee shall bend, every head will bow, and all will acknowledge that He is God! Amen, Brother

    1. Jerry says:

      Ben, why do you find that impressive? Even if it were true, all it would do is prove that the strong can impose their will on the weak. So god can make someone a puppet. Yay! Is that an example of divine morality?

    2. Aaron Johnson says:

      @Ben Moore:

      I will always stand up straight and look someone in the eyes when they confront me about my atheism. Even if God did exist and wanted me to bow my head and bend my knees–that awesome free will that people say He supposedly gave me would come into effect and I would not do it.

    3. Riddles says:

      Forgiveness? For what?

      If he wanted people to actually believe he even exists then he should have made himself easily visible from the start.

      And don’t give me rubbish about how he reveals himself if you want him because less than a third of the planet even believe in him so clearly that method doesn’t work. One of the biggest reasons for people not believing he exists is the lack of evidence for his existence. If your god popped out once in a while and shown themselves then the amount of christians in the world would sky-rocket

  61. Pastor m says:

    “Good without Jesus still = eternity in hell”

    1. Jerry says:

      When reason fails, you can always turn to threats.

    2. Aaron Johnson says:

      @Pastor m:

      It doesn’t sound like a very just or loving God that would punish someone for a scant 80 or so years of unbelief on Earth with an eternity in Hell.

      1. Pastor m says:

        If you are right and there is no God then you have nothing to worry about. But what if I am right and there is a God and you reject his free gift, then where does thst leave you? God dosnt do the punishing we do it to ourselves by rejecting Jesus. I would seek the Truth. What would it hurt to say “God if you are really real, show me.”

    3. Riddles says:

      Clearly being with Jesus is a shallow relationship if the alternative is eternal torture

    4. Jennifer L. says:

      And just because you are a pastor makes you God and you have the right to condemn someone to hell just because they do not believe? Ha…if you’re so powerful and mighty fix all of the other problems that are a bit more important than what people believe and don’t believe.

    5. Gail says:

      Amen!!!! Pastor!!!!!

  62. Im Saved says:

    A billboard cant move me………..because everyone will become a believer………the question is where will you be when you become one? Here on Earth or burning in Hell.

    1. Aaron Johnson says:

      @Im Saved:

      See my response to Pastor m.

    2. Jennifer L. says:

      some people believe that hell cannot be any worse than living on earth. look at all the problems we deal with on a daily basis…i think i’ll take my chances 😉 … .and you be sure to let us know when the real day of judgment is…considering it cannot be pinpointed…because God is a bit smarter than that….or at least one would think so…considering he created everything in 7 days…do we really think that he would give us any hint of when he will come back?! if that is even true…

  63. Edward says:

    free will folks remember, the right to choose, can’t have good and evil without it; however don’t call on him or starting praying when you get sick or in need , a little late then

  64. Frank Trainor says:

    I sure they also know they will be without God when they die and go to HELL

    1. Aaron Johnson says:

      @Frank Trainor:

      See my response to Pastor m.

  65. Rick Hunter says:

    It is really sad that someone will have to answer to someone that they do not believe in. One may as well say that they do not believe in dying, but guess what? The true thing about this is that God still loves you so much that He sent His only Son, Jesus Christ to die for all of us. Believe on His Son Jesus Christ and you have eternal life, don’t believe on Him , hey it’s your choice. You have a right to be wrong.

    1. Riddles says:

      How can a god love its creations when it created sin, punished everyone for it for merely being born and then for some reason sacrificed himself to himself to forgive himself of rules he made himself.

      Its not even a sacrifice if nothing is being given up.

  66. SickofMyths says:

    Wow, it is amazing about how many of the so-called “christians” on here sound like the Taliban. Thankfully, the US has a secular government. Otherwise, we would be ruled by a Christian Taliban.
    Out of the thousands of gods that have been created over the course of human history, why choose your god? Why not Zeus or Poseidon or Shiva, Great Spirits, etc? Why are you christians atheists towards the gods of antiquity, believing them to be childish myths while submitting fully to writings which aren’t consistent and call for actions that are morally-reprehensible in any civilization (re: Leviticus, Deuteronomy)?
    “I contend that we are both atheists. I just believe in one fewer god than you do. When you understand why you dismiss all the other possible gods, you will understand why I dismiss yours.” -Stephen Roberts

  67. PastorQ says:

    Although as christians we want everyone to beleive we can’t force God on anyone and this is one subject that can’t be debated. Everyone dose have the right to believe or not that’s what free will is. I’m not going to bash non-believers because I know that God can change anyone (just as he did with Saul) and I pray that I can help someone along the way. The bible says judge not one another. It also says that this would be one of the signs of his return. To all who don’t believe I love you and it hurts to know that you don’t believe in God cause the bible speaks of what will happen to you. Don’t let your disbelief come from a tragdy that you blame God for, because the enemy is a deceiver. Jesus loves you and so do I and there is nothing you can do about it. I will be glad to sit and talk to you about what God has done for me. Be Blessed. J.U.I.C.E. (Join Us In Christian Excitement)

  68. Roger S. says:

    What have those “thousands of gods” ever done for you? The one true God allowed HIs Son to take your punishment for failing to meet His requirement of being without sin. It is up to you to accept this substitution or to say “No! I will accept my punishment myself!”

    1. Riddles says:

      Those thousands of other gods have done just as much as your particular god has.


      As for “one true god”, thats what all believers claim their particular god is, throwing that label on means nothing if you don’t back it up with evidence.

      As for the sin thing, he created it, allowed it to continue existing despite his apparent displeasure and then for some reason sacrificed himself to himself so he could forgive us for something he created himself.

    2. Aaron Johnson says:

      @Roger S.:

      I accept neither the sacrifice that Jesus did nor the punishment that God is meting out. I deny the entire false alternative. Death is a natural phenomenon and that’s the end of it.

  69. OnTheEdge says:

    I cannot speak for anyone else, I speak only for myself: I am NOT good without God. I feel lost, alone, and afraid. My life is pointless and without meaning; and my time on this planet an infinitesimal speck of dust on the timeline of the universe. My actions are impotent and could not possibly affect anything or anyone. The future is not mine, or even yours, so what possible reason can you give me to encourage me to “be good”? I am a self-absorbed “nothing” that will be gone in the blink of an eye. And if I embrace my nothingness, I no longer have any reason to stifle my darker nature. When I feel the urge to hurt someone that has hurt me, my answer will be, “Why not? There is no God, therefore, there is no punishment. Mortal consequences are a joke and I’d rather be dead than see yet another day of this miserable experience we call life.”
    I’ve been hurt by many, and the only reason I have not decided to strike back (undoubtedly hurting scores of innocent people in the process), is because I do believe in God. I don’t know who He is or if any one religion has correctly defined what He is about. I choose to ignore those details, and take comfort in the knowledge that SOMETHING or SOMEONE bigger than me is there. That’s the only thing that separates me from the serial killers and mass murderers. GOD, or however you may call Her/Him/It/They is, I believe, the only reason some of us have a conscience. GOD, is the only reason we don’t smother ourselves to death in our cribs as soon as we figure out how hateful, horrible, and hurtful this world can be.
    I am NOT good without God. To be perfectly honest, I don’t believe that humanity would have survived this long without believing in some kind of higher power. To the Atheists and others who are spreading a belief in nothing, I believe you’re making a mistake. Without God, if we passed on the street and you stepped on my toe by mistake, your blink of an eye life of nothingness would be at an end, and I would walk away smiling. For without God, I would fear nothing, be nothing, and you would be nothing to me. Thank God for God.

    1. 15 year old Atheist says:

      Man has been called a rational being, but rationality is a matter of choice—and the alternative his nature offers him is: rational being or suicidal animal. Man has to be man—by choice; he has to hold his life as a value—by choice; he has to learn to sustain it—by choice; he has to discover the values it requires and practice his virtues—by choice. A code of values accepted by choice is a code of morality.

      Your belief in god is not rational and is called upon either because it was what your family wanted or what you chose from emotion. In any case you did not choose it rationally. Your argument as well rest on a false premise. since it seems to be written out of a fit of depression and not of a rational and logical response

  70. Eric says:

    They wouldn’t do that around Muslim holidays…chicken poop.

  71. Michelle Wheeler says:

    Don’t like it? Easiest way to tell the T is to not get on a bus. I don’t like the thought of believers or non-believers forcing their opinion on me at the intersection. Actually, I don’t want to see ANY personal agendas on a bus screaming at me from the side of a bus. Don’t care about billboards – screech there all you want. I couldn’t tell you the last billboard that made an impression on me. Oh wait – Gary Sinese for some jeans manufacturer. Remember him.

  72. MURLE says:


    1. Riddles says:

      And when will the day of judgement come? I mean its been guessed at and has passed without incident for over 100 times already

    2. Aaron Johnson says:


      If there is a God and you make it to heaven and I go to hell, you won’t be able to say “I told you so!” and if there is no God and death is just the void, no one will be able to tell anyone anything. So go ahead and get it out of your system now, or maybe you should buy a billboard saying “Burn In Hell On Judgment Day!” and replace the atheist one when it is done; if you have the courage to gloat about the condemnation of others on this message board perhaps you would have enough courage of your convictions to buy some advertising space to proclaim it even louder.

  73. Pastor M says:

    SickofMyths there is only ONE God his name is Jesus. You already have eternal life, your spirit will never die only your eathly shell will. Choose Jesus and belive in him and your will live forever in a great place, reject him and you will be forever in eternal torment. It is that simple! It’s your choice, no one can force that on you. If you want to belive that there is no God it’s your choice, but don’t ditch those who choose to believe in the God of the bible. It’s your choice decide bfore you die, do you want to be in the smoking or non-smoking section of eternity?

    “I pray that the one and only true God—-Jesus Christ, will make himself real to you and to any other nonbelivers who are reading this thread. Lord Jesus is in need to come to these people in their dreams, come to them and make yourself real to them! In Jesus powerful name – AMEN”

    1. Rob says:

      Umm.. Jesus is god??

      1. Pastor m says:

        Yes, Jesus is God. He is the Way, the Truth, and without him you cannot and will not enter heaven. Jesus is the ONLY doorway to eternal life. There is no other god that ever rose from the grave and shed his blood for you, just for you Rob. He loves you. Even if you still choose to reject him. He still loves you and he weeps for those who choose to reject him.

      2. Rob says:

        lets make sure we are on the right page.. God is jesus’s dad.. Maybe you need to keep ur beliefs to urself.. see this is the wonderful thing about being an american, I have the right to believe what I want and really man, the bible has been written by man, has been revised to many times to count.. Like i read earlier in thread, if ur god is the true and only god, why wasn’t his story written right the first time? This is a joke.. If u are that butt hurt about someone disrespecting or talking down on ur religion then don’t disrespect or talk down on people who choose not to believe.. and its not that i reject religion or god, iant

      3. Rob says:

        I reject people pushing their beliefs on others.. Think of it this way, it is a pyramid, the more people u get to accept ur god and go to church the more money ur church gets in the collection plate.. As much as u might want to deny ur religion as with any is a business..

    2. Riddles says:

      Your particular god is not the only one to resurrect or self sacrifice

      1. Pastor m says:

        I didn’t see where I was disrespecting any one here are talkng down to anyone. Let’s get back to the real topic. Buddist can be good……Jehovah whitnesses can be good…….atheist can be really good American citizens……. But the billboards added God in the mix……so my since the atheist want to be good “without God”. That’s great we need good citizens…… But good won’t get you eternal life…..only God gives that and like I sad before Jesus was the only one who left an empty tomb because he is the only way. Jesus s God….God the son. God is not Jesus daddy he Jesus father. There is a difference.

  74. JT3D says:

    Let us as believers remember that we are to love one another.
    Some who claim the moral high ground have caused hurt and pain.
    I know a woman who became pregnant in high school and her Sunday school teacher made an example of her to the class, 50 years later she still has little use for the church other than weddings & funerals.
    Who committed the greater sin, the one who made a mistake or the one who caused her to fall away?
    Show love not hate.

  75. Mr Sherm69 says:

    @Lisa “No proof that God exists? I catch a snowflake in my glove today. The intricate detail of this tiny snowflake does not happen by chance. God is quite an artist. The amazing process of pregnancy and birth. The exact way every part of your body work separately and together. The glorious sunsets, blankets of snow, powerful thunderstorms these are handiwork of God.”

    if your god created all that you say then it also created viruses and the billions of sicknesses that plague humanity–regardless of faith. thats not omni benevolence, but malevolence. read Deuteronomy (assuming you havent already). your god is one immoral dude.

  76. Cindy says:

    Seriously, they are reconsidering? Why? They allow bill boards like “I am Second”. To only allow certain religious views is wrong. Then they need to remove all religious signage from their buses.

  77. Rob says:

    Ok so it is ok for the “i am second” ads on tv and on bilboards, but the atheist ads are not?? Umm last time I checked this is america.. Any one ever heard of freedom of religion and/ or freedom of speech?? I am not a religious man, and to believe what u want is ur right, but when does this fight stop.. If they can afford the ads so be it.. Get off ur high horse and stop trying to get everyone to believe in ur “god.” Its not ur job to make sure everyone is “saved.” Get over it..

  78. Jon says:

    Bunch of numbskulls… on both side of this issue.
    Who cares what ads they run on the sides of buses, those ads have always been nothing but “Mobile Spam” and “Visual Pollution”. . . . besides that, it’s a waste of DFWCOR’s money. Who cares if they think they can be “Good without God”… thats no big feat. Hell, my dog can do that… That doesnt make me any BETTER than the heathen next door.

    1. Riddles says:

      They are saying they are good without a god because there are idiots out there who think its not possible and treat all non-believers as if they are immoral

  79. Greg says:

    Funny how the athiests are putting ads on FW-T buses to say they are moral. Where did they get morality? How did this spring out of the evolutionary survival of the fittest primordial soup. Why is their order, morality, beauty, innate morality, symmetry, color, house cats and incalculable numbers of cells, systems and galaxies that are irreducibly complexity?

    Psalms 19:1 The heavens declare your glory

    1. Riddles says:

      We get our morality from society, if you can’t see any reason to be good without a god telling you what to think then quite frankly you are dangerous.

      As for how morality arose, thats obvious. Would you rather live in a world where people act however the feel like or would you rather live with people who don’t want to get hurt and promise not to hurt you if you don’t hurt them? Naturally the latter is what develops and over time morality gets more complex, we explore and change morality for the best. For example, we no longer own slaves any more, some of the more backward countries might but thats why they are backwards.

      As for order, that is purely subjective, its no different from chaos (which is much more abundant. Beauty is subjective, innate morality was explained, symmetry is just a particular arrangement that we notice more than others. Colour is explained in school, I recommend you pay attention. Housecats arose via domestication and the number of cells and galaxies and whatnot is just big numbers that proves nothing. As for irreducible complexity, thats just a creationist buzzword that means nothing in science. Its like saying “I can’t count from 1 to 100 so clearly there must be magic involved to get there” despite the fact we can count from 1 to 100 easily

  80. Dale says:

    People need to get some thicker skin if they think this is a “slap in the face.” You can’t get much more diplomatic than “Millions of Americans are Good without God.” It’s not like they’re saying “Christians are Poopieheads!” It’s not any kind of negative message about believers, just a positive message about non-believers.

    I’ll tell you what, if those people boycott, I’m going to ride the train over to Ft. Worth from Dallas just so I can ride some Ft. Worth buses!

    1. Rob says:

      Dale.. I’m right there with ya..

  81. 15 year old Atheist says:

    Every argument for God and every attribute ascribed to Him rests on a false metaphysical premise. None can survive for a moment on a correct metaphysics . . . .

    Existence exists, and only existence exists. Existence is a primary: it is uncreated, indestructible, eternal. So if you are to postulate something beyond existence—some supernatural realm—you must do it by openly denying reason, dispensing with definitions, proofs, arguments, and saying flatly, “To Hell with argument, I have faith.” That, of course, is a willful rejection of reason.

  82. Bev Slattery Hartford says:

    We put similar signs on some of our public buses here in Bloomington, IN. The town is still standing and, as far as I know, nobody turned into a pillar of salt, even though there were a few angry letters to the editor of the newspaper…

  83. Zarch says:

    It is an inappropriate message to run during the holiday season. They should use better judgment and if they wanted to kick off this stunt, then maybe try it at the beginning of the year. If you don’t like it, BOYCOTT it!

    1. Riddles says:

      There is nothing inappropriate at all about reminding ignorant people that you don’t need a god to be a good person.

      Even if it somehow was inappropriate in some strange way, putting it up at christmas would not make it worse.

    2. Mr Sherm69 says:

      hey sorry. i accidentally reported your comment. i meant only to reply so if you get any heat. my bad.

      you seem to forget or you missed it, but we werent looking for this month. it was happen-stance. we’ve been planning this for a year or so i think. we werent aiming at a time of year. we simply werent going to avoid it either. theres no rule or law that says all ads must be theistic or season themed

  84. Serge Ashtear says:

    I find it funny how that one pastor whose clip on the 4 o’clock news was talking about how he “can’t believe these messages would be allowed on our tax-funded buses”. Umm, newsflash! Athiests and agnostics like me pay taxes too. You’re not the only ones that count, you know. We all have to deal with some of our tax dollars going to places we don’t like – it’s part of living in AMERICA.

    I am sick and tired of self-righteous “Christians” who think their free speech is the only speech that counts.

    1. Mr Sherm69 says:

      good point on the tax observation. hadn’t even thought of that 😀

    2. Jerry says:

      Even more ironic since churches are tax exempt, which means we ALL subsidize them.

  85. JLO says:

    Is it any wonder we as Christians cant convert the non believer when in the midst of confusion we cant even agree ourselves on the definition / significance of Christianity. Jesus said above all else have love in your heart, love your neighbor as thyself & do unto others as you would have them do you regardless. In all the read attempts to debate the the offensiveness of a bus billboard denouncing God & Christianity –vs- the existence thereof, I read nothing of God unfailing love. Perhaps John was right – Imagine there’s no Heaven. It’s easy if you try. No hell below us and above us only sky. Imagine all the people living for today (ask a cancer patient on death row what it means to live for today).
    Imagine there’s no countries. It isn’t hard to do. Nothing to kill or die for,
    and no religion too! Imagine all the people living life in peace. Imagine no possessions
    I wonder if you can (especially us Christians promoting a prosperity religious doctrine, you know who you are). No need for greed or hunger. A brotherhood of man. Imagine all the people sharing all the world! You may say that I’m a dreamer, but I’m not the only one, and I hope someday you’ll join us and the world will be as one. I have no doubt in my mind there are those who do just fine without God / Christ in their life, and I love em just the same. However, I for one could not, perhaps I am weak, but through Him made strong. So I’ll work to live & love by example, but I live in a glass house thus its unlikely I will ever succeed, regardless, I give my life to Jesus because He first chose me.

  86. Sabrina Wolfe says:

    David wrote in the Psalms “The fool hath said in his heart there is no God.” You look at a cloud floating in the sky. It weighs around 100,000 tons and you can fly through it and you say there is no God? No two snowflakes are exactly the same and you say there is no God? God does not send people to Hell, People choose where they will end up by their actions. Of course, Paul also wrote in Romans, “Because they chose not to retain God in their thoughts, he turned them over to a lie so that they would believe and be damned.” But turn back to God and he will receive you to himself. You have the choice. You decide, then live with the consequences of your choice.

    1. Riddles says:

      You don’t understand the science so you say there is a god?

      As for the psalms verse, notice how it says “the fool says there is no god”, not “those who say there is no god are fools. All cars are vehicles but not all vehicles are cars. There is also the fact that only a small minority of atheists actually say there is no god, the rest just don’t believe in one and one of the biggest reasons is the lack of evidence.

      You think misinteroperating a part of scripture we don’t even see as true and turning it into an insult is somehow meant to convince us to abandon all reasons we have for not buying your particular religion?

  87. Jennifer L. says:

    And another thing…not to whine about life…but why is it that we have to DIE in order to have a great eternity? And we wonder why some people think that suicide and hell is better….hmmmm

  88. karen says:

    Im a firm believer in christianity. I don’t like that they will have ads like this on the buses However just keep your faith strong and it will PREVIAL!!!

  89. JoeP says:

    I am Christian and I trust my beliefs. So I have no problem with people advertising or posting their beliefs. What they do will not affect my life what-so-ever. So more power to them. It’ll all be sorted in the end anyway. 🙂

  90. Anne says:

    Maybe we should present messages like Catholic pedophile priests are “Good with God’, or plaster buses with the faces of Marcus Lamb, Ted Haggard and Jimmy Swaggart “Good with God’. What exactly are religious people afraid of? Being denied entrance to heaven if they don’t protest vigorously enough against atheism? Or maybe the religious don’t like having it pointed out that they need the threat of hellfire and damnation to keep them in line, although that doesn’t seem to be enough in so many cases as noted above. If Christianity is so right, then a few words on the sides of a few buses shouldn’t cause even a slight ripple in the sea of self-righteousness permeating our society. Of course, maybe Christians harken back to the old David and Goliath story. Christianity is definitely a Goliath figure these days.

  91. branny25 says:

    As a Christian, it is not for us to decide what someone else believes. According the the Holy Bible, we should not judge others-“Judge not lest ye be judged yourself”. This means that only God can judge someone. Who are we to play God and judge someone. Come on, people. Atheists are people, too. There are many different religions in this world. We should love everyone equally. Just because someone does not believe the same as you, does not mean they cannot show it. The ads were paid for. This does NOT reflect on the views or believes of the transportation company. If you want to be a true Christian. Leave it alone. Plain and simple. Remember, Christians have ads everywhere and you don’t see all of these non-Christian religions or groups with other beliefs throwing hissy fits to have them taken down. We all live in the United States of America. We have freedom of religion. We also have the freedom to not have a religious belief.

  92. Dr. Jackson says:

    Societies in history are defined by two things politics, and religion. This country is taking God out of everything and where has that helped. Show me how atheism helps people, show me how it creates good and I might consider it. Until then all atheists are doing is spouting off garbage to make themselves feel better about tearing down GOD. Better know who you are messing with, not us not the believers but GOD. It is GOD you are offending. So you better hope you are right, you better hope Jesus was not real, that he did not die for you, better hope that God is really merciful. Oh wait I forgot you do not belive in HOPE. Oh well.

    1. Riddles says:

      The best off countries in the world are also among the most secular and lowest in religious population.

      Clearly taking your god out of what was meant to be a secular country is not what is making America bad but the fact that your particular god was put in places it did not belong

  93. Bill W. says:

    Freedom of Speech, or Censorship? Regardless who gets their way on this one, nobody will surface as the clear winner. If ‘society’ yells loud enough ‘government’ will react, pass another law and we’ll all lose a little more freedom. So, what’s the answer? Exercise your God given power of choice to approve or disapprove, but be very careful how hard you push to have your way. Personally, I don’t like anything being shoved down my throat…

  94. Eric Glady says:

    The billboards aren’t a denial of god, but an affirmation that people can be good without the ideology behind it. It tells those people that feel alone during this time of year that they aren’t alone and there are like minded people that they can congregate with.

    I think it’s very applicable that the billboards are up during this time. Atheists and non-theists alike are very much “out in the cold” during this time of year. If you look at what your ideas of what Christmas is supposed to mean, then you would take note that it is about “peace and goodwill”, but some of these comments do exactly the opposite and support hate and judgment.

    History lesson for those of you who believe that Joshua bar Joseph was born on December 25th. The Gregorian calendar, also known as the Western calendar or the Christian calendar, is the internationally accepted civil calendar. It was introduced by Pope Gregory XIII, after whom the calendar was named, by a decree signed on 24 February 1582. No one truly knows when Joshua bar Joseph was born.

    Yule-tide, a Scandinavian and German Festival, was an ancient custom when sacrifice was to be made, all farmers were to come to the heathen temple and bring along with them the food they needed while the feast lasted. At this feast all were to take part of the drinking of ale. Also all kinds of livestock were killed in connection with it, horses also; and all the blood from them was called hlaut [ sacrificial blood ], and hlautbolli, the vessel holding the blood; and hlautteinar, the sacrificial twigs [ aspergills ]. These were fashioned like sprinklers, and with them were to be smeared all over with blood the pedestals of the idols and also the walls of the temple within and without; and likewise the men present were to be sprinkled with blood. But the meat of the animals was to be boiled and served as food at the banquet. Fires were to be lighted in the middle of the temple floor, and kettles hung over them. The sacrificial beaker was to be borne around the fire, and he who made the feast and was chieftain, was to bless the beaker as well as all the sacrificial meat. This would all take place during the start of the winter solstice December 22-25 on the Gregorian Calender

    These were customs of paganism and are now part of Christianity.

    Slight me, call me ignorant, scream at the top of your lungs that I am wrong. Because of these billboards, I know that I am not alone here. There are people who welcome me, and share my sense of purpose. The worst thing about this holiday is that it’s become exclusive and hateful, greed filled and damaging to those who don’t accept god or Joshua bar Joseph into their life.

    Take a step back and imagine if you were the minority, if you were the only ones to believe in god and that there were only thousands of you in DFW. Wouldn’t you like to know how you could get in touch with like minded people? To feel accepted?

    We don’t want you to stop believing in god, we want you to accept that we can and are moral, good people with the same care for humanity as you have.

  95. Jenni says:

    I feel this is not advertising something positive. It is leading this community into a direction that is sad. God said this would happen at the end of time and I’m standing up for the lord on this issue as a proud Christian.

    1. jjthejetplane says:

      The end is near! Repent! Repent!

  96. bob ross says:

    religious leaders who would deny atheists the same venue of expression would, until now, only be found in countries like iraq or iran.

  97. Sharon Smith says:

    My paternal grandfather was an Atheist; my father was an Atheist and later became a Christian. My husband was Atheist and now is a Christian minister.
    Every society has its good and bad elements and no society is immune from the bad.

    Atheists have the right to express their views just as much as Christians do and for clergy to try to deny their rights is tyranny (side bar, my husband is a clergyman).

    And finally, my Atheist grandfather’s last request on his death bed was to be cremated and scatter his ashes over the Rocky Mountains from an airplane so he couldn’t be resurrected. I spent several years in the funeral industry and my husband officiates in funerals quite often – we have never seen a ‘Death-bed Atheist’.

    Just sayin . . . . . . .

  98. Jim Clark says:

    As a Christian I deplore the atheist ads on the T buses. I feel that way because it is another attack on what is good about this country of ours “one nation under God indivisible with liberty and justice for all.” These ads just show how foolish people are in denying that there is a God who proves to us each and every day of His existence and His love for us. The Bible warns us that in the last days what is evil will be called good and what is good will be called evil. I pray that God our Father in heaven will send the Holy Spirit to those who deny there is a God and open up their blind eyes and soften their hard hearts so that they may hear the truth.

    1. valerieUK says:

      Well Jim, we all have the same rights and some of us do not believe in god. There is no proof to me he exists. I believe in evolution and you cannot believe in both god and evolutjion. You have your right to believe but so do we and this country had the “Freedon of speech” so now it is our turn. We have put up with Christmas and Easter, etc and not said a word. I detest this time of year because of what iit stands for but I would never put anyone down for believing in it so allow me to do the same thing. Just because you beleive doesn’t make it so.

      1. Jim Clark says:

        Valerie, God gives all of us free will to choose as we please and He won’t ever force you to choose against your will for He does not want puppets but people to willingly love and obey Him. God does love all of us and does not want anyone to perish. You choose eternity with God thru Jesus or you choose eternity without God. It is your choice.

    2. jjthejetplane says:

      People are fools because they are not Christian? There are 6 billion people in the world. Roughly 2 billion are Christian. The other 4 billion are fools? I think you are the fool sir.

      1. Jim Clark says:

        That’s your opinion you are entited to it whether it is right or wrong.

  99. DOTTIE says:


    1. valerieUK says:

      No, dottie you are wrong. Athiests do not belive in god… do so that is fine. We will leave you alone to do so but you have to accept there are others who do not believe and get so tired of having Christmas, Easter, etc shoved down our throats but we keep it to ourselves just as we do any other religion. Freedom of speech allows all religions to speak their minds and Athiests have the same rights so act like a Christian if you are one, and allow others to have their beliefs. Having these signs on the busses is no different than a sign saying “Go to Church”

    2. Mr Sherm69 says:

      in my case there was a bit of bitterness at your deity that began my transition . started talking to friends who werent theistic. they had similar stories to my own. and began reading literature from renowned scientists and doctors (Dr Dawkins, Mister Shermer, Harris etc). The coupling of reason and logic and rationality has far exceeded anything Christianity ever did for me. The best word Ive heard to describe this feeling is liberation, a real mental unchaining.. Life is more precious in my mind now than it ever was as a theist. Im not aiming to deconvert you, just explaining my view point.

    3. Riddles says:

      In a world where the religious force their will on others, manipulate the law and government to their will and treat non-believers as lesser beings you cannot simply be quiet about it.

      We aren’t fighting against your particular god out of the thousands of other gods but we are fighting against those who make us feel like second class citizens

  100. valerieUK says:

    How dare these so-called pastors tell me what I will and will not believe in! It infuriates me to hear these pastors say they will boycott the busses….why? Is it against your religion? I would not boycott a bus because it has advertising to go to church!. Every year I have Christmas shoved down my throat but I keep my thoughts to myself over this one. Easter is another holiday I have to put up with. iI let it go because there are others who do beleive in it…..fine, not a problem but don’t pull the double standard and show me you are a bunch of hypocrits and that is exactly what these Pastors are…If you are Christian, then act like one and leave other relligions alone.

  101. Chase says:

    I like how the article says “gospel of nontheism”

    Ermmm, what gospel is that, haha. Apparently logic is a gospel?

  102. Hemroidious says:

    Marcus and Joni Lamb should advertise on buses too.

  103. jjthejetplane says:

    If your god is real, which he’s not, and he created the universe, which he didn’t, than a few signs on buses aren’t going to make one bit of difference.

    If you had absolutely no doubt that your god is real then you wouldn’t be offended in the least little bit. But so many people have posted comments to the contrary.

    And why is that? Because they do have doubts and have to have constant reinforcement of their beliefs from their pastors and other church members.

    Oh, and to you folks that love to quote scripture, please refrain. Doesn’t mean squat to a non-believer. Please try to think for yourself.

  104. Latisha Equality McDaniel says:

    Where have all you non-believers been hiding? The religious right are taking over the country?

  105. Mr Sherm69 says:

    @Pastor M
    “I didn’t see where I was disrespecting any one here are talkng down to anyone. Let’s get back to the real topic. Buddist can be good……Jehovah whitnesses can be good…….atheist can be really good American citizens……. But the billboards added God in the mix……so my since the atheist want to be good “without God”. That’s great we need good citizens…… But good won’t get you eternal life…..only God gives that and like I sad before Jesus was the only one who left an empty tomb because he is the only way. Jesus s God….God the son. God is not Jesus daddy he Jesus father. There is a difference.”

    well as an atheist i dont believe in the need for eternal life. in all fairness man, theres more reason to believe a Santa delivers presents on Christmas eve to good kids and leaves fuel for everyone naughty person. or that a pixie treats your teeth like a piece of retail.

  106. Pastor M says:

    @Mr Sherm69 and everyone else,
    Well that’s your right, if you want to belive in Santa and the tooth fairy it your perogitive, but all its gonna get you is a present once a year and few bucks under your pillow when all your teeth fall out. But I also have the same right to belive the “Jesus was the gift” that was given to the whole world, the those have have a heart open to belive and accept his grace and love.

    I really think this whole thing that the athiest who are placing these billboards on the bus’s is just them trying to pick a fight with the Christians, and I think the best thing we as Christians can do is just ignore it and choose not to get into this battle. THIS WHOLE THING IS A DISTRACTION FROM THE REAL ISSUES. We could place owe own signs on them ourselves if we choose too. I personally would rather spend the $3000 helping a few single moms with some groceries and gifts. Maybe pay the rent for a few family’s who dad lost his job due to this economy. How how about throwing a big Christmas dinner for some homeless people in the area.

    Who do you think the single mom that receives some much needed help is going to remember 5 years from now? The Christians who helped her out when she really needed some help or the athiest that posted the billboards on the buses???

    Christians don’t get bogged down in this argument with the billboards, it is not even worth it focus your time, money and energy in a more productive area. If the athiest want to reject God it’s their right. I don’t understand is that if they do not belive in God why even bring him up? They are bringing him up just to try and pick a fight—don’t engage.

  107. Pastor M says:

    As a matter of fact I can’t recall ever any athiest groups out feeding the hungry, giving blankets to the homeless. Are thier any of these Good American Atheists Citizens out thore banding together and putting thier time and money where there billboards are? Maybe I just don’t know about them, so if there are some groups our there who do these good things in the dallas area (or anywhere for that matter) could someone please post that groups information on here. Who, when & where they did what.

  108. Nil says:

    I just love it!…. DFWCoR placed 4 ads for $2,600.00 and got the exposure it didn’t bargain for. It still keeps getting attention and free advertisements that worth millions of dollars thanks to hateful Churches and thin skinned Christians with a chip on their shoulders. Please, by all means, keep opposing, keep getting media involved, keep having debates and keep Atheists in the news. PRICELESS!!!!!

  109. Nil says:

    @Pastor M:

    Non-believer groups do a lot of volunteer public work and a lot of good for the community they live in, in spite of the far fewer number of people they have as oppose to churches especially mega churches with tens of thousands of members. Non-believers as a group have the highest number of people donating blood compared to all other churches. They adopt and clean up highways just in front of some mega churches in North Dallas and they set up their sign just to show them they are cleaning the church’s neighborhood. They clean up White Rock Lake and get lots of ‘Thank You’s from cyclists. And so it goes. They are good people with good moral values living may be next door to you and you probably don’t even know. And, like it or not, their numbers are growing…

  110. Mr Sherm69 says:

    @Pastor M

    what is the REAL issue? that “Christ is the reason for the season?” or that your god is necessary to make our lives complete?

    you seem stuck on the notion that we’re out to pick a fight with Christians. nothing could be further from the truth. would you consider it picking a fight w/ atheists if your church posted up on ad on St Paddy’s day (just saying)? doubtful, you’d merely be telling members of the community that yall are Christians and inviting them to your church. that is in principle the same thing we’re doing here. we dont want to fight you, and we mean no disrespect to any member of the Christian church. if you feel disrespected then its because you want to feel it.

    1. Jerry says:

      Or he wants his church members to feel it so they give more… The siege mentality creates a sense of crisis and urgency to keep the flock coming back. You can make an “us” so much more easily when there’s a “them” to focus on.

      This despite the fact that the group dominates the country. Tiny voices of opposition are magnified all out of proportion. Four signs on buses compared to thousands of “I Am Second” signs and hundreds of thousands of fish symbols on cars all over the area. Yet with all the hysteria, you’d think we nons were eating babies in the public square and surrounding tiny churches with massive armies. It would be funny except that so many fall for it.

    2. Pastor m says:

      The thing is if you were just trying to promote the fact that atheist are good citizens…..why not just put that on the bus signs….”atheist are good amercan citizens”……period…..why even bring up God? Why even acknowledge this God you say doesn’t exist?

      1. Riddles says:

        Because it does not deliver the message well enough.

        Many people are christians and many christians think you cannot be good without a god (specifically theirs), thus the phrase “millions are good without god.

        Many christians don’t even know what atheists actually are. Some think they believe there is a god but merely “rebel” against it. Some think that atheists worship Satan.

        It is much more effective to go with their own message than your alternative.

        Also an incredibly small minority of atheists actually say no gods exist, the majority merely lack a belief in them.

  111. Drenn says:

    With all the messages that are displayed promoting religion, the religious complain when non-believers post messages on buses? Me thinks that they think their message is so weak it cannot stand up to a debate.

  112. Tricia Moser says:

    john 3:16

    For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

    1. Riddles says:

      If he loved the world he would not have sent himself to be sacrificed to himself in order to forgive us for rules he set himself. In fact if he loved the world he would never have created the punishment of hell, he would never allow evil to exist in the world, he would never allow suffering of any kind.

      A loving and all powerful god would not have a universe where negatives can exist, its purely illogical

  113. Drenn says:

    The eventual eradication of religion would better suit humanity. Imagine no religion. Tolerance? The faithful don’t know the meaning of the word.

  114. BDK says:

    If you find this offensive, then you also find the first amendment and freedom of religion offensive.

    The same constitutional amendments that allow you to post these billboards apply to everyone.

  115. valerieUK says:

    So B.E George is offended by these ads on the busses! Well I am offended that he is offended…… you can have ads for the christian church but Atheists cannot have theirs….hmmmm…..seems like an un-christian thing to me..;.;

    1. Shain Ellison Thomas says:

      It is not only un-Christian. It is hypocritical. Atheism is just as much a belief system as Christianity is. Atheists should be able to have their ads just as much as Christians do. This is a pluralist society in which people follow whichever belief system that makes them feel comfortable. It is hypocritical for people to say that one section of society cannot express their beliefs openly when other groups are allowed to do so. It is not as if you see groups of Christians boarding Dart trains; start preaching to the entire cabin about “the good news”, actually I have seen that. And I find that just as offensive as what B.E. George is offended by. But do I try to get these people from expressing their beliefs. No. I am not hypocritical.

      1. Drenn says:

        Atheism is not a belief system. It is based on reason. No faith is involved.

  116. Shain Ellison Thomas says:

    I personally believe in the existence of God; however, I am not one of those people that believes in forcing my opinions on others. I am not one to ignore hypocrisy either. I have never seen an atheist complaining about billboards funded by people that are committed to a different religion to theirs. It seems to me that protesting against atheists expressing their beliefs is nothing short of hypocrisy; the reason for this is that if Christians were protested against, they would not tolerate it. Why should atheists? OK, they don’t believe in God. They don’t have to. They believe what they believe; you believe what you believe, and I believe what I believe. Why can’t we all just accept that no one has to believe the same thing? Why can’t we all just get along?

    1. valerieUK says:

      You put my thoughts into words perfectly. Why can’t other people understand this way of thinking? I am a non-believer but I would never put others down for believing or if they want, put an ad on the side of a bus….well said.

  117. sh3rmanat3r says:

    let me just toss this much in: if Christianity were the right answer, which its not, then why are there so many different sects? lutheran, methodist, presbyterian, catholic, etc. why doesnt your god get off his pedestal and say, “Alright enough…this is the way to be….”?

    but no. the only philosophy to outnumber Christianity with quantity of sects is Buddhism, which isnt a religion rather than a philosophy. your god doesnt seem to care that people are in constant disagreement over its words. more than half of the church elders ive met all say the bible cannot be taken 100% literal. the reason and evidence is too overwhelming to believe in the superstition known as theism.

    as for those of you who can sit here and shoot bible quotes from out of left field, most notably John 3:16. your’s is a circular argument that is shot down time and time again. give Deuteronomy a read and tell me yours is a just and loving god. wont work. and dont play the card of Christ doing away with the old because the character made it very clear in the gospel that he did not come to do away with the old, but to reinforce it. the old stays. if you abide by the 10 commandments then you’re still living by the old.

    either way i guess my little comments here and there make too little difference. you want to keep living in your Christian Matrix where you find it acceptable to give credit to god and lay blame on lucifer and REFUSE to accept credit or accountability for yourselves then so be it. people will believe what they want, but it takes a person who knows how to use their head to reason and rationalize. to quote Mr Matt Dillahunty, “You’re more moral than your god.” Amen.

  118. Cherisa says:

    Ok I have read all of yalls comments. The truth is that there is only one God and he has giving all of us a chance and right to believe or not to believe. No one is perfect and he does not expect you to be. He wants us to try but he knows we want. We are human. I want yall to do me a favor. Read some of the other religons in history. All have a most high god and all have a hell. If God did not exsist at all why would there be soooo much in everyones history of someones God. Atheist don’t count cause some dumb ass came up with that one so they would not feel guilty for all the stupid things he did.

    1. Riddles says:

      1- Everyone throughout history believed their god was the one true god. Saying its the truth means nothing, you actually have to prove it.

      2- Not all religions have a single god (or “high” one) or a hell

      3- Humanity can spread stories and those stories can get mixed up both intentionally and unintentionally as the travel as well as over time. A good example are the Abrahamic religions which started with Judaism, then christianity and then Islam. Each of those grew and split into various sects

      4- You haven’t got a clue about atheists if you think that people are atheists because they don’t want to feel guilt. In case you haven’t noticed, the more religious countries in the world are more prone to crime than the more secular ones, if anything its the religious who don’t feel guilty because they can just ask for forgiveness.

  119. Dj Gulp says:

    I think it’s funny how you Christians can’t come back with anything to say that holds any ground that god does exist, and the only thing you do say is “I’ll pray for you” or to call us non-believers ignorant or what other names you come up with… Where are your facts, all you have is faith… Over thousands of years many have claimed to be god, Christianity started as a cult, and people followed.

  120. Dj gulp says:

    Riddles can say it better than i can.


    1- Everyone throughout history believed their god was the one true god. Saying its the truth means nothing, you actually have to prove it.

    2- Not all religions have a single god (or “high” one) or a hell

    3- Humanity can spread stories and those stories can get mixed up both intentionally and unintentionally as the travel as well as over time. A good example are the Abrahamic religions which started with Judaism, then christianity and then Islam. Each of those grew and split into various sects

    4- You haven’t got a clue about atheists if you think that people are atheists because they don’t want to feel guilt. In case you haven’t noticed, the more religious countries in the world are more prone to crime than the more secular ones, if anything its the religious who don’t feel guilty because they can just ask for forgiveness.

  121. valerieUK says:

    I don’t believe in eternity, Jim. I believe there is no life after death. To me that is nothing but hocus pocus. My mother died fourteen years ago and I was very close to her but as she lived six thousand milles away, I didn’t attend her funeral.. I was blasted for that one but to me, what was the point, she would not know I was there. When my time comes, there is to be no funeral, waste of money. I am to be cremated and scattered. I want nothing more and nothing less. My time will be done.

  122. eh hem says:

    Jim Clark said, “He does not want puppets but people to willingly love and obey Him”

    Uh, right… Love me and worship me or face never-ending torture.

    What is willing about that?

  123. Ryan Callahan says:

    Also @michelle I think 15yearoldatheist knows more at 15 than you probably ever will, and you’re not going to prove either of us wrong by belittling anybody. There’s no need for us to be rude or uncivil simply because the person we are arguing against doesn’t hold a lofty position in society. If you must attack, attack the ideas and not the believer, and if you must put someone in their place, do it by being right and not by pointing out that he or she is 15.

  124. hannah says:

    This is to the people who made the anti god adds man its because of people like you that this world is going through a tough time you are the reason that new generations don’t know what to believe in anymore you are a very bad roll model for they whole country your supposed to believe in what you want to but don’t push people if they don’t want to do it please we don’t need anymore than one person running this country get used to it…..

  125. Scott Hurst says:

    Oh yeah, we are some terrible role models…. Pffft.

    If all the atheists left the US, it would lose 93% of the National Academy of Science Members (arguably the brightest and best educated people in the country on average) and less than 1% of the prison population.

    There have been many studies correlating religiosity of the population to measures of societal health such as poverty, educational achievement, teen pregnancy, abortion rate, life span, infant mortality, STDs, murder rates, rape incidence, prison incarceration rate, etc. In all those studies, even studies administered by religious orgs hoping to find otherwise, high religiosity correlates with poor performance on those measures of societal health.

    The US significantly trails the largely secular Western Europe in all those measures. The more secular the country, the better it scored. The correlation was very striking. Not only does that pattern hold when making comparisons between countries, but all when comparing the various states within the US. The more religious the state, the worse it performed in all those measures.

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