Road Rage Driver Arrested

By Chuck Schechner, 1080 KRLD

GRAPEVINE ( – Escalating violence in a Grapevine road rage incident has landed  one driver in jail.

Grapevine Police Lieutenant Todd Dearing says the driver of a BMW had to swerve to avoid a pickup earlier today on Highway 114 near William Tate Blvd.

After stopping, Police say the pickup driver, identified as James Wilson of Dallas, threatened and then shoved the BMW driver. According to reports Wilson then got back inside his vehicle, put his pickup in reverse and hit the driver with his door before hitting his man’s BMW.

Police say Wilson sped off, but returned after realizing he’d left his passenger behind. What he didn’t realize was an off-duty police officer witnessed the whole thing and held the suspect until uniformed officers arrived.

Wilson has been charged with Aggravated Assault with a Deadly Weapon, Endangering A Child and Criminal Mischief.

Chuck Schechner reporting for 1080 KRLD


One Comment

  1. C Bauer says:

    What a total loser.

  2. callen34 says:

    Glad he got busted. There are tons of drivers out there who will do anything, risking their life and ours, just to get one car length ahead in traffic. Meanwhile, our police force sits by the road in speedtraps, not going after these vicious SOBs that can kill us with their recklousness. Why cannot our men in uniform patrol the highways for real criminal drivers instead of entrapping us with radar? I am NOT talking about the casual speeder. I am pointing out that there are numerous stretches of highway in and around Dallas that are perfectly safe to cruise at 70 mph, yet our “finest” want to write tickets while there are much more dangerous drivers to pull over. I guess the easy ones are the best targets?

  3. just me says:

    Well as I know form yesterday’s experience this was probably provoked by the other driver like my trip yesterday from the Galleria. I was trying to get onto 635 east bound from Preston Road. Of course the on ramp from the Frontage road on the southside is long. It was five o’clock and yes the traffic was moving quite slow. I set my blinker on to attempt to get onto 635. Some woman smoking a cigarette in a VW Jetta persisted on not letting get on the highway. She honked and pulled up and insisted on not letting me in. For what purpose? I had a signal, I had room, and I was being cautious about it. She just wanted to have her way. This kind of offensive driving us not necessary. That is what creates road rage. And yes I was mad and I could have punched her in the face! instead I just flipped her off!

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