Rick Perry Sworn In For Unprecedented 3rd Term

By Robbie Owens, CBS 11 News

FORT WORTH (CBSDFW.COM) – Texas Governor Rick Perry has taken the oath office for an unprecedented third full term.

Perry begins perhaps his most tumultuous stint as governor as the state faces a massive budget shortfall. Corporate donors and wealthy Texans are picking up the $2 million tab for the 2011 inaugural, but the pomp is being scaled to strike a more austere tone during tough economic times.

Perry portrayed his state as a model for the nation, saying historians will call it the “Texas Century.”

Festivities began at 11:00 a.m. in Austin with the swearing in ceremony, followed by a free barbecue lunch on State Capitol grounds. Preparations for the big day have been underway since last week.

Not only were inauguration events scaled back but a traditional parade down Congress Avenue in downtown Austin was canceled and a black tie ball in the evening has been transformed into a celebration calling for cocktail attire.

The state’s fiscal troubles could actually overshadow the day’s inaugural events. Lawmakers are expected to also release a first draft of the state budget on Tuesday — one of the leanest proposals in history – giving a glimpse at how they will deal with a revenue shortfall estimated to be as high as $37 billion.

Republican leaders have promised no tax increases, which means deep budget cuts to state services. On the eve of the inauguration, Perry admitted that everything – from education to health services – will be on the table for consideration. “All of those programs, every one of them,” Perry said, “are going to be looked at and analyzed for their cost versus benefit.”

Experts are predicting an increase in fees charged to businesses and consumers, which could raise state revenue without necessarily raising taxes.

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One Comment

  1. Kim Dar says:

    How about saving money and NOT have an inaugral party? Now that is a novel idea. I would still like to know where the money he talked about during the campaign is. So we are stuck with “Trick Rick” again. We should be so lucky that he would run for president in 2012.

    1. J B says:

      Kim, after a post made by a SVC, I did the research for us all and it is all still there. It is called the ” Rainy Day fund” and it is a total of 9.4 BILLION dollors to be used in” deep economic stress”. If we can keep out grubby little paws of of it until 8/31/2013, it will increase by 14%, Bloomberg is the source.

  2. John Lyons says:

    How is that any different than any politician these days? Wish it were not so but sure seems that people hear what they want to and no telling how they decide who to vote for in the long run?

  3. J B says:

    I could only imagine ( thank God it was not reality) what kind of party Brother Bill would have had if the tax and spend mentality would have worked for him. Dignataries down from Washington, union bosses, Al Gore, it is scary to think about and you can bet he WOULD NOT have cancelled the parade or cut back on one thing, being in the most liberal city in the state and I bet it would have been on the states nickel not from OUTSIDE DONORS. I can see Bill and O Bammy ” yes we can” speech after the parade and a smoke or two. All big Bill got to bankrupt is Houston, not the whole state.

  4. SVC says:

    Oh JB, don’t tell me you are blaming Texas budget on the Dems also.. You Repubs find a way to make everthing someone elses fault.. I’m with Kim Dar in the previous post, JB can you tell us what happed to the surplus Rick was talking about during his campaign.. Of course I’m sure you don’t remember that.

    1. J B says:

      SVC, reread it and try again, liberal reading at its finest! Show me where I blame the states problems on the party of DONT KNOW. What I saw in Kim post was an assuption we would save money if there was no inaugural event. It CLEARLY states this is outside money, not money from the states general fund. The only money that would be saved is by those BIG, BAD, GREEDY, business people trying to destroy our Utopia nation. As far as the money he said the state had, I think he deciced to fight fire with fire and lie about stuff, just like his opponent. I watched the news and it had multiple ” checks” on both candidates ads and it seemed Rick had fewer “not trues”. At the present, I do not think either party is always right, I favor the right and you appear to favor the left…and what is all so wrong with that?

  5. Jona says:

    I feel if Perry believes everything should be on the table as far as cuts, then he should get a much,much smaller place to live , less expensive, till the Governor’s mansion is rebuilt. He could give at least 1/2 of the cost of his family’s current rent back to the government.

    One thingi, I was glad to see Mrs. Perry by his side during the ceremony. She was rarely with him during the campaign.

  6. Texanne says:

    Thanks alot for pre-empting my soap opera for this mumbo-jumbo.

  7. j says:

    not my guv…never voted for the little p$#ck! Where is the $8 bill surplus he stated over and over during the runoffs???? Still wish Kinky had plowed him under…

  8. WANDA fERGUSON says:

    Congratulations Governor Perry!!

    So thankful you are our governor again in the greatest state in the union; TEXAS!! I believe this will be your best term and we will remain great with a balanced budget as an example to the other 49, especially CA, NY & IL

    God bless YOU, God bless TEXAS and AMERICA!

  9. John Huerta says:

    are you Kidding Rick Perry Sworn in for a Third Term,That Is Unprecedented in Texas Political History,No other Governor outside of Tecas Has had that Feat Except Earl Warren of California,Thomas E.Dewey & George pataki of New York Have Served their Third Terms in Office.

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