By Larry Mowry, CBS 11 Weather

FORT WORTH (CBSDFW.COM) – Hard to believe after such a nice sunny day Tuesday that a winter storm will be ongoing across North Texas Wednesday morning.  But that is what we will be dealing with.  A Winter Storm Warnings remain in effect for all of North Texas from Midnight until 6 p.m. Wednesday.

Cold air is heading our way.  Temperatures as of 2 p.m. are in the mid to low 50s here, but just to the north it is 37 degrees in Oklahoma City, 5 degrees in Amarillo, and single digits even below zero throughout the state of Kansas.  This is the cold air heading our way.

Here is the latest timeline for the metroplex:

Midnight to 5 a.m. – A cold rain will be falling with temperatures dropping into the 30s.

5 a.m. to 7 a.m. – Temperatures will drop below freezing with freezing rain and sleet falling in the metroplex.

7 a.m. until Noon – Temperatures will drop into the 20s.  The freezing rain and sleet will change to snow with some sleet still falling.  It will be windy too with winds gusting to 35 mph.

SNOW FALL TOTALS – Sleet and snow will likely accumulate on the order of 2” to 4” across areas north of the I-30 corridor in Dallas and Tarrant County.  3” to 6” of snow will fall across portions of Collin and Denton County up to the Red River.  South of I-20 we are looking at 1” to 2” of snow/sleet.  One concern is that some of the models are keeping the precipitation as freezing rain for a longer time frame which would limit snowfall accumulation, but escalate the impacts.

Noon until 7 p.m. – The snow will end early in the afternoon across the metroplex but continue through mid-afternoon for eastern areas of North Texas.  It will be windy with gusts to 40 miles per hour.  Wind chills will be in the single digits and even below zero at times.  Wind Chill Advisory is in effect for areas north and west of the metroplex.

Wednesday night – The record low for February 9 is 11 degrees.  We will come close to that falling to about 15 degrees Tomorrow night.

Thursday – Partly to mostly cloudy skies and cold with temperatures staying below freezing all day.

Friday through the Weekend – The warm up is on the way.  Temps on Friday will be in the mid 40s.  Saturday will see highs near 60 degrees.  Sunday will be mild and breezy with temps in the mid 60s.  It will be dry Thursday through the weekend.