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Why Was Cowboys Stadium Exempt From Blackouts?

By Jack Fink, CBS 11 News

DALLAS (CBSDFW.COM) – As brief power outages rolled across the state on Wednesday, certain places were intended to be exempt from a temporary loss of electricity. That included hospitals, nursing homes, fire stations, police stations, other emergency response facilities… and Cowboys Stadium?

When officials with Oncor said that the Arlington site of Sunday’s Super Bowl XLV would not be a part of the rolling outages, many residents became furious. But this was not entirely a choice made by the local utility company.

With thousands of reporters huddled in North Texas hotels and thousands of rabid football fans attending the NFL Experience at the Dallas Convention Center, and two football teams preparing to do battle on the field of Cowboys Stadium this Sunday, the North Texas Super Bowl XLV Host Committee had a big request to make. “It is vitally important we don’t have blackouts,” said committee vice president Tony Fay.

Fay asked the City of Dallas, the City of Fort Worth and the City of Arlington to ensure that rolling blackouts did not prevent planned events from happening at Super Bowl venues. That news really steamed up some homeowners who were left without power for hours. “We’re not prioritizing,” said frustrated Plano resident Allen Hooser. “Hospitals and the grocery store, which is out. But for a PR stunt, where you can go throw a football, you have power and heat.”

“Not because of any preferential treatment. Not because we’re trying to protect VIPs or celebrities,” Fay explained. “It is a public safety issue.” According to Fay, if there was to be a blackout at an NFL venue, then there would be no way to screen for security.

Oncor is among the utility companies which are implementing rolling blackouts. Company spokeswoman Megan Wright said that public safety is crucial. “The Central Business District in Dallas has multiple high rises where there could be lots of people,” Wright explained. “If they lose power, it could be a bad safety situation.”

But there is another, unavoidable reason that Cowboys Stadium will not experience a blackout. That venue sits on multiple power grids. If one goes out, another flips on seamlessly, without any interruption to power. So, although one grid might see a blackout, the rolling outage process ensures that the stadium is always receiving power from another grid.

Downtown Dallas and Fort Worth are also on multiple, redundant power grids.

According to Oncor, businesses and residents can pay extra money to be on multiple power grids, but it could cost hundreds of thousands of dollars for the infrastructure to be set up. And even then, technically, rolling blackouts could still be possible to those people.

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  • nugy

    sports is more important than keeping the kids warm

    • jb

      I think the irony and sarcasm of your post escaped notice.

      • jb

        this is in reference to the comment by NUGY

    • befitz

      nugy, you may purchase a generator at home depot. They were open yesterday, I went myself. And for as little as $500, an electrician can supply you with the connection to keep your gas heated house warm and refrigerator cold during future blackouts. YOU ARE A FOOL to think that you a priority to your power company(or your government, for that matter). Learn to take care of your own problems and emergencies. You will be glad you did.

      • happy

        hello epsteins mother.
        The reason one buys a generator is the same reason one buys insurance. There are no guarantees in life. Evenif you are paying tremendous amounts of money for electricity, like all things the supply system is not infallable. I personally live 3 miles from the largest nuke gen site in the country(Palo Verde) and alawys suffer blackouts for 10 mins to a couple days.
        Grow up and take responsibility for your necessitys in life.

      • x man

        Epstein’s Mother… you pay for electricity used. If it’s not working, you’re not paying! Chew on that!

      • Chris

        It’s not about if I had power- or if YOU had power.. who has a generator- who doesnt.. go get your own generator…you’re missing the point!!
        the TRUE question is: WHY did they CHOOSE to cut the power to two of the largest hospitals in the state (one of them being CHILDREN’S) instead of cutting the power to the Stadium… ?? If given a choice- I would have HAPPILY sacrificed my power for the ENTIRE day to keep the lights on at the hospital… for the Super Bowl?? not so much.. sure people at home- fend for yourselves!! but people in the hospital?? truely SHAMEFUL!!

      • nunyabiz

        @Epstein’s Mother from that take. Don’t you think that the Stadium Owner, The NFL and whoever is involved has paid much much much more than you? As the article said they HAVE paid for the infrastructure so that they would be much less likely to lose power. So by your own reasoning they would get the service first shouldn’t they?


        The VALUE AND WORTH of humans lives are beeing ignored for the sake of a dollar. Without a notice a dialysis clinic lost it’s electricity during a blackout, 12 people were stranded with blood circulating on NON-FUNCTIONING machines while the Cowboy Stadium was being supplied with electricity…..ERCOT,by laws, must inform the public that a blackout would occur.PLEASE THINK ABOUT, If conserving electricity was an issue, the Cowboy Stadium and ALL Superbowl Venue would have been included…..MAJOR HOSPITALS which care for critically ill patients barely hanging on to life were including in the rolling blackout, but SUPERBOWL VENUES remained suppled. COWBOYS STADIUM USES ENOUGH ELECTRICITY TO SUPPLY 21 Super Wal-marts and more electicity than most mid-size cities. Factor in the amount of electriciy used to supply the numerous Superbowl venues….THE FACT OF THE MATTER IS THAT PEOPLE SUFFERED DURING THE ROLLING BLACKOUT FOR THE SAKE OF A DOLLAR……HUMAN LIFES OR SPORTS ENTERTAINMENT…..YOU CAN NEVER PUT A PRICE ON A PERSON’S LIVE

      • Deborah

        befitz, not everyone has $500.00 laying around these days to run to home depot and buy a generator and hire an electrician. So I think keeping the hospitals electricity on is far more important than keeping Super Bowl business going. Homes should then be the next priority to keep warm.

      • Tax Slave

        Shouldn’t the STADIUM buy it’s own backup generators?

      • ron

        Right on sounds like a true self efficient American. Very few these days. What is sad that a Hospital with all the millions they make does not have back generators. They cause their own problems.

      • DHD

        Good job Befitz. Everyone doesn’t have $500 to buy a generator on the fly, but if they are working and own a home then they should be able to save that up throughout the year and make that type of investment.
        People have gotten to the point that they expect everything to be given to them. I don’t have one yet, but it’s been part of my plan for home improvement. Cut that cable/satellite, coach purse, video games etc.. out for a just a little bit. Work a little overtime.
        If they don’t want to do that. Here’s another. WRITE YOUR CONGRESSMAN.

      • Epstein's Mother

        @DHD, I don’t think it’s that people want things given to them. I think they want what they pay for. If I’m paying a lot for my electric bill, why should I have to go out and spend $500 on a backup generator? You seem to be confusing a private service contracted and paid for with some kind of gov’t largesse. Try to pay more attention to what’s actually going on, rather than jumping to some confusion based on some radio talk show host you really weren’t listening to that closely anyway.

      • mitch

        Excellent reply!!!!

      • Johnny Yank

        When are you rednecks down in Texas going to realize that the Super Bowl is more important to the rest of the country than your stupid people?

      • Epstein's Mother

        It’s a contract. The electric companies don’t offer to provide me electricity when they feel like it, or as long as someone else doesn’t pay them more. They offer to provide me with electricity absent something preventing them from doing so.

        And, yes, the NFL is probably paying them more. But I’d bet any one of you good money that they are paying a lot less per kilowatt.

        Chew on that

      • Rick

        With our current idiot in chief, does anyone really have any extra money lying around? I think it all went to illegal immigrants medical coverage, welfare, and affirmative action. After all those taxes, I’m wiped out.

      • Cowboy

        What hospital does not have a backup generator???

      • dee

        now if only jerry jones had $500 to buy backup generators. but jerry has never taken care of his own problems on his own dime, too many willing taxpayers to pay for him.

    • Patrick

      The NFL will soon be reduced to what it truly is…..trivial, irrelevant, ….a vulgar display of the old economy.

      • European American

        And Heartland Patriot.

        You are caught up thinking that if one is not a Neo Con then they are a Socialist Liberal. Sorry, but both sides are part of that same failing “old economy”. You are a dying breed HP and the sooner you snap out of Denial, the better chance you will have to survive when the lights go out.

        For you HP and those on both the Left and Right

        Denial is a defense mechanism, in which a person is faced with a fact that is too uncomfortable to accept and rejects it instead, insisting that it is not true despite what may be overwhelming evidence. The subject may use:
        simple denial – deny the reality of the unpleasant fact altogether
        minimisation – admit the fact but deny its seriousness
        projection- admit both the fact and seriousness but deny responsibility.

      • European American

        You’re absolutely right, Patrick. The “Old Economy” is based on selfishness and greed. It doesn’t work. Clearly we are headed into the abyss unfortunately most Americans haven’t got a clue what’s massively looming on the horizon.

        The Normalcy Bias

        The normalcy bias refers to a mental state people enter when facing a disaster. It causes people to underestimate both the possibility of a disaster occurring and its possible effects. This often results in situations where people fail to adequately prepare for a disaster, and on a larger scale, the failure of the government to include the populace in its disaster preparations. The assumption that is made in the case of the normalcy bias is that since a disaster never has occurred that it never will occur. It also results in the inability of people to cope with a disaster once it occurs.

        People with a normalcy bias have difficulties reacting to something they have not experienced before.

        People also tend to interpret warnings in the most optimistic way possible, seizing on any ambiguities to infer a less serious situation.

      • Heartland Patriot

        So, the “old economy”, huh? What is the NEW economy, the one that Obama and the Democrat Party and their liberal progressive friends want? And do you think everyone is going to turn into soccer fans? YOU are a joke, indeed.

      • TJ The anti-Jeryy

        oh God…Its another hang out at starbucks all day, pseudo-intelectual…here to tell us all how stupid we are along with the European American…Its so bad here yetthey left Europe and want to write here how stupid you are for not thinking the way they do…Yes, bash me for misspellings since you two are smarter and more Obama loving.

        The stadium didnt lose power because of security?Weak reasoning…They would actuall y have to do good old fashioned police like work and put the laptop down…Isnt that why the terrorists are winning?They are low tech..

      • Cowboy

        “old economy”

        That’s funny…

    • frank

      They are thinking of the MILLIONS of dollars around the world that are at stake…..the money trial has taken over the importance of a sport where the two bests compete but somewhere along the line, it got off track, or allowed itself to. Yes I will watch anyhow from up here in snowbound MA

      • KayleighBear

        Larry, I’m not sure what a “breading cess pool” is, but our bread in Massachusetts is DELICIOUS. So, I would take my anti-Massachusetts comments elsewhere buddy. We love our bread up here and we don’t want your kind BREEDING and eating all of our delicious, scrumptous bread. Oh, one more thing, Laaaaarry…Please offers examples of how Massachusetts is what you say it is. You don’t back up your statement at all, really poor argument. ;)

      • Chris

        I must say- that the idea of Parkland Hospital && Childrens going without power for any ammount of time, not only calls for a public out cry, but a change of electric policy. Drama? no not so much. If YOUR baby was 9 weeks premature, & on a respirator…how would YOU feel about say..the power going out and it taking the hospitals generator between 30seconds and 2 minutes to come on?? Do you think your baby would survive that?? Sure the hospitals have generators, but they do take awhile to turn on. if it was MY child, there would be a lot more than DRAMA to deal with. But, you know… so long as the celebrities at the Super Bowl stay warm..that makes you feel better right?

      • larry

        MA is the breading cesspool for the entire situation this country is in -that toilet should be flushed permanently.

      • corn

        How would you decide on this? We must protect the nursing home old folks, or we must protect the millionaires over in the stadium? How about this then, we must protect the folks in surgery with open hearts now going on, or the folks in the stadium with hundreds of millions of dollars at stake here?

      • Kristy

        Oh please, the hospitals have power and so do the nursing homes. Don’t be so dramatic.

      • Darrell

        ALL hospitals and nursing homes have back up generators and automatic transfer switches that automaticall kick in whenever there is a power loss.

        These are tested monthly to make sure they are in working order.

        Beyond that Hospitals and Nursing homes are normally exempt from any rolling balck outs and I would assume this to be the case here.

      • Cowboy

        Actually. across the country “the sport” still gets played for nothing but pride and competition.

    • Beth

      Because Jerry Jones doesn’t have to follow ANY of the rules around here! As a matter of fact, he gets to make up his own rules! It’s complete BS and I am sick of it! Go back to Arkansas Jerry Jones! You’re not wanted here.

      • Cowboy

        The 4,000 or so people employed by the stadium being there probably disagree…

      • Tommy Chapman

        Jerry has no say since the Cotton Bowl, NFL has had complete control….

    • bigfoot

      Jerry Jones and Company will keep the power on at all costs…until the one day that maybe his team can once again rule the super Bowl…

      when will we all wake up…money speaks..and if you dont have any..then you lost your right to complain

    • Scott Martin

      Why didn’t Jerry just call GOD and tell him to warm things up? Stop blaming Jerry Jones, stop blaming the rich. It all comes down to rotten favors done by dirty politicians. Politics kept the power on, to ensure Dallas has a future chance at hosting a Super Bowl. Perhaps they will rebuild the houses that burned out due to the blackouts and the health care for the children that got sick.

      • corn

        THE BUCK STOPS HERE! Damocratic President Obama! Let’s not forget that Americans put a Kenyan citizen in the White House…..You have’nt seen nothing yet folks!

      • Tj

        exactly…Im sick of the fake,self serving do gooding pr by the slant 45 ilk…Once the game is over, so is the care for the community…Its all so fake.

    • Ashley

      Fact is, LIFE IS NOT FAIR! So instead of sitting here complaining and whining, suck it up, get over it, and move on! Who cares if they didn’t blackout the stadium for the Super Bowl, is this really the most important thing in your life right now??? Looks like we have our priorities mixed up because this is petty nonsense. Because in the end IT IS WHAT IT IS! The sooner you realize this the happier you will be.

    • KS H

      I worked for a utility company, and what is probably true here is that the business customers come first because they pay higher rates and are open using electricity during peak rate hours – like cell phone plans.

    • Dr. Boo

      “I believe that all government is evil, and that trying to improve it is largely a waste of time.” ~ H. L. Mencken


    • Jeff

      That’s exactly right. Football fanatics are truly twisted. They think the world revoved around a child’s game played by overgrown children with an epic sense of entitlement. Then they revel in violence while cities build billions dollar stadiums with tax dollars but won’t build schools.

      • Cowboy

        It’s a “child’s game” when played by children.

        It’s an entertainment business that employs many Americans when played by grown-ups.

    • TJ

      yes…at least to those and the fake slant 45 crew.

    • John Connor

      Boycott the Superbowl. Stop the New world order.

      • Cowboy

        On 2.


    • vernon Todd

      How would they sedate the sheeple and distract them from world events without the distraction of football, basketball, hockey, etc.? American morons deserve what is coming.

      • Cowboy

        What is coming is the Superbowl.

        And disappointed anti-Americans.

      • BigWi

        Whats coming is a Packer Win

    • rusky

      Typical comment. They must keep the power or they would have mayhem. Why can’t family, friends and neighbors get together and aide themselves anymore??? This has become such a pansy nation.

    • rusky

      Typical comment. They must keep the power or they would have mayhem. Why can’t family, friends and neighbors get together and aide themselves anymore??? This has become such a pansy nation.

    • T.M. Harmony

      I am a teacher – I’m not in the Dallas area – but close enough. Our power went out FIVE times and one of them for a pretty long time. Public safety issue? Call it what you want. It is about POWER and not electricity. What about the public safety of what’s really important? Our Texas school children. And seriously — their health. A children’s hospital and schools without power vs. Jerry’s World. Fail. Whomever made this decision gets an “F.”

  • Linda Bailey

    Follow the money and the wealthy. That’s why the stadium still has power,


      THE VALUE OF A HUMAN LIFE IS BEING SACRIFICED FOR A DOLLAR……The truth and the reality of the matter is BEING IGNORED. I would have NEVER imagined that MAJOR HOSPITALS that care for CRITICALLY ill patients on were INCLUDED in the rolling blackout….The Superbowl committee raised the questions of public safety, BUT EVERYTIHING SPEAKS FOR ITSELF. Where is the safety for the MAJOR HOSPITALS? Where was the safety for the concerned grandmother that used the heat lamp of her grandaugher’s rockwall hospital room to warm her VULNERABLE NEW BORN GRANDCHILD…..Where was the conern for the elderly low income families that live in inadequate housing and must use electrical heaters to keep warm? THE REALTIY OF THE MATTER IS THAT HUMAN LIVES WERE BEING IGNORED FOR THE SAKE OF A DOLLAR……What is the aftermath? According to wfaa, a local news company, ELECTRIC CUSTOMERS COULD PAY DEARLY FOR BLACKOUTS. Without electricity for 15 minutes to 2 hours, electricity restored for 30 minutes and cycle continues for 8 hours, the result for MANY LOW INCOME FAMILIES, and many others COULD BE A LOST OF ELECTRICITY…..Low income families struggle to pay bills, with an increase it really mean living without electricity. Yet I ask, WHERE IS TTHE SAFETY AND SECURITY?

    • sean

      Exactly right Linda. Money and the wealthy unfortunately speak very LOUDLY in this country. forget the families with small children. They don’t need power. Just make sure this celebrity obsessed culture of ours can keep up to date on what these overpaid morons are up to the week leading up to the game.

      • Cowboy

        Tell it to all the vendors, ticket takers, ushers, parking attendants, …

    • respectprivacy

      You are so ignorant! How much money are you making from the Superbowl? Neither am I! Yet your tax dollars are being used to make out-of-towners, Jerry Jones and our politicians carpet bag our tax dollars! You bet I’m a “cry baby” when it comes to my tax dollars to profit non-taxpayers! If we don’t “cry” about it, then we just accept it! You are a good sheep.

      • the right

        Your city is making a MILLIONS on this superbowl so shut up.

      • Jahnke

        And the taxpayers pay BILLIONS for services, so, learn to speak English properly, use correct punctuation … and shut up.

      • Doofus

        But how comes you not know how to spell your name right ?

        HuhJunky, what you be on today, you look like you all strung out on English bro

      • Bus Driver

        Dude, get a grip, you need to step back and look at the BIG PICTURE. Jerry’s Palace attracts new and repeat BUSINESS to the immediate area via Hotel, Shopping, Gas, etc that draw very large Tax gains that easily offset Stadium subsides given to Jerry. Jerry makes NO money from all those additional shoppers at the local stores, those new hotel reservations, all those gallons of gasoline bought nearby. In the overall scheme of things the Taxpayers will make out like bandits, you can thank me later.

        Consider yourself “schooled” and there will be absolutely no charge for this lesson as I consider it a public service.
        They call me the BUS DRIVER because I take everyone to school.

      • timmy o t

        thank god there is no charge…..the lesson was void of any real world truth and completely misses the bigger picture of whats going on globally.

    • Chooch Badoosh

      Dave, stop defending an ideal that doesn’t apply to you. Unless you can shell out $4,000 a ticket, you are simply defending the super rich and a game over the well-being of your fellow man.

      And if the event shuts down the economy will be just fine. It’s not like DFW needed the Super Bowl in order to keep us afloat in 2011.

    • A Conservative

      Well, the argument for building this ridiculous stadium was the economy.
      They’ll bring the SuperBowl to Arlington. Of course, the fact that the Superbowl takes place when N Texas weather is the MOST unpredictable makes SO much sense. Now residents are home bound and cannot get out for all this Superbowl Celebrations. Mark my word, the press may never report it, but this will cost the metroplex money in the long run.

      And those silly whiners whose land was ruled “Eminent domain ” so Jerry Jones could have his stadium. And whiney critical care hospitals expecting to exempt, as they were promised, from rolling blackouts. But,hey, who needs critical care during an ice storm?
      Ever think of the businesses affected by hour long outages? Wow….really helpful for the economy. Oh wait, I forgot. They are just liberal old whiney whiners, aren’t they Dave?

      • HT

        you forgot to mention the fact that this is a sick representation of how we as America conduct our lives, we care more about a football game than our neighbors life or our local jobs….what is wrong with us? no wonder we have people around the globe chanting “jihad” and spewing their hatred of America (ns)

    • jack

      Dave the best part of you ran down your mother’s leg.

    • Hemroidious

      dave probably likes to sniff Jocky straps.

    • BB

      That is a lovely idealistic perspective but we have people here who did not have power for more than 18 hours during the coldest days in 15 years here. My elderly inlaws had to stay with us last night because of this and they not only needed heat but electricity for oxygen. That stadium should have been part of that “energy saving” rolling blackout just like everyone else. It’s a little more complicated than ‘putting on a coat’. Not everyone has family they can got to and the hotels are overpriced and booked for the game. This city’s priorities are out of whack. Just like the school districts that build giant football stadiums for the schools but don’t supply enough textbooks. There is more to life than football.

      • JM

        I am so ashamed of our city and our Govt. It no longer is about the people!! It is about money and greed!! When a city has rolling black outs that include hospitals, emergency serv and homes where the elderly, sick and our children are and the SUPER DOME is not effected or encluded in the rolling black out because they might loose money!!!! This is so sad!!! I do not care if I ever see another football game!!

    • Patrick

      @dave….so you play the Patriot Act card.

  • Greg Hackworth

    and there safety is more important than ours?

    • LauraJean

      Perhaps they are referring to the possibility of terrorist activity at the Super Bowl? That is a definite possibility, so I can definitely see the need to be vigilant in advance of the event. However, someone else’s suggestion regarding Jerry Jones providing his own backup power for that stadium seems right on to me.

      • European American

        Terrorist attack? If you believe that then you believe arabs flew planes into the twin towers. LOL

        Wake up Americans!


      • Ana

        I agree with you that the concern is perhaps preventing a possible terrorist activity.

    • tj

      yes it is…Now your getting it.

      • Bob

        I believe Arab terrorists did in fact fly planes into both main towers at the WTC, but not into Building 7, which nobody wants to address because it raises too many questions. This is why we know the investigation was a whitewash, and the terrorists who hit the twin towers were essentially allowed to do so. People who lost loved ones on 9-11 to this day run commercials in NYC inquiring about Building 7’s implosion. However, no action is taken by authorities on the local, state or federal levels.

  • Golfnut6

    All caused by frozen pipes at two coal fired electric generating plants where backup gas fired plants failed to take up the slack.

  • Jane

    I hate the NFL, I am not not watching the stupid superbowl!!

    • Person

      The Superbowl hates you and is happy you aren’t watching. Goodbye

      • tj

        and loves you because you buy their garbage and fake good intentions.

    • Patrick

      Careful Jane…you might be put on a “watch list”.

    • tom

      Spare us! The Superbowl brings millions of dollars into the community its played in. Millions of tax dollars spent on hospitals that have backup generators to begin with. Football is a large part of our culture whether you like it or not. Now go back to hanging out with your cats.

  • concerned

    They say it is a safety issue, however I would think hospitals, fire and police stations, nursing homes would carry a higher safety concern. Whatever they say the NFL and the host committee is only concerned about their game and image.

    • Jeff

      They are only concerned about the television advertising revenue. If a few hundred thousand people are left in the cold and dark, that’s acceptable. But the loss of a footbally game is unthinkable to the moronic fans and the greedy players and owners.

      • Cowboy

        The stadium workers say otherwise…

  • eanmdphd

    Regarding the need for electricity reference “security” at the NFL event: Don’t they have generators at the security points?

    Surely if you rely on generators for hospitals, you can rely on them for security.

    • kentex1146

      The problem with your premise is that it makes sense.

      • eanmdphd

        Being sensible has its limits.

      • Mike


      • Heartland Patriot

        The problem with you is that you are a disgruntled Bill White loving loser who wants to stir up trouble…sorry your little pal lost the election…get OVER IT!

  • http://topsy.com/dfw.cbslocal.com/2011/02/03/why-was-cowboys-stadium-exempt-from-blackouts/?utm_source=pingback&utm_campaign=L2 Tweets that mention Residents Angry Stadium Power Not Affected... -- Topsy.com

    […] This post was mentioned on Twitter by Drudge Report, Vince Humphreys, Drudge Siren, Jason Blickenstaff, Lee M. Hughes and others. Lee M. Hughes said: RT @Drudge_Report: Residents Angry Stadium Power Not Affected… http://drudge.tw/h20hpm […]

  • kentex1146

    Originally there was an attempt to obfuscate the truth by saying that the reason the stadium wasn’t affected by the rolling blackouts was because the sophisticated internal electrical system at Jerry’s Death Star could overcome a disruption of power to the stadium.

    Which was complete, utter nonsense and the obfuscation didn’t sell.

    • befitz

      I do not doubt for a second that a backup power plan is in place at the Jerryworld. And for a few extra thousand dollars, I’d bet that today Mr. Jones could produce close to 80% of all the electricity he needs. It’s the cost of doing business. Read my post above. Learn to take care of yourself and quit complaining.

    • DHD

      Doesn’t the article state that the stadium is on multiple power grids? Something any homeowner can have added if they wish to incur the cost.
      This was done so that they would not lose power in the event of an unexpected power outage on any occasion.
      It seems to me that the represenative was requesting that during these rolling blackouts the stadium not be completely without power from all electical grids at the same time.

      • Anthony Madrid

        It might, but Oncor already came out and said they specifically gave the place an exemption.

  • Steve

    If we black out the site of the Super Bowl the terrorists will win!

    • Sherri V

      Cowboy fans will win too if Jerry is located on site

    • pnamajck

      the terrorist wins ONLY when every opposition ceases to exist . . . i.e. when everyone else is dead. there will always be terrorists . . . it the perpetuation lies within the human genome.

      if you get rid of the muslim extremists (and other religious apartheid) . . . common “bullies” will take up the directive and become terrorists.

      as for jerry jones . . . he needs to be committed to an insane asylum . . . literally . . . he is way out of control.

      • Person

        WOW, you really went out there didn’t you? Does anybody have a valium for this guy?

    • Patrick

      Yes, and if we don’t bail out Wall Street the terrorists win.

      • Sherri V

        The Wall STreet Terrorists did win.

  • Knowledge

    Bread and circuses in this caes just circuses

  • cgnnightmare

    Hey now. You have to watch the cheerleaders jump and jiggle. It keeps a body warm.

    • beemer

      There are no cheerleaders to this superbowl. They look more like prostitutes nowadays, I don’t see anything of importance they bring to a game, except their dance moves that are more appropriate for poll dances.

      • yerstoopid

        would those be exit polls you halfwit?

  • Barry Bin Inhalin

    The going rate for a SB tic is now an average price of $4653. Dallas is choosing who gets to eat cake.

  • Colleen

    I think people should shut it and be thankful for all of the money coming to your city for hosting the Superbowl. These people have to eat and sleep somewhere!!!

    • Chooch Badoosh

      Show me the proof this revenue is benefiting the common man. The money is lining the pockets of the super rich and no one else. Citing additional revenues for local businesses is exactly how Jerry Jones fleeced the city of Arlington. There has been no proof local businesses are better off today. The only person that is better off is Jerry Jones and that’s a fact.

      • DB

        Of course it’s tough to “prove”, but I think the businesses in the area (hotels that are full to capacity, restaurants that are full, other retail outlets that are experiencing upticks in business) would probably support the theory. As far as ‘benefiting the common man’, there are taxes being paid by these people on the hotels, rental cars, meals, etc.

      • Kristy

        Not to mention all the people who are employed are getting a paycheck and probably some pretty dang good tips.

      • Ladymud

        The “super rich” pay taxes too. The only thing you can’t track is what your local and state governments do with all the tax revenue being generated this week.

      • PD

        Yeah, no. It has been consistently proven that the net effect of these mega-stadiums is a drain on the local economy. The whole “we’ll bring in outside dollars” is a myth made by the owners who benefit from the pampering, and perpetuated by the dullards who follow them.

      • Kristy

        PD, prove it. I live right here in Arlington and I see lots of people that have jobs because of this event. Prove that this isn’t benefiting them.

    • tj

      so how much of that money do you get?

  • http://www.black-and-right.com/2011/02/03/the-br-thursday-edition-81/ The B&R Thursday Edition | Black & Right

    […] victory in 2012 Democrats, now on record, have to go home and run on the ObamaCare they saved Why Was Cowboys Stadium Exempt From Blackouts? Duh… ‘Changes in Egypt could usher in tyranny, not freedom’ Tyranny is one thing […]

  • Sinstar

    What do yo expect when most of America thinks that it is okay to pay athletes and entertainers millions of dollars/yr? Priorities in this country are ass backwards.

    • fmcart

      Who makes that decision? It’s the sports fans and the moviegoers. People are putting their money where it will do THEM the most good. The allocation you want amounts to government redistribution.

  • Good Neighbor

    Maybe if you people would not have intervened in all those power plants that were planned for your state you wouldn’t even have this problem. The people of Texas have nobody but themselves to blame. Do you remember all those coal plants that were cancelled, do you remember why they were cancelled? You people need to direct your ire to the right cause. This is not a rich vs. poor issue, you people need to wake up. Also, the plants you have were not designed for these kind of cold conditiions and durations. But, hey, maybe a new plant or two could have kept up with the demand.

    • Sherri V

      You can blame our fine legislators. AS far as the people, even in Texas, we really don’t have a vote. Our government, Federal and State, is NOT about the people any more. It’s about their own pocket book and their buddies.

      • wussy

        Only because you prefer to whine about it rather than do something about it

      • Sherri V

        Tell us how oh mighty one? We rallied against TARP, they still ignored us.

  • BobB

    Here’s a thought. You’ve already screened the people who are inside. If you have a blackout, close the doors and don’t let anyone come past the security checkpoints until the power is back on. Let them wait, and tell them that it’s for their own safety. Is that so tough to comprehend?

    • Sherri V

      Too logical. Makes way too much sense. Much easier to keep Jerry World afloat at the expense of grandma’s respirator.

      • BB

        You all are exactly right.

      • twit

        Why didn’t you buy grandma a generator -seems to me you dropped the ball. You leech.

  • Alicia

    From what I saw on my tv from Houston, there was quite a bit of inclement weather going on in Dallas yesterday so I am wondering how many people actually came to the NFL stuff anyway, as opposed to ALL the people in the hospitals, police and fire stations NEEDING the electricity to SAVE LIVES!!! The prima Donna attitudes of all things NFL continues to infuriate me and causes me to have great contempt for everything about them! I’m not watching the Super Bowl, never do, but I WILL watch the half time show where the REAL talent will be on display!

    • Ranger

      REAL talent? You mean the Black Eyed Peas who will be lip syncing to a soundtrack?

  • speedy

    if the lights go out in the stadium and football is disrupted riots will break out and many drunken football fans will beat their wifes and girlfriends. football is for drunken lowlife morons.

    • Alicia

      That’s hilarious!!!

  • Chooch Badoosh

    I can’t believe people aren’t more up in arms about this. I love how the term “security” is thrown around, but in actuality it’s about protecting the investment of the super rich at the expense of the common man.

    Yet the common man gives the Superbowl a pass even though they would have to bankrupt themselves to attend.

    No wonder this country has a one way ticket to serfdom.

    • Sherri V

      If we tried to complain, they would throw us in jail. We are just dust particles on their boots.

      • just askin

        Ummm, pretty much this whole comment trail is people complaining. Anybody been thrown in jail yet?

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    […] Why Was Cowboys Stadium Exempt From Blackouts? As power outages rolled across the state, certain places were exempt from electricity loss. That included… Cowboys Stadium? Go to News Source […]

  • Robert Kauffman

    You all need help…What is the big deal. The Superbowl is a major event and shouldn’t be effected if at all possible. The power was normally not out for more than 15 minutes. Yes I was effected, lost some work on my computer I was doing, and I was mad I lost it, but quit looking like a bunch of cry babies acting like your rights were violated. You have a right to breath and speak but quit being a cry baby, noone froze for the limited time they had the power out for.

    • Sinstar

      The big deal is that sporting events should not be a priority during emergencies — hospitals, and other emergency take precedence over a freaking football game. You are one of those individuals I speak of that have their priorities reversed.

    • respectprivacy

      YOU need help! You’ll just accept any half-baked explanation won’t you? Sure, I’ll be fine. No crying about the cold. My power was off for much longer than 15 minutes, so you’re way off here. Just bend-over and accept your tax dollars being used to make out-of-towners, Jerry Jones and politicians even more rich! You’re a good sheep!

      • Robert

        You are more of a sheepal then I since alot of money that these out of towners and media and Jerry Jones is going back into the surrounding areas. Providing jobs for people, money for businesses and good press for our cities. You do realize we live in america, and there is nothing wrong with making money, this is not a rich or poor thing, it is common sense economics. Rich people got their power turned off just like us normal folks. The electric companies did try to take care of all emergency services and people first.

    • Chooch Badoosh

      New flash, Robert. You can’t afford to go to the Superbowl. You will be watching it on the TV like you would whether it was here or anywhere else. Why are you happy to give preferential treatment to a luxury you will never be part of when peoples lives are at risk?

      • fmcart

        Why should anyone’s ability to afford something should affect their opinion of it?

    • BDK




    • KLC

      MAN IT TEXAS? Dumb A#$ your the poster child
      for the internet kill switch just yours that is

    • Robb Nunya

      You really shouldn’t drink and post…

  • Carl

    Given roadway conditions plus the electricity situation, people in non-time sensitive jobs like office workers or those at a manufacturing plant should not have been at work. Yes, there are tall buildings in downtown, many that should have been empty. With smart meters, you would think they could selectively cut off some big, non-essential users like the GM plant, Convention Centers, Cowboys stadium, and the Bank of America tower to just name a few. You don’t need security if you’re not using the facility. Better to disappoint the NFL and lose our shot at another Super Bowl later than have 6 month olds and 85 year olds shivering in their homes.

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