Denied Super Bowl Ticketholders File Class-Action Suit

FORT WORTH (CBSDFW.COM) – While the NFL apologized to the roughly 400 fans who had to give up their seats at the Super Bowl and is offering concessions, it apparently isn’t enough for some. Wronged fans have filed a class-action lawsuit against owner Jerry Jones, the NFL and the Dallas Cowboys.

The suit, which seeks compensatory damages of over $5 Million, alleges that there was a breach of contract, fraud and deceptive sales practices against the ticket holders.

The complaint also alleges that Cowboys season ticket holders, known as the “Founders”, were deceived into paying $1,200 a seat for Super Bowl tickets that turned out to be temporary.

In addition, some of those ticketholders were moved to other seats that attorney Michael Avenatti says had obstructed views. “Those obstructed views included not being able to see the video board, that of course Jerry [Jones] and the Cowboys have touted for months and years on end.”

According to Avenatti the suit, filed in Dallas Federal Court on Wednesday, also alleges that the NFL and the Dallas Cowboys organization were only interested in breaking the Super Bowl attendance record.

A total of about 15,000 temporary seats were added to $1.2 billion Cowboys Stadium, and Sunday’s attendance was announced at 103,219, just short of the Super Bowl-record 103,985 who were at the Rose Bowl for the 1980 NFL championship game.

The league initially said Sunday it would give $2,400, three times the face value of the ticket, to the fans who were forced to watch the game on monitors or use standing-room platforms after some temporary seating sections were not completed in time.

On Monday, Commissioner Roger Goodell said those fans would also receive tickets to next year’s Super Bowl.

Odette Karam, who was refused a seat, flew to North Texas from California to see the game. She told KRLD NewsRadio 1080 that she’s heard about the offer. “We can either take a ticket for next year’s Super Bowl, plus $2400 or you can take a ticket for any Super Bowl that you choose, plus airfare and hotel paid for,” said Karam, who says she’s only heard about the NFL compensation offer and is still waiting for the league to contact her and make it official.

Attorney Avenatti said, “You don’t have to own the Cowboys or run the NFL to know that you cannot lawfully treat people like this.”

For more information about the class-action lawsuit, check out the website


One Comment

  1. Texas Technoman says:

    A free ticket to next years Superbowl….before you know who’s playing? What if it’s Elbonia & Detroit…..who would go to Indianapolis to see that! Give me the cash baby!

    1. Ravi says:

      any superbowl

    2. Gabe Frost says:

      People stop complaining the nfl gave yall a more than fair offer, people stop hating on jerry he is a great owner of a great organization, and this bs wont fly, the cowboys will see them in court.

  2. Genie Christie Long says:

    Of course they’ve filed a lawsuit. this is America, where nothing is official until the lawyers say so.

  3. Tiffany Higgins Barnes says:

    I think these people are gonna find a quicker resolution by taking a deal from the NFL, rather than waiting around for the results of a lawsuit filed by some out-of-state attorney I get it that these people are upset, but to get THREE times your ticket price and another Super Bowl? How is that not good enough? It’s like these people think they’re gonna get rich by suing Jerry. That’s funny.

    1. no einstein says:

      Tiffany, that is part of the non-sense. they are being offered three times “face value” not three times the cost. “face value” is artificially low.

    2. Brett Woodruff says:

      @ Tiffany Higgins Barnes,

      How is another Super Bowl plus “THREE” times your ticket price not good enough? It’s not good enough because some people paid more than three times ticket price for the tickets, and seeing two random teams play in a Super Bowl is nothing compared to seeing your own team play, nevertheless win.

      They don’t think they’re going to get rich. They’re asking for $5 million split between them. People sue fast food restaurants for not putting caution labels on coffee for more than that.

      And I was in the room with “obstructed views” behind the Steelers bench during the game with all of these fans. I can tell you that they were definitely very loyal fans to their respective teams and the NFL, and they were treated rather poorly. I do feel sorry for the NFL workers that had to hear story after story though.

  4. Tammy Phillips says:

    A triple refund still doesn’t cover for all the expenses (hotel, airfare, food, etc) these fans had, not counting the most important part: Not seeing their teams play which was the main reason they came to Dallas to begin with.
    That’s what Jerry gets for being so greedy! i still don’t understand why he made those temporary seats when they were never approved by safety officials and still went on and sold the tickets for those seats. GREEDY!!!!

    1. Ravi says:

      they didnt get theor tickets to the game, that has nothing to do with the hotels and airfare. unless i missed the part where the NFL took that away too. btw, the superbowl is fun by the NFL not the cowboys. all blame goes to them.

      1. Jim says:

        Very good points Ravi. I would have to agree.

      2. Jim says:

        After reading and thinking about what Ravi wrote, I changed my position a bit. Initially, I related in a post (never saw it posted) that I would be nice and give airfare, one night hotel, $50 food money, (I work in Arlington so I know how many meals $50 gets you), car rental, but I have since reconsidered. Therefore I edited my original post a bit.
        It started:
        I should sue. I had to watch a has-been, mess up my Country’s National Anthem, once again. Don’t care for the Dixie Chicks, but at least they nailed it when they sang it. First half was lackluster, commercials did not meet muster for that type of game; and the half time show was so sickening and depressing that after 5 minutes, the host was hiding all sharp objects, any prescription meds, firearms, etc., to keep anyone from doing themselves in. Heck, we almost had to give CPR to one member who was thrust into such a deep depression that he tried to water board himself. The folks who did not get to see the game actually got off lucky and should be thankful. If they get anything, it should only be for the face value of the ticket (Doesn’t matter if they were a moron and paid $2500 for a $500 ticket, tough luck), they should have to provide original receipts for everything.

    2. Caltex43 says:

      Apparently you don’t get it!! Jerry Jones offered the Dallas Cowboy Stadium as a Venue for the Super Bowl. The NFL took control of everything that had to do with the Stadium and the Super Bowl…not Jerry! Get your facts right before you comment. Thos fans will get triple their money back plus Super Bowl tickets for next years Super Bowl or a future Super Bowl. Most of these people will “Scalp” those tickets and make even more money off of them… It’s hard to feel sorry for people that paid Thousands of dollars to see a football game…when there are millions of people starving all over the world…Give me a break.

  5. New to DFW says:

    Pathetic since the lawyer is probably doing this on a contingency basis, looking to make a name for himself, and will probably take 50% of any settlement. As a result the litigants will come out with less than if they take the NFL’s settlement offer. This will also force a change in how tickets are sold for the game, and likely drive up the prices in the future. Can’t chase ambulances in Texas, so he’s gotta find another way to mark his territory. This situation is very unfortunate, but it seems the NFL is making a serious attempt at compensating those that encountered the problem. This is going to be bigger mess than not getting a seat for the game

    1. gone2dogs says:

      You are 100% correct. The only one that is going to make money on this is the lawyer, if he makes any.

  6. Glenda says:

    Principal still matters !

    If they wanted money they would take the offer.

  7. Scott says:

    NFL and Jones should just write the check and count them selves lucky that the class action suit is not for 50 M I would award it if I were on that Jury.

    1. Caltex43 says:

      Apparantley you haven’t done your homework… The NFL controls everything to do with the Super Bowl….not the owner Jerry Jones…. Get your facts right before you post…

  8. Eric Mercado says:

    It is time the NFL and Jery Jones of the sports world are held accountable for their greet. It’s not enough to make millions of dollarss on one event, they need to make spetacular scene…….well now this is what the price of greed gets you….these family spent a lot of money to see this game, only to be refused entry and now they want to compensate for a fraction of what they spent. No, sue the NFL the Jones, it is thi only way this will not be repeated….

    1. Caltex43 says:

      Duh…another inaccurate comment. The NFL is responsible for all Super bowl events not the owner of the facility….Jerry Jones had nothing to do with the Super Bowl problems it’s all on the NFL.

  9. Sonja says:

    The real problem is the NFL, they approved the extra seats, NFL is not what we thought, they are only thinking how to take more money from the fans….but fans… how is possible you expend thousands in this economy for watching a game????

  10. Dustra Burrow says:

    You people filing these lawsuits are ignorant bunch of idiots. You are lucky you were offered anything. If you dont like it stay out of Texas we dont need none of your childish Northern BS anyway. Get a life and grow up. Be careful what you ask for no one put 5 million dollars of stress on you for $800.00 except you

  11. Bill says:

    Yeah, by the time the class-action lawsuit is settled, 5-10 years from now, the fans will probably receive a $5 coupon and a free hotdog from the concession stand, while the lawyer that filed the suit will get a new mansion and a Mercedes.

    Take the ticket and airfare deal — don’t let the lawyers win.

  12. JT says:

    Take the cash and the tickets for next years superbowl. Some die hard Idiot fans with too much money paid up to $9K per ticket this year. I am sure next years participating teams will have similar idiot fans. How much will you get after the lawyers cut?

  13. RJJ says:

    This is not Jerry Jones problem. Once the NFL Came down here to set up Jerry Was no longer in control. Jerry then had to play the back and let the NFL Exec do their jobs. It crazy how they are trying to file a lawsuit. Triple cash value plus tickets to next year sb or a sb of choosing you cant bet that.

  14. baseballgram says:

    Take the DEAL… 2013 superbowl in New Orleans. Not only will you have a good time at the Dome, you will have a great time in the city.

    1. Michael T says:

      But what if we’re not gay?

  15. VFW American says:

    The deal is any Super Bowl you choose plus Hotel and Airfare. Where are you going to get a deal like that. You want even get that with these Lawyers involved. TAKE THE DEAL and go home.

  16. S says:

    Our litigious society sickens me.

    Per the NFL’s offer, a party of 2 would be getting close to $5k back on the $800 tickets (not to mention free tickets to another Super Bowl). I would think that should be enough to cover your expenses – unless you flew in by private jet and paid a couple grand per night at a suite somewhere. Which is your problem.

    Sidenote – one of the lead Plaintiffs, who did have a seat and got in the game, lives 8 miles from the stadium, so I doubt the voyage cost him more than $5 in gasoline round-trip.

  17. C Bauer says:

    Between the ice and now this, do you think we’ll have any chance of a Super Bowl being hosted here within the next 50 years? No. Ciudad Juarez has a better chance of hosting a Super Bowl now than we do.

  18. d.sullivan says:

    some people are just money grubbing crybabys.someone wants their name in the paper.

  19. Pat Monroe says:

    I want a ticket to see the 1965 Super Bowl. They did say ANY Super Bowl.

    1. eastman says:

      Yes You can watch it in Jerry’s home theater and he will play the DVD.
      At the end of the game- you will be given souvenir consisting cowboys mug, some old unsold shirts, and some trash picked up from the 2011 superbowl.
      Who knows it may be sold for some big bucks. If there are suckers willing to pay $200 to watch in the parking lot in the cold, you can find some one to buy the superbowl 2011 TRASH in a decorative sealed bowl!

  20. Peter Aragon says:

    People stop complaining about your seats and take the offer and the money. If you wait for the lawsuit to finish, you will only take half of that. The offer is pretty good, you saw the game, it was unconfortable yes, but you’re getting more than enough.

  21. George says:

    Jerky Jones is nothing more than your typical evil, greedy, egotistical, corporate head.

    1. Caltex43 says:

      I think you mean the NFL. Jerry Jones had no control over the events leading up to and during the Super bowl….. get it together.

  22. Kim Dar says:

    It is all about the money, as usual. Some out of state attorney trying to make a name and a bundle of money for himself & his group (most of them work in groups). Why are they suing the Cowboys? They didn’t have anything to do with anything. Once the NFL came into to town, Jerry was in the back seat. Along for the ride, even when it got bumpy. Who signed the contract to get the seats installed, Jerry or the NFL? if someone offered to give me 3 times the amount I paid, I would jump on it. Just a bunch of money grubbing yankees looking to make a buck. It is just a football game!!!!! Get over it.

  23. UNSEATED FAN says:

    I feel sorry for the fans who were sold a ticket and never got to see the game. this is a case of contract breach in plain and simple English. it is about time the GREED of these owners at any expense, and the damn prestige and S$$t they want to earn to pack human bodies inside a dome.
    I am for these poor folks who lost the chance to see the game, had to fly from far away city etc. What caused them to lose the opportunity to see the game- the greed to sell more seats with temp arrangement.
    This has to stop. I salute the FIRE Marshall who stepped up in front of the city Cronies, jerry’s boys to stop this. This should have happened in the very first game when 30000 seats were sold in the standing area with every one bumping and griding on each other to craete a RECORD. Well you have created a RECORD of not providing a seat to a ticket holder and this is the first time in Super Bowl. Jerry can proudly claim that RECORD.
    GO after the team, NFL, and even the CITY who is a part owner (at least the 400 mil $$ debt) and sue them.
    When you are hungry you are starved and put through suffering. A meal a year later can not ease the pain of that suffering while starved.
    May be this merits a Congressional hearing.

    1. Caltex43 says:

      Another uneducated response…. Jerry Jones was not responsible for anything leading up to and during the Super Bowl….The NFL was in charge of everything including the temporary seats….. Poor People???? If they were poor they certainly couldn’t afford Super Bowl tickets unless the put on their credit cards..which too many people do now days….Trust me they weren’t poor…. Direct your anger to the NFL not the owner of the Stadium or Team…. Once again…get your facts correct before posting… THE NFL IS RESPONSIBLE AND IS IN CHARGE OF ALL SUPER BOWL EVENTS LEADING UP TO AND DURING THE SUPER BOWL…DUH! NOT THE OWNER OF THE STADIUM OR THE TEAM.

  24. matty vega says:

    You that J.Jones,mr. Make a buck at any cost sleezebag is going to try and avoid this responsibility- SUE THE HELL OUT OF THEM…

    1. Caltex43 says:

      You mean sue the hell out of the NFL don’t you?? They are responsible for the Super Bowl venue and events….geeezzzz do any of you negative Posters really know who is in charge of anything???

  25. MeanMug says:

    wow. 5 million / 1000 = 5000

    My bad. 5000 is NOTHING. it must be only the 400 or less fans actually suing, cause $5000 aint worth a lawsuit. C’mon.

  26. MeanMug says:

    The NFL is lucky this happened with American citizens. We are dosile and easily taken advantage of, we stand for nothing.

    The fans should EASILY win that lawsuit. 5 Million for 1000 fans is 50k per fan. I think that’s the sort of compensation everyone can settle on.

    2 tickets: $1600
    Airfare: $1000
    Hotel: $800
    4 days off work: $500-$2000
    Stress from the experience Fraud: $????

    If it were me I’d probably take the package offering me tickets to a superbowl of my choice.. But if you really think about it, the NFL made 5 million off of one-commercial break. Heck, probably 1 commercial!

    I’m honestly disgusted that so many people here can stick up for the monster called the NFL. I guarantee every single one of you if it were you in the position of a fan who expected the biggest moment of their life and instead received a dead baby on their doorstep, you’d be upset too.

    P.S. ENJOY THE NFL WHILE WE HAVE IT. The price of health and the rising cost of inflation will end this games existence by 2035.

    1. MeanMug says:

      sorry, 50 million for 1000 fans is 50k per fan. They are hardly suing for much.

  27. Michael T says:

    I am extremely annoyed and stressed out by the publicity resulting from this class action lawsuit. If you are equally annoyed and stressed, please join me in filing a Class Action Suit against those filing the Class Action Suit. We’ll know how much to ask for when they announce how much they are asking for. I sincerely hope that noone files a Class Action Suit against those of us filing a Class Action Suit against those filing a Class Action Suit. It’s justified, though, believe you me.

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