Another Arrest In Case Of Missing Irving Teen

IRVING (KRLD) – There’s new information and another arrest in the mysterious case of the Irving teenager who disappeared for several days in December and then turned up at home.

The case has now become one of human trafficking and prostitution.

Irving police say the girl met up with 31-year-old Kenzie Nelson from Garland at an Irving Mall.

“Nelson transported the victim to a location in Dallas for the purpose of engaging in prostitution,” explained John Argumaniz, with the Irving Police Department.

Nelson is now facing charges for human trafficking, compelling prostitution and aggravated sexual assault of a child.

According to Argumaniz, Nelson is not connected with the two 20-year-old men already jailed in the case. Todge Thurman and Humberto Corona are both facing aggravated sexual assault of a child charges. “The 20-year-olds, they were with her and then she was released and then she came into contact with Mr. Nelson,” he said.

Police say more charges and arrests may be coming.

Nelson is being held on $425,000 bond in the Irving Jail.


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  1. tell the truth says:

    This CHILD was SOLD to this MONSTER!! Get the story straight… How can you say that all 3 men aren’t connected. The 2 gusy took her to the mall, drugged her and sold her to this guy and they stuffed her into a trunk and then the horror really began!! When they found out this AHOLE was arrested they began singing like canaries!! I understand protecting some of the facts, but this is making it look like the VICTIM is at fault when she was drugged and sold!!!!

    1. Mary E. S. Langford says:

      This was my ex, and he tried to do the same to me. It is no surprise that he finally got caught…he has been doing this stuff for years. he even had me selling myself and threatened my family if i didnt. I am praying for his soul and that he will get help. I am praying for the girl and her family. NO female should ever have to go through that type of ordeal. I hope that justice prevails in this case.

    2. wondering? says:

      Something seems very fishey about this story. Why didn’t the girl go for help when she was released the first time. Why was she at the mall? Why did she get into the car of this man if she just got out of such a bad situation? Wouldn’t she have called the police for help when she had the chance? I believe that this man is getting what he deserves, but there seems to be more to this story than what is being told.

  2. Sandra says:

    Where in the world did you get all this info from. I haven’t heard any of this from any media outlet???

    1. tell the truth says:

      From people close to the case… it was all caught on mall security tapes too… Even them putting her in the trunk & it gets way worse from there!!! Sorry to post more than the police or media want to release, but I am outraged that the media keeps painting this child as a hard core runaway… Yes she made a dumb decision to leave with 2 grown men from a basketball game, but she was planning on being back before anyone knew she had left, not become a vitcim of sexual assault and almost sold over seas into the sex slavery trade… YES that is where the human trafficing charge stems from!!!

  3. Old Dog says:

    Rifle shells are about $20 a box, and adobe walls are still around. It’d purely unfair for taxpayers to pay to jail them.

  4. Concerned says:

    Wow how come this isn’t on the news? Is there evidence

  5. Maggs says:

    WOW! I dated Kenzie years ago and I have to be honest the way we met is somewhat similiar!! As far as the drugging part, the crazy thing is he came to me and apologized, said it was his friends and that he tried to stop it. He seemed so concerned and genuine we began dating not to long after!! I wish something had been done then (especially since he was in the army at the time) he could have received help and maybe this kid would not have had to go through what she did!!!

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