Airport Steaming Over Strip Club Neighbor

By Arezow Doost, CBS 11 News

FORT WORTH (CBSDFW.COM) – One of the busiest airports in the world will soon be a neighbor to an upscale gentlemen’s club, but some prominent North Texans are trying to shut it down before it even opens.

A new Rick’s Cabaret is about to open near the South entrance to DFW International Airport.

Thursday the DFW Airport board of directors met in a closed meeting and members officially agreed to join American Airlines and others on the list of club protesters.

The problem for many is that the club will be one of the first things you’ll see going to or from the airport.

Rick’s Cabaret is expected to open its doors in a few weeks.  Owners say their place is going to make the airport ‘sexier’. But for travelers at DFW Airport, the ‘naked truth’ has yet to be seen.

The new strip club has a liquor license application pending with the Texas Alcoholic Beverage Commission (TABC).

Prominent Tarrant County leaders, including County Judge Glen Whitley, are protesting the permit.

“It’s a bad business to have in the area,” says Whitley, who is among the growing group of dissidents, including Fort Worth Mayor Mike Moncrief and American Airlines.

Moncrief admits stopping Rick’s Cabaret from operating will be a big challenge. “I understand they have their rights, we have ours. I have already indicated, by correspondence, my disappointment and opposition to this location,” he said. “I’m not real happy about our, our flights coming in here and looking down on that signage and that kind of operation. Whether or not we can stop it remains to be seen.”

The club will be located between the airport and American’s corporate headquarters.

In a statement, American says the establishment poses a danger to employees and airport passengers.

“It’s not something that you want to see in your area in your neighborhood certainly don’t want to see it at the entrance to DFW,” says Whitley.

Concerns over the club include that having a liquor license will cause a spike in alcohol-related crimes and traffic accidents.

However, the TABC issued a letter saying it has investigated and has found little evidence that liquor sales at the strip club will be a danger or nuisance to the area.

“Anytime you have people over-served alcoholic beverages, regardless of where they are, it will pose a traffic and safety issue,” explained TABC Captain Charlie Cloud.

Cloud says if Rick’s Cabaret doesn’t get a liquor license, then the establishment could go ‘BYOB’ and allow dancers to be totally nude.  “Now you got people bringing in their 24-pack, they are sitting there guzzling their 24-pack then they are getting in their car and driving, there is no controls.”

Eric Langan, the president of Rick’s Cabaret, says  he doesn’t understand why there’s opposition now.  He says the city of Fort Worth approved all their plans and they will be opening on January 20.   If they don’t get a liquor license in time, then it will be BYOB.

A protest hearing concerning the license will be held next month at Fort Worth City Hall.

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  • Daniel Wasserott

    When i drove in to Texas from Kansas the first thing i saw coming into Texas was a huge billboard with Jesus on it and right across from it it one of the biggest porn store i have ever come across.

    • James Edward Smith

      Are you talking about the border between Oklahoma and Texas? Texas doesn’t touch Kansas.

      • Lazarus Long

        Yes he is. He is speaking of the porn video store on the west side of I-35 just south of the Red River. The Texas and Oklahoma Highways don’t match up there and if you’re not careful you could leave the road right there and hit the store. Oklahoma has an anti-porn law and Texas has an anti-gambling law, so the states trade licks at the border, with a casino on the north and a video store on the south.

    • TowerTone

      You came across a porn store?
      Did you not know the eyes of Texas were upon you?

      • Jay Jackson

        Everything’s bigger in Texas

    • Rob Johnson

      Came in on I-35 huh? lol!

    • johnjameson

      Just and extention of the TSA

      • Doug

        The TSA alows groping and touching, the strip clubs don’t. No wonder there is a long line for employment by the TSA. Why pay to watch a woman when you can get paid to grope her?

    • Dan

      Kansas doesn’t border Texas.

      • Detex

        Ain’t Education grand!?!??!?!

  • Joseph Dooley

    I don’t live in the area, but a strip club near the airport sounds fairly innocuous to me. I bet a lot of business travelers who scheduled extra time with their clients will find it very convenient, which is the reason for the location. As long as as there’s four walls and a roof to keep the women modest and it’s nowhere near a school, what’s the problem?

    • Tom

      Nothing- inasmuch as a strip club is what typifies Dallas.

      • tracy

        Right – because no other large metropolitan areas have such clubs.

      • Johnny Anderson

        Actually, I love business trips to Texas because strip clubs are usually well-run, fillied with happy customers and pleasant professional staff, and high-quality dancers who understand that a little erotic dance can cheer a fellow up without emperiling his life, finances, or marriage.

      • alanamerican

        I have always been very disappointed in strip clubs in Texas. Big promises very little to show. The best clubs used to be in Colorado but now I have to say they are probably in Washington State although Salt Lake City runs a close second. If you really want a good time go to Paris olala. If you want to dance with a stripper go to Boys Town Nuevo Laredo if you dare. :)

      • Lazarus Long

        Tracy you don’t travel much do you?

      • Nash

        hahaha tell em’ tracy!

  • Big D.

    Jobs and tax revenue. Leave them alone.

  • Jerzey Boy

    So what! I travel a bunch, strip joints all over the place. Solution; I just do not go in these places to get ripped off by cover charges, over the top drink prices and watch a bunch of trapped girls younger than my kids that have been abused by men. A sorry state for sure but not my call.
    Give it a rest do-gooders!

    • Do-gooder

      God one Jersey Boy! If it is such a sorry state, why don’t you grow a spine and stand up for those that can’t stand for themselves (“a bunch of trapped girls younger than my kids” as you stated). What if one of those trapped girls happened to be your daughter lured to work at one of these places by the ‘big money’?? Don’t be the wolf in sheeps clothing. I know the rest of society frowns upon one with a moral stature, what a shame. Get a spine and take a stand!
      Your Friend,
      The do-gooder

      • Joe Bloggs

        lol Law of God. Not everyone subscribes to religion, patriot

      • Lazarus Long

        Do-Gooder don’t you think Jersey Boy is taking a stand by not patronizing the establishments? Maybe it is that you want to pass more laws to restrict American activity? This is what the liberal progressives do; restrict the behavior of others with the force of law.

      • Rob Johnson

        Good intentions are the root of all evil.

      • Christan Patriot

        The problem is not Legality, but Morality. There’s a reason this country is going down the tubes. Yes, this country was founded upon the principles of freedom and individual liberty. There already is a law that covers this crime. It’s called the LAW OF GOD. If there were not wicked, immoral, honor-less men frequenting these “Facilities”, the piles of fecal refuse that build and run them would go out of business. It is this fact that proves that many in this country are rejecting the guidance of the creator, and as a result, are walking into a spiritual mine field of sorrow and pain. The saddest part, is that many of them can be seen sitting in the pews on Sunday. Wicked people are blind, because they cannot feel the whispers of the Holy Spirit. They scoff at the possibility that others, those trying to be righteous, can. Blind (Wicked) people choose Blind (Wicked) leaders, and wind up getting Blind (Wicked) laws and Blind (Wicked) results. You reap what you sow. It’s also called the LAW OF THE HARVEST.

  • fredb

    There is/was one for years in the Frankfurt am Main Airport, on one of the lower levels

    • CHINO

      That ROCKS

    • Johnny Anderson

      WRONG. There was an “adult theater” where admission bought you four hours and 3 mini Jack Daniels. I have yet to find a strip club in Germany that is half as good as the worst Texas club.

  • mike

    If I owned Enterprise car rental I would parner up and make that the car drop off spot.

  • Mike Hatch

    Rick’s should just run a shuttle to and from DFW…problem solved…!!

    • Fire Baron

      Why not? The Casinos do it in states where gaming is legal.

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  • Matt

    Why do they need another strip club near the airport? Doesn’t the TSA put on a good enough show already?

    • Grant


    • Bill

      hahaha good one

    • american-american

      Atually, it will be a TSA Advanced Training Center

      • D Mockercy

        TSA agents will have to be reminded” no touching is permitted “lol

    • D'Mockercy

      go to the club before the airport and show the TSA you are REALLY happy to see them…

    • John


  • Tom Genin

    Finaaly there will be hot flight attendants again.

    • Dion

      What you don’t like your shoulder getting banged buy a big ole michelle obama hip?

    • flightAAttendant

      There are still some hot flight attendants out here! For the record, as a straight, sexy female who occasionally will frequent a “gentlemen’s club” with a date, I’m all for it. Tax revenue, convenience, entertainment – all wins in my book….. I just hope they get some nicer dancers than some of the other area clubs!

  • Sal

    Should make the enhanced pat down at security interesting

  • Jazzman

    American Airlines is against it because it might offend their Rainbow TeAAm!

    • Patrick Armstrong

      “He who screams the loudest has the most to hide…”
      why not come out of the closet already.
      Its always the ones who protest that are the ones in the airport restrooms.
      You KNOW its true ! If your so straight why not post your REAL name.

      • Joe Bloggs

        lol because posting your real name proves how straight you are. get real

    • Patrick Armstrong

      Its Jazzman by day and Jasmine by night !!!

  • Archy Cary

    The TSA gropes – why not others?

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  • Paradox

    Out rage over a strip club near an airport. Yet the TSA, with their porno-scanners, look at naked images of children every day. How back-“A-word” is this America?

  • Alan

    Hey Captain Cloud – You saying I can’t get a drink inside the airport? How about any other bar in town, want to shut them down too? Evangelical Hypocrits.

  • Templar X

    Strip searches at the at the Dallas Fort Worth Airport and strippers at the club next door, but the stove should not be calling the kettle black, unless it is getting too hot in the kitchen!

  • Charles

    Brings a whole new meaning to the term “lay over.”

  • Jones

    I work within an stones throw of the club. It’s basically hidden under the bridges of the south end of the airport. It’s hard to see so most people won’t even know it’s there.
    Don’t know why people are so upset about people drinking and then driving when there are bars up and down 183 where this place is located. Also the Texas Rangers and Dallas Cowboys are just around the corner. Along with Six Flags and they all serve beer and wine. Nobody is complaining about that and damn near every restaurant serves beer and alcohol too, and there are tons of them in that area. People just don’t want to see boobs. So uh, don’t go in there and look at them.

    • KA

      Speak for yourself. I WANT TO SEE BOOBS!

    • Will

      The religious extremes will always try to force their faith on the rest of the world, the problem is that Christianity (which is the main religion around here) preaches against forcing religion. Ironic that out of their own ignorance and hate they will try to manipulate the destruction of any institution they deem sinful in the eyes of their religious moral code. I find that sick, our country was founded on the principal of free religious practice and yet one should impose its beliefs over the rest? How is that possible? The very purpose of the puritanical pilgrims was to end that.

      • Christian Patriot

        Like I said before… Do what you want. Understand Though, that you can choose what you do, but you can’t change the consequence. If you step off a cliff, you will fall.

      • Texas Expatriate

        @Andrew C

        Iran has a fairly moral populace by most standards, as does the DPRK (N. Korea), Syria, and every other slave pen on the globe. True morality is a non-contradictory system in which peoples right to life, liberty, and property are not violated through force, fraud, or coercion.

      • Andrew C

        Healthy, successful societies, regardless of religious orientation have always enforced some standards of decency. There has always been vice, but when it hit’s a tipping point, it’s all over for us. Moral decay always goes hand in hand with cultural, societal and economic decay.

    • Rob Johnson

      No they don’t want YOU to look at boobs. Always a busy body trying to control everyone else life.

      I remember when Texas was a “live and let live ” place. Between all the New Yorkers moving in and the god-a-holics who think everything is “the devil” my beloved home is going downhill fast. Sad

  • Casper

    I think it is a great idea. Bottom line is some people will complain about a strip club no matter where you put it. Rick’s is a nice upscale place. There are so many drinks served at the airport or restaurants all around it to say that serving alcohol is a problem is ridiculous .

    • fp

      Nice upscale place? Really? Sounds like lipstick on a pig to me. Did not know there were “nice upscale” porn shops.

      • Joe Bloggs

        Ah but are porn shops the same thing as Ricks? Sure aren’t! Sounds like someone is using an example that isn’t related at all, me thinks

      • Rob Johnson


  • Dion

    Perfect solution after the TSA gets you all hot and bothered and your flight is delayed. You can go to the shake joint and let off a little steam.

  • Dion

    I think the skys would be a lot more friendly if the nudey bars are put IN the terminals.

    • Mike Hatch

      Amen to that….they could take over one of the Admiral’s Clubs….

  • joel

    We could “kill two birds with one stone” and replace some of the old scab flight attendants with the girls from the strip club. Everybody is a winner!

  • Harleyman210

    Have you ever been to the new Dallas Cowboys stadium? There are girls dancing in cages. Whats the difference,,,,,

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