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ERCOT Defends Handling Of Power Emergency

By Robert Wood, NewsRadio 1080 KRLD

AUSTIN (CBSDFW.COM) – The power emergency is over for the time being, but ERCOT officials still say conservation is the name of the game while the temperatures are still colder than normal.

ERCOT CEO Trip Doggett says the bottom line cause of the power emergency was the cold that caused things to freeze. “In some cases frozen pipes, frozen valves, frozen control equipment, such as monitors.”

Doggett says plants are winterized but in this case that wasn’t enough and he’s not sure why just yet.

Doggett says there wasn’t more notice to the public because things just moved too quick as 50 plants experienced some kind of outage and steps had to be taken fast to ensure the whole system didn’t go down. “We’ll continue to look at opportunities to improve those lines of communications, but unfortunately many of these events will unfold quickly and it’s often a challenge to broadcast that info.”

During the power emergency one part of the grid continued to perform. While traditional power plants had enough problems with the cold that 50 of them shut down, the state’s wind farms kept going says Wind Coalition executive director Paul Sadler.

Sadler says what that means is the more power sources the state has the better. “Diversification of our energy sources is a good thing. It’s good for our state, it strengthens our state.” He says according to ERCOT records wind power continued to meet its part of the demand throughout the crisis.


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  1. lets hear says:

    Its not handling, its called stonewalling. For years ERCOT has bragged how the State of Texas has its very own grid – thanks, of course, to ERCOT – and, no matter how hot it was or cold it was, Texas would be insulated from having to “borrow” from any other grids across the country. If this were true, why did we have “rolling blackouts” plus, why was it necessary to ask Mexico to send help from their grid? Did ERCOT “sell” to Oklahoma’s or Arkansas’ grid at the price of last resort leaving Texas’ residents without heat?

  2. Blame Game says:

    Conservation is the name of the game ? Say What ?
    Here is the translation to English for the ordinary Texas folks:

    We got some fancy new alternative energy schemes brewing here at the home office (ERCOT) and we are just dying to unleash this stuff on you sorry a$$es as soon as we get approval to jack up your ute bill to the high heavens. Oh and that might not be enough as you will need to pay extra for the Blackout-Avoidance package. Be prepared to donate an arm, a leg and possible your 1st born to signup for this new plan. And I hope to see ya’ll on Super Sunday as me and my brothers in crime we be in the Executive Suite. Thank You Very Much.

    Lame Excuse..OUT

  3. Dot says:

    We did not know what a “rolling blackout” was until it had already hit our neighborhood at 7am. When the power kicked back on, the transformer blew in our section and we were without power for 36 hours. We did not know to expect it or to turn off appliances and heat pump while it was off. People should have been well-educated before this was attempted.

  4. Gary says:

    They have been a number of times that ERCOT has bragged how Texas was better off having its own separate grid and not attaching to any Federal national grid network. Well the short sighted folly of “Texas Independency” has been clearly demonstrated.

    Also the lack of a well thought out workable brown out plan is clearly a very big embarrassment and injury to all Texas electrical users. If a major assembly plant corporation operated the way that ERCOT does the management would be fired. Governor Perry points to how poorly run and inefficient things are run by the Fed’s in Washington, well surprise this is just as bad and its call all caused within the Great State of Texas bureaucrats in Austin.

    Clearly some major changes to ERCOT management are needed. However we don’t need more ERCOT executive managers and Austin politicians just talking about the problem and sweeping the matter under the rug, we need positive plan of action. We need a good practical brown out plan that is workable (hopefully that we will not need to use). Connecting to the National grid in neighboring states should be part of any “Texas Electrical Grid Plan”, it’s kind of like having a spare tire in your car, and you hope you never need it, but in case you do – it’s there.

  5. bknharley says:

    Excuses are like part of our anatomy everybody has one.! If you Mr. Doggett are the one who gave the order to do these outages you are messing with human life. As far as I know there is only one person who has that privilage and it is not you. Hope you can sleep at night.

  6. e says:

    Who works at ERCOT? Educated stupid people.

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