Caraway Defends Giving Vick Key To The City

By Stephanie Lucero, CBS 11 News

DALLAS (CBSDFW.COM) – Mayor Pro Tem Dwaine Caraway is defending giving Philadelphia Eagles Quarterback Michael Vick a commemorative key to the City of Dallas.

Caraway spent most of the day Tuesday explaining why he awarded Vick the key.

Caraway presented Vick the key Saturday evening at a event for children held at Club Cirque.  It was captured on cell phone video and animal activists have criticized Caraway for awarding it to Vick, who was convicted and sent to prison for his role in a dog-fighting operation.  He pleaded guilty to felony charges in 2007 and served a 21-month sentence.

“You have people who are not willing to forget it and you have other people who are willing to forgive” said Caraway today about Vick’s involvement in the dog-fighting ring.

“I do not condone cruelty to animals but it was not about that” Caraway adds.  “It’s about having someone that the children will listen to and take from that person, ‘hey, don’t get involved with drugs, get your homework done, complete your education.”

Critics like Katrina Pierson, say Caraway should not praise Vick in that way.  “I am a mom and I am trying to raise a nice, respectable young man, who does look up to these professional athletes” says Pierson.  “He should have given him his house keys if he likes Michael Vick so much, not the key to the city” she adds.  “You give keys to the city to people who have done great things for the City of Dallas or heroes who have done outstanding things to help the citizens of Dallas.  I’m not quite sure how Michael Vick fits that profile” says Pierson.

Reverend Marion Barnett supports Caraway and says it was appropriate to give Vick the key.  “When we look at Mr. Vick, he’s had a repentant type of attitude” says Barnett.  “It’s racism.  Yes, there’s still a double-standard in this country and we need to stop this unethical treatment of black human beings” says Barnett.

Pierson, who is black, disagrees and she believes this controversy could hurt Caraway’s chances of getting re-elected.  “I think that’s a clear sign that that man should not be representing the City of Dallas in any way” says Pierson.

When Caraway was asked if he agrees with Barnett, he said “I don’t play the race card.  I try not to, even though the race card has been played with me, with several different emails.”

Caraway says he will not try to get the key back from Vick.  “That’s not an option” says Caraway.


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  1. CarolAnne says:

    This has NOTHING to do with race. Stop pulling that card. This is about a convicted felon continuing to be put in a position that allows young children to emulate him. I understand he has served his time, but would you give the same acceptance to him if he had murdered a human? Or molested a child? I’m pretty sure your answer would be no. The fact that NFL had no ethics in allowing this man to return to a position of power in influence is bad enough but for our city to further that agenda is simply revolting.

    1. Sue Cherry says:

      And the worst part is, although he admitted to fighting and torturing dogs, he didn’t serve a DAY in prison for animal abuse. He was charged and convicted of racketeering, that’s it. AND he’s still on probation!

  2. Patricia Simmons says:

    I am so sick of the race card being played!! I would feel the same way if it was a white person who faught, drown, hung, electricuted, and body slammed innocent dogs to death!!

  3. Barbara Webb says:

    I can not tell you how sick I am of these folks with their unforgiving spirits concerning Michael Vick. No, I do not agree that Vick should have been given a key to the city, but I do believe enough is enough. It’s a shame that these same folks who obsess over this dog issue could give a flip about the poor and sick in this city alone, but would lay down their lives for a dog. The man did his time, let him move on and more importantly, why don’t they move on before that bitter, cold, unforgiving spirit causes them to stroke out. Please read the following scriptures – “And when you stand praying, if you hold anything against anyone, forgive him, so that your Father in heaven may forgive you your sins” (Mark 11:25). “Do not judge, and you will not be judged. Do not condemn, and you will not be condemned. Forgive, and you will be forgiven” (Luke 6:37). LET IT GO!!!!!!!!!

    1. George says:

      Go read the U.S. Dept. of Agriculture’s investigative report of what Mr. Vick actually did to the dogs he personally killed. It is some of the most disturbing descriptions one will ever read, especially the delight Mr. Vick took in killing some dogs.

  4. Lee Potts says:

    Again the City of Dallas has opened mouth to insert foot. Who in their right mind would give Michael Vick the key too our damn city? No one but these stupid ass council people we have here in Dallas. Also Pastor Barnett is wrong for endorsing such a thing noting that he need our financial support in keeping his little(VERY) radio show on the air over at 89.3……..

  5. Megan says:

    Barbara Thank you.

  6. Snarky says:

    I firmly believe that a criminal is a criminal, period. The only thing they’re ever sorry for is getting caught ! If they were moral, decent, human beings, they wouldn’t have committed the crime to begin with, especially not one as abhorrent, and cruel as the one committed by Michael Vick ! He has done NOTHING for the City of Dallas and in NO WAY deserves a “key” of ANY sort to this city. Once again, the City of Dallas has embarassed itself. And yes, this was a racist act: Do you really think Caraway would have given a key to the city to a white man who is a convicted felon ??? He must have some family or a business interest in Philadelphia and is looking for a quid pro quo…

  7. Kevin John Gilhooly says:

    Playing the race card is very tiresome. If race doesn’t matter, why didn’t Caraway give a key to Ben Rothlesbsrger? He wasn’t convicted of rape either time he was suspected, and he said he was sorry, so wouldn’t he be a good role model?

    As for the lessons Caraway thinks Vick can teach – didn’t he drop out of college to play pro football? So much for “complete your education.”

    This case actually has everything to do with race – Caraway has a mancrush on a black athlete and has embarrassed the city because of it.

    Michael Vick has shown no real remorse for his actions. He is not a role model, he is a convicted felon.

    Why can’t the Mayor Pro Tem find a local role model, black or white, to introduce to children? Surely there is someone who has done something good for the city of Dallas without committing a crime first.

  8. Leila says:

    A person who can torture another living thing, be it person or animal, is a bad person. He did not make a “mistake”. He willingly and repeatedly TORTURED animals. He has paid his debt to sociiety but that does not make him a good person or role model. I don’t care what he looks like or what profession he is in. He does not deserve a key to the city of Dallas.

  9. mailliam says:

    Perhaps Mr. Caraway is falling short of the prime motive that he inadvertently imposed upon Mr. “Felon” Vick? People who exploit animals for personality/profit, are not far from the same type of “personality reflects attitude; attitude reflects behavior” that child predators employ to impinge upon our children.
    Is the NFL deficient for not holding him, or his continuing salary – as ill gotten gains FOR PAST TRANSGRESSIONS?
    Please someone with my experience, enlighten me.

  10. mailliam says:

    This is why I forbid my grandchildren from the same inept social influences that affect racial divides.

  11. Trey Murray says:

    I’ve forgiven Vick for his past. Being a lifelong dog lover, and a lover of human beings as well…Barbara, I too was slow to forgive him. People make mistakes, and until I know different, I’ll believe he has been rehabilitated. I still do not think he deserves a key to Dallas. He has never played for any team in Dallas, has made no charitable contributions to Dallas, and has done nothing save make a few speeches in Dallas. Would Michael Irvin be granted the key to Philadelphia? I suspect he would never be considered. Let’s not lose sight of the fact that he is a current Philadelphia Eagle, the most hated rival to the Dallas Cowboys. Why would you give a player from your home team’s rival a key to the city? This is why I am happy to correct people in saying I’m from the Ft. Worth area and not Dallas.

  12. Hemroidious says:

    Give him the key to the animal shelter.

  13. Realist says:

    This is an embarrassment for the City of Dallas. Why is Michael Vick a role model for children or anyone else? He is a talented athlete and a felon. Is that what black America wants as their role models? How about a real leader- a doctor, a teacher, a scientist. The only role models black children have are athletes and it’s because of nonsense like this. You want to give a key to an athlete? Fine. Roger Staubach- Dallas business leader, football legend, not a felon. Want a black athlete? Herschel Walker- amazing athlete, inspirational fitness guru, not a felon.

  14. Josh says:

    Hey kids, here’s a lesson for you…breaking the law and torturing and savagely killing dogs is okay so long as you retain your football skills and don’t break the law after embarrassingly being caught. Do you think Vick would’ve received this award had he lived a clean life after prison but not returned to the NFL? Of course not. A special thanks to the mayor pro tem and pastor for further engraining the ‘music or sports’ mindset as the only way to financial success for African Americans.

  15. Eric Mercado says:

    Caraway is an idiot and does not deserve our vote….in fact he should relocate to Philly nex to is ex-con friend Vick…he may be an awesome QB but he is a disgrace to the human race…….and now he has good company in Caraway…..a match made in heaven……and the so call reverend,,,,,,,,,now you have the 3 stoogies…..all group togetheer. If this is not a result of race unification I have no idea what is,,,,,,,,,it is so blanant that stevie Wonder could see it….why isn’t other ex-cons given the key to the city…like the UNI_BOMBER….the child molester that all of a sudden find God in jail and change their lives around? Why Vick? a rhetorical question, we know why. Welcome to celebrity status

  16. Eric Mercado says:

    And by the way… election we should all remember this and vote accordingly……get rid of those idiots in the council

  17. Eric Mercado says:

    By the Kevin…….I applaude your comment, hit the nail right on the head…..

  18. Eric Mercado says:

    b.Webb……woild you be so forgiven had he raped or killed a kid or a human for that matter? The bible also says “An eye for an eye”……if I had it my way he would be banned from anything that had to do if kids…….that is why today’s generation is so lost, because commiting a crime is not the end of the world ,…especially if you are Vick

  19. Cara Young says:

    So much has already been said on this topic, it’s not like I can say much that hasn’t been said; however, I am just putting it out there that I do not feel like any Dallas elected official should stay in his position after pulling this type of stunt. Those of you who vote in his precinct, PLEASE DO NOT RE-ELECT CARAWAY!

  20. A. Schickelgruber says:

    Reverend Marion Barnett: Shut up, you race-baiting assclown. Let me ask you this, “Reverend” – What color were all the people who Dwaine Caraway gave the key to the city to? You know, Bill Cosby, Vivica Fox, Debbie Allen, and Michael Vick, among others? Hmmm…. that’s a bit RACIST, don’t you think, sir? Of course not, because only whites are guilty of that, right? Get that ancient chip off your shoulder and stop using it for YOUR benefit.

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