Mansfield Arabic Program On Hold

Updated: Feb 8, 2011 4:30 p.m.

MANSFIELD (CBSDFW.COM) – A Mansfield ISD program to teach Arabic language and culture in schools is on hold for now, and may not happen at all.

The school district wanted students at selected schools to take Arabic language and culture classes as part of a federally funded grant.

The Foreign Language Assistance Program (FLAP) grant was awarded to Mansfield ISD last summer by the U.S. Department of Education.

As part of the five-year $1.3 million grant, Arabic classes would have been taught at Cross Timbers Intermediate School and other schools feeding into Summit High School.

Parents at Cross Timbers say they were caught off-guard by the program, and were surprised the district only told them about it in a meeting Monday night between parents and Mansfield ISD Superintendent Bob Morrison.

The Department of Education has identified Arabic as a ‘language of the future.’ But parent Joseph Balson was frustrated by the past.  “Why are we just now finding out about it?” asked Balson.  “It’s them (Mansfield ISD) applying for the grant, getting it approved and them now saying they’ll go back and change it only when they were caught trying to implement this plan without parents knowing about it.”

Trisha Savage thinks it will offer a well-rounded education.  “I think its a great opportunity that will open doors. We need to think globally and act locally.”

Mansfield ISD says in addition to language, the grant provides culture, government, art, traditions and history as part of the curriculum.

Some parents had concerns over religion.  “The school doesn’t teach Christianity, so I don’t want them teaching Islam,” said parent Baron Kane.  During Monday’s meeting Morrison stressed the curriculum would not be about religion, but about Arabic language and culture, similar to the Spanish curriculum already in place in the district.

Kheirieh Hannun was born in the Middle East but raised in the U.S.  She believes giving students the option to learn Arabic will give her son and others like him the option to learn more about their culture.  “It was surprising, but I think it’s okay, and it will help come down on the stereotype.”   Hannun says she is hopeful the class could broaden the minds of not only students, but also parents.

The FLAP grant was awarded to only five school districts across the country, including Mansfield.  The district says the plan is on hold so it can hear from more parents.  After that evaluation is over, the district says it is possible they might return the grant.

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One Comment

  1. kadja1 says:

    Parents, it is up to YOU what you want your children taught. It is time to tell them how they are going to spend YOUR dime!

    1. Becky says:

      exactly! why would they want our kids to learn a foreign language when we live in America and they should know about our Fore Fathers who founded this nation AND need to know the Constitution Of the USA First and foremost this should be mandatory!

      1. CharliesAngel1020 says:

        uhhh because every other country is ahead of ours academically and we need to do SOMETHING to try and compete with the rest of the world??

      2. Charles Martel says:

        It is better to do nothing than do something stupid. Mandatory Arabic is stupid. We’d be better of bringing back Latin, so at least the students would understand the terms of English grammar and learn where 40% of English vocabulary comes from.

      3. Jay Cunnington says:

        Ite, O Carolus Mallum!

      4. Jay Cunnington says:

        In Illinois one must pass the state and Federal Constitution tests to pass middle school and high school. If it’s not done by high school, it’s then required for an Associate degree.

        I’m not sure, but I believe Wisconsin requires passing a Federal Constitution test as a graduation requirement. I could be wrong and that could be left to separate school district. My daughter’s a junior, so I’ll know by next year.

      5. Jason says:

        Is this somehow mutually exclusive with learning more than one language?

    2. Layla says:

      and the language of the future is CHINESE.

      1. Dennis Rutherford says:

        You got that right. It is no longer you must learn Spanish, that is the language of housekeepers and lawnboys. The Chinese control the purse strings

      2. nman says:

        Chinese isn’t a language.

      3. j_latimer says:

        nman – yes it is. Standard Chinese is the official language of China and Taiwan.

      4. lowtolerance says:

        Well, kinda. If you want to be a star of future in international business, you better take a peek at Africa. Yes, that is the new poster child for low wage developing country manufacturing. How do I know? Traitors I know, I mean former business associates, are already there…

      5. AFmom says:

        to nman Oh No ? well Obama told us that Austrian is a language

      6. robert says:

        Absolutely! The Chinese are the ones we need to understand. If someone WANTS to learn Arabic after they master Chinese, Russian, and Spanish, fine…let ’em have at it!

      7. billy says:

        These kids can barely read english.

      8. Scottcs says:

        Actually, English….China and the rest of the world is working very hard to learn English 🙂

      9. Wang Chung says:

        Yes it is! Chinese may well be the language of business in the near future and the longer this regime is in power, it is almost guaranteed!

      10. Foster Glenwood says:

        “A great civilization is not conquered from without until it has destroyed itself from within.” ~ Will Durant

      11. Boris Yeltsin FBS says:

        Duy-bo chea?

        Ta shyang wo shwo juan-gu-ha.
        Cu Yeah Ming Buy wo ma?
        me guan she-ee … wo bo ming buy ne.

        Dwo Sheyeah.

        Better learn it !


        Excuse Me

        They think I speak Chinese
        Is it possible for you to understand me?
        Does not matter… I could not possibly understand you.

        Thanks Anyhow.

      12. Packer fan says:

        In Janesville Wi, Chinese Is taught in elementry schools

      13. yiddishlion says:

        Hey j_latimer Chinese is NOT a language. nman got it right. You are a poor study. Oh yeah, I studied Mandarin and ALL Chinese would tell you that.

      14. yiddishlion says:

        Here’s the proper link morons.

      15. Your Neighbor says:

        Correct !

      16. Bilbo says:

        yiddish, your own link says otherwise.
        Standard Chinese is the official language of the People’s Republic of China (PRC) and the Republic of China (ROC, also known as Taiwan), as well as one of four official languages of Singapore. It is one of the six official languages of the United Nations.
        Internal divisions of Chinese are usually perceived by their native speakers as dialects of a single Chinese language, rather than separate languages,

      17. Redford says:

        You’re not going to get the world to write lego language. In any case, the whole Chinese thing is a bubble economics.

      18. redneck says:


        Actually, English….China and the rest of the world is working very hard to learn English

        Maybe in the rest of the world.. but not in the US..

      19. Nick says:

        @yiddishlion Hahaha, I love that the link you gave CLEARLY contradicts your own statement! You basically just showed that there are subsets to Chinese.

      20. Irene says:

        we must always insists that the langauge of any future must be ENGLISH. YOU CREEPS

      21. Ron says:

        The Department of Education has identified Arabic as a ‘language of the future.’????? The Department of Education from what county? And, what were they on when they said that? With comments llike that, it’s easy to see why the education of our children is in such bad shape. The grant should be returned or the Arabic language part be eliminated.

    3. Chris says:

      How are you involved in your school district? If the answer is that you are not, then blame only yourself. It is time to wake up, get involved and take this country back–starting at the local level. Throw the school board out at the next election and get involved.

    4. Sheri says:

      This is a backdoor way for the schools to indoctrinate the students in the violent false religion called islam. There are plenty of other languages for students to learn that would be more useful to them when they grow up such as Spanish, French, Latin or Chinese.

      1. Not A Hick says:

        Yes, Texas’ huge oil industry sure does a lot more business with FRANCE than with the Arab world.

        IOW, you are an idiot hick.

      2. Nick says:

        Chinese! Oh no! That would be a back door way for the government to indoctrinate our children Atheism and Buddhism!!!!

        Spanish! Oh no! That would be a back door way for the government to indoctrinate our children to accept Mexicans here! Next thing you know Spanish will be our official language!!!!

        French! Oh no! I’m still calling my French Fries “Freedom Fries” ever since France opposed our liberating of Iraq. If the French would have had there way, those 100,000 civilians that died in Iraq would instead be forced to live under an oppressive regime. No way I’m letting my kids learn French

      3. Major says:

        I lived in Saudi Arabia for five years with my family. 3while there I witnessed first hand the Arabic Culture and I can say without question that to study the Arabic culture is to study Islam. Even the Arabic linguists that study for the Military must learn the basic tenets of Islam in order to learn the language.We must remember that Islam is the heart and soul of the culture of the Arab. Every part of the Arab life is governed by the Koran and that is their culture. I say take care and do not allow this to happen.
        the study of other languages and cultures is not a study of a religion because the culture is not the religion.

      4. Jason says:

        You’re telling me that you lived in an overwhelmingly Muslim, Arabic-speaking culture for 5 years and came out with an (incorrect) impression that all Arabs are Muslim? Shocking.

        ARABS aren’t synonymous with being Muslim, SAUDIS are. I mean, what about all the Arab Christians? There are a LOT of them.

    5. kendrick1 says:

      Correct, Dee!! The beginning of the end for education was with Federal aid to education. The DOE should be abolished, but you give them too much credit by saying they think!!

      Germany and England have already found out that multiculturism does not work. This administration–and apparently some Texas educators– thinks appeasement will work. The muslim nations construe appeasement to be weakness.

    6. jaslinn77 says:


    7. Reality Guy says:

      Learning a foreign language is a excellent idea. The foreign language should be freely chosen by the child and their parents – not forced. Arabic is a beautiful language, but it is the language of a economically and politically backward nations. It has no hook on the world stage so to speak. It will never be a world language such as English, French, Spanish Hindi/Urdu or Chinese. Choice is so important and it must be made freely.

      FYI – Little Belgium has a greater GDP than Saudi Arabia and the US GDP is still 3 times the size of China’s – so why Arabic? Who’s getting a pay off? Utter nonsense…

      Realty Guy

      1. Russ says:

        Because it is greatly needed in the military, pentagon, UN, etc. No one here knows it but many Arabic speaking countries are our biggest enemies. We need to know them and what they are saying. THAT is why its being awarded as a grant.

      2. Joe says:

        Russ, you sound a little paranoid. It’s a 3rd world language pretty much. It will never be used globally in any business sense. My kids will never travel to those countries. I’ve been there so they won’t have to.

      3. Antiruss says:


        Yes, being multilingual is a necessary skill if this country wants to compete economically in the global economy. However, there are currently no Arab speaking countries that have either economic opportunity or near term potential to compete with any G20 country. This program is nothing but a feel good waste of time. If they want to teach foreign languages they should teach Spanish, Mandarin Chinese, German, or Portugese (i.e. Brazil’s language). Each one of these languages is spoken by countries that are going to kick our collective economic axes with the feel good politically correct crowd in charge of our schools.

        This should be a wakeup call for school choice!

      4. mgrimald says:

        Russ, you are absolutely right. The media has done a good job of scaring people not to learn what they should really be aware of and informed about. Fear and prejudice are fed by ignorance, not knowledge. The middle east is supplying most of our fuel, financing our banks, and helping, along with China, to keep the US afloat. It really would be helpful to have a better understanding of what they are saying either in front of us or behind our backs. Not liking their religions, and there are many variations of Islam, has nothing to do with this conversation.

      5. Jimmy says:

        Great Russ. I am glad to finally see our left leaning education experts have awoken to the foreign threat, and are now educating and preparing our elementary aged children to fight our enemies.

      6. Joe says:

        mgrimald, you might want to go look to see who is really providing most of our oil. Become informed before you spout junk.

      7. BW says:

        Islamic countries are still developing both culturally and economically. 2/3rd of Iran’s population is under the age of 30 and most are incredibly tech savvy. Generally speaking, these young populations embrace western culture and oppose their conservative governments (as can be seen by the recent events in Egypt, Tunisia, and Syria). Conditions are ripe for Arabic speaking countries to become the emerging markets of the next 10 years as trade relaxes with western nations. Dubai is actually one of the most pro-American investment communities.

        Succeeding in business is all about finding your niche and differentiating yourself from competition and coworkers. While few people speak Mandarin, it is an incredibly complex and difficult language to learn without full immersion and takes years and years of study to master the correct tones. When Saddam Hussein was captured there were only 12 people in the FBI that were fluent in Arabic.

        I’m by no means saying that Arabic is the language of the future. I am saying that conditions are right for an increased need of Arabic speakers in both the private and public sectors.

      8. lcky9 says:

        @donna is NOT just MUSLIM charter schools they have BLACK.. HISPANIC however all WHITE or American schools MUST be open to all there are NO WHITE (EUROPEAN) charter schools.. WHY is that?? When do we say to all these others SHOVE IT.. this is OUR country..

      9. econ101 says:

        Russ is right. We have few arabic speakers and we need many to monitor radio, tv, internet traffic. And although most Muslim nations can be categorized as third world, there are 1.5 billion Muslims in the world. If only 10% are radical, that means there is a “country” half the size of the US who wants us dead and gone. Damn right we should speak their language. KNOW YOUR ENEMY

      10. Jeffy says:

        um, where did you get your data? Saudi Arabia ($618 billion) has nearly twice the GDP of Belgium ($383 billion), and the US GDP is $14 trillion, to China’s $10 trillion…

        I agree with your point that choice is important – that’s a very valid point. But don’t belittle your point with outright falsehoods.

      11. Brad Skidmore says:

        We have many Arabic speaking linguists in the US Military…

        Research the Defense Language Institute in Monterey California.

      12. Sid says:

        This is sheer madness! Muslim extremists have been quite clear in their intentions of taking over the United States and this is just part of their plan. Should we all just lie down and give them our country, our freedom?

      13. Jewel Atkins says:

        @Brad Skidmore
        We have many Arabic speaking linguists in the US Military…
        Research the Defense Language Institute in Monterey California.

        You can do even better than that, Brad! Go to Lingnet, a Defense Department Language Learning Resource site, and behold a wealth of language learning tutorial treasures. Quite possibly one of the best autodidact sites around for the language lover and language learner.

      14. Spalding says:

        Um, BW, you realize Iran speaks Farsi and not Arabic, right?

      15. Someone else says:

        I am actually in a fix on this issue about arabic, i just dont know if i should do it or not. Well, mostly when i think of arabic i think of dubai, quatar, UAE. Dubai is like the world’d city right now. Arabs are stinking rich, you know the oil and stuff, so people want to do business with them. Check out photos of dubai of late then you will know what i am talking about. I think its good straategy if you are looking to make a lot of money. Forget abt the troubled afghanistan and compony, point is the arabs are currently some of the richest people on earth. If you have noticed, many lucrative deals these days always have those guys with some weird clothes and head gear. Yeah, those are the arabs and they have shares in almost everythung. Wait, who is that who bought Manchester city, and was spending grands buying bid players like robinho tevez, wright philips,adebayor…etc.. Yeah that’s some stinking rich arab, so i think you might want to reconsider…

    8. Alice says:

      I love you Dee!

    9. Sammy B says:

      @ Sheri That “violent false religion called islam”will be around a lot longer than you and your progeny will be.

      1. Bubba says:

        More “religion of peace” threats I see.

      2. justin says:

        that violent false religion will end with the return of Jesus Christ!!!

      3. rationalist says:

        Amen ! And the way things are shaping up, along with the rebirth of Israel in 1948, it doesn’t appear that it be much longer !

      4. Htos1 says:

        No,you forget the military creed:If we can’t have the ball,there won’t be ANY winners next time.Next!

      5. Real Rick says:

        Not at my house. I have enough ammo for most of them.

      6. David says:

        You guess or you hope.

        You surely cannot know.

    10. Russ says:

      Ridiculous! They do have the right to provide our students with a broad range of education, including foreign languages. All this close minded talk is embarassing. Do you know what Chinese students are taught? English. We should have multiple options, including an arabic language class for our students. French and German are so useless anymore. The languages to know are Arabic and Chinese. Just b/c they teach this doesn’t mean they can’t teach other things.

      1. rachel says:

        Chinese are practical people. They teach ENGLISH in China (and everywhere else) because it’s the language of business and science,…and the Chinese want to do business. While Arabic isn’t the language of anything but backwards thinking and hatred. So what practical reason could they have to make it mandatory? Other than PC brainwashing?
        Also, China is a dictatorship where everything they decide becomes mandatory. You want that for America, you idiot?

        If any new languages should be offered (not mandatory) it should be CHINESE, not freaking Arabic!

      2. eib says:

        Arabic is the language of ….. the language of ….. the conqueror of course.

      3. Issachar says:

        That’s not what the Bible says. It says you guys are gonna be eating dirt.

      4. John says:

        >>> We should have multiple options

        Problem is that it is not optional, it is mandatory.

        So the kids will be able to speak arabic but have no idea who James Madison is, which is just the way the government wants it. We wouldn’t want to corrupt all those young minds with notions of freedom and self-rule, would we?

    11. Russ says:

      You assume they don’t teach the Constitution and Bill of Rights. It is important that these languages be taught. Better to teach Arabic than French. What kid is going to use french compared to Chinese or Arabic? You people complaining aobut this is silly. Okay, teach the constitution, but afte the one week you take to do that, teach Arabic/Chinese. The Bill of Rights (first 10 amendments) does not require its own class unless you are in law school. The Bill of Rights can be taught in less than a week. Just reading them takes about 10 minutes. Learning another language helps the kids.

    12. whatever says:

      @Sammy B
      STDs have been around longer than Islam and will be around long after Islam; however, that doesn’t make STDs something I want in our public schools.

    13. Joe says:

      Russ please give an example of why it is so important to learn these languages???? You see I took 2 years of Spanish in high school and 2 semesters of it in college also. I could read/write/speak it fluently. Guess how many times I’ve actually used those skills???? NONE! The most commonly used language throughout the world for business is English.

    14. matt says:

      Need I remind everyone that we at war in the middle east and hurting very badly for interpreters because NO ONE in the US speaks this language or knows the culture? As an Army Officer I WISH my school offered me this opportunity. We are going to be in the middle east for a LOOONG time. Better our kids learn the culture now so it makes my job easier when I deploy. Let’s not be closed minded on this people, please. This is better than learning spanish because it pays dividends in human lives.

      1. Tam says:

        don’t you get it? This is NOT an attempt to teach language skills. This is Nazi Germany all over again. Get the youth too accept then they will not notice the danger until it’s to late!

    15. Claire Alexander says:

      Absolutely,couldn’t agree more with what you have said. What is really troubling is that it is mandatory. More of the government forcing people to do what they think is right for their children. Easy solution, send the money back !

    16. Jewel Atkins says:

      Putting aside the differences between MSA (Modern Standard Arabic) and the regional dialects, consider one of the aims of MESA has been to soft peddle Islamic cultures and even to whitewash them. You also have many ethnic groups who have been Arabized by the sword, and MESA has been erasing their histories as well. MSA is more closely aligned with Koranic or Classical Arabic, therefore, you are going to get a lot of Koran.
      If you were learning Persian, on the other hand, you would get Ferdowsi as well as Rumi.

    17. Joe says:

      Russ, you’re the exact problem we currently have in the U.S. You are eager for the school system to teach our kids whatever they deem is appropriate without even having the consent of the parents. No the school system does not have the right to teach a broad range of education to our kids. Do you think they have the right to teach our kids how to have sex? You should always be suspect of what they are trying to push onto our youth. Every parent should be involved. One last question, any idea why the Chinese are learning English????

    18. donna sweney says:

      I agree. My son went to a Charter School run by Muslims for 3 years, which was supposedly a publlc school. It taught Arabic and special considerations are given to Muslims there, they get their holidays off, can pray in school etc and people from the Mosque loan them money and then are paid interest in public tax dollars. All kinds of shady stuff goes on there and they get away with it because they have balls of steel and depend on the fact that the laws of the US will protect them.
      They think we are a joke and are playing us big time. They are opening free Muslim charter schools all over the country, its like they have their own Private Muslim schools paid for by US Tax dollars!!!

    19. Joe says:

      Sammy B you could say there are a lot of things that will be around a lot longer than any of us, but it doesn’t mean I want my kids to learn about it from some stranger in a classroom where I have no control of how it is presented to my kids.

    20. Toc says:

      If there’s going to be a grant to study language, why not make that language English? There are certainly enough students iin the schools who don’t yet speak our national language.

    21. TunaBlue says:

      Learning a foreign language is critically important for a myriad of reasons. The choice as to which language to learn should be left, in part, to the parents of the student, and be determined by the resources of the school. Certainly, more than one language must be offered. But to mandate a language and the study of that culture is overreaching and brings into question the motive of the educators.

      English is the fastest growing language on earth, and it’s certainly the lingua franca of business everywhere, and especially in the new electronic social networking world. At one time, French was ubiquitous in the business world.

      I believe that children should learn at least two other languages and start as young as kindergarten.

      That said, American history should be taught from kindergarten on.

      1. Elm says:


        Why offer foreign languages to our children who are clueless about our own American history ?

      2. Nate says:

        How are you going to teach a foreign language when you can’t even teach them English?

      3. JOHN T. FOX says:


      4. Lisa says:

        I don’t believe we should be teaching americans arabic. Hardly is thwe language used, more people speak english, spanish , and chinise maybe our school system should concentrate more on living in the real world instead of taking the taks and learning foriegn languages. Our children should learn the Pledge of alegiance and the national anthum and to respect them both.

      5. Chicago Nick says:


        How are you going to teach a foreign language when you can’t even teach them English?”

        Say that again and again and again!!!!!. Foreign languages should be a college elective in this day and age. or offered to high school seniors who’ve mastered English with the grades to prove it and NO ONE ELSE.

        Most anyone who wishes can learn any language they want online for free or for pay with Rosetta Stone and other similar programs. Until they’ve completely mastered English with straight “A” grades through Junior year of High school, another language should be OFF THE TABLE.

      6. Borges says:

        No mention of the word “mandatory” this time around. Selective editing by CBS?

      7. TunaBlue says:

        The fact that we fail to teach children to read, write, and speak English well has nothing to do with their ability to learn and speak other languages. Their failure is a condition of the environment in which they are taught. The system fails them and then tells them it’s not their fault. They are taught to hate the very system that enables them to fail. How ironic.

        Study Ben Chavis’ model from his book “Crazy Like a Fox.” He is an administrator who took a charter school for Indians in Oakland, CA, and turned it around. His students, who have gone from the bottom of the barrel to third in all of California. Each student receives a full hour and a half of science, mathematics, and English and language arts everyday. No one graduates from the high school without achieving an “A” in calculus in their senior year, and his students are placed in the best colleges in America.

        Let’s not suggest that our KIDS can’t learn English, or anything else for that matter. Let’s understand the root of the problem and fix that. Kill (can I still use that word) unions, get rid of tenure, pay teachers based on performance, start a school voucher program, stop the fluff — politically correct and feel good programs and get back to basic.

      8. AttilaTheHun says:

        There is a reason most of the world is learning English. It is a very precise language even after dealing with many of it’s faults many of which are the adoption of foriegn words. English dominates the scientific community as well as the business world and the airlines. In the future Chinese and Indians will communicate in English. Within their own countries there are thousands of dialects.

      9. rick says:

        How about teaching proper English. What a concept. Why do you find a need to use an unnessary hackneyed phrase like “that said”.

    22. Dc says:

      The only thing Russ has right is we should have options(not force)!

    23. hatchie says:

      HOW IS IT that thr richardson tx ISD (suburb of dallas) is alowed to provide prayer rooms and excuses from class to go prayer several times a day ON SCHOOL PROPERTY? this has to be stopped now!

      1. Tamara Clements says:

        The muslims have prayer rooms, and we can’t say the pledge of allegiance to our God or pray before sports or whatever we want in public. That’s not fair.

      2. Praise God says:

        So true! Christian groups should protest! Parents should protest too!

      3. JOHN T. FOX says:


      4. JOHN T. FOX says:

        SHARIA LAW!

    24. CharliesAngel1020 says:

      yikes, i wouldnt want to run into your kids in a few years when they are hateful adults.. they will probably try to kill me because i studied the Islam religion in school. I guess when you have to bail them out of prison for committing hate crimes you will only have yourself to blame.

    25. Bobby says:

      Excuse me but English is the world’s language just as the dollar is the world’s denomination and these facts will not change for a long time…Just look at the English schools in China, the demand is incredible. And turn on any sports channel, the athlete’s ALL speak english…

      1. Chicago Nick says:

        That’s except all the Illegal athletes who could run jump and swim better than the rest who are here being payed millions to be pro athletes. Even they can’t speak a da English..;)

        Three quarters of the Major Leagues can’t even count out loud to a hundred in English.

        Bet that one with next months rent and live for free all year long.

    26. LindaInUpstateNY says:

      Salary Info for Arabic Translators:
      Salary $44,219 – $99,159
      Bonus $3,570 – $20,347
      Total Pay $49,579 – $97,211

      just sayin….

      1. lcky9 says:

        However while it may be profitable IF one WANTS to learn it but this is MANDATORY.. BIG DIFFERENCE.. NO two ways about it.. FORCING someone to learn a language from a country who is HOSTILE towards us NOT a good place to spend MY tax dollars..

      2. JOHN T. FOX says:


      3. Chicago Nick says:

        Yea that’s only in the military in order to help our soldiers beat back the Islamic wave on it’s own turf, not to be friendly greeters at the local Mosques Upstate.

        If you wanna see how inclusive they are, Muslims, go to your local Mosque and walk inside with a Christian cross around your neck and see if you walk out alive…

        Go ahead, take pictures and post em on Facebook of all the friendly Muslims you encounter OK? We’ll be waiting Mr Diversity.. 😉

      4. AFmom says:

        Good one Chicago Nick check out this, order pork…

      5. Chicago Nick says:

        I’ve seen that on the news Mom and thanks,

        it’s just incredible what we’re up against with these folks. I don’t even think most of these people are really Americans, I think they’re all in the Middle East in the basements of Mosques acting like dumb Americans online frankly. But I don’t risk it, I treat em all the same. Like the Moulians they mostly are..

        If they are fake libs, they’re pretty good at it, but I live up north of Chicago and know many many people and yet not a one who would defend Islam to my face. Not a single one in my 20 years here and especially since 911.

        I think they’re all fake Americans mostly and the far far far lefties on these stories. Just my thoughts… 🙂 We’ll hand it to em either way ;).

      6. AFmom says:

        Okay Nick…. but you have a real big mudslime problem in the windy city and harmony school is a big farce run by Fetullah Gullen and supported by the clintons and we down here in St Louis have one also. I hope you join Act for American in your area. It’s very sad he was expelled from TU and he is trying to bring islam to the US and he dreams of being an islamic hero

      7. Over9k says:

        what country would that be exactly?
        I bet mostArabic people know a lot more about geography than you!
        Idiots like you make me embarrassed to be from the DFdub.

      8. larsonjs says:

        Just sayin. .
        If people want to learn Arabic, it’s their right. The school system has NO right to force Arabic language and culture on our children. With the English literacy rate falling every generation in the US, the match and science skills dropping like a rock it’s time schools return to the fundamentals of teaching. This is sheer madness.

      9. Folly says:

        If you are a level 4 or 5 linguist. It takes years of study to get to 4 and only natives are 5.

      10. Pockets64 says:

        I wonder which Arabic dialect they will be teaching. Sure, there is MSA (Modern Standard Arabic), but I’m pretty certain that’s not spoken on the streets.

        Just as it is impossible to teach the culture of the English-speaking people (there are too many of us, too varied, and across too many international borders), it is impossible to teach the culture of the Arabic-speaking people (unless you go into religion).

        This comes from a one-time Middle-Eastern linguist who tested at 4+.

    27. Bill says:

      Sure, Arabic is the language of the future. All of the history discoveries and inventions of the world from technology to medicine were done by Arabs. Oops. Never mind.

      1. Bob G says:

        Yes, they did make a few discoveries several centuries ago. But what have they done for society since the last discovery in the seventh-, eighth- or ninth century? Just play soccer with a goat’s head and commit honor killings because a daughter was seen in the presence of another muslim of a different sect. That’s a stoning, for sure!

      2. Beerbear says:

        Bob, those discoveries were either imported and then the mohammedans slapped their trademark on them, or they were taken from the high cultures that used to rule those areas once: Rome, Greece, the Sassanide Empire, etc.

        Take algebra or the so called “Arabic” numbers. Both are Indian inventions.

      3. JOHN T. FOX says:


      4. AFmom says:

        John T Fox SCORE!!!!!!

      5. JOHN T. FOX says:


      6. eric6161 says:

        Most of the discoveries Arabs made were rip offs from the orient AND before the religion of Islam was invented by some snake oil salesman from Mecca. After the advent of Mohammed the intelligence of the world was lowered by 20 IQ points.

    28. O2BNTEXAS says:

      And it’s also been proven that multi-culturisum doesn’t work…in any shape, form or fashion! Wake up parents!

      1. JOHN T. FOX says:


      2. AFmom says:

        I sent you the video

      3. Chicago Nick says:

        Look at Britain’s David Cameron this week!

        He’s come out and said it “It does not and will not work” and Britain is multiculturalism’s ground Zero. I get on the Daily Mail and their papers every day and duke it out with those Brit Muslims and their libs over there. Holy indoctrinated Batman!!

        They’re on the verge of being consumed like Europe was leading up to the Crusades, and I just can’t see what it will take for these people to realize they’re being ridden like government mules by Islammers.

        Useful idiot is a compliment to those kinds of people of today running interference for CAIR and the Muzzie Brotherhood. It’s Brutal !!

    29. lcky9 says:

      @CharliesAngel1020.. no more of a problem of those kids committing hate crimes as there is from Muslims beheading their wife or killing their daughters..

    30. Myra Moss Piland says:


      1. Chicago Nick says:

        Dang straight Myra! There’s no reason why any American student should even be allowed to take a foreign language in any grade until they’ve had 3 straight years of Nothing But A’s in English>

        That should be a law and I’d also end this Spanish crud as well. The only time I speak Spanish (which I had in High school and speak fluently) is to curse out illegals in the stores and elsewhere who speak it behind our backs like we’re too stupid to know what they’re saying, ya know?

    31. CharliesAngel10201 says:

      hmm, ok then, maybe you will be also teaching your kids to hate mine- they are bi-racial, im sure you must have a problem with that.

    32. CharliesAngel1020 says:

      So i guess you will be teaching your kids to hate mine, they are bi-racial i’m sure you must have a problem with that

      1. RM says:

        It appears as though YOU are the hater here.

      2. CharliesAngel1020 says:

        totally not a hater RM- i dont hate anyone, i dont teach my children to hate those with different religions or skin color. With Jesus there is no gender, race, skin color, He loves us all the same and I try to get my kids to do the same.

    33. Concerned American says:

      Not sure I understand why 1.3 million is being spent on a foreign language when Texas schools are about to loose a number of teachers due to serious budget shortfalls. I think our priorities are off.

      1. keith wren says:

        I think this money was printed by obumer and will not be paid back to china 4 generations from now.

    34. Anthony Schefter says:

      I agree, this sounds like multiculturalist programming of our kids to me.

    35. Tony of Lebanon says:

      Arabic is not even spoken in any place in the world now. It is like Latin language. The most common languages in the Middle East are Lebanese and Egyptian.

      1. JOHN T. FOX says:


    36. Patriot Army says:

      Thats Right!!!! I wish i had! My son got involved with Arabic language in school (college) and God punished him by giving him ADIS! I wish i would have stepped in before he sold his sole to the Arabs (DEVIL)!!!!

    37. AIDS Army says:

      Well, AIDS isn’t that bad.
      I’ve had it before, but I recently was cured.
      It was not too rough to deal with, other than the crippling and agonizing pain,,, and the fact that it can’t be cured.

    38. GI Joe says:

      NO it’s being offered because obama is a damn muslim sympathiser!

      1. Patriot Army says:

        A Muslim sympathiser?!?!?! HE’S A GOD DAMNED MUSLIM!!!!

      2. Worried Human says:

        Hey Patriot Army, do you still talk to Charlie?

      3. Patriot Army says:

        @Worried Human,
        Yes, why?

    39. Michael says:

      This is a wonderful idea, now why do we not expect individuals who live here and take food stamps, Sec 8 housing and medical assistance learn our language.

      1. keith wren says:

        90% of the muslims that are living in America do exactly that… live here… take food stamps,… live in Sec 8 housing, and get free medical assistance-no copay!

      2. JOHN T. FOX says:


      3. Chicago Nick says:

        Yo…dat be a dang good ideaz bro….I cants understands why deze peeps can’t be talkin my hood rap ….I axe em all the time what they be doin and dey whack, yo. Cracker man dont be playin my rap keepin me and my homies down in da hood 😉

      4. Chicago Nick says:

        Don’t give up John and I know how you feel. I have MS and spent 8 years in a wheelchair and they told me year after year I’d never walk again and a year ago lord and behold here I am walking, standing up for hours at a time, playing music as I did before being crippled and I really know how you feel. I went from making 6 figures to disability which was less than a quarter of what I was making and now I’m back working, playing my guitar in bars and hopefully I’ll be soon back where I was a decade ago

        I almost offed myself a couple times and decided against it and I was on Methadone for pain and all kinds of narcotics and could have easily but something, I like to think GOD, helped me through it.

        Been 2 years now almost walking again so my hope is it never gets that bad again until it’s over. I also survived a brain tumor in my right temporal lobe at 21 two months after I graduated college from University of Virginia and I know, I couldn’t get hired when I was in a wheelchair for nothing

        You can email me at chicagonick44 at yahoo dot com if you want and I’ll see if I can help ya with some tricks I learned with the government and such if interested.

        Just don’t give up and don’t become one of those nobody’s who just rot away. By being online you keep your mind moving so when your body catches up your ready for it like I was.

        I went to High school in St Louis with a John Fox, you’re not him are you in 1978-9?

    40. se habla says:

      learning Arabic is a good idea. I agree, we need to know more about what they are saying and how they think.

      1. Popper says:

        Egyptian is a language?? Arabic is the official language of Egypt. Arabic is also spoken in Syria, Iraq, and Saudi Arabia. Lebanese is not a language either. But I guess you’re just pretending to be ignorant.

      2. JOHN T. FOX says:


      3. JOHN T. FOX says:


    41. Sharon Peker says:

      The parents of those school districts where arabic is being shoved down their throats should take their kids out of school. Period. This is why, even though I am a former public school teacher, I completely support home-schooling children. I love this country but hate the anti-American gov’t that is in place which strives to take over by keeping us dependent on us. More and more it is reaching into our homes, influencing our kids’ minds with its junk. Moms & dads unite and revolt! Take back control over your kids lives and welfare.

      1. JOHN T. FOX says:


    42. K13J says:

      This is simply the politically correct crowd bowing (ala Obama) to the Islamic agents that have infiltrated every area of America. Mark my word, the Muslims are not here to become Americans; they are here to take over. We need to reject Islam every chance we get. It is a culture and religion of pure evil.. Why would the liberal women around the country embrace this? In Islam women are property…and gays? They will be the first ones shot when Sharia law takes over America.

    43. DANI says:

      my kids will learn KLINGON before they’ll learn Arabic!!!!

      1. Jerry C says:


    44. Joe Kesonue says:

      Next semester: Sharia Law – Live it, love it – Resistance is futile

      1. JOHN T. FOX says:


    45. Naphtali says:

      I concur 100% !

    46. Sylvie says:

      ROFL… lets see, there are officers in the service struggling trying to learn arabic, and now we want failed public school systems around the country to implement this?? LMAO, don’t worry, the school system isn’t going to be able to teach your kids algebra, geometry, history, or english, much less arabic! LOL!

    47. SSGDave says:

      I fully agree! There’s No Way i want a culture of Hate and Murder taught to My children, so whoever decided this was a language “of the future” has to be questioned on thier Agenda! Why should we have to learn about them instead of the Other way around? THEY came Here, not us there, they think we have to respect them, but they show None, same as the illegals-and they want free everything, like we owe them when we don’t! Making it Mandatory is incorrect as well. Mohammedans teach hate for any non-islamic, as well as teaching death instead of life-if THAT’s the “Future” this ISD wants, GOD Help them-Because I won’t! I fought thier hate in Iraq, Afghanistan and other places, and will Definitely fight it here at home. This makes me sick to think i was Born in texas.

      1. JOHN T. FOX says:


      2. Over9k says:

        You think Texas doesn’t promote a culture of hate and murder?
        I don’t believe you’re from here.

    48. Nate says:

      To Icky9. What’s wrong with Muslims beheading their wives and daughters. Then there will be less Muslim women I’ll have to look at. There are only two ways to describe their women, ugly and uglier. That’s why the men want to blow themselves up as they don’t want to make love to their women. They want to go see the virgins. Of course they don’t know that they are the same females that someone beheaded, and they are all fat and ugly. And none have a head.

    49. Jim Scott says:

      Multi-culturalism will be the downfall of the USA. Britain’s Prime Minister has already recognized trouble and this week has spoken publicly about the severe problem in the UK. Look at France’s problems and most of the rest of Europe. None of these groups want to assimilate into the American culture. Nearly all these ethnic groups, Spanish, Muslim, Chinese, et al. live in their segregated neighborhoods but want the rest of the country to cater to their customs, laws and language. WAKE UP PEOPLE!

      1. JOHN T. FOX says:


    50. jJOHN T. FOX says:


    51. LiterCola says:

      Texas ranks last in the nation for adults with H.S. diplomas and #49 in verbal SAT scores (493) and #46 in average math SAT scores (502). Texans can’t can’t master English, why in the world would their teachers want to confuse these morons with Arabic?

      1. RebelChick says:

        LiterCola you are so correct. Although Mansfield ISD is a “Recognized” district according to the TEA “Texas Education Agency” for the 2010 school year. If everyone looks at the numbers below they are no where near the “mastery ” of english or math.
        TAKS Commended Performance (Sum of All Grades Tested)

        Reading/ELA 2010 33% 37%
        2009 31% 35%

        Mathematics 2010 29% 30%
        2009 28% 29%

        Writing 2010 33% 41%
        2009 33% 38%

        Science 2010 28% 28%
        2009 26% 22%

        Soc Studies 2010 47% 51%
        2009 44% 48%

        All Tests 2010 15% 17%
        2009 15% 16%

        The first column is the state percentage second is the district. These results are for students that where commended on the state test grades 3-11. In order to be commended you need to have gotten at least 95% of the questions on the test correct. Pretty sad that only 17% of the district’s some 30,000 + students mastered the subjects.

    52. yakko says:

      right on. Send your kids to this school? You’re a child abuser.

    53. Jack Kinch(1uncle) says:

      This nonsense should be stopped immediately. English only. No more aliens NO mUSLIMS.

    54. Jim Hughes says:

      Hello, it’s 1/2 up to parents and the other half is up to the District Citizens who decide what is taught, which the school board is under, as they are elected by it’s citizens, and they report back to the public, and has to abide by them.. If the citizens don’r want it, then it doesn’t happen, or the school board gets voted out, and thus, Arabic won’t be taught, and if that door opens, the rest of Arabic Nations come in droves, with teaching the Quran, etc.. You watch,..this has already happened in school’s in the U.S.A. Please vote this out Mansfield ISD, let the College bound kids decide when they are in college, or the FBI or CIA. Not the ones who have a hard time learning English. Our language 1st/..

    55. SuzyQ says:

      Exactly , we see enough of the intolerance, hatred, and oppression of women that the Arabic culture is all about on TV. The kids don’t need to cover it in school as an extra language….
      Let’s learn a language of a country that we could actually safely travel in that don’t hate us all…

    56. Tom says:

      At one school dist. in WI they teach German to students who are fresh into the US from Mexico. Where is the common sense in that?

    57. Spanky T Smackme says:

      Exactally……they should concentrate on teaching ENGLISH.

    58. kristina says:

      Teach your children at home. We will be next year. I am so excited. Their are so many resources out there to help you. Take control of what influences your children.

    59. Ian Fleming says:

      This is not education. This is indocrination. This is the radical left — through the NEA and teachers’ unions — demanding the acceptance of a totalitarian culture with our tax dollars. But this is what happens when a society loses its identity and its will to survive. We have abandoned our Judeo-Christian values and we seek to replace it with this — a totalitarian culture that demands acceptance through blood. You cannot teach Arabic culture without teaching Islam. The two are intertwined. This is about ramming Islam down our throats and telling us that this is good for us. Stand up and fight this if you still value individual freedom. Because there is no personal liberty in that culture.

    60. alio says:

      Couldn’t believe this could happen in Texas first of all. But to demand that all must learn a certain language is over the pale.

    61. Phd Candidate says:

      Some like to shock others. Why would a mother be thrilled to learn about culture where girls are abused, women held hostage and females treated as cattle. Maybe she’s an abused person?

      With so many other cultures to explore?
      All about decision making, isn’t it?

    62. smbluerose says:

      Our children have a hard enough time learning ENGLISH. They don’t need to be burdoned with unnecessary, pc curricula. Let’s focus on the subjects that wilkl help them get promoted, graduate, get into college, and get a good job.

    63. crawdaddy1939 says:

      how about teaching english.that is the language in America or have we forgotten that. I am tired of going shopping and all you hear is foreign languages being sporen. spanish ,orientals, and eastern languages.

    64. Sheldon K Goldstein says:

      Kheirieh Hannun et al.: to include school faculty that ok’ed this absurdity

      There are not enough words to express your ignorance.
      May I suggest: each of you that agreed to this stupiidity should
      hiire a proctologist to locate your sensibiliyy!!
      Enough said? You may be smart enough to get the message!

      I have my tongue in cheek.


    65. clearsound1 says:

      Say…here is 1.3 Million dollars we could save!!!! Talk about ridiculous expenditures!! The language of the future they say…do they know something we don’t?

  2. john says:

    this is a Christian nation not Muslim, make it mandatory in Iraq

    1. unh says:

      Hmmmmm..Last time I checked, Arabic had NOTHING to do with one’s religeon. I am an American, Muslim, US Army Officer and only Arabic I ‘speak’ is the one I read in the Koran, with English translation. So, why don’t all JEWS speak Hebrew? And all Christains ‘speak in tongues’?

      1. David says:

        Hopefully you are under survielance so we don’t go through another Ft. Hood incident. Your Q,ran tells you what to do with Infidels. I’m an Infidel and proud of it.

      2. me says:

        forcing people to learn Arabic sounds like SHARIA LAW!!!!!!!!!

      3. dave says:

        u r an ass sir………..and thank you for your service to our country

      4. Walt Campbell says:

        With most religions that’s true, with the exception of islam. If you’re as familiar with the koran as you say, then you understand that it is a guide for every aspect of life, including religious, legal, social, it even tells you how to wipe your butt.

        And social/cultural life in arabic countries is centered around islam. So teaching arabic culture as part of the curriculum of an arabic language class is de facto teaching islam.

        And thank you for your service.

      5. Meredith Frauzel says:

        Thank you for your voice of reason. As usual people are bringing religion into it. It’s a language course people. Open your minds.

      6. AFmom says:


      7. kguerra says:

        Thank you so much for your service! I don’t think most people care if you’re Muslim, Buddhist or Hindu. It’s all about the Sharia law.

        The language is one thing, problem is making it mandatory and teaching the cultural aspects — which will no doubt whitewash Islam and not cover honor killings, Jihad, history of genocide, misogyny, invasion of Africa and millennium of white and black slavery that continues to this day in the Sudan, and countenanced under the Sharia.

        Yes, no culture is perfect. But Sharia Law says it must be so as a duty to Islam! It is incompatible with our constitution as you know. The radical jihadis will not cease and the moderate muslims will not speak out against the radicals. I guess it is against Sharia law to be critical of Islam and would make them worthy of death, too. Perhaps they share our concerns. God bless.

      8. phillysmart says:

        You are an enabler and sympathizer with the enemy…most Americans realize that Islam their faith and their culture is the enemy and a danger to our way of life…those that don’t are traitors or sacred…America will prevail because of the people and in spite of people like you wake up

      9. Folly says:

        Christians speaking in tongues? That particular feature is only found in a small percentage of denominations and not all of Christianity. Arabic is the language of the Koran and any translation of it nullifies it. I studied Arabic in the Army from Arabs. You learn not only the language but the history, religion, and culture. Oh and if you get pro-Arab and anti-Jew teachers, then you get all the propaganda as well.

      10. Sheri says:

        I think all muslim traitors need to be discharged from the military immediately.

      11. Robert Neville says:

        Anything Arabic, whether it is government, culture, social mores or even Arabic Christianity is permeated with Islam. Islam is an endemic part of the Arabic culture and language of the Middle East.

        Jews DO speak Hebrew, even those living in America learn Hebrew. It is a cultural tie.

        I think the point here is someone is thinking that future migrant workers will be Islamic as in Europe, hence the need to speak Arabic, so Arabic as a language will be useful in the future as Chinese will be.

        I think America should concentrate on teaching English since most Americans have poor English skills and English not going anywhere as a global language. Sadly, America will probably choose to teach TXT as a language in lieu of English–not that it matters anymore. I think we are well past the point of no return for fixing what is wrong with America.

      12. Russ says:

        unh, please don’t be offended by the unintelligent and uneducated posts that are meant to offend you.

      13. Jimmy Dean says:

        It’s funny you say that. The majority of “Jew” had to learn hebrew in order to “mature”, Arabic is the central pillar of ISLAM. PERIOD. Christian’s spoke Latin then the Kings English and now many other languages. We don’t make the language the center of our culture like ISLAM.

      14. lcky9 says:

        @Meredith Frauzel.. most of us do have open minds.. however they are NOT so open that our brains fall out and we believe all propaganda we are fed.. thank you.. now maybe you should CLOSE yours some..while your ahead of the game

      15. Sinister says:

        Facts are facts. I’ve been ‘involved’ with Islam and Arabic culture my entire military career. The fact is that you cannot be taught Arabic culture without also being taught Islamic theology. The two have become, by design, so intertwined that there is no difference. In virtually every other culture this is not true…language, culture and government are separate from religion. NOT so with Islam. You can’t truly have one without the others.

      16. JOHN T. FOX says:


      17. Flashman says:

        Not all Muslins speak Arabic, not all Jews speak Hebrew, true. But virtually all those who DO speak Arabic are Muslins and those who speak Hebrew are Jews.

        It’s also true that Arabic predates Islam by many centuries, however, in the past thousand plus years Islam has influenced Arabic to such an extend that it is difficult to separate the two.

        Therefore if a child is forced to learn Arabic (and Arabic culture) he or she is going to have a dose of Islam along with the Arabic teachings.

        God forbid we have a kid quote from the Bible, or hear any reference to Christianity (even if 80% of the founding fathers were devout Christians), however when it comes to referencing Islam, teaching Arabic, etc. the ACLU is unsurprisingly silent.

        You know very well if this were Hebrew being taught (and Hebrew culture) there would be an explosion of dissent from the left.

        My advice to the parents in Texas: find out which school board members voted for this (get the exact names), and then vote them out of office.

      18. AFWife says:

        You sir “unh” are ignorant to your religion and a disgrace to the US Military…or you are a liar. Your Koran is complete opposite of what your country stands for and what you claim to fight for. It is absolutely impossible to serve the US Military and the United States and follow “your god” and your Koran at the same time. You may “act” and “pretend” but you can not follow both. Impossible.

        You are a traitor.

        Proud wife to a US Military Member

      19. Over9k says:

        Please ignore the idiots, at least the intelligent people here are proud to have ALL types of Americans serving the government’s need to kill people for oil and money.

      20. I hope to God that someone in the army has their eye on you, Unh. Every Muslim is a Fort Hood timebomb waiting to go off.

    2. Margot Young says:

      Learn arabic to know thine enemy. All the way from Australia.

      1. B Mason says:

        Believe me, we already know them. ‘Nuf said?

      2. Jerome Emory says:

        A Christian home schooling parent totally agrees. There was likely a federal grant for this because someone realized the tactical and strategic importance of having more US citizens who are fluent in the language of those whose religion dictates they convert or kill us.

      3. Mike Dinesman says:

        How about leaving that for the people who chase down the enemy, not school kids?

    3. Jon says:

      So when will it be a governmental requirement to learn Hebrew? Probably never, which should be precisely the timeframe for being required to learn arabic.

    4. Frank says:

      It’s not a Christian nation you ignorant wank. Check the 1st amendment-

      1. AFmom says:

        Yes it is Frank read the letters and papers of the founding fathers and by the way your free to think like a fool here…. if you don’t like that… get out.

      2. daven says:

        Actually Frankwank it is a Christian nation. Something like 76 percent of Americans identify themselves as Christians ( That makes this a Christian nation. It doesn’t mean that it is a Christian government, that’w where the 1st amendment fits in.

        If 76% of Americans were ignorant wankers then we would also be a ignorant wanker nation no matter what the Constitution said.

      3. Joe says:

        Frank, it actually is a Christian nation. You might like those facts or be deeply bothered by it, but a majority here are Christians. It was founded on Christian beliefs also. If you don’t like it or are offended by it, then I’m sorry, but it does not change the facts.

      4. Founders weren't Christians says:

        The founding fathers believed in a God that wasn’t the same god as Jews or Christians. I know it’s confusing for you since they also called that god, “God,” and you never bothered to read anything first hand, but this isn’t that complicated. Not the same guy.

        For instance, they thought Jesus was either a myth or just a crazy person. Sound like christians? No, because they weren’t. If anyone is unpatriotic, it’s all the christians who don’t hold the same values as our founding fathers and great leaders.

      5. Trish says:

        1. The Founders were Christians. Even Thomas Jefferson was a Christian. All it takes to find out is to read their personal papers, letters, etc. They were all Christians.

        2. The United States was founded as a society in which ANY religion can be freely practiced without fear. While our social values are based upon Christian principles, our government is not a Christian government. We do NOT live in a theocracy, and that is to protect us from the likes of the religious tyranny exhibited in the Middle East.

        3. Forcing children to learn a a language and culture that raises such controversy is a bad idea. Especially when that language presents no real benefit or relevance to those children. Offering it as part of the curriculum is one thing. Forcing it is another. I do not live in this school district, but if I did, my children would not participate.

      6. SSGDave says:

        It’s Not an ARABIC nation, you ignorant Yank-check the Constitution. better yet, live in an arabic country and see thier hate for yourself, before calling others ignorant. Thier Intent is to kill us or destroy us from within. Nothing less.

      7. Nick says:

        @AF Mom: I think you are the one who needs to read up on our founding fathers. This is from one of the first treaties that the US government entered into. It was read aloud in the Senate, ratified UNANIMOUSLY by the Senate, signed into law by President John Adams, and had the full support of George Washington. I don’t think the text could more clearly state the intentions of our founders: “As the Government of the United States of America is not, in any sense, founded on the Christian religion; as it has in itself no character of enmity against the laws, religion, or tranquility, of Mussulmen…” – Treaty of Tripoli 1797

    5. Russ says:

      When did we vote on us being a Christian nation? Granted, we are a country with a majority of Christians but we are not a theological governing nation. Maybe YOU should go to a class on the Constitution.

      1. AFmom says:

        Maybe U should read the letters and papers of our FOUNDING FATHERS of did you graduate from FU

      2. Joe says:

        We all know that you are a liberal sympathizer Russ, but stop trying to force what you would like onto the innocent youth of our nation.

      3. super patriot says:

        yes, but islam should not be recognized as a religeon because it is devil worship, and does not tolerate other religeons, so why should we recognize it?

      4. Founders weren't Christians says:

        The founding father’s believed in a God that wasn’t the same god as Jews or Christians. I know it’s confusing for you since they also called that god, “God,” and you never bothered to read anything first hand, but this isn’t that complicated. Not the same guy.

        For instance, they thought Jesus was either a myth or just a crazy person. Sound like christians? No, because they weren’t. If anyone is unpatriotic, it’s all the christians who don’t hold the same values as our founding fathers and great leaders.

      5. Infinite + 1 Patriot says:

        I think muslims are funny. They sound funny when they talk.

        “dlkjfokvdoijsodj;dojwkvokjdcvoj ;lk jcvjkodjiv;lskjdcv kjsdkjskcvj sdlvkjoijovij’kldvmm ‘dlvkj’skcjvsiopj /,’lpjpeopvkjskdmv lkjdfgvkojevo” = my name is mohomad

    6. Alyson says:

      This is NOT a Christian nation. It’s a nation where we have freedom of religion- that means ANY religion. Though, I’d prefer freedom from ALL religion. It’s all ridiculous, but my feelings aside, let’s stick to the facts: America is non-denominational.

      1. Joe says:

        While you might be correct that we are tolerant of all religions, it does not change the fact of what this nation was founded on. You can’t change those historical facts. A majority of this nation is Christian. A majority still believes in Christmas. It’s our culture that has been here for 100s of years and your kind will not get rid of it.

      2. hatchie says:

        why is the richardson ISD allowed to furnish rooms for muslims students to go pray in, several times a day. how is this happening in our public schools? richardson ISD is breaking federal law! this has to stop NOW!

      3. Claire Alexander says:

        Your ignorance is simply stunning. We are a Christian nation and it is reflected in every aspect of our lives. Our policys of caring for the disabled, the poor, the elderly are all based on the Christian beliefs of charity and being “our brother’s keeper”. Pubic education came from the belief that everyone should be able to read the Bible for themselves, not have it interpreted for them by a priest. Our first universitys were church based and espoused moral virtues as necessary for a good education. Our first hospitals were set up and operated by the churchs. Nuns were instrumental in caring for the sick and due to their hard work and dilgence the care of the poor and sick became a responsibility for our society. I could go on but what is the point? Educate yourself on the history of your country and its institutions. Your ignorance is appalling.

      4. lcky9 says:

        This nation WAS founded on CHRISTIAN VALUES… Check out the buildings in D.C. than check your money.. etc.. HOWEVER.. which CHRISTIAN religion you choose to worship is up to you.. ie..Catholic, Lutheran, etc..And if you read the works UNEDITED of the founding fathers one would see that.. America is NOT non denominational never was and NEVER will be.. BTW those % of how many in this country are CHRISTIAN is higher than was said previously on this board.. For those who believe the Propaganda the left is spewing sorry but you have been sadly misinformed..

      5. the founding fathers were not christian, they were deist says:

        The founding father’s believed in a god that wasn’t the same god as Jews or Christians. I know it’s confusing for you since they also called that god, “God,” and you never bothered to read anything first hand, but this isn’t that complicated. Not the same guy. For instance, they thought Jesus was either a myth or just a crazy person. Sound like christians?

      6. The Founders Were Christians But Didn't Believe in Theocracy says:

        The founding fathers were, in fact, Christians. The assertion that they were diests is a myth and is inconsistent with historical fact. Reading their letters and papers proves that they were actually Christians. This is especially true of George Washington, Thomas Paine, Samuel Adams (very much so), John Adams, and Benjamin Franklin.

        However, they did not create this Nation as a theocracy. They intended us to be free from all forms of tyranny, including religious tyranny. It is important that we preserve the truth about who our founders were, even if it’s inconvenient to our political positions.

      7. yiddishlion says:

        Even the United States Supreme Court ruled that we are a Christian nation. It is obvious that you have spent no time at all reading anything written by our founding fathers.

      8. JOHN T. FOX says:


    7. mgrimald says:

      They are learning English over there…good English….better than I have seen in many of these posts…..

      1. AFmom says:

        Here you can observe a lesson in a Texas classroom while brushing up on your arabic….

    8. Jordan says:

      This is not a christian nation and never has been.

      1. AFmom says:

        Always has been always will be, but you never read the writings of our founding fathers and you will remain ignorant. You are free and tolerated in a Christian Nation and will be beheaded in a muslim country since you are an infidel and dimmi.

      2. JOHN T. FOX says:


    9. anti-sophist says:

      “I like your Christ, I do not like your Christians. Your Christians are so unlike your Christ.”
      Mahatma Gandhi

      john, the world mocks you, and there is nothing you can do about, not one bloody thing, except lose, and be shorn as the sheep that you and your ilk are

  3. Floyd Cantrell says:

    I lived in that area for 32 years. Glad my son was home schooled. Best move we ever made. Sounds to me like a government bribe to spread the Arabic culture. At best this or any language should be an elective!


    1. horace says:

      including English!

      1. Kurt says:

        Yep ! If you don’t like the language we speak here, then you are free to go to a contry that speaks the language you like better.

      2. Hojo says:

        The problem with your statement Kurt is the United States of America does not have an officially recognized language. English is predominant BUT nothing in the Constitution or any law says that English is our official language. Don’t take my word for it though, feel free to look it up!

      3. Mojo says:

        Hey Hojo, What language was the Constitution written in? Just asking..

      4. LindaInUpsateNY says:

        Salary Info for Arabic Translators:
        Salary $44,219 – $99,159
        Bonus $3,570 – $20,347
        Total Pay $49,579 – $97,211

      5. SSGDave says:

        We need to vote it AS the Official Language so no more BS comes down about liberals knowing what’s best for the Rest of society, though, and do it Quick! No more Bummer knows best, folks!!

      6. JOHN T. FOX says:


    2. Gavrik says:

      No, Chris. We LOVE our country.

      We HATE tyrants.

      There is no law against being fanatical about one’s religion.

      Most muslims are not terrorists, though they mostly support the aims of those terrorists. Most terrorists ARE muslims.

    3. not in my backyard says:

      If a person wants to learn a particular language then so be it. An optional program is fine. A MANDATORY program to learn the language of an area of the world where a majority of the population wants us dead is just plain idiotic.

      1. One Mad Mom says:

        Thank you! Well said.

    4. Sandy says:

      How do yo become closer to a group of people who’s sole purpose it to kill you.

      1. AFmom says:

        islam, (means submit) that’s how …never!

    5. Joe_Momma says:

      Uh, not Chris. We MUST not do anything. Making it an elective is one thing. Mandatory Arabic is a joke.

      Why don’t students in the USA learn English properly first?

    6. John Doe says:

      The naivety of some people is so broad it makes my head hurt…

    7. Ziggy says:

      Chris, you are a racist fool.

    8. Ross says:

      Chris, clearly you are speaking in ignorance. You have obviously never been to the middle east or indonesia. Nor do you read much. The multitudes of “equally dangerous” “religious fanatics” you fantasize are here haven’t whipped any 13 year old girls to death in the public square of her hometown as punishment for being raped by her 40 yr. old uncle have they? Have they recently and frequently strapped bombs to their bodies and detonated themselves where they could kill the most civilians? The American “religious fanatics” “equally dangerous” aren’t routinely mutiliating every girl child born are they? You fool.

      1. samantha says:

        Can it ya sympathizer…everyone who hates islam knows islam…everyone who doesn’t is muslim or ignorant!

    9. Chris says:

      A “truce”, as you say, is only achieved through beating your enemy, not acquiescing. Read your history.

    10. Carolyn says:

      I find it interesting that you think our gov would train grammer school kids as diplomats in another country, when our test scores are not even coming up to standards here. In America the word mandatory is taking on more and more. Our ‘Government should get out of setting mandates or there could be a revolution here!!!!!!!!!!

    11. Dan says:

      Only difference between the religious fanatics in the “Mid-East” and here are that we don’t stone gays, brutalize women, and/or oppressive and persecute the non-state-sponsored religiously devout. Try being a Christian in a Muslim country then compare that to the freedoms non-Christian religions have here. Total difference.

      You want to talk about intolerance? Look at your own views on religion.

    12. Mike says:

      yes! our children should be even further behind the rest of the world and only learn english, or no language at all. hell, if we can’t understand the terrorists we can’t be afraid of them!

      1. SteveThomas says:

        Hey Dipstick, there’s a world of difference between having the “option” to learn the language of barbarians, and being forced to. Did you read the article?

      2. another mike says:

        Body language my man…body language.

      3. mike says:

        I hope that calling me a dipstick and people from the middle east barbarians made you feel better.

      4. Michael says:

        +1, and shut up Steve Thomas. Every High School requires students to take at least one foreign language, along with a host of other required courses (and I went to through catholic education!). If you think thats a bad idea to have to learn certain subjects you don’t believe in education. Think all those students want to learn history, calculus, or even take an english class?

        Did you even go to school Steve?

      5. phillysmart says:

        Hey mike they are barbarians by any definition of the word…they are stuck in a primitive time a primitive culture due to a confining inflexible religious belief system…we understand them they don’t understand us because most are illiterate…the once that are educated are brainwashed in this cult

      6. mike says:

        Interesting, do you really think people in the middle east are all illiterate and barbarians? So are we better than people from the middle east? And do you truly believe that Americans can fully understand the experience of being Middle Eastern. I don’t think that anyone had a choice over where they were born, what society they are from. As an educated, non barbaric person, I cannot fault a person for things that are outside of their control. Many in the middle east would love an education and a chance at the future. We are lucky enough to be born in a wonderful place where many men have fought and died so that we can chose our own destinies.

        It seems that we also have a problem understanding them. Inflexible belief system, perhaps, but western europe did fine with catholicism.

        Remember, the universe revolves around the earth? dinosaurs never existed? Inquisition?

        I just think that discounting a whole people by calling them barbarians adds nothing to the debate. The Romans were considered barbarians at the early stage of their civilization and they rose to be a powerful empire.

      7. SteveThomas says:

        I like that Michael. Not only are conflating the requirement to learn A language with the requirement to learn a PARTICULAR language, your typically fascistic left winger response is “SHUT UP”. And no, I don’t go to school, I’ve been out of school for probably longer than you’ve existed, and my knowledge of Islam is not likely to be surpassed by any of the numbskulls supporting this policy of coerced indoctrination on this comment board. Sure I have strong opinions. They are based upon deeper knowledge than you possess.

      8. Beerbear says:

        By the way Mike. Have you ever been in a school in a EU country?

        Most likely not. But let me tell you: US kids aren’t really behind the rest of the world. Certainly not. They’re still better than in many EU countries.

      9. JOHN T. FOX says:


      10. JOHN T. FOX says:


    13. Gustav G says:

      As good Christians we must embrace social justice and accept that America is being reformed into a multicultural social collective. Individual wealth is evil. Collective wealth is the only virtue, social justice is the destination and Barack is the shepherd leading us down that path. We must remove the barriers to equality created by capitalism and embrace the righteousness of socialism.

      Vote Democrat! Vote Union!

      1. bornfree says:

        Are you an idiot?

      2. LaShawn C. says:

        You’re not serious, right? Really, you’re just messing around right?

      3. msc says:

        And you’re NOT a Christian. You’re a Socialist. That is your religion.

      4. Brian says:

        Gustav, I hope you’re being sarcastic. If not, you’re being ironic.

      5. Michelle says:

        The Lord was not for social justice. The only justice is His justice and in case you haven’t read your scriptures lately, He sometimes wipes out whole towns. He created America and He can take it down, which He will unless we stop trying to reform the country He created. God’s ways are not man’s ways and you would be benefited by learning that concept. He is not a Democrat, He does not belong to a union and He does not teach, preach, or condone man’s version of social justice.

      6. Sue Y says:

        Gustav, Do not use Christianity to justify social justice/collective wealth. The bible does not teach that, infact it teaches not entitlement but ‘those who do not work shall not eat’. Collective wealth, although sounds good in theory, does not work in this side of eternity, a broken world. Do not read your bible selectively to fit your bias. Instead let your views be informed by the bible. As for Obama, he is just as delusional.

      7. LReeves says:

        @bornfree – I’ll answer your question. Absolutely, yes, he is an idiot!

      8. Redford says:

        Do you read the Bible? “My kingdom is not of this world….”

      9. NinjaYanni says:

        You can’t possibly believe in Jesus Christ with a comment like this.

      10. Gustav G says:

        Barack is a brother too us all. He represents a new Christianity where he embraces his Muslim heritage and intermingles it with his Christianity taking the best of both religions. This is why Arabic is so important to learn in our schools. Through learning the Arabic culture, we can introduce Islam as well since they are intertwined and inseparable.

        Regarding Capitalism. Open your eyes. It is too late for these antiquated ideas that the capitalists have fooled you into believing.

        Look around you. You are the minority. You talk of your ideals and the rights you believe granted to you by your forefathers. But you are feeble in your own willingness to do anything about it. We continue to siphon away your so called ‘freedoms’ from you not in a back room, but right in front of you. And every two years we get a little stronger as we convert the staunchest of conservatives to accept a little less, and less, and less.

        Vote Democrat! Vote Union!

      11. Action Jackson says:

        You people are the idiots. This is painfully obvious sarcasm. Remedial ed for you!

      12. Tommy says:

        People – go to and look up the definition of “troll”…

      13. Fred says:

        Gustav, what do you smoke, how much is it and where can I buy me some ?

      14. stacy says:

        well thought out, and well said gustav. maybe bush would have been able to prevent the acts of terror (which clearly, the terrorists won, look at how afraid everyone is of just their language alone. they want you to be ignorant and afraid) had we known what they were saying, and in turn know what they were planning…. that’s why the military needs translators. every one of our soldiers fighting in the middle east were at one time, children. maybe we can actually beat them if we know what we’re up against. you can’t just say what you believe is factual.

      15. AFmom says:

        Yes the good old days of East Germany…do you miss the 10%suicide rates and the nice comfy government job you could have had? Your are are drone and an idiot.

      16. soldier says:

        JESUS GOING TO WIN IN THE END! for a country thats struggling financialy what a way to spend money

      17. Phocus says:

        Gustov, buddy, get help! You are either mentally challenged or a glittering jewel of colossal ignorance. This is America, and once we lose the mistake in the White House, we will be getting back to championing freedom and continuing to build the strongest and most prosperous nation on earth. And, we will continue to take care of people like you…that’s what we do.

      18. Jane says:



      19. Grumpy Old Vet says:

        Glad you are here to demonstrate for us all what a true believer sounds like… you are right about Borat Hussein (not him) Obama being the shepherd leading all his little sheeple down a path– but is he only planning on fleecing us or are we headed for slaughter? Socialists and their insectoid like minds are traitors to humanity… as humans: the individual (each soul) is at the very least as important as the HIVE…

      20. jimk says:

        Actually Gustav is not being Ironic, he’s being MORONIC!
        What a delusional sheep!

      21. alan collins says:

        Do not kid yourself. the DOE is a Democratic operation and is leading us down a path that threatens this country. You notice when the riots happened in Iran Obama did not say a word when the guards there beat the people in the streets. He does not wish to offend the radical Muslims. if you want a society where the people are spoon fed and the government takes care of you then you are a foolish person. Socialism has never worked and it will not work here as hard as Obama may try.

      22. super patriot says:

        barak is an enemy of the people.

      23. Joe says:

        Gustav and Stacy, you two live in a dillusional world. First Barrack is not a new Christian. You need to look no further than Reverand Wright. Secondly, as far as Stacy goes, I would be willing that you have NEVER stepped foot outside this country. I’ve been over there. I do know somewhat how they think. This is another example of liberals trying to live in a eutopia that doesn’t exist.

      24. Trish says:

        1. Christianity does not promote collectivism, socialism, fascism, or communism.
        2. Individual wealth is not evil.
        3. Individual freedom was the first gift God gave man.
        4. Because government does not grant liberty to man, it cannot justly usurp it.
        5. Resistance to tyrants is obedience to God. – Thomas Jefferson

      25. JOHN T. FOX says:


    14. Solider says:

      You are right chris, we have a massive number of fanatics in this country, they are called liberal socialist. You are one of them. I have spent over twenty years serving the country in the military and twenty more teaching American History. Please take you multi-culturalism to the middle east, I’m sure they will except you with open arms. Or maybe get some chains, attach then to a truck and pull your head out.
      retired US Army.

      1. Shane says:

        Dear soldier,

        Please read the declaration of independence and the bill of rights. How can you claim your a soldier, a history teacher and in the same breath tell someone they have to leave there home because you don’t like them. That’s what Hitler did. Do you believe that Hitler was right?
        How can you Teach and not know what being a liberal is? To call it socialism is beyond ignorance. You should learn about what socialism realy is and steady communism in Poland or the Soviet Union.
        Your close minded, hate mongering, and probably listen to to much AM radio for your own good. Start thinking and stop quoting the opinions of mad men.

      2. Grumpy Old Vet says:

        I hate to be “that guy” but… I believe the word you are looking for is YOU’RE not YOUR, if in doubt… pretend you are from Texas and put YER… that way people will think you are a cool young hipster using TXTNG Code Language and not some moron who should’ve REALLY paid more attention in 5th grade… sorry, for being so nit-picky about my favorite language…. you may go back to proving us right about the education system, now…

    15. dEBORAH says:

      You are nuts and need too crawl back under the rock you came from. They took GOD out of our scholls due too people like you. I will go to heaven and you will go too hades.Your not a true born US America so go back home, AS YOU ARE NOT WANTED HERE. this is called freedom of speech, it’s are 1ST Ameendment

      1. Shane says:

        So the first admendment says you can say what you wan’t and you can hear what you want, but it only applies to what you agree with?

        Freedom of Speech sister is for everyone, and not just for your own petty and closed minded beliefs.

        Your a hypocrit.

      2. julian416 says:

        There are so many things wrong with this comment I hardly know how to (not too) begin. But let’s start with pointing out that you obviously failed English in school regardless of what your (not you’re) report card read. I’d be more worried that you’ll look like a fool when your kid’s Arabic is better than your (not you’re) English.

        Freedom of religion is our (not are) right, but imposing it on children in school is out of line. God has no business in a public school. He belongs at home, in church, or in private parochial schools.

        And I’m gonna let you in on a little secret: there is no hell. That was a lie you were taught as a kid to keep you afraid so your behavior could be controlled.

      3. AFmom says:

        julian416: NEWSFLASH….. you can’t be a know it all superior atheist in a muslim country only in a Christian Nation will you even be allowed to exist. Duh.

      4. Beerbear says:

        Deb, only the good go to heaven. The rest of us goes back to Detroit.

        Hell is only a word. The reality is much, MUCH worse.

    16. Shane says:

      What people fail to realize is that Islam IS their culture, religion, judicial system, and government. Teaching the “culture” teaches Islam. There is no difference between the two.

      1. Joe says:

        Shane, it’s not a matter of naming one school that doesn’t teach to read or write, it’s a matter of HOW they teach it. Obviously it’s not working very well in a lot of schools. Studies do show that home-schooling does produce brighter and better prepared students. The problem is is that most parents can’t afford to do it because they need to work. The public education system is in the toilet.

      2. JOHN T. FOX says:


    17. kguerra says:

      Homeschoolers do better than public or private schools – Govt’s own study!

      If we can’t make English mandatory in US schools we shouldn’t make Arabic mandatory. Does Obama not think English will still be a language of the future after him? Chinese has certainly secured their future.

      The Obama administration has a love affair with Islam. Obama was born to a muslim father and under Sharia Law that makes him a muslim for life. Gee, not that there’s anything wrong with a religion that is anti-modernity and still advocates cutting off people’s heads. The Obama administration is clearly in love, and just can’t quit Islam.

      1. shane says:

        Name one school that doesn’t teach our kids how to read and write english?

      2. JOHN T. FOX says:


    18. Scott says:

      You’re ignorance is absolutely astounding! “to bring us closer to an understanding and maybe a peaceful truce with those people” You just don’t get it, there can be no peace with these extremist.For them it’s convert or die, plain and simple. It’s your kind of thinking that gets us into these messes. Never in the history of any country has anyone prosecuted a war and twisted itself into a pretzel trying to minimize collateral damage. We try and limit civilian casualties, they hate us, we don’t try and limit them, they hate us. We try to send aid and help them rebuild after disasters and conflict and guess what, THEY STILL HATE US! It’s people like you who make all these rules of engagement and don’t allow our military to prosecute the battles we are in and then complain that these conflicts are taking too long and costing too much money!
      Also, the “tea party types” don’t hate our government, they hate the government spending us into oblivion and controlling us through more and more taxation and regulation. T.E.A. Taxed Enough Already! We don’t need the government telling us we HAVE to buy insurance. The solution to our current economic problems, (regardless of what the current political party in power is telling us) is NOT MORE GOVERNMENT!!!! Government gets in the way of its citizens doing what it takes to make this country great.
      Arabic is NOT the language of the future, and if the schools want to “prepare our children for high paying diplomatic jobs” them make the language an option and don’t cram it down our childrens throats! If that’s the career path they want to pursue, that should be THEIR CHOICE not the DOE!

  4. Mike Stafford says:

    Any foreign language being mandatory in these United States is wrong. It is not even mandatory that English, the language of this country, be spoken and understood. FLAP should have been called Congress Ransacking Americas Patriotism, except that it might have gotten confused with the other government organization: Congress Raping American People (more commonly called the IRS).

    1. BpSitRep says:

      Great reply.

    2. Justin Fanok says:

      Haha, that’s funny. It turns out that the USA has no official language! If you were driven by anything more than ignorance and racism, you would have known that. In many countries, children are fluent in three or more languages by the time the graduate from their secondary education. Being oblivious of the international world is not going to help anyone, (especially the youth). And it’s obviously not going to go away any time soon. You must adapt to your surroundings!

      1. Freeland Dave says:

        Back at you Justin Fanok

        What was that you were saying about ignorance and being oblivious of the international world?

      2. AFmom says:

        Adjust to the fact that Americans are waking up to the sickness of islam and we are not going to taking it anymore. In most middle eastern countries people can’t read or write or even use a toilet , yes that is the first thing the Turkish army did ..teach the new recruits how to use a toilet instead of the alleys and yards. I lived there, I’ll never for get the stupidity.

      3. Josh says:

        Your funny Justin…do we need an official language to be mandated by law in the U.S.? What language is spoken in Congress? By our Supreme Court? I don’t really care what other countries do. A country needs ONE language that all people speak in order for good communication. The goal in our country in to meld together as one, not be divided and separated into multiple groups as you Liberals would have it. And if we wanted to learn another language, wouldn’t Chinese be a better choice? What has the Arabic world offered us other than an 8th century way of thinking?

      4. Donovan says:

        Mr. Fanok,
        English is the de facto official language of the USA, and since it is such, it is therefore the “surrounding” you refer to for those coming to this country. I agree with you, and feel that people choosing to live here adapt and learn English. After all, it’s not going away any time soon.
        I have spent considerable time abroad, speak three languages, and also agree with you that many countries have multilingual citizens. The most popular second language those countries have chosen to teach? English.
        As to English fluency? I am not sure that oblivious means what you think it does……….

      5. Brian says:

        There’s nothing wrong with only one official language in a country like ours. Countries where people learn multiple languages are usually adjacent to several other countries that speak different languages (like Europe). People in America who do business or travel in Mexico or Canada learn French and Spanish because it benefits them to do so. Forcing citizens of a country to learn the language of it’s immigrants is what happens when a country is being occupied by a foreign power.
        Is that what we should be expecting?

      6. NinjaYanni says:

        My surroundings consist of regular Americans that were born here and speak English. I think I’m already adjusted.

        As for children in other countries speaking many languages.They weren’t forced to learn these languages in school, their families taught them, because they live with different languages every day. Most Americans don’t.

      7. red rooster says:

        The Islamic call to prayer is issued 5 times a day over the city loudspeakers in a suburb of Detroit. They are also considering making 2 Islamic holy days a public holiday. Teaching the Arabic language in Texas is just one more step to achieving Da’wa, the call to become Muslim. These are steps that have been taken with success down through the ages and are making inroads in our country. Take a careful look at Europe. Over 100 pieces of Shariah Law have been incorporated into British law. Wake up United States. Unless we hold onto our freedoms they will be quietly taken from us, one by one.

    3. AJ says:

      But it’s not “mandatory” in the grand scheme, it’s mandatory if you take this grant. If you don’t want to teach Arabic, then don’t apply for, win, and accept the grant that requires you teach Arabic! You can’t just take the money and run.

      I see no harm in learning other languages and cultures, even the culture of groups we’re at war with. If anything we’re helping to train the future agents in American intelligence to combat terrorism.

      1. GIVEMEFREEDOM says:

        The pablum puke that that school system was trying to hide from the student’s parents will in NO WAY prepare a student for CIA work or ANY counter-intelligence operations. Get real.

      2. JOHN T. FOX says:


  5. mymommy says:

    Looks like it’s time to fire some School Board members.

    Who’s going to start the recall petition?

    1. John K says:

      Absolutely! This is supposed to be an ISD (Independent School District). If the School Board were considering introducing Arabic as a foreign language within the ISD, they should have held a meeting and consulted parents to determine the level of interest. Then, if enough parents thought that it might be beneficial, it should have been offered as an elective. To make a foreign language mandatory is beyond ridiculous. I would be demanding a recall of the Board.

      1. Michael says:

        I totally agree with you. This is a typical example of the “slippery slope.” The board members have taken on the identity of the federal government: “We know what’s best for you, so we’ll just decide on our own. We don’t need your input.”

        People need to remember the “independent” part of their school district moniker.

    2. benth164 says:

      Fire them? They should be tar and fethered and run out of town!

      1. digitus says:

        Boiled in oil.

      2. Mike says:

        Or maybe, wait, instead of jumping to conclusions we wonder about the motives of the school board. Texan terrorists? Islamists in disguise waiting to start the revolution? Or maybe they were educators interested in giving these children a unique education that could one day be of great use to them. I am applying for a job now, and having arabic on my resume would really stand out as a unique quality.

        Or maybe you’re right, they are nazis.

      3. BunnyOlesen says:

        GOD this is to Mike.
        SHUT UP !!! Arabic is one of the most difficult languages on earth to learn, especially for people speaking English. There is NO WAY they can teach ALL ABOUT THE CULTURE of ARABS without introducing ISLAM and also you know NOTHING will be mentioned about their war like attitudes, hatred of all other religions, or extreme hatred of western civilization. Leaving these children stupidly with the believe that muslims are to be trusted.

      4. Mike says:

        Why can we not talk about this without you yelling god, or shut up? please, sit back down and let’s have a real discussion.

        1. Ok, so just because it is difficult means that children should not be taught it? Calculus is hard, take it out of schools.

        2. When I learned Spanish we did learn that in their culture Catholicism is the most practiced religion. I am not Catholic. Also, I’m not sure if you know this but their are good sized majorities of Christians and Jews who speak Arabic and live in the middle east. It seems that they are able to know the language and still resist the religion.

        3. Do you believe that all people that speak ARabic have “war like attitudes, hatred of all other religions, or extreme hatred of western civilization” I guess if you believe that then you have some validity to your point. On the other hand, I believe that most Arabs would prefer peace and prosperity, in fact Islam has historically been very accommodating to other religions, even today in Iran their is a Christian minority that is permitted to peacefully practice their religion. I believe it was the Christians that held the Inquisition to kill or forcibly remove all other religions from their lands. Either way I believe that your characterization of Islam is incomplete. I am sorry for the peaceful members of that religion that have to be lumped in the ‘terrorist’ category.

        4. As far as children being left to “stupidly (…) believe that muslims are to be trusted.” Maybe we could come up with a system so that we can tell when we see muslims walking down the street. Like a star sewn onto their clothes or something. Then our stupid children will know to be suspicious. Also, education should never be left entirely to teachers. It is the responsibility of parents to help extend and enrich that education, and a simple understanding of current events could put their education into perspective.

        In high school I sat next to a girl of Pakistani descent, who was Muslim. After 9/11 she was afraid to tell people her religion and for good reason. The fact is her family gave up everything to escape Islamic radicals and it is sad that here in the land of the free and home of the brave we feel compelled to hate muslims. Get out and talk to a Muslim, if they dont stab you in the back you may learn something.

      5. Joe says:

        Mike, get over it. There are no jobs (of significance) that you need to have that require you to learn Islam unless you are traveling to one of the countries that practice this. Having a “unique quality” is not a necessity to landing a job here in the states. You’re trying to give credence to something. Whatever job you are referring to would be a rarity and most people still would not benefit from learning Islam.

      6. JEth33 says:

        Mike stated
        3. Do you believe that all people that speak ARabic have “war like attitudes, hatred of all other religions, or extreme hatred of western civilization” I guess if you believe that then you have some validity to your point. On the other hand, I believe that most Arabs would prefer peace and prosperity, in fact Islam has historically been very accommodating to other religions, even today in Iran their is a Christian minority that is permitted to peacefully practice their religion. I believe it was the Christians that held the Inquisition to kill or forcibly remove all other religions from their lands. Either way I believe that your characterization of Islam is incomplete. I am sorry for the peaceful members of that religion that have to be lumped in the ‘terrorist’ category.

        Islam is not accomodating to other religions. Iraqi Christians are being murdered on an almost monthly basis. I once met a Muslim woman on a bus in London who was mostly moderate, but she could not identify with the possibility that she might be wrong about anything. My argument is that I might have been wrong or she might have been wrong, we might have both been wrong, or one of us might be right. She had no concept. She was intelligent but simply had no way of percieving other than I am wrong. She is right and there are no other possibilities. Our civil conversation was in no way civil because she was unable to grasp the true nature of civility. I was not asking for her to presume that she was wrong but to accept that is possibility.

        Secondly, the Crusades began and continued due to Muslim expansion by war. Islam conqured various territories around Jerusalem and finally proceeded to sack Jerusalem and cut off the only route to the Holy Land. Meanwhile they forcibly converted anyone in their sight–literally by the sword.

        Today’s Christians have adapted a more civilized approach than in the days of the Inquisitions, which killed just over 5,500 individuals within about a 6 century timespan. Today’s Muslims, however, are not as civil, and I am not referring to the lack of civility characteristic of the woman in the above example.

        This lack of civility is characteristic of entire governments in the Islamic world and of main segements of the population. The media wants us to think that they are a minority when they most certainly are the majority sects.

    3. Hojo says:

      Don’t they know Chinese will be the language of the future? China has all the money and is currently keeping everybody else afloat AND growing faster than any other country! Time for me to become tri-lingual!

      Arabic is junk, you only need to learn that to murder innocent people and become a paedophile.

      1. JOHN T. FOX says:


    4. rosieogrady says:

      These parents must defeat this mandatory program, get a tea party like association against this. How dare they force our children to learn the muslim way. They say no religion but their culture is founded on their religion. Put a stop to this ASAP.

  6. Hilda says:

    Getting prepared for the HUGE, MASSIVE influx of Arabs and Palestinians on the way to the States according to the news item today. Hellooooo people. WHEN are you going to GET UP and DO something in regards to what YOUR children are taught. Is the school board appointed by the king or elected?

    1. Bob J says:

      Well, all they have to do is walk across the Mexican/US border at night like nearly everybody else who wants to come here illegally. Plenty of Arabs have used that route.

      1. JOHN T. FOX says:


  7. George says:

    , “We must Americanize in every way, in speech, in political ideas and principles, and in their way of looking at relations between church and state. We welcome the German and the Irishman who becomes an American. We have no use for the German or Irishman who remains such… He must revere only our flag, not only must it come first, but no other flag should even come second.”


    1. Anna Mouse says:

      Thank you for this quote.
      If we were in a middle eastern country, we would be expected to learn their language and respect their customs, culture and religion. Or Else.
      Same here, you came here to be an American, learn our language, learn our ways, There are no hyphenated Americans, You are an American, or you are not. Join us, learn English. Speak English in our schools, learn our customs.
      God Bless America

      1. Joe_Momma says:

        Exactly. If you want to be an “African-American” you lose 50% of your status in this country. For example, “African-American” people can pay taxes but have no freedom of speech. How’s that for equality?

        As an American, I am completely insulted that everyone wants to have a hyphenated description of their Americanism.

        Our nation is becoming fractured with all the special interest groups proclaiming “equal rights”.

      2. Mike says:

        Actually, if you were in a middle eastern country they would most likely all understand some english. God bless america, lets educate our children to interact in a global market instead of falling even further behind in our education.

        I don’t know that teaching Texans another language and culture has anything to do with immigrants, unless I missed something and the state of texas has become dominated by people from the Middle East. I’m not sure that the school district is full of children that “came here to be American.”

      3. CMouse says:

        As a minority person of Confederate-American descent, I am shocked, appalled, and outraged that this school board calls Arabic “the language of the future”. Why don’t you all just bend over and accept Sharia Law without a fight. I find it impossible to put up with the lie that Islam will not be included in cultural discussions about culture. How can you separate the two? Britain is now having riots in the streets because the Arab population has gotten so large the citizens are unable to control them. We’ve chased God out our schools and communities in the name of mult-culturalism. Are students now going to have to accept the God of the false prophet to continue in school?

      4. BunnyOlesen says:

        EXACTLY. Not only that, in middle eastern countries they will kill you if you don’t do as they do, dress as they say, worship how they tell you. I am SICK of seeing mexicans waving flags talking about how great mexico is (when it’s horrible) Schools out west that teach all mexican history, and teach the kids that america sucks. LOVE IT OR LEAVE IT !!!! AMERICAN, ALL OR NOTHING !!!

      5. BunnyOlesen says:




        GLOBAL MARKET LANGUAGES, would include most european languages, CHINESE, Korean or japanese. Even perhaps INDIAN. Countries that speak arabic have no industry (other than oil and christians aren’t allowed there) to offer WHAT SO EVER. rackteering does not count.

      6. mike says:

        My dearest bunny,

        Why so angry? I, like you have been to a middle eastern country, Egypt. You are right, not too many people are educated their, but the same could be said about China or India fifty years ago, so please tell me how Arabic will not be the same. I cannot tell the future, so maybe you are right and Arabic will not be incredibly important, but maybe chinese won’t be in fifty years…or english.

        Also, I don’t know if you drive, or have heard of oil, but it turns out that this is pretty important in the global economy.

        If i write in all caps can you read better?

      7. Joe says:

        Joe_Momma plese cite your proof that African-Americans have no freedom of speech. Last I checked they have the biggest microphone in the nation in the White House. I do agree with you about the hyphenated culture attached to them being an american. Most have never even been to those other countries.

      8. JOHN T. FOX says:


      9. Joe_Momma says:


        All I said was that if you want to be a hyphenated American, you lose 50% of your American rights. I arbitrarily picked taxes and freedom of speech as examples of rights that would be enforced (paying taxes) and those that would be lost (freedom of speech). It was an example to show that you can’t really pick and choose what rights you inherit as an American. I never said that blacks have no freedom of speech today.

        But I will pick those that hyphenated Americans will get!

    2. Laura says:

      Excellent quote! It always amazes me how our forefathers knew what would be our undoing.

    3. Michael says:

      What a gross misrepresentation of this quote. Pushing children in an insular society to learn a useful language has nothing to do with foreigners assimilating to American culture.

      1. JOHN T. FOX says:


    4. Freeland Dave says:

      It seems the Prime Minister of Britain agrees with Teddy when it comes to what is good for the British nation. Why are our Americans today so stupid they can’t see the handwriting on the wall?

      1. Mike says:

        Is American children learning another language the same thing as an immigrant group failing to assimilate to American traditions and customs? Did i miss something, I thought this was about children in Texas, not immigrants?

      2. JOHN T. FOX says:


  8. James Lawrence says:

    Arabic. Mandatory? Excuse me?! And they have such a cute name for it, too – ‘FLAP.’ ‘Special High Intensity Training’ is more apt. This is but one more glaring reason to abolish the Dept. of Education. It is quite apparent that Superintendent Morrison needs his walking papers, as well. Hopefully, parents and citizens alike will stand firm against this nonsense.

    For the record, if any language is to be considered ‘language of the future,’ it will be Chinese.

    1. unh says:

      James, i agree with you. Chinese or Hindi. But hasn’t ENGLISH been the Universal business language ever since the development of cereal?
      I am a muslim, and only arabic I know is the one in teh Koran. Nothing should be Mandatory. This is like saying, what we had in the military, ‘mandatory fun day’.

      1. Laura says:

        HAHAHA Mandatory Fun Day, I love it!

    2. Ronnie reagan says:

      Actually…Chinese, Arabic, and to a lesser degree Spanish are all languages of the future in the sense that they are spoken by our enemy. Know thine enemy.

      My son has English, Chinese, and Arabic alphabet blocks (all Made in America) and II teach him Spanish. you people need to step up to the plate and understand the Trojan horse that awaits our children and grandchildren. You’re probably off buoying your kids plastic Chinese trinkets for Christmas while I’m teaching mine to be prepared for the enemy with American made building blocks.

      Now step to you lazy Americans.

      1. Micah says:

        Chinese toys would make terrible buoys

      2. Freeland Dave says:

        No, I teach my children and their children how to spell buying properly you self centered, self aggrandizing, pompous, windbag.

      3. mike says:

        thank you, thank you. let’s teach our children!

      4. JOHN T. FOX says:


  9. John Montana says:

    They need translators for the next adventure and make more victims in the middle east I mean our kids. They can’t force you to learn something you don’t like. Why don’ttry to learn Christianity in Middle East specifically Saudis. Boycot the school! Hello!! Who the F… is in charge here?

    1. Paolo says:

      Hey John Montana, Bingo !! I was just about to post the same thing. The US needs future translators because they got a HUGE transformation going on in the M.E. and it is not going to be friendly to US interests.

      However, for every translator snoop they cultivate, there will be five students that will be attracted to Islam and will see the US as the aggressor to a peaceful culture.

    2. Ronnie reagan says:

      We need to learn Arabic to squash our enemies, NOt to join them you backwoods dolt. Know thine enemy.

  10. granny says:

    Who is asking the million dollar question ? With our schools underfunded,teachers underpaid, and our economy in the toilet, why is our governmern spending our tax dollars to try to shove arabic language and culture down our children’s throats?

    1. me says:

      Excellent point!

  11. Awin says:

    For starters, Arabic is not a religion. Secondly, we should all be thankful and not ignorant of the fact that this is ONLY an opportunity for your child to learn more and not remain ignorant like some parents. Give your children the chance to broaden their horizons so maybe they will contribute to change in this world and not trying to change the world by simply blogging about it. Don’t rob your chldren of having a more expanded educated than what you were given as a child. Lose the prejudices and help make your child a better person.

    1. unh says:

      FINALLY!!! ONE comment that actually makes perfect sense.
      Thank you, Awin.

    2. James Lawrence says:

      Awin – Please retrieve your dictionary(if you own one) and find meanings to the words ‘required,’ and ‘mandatory.’ You will discover, to your dismay, they are not synonymous with ‘opportunity.’


      1. Awin says:

        J. Lawrence–yes, I own a dictionary. And NOT to my dismay, I agree that mandatory and required are not synonyms with opportunity, agreed. However, if you don’t make some things mandatory or required, students won’t learn a thing. If you try to change to world to a point where nothing is mandatory or required, people will not become educated in anything. Use this as an opportunity and stop trying to make something out of nothing. This article was written to inform the public of what our children will have the opportunity to learn. You should be thankful that we are in a country where as humans, we are given the OPPORTUNITY to learn more. (whether it’s a language or a type of science) Your negativity towards this change is the reason why the US is not in the top five countries when it comes to education. Think about that!!

    3. hilda says:

      Islam cannot be separated from the ‘culture’ of Arabic. What is their culture other than islam? It isn’t just the ‘language’ but mandatory AND teaching of the ‘culture’. Think about the ENTIRE article.

      1. Awin says:

        The article never mentions the teaching of the Islam religion. A child can learn a language while not being taught the Islam religion. From my background and experience with the Islam religion and Arabic culture, I understand the difference. Stop hindering our children from learning more. If Arabics were Christian or Jewish, no one here would have a problem with it. Become informed and then comment unless you opt to remain ignorant and biased to our children becoming educated.

    4. me says:

      And while your at it Awin, why not go make all those middle eastern muslim countries promote english-american language and culture. See how that goes, then get back to me.
      Actually if it were a choice, to learn it, then it might be more palletable to most.

      1. Detex says:

        A lot of them do. they realize the importance of having language studies. Most foreigners I know speak MANY languages, it is only in America that people speak one MAYBE two…

      2. john says:

        Having lived and worked in multiple foreign countries, “most” people speak only their local dialect. However, those who prosper know how to speak multiple languages.

    5. deepak says:

      clearly arabic has NEVER made anyone a better person

    6. Armed Response says:

      If it’s mandatory, it’s no longer an “opportunity”. Why doesn’t FLAP take these courses to Detroit, where the Arab;s already own the city, the police, and the education system?

    7. Worried Human says:

      And also while you are at it Awin, you can go walk into on-coming traffic.

    8. Cheryl says:

      Awin – If our children are to be forced to learn Arabic to “not remain ignorant like some parents” then Arab nations should force their children to learn English for the same reason. In America, we don’t even force immigrants to learn English – why on earth should we force our children to learn another language?

      1. julian416 says:

        “why on earth should we force our children to learn another language?”

        Dumbest sentence I’ve read all year.

        Why force them to learn math then? How many people use algebra in their daily lives? Or why force them to learn biology? How many people need to know what cellular mitosis is?

        Many seem to regard the Arabs as our adversaries. It’s wise to know the ways of one’s adversaries.

        FTR-Arab countries ARE teaching their children English. I live in Asia and ever country here has many native English speakers, usually college grads, who come over and teach English. One of my friends lives in Libya teaching English; another in Dubai.

        The prevalent attitude in this thread is one of fear and ignorance, hatred, bigotry and mistrust. It’s misguided with regard t religion and Christianity. The Founding Fathers -many of whom were deists, not Christians–deliberately made sure there was religious liberty in America so that no one religion would dominate.

    9. Detex says:

      Thank you!!! a rational post!

    10. GIVEMEFREEDOM says:

      Sorry Awin, you are wrong.
      When a school system attempts to HIDE subject material that is being FORCED (mandated) upon the students it is wrong. And when the subject material is supposedly a way to broaden a students horizons when most can’t spell or count change, then the emphasis on foreign language and social studies is wrong.
      Abolish the DOE, teach the basics, bring back the PLEDGE OF ALLEGIANCE, bring back the ten commandments.

      1. Awin says:

        I agree. Bring back the Pledge of Allegiance and Ten Commandments. While you’re at it, teach our children something other than the American way; which has proven to keep our children in a box. Let our children learn more and expand to more. Who knows what this opportunity could do for one of our children…maybe allow them to travel to the M.E. and own businesses or teach their children English.

    11. Jeni says:

      There is nothing wrong with setting educational standards AKA must have 4 years of science, 4 years of Language Arts, 4 years of Mathematics, 2 years of a foreign language to graduate (our ISD’s standards btw) There is however a problem when you are telling people they must take a particular language. Latin is a very useful language for further education in the sciences it is also the root of English, Spanish, French and Italian and makes learning four languages much easier, while also increasing science scores, so why not mandate learning that as well?
      Aside from the issue of specifying a particular language to study I think most people have a problem with throwing a study of culture into the mix. Like it or not, when talking about 90% of this ethnic population, Islam and the Arabic culture have become one in the same. As prescribed by their religion, they follow the manual of the Koran. It tells them what to eat, how to farm, how to conduct business, personal/familial relationships, how to govern, how and when to bathe the list goes on and on. It is only part of the “history” of the Arabic peoples but it is responsible for the direction of nearly all of their culture.
      In schools today, history and culture are mixed thus the term “social studies” that is what the superintendent meant when he said the “culture and history”. History deals with facts and actions. Social Studies deals with subjective observations and opinions of actions gleaned through an ideological filter. It is there where the area of opposition is found. Let’s also mandate the study of Hebrew culture, history and language. How would the Islamic families feel about that one? Bet they would apply for an “exemption”.
      This is not based on bigotry, hate or misunderstanding it is centered upon not wanting opinions presented as fact, under the subject heading of “History”, to children regardless of religious persuasion by people in positions of respect and power.

  12. unh says:

    SHOVE? What is wrong with learning another language? be it French (who, by the way, hate Americans ten thousand times more than any Arabic speaking country), Spanish, or even Latin. Shouldn’t we have our ‘democracy around the world’ and be able to choose what we want to learn? Why do you ‘shove’ your non-logical comments down our ‘eyes’ using this post?

    1. MadMan says:

      unh – If the French hate us so much, why don’t we see them attacking us like Arabs do?

      1. Detex says:

        Oh Please, it is fundamentalists that attack us not the Arabs… Let’s get that strait right off the bat. Much like Timothy McVeigh, David Koresh, or Ted Kosinski

      2. American Grit says:

        Hey unh, why don’t you take a little visit to France and ask them how they feel about the Arabs? You think the French hate Americans more than they hate Arabs? You’re not even close.
        Welcome to America. Assimilate or leave.

      3. Jen in Fort Worth says:

        Detex – David Koresh never attacked anyone, that was the ATF – OUR GOV – that did that!. Timothy McVeigh didn’t attack us either, he blew up a federal building. Ted Kazinski was a psycho serial bomber. NONE of these people you mentioned were fundamentalists. With the exception of Koresch, they were domestic terrorists. Besides, I don’t want my kid learning the language of the enemy no matter what and like it or not, THEY are the enemy. We ARE at war with these people. Should we just lie down and let them take over our country? Hell NO!

    2. Larry says:

      You are preaching an old sterotypel The French and their conservative President are currently our strongest allies. And yes…when it’s MANADATORY, it’s called SHOVING a language down our throats. IN TEXAS, if ANY language other than English should be manadatory it should be SPANISH. But NO language other than ENGLISH should be mandatory. That is, unless we are planning to become officially a bi-lingual state / nation.
      This is an example of an ISD running after Federal grant money and then being caught with the requirement attached to it. What REALLY needs to happen is the dissolution of the federal Dept. of Education. Education is supposed to be the responsibility of the local ISDs and the STATE, not the FEDS.

    3. phillysmart says:

      There is nothing wrong with learning another language ..but it should be an elective which language you want to learn …not mandatory by the GOVERNMENT of all people…can’t you see thats the tenets of a totalitarian regime….and totally anti american

  13. Barbara Radisavljevic says:

    I’m a Christian. I homeschooled my children. Though I don’t think Arabic should be mandatory for any child in this country, I do think more young children should have the opportunity to learn Chinese, Japanese, and Arabic, since it’s easier to learn languages when one is young.

    Spanish and German are the easiest languages for speakers of English to learn, and I doubt if too many parents would choose for their children to learn the harder languages I’ve mentioned. However, our intelligence agencies need more people who are proficient in these languages and cultures. Even civilian adults can get a better picture of other cultures and what is really happening if they don’t need a translation for what they see on TV. My husband, a Serb, has seen newscasts where translators for Serbian politicians were not being accurate.

    What about Christian missions? Do we win those who speak Arabic languages by speaking to them in English? We can keep waiting until adults sign up to study these languages, but it’s harder for adults. So I believe children should have as much opportunity to study the less popular languages as they do to study Spanish, French, and German. I do think every child should be required to learn another language, starting in grade school, with parental input on which language it will be. With such programs as Rosetta Stone available, perhaps native speaking teachers would not be necessary. . I also think all non-English speaking grade school children should be required to study English as their foreign language, as well as American history and culture.

    1. Cheryl says:

      Good points, Barbara. However, I doubt the mandatory language / cultural curriculum will include any discussion of how we might share our values with Arab nations. It will be used to further indoctrinate our children that our values are wrong and we should accept those of others – even those who force their values through violence and discrimination.

  14. me says:

    Let the Islamic indoctrination begin. Scary.

  15. The American says:

    Instead Arabic why dont they teach American history I.e., the Constitution. If a parents want to teach their child Arabic then they can do it on their own dime not the taxpayers dime. Teach about WW1 or WW2 and the sacrifices the men and women made to have this great country.

    1. A says:

      Because that would impede on the marxist agenda, come on “The American” you know that.

  16. Drunk Cowboy says:

    How can you have a course in Arabic culture without including their religion?. Most of their history and culture are based on their religion, its teachings and its laws. An elective course, yes by all means, but mandatory? This situation was not very well thought out.

    1. deepak says:

      time to sober up,cowboy. this was VERY WELL THOUGHT OUT!

  17. Dirk says:

    How about a mandatory English. I was born in the US and lived in Italia for 6 years. Ho imparato Italiano quando ho avuto 32 anni. People that live in the USA should learn to speak English. If I moved to Spain or Brasil, I would learn to speak Spanish or Portuguese. Simple as that.

  18. Josh says:

    As a young parent I don’t believe that any foreign language/culture should be mandatory. However I do believe that a child should learn another language, if only to improve future job prospects and/or communications with varying peoples. The second language should be an informed choice made by the students with the guidance of their parents. Forcing the students into learning a specific second language is nothing but a gross misuse of power and an attack upon our civil liberties.

    1. julian416 says:

      Finally, an intelligent post.

  19. Bill Neal says:

    It is time to rise up and make the leftists and politicians feel our wrath. Heed these words or perish as a slave under the boot of the socialist agenda.

  20. Bradley Collard says:

    I find this odd at best. I am a big believer that we should have a better understanding of different cultures in the world, but is this the class that is for that? Should we not make Arabic an optional language to learn in HS nad provide a Civics class that discusses the American Culture and the cultures that make up the American Society? We have pocket communities all over American, in every major American city. I think it is good we understnad them and learn about the cultures that make up the American culture, but forcing one forieng language over the rest is short sideness.

    Homework assignement folks, think of at least three different cultures that help make up your community.

  21. tom dooley says:

    In this story’s final paragraph, it says that learning Arabic is OPTIONAL, which would suggest that the students are required to study a foreign language, and that Arabic will simply be another option offered alongside the other languages. However, the rest of the story very clearly implies that all the students will be REQUIRED to learn Arabic. So which is it? Because February is sweeps month, I have a feeling I already know the answer to that question, and if so, you’re about to catch some serious nationwide heat for this!

    1. bigTop says:

      I believe the article said it would be mandatory for elementary and middle school but optional for HS.
      I’m sure we’ll have mandatory burka day.. and IEDs 101…

      So, when is American History going to become an elective?
      I’m sooo glad I’ve already graduated.

  22. olpap says:

    here we go

  23. Jim says:

    Sounds like our scholls are getting into mind control, Pink Floyd says it best, ” teachers leave them kids alone”

  24. Lawrence Baldwin says:

    to require arabic is to bend over and tell the islamists to come right in and take over this is an abomination and should be an elective at the worst and not taught at all at the best come on people this country is not and never should be a islamist country

  25. Wheeler says:

    I’m going to be in the minority here, but I think requiring a 2nd language should have been mandatory long ago. We are so isolated from the world and I truly believe that this is a step toward an understanding of other cultures that will promote greater cooperation. There are so many muslims who are NOT terrorists. Read a book, “I Shall Not Hate.” You might learn something. But again, reading with your eyes and mind firmly shut probably won’t work.

    1. sophie says:

      Hi there, I’m from the Netherlands and we are required to learn a second language in school (English, French or German). Believe you me, it doesn’t help anybody. It doesn’t make the understanding of other cultures greater. Culture is more than language alone. And by the way, don’t you think that learning Spanish makes more sense?

      1. Cheryl says:

        Yes, learning Spanish makes far more sense. And, to keep the common sense thing going, Hispanic children living in the US should be required to learn English.

      2. julian416 says:

        Learning a foreign language is the necessary first step to learning a foreign culture. One must really speak the language of a culture to understand the culture. I agree that learning Spanish makes more sense in the US, especially in border states like Texas, but you can be assured that if they were trying to force Spanish on people there would be an outcry that we were returning the American Southwest to Mexico.

        Foreign language should be required starting at a young age. I’m fine with leaving which language up to the students.

    2. disenchanted says:

      yes there are many muslims that are not terrorists, HOWEVER every terrorist has been muslim.

      this is barack, barry, steve or whatever his name is agenda in shoving socialistic rule and islamic culure and law down our throats.

    3. julian416 says:

      Two years of foreign language was mandatory for me in HS way back when. I think it should have been mandatory starting in first grade.

  26. Bible Believing Billy says:

    I think we should offer cultural diversity leading to future stability by studying the Hebrew (and Greek – ever do a physics problem?) of our Judeo-Christian legacy in the Bible. That would bring us more in line with the Creator’s plans, past and future, especially in that the future kingdom of Jesus Christ, the “official language” will be Hebrew. So, let’s be proactive, and plan accordingly. John 3:16

    1. Bible Believing Billy says:

      Even in today’s economic environment, it would seem that Chinese would be more appropriate than Arabic. Here’s a true story – I wished the Asian lady who was working at the donut shop, Happy Lunar New Year, in celebration of the Chinese lunar new year 4 days ago. She commented that I was the ONLY customer, so far to wish her, Happy Lunar New Year – I’m white in a primarily Hispanic neighborhood. Are we actually teaching our children cultural diversity? I live near several public and private schools, and I noticed only1 child carrying home a tradition north Vietnamese hat on the Lunar New Year – presumably the hat was made during art. Some education system we have, here, huh?

      1. RBH says:

        But did you say it in Chinese?

  27. Stephen L. says:

    In the 70’s it was Russian. With detente the catchphrase of the decade, we all needed to learn to speak the language of our new friends. Then the business world told us we needed to learn Japanese and then Chinese if we were going to be able to compete in the world marketplace. Now it’s Arabic. What will happen to our children if they don’t learn the laqnguage “of the future”?

    Offer Arabic as an elective? Sure, why not?
    Make it required? You’re nuts!

    English first, Spanish as an elective second language, all others offered as electives if the budget and expertise allow them.
    Maybe speaking Arabic should be a job requirement for school board employees since they obviously thinks its of great importance.

  28. Angela Carver-Jackson says:

    That money could certainly be put to other uses for sure!! It makes no sense but who are we to judge. God has a reason for everything. Maybe one of those kids learning Arabic will be an ambassador for the U.S. one day and have needed it to save the world 🙂

    1. me says:

      And what if, all those many years ago, they had thought “hey, maybe this tax is Gods way of keeping us from becoming gluttonous with out tea.”

    2. Lisa says:

      Yes, God has a reason (a.k.a. plan) for everything–the End Times–we are in the thick of it.

    3. AFmom says:

      to Angela Carver-Jackson…..And then the happy mushrooms will grow big and strong under the orange sky and a big rainbow will appear…oops, ‘m getting a shiver down my leg…

    4. JOHN T. FOX says:


  29. Bible Believing Billy says:

    Good luck with that, Becky. The founding fathers have been rolling over in their graves as they look down upon how their founding faith has been surgically removed from all modern test books. Sure, learn the legacy of America, but teach it truthfully. Ever hear of a book called, The Light and the Glory, by Peter Marshal and David Manual? Maybe too far to the right, but certainly more accurate than modern history textbooks.

  30. jk anderson says:

    Last I checked this was still America, where we have the right of choice. I don’t see where M.I.S.D. is giving a choice here. This is appalling and to pull this on elementary aged children makes it worse. If this school district wants to do something right, then make all the Spanish speaking kids learn English and help them assimilate into our culture. This stinks of another (Liberal, PC, appeasment) govt snowjob. You fine people of Mansfield should either move into another district or work two jobs to send your kiddos to private school. This family is doing both.

    1. Giovanni says:

      I completely agree, the person that commented and disagreed is a blind fool. Arabic is not the language of the future. I’m sure Barrack Hussain supports this though considering he is the biggest closet muslim. There are more mosques being built than ever before and now this?? There is DEFINITELY an indirect islamic tie to this, don’t be so damn blind!
      There are people in our country, many illegal, and they aren’t even forced to learn English but kids have to take Arabic?? What is happening to my country?

      1. Keeping It Real! says:

        Keep in mind that the MISD Board is Republican. Goona be a stretch to link this to the Libs..

  31. Brian says:

    Here’s something unique, why not let the KIDS decide if they WANT to take a foreign language ! Math and Science, yes, these are needed in every day life, but a foreign language ? WHY ? Since when do you or I NEED to learn a foreign language. Lets get back to the basics first – READING (in ENGLISH), WRITING (again in ENGLISH) and MATH. Half the problem with today’s schools is that they are trying (or being forced) to be POLITICALLY CORRECT. They must teach in so many languages that NO ONE learns ! Teach the language (modern version of course) in which the nation’s laws are founded !

  32. DallasKolev says:

    Language of the future…? Happens to be English….that’s why damn near every freakin country in the world learns it!!! Schools are turning into dictatorships…. if any other language should be FORCED upon us, it should be Spanish, as they are the next highest percentage of people in this country. Why would anyone need to know Arabic??? Where would that be used on a regular basis unless it is your primary language…. This is what our tax dollars are paying for!!!

  33. Watchman says:

    Try as you will, but Muslin/Islam is antii-God, anti- American anti-everything our country stands for. Call it what you want…ie, education, learning opportunities, cultural awareness, The bottom line is that there is always a hidden agenda.
    Christians need to read Revelations. What was foretold there is coming to pass. There’s no denying that America as we have known it and loved it is about to be forever changed. Study, not Islam or Arabic to be more ‘enlightened’. The only study of Islam that will help our children, is by warning them and telling them the truth about their religion!!!! Many Arabic people don’t even know how horrific their religion is. You can’t separate that from their culture. Study the Bible and bring prayer back to the schools. That’s the only way change will come. God have mercy on us. My children WILL NOT attend MISD schools any longer. It is not safe!

    1. JOHN T. FOX says:


  34. Shelly says:

    My God. The ignorant comments in this section are an illustration showing EXACTLY why Arabic should be taught in our schools. All of you hicks that are pounding your chest and yelling about them “Muslims” should be ashamed of yourselves. If you are so unsure about your faith and belief system that a simple class will cause your child’s faith to be damaged, then you have failed in your job as a parent and instructor. It is exactly this sort of fear and ignorance that keeps prejudices and hatred alive and well in our society.

    I am particularly shocked that a school in Texas was chosen to participate in this program. Students from Texas have a hard enough time with simple mathematics and basics of the English language. It is hard to imagine the students being able to learn such a complicated language in the first place. It seems like wasted money to me. The program would have been better served in a state that actually thinks the education of their young people is a priority.

    1. elizabeth says:

      Well, thanks for stereotyping Texans…talk about a CLOSED MIND!
      The point is the course will be FORCED and a waste of TAXPAYER monies!
      If you have EVER read the Koran you might find that a little fear is a good thing.
      We have our OWN CULTURE that should be studied and preserved. Diversity does not work, assimilation does!

      1. julian416 says:

        Diversity and assimilation are not mutually exclusive. Diversity is precisely why the US has succeeded. Well that and the fact that we had a lot of free and cheap labor along the way.

      2. AFmom says:

        Capitalism is why American has survived and a civil society you marxist liberal atheist.

      3. julian416 says:

        How ironic that you claim America to be a civil society right before you sling what you perceive to be insults at me. Also highly presumptuous ones. Nothing I’ve posted has hinted at my spiritual or political orientations.

        Capitalism isn’t what made America great. Military might and being the only industrialized nation left intact after WWII is what propelled us to the top of the food chain. In fact, capitalism in its present form is what is bringing us down. It’s perverse. The free market is hardly free. It’s a rigged game. A truly free market would be something brand new.

        And I’d challenge all the God-fearing Christians to go do some homework (as opposed to parroting Fox news) and see if capitalism and Christianity are compatible. Ask your clergy, read the new testament, etc.

      4. AFmom says:

        julian416 go back to FU I am sure you graduated with honors

      5. julian416 says:

        Insults and swearing. You are one helluva debater AFmom.

      6. AFmom says:

        I’m an American and I can’t say the same about you

    2. Barry D says:

      Shelly , I am sure you are a genius , but your lumping all Texas kids into one dumb bunch just makes you the stupid one .

    3. Barry D says:

      Shelly …..who is ignorant now girl ? Ridiculous baloney from someone who has never been to Texas ……What state are you from so we can generalize about the stupid people there ?

      1. JJ says:


        You’re welcome.

    4. “Students from Texas have a hard enough time with simple mathematics and basics of the English language.”

      Je suis texane, et voici ma réponse à vous: “Va te faire foutre, vous con ignorant”. Est-ce assez clair pour vous, Shelly?

  35. Countryman says:

    Bottom line people, this is mandatory and was done with a little “sneakery”. The Feds said “sure, here’s some money for your schools, but OH, way back in the agreement, we are going to require you to learn Arabic”.
    Thank God I don’t live in Mansfield and for those of you who do, maybe NOW you’ll take your kids out of public schools and teach them at home or private school.
    And for the rest of us, if this can happen in a little suburb of the DFW area, it can happen anywhere.

  36. maryjokopechne says:

    elections have consequences … you know who you voted for. So this is what you get – a minaret up your a$$.

    1. Keeping It Real! says:

      agreed! the MISD is a predominantly Republican School board. And elections do have Consequences ……

      1. Jules says:

        You do understand that being “Republican” doesn’t necessarily mean “conservative.” So if you fancy that these R’s will be switched out for D’s because this board is too socialistic you are not “keeping it real.”

      2. JOHN T. FOX says:


  37. Fred says:

    And what genius thought this up? Next we will be told what we can eat and how to dress, no wait, they are already doing that!

  38. LuKuj says:

    Many students today can’t even speak and write English properly and know little of American history. I KNOW as a retired teacher that there isn’t enough time to teach as much math, science, etc. as needed, so I definitely don’t think any instructional time should be used on Arabic. As the Texas curriculum is not, there is barely a day or two to spend on most important concepts before you have to move on to get everything in before the state TAKS test. This is NOT best for the education of the children.

  39. Uncle Meat says:

    I love this idea. Don’t see any problem with forcing our kids to speak a language like Arabic. Since Islam is a cancer rapidly taking over the world, they are going to have to deal with it sooner or later. Better know how to speak the language of the people who want to kill you.

    1. lukuj says:

      Do you realize time will be taken from the other curriculum, even though there is not enough time now? Would you rather they speak Arabic than know how to do math and speak English correctly??

  40. MarkJ says:

    The DOE has identified Arabic as a “language of the future”.

    Yeah, but WHOSE FUTURE? Given that Arabic-speaking countries indulge in such charming customs as female genital mutilation, arranged cousin marriages, sharia law, public beheadings and whippings, and quite open oppression of religious minorities, Arabic looks to be more the language of the PAST.

  41. Vink says:

    If Arabic is the language of the future, then I want no part of the future. I advise the parents of all children forced into learning the language of death to revolt immediately. Don’t stand there like Texas cattle waiting to be slaughtered.

  42. Ingrid Painter says:

    This is an outrage!!!
    Our children cannot read or wirte in English but will learn Arabic!!
    The Superintendent and school board should be fired!!

    1. julian416 says:

      The outrage is that your children can’t read or write in English. And that’s not the school’s fault. I could do both before my first day of school. Look in a mirror before you assign blame.

      1. AFmom says:

        Your superiority complex is showing, are you related to Stephen Fowler? Look in the mirror and be horrified. You’re narcissistic as well….

      2. julian416 says:

        Hardly superior. I wish I knew more than English fluently. I’m pointing out what Ingrid can’t see is painfully obvious. That if our children don’t know English, as she posted, that’s the outrage.

  43. Joseph L Cooke says:

    It’s also possible in the future there will be no need for the language.

  44. Dave, Tampa, FL says:

    Language of the future?????????

    What a joke.

    This would never be considered under ANY other adminstration and government in our history.

  45. Deted says:

    What? So are the French taking over when they make you take French in school? How about the Italians? That is the most ridiculous comment I have ever hear! it is a language, not a religion.

    1. Sam Vaughn says:

      nobody forces anybody to learn French, it’s an elective.

      1. Michael says:

        French is also useless outside of France.

    2. rmiller says:

      The french are not declared enemies of America. Muslims are. We have 7 million muslims in this country now Do you really believe they are all happy and proud to be Americans. We have already been infiltrated and we have a muslim president who hates America. They are probably correct if TExans have no more backbone. Arabic will be our future language because we have given our country to them. Shame on TExas!

    3. Bo Perrin, Minister says:

      Clearly, you have no idea what you are talking about. Arabic is the official and only language of Islam. Muslims claim that Islam cannot be understood properly without it. You cannot separate Arabic from Islam.

      Your argument is disingenuous because Islam unlike the French makes it very clear in the Sunna, Hadiths and Qur’ an that Islam will conqueror all religions.

    4. porchhound says:

      They don’t MAKE you take French nimrod..THAT is the difference.So why are they MAKING these students take Arabic…..

    5. Riddler says:

      apparently you don’t know your facts. Islam and the Arabic way is not a language but a political system all intertwined together. Spanish and any other language is completely different. Islam is a machine that needs to be stopped. I would be going crazy right now if I was a parent in this school district.

    6. phillysmart says:

      They don’t make you take anything…they tell you have to take a language and you have a CHOICE…at least where I go to school that the way it is…run by the state…the issue is the federal government should not be setting our curriculum …its unconstitutional

    7. Kristy says:

      The difference, Deted, is that usually kids have an OPTION to take French or Spanish or German, they are not required to take one over the other. Hello, McFly!

      1. Detter says:

        Then they will have a cost avoidance and save the tax payers some bucks, eh? Prob not since they say it will be “mandatory” . My first clue was that the word “mandatory” is in the lead title to the story.

        Usually = PC for yeah it will be mandatory but let me say it depends on what your s is…please give it a rest.

    8. AFmom says:

      U R and uneducated buffoon and I am sure you went to a public school…do you READ the news AT ALL

      1. JJ says:

        “U R and uneducated buffoon”

        Nice. You’re really making that “educated” point. Keep text talking and misspelling things. Make America proud.

    9. Harold Smith says:

      arabic is specific to Islam- Islam believes that language to be uncorrupted and the only true language of Islam. All who join Islam are expected/encourged to learn arabic to understand the full meaning of their religion. Arabic is as much symbolic to Islam as the cross is to Christians. It would be like saying the cross is just a symbol and is not a religion. I’m just baffeled as to if not for religion why Arabic? Spanish & French are more useful in this country or China’s language seeing how they have the fastest growing economy. I’ve been all over the world and know many in the buisness world- none of them speak or have a use for arabic outside of Islamic countries-

    10. Chicago Nick says:

      They want them to learn the language so they understand the Koran when they get to making them read that too..You people aren’t even useful idiots.

      Grab YOUR ankles and bend over to Islam on your time, not ours.

    11. Ghostsouls says:

      What percentage of Muslims, do NOT speak Arabic? In that religion their language is directly tied to their religion. Any Koran worth it’s weight is in Arabic. Why is it they cannot force Illegal Aliens to learn English, but they can now force kids to learn Arabic? The French are not hell bent on taking over the United States and every other country that does not teach the Koran. They have tried to defend their Shariah law in our courts, promoting the murder of their wives and daughters (take particular note that they only target the helpless, women and children) There is nothing honorable about Terror ridden Muslims. Are there Muslims that do not adhere to the Terrorist Islamic beliefs of the radicals? Yes there are, and those people are being singled out as well as Americans., as targets of terrorism in the name of Allah. And yes, if it was the Italians that were trying to force feed us Catholicism, and make us learn Italian, I would be against that as well. You need to go home, Deted, buy you an Arabic Koran, learn the language, so you will understand them when they hold you hostage, or force your female relatives (mother, wife, daughters etc.. ) to wear their burqa. I guess town squares will be the gathering place for men, who want a divorce or for the morality police to drag women to for a proper legal shariah law stoning to death. I guess that will be covered in their culture class as well, the suppression of women’s rights and the murder of women and girls?

  46. nuisance says:

    This is exactly why the federal government should have nothing to do with educating the youth. They’ll just prepare more mindless robots that are trained to do as the gov’t tells it to do. It’s a sad state of affairs we have today. It’s not going to be long before we have protests in this country to get rid of all these bozos in Washington (on BOTH sides of the aisle) that are trying to ruin us for their personal gain.

  47. Sam Vaughn says:

    Why are we forcing anyone to learn any language they don’t want to? Last time I looked this was a free country,,,,,,,It would be better use of funds if we taught them finance rather than a language of the past. This is just an attempt to slip under the covers Islamic teachings.

  48. Cygnus says:

    So much for the Great American Melting Pot. It was too hard for demagogues to identify victim groups that way, I guess.

    1. dareisay says:

      The melting pot has boiled over.

      Merkle of Germany, Cameron of England have both said recently, “multiculturalism has failed.”

      I am not a politically correct person, and believe that there are many cultures that cannot adapt or even want to assimilate into our way of life….far too many are coming here that want our laws and way of life to change!

  49. Brian says:

    Another reason to move from Mansfield. “Language of the future”? Another reason to restore and replace our federal government as well. God bless America.

  50. Silver says:

    From a high school student’s point of view, no language should be mandated. Here you need a foreign language credit to graduate but you may choose from about six languages. And a question, Would this be implying that this country will be taken over by Arabic speaking and reading people in the future?

  51. Leroy says:

    Maybe this isn’t such a bad thing people. Government run schools could also teach stoning adulterers. Especially now that teachers are getting caught having relations with students, just take em out back go before the principal/Iman and have the offending teacher stoned to death.
    Americans who don’t want to be married to their wives, off with their heads Females in the entertainment business could be publicly whipped because of their immorality. At least we wouldn’t have to see the Kardashians any more.
    Daughters who don’t listen, Whack em, no more problems about honor is there?
    Corrupt politicians who get caught stealing, off with their hands. At this rate Congressman Rangel probably would have lost his whole arm by now.
    Maybeeee this Sharia thing isn’t so bad.

  52. dareisay says:

    All immigrants should know English before they are allowed to come here, other countries are starting to do this…they have to learn their language before allowed in their countries.

    If any for language is to be learned, it should be Spanish or Chinese….since our jobs have gone to China.

    Actually the language of political correctness should be stopped!

  53. bert says:

    This is creeping, stealth Sharia. Anyone who doesn’t think that Islam won’t be promot by this is not thinking.

  54. nblb12 says:

    They tried making Spanish as a mandatory language when my children were in junior high quite a few years ago. I do not believe they have to learn any language other than their own, which is English and shall remain so unless they choose otherwise. That was the first and last F grade my children were ever given. The teacher was a jerk from Mexico and yelled at me and told me I was prejudiced. If that’s what you call it, so be it. I am American!! We speak English. If you live here, speak our language.

    1. Richard Stanberry says:


      Did you know many Americans, who are not simply immigrants from Latin American countries, are native Spanish speakers? Check Puerto Rico. Did you know many Americans living in Southern Louisiana speak French Creole as a native language? Do you realize there is a significant population of American Christians (Amish) who speak German in their households? Do you realize many native American tribes have and speak their own languages? Did you know English is actually an immigrant language to the North American continent? Did you know neither America nor the State of Texas have English as an official language?

      We, Americans, speak far more than English.

      1. American Grit says:


        Do you understand that The United States of America was founded on English customs and the English Language? By default, English IS the official language of the USA. No laws are needed to legitimate this point. Just read the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution of the United States (or your own State’s Constitution for that matter), and let me know what language was used to write it.

        If someone ELECTS to learn another language, that is their FREEDOM OF CHOICE. Do you think the people you mentioned in your post don’t speak English when they are communicating with the general public? That’s called Assimilation.

      2. Richard Stanberry says:

        @American Grit,

        “There is no ‘official’ language for the United States.” ~

        Even the US Government says there is no official language. Would you care to try again?

  55. pureandsimple says:

    Oh this is VERY well “thought out”. This is a concerted effort to nudge you into acceptance of Sharia Law, present it as merely a “different culture”. Such a “rich history” will be praised and propped up as a moral equivalent to freedom and democracy which is of course the furthest from the truth. They will conveniently leave out, for now, the complete oppression, if not death, of women, gays, and non-believers.

    With only a small percentage of Americans holding a strong grasp of our nations true history and understanding of our constitution and supporting writings why oh why would a single $$dollar be spent on this? Because they intend to defeat our way of life using our own ignorance. Anyone not fighting this tooth and nail is a useful infidel idiot. Socialist/Communist alliance with radical Islam to defeat capitalism and the free world; pure and simple.

    1. fairpoint says:

      Our nation’s true history?Political science and history major here and nobody loves America more than me. And believe me when I say, you are in love with the American ideal that emerged in the 20th century as a response to the growing threat of real communism.
      You’re different. You’re concerned about the fate of gays? Very uncommon for people that typically post in emotional subject matter.
      Arabic and Chinese only open global economic opportunities.

  56. ricardo maxwell says:

    Anybody that now has a doubt about the agenda of Obama and his thug regime should not be left unsupervised. They apparently do not have the intelligence to exist on their own without harming themselves or others.
    He was born as Muslim and, if not now a practicing Muslim, then a very rabid Muslim sympathizer. Just review his past and present actions.
    America cannot tolerate this evil man any further.

  57. nogard says:

    I can understand needing people who speak the language of your enemy (radical islam) but adults can learn it. Something sinister is afoot here. Why don’t these idiots try to teach these children the basics like math, science and reading and get the h3ll out of any thing political!? Have you heard how well their doing with the things they are really suppose to be teaching, core knowledge curriculum? Yet they have time for teaching five year olds about Johnny having two daddy’s, how to put a condom on a banana and now how to speak arabic! I guarantee a liberal is behind this idea. Their ideas have been steering education for 50 years and doing so well right?!!!

  58. Tincup says:

    There is nothing wrong with learning a foreign language; Spanish, French, Arabic, whatever. It wasn’t that long ago that student’s were required to learn Latin (a dead language). The real problem is that our students aren’t excelling in math, science or English anymore. Their time and attention is spread thin by the pace of the modern world, dual working parents and lack of attention to what really matters. Teach them what important first is…making everything else an elective class!

  59. JUDD CARROLL says:

    Did we confuse Arabic for Islam? I’d like to see our youth learn Chinese. Our inability to speak more than one language (and many barely speak it well) is handicapping and shameful.
    Do you want your kids to be competitive in a global market? When your kid becomes a second rate, ignorant citizen below the poverty line and relies on government assistance, blame yourself. Apples don’t fall far from their trees.

    1. American Grit says:

      Learning Chinese might be of future use, but which of the thousands of dialects would you choose? Even the Chinese have great difficulty communicating among the various regions of their country due to the variances of dialect.

  60. Earl P. Holt III says:

    This is why we MUST eliminate the federal Department of Education.

    It is a malignancy…

  61. Kim du Toit says:

    This is America. The federal government forcing Texas school children to do ANYTHING is wrong, let alone this nonsense.
    I agree that learnign foreign languages is a good thing — I speak four — but make foreign languages a choice. Let’s see how many people WANT their children to learn Arabic, and then, if the numbers aren’t enough to warrant an Arabic class, it should be dropped and another put in its place.
    From a purely educational aspect, teaching our kids Latin makes more sense than forcing them to learn Arabic. But how silly of me: when did schooling have anything to do with education?

    1. Richard Stanberry says:

      The federal government is not forcing Texas students to do anything.

      1. ricardo maxwell says:

        Richard you are an anti-American obama loving neocommie. Parents were caught off guard by this federal program. Whose domain is this? That’s right the executive branch of the federal govt. No Arabicneeded.
        Chinese is far far more important. We can only hope that the Chinese decide that Islam is a threat to them and let those two fight it out instead of letting Obama and the useful idiot Democrats allow islam over run America..

      2. Richard Stanberry says:


        You do realize “federal” means “national,” right? The local ISD applied for the money. They were not force by the US Government to take the money.

        It seems we need more money for English education rather than a foreign language.

  62. Alan says:

    I can understand Chinese, Spanish, maybe Hindi, like someone else posted, but Arabic? No real business booming there, besides oil, and the Arabic speaking population in the US is relatively tiny. Besides, Arabic is actually really impractical to learn because the dialects are so different from each other. There is no real “standard” Arabic.

    1. Patriot Army says:

      My son learned Arabic in college. Ten years later he died of AIDS! Is that what Obama and his liberal Nazis want for TRUE patriots?!?!?!?!?!

      1. The Sims says:

        It’ll be all better once we all just learn Simlish

    2. CharliesAngel1020 says:

      Sure they both start with the Letter A! Your son died of AIDS because he probably made bad choices, you know like shared dirty needles or had sex with someone without a condom. Arabic didn’t teach him that!

      1. Patriot Army says:

        God punished my son with AIDS b/c he learned Arabic!!!! Read the bible you stupid fool! If God doesn’t love us more than them, then why do we have iPods and all they have is sand?!?!?!?!?!

  63. Jackie Bauer says:

    It’s not about what we think; it’s about what they think. And this is one more thing they are adding to their string of victories as they spread their Caliphate over the world. Not as dramatic as killing, but a good start. And, anything that any Moslem says must be considered in the context of taqqiyah. This is the practice of lying to infidels as a religious duty that is “good” as long as it furthers conquest of the nonbelievers. Et tu,unh? Not all of the dhimmi are as stupid as your Imam said we are. Uncle Meat, you said it best.

    1. JOHN T. FOX says:


  64. Fizzler says:

    I speak Arabic fluently. I learned it kicking Muslims out of a helo at 2000 feet. Maybe time for an over fhight of Mansfield.

  65. Lady Texan says:

    this is stupid !!
    who is going to teach this class?
    what a huge waste of time and money.
    the parents in this ISD should be very embarassed.

    1. Richard Stanberry says:

      The money is being provided by the United States Department of Education, not the ISD itself. It was being provided in the form of a grant. There are numerous qualified Arabic educators with master’s or higher degrees in the Dallas/Fort Worth Metroplex, so finding teachers should not be a problem.

      1. Jules says:

        The fedgov is broke, hadn’t you heard? Still a waste of money.

    2. comeandtakethis says:

      Major Hassian is going to be unemployed soon. Possibly he could take some time out of his busy schedule of planning the murder of infidels, and attend to the education of the youth in Mansfield.

    3. ONE MAD MOM says:

      Lady Texan – I am a Mansfield parent – my children don’t attend the schools affected by this decision. Nonetheless, I am LIVID. I’m not as much as embarrassed as I am mad: wondering WHY parents tolerate people on the school board and on staff that vote FOR these kinds of programs. If you want to make a change – it needs to be done at the next school board meeting. Call for the RESIGNATIONS and replace these people.

  66. Marvin says:

    An excellent example of the Obama administration spending your money. Finish cleaning the liberals out of Washington in 2012.

  67. Dirk says:

    Typical left wing behind the curve teacher union agenda!!! The language of the future is “Chinese” – watch and see as our polticians sell us all to the Chinese!!

  68. JamesD says:

    Language of the future?

    The language spoken by the most backwards and barbaric people in the world?

    I bet whoever it was that came up with this stupid idea is a far left wacko.

  69. Lisa Brooks says:

    Islam is not a language stupid. It’s a religion. Arabic is a language. You people are so ignorant. I was a linguist in the military. My life would have been so much easier if I had studied Russian or Arabic in high school before getting to the Defense Language Institute. This will help those going into the military.

    1. CK says:

      That’s fine for you, Lisa, but don’t make it MANDATORY for everyone. As far as I know, we’re still a free country. You as a military person should be the first one to recognize and stand up for that principle.

    2. Khadijah says:

      The religion is inseparable from the language. Any Muslim will tell you that the Quuran is written in “grammatically perfect Arabic.” Obviously, since they adapted the language to fit the Arabic the Quuran was written in. The evidence of this is that spoken Arabic is different not just from country to country, but from town to town. A Middle Easterner can easily distinguish what region a person is from by the colloquialisms they use.

      The standard joke in the Middle East is that if you meet someone who speaks in written Arabic, they must be CIA (or perhaps a military linguist).

      But, bottom line is that if you want to teach kids the language of the future, teach them Chinese, not Arabic.

      1. AFmom says:

        Most middle easterners are illiterate and can’t speak properly or even read and almost none of the woman can read or pass a language test, you’re right its hard to teach our agents to be idiots in a natural sort of way…..

    3. porchhound says:

      Lisa you are a “tool” because you blindly follow this multiculturalism garbage and demand others follow it too. How on earth does it make sense to require Arabic as the “language of the future” instead of Chinese…answer please…..waiting…ummm….OK let me spell it out for is only the future language if they TAKE OVER…they have nothing to trade but oil..China makes EVERYTHING and owns most of our debt…As a former Marine Officer I am appalled at your attempt to use your service to sell a point of view.

      1. Mitch says:

        Learning Arabic is a STUPID idea.

    4. Jones2371 says:

      Clearly, making arabic language a mandatory component of the K-12 curriculum is by default promoting islam – just another feature of the mentally disordered liberal PC agenda. At least it’s clear for me to see.

    5. Bob Green says:

      Islam in not a religion, Lisa, it a political movement intent on taking over the world. No God I know will have his followers kill those who refuse to convert. Arabic is a language but it is so much part and parcel of the entire muslim way of life that it can not be separated – you teach Arabic, you teach the culture, you teach islam. Being a military linguist you should know this. Helping those going into the military can be done several ways; learning to speak Arabic is not necessarily the only way. They could also study Chinese, Russian, Spanish, or a number of other languages. However, an Independent School District (that’s what ISD means in Texas) should have no right to make any language mandatory except English. That is our language and that is what everyone who lives here can use to best get by. Arabic is not the economic language of the future; that would be Chinese. Americans knowing Arabic will help to pull those illiterate souls out of the dark ages if the American intends to work in that capacity, but it should not be a mandatory course in America.

    6. JustAGuy says:

      Well, with the religious clensing currently going on in the Middle East, Arabic speaking Christians are an endangered species, so in reality: Islam=Arabic.

  70. Beau says:

    Born and bred in Mansfield. Glad I finally got out. The people coming in and trying to run this city have been a big problem for quite a while. This is a travesty, but given the mindset of these Mansfield people today, I can see that this is only the beginning of the demise of Mansfield. My kids would be long gone from that school system before it’s too late.
    Used to be such a nice place to live too.

  71. Norton Burgess says:

    There is a real problem with this curriculum. Making the language mandatory is probably illegal but the larger issue is that teaching about the “culture” and history of Islam is by its very basis religious.

  72. M J says:

    Learning foreign languages and culture is an excellent idea but should not be mandatory and certainly not be used to subvert American patriotism and the values of Western civilization. I wonder if courses in Arab culture will be honest about the lack of democracy in the Middle East and the terrible ways that women and children are treated in Islamic societies.

  73. Henry Thoreau says:

    Why is the Federal Government involved in State schools at all? I don’t recall them be allowed to do that under the Contract they signed.

  74. john says:

    Arabic is of very limited practical use, like French. This is a distraction. They’d be much better off learning Mandarin. I always love the comments “we live in America, learn English”? Should they say learn “American”? Let’s get rid of those Latin phrases on the money? Or, let’s be practical, the world language of business is English. If you want to participate, learn English. The globe is shrinking, you’d better learn multiple languages if you want to prosper.

  75. Oren says:

    English isn’t required. Arabaic meets the same qualifications. If should be an elective. Language of the terrorists that live in the middle ages at best.

  76. AwesomeMan says:

    I notice that the Arabs have been sharing their culture with us for the last 30 years. It has not always been a positive experience.

    1. JOHN T. FOX says:


  77. Kari Ju says:

    Why are we surprised? The left has undertaken a long march through our civic institutions, most notably public education. The left is collectivist. The left is the enemy of liberal western self-determination and personal freedom. The left is the enemy of mainstream Americans. Coincidentally, Islamism is collectivist. It too is the enemy of liberal western self-determination, personal freedom and mainstream Americans. The left has always believed that “the enemy of my enemy is my friend.” The left has long known that indoctrination of youth is necessary to carry out its aims. The left is making common cause with radical islam in hopes that it will come out on top. Happily, if the Islamic revolution prevails, the leftists will be purged first.

    1. pureandsimple says:

      Exactly. And quite ironic that the socialist/communist leftists sharpening the spear of the caliphate will be the first infidel victims of the Islamic cleansing. They used to teach the story of the Trojan Horse. It needs revisiting.

    2. M J says:

      So true, like lemmings marching off a cliff together.

  78. dtan says:

    Along with the teaching of Arabic will be the indoctrinations of islam. A glowing, positive and peaceful farce of islam will accompany the teaching of this language… This is a great example of why the Dept of Education should be closed. Where are the Republicans???

    1. M J says:

      They’re sucking up to special interests looking for campaign dollars for the next election. I’ve seen it from the inside!

  79. Philip McDaniel says:

    Revolution gets closer every day…

  80. Neal says:

    Trisha Savage thinks it will offer a well-rounded education. “I think its a great opportunity that will open doors. We need to think globally and act locally.” – Oh geez…. any time I hear that phrase rattled-off I know the person has no brains.

  81. Oren says:

    English isn’t a requirement. Hello, D.C. see a problem here

  82. Vik says:

    Flood the phone lines… This is an effort to nudge us..this is a war on the West, id you believe otherwise, you are a fool.

  83. David says:

    Arabic 101 after Beheading 101.David

  84. Willy says:

    Learning a foreign language is good – I suggest Chinese would be a better choice.

    1. Kari Ju says:

      Or English might be refreshing in TX public schools. Just sayin’ is all.

  85. J says:

    Will rock throwing and IED construction be taught along with the language?

  86. N says:

    Teach Arabic??? Which dialect does DOE believe is the language of the future; there are several.

    The other point DOE is missing is that the Mideast is important due to oil revenues. If, as Obama has stated, that oil is part of the old economy which means it won’t be part of the future economy, what is the point?

    It would be far wiser to teach Mandarin and Spanish as both are much more likely to languages of commerce thanks in no small part to the foolishness of US intelectuals. When English was excluslively the language of commerce, the countries that excelled were those that used it for commerce.

  87. Fuddy Mcnutter says:

    Everyone knows the language of the future is han chinese, Especially when our debt defaults and they cement themselves as the biggest economic and military power. The Arabic language, arabs themselves, and the so called “culture”, are mostly fossil fuel dictatorships, producing little more than mutilated female genitals and suicide bombers. Just another pimple on the ass of the modern world waiting to be popped..

  88. NOBAMA 2012 says:

    Another day, another reason to HOME SCHOOL!

    NOBAMA 2012

    1. RL says:

      I agree.

  89. Kimberly Spurgeon says:

    David – “Islam as a language of the future?” Wow! If you don’t know the difference between a language (Arabic) and a religion, then you should be appalled! Not a great endorsement for our present school systems.

  90. RL says:

    So-called “multi-culturalism” is going to destroy this country. Most students in this country have trouble reading and writing English and now the schools with the help of the federal government are teaching them Arabic. Are they so sure that we will be under Sharia law that they’ve already given up on English? There is nothing about Arabic culture that is worh learning other than the fact that they have been stuck in the 6th century for the past 1500 years.

    1. M J says:

      English is the language of democracy and generosity.

  91. porchhound says:

    This isn’t about our children’s future. It is about brain-washing and getting them accustomed to thinking Islam is OK and “not to worry!!!”.

    1. Mitch says:


  92. John Smith says:

    This is the USA and if you don’t like the American language or the USA go back to where you came from. This is a christian Nation!!!

  93. Tom says:

    Socialism demands your acceptance of rule. Sharia Law also does. What teacher is going to teach this language? I guess you do not get any say in that either. Vote wisely my sheep.

  94. Paolo says:

    Texas kids should be learning Spanish for when Mexico takes back their territory.

    No its not that impossible.

  95. john says:

    This is another of many key points on why we need to break away from the one size fits all government indoctrination centers, public schools. School choice.

  96. shutusup says:

    Language of the future? How absurd.
    -The United Nations Human Development Index ranks nations by life expectancy, literacy, education and GDP per capita. The top 50 encompass 700 million in Judao-Christian nations compared to a meager 5 million in Muslim nations.
    2003 United Nations’ Arab Human Development Report comparing books translated per million population: Hungary 519; Spain 920; Israel 380; Arabia
    -Tunis Arab League: 76%, ages 15-45=illiterate
    -US Nobel science prizes last 50 years? 171. ALL Muslim nations? 3.
    -Number of universities in US and UK universities? 3,600. ALL Muslim nations? 600 (for 1.5 billion people)

    Patents are evidence of a nation’s creative activities: new drugs, electronics, satellites, the internet, food processing, cars — everything we need to live a more civilized, healthy life.

    -Total patents, worldwide: 3.8 million.
    -Patents held by US: 2.1 million.
    -Patents held by ALL Muslim nations: 1,00

  97. Will says:

    let’s get everyone learning English before we start forcing Arabic down people’s throats. Country of Morons!

  98. Eddie says:

    It’s good they are learning Arabic. Then we can read the correspondence between the terrorists and plan accordingly.

  99. WhereDoIDrop? says:

    Who is going to teach the class? Local Imans or bringing new one from the Middle East?

  100. Mike says:

    How about taking grant money out of ridiculous programs like this, and using it to pay down the deficit!

    1. Mike says:

      How about closing schools for a year and paying down the deficit!!! We don’t need government! We should revert to an agrarian nation like the forefathers wanted it!

  101. Ben says:

    Most American children are robbed of a good education with regards to foreign cultures and languages. I think this funding in Mansfield is a great thing. The better people understand each other – the less likely they are to irrationally hate each other. Arabic is a terrific language and these kids will be better off for learning it.

    By the sound of many of the comments here… it sounds like these kids are really fortunate to learn something their parents would forbid them to learn for no other reason than their own bigotry. Your kids deserve better folks.

    1. JOHN T. FOX says:


  102. Kent Brockman says:

    “I, for one, welcome our new Muslim overlords.”

  103. moses says:

    the enemy within strikes again

  104. nostromo says:

    I dont have a problem with people learning a foreign language if they want to. I have a problem with this being mandatory. I also have a problem with the think globally act locally nonsense. Does Trisha Savage know the origins of that statement?

  105. Michael says:

    Islam is a religion. Arabic is a language. Arabic is a major source of vocabulary for languages such as Hebrew, Indonesian, Persian, Portuguese, Punjabi, and Spanish. I do not think it should be a requirement and that parents should’ve been told about it much earlier than they had, and had a say. .

    Islam is not an abomination, although extremist groups have corrupted it. I say this as a Christian. Study Genesis 11:30, 16:11, 21:6-7, 21:17-20, and Isaiah 21:6-7, 21:13, 29:1. It was a religion through the lineage of Ismael, as God had promised to Abraham(Abram). Instead of judging the religion by what you have been told, you should read the Koran yourself.

    1. ServedMyCountry says:

      Respectfully disagree. I do own a Qur’an and have read it. Any “religion” that teaches subjugation and abuse of women and barbaric tortures for non-believers is not a faith I want to embrace.

      1. Chris says:

        You’re kidding! Apparently you missed 4:34

        Men are superior to women on account of the qualities with which God has gifted the one above the other, and on account of the outlay they make from their substance for them. Virtuous women are obedient, careful, during the husband’s absence, because God has of them been careful. But chide those for whose refractoriness you have cause to fear; remove them into beds apart, and scourge them: but if they are obedient to you, then seek not occasion against them: verily, God is High, Great!

        Hmmmmmmm, sounds fairly straightforward to me. Oh yeah, maybe you were taught at an American public school so literacy was not that important. Not as important as being a good government stooge.

      2. Clarify says:

        Sorry not sure where you are quoting from I do not think it is the new covenant… which Christians live under…you may want to clarify…. In the new testament I have never run across anything close to the treatment ordered by the Koran of women.

      3. Jay Cunnington says:

        @Clarify – and from what I learned in my world civ class, the lot of women in most Muslim countries now is better than it was then. They were bought and sold like cattle. Infanticide was routine, particularly for female babies. Islam gave the woman the right to inherit, to divorce, and many other rights, some of which are now abridged by modern governments in violation of their commandments.

      4. Jay Cunnington says:

        Who said I was comparing the Koran to the NT? That’s YOUR argument. I’m simply pointing out the difference between the OT and NT behavior of God.

      5. Tamara Clements says:

        That is a lie, men are not superior to woman, that is not in the king james bible you must be reading out of the koran. Men are not above woman.

      6. Shelly says:

        Like Christianity does?

    2. Gavrik says:

      “you should read the Koran yourself.”

      I’d rather have a root canal.

    3. Robert says:


      YOU need to reread those passages — God does not promise or prophesy a religion out of Ishmael.

    4. mcsegeek1 says:

      Michael, your ignorance is just too blatant to ignore. The “religion” of Islam is is nowhere to be found in the Bible, or even inferred. God’s promise to Ishmael’s mother was that he would make of Ishmael a great NATION. Not a religion. He did so with the Arabs. He had nothing to do with Islam. That was a devil invention of a pedophile warmonger named Mohammad — thousands of years later. It worships a false God, Allah, not the God of Christians and Jews. Please get your facts straight before trying to use the scripture to justify Islam. And by the way, I have read the Koran. It’s laughably inept, grammatically incorrect, and full of historical and scientific errors. Comparing it to the Bible, which even Atheists admit is a literary masterpiece, is simply a joke.

      1. MC says:


        Let me clarify something for you that people often get wrong. Allah is simply the word for GOD in Arabic. Allah is not a false God. The translation of “It worships a false God, Allah” is literally ” It worships a false God, God”. I attend a Middle Eastern Christian Mass on Sunday’s and there are tons of references to Allah because they are talking about the Christian God. Mohammad is tied to Islam. Allah simply means God. so get YOUR facts straight.

      2. Lucy says:

        Allah is NOT the Christian god because they have totally different personalities — can’t be the same being unless he’s seriously schizophrenic! Allah = Satan.

      3. mc says:


        Your ignorance is amazing. Allah means god. It is simply the translation from another language. As a matter of fact Allah is also the word for god in Aramaic, which as you should (but probably don’t) know was Jesus Christ’s spoken language.

      4. Tamara Clements says:

        The God of the universe is not named Allah, HIs name is Jehovah there is a big differance. He is a God of Love not hate and murder.

      5. Stee says:

        Tamara, you do not know what you are talking about. Jews, Christians, and Muslims all worship the same god. They simply differ in their choice of prophets.
        Muslims consider the Old and New Testaments holy books, just as Christians do.

      6. Jewel Atkins says:

        Let me guess, Stee. You have a COEXIST bumper sticker on your Volvo, don’t you.

      7. dan says:

        LOL!!!! Good one Jewel!

      8. Charles Martel says:

        The Christian God does not encourage people to imitate a “prophet” who liked to have sex with children.

      9. daryl d duke says:

        They stole from the New & Old testaments. Muslin are froozen time time 800AD.

      10. AFmom says:

        GEN 16

        11 The angel of the LORD also said to her:

        “You are now pregnant
        and you will give birth to a son.
        You shall name him Ishmael,[a]
        for the LORD has heard of your misery.
        12 He will be a wild donkey of a man;
        his hand will be against everyone
        and everyone’s hand against him,
        and he will live in hostility
        toward[b] all his brothers.”

      11. Jeff says:

        For those of you who do not know, Ishmael is the father of Muslims.

      12. omar says:

        its ibrahim

      13. Brent says:

        WOOAAAAA !!!!!!!! NO WE DO NOT!!!!!!!! the Jews and Christians have the same GOD, the False god of islam is not Elohim!!!! you must look at the character of the the two the god of religion calls for them to to kill the christians and jews, to commit jihad all 5 forms of it. they are def irrefutably not the same!!

      14. Patriot Army says:


        Jesus spoke English! Mathew 10:15 PROVES IT!!! you should educate yourself sir!

      15. stee says:

        Wow, keepin’ it fresh there, Jewel. Do you have a factual rebuttal for me, or just more stale lines from the 60’s culture wars?

        You’re so clever.

      16. Jewel Atkins says:

        Terribly sorry if I came across as vague: I hope this clears everything up for you.

      17. CharliesAngel1020 says:

        I’d like to know how Matt 10:15 proves that Jesus spoke English:

        “Truly I say to you, it will be more tolerable for the land of Sodom and Gomorrah in the day of judgment than for that city.”

      18. Infinite + 1 Patriot says:

        Yes, the bible proves lots of things, like women can have birth without having sex, and man can walk on water. Don’t you think that it’s awesome that a woman can give birth without having to worry about catching an STD? Life is awesome now. Go religon – yay!

      19. AFmom says:

        We tolerate you but just try making that comment in a muslim country but wait! watch your head!—- islam and atheism yippy!

      20. Infinite + 1 Patriot says:

        I bet you feel pretty powerful when you can make up your own facts. How convenient for you.

      21. Scott says:

        Allah is a name, just like Yahweh (by some Jehovah) is name. Each has many titles that provide a clue as to whether they are the same. While they share 90 different titles/names, the few they do not share reveal they are VERY different beings. The name Allah has been used to “gently” permit those in Islamic countries to convert to Christianity; thus, it is an effort to be politically correct, but is not accurate, and by some measure even blasphemous to the One True God, Yahweh. Allah was one of the Hindu gods in the Kaaba when Muhammad captured Mecca, he just chose to keep it bc his god didn’t have a specific identity until then (Muhammad didn’t truly know from whom his visions/dreams came).

      22. AFmom says:

        allah –moon god– god of darkness and night, the opposite of the God of light, otherwise know as satan he has many names and destroyer is one of allah’s names

      23. chukker says:

        Allah is not the God of Abraham, Issac and Jacob, i.e., the God of the Bible. If the characteristics don’t match, they ain’t the same being, Lucy.
        Allah is a vengeful, capricious, fickle, mutable god (see Abrogation) without omniscience and the author of evil. None of those characteristics match the God of the Bible.
        My God is merciful, long-suffering, desires that no man should perish, is the same yesterday, today and forever, is unchangeable (doesn’t change his mind becaus He is truth and truth is timeless, and God is omniscient (all-knowing). There are many more stark contrasts between Allah and God. They are not the same, so let’s stop perpetuating the myth.

      24. Tamara Clements says:

        AMEN to that. You look in the King James and you won’t find the name allah for our God of the universe no way.

      25. shialion says:

        TC. baby. thats because the bible you read is in english. if you read an arabic translation it’ll say god honey. now go back to school doll.


      26. shialion says:

        sorry, it’ll say god. in arabic. which is allah.

      27. Jay Cunnington says:

        @Lucy – God seems to be a little schizo in the Bible. In the OT he’s this jealous avenging God, making the sun stand still, flooding the world, knocking down city walls and generally killing non-Hebrews and his Chosen People who get out of line, but when Jesus comes along He’s all sweetness and love with a little righteous indignation thrown in and willing to accept anyone who names Him Lord. That’s QUITE different behavior.

      28. Exjupiter says:

        Their “God” is not God. You’re wrong.

      29. Tamara Clements says:

        The only true God is in Heaven. Allah is dead

      30. Tamara Clements says:

        Their god is with a little g, ours is with the big GOD.

    5. AnJo1 says:

      Michael, I agree that the religion is not the language. But wouldn’t you agree that the culture cannot be taught without the religion? It’s not just the language they propose to teach.

      It is completely irrelevant to me and should be to anyone else whether the Koran supports or does not support the way Islam is practiced throughout the world. There is NO Muslim-majority country that does not use that religion to oppress non-Muslims. Is that faithful to the Koran? I think it is but even if it’s not – so what? A religion is whatever its followers make it.

    6. AFSGTSAM says:

      Actually you have your history backwards….Hebrew is the oldest language still in use today Arabic is FAR from the root of these languages. Yes I have read the Koran and of all the major religions in the world Islam is the only one in which its holy book advocates violence and death to those who do not believe as they do. The fact is nearly every conflict on this planet today is rooted in Islam not being compatible with other peoples way of life. Intolerance is the root of Islam and the Islamification of the western world MUST be stopped at all cost!

  106. Bigken says:

    What the hell, you can’t ‘force mexicans to learn english, so they can become a bigger player in the USA, but we can force THIS down the throats of Americans????? What the hell is happening to this country?

  107. Dr. Bombay says:

    “Freedom is something that dies unless it’s used.” ~ Hunter S. Thompson

  108. Arnold Ziffle says:

    What about Chinese? Russian? Better yet, how about Hebrew?

  109. Mike Dinesman says:

    Optional makes sense. Mandatory? This won’t last long. This is Texas.

  110. GF says:

    What else can we expect from a muslim “president” who also wants NASA’s main objectice to be an outreach to the muslim world?

  111. craig says:

    How about first teaching them how to speak English?

    1. julian416 says:

      How about making sure they know it before they start school?

      1. AFmom says:

        Moms have to work …you know low wages for the working class and all… and by the way how about going back to your porn

      2. Jules says:

        So you suggest requiring immigrants to learn English and teach their children English as well?

      3. julian416 says:

        @Jules: Absolutely. The difference is that children born to American parents who are already fluent in English have a tremendous advantage over children who aren’t. One group has a valid reason for deficiency, the other has nothing but poor excuses.

    2. julian416 says:

      @AFmom: so because you have to work someone else is responsible for your child. Now that’s interesting.

      Here’s a thought: if you can’t take time out to be the starting point for your child’s education perhaps you need to rethink your priorities. I know, life’s hard. Having a child is a choice. Being a responsible parent isn’t.

      BTW-this is porn.

  112. Ken says:

    Islam is here to subjugate our country to sharia. This action against the proper education of our children is but one tiny step of many in this stealth jihad. The Constitution will be overthrown and the socialists in our government are helping in every way. We will look back and wonder where our freedoms and liberty went.
    Our government is at war with “We the People” and this stunt in education is a small example. We need to wake up and shut down immigration and get these people out of our country unless we want to live forever with terrorism and our eventual submission to Islam if we choose to do nothing

    1. ricardo maxwell says:

      Ken, glad to see that at least some of you all get it! And of course you know that they (Islamists) have a mole on the inside of America? A sleeper as some call it that is now awakened and is rapidly destroying America. His name? Barry Sotoero!

  113. Bob McKewan says:

    I find it interesting how this grant makes it MANDATORY for the elementary and intermediate schools, but optional for the older kids.

    Sorry folks, but Arabic is not the language of the future and forcing young children to learn to speak it and the culture is nothing more than forced indoctrination of a violent and hateful culture totally incompatible with Western Civilization.

    Parent should fight this MANDATORY indoctrination of their young impressionable children or pull their children out of those selected schools until they make it optional as it is for the older kids.

    Either way, it’s a massive waste of our tax dollars.

  114. Mike says:

    10 years ago my high school took away Latin because they didn’t have the funds, so I had to take French… Now they’re mandating Arabic to our kids? Over my dead body.

  115. Texas Freedom says:

    “Trish Savage says, ‘we should think globally and act locally’..” Well, isn’t she just the perfect little brainwashed multi-culturalist sheep. The government loves fools like this. Just follow along with that stupid little smile on your face.

  116. Tom says:

    A few lawsuits should stop this nonsense.

  117. sickofNY says:

    If they really want to teach a loanguage of the future, they should be teaching Mandarin Chinese..

  118. robert k says:

    BS, how about learning english properly, then a romance language, perhaps even chinese. We dont need to learn to “hawk a loogie”

  119. AFmom says:

    Once you read the koran in arabic you will see it makes minds truly insaine…..the oppression of women, child rape, the beheading of Jews, god ordering you to murder …..Hey, just let your kids fail the class! Remember there is a bright side …a career with the CIA, FBI or the military ……having said that, I would either move or get a lawyer……

  120. James - Longdrycreek says:

    The Mansfield administrator who applied for the grant must have had the backing of the superintendent. The school board is sound asleep, and likely caught off guard, too.
    Return the money to the Feds or as permission to teach Chinese or Castillian Spanish. Arabic is not the language of the future. Only the Department of Education, in D.C, thinks it is.

  121. ServedMyCountry says:

    They sau that they are not going to teach Islam…only Arabic culture. You do realize that Islam and Arabic culture are intricately intertwined…they cannot be separated. “Mandatory”, I wonder if parents can opt out for articulated reasons? It is a language of the future only because the Qur’an is written in it. CAIR must be laughing their fundios off.

  122. mimi says:

    Yeah ! about time we wake up to the reality of who our real enemy is. We must learn their language, eat their food, understand their culture in order to defeat them at their own game. Israelis speak Arabic. It is one of the languages spoken in the Holy Land. One of the reasons why they will be able to flatten the rear-end of their enemies, “they know how they think” !
    Yeshua haMashiak Akbar !!!

  123. Uri says:

    What is wrong with you Chris. This is out of control and not right.

  124. Raul vasquez says:

    muslim terror infiltration in USA. All muslims are your enemy, and ALL americans need to learn English, not muslim. i hate muslims.

  125. Rick says:

    I’m totally in favor of teaching kids Arabic, so they can know the enemy better and grow up and kill lots of muslims.

  126. Gary says:

    This may well be the most inane idea I’ve ever heard – and we’ve heard some doozies lately. These grants come from TAXPAYER money. In other words, WE will be paying for this garbage. The superintendent and anyone else in Mansfield ISD who is in favor of this should not only be fired, but also run out of the state.

    How’s THIS for a hot sports opinion: Let’s use that money to buy bombs, instead of books about the arabic language.

    1. Eric says:

      Or better yet, force the idiots that propose stupid things like this, to fund it themselves out of their own pockets

  127. J. Gardom says:

    I’m so glad I don’t have children and live in those school districts. I would move. Arabic is not the language of the future and there is no need to teach it. I guess obama wants children to be familiar with his language. The only language course that should be mandatory is English. This is one funding progam that should be cut. I can’t believe the direction obama is taking our country – it’s clearly not his country.

  128. Der Jakl says:

    After we wipe Islam from the Earth we won’t need this barbaric tounge

  129. Gavrik says:

    I am raising my American children in Germany. They are also learning Russian from their mother. At just under 4, they can understand much of all three languages.

    I would NEVER have them taught Turkish, or Arabic, or Mexican, or any other language spoken by those who are invading and destroying Western countries.

  130. Atlas Collins says:

    We don’t need to learn the gutteral and ugly language of feral subhumans.

    Islam Delenda Est!

    1. Gavrik says:

      Right On, Collins!!!

  131. tomsam says:

    This is why the department of education must be eliminated They take control of the money, and grant it back to the state with a ton of strings attached, That said the administration can dictate any agenda they want.
    Education should be state controlled ….

  132. peapie says:

    I wonder how they decided which schools would have to do this.

  133. Joanne Spires says:

    If you want to find out all you need to know about Islam and it’s goals and plans, get a copy of Walid Shoebat’s wonderful book, “God’s War on Terror”. Amazon has it in both paper and Kindle format.
    I believe this program (FLAP) is just a ploy to start the Islamification of America. Beware America, the camel’s nose is under the tent.

  134. jnsesq says:

    “The DOE has identified Arabic as a ‘language of the future.’”

    Were this true, from what I’ve too often observed of the present, then we are indeed headed toward a very, very, very bleak future.

    Start stockpiling your stones, Texans.

  135. WIllie says:

    “There is no more beautifull sound in all the world, than the morning call to prayer”, barak hussein obama.

  136. american toilet says:

    Now why doesnt this surprise me. The government trying to get to the kids when they are most vulnerable. There is absolutely no need for this to be mandatory in the school system. What type of desperate cromagnon creature crawled out from under the hell that they came from and allowed this to happen. This is a complete joke. I cannot wait to see/hear the class action lawsuit that will spring up. I would never enroll my kid in a district like that. At least they should offer other languages as well instead of Arabic only. What a joke.

  137. Paul says:

    This is certainly one place spending can be cut. The only thing we need to learn about Arabic customs is marksmanship.

  138. Michael says:

    They should be learning Mandarin Chinese not Arabic.

  139. J.V. says:

    It’s a great idea because these American students will finally become acquainted with our 45th President, Mr. Obama. If they could now have an economics class in Marxism, they would fully understand President Obama.

    1. JOHN T. FOX says:


  140. jneses says:

    Throw in ebonics while you’re at it so we can finalize the ultimate dismantling of Western civilization.

  141. debbies21 says:

    We’re going to do mandatory Arabic? How about mandatory english. Language, borders, culture.

  142. Andrew B. says:

    Personally I think it shoul be optiona and I am honestly tired of only seeing Spanish as the major if not only language offered in the public school system…. Such as I, a student currently studying Arabic on the University level studying International Business, find it as a challenging yet beneficial language to know. I am previous military, been everywhere in the Middle East, from the UAE, Iraq, Egypt, and the list goes on…. Like I said, optional…. Personally, I had to learn Spanish, and guess what…. Everyone in south Texas know it, plus look at their economy compared to the Middle East… Would you really want to work there?

  143. Tom D. says:

    Oh Gawd [sic] Chris, what the hell have YOU ever done FOR your country? I’ve forgotten more about love-of-country, than you’ll ever wipe off your leftist ass. Language is historically an ELECTIVE; I mean, let’s teach english, because the overwhelming number of students that can actually speak it PROPERLY (much less spell it), are sadly diminished. I suggest that you empty bedpans at a VA hospital for a few months, and maybe THEN, you’ll understand “your country”

  144. Dave Mundy says:

    I’m with the “optional is fine, mandatory is stupid” crowd. I am a former active duty Marine and I fought this enemy and can assure the doubters that yes, the entire culture wants to destroy our civilization.
    Whichever administrator came up with this idea should be fired.

  145. DHale says:

    “We must Americanize in every way, in speech, in political ideas and principles, and in their way of looking at relations between church and state. We welcome the German and the Irishman who becomes an American. We have no use for the German or Irishman who remains such… He must revere only our flag, not only must it come first, but no other flag should even come second.”


  146. David Sanders says:

    how about a grant to teach hebrew?

    1. AFmom says:

      Ohhhhh good one Dave …..and Latin!

    2. James says:

      Israel is an ally; they are not trying to destroy our civilization and way of life.

      However, numerous ARABIC speaking nations ARE, so it is in our NATIONAL INTEREST to develop more people able to read and translate what our enemies are doing…THAT is why there is a federal grant for it.

  147. WIllie says:

    The direction this country is headed
    should strike fear in the heart of every Christian,
    especially knowing that the
    Muslim religion believes that if Christians cannot be
    converted, they should be annihilated.

    This is not a Rumor –
    Go to the website
    To confirm this info:

  148. Jim Christian says:

    Under Obama, the USA is committing cultural suicide. A few see it, but most just drink their beer and watch TV. Almost as apathetic as Canadians.

  149. chris says:

    A new candidate for the chopping block…. dept of education needs to go.

  150. WilliamPenn says:

    Don’t surrender; rebel, citizens! You don’t have to have the enemy’s language shoved down your throat. Refuse, refuse, refuse!

    1. Mike says:

      Agree totally. Parents should boycott the school until they reject this grant and everything that goes with it.
      Have a choice of foreign languages. When I was in high school it was mandatory to take a foreign language, but it was one of your choice. I would not choose Arabic.
      Have a concentration on American cullture–if you can do it without apologizing for everything.

  151. THomas says:

    Liberalism is destroying this nation. We are allowing it and making it easier for the Muslims and Chinese to take over. Time to fight back people. End this multicultural and PC nonsense now.

  152. Debra says:

    If you teach their culture, then you are teaching their religion, you can not seperate the two!…I believe if parents want their kids to learn other languages then let them do it outside of the school day…if anyone should learn a language it should be the immigrants leaning english….as the prime minister of the UK said multi-cultureralism has failed!

  153. Bonfire98A says:

    I don’t agree with the mandatory part, but I think we should have more Americans learning Arabic, the better to know what the enemy is really up to. So many of them will tell us what we want to hear in English and then turn around and say just the opposite in Arabic — in fact, Mohammed himself said “war is deceit.”

  154. Dave in Houston says:

    Hey, this is a new Obama WFT moment.

  155. Maj. Ron Peery says:

    Given that we are currenty at war with people who speak Arabic, are likely to be in some form of conflict with them for the foreseeable future, and have few Arabic interpreters, it makes sense that the government wants to encourage Ararbic language training. The problem is not with the concept, but with the execution. Not a bad idea to know your enemy’s languange. Horrible idea to teach your enemy’s propaganda to your kids as “cultural training”.

    1. Jim says:

      Choice and mandatory are two different concepts Major. You should know that.

  156. Micah says:

    Arabic the language of the future, really? I could understand if they had said Chinese was the language of the future. As anyone who has done any world traveling can tell you, most Americans are basically illiterate in any other country save the USA and UK. Most people (especially in Europe and Asia speak 2 or 3 languages. Hell my grandmother speaks Mongolian, Japanese, Chinese and English. She told me one time I could learn Mongolian in 6 months! God bless her I had to tell her sorry grandma I have a hard enough time learning Spanish! Anyways I wish I could speak Arabic, I’d be getting paid $200k a year as a translator. Know your enemy. I’d rather be able to understand what the terrorists are saying. As it is now I just assume if I hear Allahu Akbar something’s getting ready to blow up.

  157. Citizen says:

    Teaching about the Arabic culture? Then present all of the truth, not just the happy made up version. Then our students will understand exactly why they are blessed to have been born Americans and why OUR culture should be guarded by stewards of the Constitution and American ideals.

  158. comeandtakethis says:

    The only thig you nedd to learn to say in arabic is.. مني الرجاء لسنا معزولين عن رئيس

  159. AbigainVanBurenIII says:

    Arabic is a language of the future? Really? Does any rational person doubt that, when the oil wells run dry, it will return to being the language of desert nomads benighted by a barbaric culture held in place by a violent seventh century religion?

    1. Jim says:

      US has more oil than all others combined. wake up

    2. AFmom says:

      God willing! Amen!

  160. Jim says:

    The entire administration should be fired. then flogged.

  161. Nikki says:

    It frustrates me that many of the people commenting, fail to realize that this could be an amazing thing for their kids. There’s a reason that languages are taught in schools- speaking more than one language is highly beneficial in the job market. Most people take French or Spanish is school, so those languages don’t make you stand out as much. Arabic isn’t taught in most schools though, so these children have a unique opportunity to learn something that will really make them stand out.

    Perhaps, the school board should have informed the parents of this sooner, but ultimately it’s still their decision.

    If parents are too narrow-minded to allow their children to learn Arabic, then maybe they should consider home schooling or private school. If I were that kid though, I would be furious if my parents didn’t let me learn Arabic.

    1. Michelle says:

      You may want to learn arabic and someone else may not. It should be offered for an elective if they want to, but to force someone to learn the arabic language is wrong and those against it are not narrow minded. The language of the future world had better not be arabic or all of us are in a whole bunch of trouble.

      1. vanzorge says:

        michelle – very well put.

    2. DLewis says:

      @ Nikki: Learning a foreign language in school should be the parent’s and the child’s CHOICE. Why should Arabic be shoved down their throats as a MANDATORY language? Why not French or German or Russian or Chinese? And I’m sorry, but ultimately, it is NOT the school’s decision, because if I was TOLD by my child’s school that they WOULD BE REQUIRED to take Arabic, or any other foreign language, my child would be removed from that school in a heartbeat. My son takes German in high school – but it was HIS CHOICE – it was not mandated by by some school board.

  162. Gerry says:

    Coexist!!!!!!! You teabagging islamophobe bigots!

    1. AFmom says:

      Is that an order you FREAK? Try telling that to a muslim you freak! They want you dead you idiot the firstt thing they do after they take over a country is murder all the nutty socialists that helped them take over…… get off the crack pipe!

    2. sean patriot says:

      I would like my fist to coexist with your face jerkoff.

  163. Gene Poole says:

    This may not look like a good idea on the face of it but we need to deal with the realities of life. The US will be at war with Muslim extremists for decades if not longer. Their goal is to have the Islamic Flag flying over the White House. We must educate our youth in the Islamic language to understand the nature of our enemy and provide agents to work in the Mideast. Know your enemy or suffer the consequences.

  164. Paul Scipio says:

    Yeah the Arabic language is the future, that is what they said about Russian, then it was Japanese, then Chinese and now Arabic. Get real people this is all ultra leftest garbage, who in their right mind would want to be Muslim, subject their daughters, mothers & wife’s to there barbaric culture. The Muslim culture contributed virtually NOTHING to modern society except MURDER, incest, multiple wifes, female genital mutilation and institutional mass ignorance. You want to see what being Arab is all about just look at the average Palestinian who is inbred and functionally illiterate, the rest of the Arab world is virtually the same. These are dysfunctional people who practice and barbaric cult like religion and are destine to histories wast bin just like Hitlers Nazi’s & Lenin’s Communist philosophies

  165. Adam in VA says:

    Mandatory course…….everyone on that school board should be fired immediately and not be allowed to work as a state empolyee ever again…either elected or not. This s the EXACT opposite path we are taking. English should be declared by law to be the officail language of teh US. All dealings between the citizens and the US government should be conducted in English.

  166. Wayne Farrar says:

    A mandatory course in Arabic as the “language of the future”?? That’s like a mandatory course n blood-letting as the “future of medicine”. If Mansfield has any self-respect at all, they’ll insist on firing Bob Morrison as the incompetent multiculturalist buffoon he is and get back to educating their children properly.

  167. Freddie says:

    It’s good for more American children to learn Arabic. Our intelligence services need more translators so that we can find out what Jihadists are planing.

    I don’t think it should be required. And I don’t think that children from Arabic backgrounds should be taking Arabic; they need to assimilate.

  168. Lou says:

    I’m concerned and surprised by the lack of tolerance. Not to mention the ignorance. Let me clarify, Arabic is a language. Islam is a religion. Teaching Arabic does not mean you are teaching Islam. Islam is a 1500 year old religion. Folks spoke Arabic way before Islam. In fact there are Arab Christians and Jews. So the best way to break down this fear and stereotypes is through exposure and learning other cultures and languages. What are you afraid of? You seriously think your kids will be “corrupted” just because they know Arabic?

    1. Jones2371 says:

      You’d have to be completely obtuse to not be aware that promoting islam is now part of the mentally disordered liberal PC agenda.

  169. Major Infidel says:

    I’ve got no problem with this program. No doubt the “religion of peace” will ensure that our military forces and intelligence services will have a need for arabic translators and interrogators for generations to come. Might as well start training them young.

  170. Stine says:

    I would pull my kids out of those schools faster than you could say, “Oh, hell no!” There is no way I am going to let them waste my kid’s time learning Arabic. Why should our kids learn how to speak Arabic? So they can get a job working for NASA whose new requirement is to make Muslims feel better about themselves? I don’t think so. I cannot wait till we vote Obama out of the White House.

  171. Harnes says:

    Two observations:
    1] allowing children the option of learning Arabic is great. Making it mandatory is idiotic!

    2] If the school system is looking for a language students will need in the future it’s not Arabic it is Mandarin Chinese.

    Now what happens to the kids who can’t master the language if it is a mandatory program? Lots of kids don’t want to go to college. Making the language and culture available to students is wonderful – but making it mandatory is nothing but a fool’s dream…

  172. kguerra says:

    If we can’t make English mandatory for US school children then we shouldn’t make Arabic mandatory. I guess Obama thinks English is no longer a language of the future — thanks to him? China has certainly secured a future.

    The Obama administration has a love affair with Islam since Obama was born a muslim, to a muslim father. Under Sharia law it makes him a muslim for life. Obama and Islam just can’t quit each other.

  173. Jones2371 says:

    The solution to this problem is simple. Mansfield ISD citizens – call your school board members and straighten them out! Otherwise, your kids will be indoctrinated into the throwback ways of the “religeon of peace”, thanks to the mentally disordered liberals who are pushing islam as part of the new PC agenda.

  174. Nothere says:

    It is not the language of the future. Once the oil is gone, the middle east will fade into obscurity and the sand will wash its cities and culture away. More importantly, it is not acceptable to teach American students the language of terror and about the subsequent cultures that firmly reside in the past by 1000 years. Stoning people, throwing acid on people, disfiguring people, human rights violations, the virtual enslaving of women; this is what these cultures stand for. They are the antithesis of everything good in the world today. Parents in that district need to step in and call for a change in the school board and superintendant. There time has passed.

  175. Jim says:

    We need more Arabic speakers to help with the war on terror, to infiltrate their organizations.

  176. TAC says:

    Is there a difference between Arabic culture and Islam?

    If so it’s rather small. Just ask the Ayatollah or the Muslim Brotherhood.

    1. AFmom says:

      No difference… except turkey where they murder and expel muslims (like Fettulah Gullen to the US) in order to keep their “secular” society working but it’s slipping fast.

  177. Bryan says:

    Having more Arabic speakers will result in more people who can fill an urgent need in the CIA and the NSA. It will help us defeat the creeping barbarism of islam.

  178. comeandtakethis says:

    The only sentance you need to learn to speak in arabic is… Please dont cut off my head….مني الرجاء لسنا معزولين عن رئيس

    1. AFmom says:

      How about …get out of my country get out of Europe and go back to your sand box?

      1. CharliesAngel1020 says:

        AFMom, I am glad you are not my mother, i would be ashamed to take you out in public.. first you call me a slob and a snob. then you tell someone to get back to their sandbox? Hello- ever hear of Google translate and good old copy/paste???

  179. Leslie says:

    Testing to see if this comment gets posted

  180. Ackston says:

    US schools can barely teach English to students -what’s the point of teaching them Arabic. Oh yeah, I forgot -PC rules.

  181. TA says:

    We simply think that children should be taught a language that is useful when they are in the military invading some other country.

  182. Ted says:

    I do not know why we should change our Christian Values for radical muslems, who only want to kill us infidels. You see that is their bottom line, you change to muslem or you die. Look at all the honor killings of their daughters in the U.S.

  183. Acston says:

    It’s the mandatory part that’s revealing.

  184. Mari says:

    Un-frikin’-believable. Good thing my children are no longer in school. Not only would they NOT have participated – it would not have been pretty. I cannot believe the parents are allowing this to happen. Sickening. What we need is to deem Islam the cult that it is (not a religion) and ban it.

  185. Andres says:

    Arabic a ‘language of the future’? Please! Arabic is a language of a repressive, stagnant present and a dead past. There is no future. If anything, Arabic is the destroyer of cultures, having infested and destroyed vibrant Persian and Babylonian cultures. How about teaching English to some competent standard? It’s sad when your kids can’t read or write English above grade school level, but you’re going to teach them Arabic because it’s PC. Want a language of the future? How about Mandarin Chinese (China), Portugese (Brazil) or Hindi (India)? You want a novel antique language… try Latin!!!

  186. Roze says:

    It is not mandatory for immigrants to learn English, which is the language of “now” yet the U.S. government is forcing these kids to learn Arabic? O.k….

  187. mark says:

    Just think, as part of their learning the Arabic language and culture, they can form a muslim brotherhood club at school, just like a spanish, french or latin club. Club Rules: Girls will (must) be wearing burkas and the boys can carry Kalashnikov (AK-47) weapons (safety-on during schools hours).
    PTA can provided the ingredients and the students can makie road side bombs to get rid of those nasty conservatives.
    Heart warming, yes….Allah would be proud.

  188. DLewis says:

    If they want to add Arabic to their curriculum of offered languages for kids to CHOOSE to take, then that is one thing. To make it mandatory is NOT okay. I would be pulling my kid out of those school districts asap.

  189. Greg says:

    I recently had the misfortune of sending my child to Mansfield ISD last fall before pulling out. If this course is presented as the others were they will first offer an extra credit quiz score if the kids return a paper with their parents’ telephone number and email address, even though this information is already included on initial student registration. The textbooks will not be allowed to be taken out of the classroom. The books will already have relevant chapter review answers highlighted and next to the chapter review questions will be a “hint” of the page number where the answers are shown. The government agency funding this project should be abolished, as should most of the social government agencies. At MISD this is must one more example of “it’s all about the money.”

  190. HL Mencken says:

    Hey Tojo:
    If English isn’t the official language yet, who says
    it shouldn’t be. Not most Americans whenever

  191. NVRAT says:

    Remember the real danger to America is not Obama but, a citizenry capable of entrusting a man like him with the presidency. It will be far easier to limit and undo the follies of an Obama presidency than to restore the necessary common sense and good judgment to a dysfunctional electorate willing to have such a man for their president. The problem is much deeper and far serious than Obama who is a mere symptom of what ails America. Blaming the prince of fools, should not blind anyone to the rest of the confederacy of fools that made him their prince. The Republic can survive Obama who is after all merely a fool.. It is less likely to survive a multitude of fools such as those that made him their President.

  192. sonny t says:

    They say the Koran can only be read in Arabic, The way our Democrate brothers are taking the country mabe we sould learn it! Also if the schools teach it as well as they do math and science we might not have a problem!

  193. Dennis Rutherford says:

    This area is full of bleeding hearts. The next thing they will be demanding is study Shariah law and everything else about Islam. If they were smart they might want to consider making it mandatory to learn Chinese or Russian since they hold all the financial paper on the USA and someday will call the note. And Chinese is the official language of China and ZRussian for Russia. Wake up people this ploy from this school and from Washington is to soften Americans up for the kill and make you more tolerant of terrorists. It’s funny that Spanish has now taken a back seat it would appear. Wake up America, the problem with your childs education is the US Dept. of Education

  194. Cidvish says:

    Arabic? What economic benefit does it serve to know Arabic? There are hundreds and thousands of cultures and languages kids could be taught but Arabic? Let’s start with logic and learn a language that might be economically useful first ( as an elective only). Once again our tax dollars being wasted and americans being insulted by their gov’t!

  195. Drew says:

    Who sad that Arabic was the language of the future and why? And why would Arabic be required instead of being voluntary? It is obvious there is a hidden agenda here.

  196. Jon says:

    “Kheirieh Hannun, was born in the Middle East but raised in the U.S. She believes giving students the option to learn Arabic will give her son and others like him the option to learn more about their culture. ” <— REALLY? Are you an American or not? What is your culture now? If you want your children to learn Middle Eastern culture and language, then do it in the privacy of your own home or else MOVE TO THE MIDDLE EAST!! You are free to do so. It should not be a requirement to learn Arabic anywhere in the US anymore than it is to learn Chinese (which is MORE apropos) nowadays, geo-politically speaking. If they want to have Arabic as an OPTION to learn under a foreign language requirement, then that is fine. Otherwise people should not be forced to specifically learn Arabic above other choices.

  197. Val says:

    Arabic? Are you kidding? Why would any said person want to learn a dead language like that? The historical spreading of Arabic was due to Arabs spreading Islam by hacking people up with their swords. That method of spreading a language isn’t working too well these days. Islam is on the verge of collapse. Once it does, all of the Arab conquered peoples like Iran, Indonesia, Pakistan, etc. will dump Arabic in a New York minute. Better teach Mandarin if you want a “language of the future”.


  198. Brandon says:

    People, get serious. Arabic as a language of the future?? Their governments are being overthrown, their cities are destitute. Their wealth is concentrated to the top one percent of their societies, they killl women for even looking at a man, they just killed a little girl for having been raped by her uncle….and this is the language of the future?

    Am I the only person in the world who can see an agenda once it’s presented before me? Do I want my kids to learn a foreign language? Of course. Let them learn Spanish. Let them learn proper English. Let them learn Portuguese, or Chinese, but ARABIC? You’ve simply got to be kidding me. Only a complete dolt could buy into the “this is an opportunity to round out your child’s education” tripe….

    Wow, we’re stupid in this country…

  199. yeah right says:

    The DOE calls Arabic a “language of the future,” LOL. Well, as long as we keep allowing our media to instruct us how to vote, of COURSE it’s the language of the future!

  200. phillysmart says:

    Our tax $ jamming propaganda down our throats…we need to get rid of the DOE its a tool to indoctrinate our kids…you wouldn’t mind if they were teaching them the qualities of America but everything they propose teaches our kids how bad we are….muslims and their religion are a danger to our way of life wise up they are brainwashing our kids to hate us and everything we stand for

  201. T says:

    I thought Chinese was the language of the future…But anyways, whether you want to learn Spanish or French or Chinese or whatever language, they should make it optional. Learning languages is great. But it should be optional. Let the parent and kid decide.

  202. Walid Muhammed says:

    The United Islamic States of America has a nice ring to it, don’t you think? Get your burqua ready AFMom!

    1. AFmom says:

      don’t have one never will monkey man mandatory bible reading for you…GEN 16:9 Then the angel of the LORD told her, “Go back to your mistress and submit to her.” 10 The angel added, “I will increase your descendants so much that they will be too numerous to count.”

      11 The angel of the LORD also said to her:

      “You are now pregnant
      and you will give birth to a son.
      You shall name him Ishmael,[a]
      for the LORD has heard of your misery.
      12 He will be a wild donkey of a man;
      his hand will be against everyone
      and everyone’s hand against him,
      and he will live in hostility
      toward[b] all his brothers.”

      13 She gave this name to the LORD who spoke to her: “You are the God who sees me,” for she said, “I have now seen[c] the One who sees me.” 14 That is why the well was called Beer Lahai Roi[d]; it is still there, between Kadesh and Bered.

      15 So Hagar bore Abram a son, and Abram gave the name Ishmael to the son she had borne. 16 Abram was eighty-six years old when Hagar bore him Ishmael.

      1. JOHN T. FOX says:


      2. AFmom says:

        TIM2 10 Therefore I endure everything for the sake of the elect, that they too may obtain the salvation that is in Christ Jesus, with eternal glory.

        11 Here is a trustworthy saying:

        If we died with him,
        we will also live with him;
        12 if we endure,
        we will also reign with him.
        If we disown him,
        he will also disown us;
        13 if we are faithless,
        he remains faithful,
        for he cannot disown himself.

  203. Luce_sociator says:

    So, when are the next school board elections?

  204. Kristy says:

    Wow! I wouldn’t mind if it were optional, but mandatory? I would yank my child out of that school so fast his head would spin. This is part of Hussein Obama’s agenda. No way, I hope the parents of the school district rise up and demand to reject the grant. And I agree, the Arabic culture is stone age, women have no rights, people are still stoned to death. How is a barbaric culture like that the future? Chinese is the language of the future, although it should be English.

  205. Justin says:

    Great, but they can’t force illegal immigrants to learn English….

  206. LoneRider says:

    So I wonder if this will be in the curriculum??

    “An Afghan physiotherapist will be executed within three days for converting to Christianity.”

    Just asking??

  207. Matthew Ian Feltner says:

    If we have to have new overlords i rather they be chicoms than moslems.

  208. King Solomon says:

    This is pathetic. Language of the future? You’ve got to be kidding me. This is a religious take over. Get over yourself if you think you’re being some kind of progressive thinker by thinking this is a good thing. Wake up. Sharia law is already taking hold in this country, and it means women are second class, and Islam will be your religion – or you die. They are converting not only your society, but your mind. Wake up now, or suffer the consequences.

  209. chris says:

    Discounting an ulterior motive for this grant to learn / teach Arabic
    I taught myself the basics of Arabic (as well as old Greek, Latin and Sanskrit) from the material at my local library and off
    Arabic students learn to read / write from right to left and backwards from our way even in reading backwards through books. Excellent experience for young Americans to understand other people, other cultures.
    Arabic is diff. in that it has (at this time) no capital letters like English and unlike English each letter is written differently depending on whether it comes at the beginning, middle or end of a word.
    Arabic is a far older language than Islam and many of the ideas that came to the West were written in Arabic even to the extent that Arabic was the language that was used to keep Western ideas alive (at least in writing) until
    they were “rediscovered” after being destroyed and lost to the West.
    I’d say, seriously, that it would be better to learn Arabic than contrived Klingon language which I’ve heard about as summer camp course some yrs. ago.
    PS Learning one language (even Klingon) is a bridge to learning other languages like Chinese, Sanskrit, old Latin & Greek as well. It’s NOT what language should our children learn, but what will they do with what they learn.
    PPS The ancient Greeks made a fatal mistake by NOT attempting to learn other languages / cultures, but instead made themselves superior (selfish) by making others learn their language. Learn form the mistakes of history or be doomed tp repeat the lessons that should have been learned via OUR history.
    PPPS Just before graduating from college my prof. suggested that we learn
    the language that we would do research in to gain insight in what the author was trying to say w/out using a translated text – very sage advice !!!
    Thank you for your time. Hope this insight helps.

    1. Kristy says:

      Good points, Chris, but in accordance with your professor’s sage advice, students should have a choice as to which language they study, not be forced to study one in particular. The mandatory requirement is the basis of outrage here.

      1. chris says:

        I accept your point of view, Kristy. Even if it is “mandatory” doesn’t mean they have to finish or continue the study of Arabic should they decide that it is not
        for them.
        I look at this as I would a future scenario, in which volunteers are sent to learn an alien culture with the intent at some point that they would return and relate what they learned so that we could better learn & communicate with them.
        I assume the course is to learn conversational Arabic and not Islam per se. Learn the language thru speech and hearing as well as writing. No diff. from learning any other language. The first word I learned in Arabic was from an Agatha Christie travel which sounded like “bate” for house. The first word in Green that I learned was “Thalassa” meaning ocean which inthe ancient Greek army was the word passed back thru the troops in reading about the March of the 10,000. The word meant that Greeks had made it to safety while going thru enemy territory. Ocean meant a trip back to their home, the worse was over for those that survived.
        thanks, chris

    2. DrBobNM says:

      nice discussion Chris.

      You have the right idea: I you want to learn a language for fun, have at it. But to require Arabic of all languages (thanks to them for the numeric system we use, notwithstanding) and call it the language of the future is laughable. The middle east was once a center of learning and progress, but that time is long gone.

      If a person wants to live in a country, they should learn the primary language. In the US it is English (at least for now). If you or I wanted to live in the Middle East, we would be obligated to learn their language.

      1. chris says:

        DrBobNM – Perhaps the Arabic course was mandatory in the sense that if it wasn’t, there wouldn’t be enough students to teach. This wouldn’t mean that
        the students would have to continue if they found that it wasn’t for them.

        I look at it, like being required to taken English Grammar or learn to write
        cursive or to simply learn to count. We have to learn somethings whether we understand why or not.

        If they can learn Arabic, what’s to stop them from leaning another language.
        We’re part of the world – others learn not only English, but French, German,
        Italian particularly in Switzerland.

        When I was at Oxford, I went to Paris and at least tried to speak their language
        and use the money system. They were patient with me since I was trying to
        communicate with them. A very positive exp. for me. The only prob. was that
        I memorized the Paris maps in miles not kilometers, but that’s another story.
        Thanks for the comment, chris

        I don’t believe that we ever forget completely whatever we learn.

    3. JOHN T. FOX says:


      1. JOHN T. FOX says:


  210. DADJHB says:

    Another reason to eliminate the Department of Education. English should be manitory but other lanuages should be by choice. Also, other lanuages should not be taught by the Public School Systems. If parents want their child to learn a foreign lanuage, let them pay to enroll their child in a private lanuage training class.

  211. DrBobNM says:

    ‘language of the future?’ Don’t make me laugh. Language of barbarians who if they didn’t have a motherlode of oil and natural gas underneath them, they would be living in tents and slitting each others’ throats.

    Wait a minute, that is what they are doing NOW. Imagine what they would be like if they had no redeeming value at all?

    The only reason they have ANY voice at all in the US is that they have brainwashed the liberals into believing that they are benign, following a religion of peace.

    There needs to be a strong Nationalist presence in the white house in 2012, or this kind of garbage will continue.

  212. Mike_88 says:

    There are two reasons to not worry about China right now and I’m not going to warn them.

    Arabic in Texas is because they are the most likely to take a stand for their country, looking at their history. If we don’t boost our national security for the future with American’s we can trust (Texans), then who is going to be around for the Chinese?

    Arabic is good for business too. How are you going to share the Lord if you don’t know the language?

  213. Sgt. Bob says:

    In Texas, you’ve got to be kidding me!! Always thought Texans were fiercely independent and above all this PC nonsense….

  214. Deborah Taylor says:

    oh hell no.\
    even ebonics
    lol. NOT THE TERROISTS speak

    1. AFmom says:

      Naws eyes-uh axe you whys you gots to bring up ebonics!

  215. Mike says:

    I thought I smelt an Obama in the wood pile. Federal grant, whod’a thunk?

    And Washington is on who’s side? The followers of the religion of peace are LTAO at this one.

  216. Todd Topolski says:

    The language of the future is English, already the universal language of the world. I know a bunch of morons believe it is chinese by creating criteria such as native language speakers to give the illusion it isn’t English. I worked all over and be assured if two people cant speak, even different dialects of Chinese, they use english. That said, Mandarin, Japanese, Cantonese are the languages controlling almost as much economy as English does. Hindi is relevant as is Brazilian Portuguese.
    Arabic is only relevant to the military because the vast majority of of countries at war, attempting to kill everyone, enslaving people and otherwise are a danger to the world, speak Arabic, so unless you plan to be in the Military or the State department, Arabic is not relevant to anyone but those who speak it for their religion. Even there, if they do business with the rest of the world, it is in English.

    A school district has no authority to force a specific language and religion on anyone. It is impossible to teach arabic without also indoctrinating Islam along with it.The school can offer the language and require a foreign language is learned but not what the language is.

  217. Shut Up Biggots says:

    there’s no such thing as god. and even if there is, he doesnt care about you, or what you think about children learning a different language. im sure he was real upset when they introduced spanish into u.s. school systems too…hahaha. it’s not even our country, and most of you wouldnt even be christian had it not been forced upon your ancestors. i like your christ, i do not like your christians. your christians are nothing like your christ.

    1. bhscpa says:

      I say there is no such thing as shut up biggots.
      PS There is only one g in bigots, genius.

    2. Theodore Baar says:

      In the name of Mohammed (PBUH) please explain to we unsophisticated Americans how to teach Arabic without the Quaran. Any kind of cultural context (even Arab Secularism) requires a deep understanding of the Quaran.

      So, since we have a firewall between church and state, the teaching of Arabic without the Quaran is just silly educationally and arguably heresy for a Moslem.

  218. Justin says:

    The one thing most haven’t brought up are the benefits. One, if the students take this and then join the military, it opens up positions as a translator. Two, it opens up possiblities with the government, especially with the State Department. Three, it may open opprotunities in the private sector with businesses that have offices or clients in that part of the world. And lastly, it may give students something that helps them stand out to colleges and univeristies.

  219. mcsegeek1 says:

    The “language of the future” is not Arabic, but Chinese. Arabic is a dying language, reflective of a dying culture that the world has long since passed by and left in the stone age. That’s part of the reason why Muslims have lashed out at the world with terrorism and rage. They know their entire culture is backward and can’t play nice with the modern world. Their reaction? Change the culture? Nope. Expand their mind? Nope. Go bomb something? Yep.

  220. bhscpa says:

    Another good reason to abolish the Dept of Education!

  221. Random63 says:

    Aren’t these people at war with us? Didn’t they kill over 3,000 Americans in 2001? This is like requiring American children to learn Japanese during WWII!!

    Home Schooling and School choice…it’s more important than ever.

  222. Will says:

    With the language comes Sharia law, and don’t say it doesn’t ! ! We know what the quaran says about us infidel’s. What the hell is wrong with Texas to let this happen ?

  223. Roger Drew Williams says:

    Islam is not a religion of peace. Allah is just another name for the one true God. Mohammed is a false prophet. He is the great deceiver (Satan). Even a cursory reading of the qu’ran makes this obvious. “Put on the full armour of God, that you may take your stand against the devils schemes'”Ephesians 6:11-13

  224. Muttley says:

    I’d pull my kids and homeschool them before I’d let the Mansfield ISD force my children to learn the language of the chief enemies of our way of life!

  225. h says:

    why not focus on math and reading? something our students are already severly lacking.

  226. Pet says:

    Why not ELECTIVE? Spanish, Latin and French have been offered in schools for years. Why would Arabic be mandatory? Why is this being federally funded? It seems that the teaching of a romantic language would open the door to several languages and be helpful in travel. Who is traveling to the Middle East in these current, explosive times? Who is declaring that Arabic will be the one language of the future? Parents not included in the decision, mandatory, 1.3 MILLION in federal funding…. I find this disturbing.

  227. AnJo1 says:

    Are any other foreign languages mandatory in other Mansfield schools? If not, then Arabic should not be mandatory, although I’d like to see more students learning it because we will be at war with (some, not al) Arabic speaking people for the next couple of generations at least, and we need people who can speak the language. But I am absolutely opposed to Arabic “culture” being taught. In our politically correct age, no criticism will be allowed of that culture, which is abhorrent to American values in many ways. Thus students will be indoctrinated to see features of Arabic culture like the blending of religioon into every aspect of life, like the inequality of women and the oppression of non-believers, as somehow neutral and harmless. Our public schools are not competent to teach Arabic culture wisely. They should stay out of it.

  228. phillysmart says:

    Wake up folks…this administartion is opening a door for our enemy the muslim brotherhood to indoctrinate our kids…they are revising history and asking us to change to understand a cult which is incompatable with our way of life….they don’t want to coexist with us they want to convert us…check out history (not the revised version) and see how time and again the muslim, arabs and Islam has been fought back with wars and violence …its the only language theyunderstand …..wise up

  229. JD says:

    It’s time to revolt !!!!!!! This has gone too far.

  230. oracle2world says:

    You need a pic of a kid writing right to left, the way arabic (and hebrew for that matter) is written.

  231. gladtobeamericanchristian says:

    Don’t let these people pull the wool over your eyes.They start with the young children,with indoctrination,reason it is mandatory, not so easy with the HS
    students.I don’t care how much money we have borrowed from China or how
    many mulsims want the Arabic language to be taught in our schools,if they want
    to learn their native tongue,go where it is ,Saudia Arabia.

  232. Stephen Boone says:

    Go to any Dallas Texas area high school. Get a random sample of the white, caucasion, honky whatever kids. Not 1 in 20 of them can make the simplest conversation in SPANISH ! We are talking Can you tell me how to find the police department. I need a job. Where can I buy groceries around here. Basic stuff. In fact, 1 in 20 can’t say I really like beer in spanish.

  233. Detter says:

    TX seems to be more liberal than WA state. We were thinking of getting the hell out of WA state but TX keeps on coming up with more reasons to avoid TX.

    I had no ideal that you all had a large Arabic community that might warrant such but what about Spanish?

    Hey, novel ideal would be to teach the basics and prepare the youth for the job market.

    English is the national language of the US…learn it or be doomed to exist only in the confines of small hoods who refuse to adopt the American ways.

    You think if I moved to Saudi, they would begin teaching English. Buffoons you be. Go study UK and all of their problems before coming up with such silly ideals to appease the so called American Islamics.

    The melting pot has taken on a new progressive meaning. Get your heads on straight or you will be entertaining Sharia law in the not so distant future. Muslims can not separate their religion for every day life. Once you get that fact in your heads you will understand why they lie to further their agenda.

  234. Mitch says:

    There is no value in American kids learning the Arabic language. What for? So they can read the koran in its original language? After all, that’s what the imams say you must do to really understand Islam.
    What’s the value to Americans in learning Arabic? Look at all the countries of the world where Arabic is spoken. They are Muslim, have high illiteracy rates, high unemployment, lots of violence and they treat their women like cattle. Is there something here that benefits Americans???
    Lastly, I think this is another stupid program pushed by the federal government designed to make Muslims feel better about themselves – kind of like that stupid program at NASA.
    Pardon me – but learning Arabic is a COMPLETE WASTE OF TIME.
    If kids are going to learn a foreign language that is good for America, make it Chinese or Japanese. These are the languages of the world’s 2nd and 3rd largest economies. Let’s do more business with these productive countries. Our kids should not be learning Arabic to reach out to Muslims. If anyone should be apologizing and attempting to reach out, it is the Muslims who should extending a hand of peace to Americans!

  235. Dennis says:

    Which language should be the world’s official common language?

    3216 votes total

    Vote here if the future global language should be an existing “Natural Language”. The following alphabetical list shows the 20 most widely spoken languages in the world. If the language you want is not on the list, vote for “Other existing natural language”. Write down the name of your chosen language under 5.

    English (371) 26%
    Other existing natural language (272) 19%
    Arabic (171) 12%
    Spanish (99) 7%
    Portuguese (96) 7%
    French (94) 7%
    Mandarin (59) 4%
    Russian (54) 4%
    German (49) 3%
    Turkish (21) 1%
    Japanese (19) 1%
    Hindi (15) 1%
    Javanese (14) 1%
    Cantonese (13) 1%
    Bengali (13) 1%
    Tamil (12) 1%
    Wu (11) 1%
    Korean (11) 1%
    Vietnamese (10) 1%
    Marathi (8) 1%
    Telugu (8) 1%

    Vote here if the future global language should be an existing “Constructed International Language”. The following alphabetical list shows 10 of such recognized languages. If the language you want is not on the list, vote for “Other existing constructed language” . Write down the name of your chosen language under 6.

    Esperanto (1988) 75%
    Ido (161) 6%
    Interlingua (IALA) (125) 5%
    Other existing constructed language (123) 5%
    Glosa (43) 2%
    Universal Networking Language (40) 2%
    Lingua Franca Nova (40) 2%
    Next Generation Language (34) 1%
    Loglan (31) 1%
    Occidental (31) 1%
    Eurolang (26) 1%

    Vote here if the future global language should be a

    Newly Developed Language (264) 100%

    What is the main reason for your decision? Please also mention the name of your chosen language.

    1. traveling internationally, I’ve learned that the universal language is…
    2. they way it was designed it fits the two most spoken languages of the planet the best
    3. i have chosen english because it is the most widely spoken language in the world and it would be easy to learn
    4. English is easy enough to learn and is already spoken as a first or second language by many many people. People know it in all sections of the world.
    5. Interlingua is easy to learn and is also the best bridge to link the civilizations of East and West. With a minimal grammar and with its Greco-latin vocabulary (which is a common heritage to the major European languages), it could play an important role in international communications – without psychosocial frontiers…
    6. English is already the defacto global language. the only thing that will stop it’s rise is machine translation
    7. English gives certain people an advantage – Esperanto not.
    8. Lojban allows for very precise and unambiguous communication. Also, it does not favors any particular natural language speaker and is most culturally neutral.
    9. It’s the most unambiguous, culturally neutral and
    10. Lojban Regular, unambiguous, simple to learn.
    More Answers

    If you voted “Other existing natural language” under 1., write down the name of your chosen language in this box:

    1. english
    2. english
    3. Spanish
    4. Lojban
    5. greek
    6. Ancient Greek
    7. Greek
    8. Atlango
    9. German (Deutsch)
    10. Afrikaans
    More Answers

    If you voted “Other existing constructed language” under 2., write down the name of your chosen language in this box:

    1. Lojban
    2. Lojban
    3. Lojban
    4. Lojban
    5. Lojban
    6. Lojban
    7. Lojban
    8. Lojban
    9. Lojban
    10. Lojban
    More Answers

    If you voted for “New Language” under 3., write down your ideas, criteria and suggestions about such a new language:

    1. latin is a dead languge toady eventhough it was classical and offical language in europe. i suggest that change latin language for example, keep the latin alphabet and add indic script sign and make more easy the latin words and grammer like esparantho language.
    2. I want to take it seriously, a sign language would be perfect but we have to think also about blind people. So, as English is not extremely difficult, but it is a lot for chinese, japanese and very difficult to understand for russian and spanish people. The thing is we should create an open pronunciation language, whose writing would coincide with pronunciation and with a very simple grammar and construction. Talking about alphabet i absolutely vote for the latin alphabet.
    3. I think it should be a whole new language also, so it doesn’t give one set of people the upper hand in learning. It could be mandatory in all schools. Why not? It is mandatory to take physical education!
    4. Just Ido.
    5. such a new language must take out all the kinks for learning a new language for people of all lingual back grounds whether it be the sounds the grammar or otherwise also I believe the vocabulary should be equally made up of words from all existing languages, modified to fit within the phonology constraints of the global language, likewise the grammar should not be to complex nor should it be too minimal
    6. What a stuid idea- you speak as if cultural differences are a problem – I however think that people that always want more uniformity are far more dangerous.
    7. -very easy to learn, meaning syntax, grammar,ortography -learned from the earliest age -should not be the primary language for anybody,but a second globaly spoken language, so everybody could retain their culture -it could be called
    8. easy for every one easy grammer and easy to speak
    9. langue qui n’appartenant à aucune nation ne peut être soupçonnée d’hégémonie économique ou politique. De plus elle est logique donc facile à apprendre.
    10. Study has shadown achient languages like sandscript were disigned to work naturally with the are would. We need a language that is help us accend into the new spiritual age of evolution.
    More Answers

    What is your native language?

    Other language (644) 21%
    English (631) 20%
    French (449) 14%
    Portuguese (256) 8%
    German (229) 7%
    Spanish (214) 7%
    Arabic (158) 5%
    Russian (139) 4%
    Italian (95) 3%
    Polish (74) 2%
    Japanese (30) 1%
    Mandarin (25) 1%
    Cantonese (22) 1%
    Tamil (18) 1%
    Korean (16) 1%
    Ukrainian (14) 0%
    Hindi (12) 0%
    Bengali (9) 0%
    Gujarati (8) 0%
    Telugu (8) 0%
    Min Nan (8) 0%
    Urdu (7) 0%
    Malayalam (7) 0%
    Marathi (7) 0%
    Jinyu (6) 0%
    Wu (6) 0%
    Javanese (5) 0%
    Vietnamese (5) 0%
    Panjabi (2) 0%
    Xian (2) 0%

    Where are you from?

    France (376) 12%
    United States (340) 11%
    Brazil (231) 7%
    Germany (185) 6%
    Abkhazia (125) 4%
    Belgium (122) 4%
    Spain (114) 4%
    United Kingdom (105) 3%
    Canada (100) 3%
    Netherlands (93) 3%
    Italy (90) 3%
    Hungary (88) 3%
    Australia (82) 3%
    Russia (79) 3%
    Poland (66) 2%
    Israel (48) 2%
    Sweden (32) 1%
    Denmark (31) 1%
    Ukraine (30) 1%
    Argentina (27) 1%
    Japan (27) 1%
    Finland (27) 1%
    Switzerland (26) 1%
    Austria (25) 1%
    Lithuania (24) 1%
    Portugal (24) 1%
    Croatia (23) 1%
    Mexico (22) 1%
    Ireland (19) 1%
    Norway (19) 1%
    India (19) 1%
    China (19) 1%
    Greece (19) 1%
    Romania (19) 1%
    New Zealand (17) 1%
    Colombia (15) 0%
    Slovenia (14) 0%
    Egypt (11) 0%
    Belarus (11) 0%
    Malaysia (9) 0%
    Algeria (9) 0%
    Czech Republic (9) 0%
    South Korea (8) 0%
    Hong Kong (8) 0%
    Andorra (8) 0%
    Iran (8) 0%
    Philippines (8) 0%
    Serbia and Montenegro (7) 0%
    Chile (7) 0%
    Turkey (7) 0%
    Thailand (7) 0%
    Slovakia (7) 0%
    Costa Rica (6) 0%
    Pakistan (6) 0%
    Peru (6) 0%
    Taiwan (6) 0%
    Estonia (6) 0%
    Uruguay (5) 0%
    Venezuela (5) 0%
    Morocco (5) 0%
    South Africa (5) 0%
    Sri Lanka (5) 0%
    Saudi Arabia (5) 0%
    Cuba (4) 0%
    Dominican Republic (4) 0%
    Nigeria (4) 0%
    El Salvador (4) 0%
    Madagascar (4) 0%
    Indonesia (4) 0%
    Bulgaria (4) 0%
    Comoros (4) 0%
    Kazakhstan (4) 0%
    Bolivia (4) 0%
    Afghanistan (4) 0%
    Albania (4) 0%
    Bosnia and Herzegovina (4) 0%
    Singapore (4) 0%
    Vietnam Virgin Islands (3) 0%
    Gibraltar (3) 0%
    Bouvet Island (3) 0%
    Guatemala (3) 0%
    Congo (3) 0%
    Tuvalu (3) 0%
    Latvia (3) 0%
    Iceland (3) 0%
    Ecuador (3) 0%
    Zimbabwe (3) 0%
    Zaire (3) 0%
    Luxembourg (3) 0%
    French Guiana (3) 0%
    Libya (3) 0%
    Gabon (3) 0%
    Kiribati (2) 0%
    Tokelau (2) 0%
    Macau (2) 0%
    Jamaica (2) 0%
    Aruba (2) 0%
    Lebanon (2) 0%
    Syria (2) 0%
    Guinea (2) 0%
    Ethiopia (2) 0%
    Western Sahara (2) 0%
    French Polynesia (2) 0%
    French Southern Territories (2) 0%
    Georgia (2) 0%
    Gambia (2) 0%
    Azerbaijan (2) 0%
    Uzbekistan (2) 0%
    Cyprus (2) 0%
    East Timor (2) 0%
    Macedonia (2) 0%
    Marshall Islands (2) 0%
    Reunion (2) 0%
    Cambodia (2) 0%
    Moldova (2) 0%
    Saint Lucia (2) 0%
    Cape Verde (2) 0%
    British Indian Ocean Territory (2) 0%
    Puerto Rico (2) 0%
    British Virgin Islands (2) 0%
    Chad (2) 0%
    Papua New Guinea (2) 0%
    San Marino (2) 0%
    Bangladesh (2) 0%
    Panama (2) 0%
    Palestine (2) 0%
    Iraq (1) 0%
    Uganda (1) 0%
    Botswana (1) 0%
    Guadeloupe (1) 0%
    Ghana (1) 0%
    Rwanda (1) 0%
    Belize (1) 0%
    Zambia (1) 0%
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    Faroe Islands (1) 0%
    Wallis and Futuna Islands (1) 0%
    Bermuda (1) 0%
    Norfolk Island (1) 0%
    Liberia (1) 0%
    Qatar (1) 0%
    Niger (1) 0%
    Honduras (1) 0%
    Kenya (1) 0%
    Ivory Coast (1) 0%
    New Caledonia (1) 0%
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    Sudan (1) 0%
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    Saint Vincent and The Grenadines (1) 0%
    Cocos Islands (1) 0%
    Kyrgyzstan (1) 0%
    Lesotho (1) 0%
    Angola (1) 0%
    Laos (1) 0%
    Bahamas (1) 0%
    Christmas Island (1) 0%
    Tonga (1) 0%
    Armenia (1) 0%
    Somalia (1) 0%
    Togo (1) 0%
    Benin (0) 0%
    Dominica (0) 0%
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    Maldives (0) 0%
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    American Samoa (0) 0%
    Cook Islands (0) 0%
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    Anguilla (0) 0%
    Antarctica (0) 0%
    Burundi (0) 0%
    Bhutan (0) 0%
    Yemen (0) 0%
    Solomon Islands (0) 0%
    Sierra Leone (0) 0%
    Sao Tome and Principe (0) 0%
    Samoa (0) 0%
    Saint Kitts & Nevis (0) 0%
    S. Georgia and S. Sandwich Islands. (0) 0%
    Pitcairn Island (0) 0%
    Paraguay (0) 0%
    Palau (0) 0%
    Oman (0) 0%
    Northern Mariana Islands (0) 0%
    Niue (0) 0%
    Nicaragua (0) 0%
    St. Helena (0) 0%
    St. Pierre and Miquelon (0) 0%
    Vatican City (0) 0%
    Vanuatu (0) 0%
    United Arab Emirates (0) 0%
    U.S. Minor Outlying Islands (0) 0%
    Turks and Caicos Islands (0) 0%
    Turkmenistan (0) 0%
    Tunisia (0) 0%
    Trinidad and Tobago (0) 0%
    Tanzania (0) 0%
    Tajikistan (0) 0%
    Swaziland (0) 0%
    Svalbard and Jan Mayen Islands (0) 0%
    Suriname (0) 0%
    Netherlands Antilles (0) 0%
    Senegal (0) 0%
    Nepal (0) 0%
    Liechtenstein (0) 0%
    Kuwait (0) 0%
    North Korea (0) 0%
    Jordan (0) 0%
    Heard and McDonald Islands (0) 0%
    Haiti (0) 0%
    Guyana (0) 0%
    Guinea-Bissau (0) 0%
    Guam (0) 0%
    Grenada (0) 0%
    Greenland (0) 0%
    Fiji (0) 0%
    Eritrea (0) 0%
    Malawi (0) 0%
    Mali (0) 0%
    Nauru (0) 0%
    Namibia (0) 0%
    Myanmar (0) 0%
    Mozambique (0) 0%
    Montserrat (0) 0%
    Mongolia (0) 0%
    Monaco (0) 0%
    Micronesia (0) 0%
    Mayotte (0) 0%
    Mauritius (0) 0%
    Mauritania (0) 0%
    Martinique (0) 0%
    Malta (0) 0%
    Equatorial Guinea (0) 0%

    1. Detter says:

      Cliff notes and link would have saved some bandwidth. I want my 15min back dood!

  236. Dano says:

    Once the Arabic world blows itself up it will no longer have any future.

  237. Kell says:

    If I were the students in Mansfield School I’d tell the administrators to go to hell!

    It surely seems as if our Political Leaders are hell bent on having our country become Muslim and why?

    If Mohamed the writer of the Koran were alive today and having sex with his 9 year old bride, he would be considered a pedophile and have to register as a sex offender. Islam is a cult that is diametrically opposed with any other religion or way of life.

  238. Naivete says:

    2001: Osama bin Laden and his Islamic allies attack the United States, with the long-term goal of eventually either destroying or subjugating it.

    2011: Major and growing increase in Islamic immigrants into the country, both legally and illegally. Government school programs to teach mandatory Arabic. In the interest of avoiding “discrimination” by the profiling of foreigners, massive government-sponsored routine nude imaging and/or highly invasive body searches of any American women who need to travel by air (and soon other venues as well, such as trains, subways, and stadiums). A growing national attitude of appeasement, shown by some of the leaders we choose. A trend toward alienating and abandoning international allies. A long term economic outlook in dire straits with unsustainable annual deficits and massive, incapacitating national debt, in part exacerbated by huge and ongoing military expenses in the Middle East and South Asia. And a full ten years on, Osama bin Laden is still unapprehended (in both senses).

    Who’s actually winning?

  239. Marty says:

    I have no issues of my children and grandchildren learning a second language of their choice. In this country of diversity it is a great advantage in the workforce. My issue is in the state of Texas at this moment they are talking about closing schools, increasing classroom sizes, eliminating “:unnecessary” positions, having teachers and children emptying the trash, etc. to take care of the shortfall in our school budgets. So why is the federal government funding grants that mandates that a child learn a specific language instead creating grants funding innovative learning strategies for these students that are going to be crammed into classrooms, bussed for hours on end, and emptying trash instead, while learning a language the majority will never need and not spending that need time on the reading and math they desperately are in need. (Just look at the statistics on the number of kids coming out of our school system who can not read at sixth grade level.)

    1. AFmom says:

      But the government knows better on how to spend your money… know that….

      1. Marty says:

        I’ve had children in the Texas school system for almost 35 years now. Now grandchildren in the system. I have been involved in many aspects of advocating for children with disabilities. My husband and I have been involved in government funded programs that are geared to be helping people get jobs. My husband is now a college level educator. Our students coming out of the system can not read. We have seen it over and over. Now they want them to learn to “read” another language. My granddaughter is learning French. This is her second year. She can read it but can’t speak it. But thank goodness she can read and speak English. Teaching a child one class year of any language, or even 15-20 minutes of the allotted time for 5 years is not going help our children learn to speak any language fluently. My younger child has been “learning” Spanish since kindergarten and now taking it in high school, the only Spanish he speaks fluently is related to reading the menu at our favorite taqueria! How many more ways can the federal and state governments find to waste our taxpayer dollars?

  240. ab007 says:

    It might be part of the 20 year plan – take over America by the year 2020

  241. Daniel Boone says:

    I hope you guys fight this tooth and nail. This is completely NOT ACCEPTABLE.

  242. MacWilliam says:

    Whoever applied for this grant should be run out of town. Warped minded idiots.

  243. Proud American says:

    The parents of the children attending these schools in the Mansfield ISD better band together quickly, and throw the “bums” on the school board out. Silence is perceived as acceptance. Protest everyday in front of the school board office and in front of the schools where this will be mandatory. Then your children will see what the real America and what a real democracy is. This would be the best learning tool you could give your children.

  244. MC says:

    Any of the comments that associate Arabic with Isam are made by complete idiots. I am a former Marine Corps Officer with two tours in Iraq, and married to a beautiful, intelligent Arab. She is also Christian. Not sure where you idots think Christianity originated but it wasn’t Europe. She grew up in a civil war that raged between Christians and Muslims and she understands better than anyone in the States the issues of fanatical Islam. She would be supportive of much worse treatment of extremists than most Americans, so lets not assume all Arabs are muslim extremists. Understanding our enemy ( extreme muslims) and realizing that not all Arabs fall into that category is important. For the comment that most women are illiterate in the Middle East, how many Middle Eastern women do you know?

    1. tru says:

      Well said!

    2. JOHN T. FOX says:


    3. Lou says:

      You’re a Marine Corps officer? You certainly do not write like one.

  245. Publius says:

    You can’t teach middle east language & culture without Islam, it just won’t work.
    Parents, rise up and tell the MISD NO! Storm their offices. Tell the DOE to go away and stay out of your life.

    Get in the street and let them know how you feel get loud and in their face!

  246. Theodore Baar says:

    The leftist Eduhacks defending this say they are teaching language not religion. Would someone (preferably a Moslem) care to explain how you teach Arabic without the Quaran? The language and the Quaran are not severable. It cannot, and should not, be done which is why Arabic should be (under the alledgedly sacred barriar of Church and State) an adult course.

  247. Yoyo says:

    There is NO PLACE FOR ISLAM OR MUSLIMS ON THIS PLANET! It is a cancer that will kill the whole body if allowed to progress. Get rid of it now.

    I actually think you have to be stupid to believe in Mohamed or Islam for that fact.

    Arab countries went 1000 years backwards when they adopted this Pedophile as their Savior.. Stupid, stupid, stupid!!!

    1. Fred says:

      Exactly correct…the most untolerant, biased, racist religion of all. Proof is shown in every country that lives by it and every religious leader they have.

  248. MacWilliam says:

    Write your senators and representatives. Demand that the DOE be abolished. In all the years they have been around, they have not improved education one iota. Hell, at every election its “The education system is broken.” Its about time we all wake up and realize that the DOE is useless, worthless, and a major hindrance to good education. Let States decide what works and doesn’t, not these freeloaders in Washington.

  249. LogicalUS says:

    This is the stupidity which has caused our education levels to drop and lag behind the world in the last 40 years because of the foolish Left.

    The total amount of education time for our chiildren is limited to a set number hours. It should be spent concentrating on the subjects which have the greatest practical positive impact for the greatest number of children. Not on the idiotic agenda whims of the nitwit Leftists who secretly believe that Americans got what they deserved on 9-11, so they decided to show the “ignorant Americans” by force feeding them the culture of the attackers. Behind this is the Leftist belief of the backwardness of Americans. It permenates their entire agenda of dictating every facit of your lives for your own good. You are too stupid to know what is “proper”.

    How much wasted time will be spent on teaching Arabic to a group of Texas kids of which over 99% will never encounter another Ariabic speaking person or society when that same time could be spent on subject such as technology, science or math concepts which will benefit every single student for the rest of their lives? FOCUS people, FOCUS!!!!! If the occasional student wishes to learn Arabic or other languages then wonderful but it should not distract other students from more meaningful pursuits.

    And to the nitwit provincials who pontificate about the the wisdom of European knowledge of languages, they HAVE to know the languages due to the smallness of their countries and that they might go 40 miles away and be in a community with an entirely different language and background. That does not happen in America and has always been one of our strengths. It shows the shallowness of Leftist thought that they instantly jump on the “Americans do not know what is happening Brussells” nonsense. These simpletons never think to wonder if these “enlightened” Europeans know what is gooing on in Austin, Phoenix or Denver. Of course the Europeans do not as most of them have no concept of the size or depth of America.

  250. Debra says:

    For those who think this is such a wonderful idea, do you agree we should also teach them when it comes to the culture part about how women are no more then dogs to men in that country, well maybe not, because dogs are treated better, should we tell them about honor killings?…how a father can kill his daughter for anything he deems she may have done to cause dishonor on him??…should we let them know that those who are attracted to the same sex are hung???…that theives have their hands cut off??? the list could go on….how about us teaching our kids to read and do simple math, as well as teaching our on great culture and history which is lacking in the schools today!…and for those who say the majority of arabs are not this way….will I beg to differ, as well as say they are awful silent, as well as being enablers!

  251. Archy Cary says:

    Sure wouldn’t want to be the Superintendent of Schools in the Mansfield ISD today.

    1. Archy Cary says:

      Told ya. Here in Texas we don’t worship the politicos running the public schools.

  252. criley401 says:

    My guess is simply that there was no plan when applying for this grant. A grant writer was looking over possible grants, saw this one was available and worth a lot of extra money and so they applied. The money means jobs and perks for the district. Now that they have the money they must meet the terms of the grant and thus you have controversy. I am sure that this was not thought out much beyond Hey there is a couple of million we can qualify for.

  253. Evan says:

    Why are people blaming the federal government for this? The DOE awarded five grants. Mansfield ISD applied and was selected. Applying for this grant was voluntary. It makes one sound stupid when s/he blames the wrong person.

    I am disappointed to read so much distrust and concern from parents in this thread. I don’t agree that Arabic is the best language to teach, but I do admire Mansfield ISD for attempting to enrich its students and gain more funding.

    Also, the United States is not a Christian nation. The whole point of America is that it is not affiliated with religion. It is sad that religion was even dragged into this. Arabic is an ancient language developed by a rich culture composed of much more than religion. With everything else modern students must learn, I can’t imagine there being much extra time to waste on anything other than the language itself and possibly some necessary cultural background. Besides, this program is made possible by a federally funded grant, meaning it must abide by federal law (including the Bill of Rights and the Constitution). Your children are legally protected from being converted to Islam in the same way that mine are protected from having someone else tell them what to believe.

  254. Corey Schmitz says:

    Wow I’m glad I don’t live in Texas. Just reading over these comments is pretty horror inducing. It makes me wish you would all push a little harder on that whole secession thing. Ignorance isn’t anything to be proud of anyplace in the universe other than the southern parts of the U.S.

  255. Bill Leslie says:

    Will they teach the children how to beg for their lives or to plead to not have their heads chopped off in Arabic?

    1. AFmom says:

      Islam also legitimizes child rape and the murder of people for being gay and yes the ‘other half ” are uneducated boobs and they are going to be the death of the US if we do not fight them

  256. Lex Harvey says:

    This story should have come out on April 1. Come on, FLAP? This is the acronym? I guess creating a FLAP is what they wanted to do. You know if you are Jewish and you want to learn about the culture and language of your people, you go to Hebrew School. I wanted to learn Spanish and I took a class at my local community college at my own expense. You know, the lunatic fringe and conspiracy theorists suddenly seem to be making more and more sense as our government continues to ignore the will of the people and move us increasingly closer to a One World government. Forcing multiculturalism on Texas (or any) schoolchildren is just another example of the bureaucrats in Washington pursing an agenda that is out of touch, wasteful and unwanted. Come on 2012!

  257. rodowal says:

    I would love to learn more Arabic, I know a lttle already, but would love to be able to hear what others in Arabic are saying. Like, ” hey Achmed, watch this”.

  258. carol says:

    I have problem with my money going to things like this.

  259. Sicka dis Spit says:

    Key phase “FEDERAL GRANT” it’s all about feeding at the tax payer trough.

  260. Hank Warren says:

    Dumbed down schools taught by dumbed down teachers, yet another violation of our rights. Add it to the list of gov’t violations of our right:
    They violate the 1st Amendment by placing protesters in cages, banning books like “America Deceived II” and censoring the internet.
    They violate the 2nd Amendment by confiscating guns.
    They violate the 4th and 5th Amendment by molesting airline passengers.
    They violate the entire Constitution by starting undeclared wars for foreign countries.
    Impeach Obama and sweep out the Congress, except Ron Paul.
    (Last link of Banned Book):

  261. Jeff says:

    Ms. Savage states she believes this is a great “opportunity” for kids. Opportunity usually implies a choice, i.e. to take advantage of the “opportunity” or not. If it is MANDATORY – where is the choice???

  262. paperpushermj says:

    The DOE has identified Arabic as a ‘language of the future.’
    So what happened to Chinese

  263. Joe Barton says:

    I suspect they ll be having sharia law in the classroom now too. Will they teach the EVILS that are part of ISLAM? you know the whole kill the infidels thing…

  264. Chuck says:

    Just think if some Evangelical Christian defying anti-christian Supreme Court decisions the last 60 years tried a stunt like this. The ACLU the same day would go in orbit and the next in court putting this Evangelical Christiam and the Christian religion on trial, Scopes II if you will. But you can hear a pin drop from these vile anti-christian left-wing groups, first mandatory arabic, then Koran, then Islam. Not a peep from the ACLU, why you may ask? All religions are fine with the ACLU as long it is not the TRUE one…Christianity.

  265. Ken says:

    Dear Dallas-Fort Worth,
    You are being DIVIDED AND CONQUERED.
    Do you believe that:
    1) DOE picked the heart of Texas by chance?
    2) DOE will keep Arabic optional when ‘the grant provides [for] culture, government, art, traditions and history’?
    3) Mansfield teachers unions will stress just the language?
    4) The Muslim Brootherhood Charter doesn’t seek global Muslim-iization and destruction of the West and all infidels through Jihad?
    5) Islam/Sharia doesn’t seek Jihad as the highest ascension to Godliness?
    6) Islam is a ‘religion’ or in fact a Mortal Combat Political world view?
    7) The roots of the Muslim Brootherhood didn’t begin in Hitler’s Nazi Germany?

    DFW, beware the deadly combination of the Federal DOE, Local Teachers Unions, and Islam. Remember the old saying: ‘If Hitler wasn’t stopped we could all be speaking German right now”? If DFW doesn’t speak out, the US (and the globe) could all be ‘speaking Arabic’ (and Allah-only-knows-what-else) soon.

    DFW, it starts with you.

    1. ken says:

      “1.2 BILLION MUSLIMS (out of 1.5 B) in this world DON’T EVEN READ ARABIC (the language of the Q’ran).”

      -Mosab Hassan Yousef, author of, “Son of Hamas.”

      So what’s the point of forcing it on Texans?

      Listen to Yousef’s explanations of Islam, Hamas, Muslims, Jihad, etc., at:

  266. ByteRider says:

    Both my brother and his wife are Phds in Linguistics– both are telling me the “language of the future” will be split between English and Mandaran Chinese. Only languages highly involved in international trade will be the ones that become popular..

    Arabic would be rated somewhere next to Icelandic and Tongan.

    This wasn’t just their opinions but the opinion of the Linguistic community. So, this leads me to wonder.. is this another Obama-the-Muslim’s attempt to cram Mohammad down our throats?

  267. Mark says:

    My young kids had their lives ripped apart when an Army casualty team showed up just before Christmas one year and told them their brother had been killed by an IED in Iraq. If a school district tried to impose this on my kids, they’d have a lawsuit on their hands.

  268. Bill Long says:

    Not to worry… Americans can hardly learn English. There is not even a remote chance in hell that they’ll learn Arabic.

    1. AFmom says:

      Yeah but they know how to go green and fill out a food stamp application even if it’s in spanish

  269. maryh says:

    With the poor proficiency most public school students display in their English skills, they should eliminate this unnecessary “feel-good” Liberal stupidity indoctrination and double the time spent learning basic English.

    As if Arabic is going to become a helpful language for those who want to excel. It’s the language of sheep herders, Mecca facing vocalists, mindless baby machines, terrorists and 7-11 owners. There’s a real global force that will launch the world to new heights!! What a farce by “issue riddled” Leftists who are about to get decapitated.

    1. AFmom says:

      “It’s the language of sheep herders, Mecca facing vocalists, mindless baby machines, terrorists and 7-11 owners. ” AND most of them can not speak it or read it correctly…

  270. Nico says:

    Don’t we already know enough about that backward repressive culture? Now they have to teach it in school too? I’d be damned before anybody tells me my kids have to learn arabic or anything else for that matter. I’m certain this is an Obama brainstorm. I hope parents boycott all this garbage. This is America, not Iran.

    1. AFmom says:

      No the liberals still think we can coexist with a group of nut jobs who want us all dead…so we have to learn the language and be nice…

  271. Vince says:

    The most disappointing thing about all this is that it’s happening in Texas. Americans admire Texas…common sense, death-penalty-means-death-penalty, independent spirit, strength of character and conviction…it’s such a shame to see Texas going the way of political correctness. Sad.

  272. maria says:

    The grant should not mandate participation, but encourage participation in the program. Might be a great program for some students, but bad to make all students participate.

  273. William Hooper says:

    What would have been a Saturday Night Live skit a few years ago is now reality.
    “Think globally act locally” is a tired leftist cliche. The perpetrators are not even subtle on this one. At least we have another wonderful example of why education should be controlled on a state and local level and not by an all powerful federal government. Feds with unlimited power will always create terrible mischief that’s hard to control.

  274. Mike says:

    Star Trek studies should be implemented in our schools. There should be intense writing and reading analysis of all Star Trek episodes through the years

  275. teremist says:

    The school board, went behind the backs of the parents and students in securing this program. Then they had the AUDACITY to implement it as a MANDATORY program. They should ALL BE FIRED! THIS IS OUTRAGEOUS conduct by the board! I am ABSOLUTELY against any program that includes Arabic studies. Especially being taught by force, to the young and impressionable. My son, is a US MARINE, and he has been deployed several times to the middle east. That, is REAL Arabic study, up close and personal.

  276. Ed says:

    What a waste of taxpayer money!

  277. George Carter says:

    Does anyone realize how much our Military and Security departments like the FBI and the CIA need people to speak languages such as Arabic, Pharisee, and Chinese? These kids will have a leg up on the competition when it comes to jobs and if they want, they will also certainly be welcomed to work for the FBI or other security departments.

    1. Mr. Big says:

      @ George Carter: Our public school system can’t even teach English.

    2. Charles Martel says:

      “Pharisee”? Where do they speak that?

  278. Jim says:

    The only arabic we need to know is what the military learns. Not our school children. How pathetic for grown people(leaders) to be suckered into.
    I bet Obama being a muslim is pushing this.

  279. Tony says:

    The ENTIRE ISSUE here is “MANDATORY” This IS the United States of AMERICA, We speak english, learn it, or LEAVE it ! Don’t even ATTEMPT to FORCE ANY foreign language on my children or my childrens children ! What a sad day for the GREAT REPUBLIC of TEXAS !!, & AMERICA !

  280. Pat Childs says:

    Nothing but more stealth Islamification. Language of the future? Arabic has the least literate societies on Earth and the fewest books of any major language books. It also has the least number of books from other languages translated into Arabic. The only one who could ever perceive this as valuable is an individual looking for religious conversion and indoctrination.

  281. Jon says:

    It makes sense to learn the language of the enemy… I don’t see the problem..

  282. William Hooper says:

    The language of the future is probably Chinese, not Arabic. The Department of Education seems to always miss the mark, (at great expense to us taxpayers).

  283. TRUTH says:

    Bunch of ignorant republicans commenting, I see. lol

    1. Jamie K says:

      Guess again. A once proud Democrat now questioning my party affiliation and switching to Independent.

  284. Tom says:

    Beware Americans of mandatory Arabic to our children. IMO, this IS backdoor brainwashing and extension of the caliphate to America. Sharia law is certain to follow. What is next, Mansfield school girls being required to wear the hijab…how about a burqa? Remember to pray to the East 5 times a day and that doesn’t mean to Shreveport. Maybe the school district can apply for funding for a halal diet in the cafeteria as regular American food is no doubt inferior to a yummy bowl of hummus to go along with the cool aid Mansfield parents must be drinking if they go along with this threat to our future as a sovereign country.

  285. Keith Fullmer says:

    My residence is in Arizona, why should my Taxes be spent on something I do not apporve of and did not vote for ?? . REMBER TAXATION WITHOUT REPRESENTATION. a founding premise of this country.

    The DOE should be dismanteled, these GRANTS with strings attached are destroying the education system in America. All monies for education should be handled locally, so we know what we are PAYING for.

    The FEDERAL GRANTS arre like a POINZI scheme, to redistribuate our taxes for some Senator or Congressman to obtain FUNDS for REELECTION.

  286. Robbie12345 says:

    Arabic is only important because of OPEC and control of the world with their oil and the crazy governments of the middle east with the need for the US to be their mopping up their messes, which would mean these kids are going into the military.

  287. Noell Reed says:

    This is why the Dept of Education needs to be abolished. How about a class on “American Culture”??? This is garbage!!

  288. Jim says:

    Another nail in the coffin for the NEA and the TEA. It’s time to dismantle these corrupt Polital departments that serve no useful benefit, except spend taxpayer dollars on this kind of ROT. Republican here is where you can start to reduce our deficits.

  289. Don says:

    I would rather American students learn English, before being introduced to a foreign language. Unfortunately, we have many American public school graduates that cannot even speak English and now this!

  290. David says:

    Trisha Savage thinks it will offer a well-rounded education. “I think its a great opportunity that will open doors. We need to think globally and act locally.”

    Why does Savage believe this? What’s her proof that Arabic shoudl be mandatory. She and the school have no authority to do such a blind and ignorant thing. The school should also force the instruction of early American to the Arabic and all foreign kids too. I wonder what her opinion would be on this idea? She’s a moron.

  291. cj says:

    this is getting nuts.

  292. shepherd says:

    Soldier is right. Shane, get your head out of your backside. Today they will force our children to learn arabic. Tomorrow they will teach your sons how to cut the stone your daughters to death.

    1. Shane Ventura says:

      Well it’s tommorow and no one is stoning my daughter. I don’t see any Arabs in the streets trying to ge me.
      Your to paranoid for your own good. Look around and get a grip.

  293. dwr says:

    Not so long ago, German almost became the “language of the future.” If Arabic is the new “language of the future,” it can only mean that this school board expects the world to be subjugated by the murderous religion of Islam, whose followers aided the Nazis in the Middle East.

    Fools like those on this school board are forging not only their own chains but chains for all freedom-loving people. If they were animals, they would be lemmings.

  294. Kaafir says:

    Next the kids will be kneeling on their prayer ragswith their arses in the air praying to the muslim’s false god allah or moo-ham-mad. This is just part of the sharia law coming to the USA..This is AMERICA..Teach ENGLISH. Peace to all non-muslims

    1. JJ says:

      And peace to the Muslims as well.

      1. AFmom says:

        And may the virgins have sharp teeth and bite hard

  295. Tammie Kinsel says:

    I can not believe this new mandatory Arabic language an cultural studies has been imposed on our students. How dare you try and sneak this passed the parents, and that is exactly the tac that was taken. This information was not posted on the MISD website where I look for up to date information on Mansfield schools. It was just listed as a meeting for Cross Timbers parents. As a Mansfield student’s parent I am appalled that this “grant” was sneaked in under our radar and kept us from voting on this addition to th ciriculum. This was done wrong wrong wrong, and you should all be ashamed of yourselves. This just fuels the public’s distrust oh government. Congratulations.

  296. AFSGTSAM says:

    The next step will be a call to make our schools more “sharia compliiant”….we must stop the Islamification of the western world now! Keep in mind almost every conflict on this planet now has to do with Islam not being compatible with other peoples way of life…this is just the begining.

    1. JJ says:

      We should only cater to white Christians then?

      1. AFmom says:

        How do we cater to Christians by banning Christmas trees , nativity scenes and calling Christs birthday winter break? Oh yeah all those Christians trying to behead you, it’s awful…

  297. schoendog says:

    Maybe the schools should also teach the children how to treat women and gays as 2nd class citizens as the Arabs do? Maybe a course in beheading might prove useful? What the F is wrong with you people…we’ve elected the enemy!

  298. 4dees says:

    This is just one reason why parents need to stay on top of what their children are studying, reading and learning in our government schools. With socialists, by and large, running our government school systems, parents have to be aware, alert, and stand up and speak out about things that they know are not right.

  299. SaveOurYouth says:

    You can’t teach Arabic without introducing Islam, either overtly or covertly; it can’t be done. Islam is interwoven into every aspect of Arabic life, including the language. This is a means by which to soften up their young minds to accept Islam.

    Our children are being molded and indoctrinated at every turn in gov’t run, public schools. Those who deny this fact are blind, deaf and dumb. People, get your children out of this system. Homeschool, homeschool, homeschool!

  300. KRK says:

    I would put Chinese, Japanese, Spanish and Arabic in that order. Hey, we need to be able to communicate with each other right? Mandatory – maybe not, but surely optional.

  301. Hemroidious says:

    Why not have them convert to Islam while were at it .

  302. Skeeter says:

    Good idea… we need more Intelligence operatives that speak Arabic. in that sense, it is a smart move for the future.

  303. Mark says:

    if we truly want to learn a language of the future (if only to dip into the government till) i would suggest Klingon or Vulcan

  304. Shane Ventura says:

    Sticking with the article, and basing my opinion on the topic I belive the ISD made a tacticle error in springing this on the parents. Especially in an exretemly conservitive state.

    Ground work should have been laid and the parents educated on the purpose of the grant and what every single detail entails.

    I also believe that the parents should have the choice, whether or not to have their child enrolled into this class. I for one would jump at the chance to have my kid learn Arabic. A second language is always a good idea, and should be mandatory, but what that language is should be a choice.

    I don’t think this is even close to an argument over religion and langauge. I understand that people are expressing their fears and ignorance. Education is the key, Ignorance is the enemy not islam.

  305. AFSGTSAM says:

    My experience shows that the most closed minded people are on the left, as far as AM raidio goes I guess you are too busy reading the NY Times and watching MSNBC or to actually give it a listen. Perhaps giving the constitution a little read would do you some good as well.

    1. Shane Ventura says:

      I prefer the Daily show and the Colbert Report.

      1. AFmom says:

        because you are a dumb liberal

  306. Kaafir says:

    Islam is not a religion. It is an ideology with it’s own laws and regulations. Keep islam out of America. People have the right to practice their religion as they please but any fool knows that islam wants to dominate the world and islam plans on taking over America. Wake up people before it is too late..Peace to all non-muslims

  307. Glenn says:

    Why doesn’t the Dept. of Ed. change the name of that program to Foreign Language Opportunity Program (FLOP)?

  308. JustMe says:

    Morrison stressed the curriculum would not be about religion, but about Arabic language and culture.

    That’s just it – Arabic culture is intertwined with Islam, so is there governments. How do you separate them?

  309. hatchie says:

    you folks evidently are NOT AWARE that obama gave part of his stash (the stimulous package) to muslims organizations. Why would muslim organizations need our stinulous money? AND the Franks/Dodd new financial regulations bill completely left Sharia Banking Out of the new regulations. they are free to continuing laundering money as they have been doing since coming to america.

  310. blahblahblah says:

    Woohoo….are you read for Sharia!!!!! (Hank Williams Jr. voice)

    Islamic so-called holy days will be legitimatized as holidays necessitating celebration and days off from work throughout the nation

    Islamic symbols will decorate our stamps..

    Islamic authors will become popular in “reading America.”

    Peace themes focusing on Islamic actors will be placed in television sitcoms.

    TV series such as “Sleeper Cells” will become passe and regarded as out of date and out of fact.

    Legislation will be passed stating that anything truthfully negative about Islam will be regarded as a “hate crime.”

    Certain Islamic personages will run for political offices and will win their elections. This takes place now.

    The National Council of Churches will welcome Islam into its membership.

    Liberal seminaries such as Harvard Divinity School will baptize Islam as a legitimate religion among world religions, just as HDS does already in its world religions building / courses.

    It will become posh for Islamic speakers to be featured on talk shows and at book forums in local communities.

    The Koran will be placed alongside the Bible in hospital chapels, just as it already is placed in the chapel in the city hospital near where I live.

    The headscarf used by Muslim women will become fashionable for non-Muslim women in America. Already the headscarf clad young women appearing in various advertisements on the Internet.

    Advertisements will include in their human figures not only whites and blacks and Hispanics but also obviously garbed Muslims.

    “Jihad” will change its meaning from murder and maiming to improving the inner self, just as it is now defined on the Council for American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) lying web site.

    Muslims will establish charitable causes to which the public will be asked to contribute, moneys used to enhance Islam and thereby overtake the nation.

    Christians and Jews will be relegated to a lower status than Islam. Christians and Jews will be informed to be quiet, hold no meetings or seminars teaching the facts about Islam, and squelch any preaching against Islam.

    1. MaggieLyn says:

      You nailed it! I encourage anyone interested in keeping America free, google and read TEAM B II Report. This is a report created by numerous generals, past secretaries of defense, security and intelligience personnel. It exposes that the violence of the terrorists is not the big threat. The threat is Shariah and the Muslim Brotherhood’s plan to take over from within and using our own laws, courts and Constitution against us.

      1. Shane Ventura says:

        give me a specific example on how this can be done? does not the constitiution protect and make it impossible for this to happen? Do not we not have a system set in place that is extremly difficult to change in such a radical way?
        Pure paranoia. Glen Beck is rotting your mind.

  311. JSmithy says:

    Kheirieh Hannun said, “It was surprising, but I think it’s okay, and it will help come down on the stereotype.” Hannun says she is hopeful the class could broaden the minds of not only students, but also parents.

    How sweetly naive. This education will primarily add to sorely needed assets required to combat global jihad. Whether as intelligence analysts, soldiers or CIA interrogators, these kids will grow up to be a sharper tip of the spear destroying those who would end our way of life.

    I’m not supportive of the mandatory aspect but then neither were many draftees when mandatory enlistment was the law of the land. Hopefully they’ll be taught the real culture of Islam and willingly use these skills for freedom.

    Ooh Rah!

  312. Lee says:

    Optional is fine manditory is not. The parents need to vote the school board out if they keep pushing this idea down their throats.

  313. Fred says:

    It is time for the Second Crusades..this is War and we are losing!

  314. Cydthesquid says:

    So, we are requiring our children to learn arabic, but we DON”T required non-citizens living here to learn english. Something is very wrong with this picture!

  315. Sally says:

    Teaching Arabic no more inculcates Islam than teaching English inculcates Christianity. Modern-day Arabic is not the Arabic of the Quran.
    Learning how to say “chair” or “ship” in Arabic will not force you to pray to Mecca. Learning how another culture makes their rice or wears their clothing will not make you Muslim. It will make you a citizen of the world, in which other cultures and languages besides English and Christianity do exist. Your almonds, silk and tshirts come from Muslim countries. Oh, and your doctor or dentist may be Muslim as well.
    Any backlash against this program will not be further evidence of creeping sharia, it will be further evidence of Islamophobia and American intolerance and close-mindedness. Nothing new.

    1. Retired Paratrooper says:

      “It will make you a citizen of the world,” ?

      Sounds fantastic! Global Governance, NWO, no private property rights
      Sign me up

    2. AFmom says:

      Your lack of education is stunning, and mind boggling. You do get that you are an infidel and dimmi right? You have no idea who your enemy is so you will be destroyed…and it’s simply stunning…

  316. Duude says:

    The school district knew how to win over this administration.

  317. george sythson says:

    Why not teach the kids something useful, like Mandarin?

  318. keith says:

    why must students be ‘forced’ to learn a language other than their own. the US is an ENGLISH country, yet we’re telling the leaders of tomorrow what they MUST learn. Amazing that our own govt thinks Arabic is the language of tomorrow. What’s next, 800#s are going to give the option 1 for English, 2 for Arabic. Sorry, if we do this type of thing, then we are basically telling terrorists that they have won….what a bunch of pu$$ies

  319. Joe Sense says:

    Why would kids need to learn a language spoken half the world away, when there IS A WHOLE NATION below us that SPEAKS SPANISH…with thousands of immigrants from MEXICO each year, isn’t it more productive to teach students a language THEY WILL ACTUALLY USE IN LATER YEARS??

  320. Pat R Iot says:

    Islam is slowly seeping into our society. 9/11 was just the start. They attack us, then cry that THEY are the victims. The media and the leftists in this nation recoil in fear of seeming insenstive, and now they help our very enemies push their agenda of Islamic rule upon us, little by little. Muslims are incredibly clever, and their boldness is surpassed only by their subtle methods. They have again infected Europe, and now use our own good nature against us in America. This program of forcing kids, FORCING kids, to learn the language of our invaders is disgusting.

    1. JJ says:

      I bet the Native American Indians feel the exact same way about their white invaders.

      1. AFmom says:

        No we do not.

      2. JJ says:

        Let me guess, you’re like 1/32 Apache or some other BS.

        Proud Indian Princess.

  321. Tom says:

    I have been doing business in the Middle East for 40 years, and I can assure you that it is IMPOSSIBOLE to discuss Arabic culture without discussing Islam

  322. Air Force Brat says:

    How can they communicate in Arabic when they’re all either in detention centers or hung from the trees?

  323. Hangin says:

    Soooooo….let’s get this straight…Our government sponsored schools don’t require students to learn English, but are promoting (requiring) the study of foreign languages…

    Go figure…..

  324. Red Ruffansore says:

    We learn all we need to know about the RoP (Religion of Peace) daily by the news stories of bombings and mounting body counts. We don’t need the Pravda Socialist System indoctrinating the children with their brand of dogma. These kids will be set for shovel ready jobs, after learning all they need about this culture they’ll be fully prepared to help dig graves.

  325. Smashicus says:

    If there is any place that needs to broaden its mind, it’s the muslim middle east. When these people stop persecuting the minority religions in their country, then they can join the rest of the civilized world. Our children don’t need to learn their culture, their children need to learn ours.

  326. Harold Smith says:

    of all the languages why arabic? and don’t tell me it is the langauage of the future bc that langauage is only spoken in the middle east and exclusively spoke by Islam (Islam believeing it is an uncorrupted true language). S