Texas Prank Caller Gets 18 Months In Prison

DALLAS (AP) – A mentally ill suburban Dallas man has been sentenced to 18 months in prison for making thousands of prank phone calls to the National Runaway Switchboard in Illinois.

Jermmie Marquis Davis, 24, told a federal judge Thursday that he had not been taking medication for his schizophrenia when he made up to 1,000 calls a month from 2005 through 2008.

The Dallas Morning News reports that Davis said he would dial the hotline and then make a three-way call to a phone sex line, hang up and immediately dial again.

The judge ordered Davis to repay $88,738 to Sprint, the cell phone carrier he used to make the calls on various accounts.

Davis apologized in court. He said he is now taking his medicine and has changed.

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One Comment

  1. ilvrw says:

    Something Bart Simpson would be proud of.

  2. b0b says:

    So a guy making prank calls goes to jail for the same amount of time as Mike Vick, who was bankrolling an intrastate gambling ring?

    1. kelley says:

      I am so tired of everyone jumping on Mike Vick no one had anything to say when the quarter back rapist was here. Did you warn your sisters and daughters. Damn he fought dogs he went to jail. The end.

  3. amadu akuse says:

    I think the judge should have been more lenient with him seeing that he has a schizophrenia problem. The phone bill should also have been waived. We should be more compassionate!

  4. booo rooo says:

    Very true…great comment. Got to love our “fair” Judicial system

  5. Sweet_tee says:

    Seriously… more of our tax dollars wasted keeping this nut in jail for 18 months. and of course it will take him the rest of his life to pay the money back so just give him community service picking up trash or something that could actually benefit society.

  6. Sonny says:

    I’m white but this hints at racism. Prison for someone that has a mental health issue??? All he did was make prank phone calls. Hell, everyone did that as a kid. ‘Do you have Prince Albert in a can?’ – Well, let him out!

  7. Tina Henley Dowden says:

    oh no the system is broken murders aand child molesters got less time than a person busted with marijunia

  8. zbadd says:

    Man I did a lot of prank calls as a kid, if I was caught by this judge Id have gotten a life sentence. What harm did it do, its a prank call, something you cant do nowadays cause of caller ID (Unless you get a phone spoof card). Man I use to order pizza to peoples houses and things like that. He didn’t murder anyone, extort money, any of that. 88K to Sprint is nothing, lighten up a bit.

  9. Jess Lindsey says:

    Well it could be worse, if this was one of the arabian countries they would probably cut off his fingers so he couldn’t dial/punch phone buttons again. Sorry but there are more important things out there that warrant 18 months in jail. Shoot, I committed a felony when I was 19 and got a six month federal vacay, restitution, fine AND probation….and the crime was for $13,000….what is this country coming too?

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