By Andrea Lucia, CBS 11 News

McKINNEY (CBSDFW.COM) – Sitting in the living room with his new Christmas toys, five year old Landon might seem like a typical boy.

His mother, though, knows, for Landon, every milestone has been a miracle.

“He was never supposed to be where he is right now. He wasn’t supposed to ever walk, talk. They told me he was deaf, he was blind. He’s obviously none of those things,” said Brandy Paille.

Landon has an extremely rare condition, known as Haddad’s syndrome, which means his brain doesn’t signal his body to do basic things, like breathe.

Landon must wear a ventilator attached by a tube to his throat, which he drags behind him wherever he goes. “The ventilator actually takes every breath for him,” said Paille.

According to the family only eight children worldwide have ever been diagnosed with Haddad’s; the other seven died in infancy.

Landon has defied all odds, and now he will have a chance to celebrate life with a real wish come true.

Sunday, the Make A Wish Foundation broke the news to Landon, he and his family are headed on an all expense paid trip to Disney World this Tuesday. “He wished to go to Disney World and meet Mickey Mouse,” said Yvette Mouser, a coordinator for the Make A Wish Foundation.

Landon’s mother, though, still has one very big wish of her own. “There’s nothing I want more, really,” she said.

For five years, she’s been fighting for a surgery that would replace Landon’s ventilator with a pacer, a much smaller device he could wear.

Landon’s doctor has recently asked Children’s Hospital for permission to perform the surgery locally.

It would require the hospital to purchase new equipment.

Other hospitals and Medicaid programs have previously turned Landon down because of the expense. But Paille is one mother who doesn’t need any proof, sometimes wishes do come true.