By Joel Thomas, CBS 11 News

DALLAS (CBSDFW.COM) – Kathy Luedke is part of a growing number of women taking their exercise to the next level. This year, after months of training, the mother of two is entering the White Rock Marathon for the first time.

“I think I’ve always wanted to do a marathon,” Luedke said “Its been in the back of my mind and this was just the right time to do it.”

There are enough women like Luedke to spawn a whole spectrum of supplements and supplies targeted just for endurance training.

“A lot of runners have problems with their backs, knees, ankles, there’s a lot of pain there,” said Pam Spraberry of Dougherty’s Pharmacy in Dallas which has tailored nutritional programs and offers equipment especially for runners.

There are specially devised ice packs and supplements to ease recovery after a long run.

“Here’s one just for women, especially women over 40 that are running and being active,” Spraberry said, pointing to a large pill container on a shelf full of nutritional supplements.  “We have a nutritionist that we see a lot of people coming in and talking to her about the different supplements you can take.”

There are even socks to improve blood flow in the legs.  “I started noticing some cramping in my calves,” Luedke said. “But since I’ve been wearing them that’s gone away which is a good thing.

Does it all work? Well, 20-weeks ago when she started training, Luedke couldn’t picture herself completing a marathon.

“It seemed like a goal I wasn’t able to accomplish,” Luedke said. “But feeling as good as I do, and I attribute that to the supplements I’ve been taking, I’m positive I can reach this goal.”