By Garry Seith, CBS 11 News

FORT WORTH (CBSDFW.COM) – Wednesday’s winter storm packed little punch compared to last week’s tandem storms. But there was still enough punch to break the record low at DFW Airport, with 15 degrees on Thursday morning. Prior to that, the standing record had been 16 degrees in 1981.

The last time we recorded a record low at DFW Airport was December 4, 2006 when temperatures hit just 22 degrees. That almost seems warm after what we have seen the past two weeks.

This latest storm system pulled in arctic air that gave North Texans a wake-up in the low-to-mid teens, and wind chill factors between 0 and 5 degrees. Those wind chills could have been worse if the northwest wind had not died down to a light breeze.

As for the rest of Thursday, abundant sunshine will help temperatures work up to the mid-30s. That will get rid of the remaining ice on local roads and sidewalks. Some areas that remain shady all day will still hold a bit of ice, but temperatures will be close to 50 degrees on Friday. That ought to kill those stubborn patches of ice.

Clear skies, light winds and dry arctic air remains in place over North Texas, setting the table for overnight temperatures to continue in the teens for rural areas and suburbs. In metro locations, expect to see about 21 degrees heading into Friday morning.

Sunshine and a wind flow returning to the southwest will start things moving toward the 50s on Friday, and push us toward the 60s on Saturday. By Sunday, we will not be too far from 70 degrees. That pattern will remain quiet, with one cold front flirting with North Texas on Valentine’s Day – how appropriate!

The Monday cold front will bring some clouds, but North Texas should remain dry with temperatures in the mid-to-upper 60s. So, chocolate won’t be the only sweet thing on Valentine’s Day.

More sweets are coming after Monday as well. There could be temperatures in the 70s across much of the area next week. Right now, the CBS 11 Storm Team is calling for 60s on Tuesday and possibly Wednesday as well, but we could creep into the 70s on both days.