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One Comment

  1. Chad says:

    Robo Grego!

    1. Dave says:

      put a camera over by love u guys.. The best show on radio.. I listen to yall everyday

      1. Brandon Jones says:

        Me to man !!!!!

  2. Kevin Griffith says:

    Man I’ve missed you guys….haven’t been able to listen in a week! Is Greggo sick again?!

  3. Chad says:

    Whats up trying to play paper football?

  4. Jesus says:

    SHow Sybil!!!!!

  5. Mj Jones says:

    wheres the board…

  6. joe says:

    san fran DOES play in the NFC West, einstein

  7. Chris says:

    sybill should entertain us during the breaks

  8. Bryan says:

    change the view to something else this is boring

  9. Chris says:

    thank you ARMON!!!

  10. jesus says:

    HELLO!!! SYBIL!!!!!

  11. Eric Stewart says:

    I’m confused… Where is Pugs and Kelly?

    1. mike manas says:

      youre about 18 months behind. lol

  12. Chad says:

    Hello Sybil!

  13. blake says:

    wave at the cam sybil and blow a kiss . . . . . please!!!!!!!!!!!

  14. Jason says:

    about time yall got video!

  15. Anand Gandhi says:

    Why is Greggo sick so much? Get well Greggo!! We need Greggo to bring some logic to the show

  16. Logan Sutterfield says:

    Now if the camera was in synch with the sound over the air …that would be cool…R-Dub is moving his hands when he isn’t speaking

  17. Shave Dave says:

    What is the delay time between the cam and the audio on listen live from your web site?

  18. Sue Brooks says:

    Love the show… thanks for the video feed.

  19. Tammi says:

    Is RAGE the only show that utilizes the WebCam? No one else mentions it.

  20. noe says:

    tell sybil to hike her feet up so I can see them

  21. sam says:


  22. Chris says:

    Sync the sound on the website with the cam!!

  23. Kerry says:

    Richie, the Cowboys did not play the Browns and Jim Brown in 1968. It was Leroy Kelly and the Cleveland Browns.

  24. mike manas says:

    web cam is not working…….

  25. Leon says:

    Who’s the other girl? Is she as hot as Sybil?

  26. Andy says:

    Who’s the girlie-girl between Syb and Greggo

  27. Shawn says:

    Who’s the other girl in the studio?

  28. Shawn says:

    This chick sounds like Sybil trying to change her voice.

  29. Rp says:

    If you’ve ever watched Zack and Miri Make a Porno, she’s the girl that makes out with Jay’s character in the coffee shop

  30. Shawn says:

    What do we have to do to win Garmin?

  31. Red says:

    Sybil and the other girl should make out for our viewing pleasure. You’ld get more hits than a crack addict.

  32. Mark says:

    I just heard that you all are no longer the Flagship of the Texas Rangers. What gives? Yall gonna try to pick up the Stars?

  33. adam in addison says:

    is that Jasmine

  34. Trixie says:

    She couldn’t be one of Richie’s Plan B’s. She’s not blonde.

  35. Kenny says:

    Why is Sybil’s mom in studio?

  36. adam in addison says:

    mystery team for Cliff Lee= PHILLIES…look it up!!

  37. RJay says:

    What up Syb and Siil its Bil hope all is welll

    1. Sybil Summers says:

      Hey R-Jay! Didn’t realize that was you until SIL said it. 🙂 Thanks for checking in from New Yawk!

  38. Marty says:

    Why aren’t y’all no longer the home of the Texas Rangers?

  39. gary says:

    I’m not sure who the guest is but she has BIG!!! BOOBS!!!

  40. Mata says:

    wave i want to see if this is in real time

  41. Mata says:

    there is no sound

  42. Ed says:

    The First Baptist Church should be on the Grinch side for being divisive

  43. Bert says:

    Is there a lag between the listen live and web cam??

  44. Aaron says:

    armen buddy you kind of look like quinton terrintino from the side.

  45. sue says:

    looks like you guys arent on the radio any more for the texas rangers either

  46. t says:

    is sybil tweakin cuz she’s wearing that hair out….man bbbrrrcckk

  47. puppy says:

    tell hgg to wave

  48. adam says:

    sybchilla and hgg…3 very enthusiastic thumbs up

  49. ADAM says:

    ok new contest idea…

  50. andres says:

    Greggo I know you like you guns, but what about things to stop them like armored vehicles

  51. Juan says:

    can I get a wave to the cam syb

  52. James Curtis says:

    No sound……Errrrr

  53. James Curtis says:

    I want to see Grego slap richie over he dumb comments over Lee! Do it Grego, Your bigger!

  54. MILES says:


  55. LEE says:

    that was 7 footballs

  56. LEE says:

    THAT WAS 11

  57. LEE says:


  58. ben says:

    put sybil closer to the camera she is what people want to see

  59. Jon says:

    Sybil is hidden by the mic…move it please…

  60. Jon says:

    Sybil brings greatness to an already awsome show…….

  61. jesse says:

    whats the time delay?

  62. Big Wes says:

    Poor Richie, Really so you need to take off your CHEERLEADERS skirt and look at what the Spurs are doing? They are resting Timmy, and look at him get up and down the court Manou and Richard Jefferson are playing lights out. It’s the regular season and NO ONE CARES who win the series in the regular.
    Pop will have the Spurs good to go ..the Spurs are the Varsity (championship),the Rockets are the Jr. Varsity (championship) the Mavs will be the team that just play well in the regular season (no championships)

  63. Rg says:

    H….Armin, I can see YOU, can YOU see ME? This is frreakin me out…

  64. Randy says:

    I remember when Richie said “If Tim Tebow completes a forward pass in the NFL, he’d resign, or jump off a bridge, or leave the country…” or some such promise. I think he should either recant his stupid observation or resign and leave the country. I would prefer the latter.

  65. Sean M Gannon says:

    He’s has a working relationship with the league and most media. Anyone else this would’ve been an act unbecoming of an NFL player and should’ve been suspended but he is the Great FAVRE.

  66. Sean M Gannon says:

    Maryland? New formation. The Crabcake

  67. Sean M Gannon says:

    Leach needs to be hired. Outside the box thinking is an understatement, but great for the game.

  68. Sean M Gannon says:

    Jim Harbaugh is going pro. Miami!

  69. David Whitfield says:

    ok greggo, spit out the frog and give congrats to OSU!

  70. Josh T says:

    I love the show, new to the are sorta from chicago, i play free for all when i can get on, Im josh from le cordon blue/ grand prarie, i really hope i get picked tonight, no matter what your show rocks hell yeah!!!!!!!

  71. Jerry Tagle says:

    The best show on sports radio hands down. I wish we had a show 1/16 as good as R.A.G.E. Corpus Christi sport radio sux!

  72. Krystle says:

    I missed the details of the “Nostril is in the mix”….. anyone know?

  73. Brady says:

    Studio is haunted, just saw the light start to move! run!!!!!!

  74. Daniel says:

    wally want talk to you, so answer the phone

  75. Bud says:

    Its my first time to watch the webcam.. and greggo should be more supportive of it. if i could not work all day and just watch and listen to you guys i would. freakin seriously guys.

  76. BigBody says:

    What’s up FanFans!!



  78. RickyG says:

    Damn, these are Great seats! I can’t look away.

  79. The Hardline says:

    Wow so this is what a #3 ranked Sports Station looks like? Meh?

  80. WindChill says:

    Josh Lewin is gettin’ toasty….haha i am crackin’ up….its all GOOD im gettin toasty too!!! The Fan Rocks !

  81. coolfront 11 says:

    Craig Gass i wannna git you pregnat!!!

  82. John says:

    Does your cameraman have parkinson?

  83. big rip says:

    MY oh My!!!!! My Eyes have been blessed!!!

  84. Aaron Ball says:

    Richie & Greggo

  85. Andrew S. says:

    Why cant we see the upstairs party??

  86. Travis Rex says:

    Check D-Waine’s ode to Vick!

  87. rodney says:

    I didn’t get to listen today was the drawing done for the daytona trip?

  88. Sparky says:

    Its 2/17/11 at 4:45 PM and the web cam is not working. Its a good show

  89. David says:

    There are so many chubby people in FL

  90. Angela says:

    I want to see you guys, not random people walking by!!

  91. Joshua says:

    i love you sybil!

  92. skylar says:

    armin dude, which football team do you like?

  93. rick says:

    web cam not working

  94. mark in frisco says:

    make a big deal about how hot gross girl looks and the web cam…I go there and look a the back of some dudes head!! Great programming!!

  95. john says:

    harman, hey focus on syb with the cam dude

  96. Rudy Theobald says:

    show richies new hair!!!!

  97. BRANDON says:


  98. country boy says:

    h..Armin, dont look in the camera like that dude….it freaks me out !

  99. Brad says:


  100. Brad says:

    I cant see Sybil!!!

  101. BRANDON says: hahahahah funny man

  102. ADAM R says:


  103. Damon Obannon says:

    Move the camera off of Armens fat butt and point it towars Fiona or Sybil……. or even Greggo…. cause Greggo makes the show…. wait….correction…. Greggo makes the whole damn radio station!!!!!!!! RAGE ROCKS!!!!

  104. Londell S says:

    no more granny panties gracias.

  105. BigBody says:

    Gonna try to come out and hang…

  106. adam says:

    is HARMAN having a seizure

  107. BOOMER SOONER says:

    Help me out here, my perfect day would be NewDog fro 9-11, RAGE 11-3,
    GAC 3-5 I know it’s another station, but that would be my perfect day.

  108. Brandon Jones says:

    Its so lagy

  109. Cody says:

    Love the show!! Can Sybil talk for Greggo??

  110. loosenut says:

    guess greggo is bye bye

  111. Andrew says:

    wow 30 viewers…

  112. Roy Pompa says:

    You guys are the best!!

  113. Jake says:

    Why in the world are we still letting Mark Lowe also know as O no lowe pitch?

  114. ADAM says:


  115. Roy Pompa says:

    Sybil scream YES YES YES

  116. Clifford Hayes says:

    Hey guys, why aren’t y’all on “Iheart” radio? How can Find you from mi IPhone!?

  117. Lilly says:

    Where in da heck is Newie

  118. Jake says:

    Greggo you suck the rangers will be fine and we are missing some big players. You are going to be back on the band wagon when they get it back together. I am disappointed in you Greggo next you will be talking on how much you love the Mavericks

  119. Richard says:

    The best dog exercise is Playing Disc Golf with your dog. My dog loves it!!

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