GREENVILLE (CBSDFW.COM) – A North Texas Sheriff is defending himself following a CBS 11 Investigation.

“I didn’t do anything wrong,” said Hunt County Sheriff Randy Meeks on Friday afternoon.

He’s defending himself after coming under fire for using county workers to move his furniture during severe storms.

After CBS 11 News started asking questions the case is now going to be investigated further.

Hunt County District Attorney Nobie Walker first had said that there wasn’t enough evidence for a criminal prosecution.  But now he tells CBS 11 News that he’s gotten additional information and is now going to an outside agency to make sure the matter is handled properly.

On May 2, 2009 severe weather hit Greenville in Hunt county, about 50 miles northeast of Dallas.  Emergency phone calls from that day describe water pouring into stranded vehicles and snapped power lines causing sparks to shoot in the air.

During the storm, Meeks’ wife called 911 about water surging into her home.  “I know you guys are very busy,” she told the dispatcher. “This is the sheriff’s wife. We’re trying to sweep it out, but it keeps coming.”

Her emergency? Water was creeping toward her and her husband’s furniture. After the dispatcher tells her the department is “super, super, super busy right now,” Meeks’ wife reportedly took the matter into her own hands.

“We’re going to call and see if we can get some of the deputies maybe to come and help us,” she said then.
Phone records show that Meeks himself then called the dispatcher, told them his home was flooding and requested that any nearby deputies be rerouted to his house to help.

“We’re gonna have to move some furniture,” Meeks told the dispatcher.  The responding deputy got stuck in high water on the way, and much of the interior of his patrol car was damaged.

A jailer was sent to help the flooded deputy, and multiple other jailers were ordered to help Meeks move his furniture, a source said.

“It’s illegal! It’s immoral!  And it’s also indictable!” says CBS 11 News Legal Expert Jerry Loftin “Around here they would handcuff you.”  Loftin thinks the sheriff should be held accountable.  “They are employees of the Sheriff to do Sheriff’s business they are not employees to go load and unload and be his personal lackeys.”

Sheriff Meeks says he’s open to any kind of investigation and that he didn’t do anything wrong.  “If I have an emergency I will call 911,” said Sheriff Meeks.

When CBS 11 News asked him if moving his furniture was an emergency he replied “I’m through with this,” as in through with the conversation.

The District Attorney wouldn’t say which agency he will be going to for this investigation, but he says it will be done as quickly as possible.