Toilet Plunger Rescue Leads To New CPR Procedure

FORT WORTH (KRLD) – The lowly bathroom plunger and a quick-thinking teenager may get the credit for a new CPR procedure.

It’s called Active Compression-Decompression or ‘suction cup’ CPR and gives the chest both compressions and decompressions.

A new study shows the technique increases cardiac arrest, out of hospital, survival rates by 53 percent.

The technique came about after a cardiologist heard about a boy who used a plunger on his dad’s chest, during a heart attack, and revived him.

“And he said, ‘Ha’, yeah there’s something to that actually, physiologically, in terms of not just pumping but pulling blood back into the chest,” explained Dr. Paul Pepe, head of emergency medicine at UT Southwestern in Dallas, who was a reviewer of the study.

The doctor copied the technique and a new study says it could actually save more lives than giving standard chest compressions.

“If these results really are applicable across the country this could translate into thousands, if not tens of thousands, of lives that might be saved,” said Dr. Pepe.

Dr. Pepe says the technique, which attaches a suction cup to the patient’s chest and lifts it after each compression, could be great news. “We think this is a tool to help enhance circulation and in this preliminary study it seems to improve the outcome pretty significantly.”

A meeting of EMS officials from across the country next month in Dallas could bring a decision to begin using the new technique.


One Comment

  1. Bill says:

    I would hope someone would use a new plunger on me, versus the well-used one at work or home.

    1. rosemary says:

      Hmmmm getting germs or facing death…. i think i that’s a no brainer….

    2. Alice Hemphill Bavol says:

      I wouldn’t care if it saves my life – you can always take a bath

      1. Juana says:

        Good point!

  2. Bill Payer says:

    As if plumbers aren’t expensive enough, now they’ll be charging cardiologist rates! God help me if I need a Roto-Rooter plaque removal!

  3. Tom Griffin says:

    This is a great idea, every home has one , or should have one …

  4. Karen Blanton says:

    Who would have thunk it but it is a cool idea if it works

  5. LPT982003 says:

    How do you get suction with all that hair? Its not like you would have time to find a razor and shave a man’s chest, so how is this helpful? On a woman, wouldn’t it just raise and lower her breasts? Sounds like you haven’t thought this through!

    1. Janie Powers says:

      Damn be for real. There not going to actually use a real plunger,. just the concept of the idea. Give credit where credit is due. It may save your life one day.

  6. SocialStrain says:

    What are the odds that after reading an article on how many more trees are going extinct because of climate change, that I’d venture to this and think ‘toilet trees’…

  7. Howard LaMunion says:

    Gives BEN FRANKLIN PLUMBING THE PUNCTUAL PLUMBER a whole new marketing spin…

  8. NoxPaliliesse says:

    ko es mekleju, paldies

  9. Rewa says:

    But they have been using something similar in europe I thought for years, the FDA just wont approve it here. Things like the thumper and cpt?

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