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DAYTONA BEACH, FL (Sports Network) – NASCAR is contemplating the idea of thoroughly revising its current points system for the Sprint Cup, Nationwide and Camping World Truck Series, according to several published reports on Tuesday.

The sanctioning body is considering the end of its present points structure used in all of its three national touring series for a system that awards 43 points for the race winner, and then a one-point drop for each finishing from there. The last-place finisher in a full 43-car field for a Sprint Cup and Nationwide race would receive only one point. Thirty-six drivers make up a full field for a Camping World Truck event.

Under the current system, 185 points are awarded to the race winner in each of the three series. Five bonus points are given to each driver who leads at least one lap in the event, and an additional five points are credited to the driver who leads the most laps. Fifteen points separate the first-place driver from second, while five points come between each finishing position from second to sixth. The separation for each position from sixth to 11th is four points, and positions 11-43 are three points.

The system to award bonus points for laps led and the points format for the Chase for the Sprint Cup championship remain unclear.

NASCAR has used various point systems since its inception in 1949. The sport adopted its current structure in 1975, but several tweaks to the system, including a format for the Chase, have been made since 2004.

Since the beginning of this year, NASCAR officials have met with teams to discuss the possible restructuring of the points system, as well as other rules changes for the upcoming season.

NASCAR has scheduled a “competition update” on Friday at Daytona International Speedway. Sprint Cup teams will be at Daytona from January 20-22 for pre- season testing.

Brian France, NASCAR’s chairman and chief executive officer, is expected to make major announcements regarding the sport during annual NASCAR media tour next week in Charlotte.