DeSoto High School Giving Dropouts ‘Wings’

By Jay Gormley, CBS 11 News

DESOTO (CBSDFW.COM) – Aaron Morales of Midlothian did everything a senior in high school normally does to prepare for graduations. The 18-year-old created his senior yearbook page and got his picture taken in his cap and gown. The problem is, he never graduated.

Aaron says he cared more about getting high and less about getting his diploma from Midlothian High School, so he dropped out just two credits short.  Six months later, he realized his terrible mistake.

“I started using it and using it and using it. From there, it escalated to more than marijuana.”

Aaron went to rehab and went back to school.  Not just any school, mind you. He signed up for DeSoto High School’s Wings program for dropouts who want a diploma, rather than a just GED.

“We all thought we would never get through to him. But something did and I’m really glad,” says Aaron’s mother Melinda Salas.

With a combination of on-line courses and teacher supervision, dropouts from around the state are encouraged to come to North Texas and get their diploma from DeSoto High School.

That’s exactly what Aaron and four other students did. On Thursday night, they became the very first graduates of the Wings program and in the end; Aaron got the diploma he nearly walked away from.

“I just love it because everyone is so proud of me and I’ve never really had that before.”

  • Hemroidious

    Are the Diploma’s are printed on Hemp paper?

    • T


    • MarkinFL

      Hemroidious, your name fits. You might want to retrieve your head from your nether-regions.

  • karen

    I’m glad he got his life in order. Not an easy feat after being on drugs. Congrats Aaron.

  • Dale

    I agree with the race comment but speak for your self. I am not from god…… I am a realist!

    • EK

      I would rather live as if there is a God, die and find out there isn’t one, then live as if there is no God, die and find out there is one. He’s there and he loves you.

      • Louisiana Lady

        But can you really be sure which god you want to believe in is the correct one? Man has invented thousands of gods and religions. If you’ve chosen the wrong one, Thor might just use his hammer, or Zeus might use his lightening bolt. Don’t believe in either? Well hundreds of thousands did for quite some time. Heck it might even be volcanos that require your worship. Actually, no evidence for any gods – so just be a good human and enjoy your life while trying to make things better for those you know and love.

      • Brie

        Religion is what divides us. There is a god dont narrow him down to one way…that would just be human

  • Nichol Todd

    After all the times I’ve heard about how marijuana should be legal and doesn’t harm anyone, perhaps the supporters of legalized pot would be willing to finance this program that is one of the results of that “harmless” drug!

    • Louisiana Lady

      Actually never smoked it myself but know many who have and not gone on to other drugs. Some people can have a drink or two and never become acholics but others will. Prohibition anyone? That was rather short lived.

    • MarkinFL

      Compare the rate of alcoholism to the rate people become marijuana addicts. Alcohol should be banned more than pot. Of course we tried that and we ended up with a huge organized crime problem. Good thing doing the same with marijuana hasn’t lead to more crime, right?

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