By Selena Hernandez, CBS 11 News

DALLAS (CBSDFW.COM) – He is revered as one of the most influential artists of his time, and credited with inventing the mobile back in the 1930s. American artist Alexander Calder made a profound impact on modern art. Now, his intriguing work can be viewed in a rare exhibit at the Nasher Sculpture Center in Dallas.

“So much color, so much life, so much movement,” said Nasher Sculpture Center curator Jed Morse as he walked through the gallery filled with Calder’s creations.

Calder’s vision was unique and ahead of his time. Both an artist and sculptor, Calder was able to draw on his engineering skills and artistic nature to create magnificant mobiles that forever altered the world of art.

“Calder is one of the most beloved figures of American art in the 20th Century,” said Morse, “and he’s best known for being the inventor of the mobile.”

The Calder exhibit – Form, Balance and Joy – is currently on display at the Nasher Sculpture Center, and it highlights over 30 significant abstract pieces the artist’s collection, both mobiles and sculptures. Each is a delicate creation of balance and beauty. “That sense of engineering that goes into these,” Calder said, “all of these mobiles are so well balanced. And that sense of joy that’s inherent in Calder’s work.”

Elegant engineered pieces that provide a stimulating experience for the senses – one that truly captures the timeless significance of impactful art. “You have a mobile hanging from the ceiling, standing mobiles on platforms,” Morse said. “Everything moves and turns and shifts as people walk through.”

Plus, for the first time, Calder’s influence and contribution to the world of modern art is being celebrated in exhibition. The visions of seven contemporary artists are also on display alongside Calder’s works – each drawing inspiration from his unique creativity. “Calder made art that was fun and beautiful, and a lot of the younger artists really appreciated someone who was making something with his own hands,” Morse said.

“I think Calder would be ecstatic with the work of these contemporary artists,” Morse added.

The Nasher Sculpture Center is just one of four stops that the exhibit will be making during its tour across the country. The exhibit will remain here in Dallas until early March. And an upcoming workshop will allow patrons to learn how to make their own mobiles. Click here for more information on the modern art exhibit and the workshop.