Killer Of Mentally Impaired Arlington Woman Set To Die Tuesday

HUNTSVILLE (AP) – Two North Texas men looking for an adrenaline rush by committing a murder tried a pellet gun and then a crossbow before switching to a rifle to kill their 19-year-old mentally challenged victim.

Michael Hall and Robert Neville later bragged about using Amy Robinson as target practice.

On Tuesday, exactly 13 years since Robinson was abducted as she rode her bike to work at an Arlington supermarket, Hall is set to die for her slaying.  A Tarrant County judge set the date last November.

Hall would be the first convicted killer executed this year in Texas. His partner, Neville, was executed five years ago in Huntsville.

Hall’s lawyers argued he was mentally impaired and ineligible for execution, but courts rejected their appeals and the Texas Board of Pardons and Paroles last week refused a clemency request.

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  1. conrad rust says:

    I remember when this happened ..Why have we waited so long?.This predater deserves to die

  2. Gary Osborn says:


  3. Debbie says:

    A waste of tax payers dollars should of fried him 13yrs ago they didnt give Amy a chance or a choice. Hope he rots in hell!!!

  4. Jesse Headley says:

    13 years to long if you ask me

  5. Buyerbwear says:

    His lawyers argued he was mentally impaired … when he JOKED about using Amy as target practice??? Mental impairment, my lilly white backside! We’ve spent too much money on this guy keeping him alive all these years. Goodbye to him, and good riddance.

  6. Cole Younger says:

    about time

  7. Manyfist says:

    Wasted too much money on these two. As soon they were convicted they should’ve been marched in the back, forced to dig a ditch then shot in the same way they did to that girl.

  8. victor says:

    Oh hes fixing to feel the baddest rush hell ever fill freak of nature

  9. larry nichols says:

    I guess I am just a hard hearted, jack booted thug of a conservative but every bit of my compassion is for Amy Robinson and her family. I would gladly rip this lowlife in two with my own hands.

  10. Richard Baker says:

    Come on every one. I say he should have a pardon hearing ummm next week Meanwhile carry on

  11. antonio says:

    i knew all 3 of them, they hang around my business on Bowen rd. it was a sad day for the family involve, RIP Army Robinson.

  12. Tom says:


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