EPA Says DFW Violates Air Quality Standards

DALLAS (AP) – The Environmental Protection Agency says the DFW area has some of the nation’s most polluted air.

EPA says the area on Tuesday will be designated a “serious” violator of federal air quality standards.

The Dallas Morning News reports that Ventura, Calif., is just as bad although five other regions are even worse, including the Houston metro area, which is a “severe” offender.

EPA spokesman David Bary says the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality will be required to develop a new clean-air plan for DFW by July 2012.

David Brymer, the state’s air quality division director, says the new EPA label will probably have little effect on North Texas since a plan to clean the air is already underway because of previous orders by the federal government to do so.

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  1. charles mayer says:

    its time to deismantle or reduce the size and scope of the EPA…too much regulation which has crippled this country

    1. Paul Ballard says:

      Keep breathing in this nasty air, Charles! You must enjoy the pollution, this citizen does not.

  2. Tom Jones says:

    obama hates Texans and told his pit bulls to come down here and hassle us, to hell with him and the entire administration.

  3. Jake says:

    Sir, you are an idiot

  4. Jake says:

    I can’t wait to war gas masks in the future

  5. dumb redneck says:

    I agree with Charles and Tom. We prefer to have our children and families get health problems because we are smarter than educated scientists and engineers. We are are badass beer drinking uneducated tobacco chewing winners. I’m sorry I need to flip the burgers now here at sonic.

    1. Matt says:

      Thats how it works in this beautiful state we call home. Dont you just love it?

    2. Rm says:

      You are welcome to move to out of Texas. I am sure many will miss your very educated sarcastic wit.

  6. J B says:

    I am still at odds with what was termed the Trans-Texas corridor AKA the NAFTA Highway, although I would hate to see peoples land taken from them, could this have helped or saved us from this? This toll road would have had two lanes devoted to nothing but the black smoke producing truckers. While we all have our cars inspected once a year, truckers get a free pass in that reguard and most Mexican trucks are worse than the locals. I wish we knew how much of the DFW pollution could be blamed on these truckers moving 45 feet a minute in stop and go highway traffic, every start, black smoke bellows out the pipe into the DFW air. All of that pollution would be a few hundred miles away if the toll road was in use today, just a thought. PS: Tom is right, Bammy is no fan of Texas, just look at how he schrugged off Govenor Pery’s request for border help.

  7. Brian says:

    I see the events in Tucson have had no impact on the dialogue in this country. How sad. We can’t seem to disagree without saying that the other side “hates” us and is “out to get us”.

  8. Matt says:

    You really think the EPA should lay off Texas? Do you have any idea what the unregulated pollution in the United States is doing to our health, much less the negative environmental effects? You think Obama is “picking on” Texas? Why dont you do a little research and understand the devestating effects of this unregulated pollution, see how it is destroying lives and the planet that we all call home. Then tell me you still want to decrease the scope of the EPA. If anything we need to drastically increase the scope of the EPA so that we can preserve not only the environment, but our own health. Think that over.

  9. Nathan says:


  10. Tym says:

    Charles and Tom: You’re embarrassing yourself. Last I looked, the gov’t was still “We, the People.” This person is for less pollution and recognizes that we instituted an authority to govern the issue. You, on the other hand, seem to be confused about your own best interests.

  11. Derek says:

    We can thank Congressman Joe Barton and his pocket liners at TXI, Ashgrove and Holcim cement plants, all in Midlothian. Barton refuses to even talk about it- especially since they are the biggest contributers to his caimpaign.

  12. J B says:

    If you read the article, it states ” Ventura California and five other regions are WORSE than the DFW area, including the Houston metro area, but since President Bush lives here in Dallas……..I am trying not to huff and puff like some of the others on this page as we all emit a dangerous, vile, harmful greenhouse gas known as CO2 when we exhale, or at least that was one of the reasons to come to Texas for their carbon permit BS. I think the EPA should find all the heavy breathers and fine them for excessive pollution or make them move to the rain forest, you see, plants and trees have a remarkable ability to transform that nasty, vile, harmful, planet destroying greenhouse gas back into oxygen. Do not get me wrong, we need to do something. I say we make the northeast, west coast, etc. refine their own damn gas and let Texas refineries only refine the gas we are using in our state, that my friends would help everyone in Texas, except those with an agenda.

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