By Ginger Allen, CBS 11 NewsBy Ginger Allen

DALLAS (CBSDFW.COM) – Remember being a kid and getting the perfect toy, but it just needed a battery… and no one gave you one? Well, it’s not just toys anymore. You may have packaged up some holiday gift ‘gotchas,’ and don’t even realize it.

‘Tis the season for perfect gifts. But wait! What good does giving do if you didn’t get what you need to make it the perfect present? Take one of this season’s hottest items — the 3-D television. They may be nice, but in just buying the TV, are you getting all you need for a true 3-D experience?

CBS 11 News went undercover inside several North Texas stores to shop for 3-D televisions, and often found that even the sales associates did not know what came in what package, and what you really need to buy. “It’s confusing for you guys, and it’s confusing for us because we’ve got to know who has what, and we’ve got to give you the right information,” one salesman said.

So, you’re out shopping and you see one price for a 3-D TV and you think that’s all you need, right? Think again. Start digging and you’ll realize that all items are sold separately. Those special 3-D glasses that you must have will have to be purchased separately from the television. So, for a family of four, you’re talking an added cost of up to $900 just for the glasses.

But that’s not all.

“You’ll then have to buy the transmitter to make it 3-D,” one salesman explained. “Then you’ll need the 3-D blu-ray player.”

That’s right! In addition to spending up to $2,000 on a new TV, you may need to spend another $50 on a 3-D transmitter which communicates with your special 3-D glasses, and about $250 on a 3-D blu-ray player so you can watch 3-D movies. Add that to the cost of the glasses, and you’re looking at an extra $1,000, at least.

Brian Cooley, editor of CNET, which publishes tech news, said that it’s just not cost effective right now. “It’s confusing for consumers because they don’t know all the parts they have to get,” he said. CNET is warning consumers to watch very closely for what items are included, and to shop aggressively for the best price.

So, this season, whether it’s a 3-D TV or another hot item, no matter what gift you’re giving, make sure you’re giving it all.

CBS 11 News also learned that many of the added 3-D TV accessories are sold as special bundles depending on the TV you decide to buy. For some TV sets, you could get two 3-D glasses and a 3-D blu-ray player included in the price of the TV. Just be sure to ask the sales associate what bundles are available, because they don’t always know, or say, right off the bat.