Police: Fort Worth Teenager Killed In Street Racing Accident

By Sana Syed, CBS 11 News

FORT WORTH (CBSDFW.COM) – Sixteen-year-old Eric Trevino was killed Friday after the driver in the car he was riding in lost control during a street race and was struck by two other cars, Fort Worth police officials said.

The crash happened just after noon in the 2200 block of 8th Ave. Trevino, who was a junior at Trimble Tech High School where he played varsity baseball, was on his way back to school during a lunch break when the driver lost control.

“My little brother’s life, that’s my best friend right there,” said Chris Trevino, Eric’s 18-year-old-brother. “I looked at the car, I seen one person in the car and I thought it was my brother. They were putting a cast over his neck.”

Chris Trevino said he raced to the scene after receiving a call from one of his brother’s friends.

Fort Worth Police said the driver, 16-year-old Alex Murillo, was racing two other drivers on 8th Street. When he lost control, his car spun backward into oncoming traffic, causing two trucks to slam into his car. Murillo is in critical condition at JPS Hospital.

“I had to lose my best friend, my brother my everything. That’s half my life – he [Alex] broke my heart. He might have lost my brother, but I’m not heartless. I hope he makes it through,” Chris Trevino said.

Chris said he believes Murillo was speeding to get back to class.

“They weren’t racing. they weren’t racing another car, they weren’t racing nothing else. I know alex, he wouldn’t race. He wouldn’t put my little brother’s life in danger like that,” Chris Trevino said.

Fort Worth police officials said the case is still under investigation. The two other drivers accused of racing could face criminal charges. Chris Trevino said his parents are mourning, and having a difficult time coping with their loss.

“She drove in the middle of the night – looking for him all over, trying to see if she could find him. She thinks he’s out with his friends still,” Chris Trevino said.

Eric had dreams of becoming a professional baseball player. He would have graduated from high school in 2012; earlier this week, he told his mom he was trying to figure out if he wanted to be a Longhorn or an Aggie.

The Trevino family is holding a candlelight vigil in their son’s memory Sunday night on Trimble Tech’s baseball field.


One Comment

  1. Chris says:

    Please remember that a student died and have some kindness in your heart out of respect for the family and friends who lost a loved one 😦 He was a passenger in the car and not even driving. EVERYONE makes mistakes and that includes you as well. Stop making comments that act like you were perfect in your high school days. We all have a past that includes moments we’re not very proud of. Have some consideration for the loss that people are having to go through right now. If you lost your child in this way, the last thing you would say is a comment like that. So don’t say it about someone’s son, family member, and friend.

  2. rd says:

    Obviously he WOULD put Chris’ brother’s life in danger, and he DID. He was speeding, racing, whichever it was, he shouldn’t have been doing it, and if he lives, he needs to pay the consequences. And to Chris the poster, yes I CAN say I didn’t drive recklessly in high school. My parents would not allow me to have other teens in the car with me until I was 18 and had been driving a while. I can truthfully say that in 30 years of driving, I have NEVER driven recklessly or in a manner that put others in danger. It’s called being responsible….how my parents taught me to be. Too bad someone else had to pay for this kid’s irresponsibility.

    1. burl says:

      i live next door to the two kids and they are both good kids.

      1. devin says:

        who alex

    2. ELI says:

      so do you have a heart? because since ur so perfect and smart you would know that the family doesnt need to hear ur comments right now… keep those comments to yourself since ur so perfect…. JERK!!!

    3. Elizabeth says:

      You’re honestly ridiculous! Please have some respect and manners OR maybe your parents didn’t teach you such things since you have the audacity to post comments like this about A CHILD. The Trevino family is going through a loss and your 2 cents aren’t needed. For the love of God, have more class. People with narrow minds like yours are disgusting. Who are you to judge them? NO ONE. So please, next time you decide to put your foot in your mouth think TWICE. Such cruel people in this world. Have some heart!

      Trevino family stay strong, the Tech family is here for you…ALWAYS. Hopefully Alex gets better. Stay strong everyone. Don’t let jerks like this ever bring down your spirits. They obviously have no respect!

  3. Candice says:

    I totally agree with you Chris. Things happen and God bless the Family and the boy who has to live with the loss of his friends regardless of what caused it. I have a two teenagers and I never for once forget what it was like for me as a teenager myself and that makes me a realistic parent. Prayers for all and RD I wish we were as as perfect as you but this is the real world. Perfection means nothing when God decides its your time. I hope you all find time to say a prayer for the Trevino and Murillo families instead of placing blame. That is the Christian and human thing to do. I know I will even though I nor my kids are perfect.

  4. Karen Blanton says:

    Chris so sorry for your loss and your families as well I pray that you all get through this and wish you all the best good luck….

  5. Maria A. says:

    Would be nice if people had nice things to say instead of blaming who!! No one is perfect we all have once in our lifes drove unsafe, speed, no seatbelt. Seems like your parents forgot to teach you one thing and that is respect and manners. We are suppose to support both families in any way..That is by saying God Bless you. Have faith. Blessing for both families. Hope you get better Alex stay strong.

  6. Julie R. says:

    To the family I am truly sorry for your loss. I know what it is to loose someone so dear to us but I know that Eric will always be near. He will be in your hearts and most of all, in all the wonderful memories you have with him. He is looking over you all. I myself attended Tech and for me its like loosing family. Be strong and God bless your family. To the 1st person, you should be ashamed of your self, you are not perfect because no one is. However you are rude!

  7. Vero says:

    Chris im so sorry for you loss…. I wish words could heal your pain.. My condolences go out to you and your family

  8. Jordan says:

    I saw this accident and it is the saddest thing in the world I will never get the image out of my mind I feel so bad for both familes and for alex he will never be the same but I hope he makes it through and gets alot of help so that he can cope and get through this

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