Dallas School Teaches Dream Interpretation

DALLAS (CBSDFW.COM) – What’s in a dream? Much more than most people realize, according to Damian Nordmann and Leah Morris with the School of Metaphysics in Dallas.

“Interpreting your dreams forms a bond between the conscious and subconscious mind, so they’re both working together in harmony,” explained Morris, who teaches students how to take information from their dreams and apply it to their daily lives.

But what if you have trouble remembering the details of every dream? Morris says write it down as soon as you wake up. “You can train yourself to remember those dreams. That’s the fun part,” she said. Morris even suggests putting a journal by your bed to quickly jot things down, before you forget.

According to Nordmann and Morris, there are a few common themes that people tend to dream about. For example, being naked in public has a connection to being open and honest. “Depending on a person’s level of comfort with being open and honest with others is the degree in which they’re comfortable in the dream with being naked,” said Nordmann.

Another common dream involves being unprepared for work or school. Nordmann says that one is fairly easy to understand. “They’re all different variations of the same idea: the need to be prepared in life and to visualize and what steps need to be taken to be fulfilled in that way.”

But the most common dream people have, according to Nordmann, is having their teeth fall out. It could mean you’re on information overload. “When your teeth are falling out in a dream”, he explained, “your teeth are sort of the first line of assimilation of food but in the dream state it’s the first line of assimilating that knowledge or processing it.”

The School of Metaphysics is accepting new students for an upcoming class. For more information about the school click here to check out their website.


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  1. Donna says:

    No , to Dream of losing your teeth means a loss , to lose all your teeth means death , a loss , when you lose a few teeth it means a fight which will end with a loss of a friend or someone dear , it can also mean a loss in confidence , after the fight , to lose any of your body part , its a loss , you can almost bet on that one , its a bad dream to lose your teeth , I’m a Demonolgist , and study my dreams and others for 26 years !!!

  2. Donna says:

    No just read his paragraph again , where is he getting that sure your teeth are for crushing your food and everything that enters your body goes through your mouth , I think I see what he is saying on that one I can understand him , what food where you eating was it good are bad , see I know what he is saying and I can see that , but also depending on the food to , if it was bitter then nah not good if you where eating strawberries and your tooth breaks it means you will have a disagreement with someone on your fortune , , so yes I can see where he is coming from , but to lose your teeth is a loss ,

  3. Marsha Nivens says:

    I had the same dreams ,(3) over & over for years now I don’t remember if i dream at all. I knew they had to mean something I’m not good at putting down on print these dreams but I still remember them. One was about a large snake trying to get me & it was so big it wraped around the house, & I flew out a window One was about boys trying to get me & my mother while we were hanging out clothes then I flew away.. I can’t remember the other right now but for years it was over & over again. Oh yea at times in the cloths dream me & my mother ran to the front door of the house she would shut the door in my face then I would fly away. I remember as if it was a movie . Why would I have reoccurent dreams for years?

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