Opposing Groups Agree: No AZ-Style Immigration Reform In TX

By Robert Wood, NewsRadio 1080 KRLD

AUSTIN (KRLD) – Some groups that are usually on the opposite side of issues are joining together to oppose Arizona-style immigration reform for Texas.

In Arizona, a new law passed last year requires police officers, when enforcing other laws, to question the immigration status of those they suspect are in the country illegally. The Obama administration filed a lawsuit to block portions of the law, and the outcome remains pending in federal court.

Dallas Democratic State Representative Rafael Anchia says some of the tough immigration bills won’t stand up in court. “It seems like we’re reprising many of the same bills, and seeing many of the same bills that have been declared unconstitutional,” he argued.

Anchia is also concerned the bills could land the state in court for years to come, cost millions of dollars and won’t make the border any safer. “Even if all of them pass they would be ineffective in dealing with our border security concerns that we have. In fact, only at a coordinated federal level can we have a meaningful discussion on these issues.”

Texas Association of Business President Bill Hammond also opposes the reform and says some of the bills will hurt businesses and cost money, not only in lost revenue but extra money for new citizenship verification. Hammond says ultimately Congress is the place for immigration reform. “Progress should be made in Washington D.C., not in Austin, Texas,” he said.

Supporters of tougher immigration policy claim the state would save millions by not having to spend money on undocumented workers, like it’s doing now.


One Comment

  1. supporter2 says:

    Hooray for Texas…this needs to be addressed at a Federal level not state level

    1. CMartel2 says:

      Someone has been living under a rock. The federal government isn’t the least bit concerned with the southern border. That should be blazingly obvious to any American with eyes or ears. This nation has been invaded by foreign invaders who have no business being in this nation who are behaving parasitically with little allegiance to this land, undercutting Americna workers, committing large numbers of crimes, and our federal government, as with the deficit, doesn’t give a rip.

      If the federal goverment is negligent in its duties, I see no reason for the states to be.

      Texas needs to slam the door shut on illegal immigration by whatever means are effective. If the federal government wants to get in the way, well, once agian, it’s being negligent in one of its few duties actually in the Constitution.

  2. Chris Caldwell says:

    Texas needs to grow a set. It unconstitutional to make people buy insurance even if you don’t want it

    1. Shawn says:

      Perry doesn’t have the fortitude to actually pass a law similar to Arizona’s (or tougher).

  3. Lydia Lozano says:

    This story is about race pimps/open-borders advocates and the cheap-labor chamber of commerce types whose members are happy for the taxpayers to subsidize their workers. The latter knows that Washington DC isn’t going to do anything, let alone make any “progress.” Texas has to take a stand. “Reprising many of the same bills…..”? What in the world does that mean? His lips are moving, but nothing of substance is coming out of his mouth.

  4. RonF says:

    I don’t understand. Where are the opposing sides the story cites? Where are the Republicans in the Legislature quoted? Where are the unions? Business groups have always opposed immigration because it would raise their labor costs. The fact that they may disagree on other issues is not particularly noteworthy.

  5. JD2 says:

    Simply put, it is Unconstitutional for any State or Local Government to pass a law that conflicts with Federal Immigration Laws despite what Arizona or the Farmers Branch Mayor and City Council wish to believe. The notion that Local or State Law Makers can write their own Immigration Laws has been a costly hoax dangled in front of frustrated voters by Self-serving polititians as an cure-all for our immigration woes. Local and State Governments can only assist in immigration law enforcement, not re-write. To do otherwise is simply Unconstitutional and rightly so.

  6. Immigration reality says:

    PLEASE WATCH THIS VIDEO about anti-immigration bills!!!
    Click on the following link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hf

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