FWPD: No Gunman Found At JPS Health Clinic

FORT WORTH (CBSDFW.COM) – Officials with the Fort Worth Police Department say they have been unable to find the possible gunman that sent dozens of officers, a SWAT Team and a hostage negotiator to the JPS Health Center-South Campus in Fort Worth.

As of 11:50 a.m. police were searching the South Campus clinic room-to-room, but the majority of the scene in the 2500 block of Circle Drive had cleared.

At 10:30 a.m. Fort Worth Police Department Lt. Henderson said there were “a number of employees” inside the building. “They [the employees] have been sheltered in place. They’ve locked down in place. We’re in contact with them. We know where they’re at. There have no reports of any shooting or any injuries,” he explained.

About 15 minutes later police began taking employees out of the building in handcuffs. Authorities had each individual in handcuffs to ensure their safety and also as a precaution in case one of the people inside is the suspect they’re looking for.

Police took the people from the clinic to the Worth Baptist Church, just southeast of the clinic, on Campus and Raymond Barber. Authorities have a list of the people that were supposed to be inside the clinic and cross referenced that with the individuals removed from the building.

All of those people were later verified as having business in the clinic and were taken to police headquarters for counseling/debriefing.

Fort Worth SWAT was deployed and more than dozen JPS Police and FWPD squad cars were called to the scene and the parking lot surrounding the clinic was evacuated.

According to Lt. Henderson, an employee at the clinic thought they saw a man with a gun just before 8 a.m.  The employee left the scene and contacted police. “When we were called and when we responded we immediately set a perimeter and since we set that perimeter up there has been no one, fitting the possible description, seen leaving the building,” Lt. Henderson explained.

As a precaution the New Lives School, in the 1500 block of Circle Drive was put on lockdown.  New Lives is an alternative school and while authorities say there was no direct threat to the school they wanted to keep everyone inside.

Nearby O.D. Wyatt High School and Clifford Davis Elementary weren’t placed on lockdown, but were instructed to lock their doors.

The South Campus clinic offers medical services for the southern region of Fort Worth, including pediatric and women’s services. The clinic will remain closed for rest of the day.


One Comment

  1. Anthony W Fennell sr. says:

    I think this is a pretty cool web site. However, there should be a way to look at things like the JPS south campus situation in live action!

  2. Bgent says:

    I have a longtime friend who works there. She sent me a text at 8:23am to please pray because of it.

  3. Mary Barrett says:

    Usually at a hospital they have security cameras in the hallway, does this
    hospital not have cameras?

  4. Atodap says:

    This facility has no security what so ever! The employees are constantly at risk and they have expressed the need for some sort of security. No metal detectors, No psych technitian, nothing. When dealing with the mentaly unstable….you must take precations! I would be suing for mental anguish!

    1. JPS Employee says:

      People try to sue for every little thing that is why this world is the way it is for dumb things like this… Maybe the lady just saw someone walking around and she did not know what to do but call the police because she thought she saw something (gun) which was the right thing to do for her saftey and her co-works saftey also…

  5. JPS Employee says:

    It is not a hospital.. It is a campus with offices.

  6. JB says:

    The JPS at this location is an outpatient clinic not an in patient facility. JPS in patient facility/hospital is downtown.

  7. Mark Coomes says:

    I am disturbed the police removed people in handcuffs. That seems very odd to me.

    1. Harper McGowen says:

      Were people removed in handcuffs?…if so that would be false arrests…that disturbs me as well. Fear is an unfortunate thing…it goes on in Neighborhood watch programs and networking of those that act out of fear and not reality.

    2. Old Sarge says:

      I, as a law enforcement officer of forty-three years, am very disturbed by that. Most of this reaction today seems like gross over-reaction to me. And the poor writing on this story reminds me that this is really a TV media site and not a written media site. They really need some proof-readers, IMHO.

  8. jps employee says:

    its not odd at all. its called proper police work. they have no clue who the gunman could be (if there was one) and it could be an employee, patient, relative, who knows. they did the safe thing, and the right thing to ensure everyones safety. who knows, if there was a gunman and they were ‘scheduled’ to be there, they could’ve stashed the gun somewhere and came out with everyone.

  9. Bgent says:

    My friend who works there just sent me a text.. they still have them in a meeting and she needs a cigarette break really, really bad lol.

  10. luner says:

    Wish to be on tv and every one a day off how cool is that. With the weekend coming up.

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