John Wiley Price Tells Citizens To “Go To Hell”

By Kent Chapline & Bud Gillett, CBS 11 News

Updated 10:25 p.m. Feb. 15 2011

DALLAS (CBSDFW.COM) – Tuesday’s Dallas County Commissioner’s Court meeting erupted into an argument between Commissioner John Wiley Price and a citizen, ending with Price repeatedly telling several citizens to “go to hell.”

The exchange started during the public speaking portion of the meeting, which happens after the commissioners have gone through their weekly agenda.

Six citizens addressed the court. All of them talked about the recent controversial departure of county Elections Administrator Bruce Sherbet.  Sherbet, who was the Elections Administrator for 24 years, said he felt Price and Dallas County Judge Clay Jenkins forced him out.

The last public speaker at Tuesday’s meeting, Jeff Turner, began by stating that he would refer to “a certain member of the court” — Price — as “the Chief Mullah of Dallas County.”

Court rules state that public speakers may not address individual commissioners by name.

As Turner spoke, he continued to call Price “Chief Mullah.” Price interrupted Turner several times, yelling at him, “don’t call me Chief Mullah” and “call me by my name.”

Jeff Turner explains why he called Price “Chief Mullah.”

The New Oxford American Dictionary defines “mullah” as “a Muslim learned in Islamic theology and sacred law.”

Turner continued speaking, ignoring Price’s ongoing interruptions.

At that point, Jenkins adjourned the meeting.

As Price stood to leave, he looked at Turner and the five other citizens who addressed the court. Price said to them, “All of you are white.  Go to hell!”

Price repeated “go to hell” three more times. An unknown member of the audience said, “You should be ashamed!”

“I’m not ashamed!” Price answered. “I’m not ashamed! Go to hell!”

Jenkins, Price and the other commissioners then left the courtroom to hold individual private meetings with constituents and others, which they traditionally do following the meeting of the entire court.

Cecile Newberry Fernandez talked to 1080 KRLD about her experience of being shouted down by John Wiley Price during public comments.

Turner left the commissioner’s court immediately following the meeting.

At 3:00pm Commissioner Price spoke with 1080 KRLD to explain why he chose to use the words he did.

Warning: Interview Contains Offensive Language

Later in the afternoon, Price released a written statement about the episode in commissioners court.  It contains offensive language. Here is Price’s statement, published in its entirety exactly as he sent it to us:

In the absence of a fair and balanced media outlet in Dallas, I wanted to submit a statement that offers my perspective of an “encounter” that took place at Dallas County today. Unfortunately, my comments were broadcasted without the benefit and the full context which they were made.

I have been patient and accommodating in every regard as it pertains to the recent resignation of a Dallas County employee. There are laws and business practices in place that govern the discussion of personnel matters and I will honor and respect them. I even went as far as to grant a candid one-on-one interview with the Dallas Morning News and have done countless interviews with others.

However, in open court today, after every considerate attempt to discuss the matter further, one of the speakers shot off a racial slur. “Chief Moolah” has its roots in a slang that was used against Italian immigrants and was later used by the same to defame or discredit African Americans. The speaker continued to use terms like “tribal” and his intent to make race an issue was obvious. “Nigger” is “Nigger,” spoken overtly or incognito.

My history and record will reflect that I am one whose tolerance is limited or non-existent when it comes to racial slurs. The comments were bad enough, but to have them hurled by a member of the Tea Party, known for their racial insensitivity, was more than I plan to absorb.

This is in no way an attempt to apologize to those with who felt the need to infuse race into an otherwise orderly meeting. But all of my friends, black, white and brown alike, are well aware that I am always willing to debate, but never at the expense of my race and my heritage.

CBS 11 caught up with Price Tuesday night at an event featuring filmmaker Spike Lee.  Price continued to say he was frustrated on how the media was covering his statement, but said his statement was not an apology.

Editor’s note: When we first reported this story, we said Price “shouted” at citizens in the meeting.  After watching our videotape of the exchange more closely, we changed our description to “Price said.”  We feel this better characterizes the exchange.  Also, we originally reported that Turner had called Price “chief moolah,” not “Mullah.”  Based on Price’s statement, above, it appears that’s also what Price heard.  We talked to Jeff Turner later in the day and he said he intended to call Price “Chief Mullah,” but acknowledged that he might have mispronounced it as “moolah.”  We have changed the references in our story to “Mullah.”


One Comment

  1. Sheesh Louise says:

    Why are Dallas County people in his district still voting for him?

    1. J. Baldwin says:

      Because his district is jeremandered!! LOOK at it!! It curves around and takes in “special areas” of town which just happen to vote for Price!!

      When this democracy ever gets back to drawing districts based on the neighborhood concept [if it ever does], the NATION and COUNTY and CITY will change politically……….and not one minute before!


      1. David Smith says:

        That would be Gerrymandered…as in Elbridge Gerry, signer of the Constitution of the United States…just in case anybody was curious. 😉

      2. Herringchoker says:

        Google Marblehead MA – Birthplace of the US Navy (stepping back to avoid Beverly rotten tomatoes)

      3. Osamas Pajamas says:

        Ha ha ha ha ha! Black racists are no less ugly than white racists, brown racists, red racists, and yellow racists!

      4. c aurelio says:

        J B, does his district looks like it was designed by delay?

      5. L. Davis says:

        David, it is gerrymander which means to divide a geographic area into voting districts so as to give unfair advantage to one party in elections. It has nothing to do with Elbridge Gerry.

      6. ab says:

        The word gerrymander (originally written Gerry-mander) was used for the first time in the Boston Gazette newspaper on March 26, 1812. The word was created in reaction to a redrawing of Massachusetts state senate election districts under the then governor Elbridge Gerry (pronounced /ˈɡɛri/; 1744–1814). In 1812, Governor Gerry signed a bill that redistricted Massachusetts to benefit his Democratic-Republican Party. When mapped, one of the contorted districts in the Boston area was said to resemble the shape of a salamander. The exact author of the term gerrymander may never be definitively established. It is widely believed by historians that Federalist newspaper editors Nathan Hale, Benjamin and John Russell were the instigators, but the historical record gives no definitive evidence as to who created or uttered the word for the first time.[1] The term was a portmanteau of the governor’s last name and the word salamander.

      7. J Skelton says:

        L Davis…..see above. Stop showcasing your ignorance in public. Your wife and kids get enough of it in the neighborhood. No need in letting the whole world in on it.

      8. Sick of Racial Divide says:

        SO far under barack Nobody is United, and he likes it that way..It’s purely political, pit the races against each other..prey upon the so called weak individuals who still live in the past, and you will have their loyalty forever.

      9. Randal Mathis Attorney at Law says:

        Price is nothing but a dirty cornrowed Mullah!

      10. Marlon Cole says:

        If the white man had not been so evil making us slaves and then formulating Jim Crow to punish us with his hate there would be no need for vote redistricting with the 1964 civil rights bill. Mr. turner and his tea party crooks know what they are doing. They want total control of America. What can a white man do for a black community. Nothing. The Tea Party wants to get rid of the redistricting clause in the ’64 Voting Rights Act so they can go into predominantly black, latino, and Mexican communities and take over. That is why Mr. Turner race baited Mr. Price so he can give the man a bad name to get impeached from office.

      11. Geec says:

        Tribal and Moolah are not enough to nit-pick over and besides HE IS THE ELECTED OFFICIAL, HE IS NEVER SUPPOSED TO PULL OUT RACE EVEN IF THE CITIZEN DOES!

        What the hell is wrong with you? Jim Crowe laws (even the tiniest fragments that were left after all of those terrible white people joined in a social revolution to tolerate the poorly behaving afro-american culture.) ended universally before I was even born and I am almost 30! Cut out the nonsense, that is the past and the new generation is ignorant to it.

        This is why I live on the north side of Tarrant county, because I can avoid that racist little world people like you must live in bringing up ancient history or nit picking little issues to win arguments.

      12. Suzanne says:

        The white man did not make slaves. If you would read history you will see that slaves have been around since the beginning of time. In fact the muslims and black tribe leaders sold African blacks into slavery. Please read some history before you make a blanket statement about the white man. Also, remember not all “white” people either had slaves or approved of slavery, thats why it was abolished. Slavery is still going on to this day. There is a huge slave trade of children, young adults, women being sold a sex slaves all over the world. All black people in the USA are not decendents of slaves, some came here by choice. By the way many “white” people were brought to this country as indentured slaves. The Muslim countries use slave labor they import from India, Africa and other middle eastern countries. Slavery is still thriving, what are you going to do about it for the rest of the people in this world suffering right now because they are being held against their will?

      13. Ping says:

        Wrong Marlon, Price has had a bad name for years. It’s sad to see people like JW Price cling to the race card in an attempt to maintain relevance. His district should be ashamed. Turner nailed it, Price has created a method to receive compenation by manipulation and race baiting. Perhaps this latest outburst will be the nail in his political coffin but I doubt it because of people such as yourself who refuse to open their eyes and see reality.

      14. Tina Ferrer says:

        Hey Marlon, just a heads up. We had nothing to do with slavery 150 friggen years ago. I owe you nothing. Once again the black population is 12.9% and yet you and folks like you think you’re a majority. You have no idea how trotting out the race card beginning 2008 with Obama has damaged irreparably the socio relationship between whites and blacks in America. I was just minding my own business when the race card began to hurl and it hasn’t stopped yet. You are a minority Marlon in a group of 12.9%. Get over it and move forward as an American or keep poking the overwhelming white majority in the eye. Your choice……

      15. AuntieTaqiyya says:

        Marlon–Learn your history Honey. The black, sub-Saharan African man was enslaved by the brown, Saharan Muslim man! The Brown, Saharan Muslim males found the Black, pantheist (that means worshippers of many Gods), sub-Saharan tribes to be extremely primitive–mere animals. The muslim ruling class treated Blacks like disposable garbage: enslaving them, selling them, killing them, starving them at every turn. Most black male slaves were either killed or castrated by their Muslim masters. (They were not allowed to reproduce with other black slave women, let alone with brown, Muslim women!!!!) Most black slave-women were domestic slaves to Muslim women or Muslim merchants. NO BLACK SLAVE-WOMEN WERE SOLD AS CONCUBINES. BROWN MUSLIM MEN REFUSED TO REPRODUCE (THROUGH EITHER RAPE OR LOVE), WITH BLACK SLAVE-WOMEN. THEY WERE CONSIDERED UGLY AND UNCLEAN. On the other hand, ALL WHITE SLAVE WOMEN (CAPTURED FROM EASTER EUROPE), WERE SOLD TO BROWN, MUSLIM MEN AS CONCUBINES! THE BROWN, MUSLIM SLAVE-MASTERS CONSIDERED WHITE, EASTERN EUROPEAN WOMEN TO BE GREAT BEAUTIES; WORTHY OF REPRODUCING THEIR SONS! So, learn your history before you spout off ignorant untruths, you pathetic dolt!!

      16. Harpotoo says:

        The White Man Tax Payer has been supporting your Black generational welfare past present & definitely FUTURE! If success and Democracy were a Black Thang MAYBE just MAYBE it could be found in 1 country/state in Africa! Yeah folks far and wide are daring the border seas and air to try and get into Africa and live amongst the Black man!

      17. Justin Dean Job says:

        Race bated or not he should rise above it otherwise your just doing exactly what the oppositions wants.

      18. Iceberg Slim says:

        Wow, I love the trolls blaming this encounter on whitey. The tea-party wants to control everybody? No, that would be the democratic party. The tea-party wants the govt to leave them the he!! alone. It’s idiots like this Price character who only see the world in black vs white that keep us apart. Get over it.

      19. kj says:

        I respose to reader Marlon Cole, he asks “What can a white man do for a black neighborhood ?” I would like to tell him that for one, the white man pays all the bills and keeps the heat on for one.
        Blacks in America are incredibly fortunate to be here, guaranteed federal jobs just by checking a box indicating that your skin is dark- what a joke America has become.

      20. Jon says:

        Trivia alert –
        Elbridge Gerry did not actually sign the Constitution, from Wikipedia:
        “Gerry was one of the signers of the Declaration of Independence and the Articles of Confederation. He was one of three men who refused to sign the Constitution because it did not then include a Bill of Rights.”

      21. Why Dallas? says:

        I think I know why Dallas has a high crime rate. When you look up to a RASIST like Mullah Price, as what it takes to be a big boy, then your only option is crime. The man may have been out of line to a certain degree but for a elected official to come down on the citizens…….well it is starting to look like Washington DC, ” Yea you can come along, but you will have to sit in the back of the bus” Barack Hussan Obama. I am starting to see a pattern.

      22. Guess Who says:

        I prefer the term niqqer-rigged.

      23. anracc says:

        Ew ,my best friend ,she just has announced her wedding with a millionaire young man Ronald who is the CEO of a MNC !they date via —Match’Rich. ℃’○M– is the largest and best club for wealthy people and their admirers to chat online. …you don’t have to be rich there ,but you can meet one ,maybe you wanna check it out or tell your friends !

      24. Truth says:

        “What can a white man do for a black community. Nothing” – Marlon, what has your first black president (well 2nd if we count Clintoon) done for you? Oh that’s right 16% unemployment for African Americans, about time you gave up whining about slavery (especially since you never were a slave or even close to it) and stop looking for who is going to ‘do something’ for you and do it yourself, or you will always be stuck at the bottom and used by the Democrats as cheap free votes, even your own ‘black’ president uses you while he enjoys his fancy lifesyle on the tax payers dime, what a laugh! (BTW I’m not white I am a minority that doesn’t sit aorund crying for myself but made things happen!)

      25. Irritated Mama says:

        Marlon Cole – if you believe that someone can’t help another because that person is “white” you live in a very ignorant and sad place. Talk about a racist attitude! At some point in history almost every group was a slave to someone else. Not all white people were pro-slavery…again, nice racist comment. Those that were slaves and those that saw a tiny glimmer of freedom from slavery generations ago would have wanted so much more for today’s African Americans. Marlon, people of all races know about pain, suffering, and hope. People of all races also know how to blame others for their problems and never take responsibilty for their CURRENT state of affairs.

      26. Emmett Bradford says:

        John is just keeping it REAL……Forney Texas High Boy………

    2. Greg S says:

      He also said “you too fat boy!”. WOW!

      1. james says:

        well whats inaccurate about calling someone a “fat boy” if he’s indeed fat??

      2. Gerry says:

        By that logic, what’s so bad about calling someone a “mullah”, if he is indeed a mullah?

      3. monkeyEatmulluh says:

        By logic you just made me laugh my a$$ off with that last comment

      4. Stupor says:

        I prefer “round boy” — Less offensive

      5. IP727 says:

        well whats inaccurate about calling someone a black racist, if he is a black racist?/

      6. Dr. Blatherwell says:

        “There are some people that if they don’t know, you can’t tell them.” ~ Louis Armstrong

      7. Fanny Forbes Franklen says:

        “Politics may not be the oldest profession in the world but the results are the same” ~ Janis Joplin

      8. Al D says:

        And I thought Obama was going to bring us all together… If anyone deserves an ‘N’ word and a Bronx cheer from a white person, this clown does!

      9. Irritated Mama says:

        JWP has shown his “true colors.” He is the racist. If he was white and the citizens were black and he said…”Y’all are all black. Go to Hell,” this would be the national leading story on every major network. The media is too afraid to call him on it.

        Clay Jenkins and all the others sitting there like they forgot how to speak should also be ashamed of themselves!

        Also, how does JWP know if Turner was saying mullah or moolah…did he write it? This is Texas, y’all….we’ve got accents!

        JWP, you can’t be effective and it’d be best if you just quietly resigned…sort of like what’s that guys name that had to resign last month…….

      10. jec says:

        Another example of JWP, stupid, ignorant race baiting. He apparently doesn’t know what a “black hole” is. Maybe he thought he said, “black ho”. He’s stupid trash and needs to be taken to the curb.

      11. AmberJohnson says:

        I consider this guy “white noise”. And I mean that in the most negative of ways.

      12. Steve Smith says:

        I want to thank LEROY PRICE for showing his true heart.

      13. Brian Macker says:

        I’m sure they’ll whitewash this commissioner’s racist statements, and assumptions. What’s more racist than assuming that someone is motivated by racism merely because they are white and use a term like black hole. Whitewash and black holes have properties that are very useful in making analogies, metaphors and the like.

      14. Jason says:

        Black hole is not negative term. It is referred to that because it consumes light waves and we all know when there is no light there is darkness, which is black. When the term is used it is meant that there is a metaphorical vortex analogous to a “black hole”. What an idiot.

    3. Bril says:

      Dallas deserves better.

      1. Ben says:

        America deserves better!

      2. Gerry says:

        Wiley Price deserves a better suit than that ridiculous pimp outfit he is wearing. Obviously the White man has been holding him down. I’ll be glad to chip in and help him buy something that will help him be taken seriously. The same goes for that hair.

        As for the rest? It looks as if the citizens pushed him a little, and he revealed his true racist nature.

      3. Matt Hinterlong says:

        People should not be calling anyone chief mullah, anywhere. especially dallas where the news is dominated primarily by right wing radio, tv, and internet.

      4. bg says:


        Dallas is dominated by right wing radio, tv, and internet?

        A.) That is patently false.
        B.) None of these mediums are geographically limiting, thus can not dominate a region or city. Last I checked, you could hear NPR, watch CNN and read HuffPo pretty much anywhere.

      5. don says:


      6. Smooter says:

        I’m with Gerry on this one… This guy working for the people, or working to keep his ladies in line with them horrible corn rows and pinstripe suit…

      7. khigg says:

        This guy is just an a$$hole.

      8. James S. says:

        John Wiley Price has been charged with the following over the last 25 years; Aggravated assault with a deadly weapon, Assault, Criminal Mischief, Criminal Trespassing, Terroristic Threat, Aggravated Assault-Serious Bodily Injury, and Sexual Assault(which was dismissed by the Judge).

        Sounds like a GOOD GUY.

    4. d wilson says:

      right on brutha

    5. Mike J says:

      Are whites ashamed of their racist history?
      Are whites ashamed of their human rights violations of the past and present.
      why are whites trying to place blacks on trial for doing the same thing they’ve done for years?
      Is it because you’re racist?
      Go JWP!
      As for the rest of you (if I may quote JWP), GO to HELL!!.. Quick!!!

      1. Gerry says:

        Even IF what you say is correct, why are Blacks so eager to emulate the bad behavior of a fringe group of White society? Why are you so eager to excuse behavior from a Black man that you would condemn from a White man? Is this about correcting and eliminating bad behavior, or perpetuating it and getting revengs?

        For the record, I have no racist past. You may believe that it is acceptable to lump all people into a single group because of their color. Most of us do not accept such racist attitudes.

      2. thrasher says:

        mikey j, I pity you for your ignorance.

        If this person would’ve been white, sharpton and jackson would be on their way down there as we speak, looking for the tallest tree to hang him from.

        But, since he is black and therefor incapable of being racist (yeah right), he’ll be given a pass and probably even applauded for his actions.

        The utter hypocrisy is just laughable.

      3. MissDaisy says:


      4. FN Jerk says:

        Blacks are ashamed and angry because they didnt free themselves and it was they people they hate that did. There was NO black led revolution for freedom. Just a bunch of sappy white housewives. They freed you. That and a lot of good old white boy blood. Thats why you kill each other, loot your own town and homes, and basically wont do a damn thing to support yourselves minus a few exceptions that realized that to make it here you just have to work hard at something other than being a vindictive punk! Also, I am NOT white either

      5. sean patriot says:

        right on

      6. Alan says:

        No one should be told to go to hell except for murderous, rapeists,
        pimpin punks,,,,,white, brown, black, whatever, the past is the past
        and was wrong on ALL counts, realize there are many evils in the
        world and overcome them as millions have had too throughout history!

      7. Rowdy Boots says:


        HOWEVER, it is not politically correct to blame Africans for selling their own into slavery–what would that do to their ALL-IMPORTANT historical reasons for hundreds of billions of dollars in “reparations” from the GREAT SOCIETY of JOHNSON?



      8. IHATETX says:

        did you forget that they were ALSO kidnapped out of west africa…c’mon son! lol just because you dont see it in the history books doesnt mean it didnt happen. BLACK POWER! lol

      9. melissatx says:

        Clear example of a race baiter, and an uneducated one at that. A product of public education and liberal indoctrination/etitlement, no doubt.

      10. Rowdy Boots says:


        LOOK AT THIS CREEP’S HAIR: What, is he 14 years old? GROW UP AND GET A REAL HAIR-DO FOOL!


      11. djh says:

        You’re ignorance is nearly as obvious as his.
        Let’s not forget – this coward is a race baiter and you’re a racist idiot!

      12. Melba N. says:

        You don’t even know how to spell “your.”

      13. Pappy says:

        I beez agree wiff dis comment. Whitey holdz me downz cuz my welfar checks can only gets on color teevee.

    6. Geppetto Gromm says:

      Granted, Mr. Price was verbally challenged in the court room. But what Mr. Price said in response was blatantly racist, specifically telling a group of people because of their skin color – specifically calling them all ‘white’ and telling all the ‘white people’ to shut up – is racist. Period. PERIOD. America has come too far to allow this kind of hate speaking garbage into positions of power. Mr. Price then ACTUALLY used the ‘N’ word in his written response. Unacceptable. UNACCEPTABLE. Uncalled for. Disgusting. Unforgiveable. NOONE in that court even came close to using that word, in spite of Mr. Price’s illogical rantings in his written response. Mr. Price then went on (in his written response) to arbitrarily call Tea Party activists ‘racist’. And during his court room temper tantrum he arbitrarily called a gentleman in the crowd ‘fat boy’. Having listened closely to the video clip above these comments the only ‘racist’ I saw in that court room was Mr.Price. Listen folks, if you love this country, vote out classless, racist morons who dare use this kind of language and then have the nerve to point the finger at others. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. did not live and die for us to be at each others throats. He lived and died, so that we could live together in a state of grace and equality with one another. Politicians and media: Stop using ‘color’ to divide Americans. Voters: Stop voting in politicians who abuse their power by using hate speech to divide us as a people. This nonsense has got to stop. Perhaps we should criminalize ALL SUCH SPEECH – REGARDLESS of the color of the person using the language of hate. That might ‘force’ people to behave. I proudly served in the USANG and personally worked with hundreds of good Americans of all colors, all ethnicities, all backgrounds. We were all on the same team, we looked out for each other, and we behaved. Racially divisive language has no place in the government of a diverse, democratic society. Seriously, if you love America, vote out racist politicians like Mr. Price and make it your mission to put strong, fair, responsible Americans into positions of authority. Take America back for the PEOPLE. We will either work together for the COMMON good, or we will lose everything. That’s just a historical given folks.

      1. Darby says:

        Best, most level-headed, well-thought-out comment I’ve seen all day. Thank you!

      2. Marlon Cole says:

        All that has been said why you call the man a derogatory Muslim name? I mean that sounds like race bating. A racist is anybody that is 100% in control of a person financially, emotionally, economically, and educationally. John Price and black America are not racist and can never be. The white man dominates everything so when the somebody comes at him with the same thing he dishes out, he calls them a racist. You bring a bone you must be able to carry one.

      3. Marlon Cole says:

        So if Mr. Turner was not racist why did he not just call Mr. Price by his name? If he was not calling Mr. Price a racist name then who was he referring to — a Muslim or black nationalist, or black muslim? Which one is it. Nobody’s stupid. Mr. Turner knew what he was doing. He was just being sly about his remarks. Now everybody wants to make excuses for Mr. Turner. Them Tea Party folks have been trouble every since they came “back” on the scene. I don’t blame Mr. Price. Why come into a public court room disrespecting him? Would you do that to a judge? No way! The Judge is going to hold you in contempt of court.

      4. David says:

        Marlon Cole has a well thought out and well stated position….for an idiot.

      5. Reid says:

        I am very concerned that you have an incredible amount of comments directed to commissioner price, but you have no comments for mr. turner. It seems to me that mr. turner is the individual that created the racist environment (and refused to cease when asked), but you have no comments on jeff turner’s racist actions. Interesting that you address the defender, but not the violator. But your actions are typical of a racist.

      6. Eruwaedhiel says:

        Free speech is free speech, whether it is agreed with or not. Crminalizing “hate speech” is wrong, and unconstitutional, no matter the reason. It leaves too wide a window of interpretation. We cannot take back America with such actions.

      7. P. Stick says:

        Go look up Racist and find out what it really means. And he is not allowed to call him by name. He never called him black. You can’t fix stupid

      8. Joe Watson says:

        When weak-minded people are confronted about issues of wrong-doing like this one, and they can’t respond with honest answers because they would expose their mis-deeds, they have to fall back on calling people names and hurling general insults. Mr. Turner obviously hit a nerve when he brought up the dismissal and Mr. Price successfully diverted the discussion (careened is probably a better word) away from the dismissal and straight into the gutter.

      9. Willis says:

        To Marlon Cole, you stated that Wiley or any black person can never be considered a racist?!! That is the dumbest thing I ever heard, and as a black man sickens me. YOU keep us down. It works both ways, you don’t get a free pass in being racist to whites today just because your past generation was enslaved by light skinned men. You fool. You play that card out of weakness, heck even our president does, blaming the past for his continued troubles. Skating along without willing to take any responsibility. Us blacks are entitled to nothing. Just like all other shades we must work for it and be progressively respectful to others.

      10. PhreakAx says:

        Uh, Marlon Cole, you’re not too sharp, are you? Did you not read the part of the article that says commission rules do not permit a member of the council to be referred to by name?

      11. Bubba Gump says:

        Marlon – get some learning! What you describe as a racist is not a racist. A racist thinks that their race is superior to other races, or looks down on other races. Being a racist has nothing to do with controlling anyone financially, economically, emotionally, and through education. I haven’t figured out yet if you are ignorant or stupid. In fact why don’t you look up what those two words mean and get back to us with the answer.

        Also – since when did mullah become a derogatory term? News to the Muslim world then since they are apparently speaking derogatorily about Mullah Omar!

      12. America's Child says:

        That is an excellent post!

      13. Truth says:

        “So if Mr. Turner was not racist why did he not just call Mr. Price by his name?” – Marlon did the ‘white man’ also make you unable to READ THE ARTICLE? Since if you had actually read it you might have noticed the following: “Court rules state that public speakers may not address individual commissioners by name.”,

        Of course when the head clown Price himself doesn’t get it, I suppose you can be forgiven for not noticing.

        BTW why is Mullah offensive? Are you insulting Muslims, mullah is just a leader or teacher, seems to me you are the one making it an offensive term, you racist!

      14. Roze says:

        It’s not going to “stop”. Whites will be a minority in ALL OF OUR COUNTRIES soon, hopefully we will wake up before it is too late. Look at France and you’ll see our future.

      15. Mr Ed says:

        Willis – THANK YOU!!! That is the most reasonable post I’ve read on here.

        We (as a society) have made great strides in race relations, and it’s time we start highlighting and celebrating those accomplishments instead of dwelling on the past and searching for grivences.

        Thank you Willis.

      16. JC Austin says:

        Willis, as a white man, it’s good to hear a black man take a stand against the nonsense of reverse racism.
        People like you are what bridge the gap and people that continue to play the race card are those that keep the gap open. Most whites regret slavery, but at the same time, ALL blacks alive today did not experience that slavery. It’s time to put that wicked past behind us but there are too many people–on both sides–that cannot get past the color of skin.

      17. dude says:

        To the guy who wrote “black America is not racist,” what are you if you prejudge a group of people based on their skin tone?
        To Willis (as a previous poster replied), this guy is a great American. Slavery was a horrific fact of life in early America, and part of our history we will never live down. But each American, of any color, has to get up and go to work and carve out his own life.
        “I prayed for twenty years but received no answer until I prayed with my legs.” Fredrick Douglass

      18. Vince says:

        Blacks continually accuse whites of racism when there is absolutely no evidence of it. But often it is blacks who demonstrate the real racism and the media is often too timid to call them out on it.

      19. John says:

        blacks are allowed to be racist, so he did nothing wrong.
        blacks are also allowed to jump to stupid conclusions, unlike whites. So again, nothing wrong.
        Is this a double standard? Why yes, it is. But one the MSM and the government backs wholeheartedly

      20. cole says:

        Marlon, They are not allowed to address the chairmans by their name. I agree the guy was taking shots at price but you can’t say what price said wasn’t racist. if it was a white guy he would have been forced to resign. you no thats true. Alsomullah is slang for an educated muslim man.

      21. Russ says:

        I don’t know where Marlon Cole gets his definition of ‘racist’ but it’s clearly meant to allow blacks to be racist and not be called on it. Based on this, I submit that Mr. Cole is a racist.

        Anyone who will excuse racism by his own people and not by others, is racist.

      22. Ozlanthos says:

        Nice…but, criminalizing speech only makes more criminals, and is only a step away from thought crime. What I would vote for however is someone else in the next election!!!


      23. Mosin Nagant says:

        Agreed. Price and Turner both are A-holes. People like them want to start a race war in this country. Both should have been expelled from the meeting. Don’t need more idiots and fools here. Among reasoned and intelligent, mind you I didn’t say educated, people race is irrelevent. We all have the same hopes, desires, and concerns. Life can be real hard for all of us. Personal attacks on each other, whether white , black, green or whatever are just plain stupid. Price needs to be removed from his job, and Turner (and any idiotic friends he has) need to be banned from further meetings. Lets move on.

      24. blitzkriegbopper says:

        Mr. Cole-Because by the courts own laws, citizens are not allowed to directly criticize commissioners by name during meetings, a clear violation of the 1st amendment.

      25. edcoil says:

        How come he still has a job

      26. Dave F says:

        Marlon Cole. A racist is someone who hates based on race. A person who is 100% in control of a person financially, emotionally, economically, and educationally would be known as a mother of a young infant. I understand that some definitions have changed over the past few years. Once apon a time I remember a businessman, later a governor, who stood in front of his business with a bat to keep out people who he objected to based on ract. He was, quite rightfully understood to be a racist pig. However recently the definitions have changed a bit, and we are told that all whites are racists and blacks cannot be racists. I’m having a bit of trouble with that, I think it dilutes the stuff that Martin L. King fought against, but again, I am told that this is the way it is and I am not to make waves, because of course I am a racist. However if certian people who belive in the discrimination against people because of the color of their skin are no longer racists pigs, that still leaves them as pigs. I can live with that. Hopefully, Mr. Cole, we can both agree on that. You, sir, are a pig.

      27. jake says:

        @ Marlon Cole

        Court rules state that public speakers may not address individual commissioners by name.

        That why he referred to Mr. Price as “Chief Mullah” b/c of the court rules.

      28. Nick says:

        You forget; only whites can be racist.

      29. Kate says:

        Sounds like you are talking about Jesus Christ when you speak of Dr. Martin Luther King. Only Jesus gives grace and He lived and died for us. I don’t recall Dr. King dying on purpose to save me. I agree with you about the kinds of speech people are using nowadays. No respect for anyone anymore.

      30. AmberJohnson says:

        Leave a comment, not a manifesto.

      31. TP says:


      32. Matt says:

        Marlon Cole is racist…

      33. BO the BFer says:

        Marlon Cole cannot be racist because he’s a anus-licking monkey.

      34. spiffy says:

        I’m sorry, but no. Yes, Mr. Price’s conduct was appalling, and yes, he needs to be removed from any position of public authority. But if a white Commissioner had said, “you’re all black, go to hell,” we would all agree that he needed to be fired without calling to “criminalize ALL SUCH SPEECH.” Not only is freedom of speech a much, much more important principle than this, but attempting to ban bigots from identifying themselves hardly serves the purpose of getting them removed from public office.

    7. Jahnke says:

      Because his area is a collection of ignorant morons who didn’t go to school … and live off of your tax money.

      1. Bookworm says:

        Not all of us are. A lot of his “constituents” have been in Commissioner’s Court every week. Bruce Sherbert was one of those fair and unbiased officials who didn’t even vote in the primaries and you see how that turned out. Mr. Price doesn’t want fair and balanced. He wants to run Dallas County. Southern Dallas has lost thousands of jobs because of the cost of doing business with the likes of him, but just as they did for EBJ “his people” will keep voting for him because he keeps pulling off those scabs everytime they start to heal. I had no idea that “Mullah” was a racial term, did you?

      2. Marlon Cole says:

        Moron? Who said you were intelligent. You pick on black people then want to insult them. There should have been some black folk there to get some straightening with Turner. Poor people have had enough. The Black nation has enough. We are tired of these dirty white politics that berate us and call us names. Because of racist white America we were not allowed to go to school. Second hand school books. Segregated schools and colleges. Now you call us morons because you want to take over our districts and homes. You want to use the FED to bring drugs into our communities. You want to frame up our men and put them jail. You want to use politics to take away our civil rights that we died for. Then you want to call us morons. So sounds like you’re the moron.

      3. Someone Elses Fault says:

        Mr Cole
        I have seldom seen such a willingness to be the victim. Yes, embrace your victimhood, With many blacks like you crying to the rafters that it is Whitey who keeps you down. What ignorant and childish trash!
        You whine about second hand text books; what did the writing change in the book between the original student and you? I think not.
        I know many Black people, served and worked with them, and by an large I’ll tell you that they are Americans first, and black second. They don’t blame Whitey for anything, they go out, get an education, speak english, and go to work alongside Whitey. They earn the same money that I do. They aren’t victims.
        You on the otherhand blame Whitey for Slavery…I know it is a stretch, but who do you think sold Whitey the slaves? Yes, you just plain ignore that your own race were the suppliers of slaves for Whitey.
        Yep, being black stops you from being a Soldier, Sailor, Marine, Army. It stops you from being a Lawyer, Doctor, Architect, or President…oh wait, that is just the nonsense thoughts of your mind. If you aren’t lazy, and you value education and are willing to work for it, you are successful in America. Since it is such a trial being a black man in America, why not move to some other country. Americans of all colors won’t miss you or your kind at all. America doesn’t need victims, it needs citizens who contribute.

      4. Matt says:

        Marlon Cole…hahahahahahahaha I needed that. I was getting a little too uptight about this whole event. Thank you for the comic relief. Not allowed to go to school…LOL. Feds bringing in drugs…ROFL! Segregated schools…is this the 50’s? LMAO! Last I checked the highest paid actor was black, the highest paid musician was black, the highest paid athlete was black, there are numerous successful black business men and women, hell, the POTUS is black! Black history month, MLK Jr. St.,Ave., etc. in EVERY city in the USA. Quit crying nobody wants to hear it anymore. Do something for yourself and stop playing the victim. You complain that whites have held you down and then go pick up your check. Guess who pays for that check you get every month? Working people(black,white,other) do. I know you’re gonna call me a racist so go ahead and call me what you will I don’t have to listen. The race card has been overplayed and people are starting to realize it. You’ll have to come up with another excuse to be worthless. Good luck with that.

    8. Jhereg says:

      I have a better question; “Why is this man still a commissioner for the city of Dallas?” The Mayor of Dallas the head of the city council should demand that Price resign because of his actions. Anyone in the positiion of a city commissioner knows better than to play the racist card. And if Price’s districts voters don’t see what Price really is than they deserve what he will do to them over and over again. Also the meaning of ETYMOLOGY has mula or mullan as:
      Urdu mull, from Persian, from Arabic mawl, master, friend, from waliya, to become near, be in charge; see wly in Semitic roots. Normal for Price to mis- understand a word with his lack of knowledge concerning the english language.

      1. Bear says:

        @Jhereg……… This has nothing to do with the City of Dallas. This is Dallas COUNTY government at it’s finest. So if you don’t understand how the players are playing on the field, please refrain from commenting. It sounds very ignorant. Not stupid, just ignorant of facts!!

      2. P. Stick says:

        @Bear at least he is smart enough to know what Mula means. ” You’re all white Go to Hell” gotta love it. Stay classy Dalls County!

    9. victoria says:

      being married to a 2nd generation italian let me say this… there is no such word as moolah… moolah is a slang for money as far as he can figure… there is an italian word for eggplant that is considered a racial slur but before he accuses “the whites” of anything maybe he should get an italian dictionary out before he tosses false accusations and then insults everyone else around him. Was he looking for an excuse to go off?

      1. Mike says:

        Turner’s use of tribal mullah was a modern comparison to those in Afghanistan that have absolute control over their region, regardless of stated laws or government leaders.

        Of course Price wouldn’t know of this modern usage since he is still living in the distant past. He is the one a few years back that became outraged when someone used the phrase ‘black hole’ which he deemed racist and wanted it banned from use in front of the county commissioners. Carl Sagan had to be rolling his eyes while spinning in his grave.

    10. Angela says:

      Because they don’t know any better! The people who live in Dallas County ( and I am one of them ) still think that the Democratic Party is the “Poor People’s Party” and that they can'[ do no wrong. I am so sick of him!

      1. Truth says:

        “Democratic Party is the “Poor People’s Party”” – Thats the truth for sure, the ‘rats sure are the party of poor people – that is making people poor and keeping them that way!

        its funny Mr. Cole above speaks of slavery, but its the Democrat party who is running the mordern slavery today keeping African Americans on their ‘plantation’ forever through failed social policies that have done nothing for them.

    11. Denise Jones says:

      All I can say is pitiful excuse for a public figure.

      1. Ben says:

        Actually, hes likely a fine representative of his district……..May be the best they have to offer………

      2. AmberJohnson says:

        He’s the smartest one they could find! And by “they” I mean “them”.

      3. NeneinMesquite says:

        DENISE JONES, YOU HIT THE NAIL ON THE HEAD! “all I can say is: pitiful excuse for a public figure”

    12. Natalia says:

      As a Latina, I’m sick and tired of him and every black who thinks they are still suffering for the past actions of white folks. Whatever. It’s all in your head. This isn’t 1960. Get over it. Stop voting for an ignorant fool. Start voting for people who can make a change in this part of the world AND can control their emotions and behaviors. Gees, TACT. Oh, and by the way, not everyone in the tea party is a racist. Heck, I know a few folks who are perhaps more loving to ALL people than so-called liberal thinkers.

    13. Kade says:

      Price only proves his utter ignorance & that he is completely bereft of tolerance & class (yet again) with his behavior today. He lacks any ability to conduct himself professionally as well as appropriately – even when he ‘believed’ he was being addressed by what he called a racial slur.
      “Mullah” is not a racial slur. Even if the citizen mispronounced the word by saying “moo-luh”, it can be in NO way misconstrued with the racial slur Mr. Price had believed was being invoked. The word Mr. Price ignorantly assumed the citizen was using was an Italian-American slang word for “dark” or “black” people (even when referring to dark Italians/Italian-Americans) was “moolie”, short for moulinyan – or eggplant (roughly translated).
      MOOLIE is quite differently pronounced than is MULLAH.
      Educate yourself before you embarrass yourself as well as the county of Dallas, Mr. Price. The Court’s honor & integrity will be restored the day you no longer hold the District 3 seat.

    14. John Smoth says:

      “Price” is one of the worst things in all of Dallas. But you have to respect him for standing up for what he believes in for so many years. By standing strong he has actually become a very critical part of the Dallas balancing act between those who have and those who have not. I wouldn’t live in Dallas unless it was the last place available…….

      1. carlo says:

        You want to respect a hate monger. He shouted “You are all white, go to hell”.
        He enjoys it when white people just shut up and take his hate speach, and his black supremacy views.

        His comments about the Tea Party is filled with hate. He is outraged that anyone other than black people would exercize their political rights.

        Like Spike Lee, he hates white people.

    15. carlo says:

      They hate white people.

      1. Roze says:

        I’d say 90% of them hate whites and always will, but they sure do want to breed with me and my white sisters. I’m telling you people, you need to wake up soon…

    16. Brett says:

      Because no one runs against him

    17. Brett Nelms says:

      All of you are saying he doesn’t like white people. How do you think he keeps getting elected?

    18. Ben says:

      Hmmmm, gosh, er, uh, for the life of me I cant imagine why…….Nope, the answer eludes me……

    19. Johnson says:

      I think Lincoln had it right when he wrote that blacks and whites can never live together as equals, himself considering blacks an inferior race. He wanted to colonize other parts of the world with freed blacks. He would also have been agahst that we now have a black president.

    20. John Gersper says:

      I don’t care what the others said, this man needs to be fired..If he happened to be white we wouldn’t even be discussing it, he’d already be gone..Getting a little tired of this double standard

    21. highrolller says:

      Wake up Dallas!!!!
      Racism is alive and well. Dallas tries to hide it, but it shows it’s weary face constantly. John Wiley Price has been an activist for the last 40 years and was groomed to combat racism in Dallas. Do not think that he will allow negative words in the court without a rebuttal. “Go to Hell ” was nice because I would have told all of them to “Kiss my Ass.” Dallas white community expects educated blacks to be quiet and just be happy to have job. I don’t think so.

      1. M. Cortez says:

        HaHaHaHA!!! I love you racist black citizens!!! You deserve the miserable life that you live!!! HaHaHaHa!!!!

      2. Concerned says:

        Yes, you are absolutely right- racism did show it’s face yesterday, and it looks remarkably like John Wiley Price…

      3. wumhenry says:

        “Mulllah,” whether pronounced with a short or long u, is not a racial epitthet fer cryssakes! It means a Muslim who is deemed to be learned in matters of Islamic doctine. In American idiom, grandiose titles with archaic middle-eastern or oriental derivation or overtones — e.g., “Grand Poobah” and “Chief Panjandrum” — have long been used to mock minor officials with inflated self-regard and a dictatorial manner. Jeff Turner’s use of “Chief Mullah” in this context was obviously a riff on that derisive, but race-neutral idiom.

    22. Ross Baxter says:

      Price is well known in Dallas for his racial activism and IS a notorious racist, having a history of being a race baiting loud mouth!

      1. schmed says:

        Like our beloved Al Sharpton in NY, he needs racism (whether perceived or real) to stay in business.

    23. Jason says:

      Price = racist, bigot, liar.

    24. Curtis Quico Reed says:

      Is there any wonder now why they called him the “CHief Mullah”? In reality, now that I’ve seen his behavior, there are other names that come to mind, but I try not to use that word. EVen if it fits.

    25. Dr. Blatherwell says:

      “There are some people that if they don’t know, you can’t tell them.” ~ Louis Armstrong

    26. Nuisance says:

      Because they’re ignorant to the fact that they’re enslaved by the Democratic party. Welcome to the 21st century where being openly racist against white people is encouraged. One day the rest of us will stop putting up with the ignorance that’s destroyed our inner cities.

    27. Sandy Lester says:

      Well, dear Marlon Cole. It was arabs and blacks that sold blacks to western Europeans (both black and white) for the slave trade. So get your history straight. It was Republicans who fought for the Civil Rights Act starting with Eisenhower. Democrats fought and delayed the implementation of the act until 1964 when it was supported by Republicans overwhelmingly. It is Republicans that believe blacks are capable, it is democrats that think you are to stupid to accomplish anything without their help. It is democrats that were the KKK, it is democrats that run abortions mills in black communities where 68% of black pregnancies end in abortion, it is democrats that refuse to allow school school so black students have a been chance.
      Sir, get your facts straight and think.

      1. Nick says:

        Right on. The 1964 Civil Rights and 1965 Voting Rights Acts only passed because a larger percentage of Republicans voted FOR than Democrats. Democrats, led by that ex-KKK organizer Robt. Byrd, tried to filibuster the acts to death, supported by Al Gore Sr. (Algore’s father.)

    28. josh says:

      Impeach him

    29. J. Walsh says:

      The term Moolah was used by Abbott and Costello. Chief Moolah was a character in their film “Africa Screams”. Lou kept calling the Chief a “stinker”. Abbott told the Chief the term “stinker” meant a great guy. The Chief repeatedly thanked Lou as Lou repeatedly called him a stinker. “You’re the biggest stinker of them all!” Lou finally said. The Chief bowed and thanked him again. Also, moolah used to be a synonym for money. MORAL: Mr. Price is obviously a democrat and can’t be taken seriously until election time.

      1. AK says:

        Not true. Nice try at diversion. Tell you what, you find me one single verifiable link anywhere on the web that states the Chief’s name was Moolah and I’ll buy what you are selling. You can’t and won’t, because his name was simply Chief. You are attempting to use facts all around and sound reasonable in a teaching tone, hopeful that no one catches the tiny but significant lie in the middle.

      2. Richard Cardson says:

        The movie Africa Screams by Abbott and Costello is available on YouTube here:

        The parts where they meet the chief are from 55:00 on where they are captured and from 1:00:00 on where the “bad woman” is trying to sell Costello to the chief.

        At no point is any term close to Moolah or Mullah used for anyone in the film and there is no bit that talks about being a “stinker”. I have no idea why someone would make something like that up.

        Neither Moolah or Mullah were deragotory terms for Italian Americans in the past. According to the dictionary the definition of Mullah is:

        1. (in Islamic countries) a title of respect for a person who is learned in, teaches, or expounds the sacred law.
        2. (in Turkey) a provincial judge.

      3. Zombie of the Fabulous Moolah says:

        The synonym for money is how I always of the word. And I’ve made a few back in the day.

    30. Phil Nichols says:

      Have been away for over 10 years…I see JW has not changes much.

      1. john says:

        I am from Jersey and I thought we had race problems. Where i come from we hate everyone equally. We just know how to hide it. This man is just a fool. What a waste of time to hate someone for their color. I am basically too lazy to put effort into such a hopeless endeavor.

    31. Will Stockdale says:

      Hey Ben, maybe you’ll get to like the Air Force, zooming all over the sky and shouting ROGER and WILCO and everything. Maybe it won’t be so bad.

    32. Steve Stallion says:

      The pendulum swing of history is something to behold. Whites once used racism to hold down and oppress blacks, now it is the blacks who use racism to not only hold down themselves, but also as an excuse for all their inadequacies. Racism is remains, the only thing that has changed is the skin color of the perpetrators of racism.

    33. RG says:

      Is this the same guy that that had a meltdown over the phrase “black hole” several years ago? Something to do with traffic fine monies disappearing.

    34. noneya says:


      quit using slavery as a reason especially when it was your people who forced you into slavery to begin with. Do you even know your own history? So why not hate your own kind as intense;y as you hate white people. I think when your own people dangle a carrot in front of equally ignorant people there are more responsible than the person who bought the carrot. Slavery is bad and it is sad how they were treated, but the buck stops with your own ancestry, had they not sold you to whitey none of this would be an issue. So what would your excuse for hating white people then be?

    35. teaisstronger says:


      Every discussion with a Black elected official is designed to end in accusations of racism. The black Blood Libelers have been told by the Kenyan Regime to always use fake accusations of race to end every meeting so as to portray all opposition as racism. Whites Guilt is everywhere and has been taught to whites by public schools for 40 years. Blacks can now get away with everything and our police are fearful of even arresting a black.

      I hope this is un-civil discours, it was meant to be un-civil.

    36. americancitizen says:

      WHO IS THE RACIST HERE? If a white guy said, “you are black, go to hell!” we would lose whatever position we were in and be all over the media as a racist. I am so tired of these few racist african americans blaming white people for their problems. How did this THUG get elected anyway!

      1. John Gault says:

        Actually, if a white guy said this, it would be Sara Palin and Rush Limbaugh’s fault. Furthermore, our Dear Leader would have a press conference decrying how the white guy had acted “stupidly”.

        But, since this was a black guy, we need to hug him and accept our collective responsibility and blame for creating an environment where his views are being diminished – he is, and always will be a victim. And we, being white will and always will be the bad guy.

      2. john f says:

        when a thug like this man is confronted and has no out they ALWAYS use the race card. Chief Mullah was not being used racially it was being use figuratively. so this man turned his mind off and only saw white racist old men. then on the radio he referred to the men as tea baggers. i thought that conservatism was color blind. Oh but then he would lose the entitlements that he guarantees his constituents and thus lose his job. So who is the racist??

    37. Cranios says:

      Both Price and Turner are to blame for using stupid language and name-calling instead of reasoning. Shame on both!

      1. J stuart says:

        Cranios…I agree…name-calling is never a good start and it usually ends badly…

      2. TP says:

        I agree with Cranios !! I work for a County Office and we were taught to let the public speak and say something like Have a nice day when they are done speaking. And then go on with our job. Why he (Price) did not do the same, isn’t that what Commissioners Court is all about ? Being able to speak your opinion and talk about what you need to talk about with out all the shouting and name calling ?? How does Price know that the Turner was calling him the name ?? It looks like to me Price likes to make a scene and make Dallas look bad on the tv and news and you know what that makes Fort Worth look better !!!! Tarrant County citizen and Proud of it !!!!

    38. mxbs says:

      so everyone in the county is a racist…

    39. alicexx says:

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    40. Dan says:

      What a Ninja

    41. Proud Black Man says:

      I am a black man and extremely proud of it, so proud in fact of the history of slavery, the black tribes in Africa dressed in their birthday suits, and a lot of other black stuff. I am proud of this black skin color because I have a looked into the past and gazed into the future and have seen indeed that time and chance happen to all. So many have ruled the earth in their time but where are they today, the Egyptians, the Assyrians, the Babylonians, the Persians, the Greeks, the Romans, the Bristish again I ask, WHERE ARE THEY TODAY?. A time will also come when it will be asked, Where is America today?, a time will also come when it will be asked, Where is the white man today and in those days the white man will reap in folds the scorn he has sown.

      1. Darrel says:

        Dear Proud Black Man,

        Chinese, Mexicans, and Arabs will rule the USA of the future, not blacks. Sorry to burst your bubble. Obama is selling our futures to them as we converse in the written word.

      2. WCM says:

        Yes, America is in decline because we have to spend out tax dollars handing out welfare and unemployment to a bunch of low lifes who refuse to work, do drugs, have lots of illigitimate kids, and blame ‘whitey’ for all of their failings. Where is the white man? He is moving out to the suburbs and leaving people like you to wallow in the slums you have created for yourselves. Maybe you should take Bill Cosby’s advice: Take care of your children black men, instead of running out on your kids. Take care of your communities. Most of all, stop blaming other peope for your failures. It has nothing to do with the ‘scorn’ of white men, and as long as that is your focus, you will remain an underclass of American society no matter how many blacks are in the NBA, NFL, or the White House.

      3. nighowl says:

        LBJ started it all with the Great Society programs that took over as head of the household causing government welfare to become the daddy and expand the slums to this day. Some society!. Just cry racism or the opression by whites and the goverment will pander to you. No personal responsibility…just whiners.

      4. LookAtMeIThinkForMyself says:

        (Proud Black Man) Troll successful lol

        You sir, like the rest of the culture that those of your race in America have formed mostly out of hate, need to realize that the white man will just move and leave the destructive people with the ghetto. Where will America be in 20 years if it keeps up like it is? A Huge Afro-Latin trashy ghetto no better than any other 3rd world country with the ruins of what was once a mighty and successful nation. This will never EVER have to do with your skin color sir, but it will have everything to do with your attitudes. The emphasis your cultures place on being “Cool” and “Hard Gangstas” versus spending all of that energy on learning to treat everyone around you kindly and working hard to learn as much as you can with a supportive family.

        Now I can think of some good things in Latin cultures but honestly the street blend with African American culture is as bad as the African American culture itself. Just tell me one place in this world that being a ghetto gangsta ever worked to make a great country? Idiots.

        Well I will be with my Asian brothers up in Vancouver I think when America is finally shat upon for the last time. Perhaps even Europe or if I am really lucky I can go live with perhaps the most intelligent of them all, the Japanese. The people who wisely DO stereotype and discriminate first until you have proven yourself as an individual. It is a lesson of the few ruining it for the many, I know there are a lot of Amazing people of all races in this world but guess what? It is people like John Wiley Price and so many other trashy people giving you a terrible name. We need to defy any destructive cultures before it is too late.

      5. Al Temail says:

        Lookatme….. you said, “or if I am really lucky I can go live with perhaps the most intelligent of them all, the Japanese”

        Ever been to Tokyo? If so, you probably noticed (as a black man OR as a white man for that matter) that there were very few people who looked like you.
        Japan is a very insular country and they really aren’t that big on you “foreigners”. Black, white, brown, there are just very, very few of us in Japan.
        Not that they’re less intelligent because of that, I’m just pointing out what I’ve noticed.

      6. Not so proud says:

        History shows that modern man as we think of ourselves started in Africa. In fact it may be as long ago as a million years ago. Now why in all that time did no organized civilization come from Africa? It was and still is today a country full of tribes that rape, murder, spread disease, and can’t figure out how how to feed themselves. The Chinese have contributed far more to the world than Africa has.


        There were many organized civilizations in Africa many years ago which is why I wish America would give students a choice of the type of education they study. Right now we are only hearing “his-story”. Not what really happened.

      8. RD says:

        The black nman rounded up blacks in Africa for sale all over the world. Where woulld present day blacks be if they had not been liberated from the poverty of their homelands?

      9. colorless in cali says:

        what happened to those prior empires you mentioned ?
        they were probably governed by people like you.
        prideful, racist, misguided prognosticators,
        wish ill-wishes for those of different skin-tone.


    42. marko says:

      Wow very black against white????? what was the old saying that blacks couldn’t be racist because they didn’t hold positions of power????? This is just the opposite and signs of things to come.

      1. Matt says:

        You took the words right outta my mouth. I wonder what white people’s civil rights will look like when we are the minority. If you look to these idiots like Obama and Price, I bet we won’t have any. MLK’s vision has been hijacked, instead of equal rights, people like this Price and Marlon Cole, want better rights than whites. Hey, that could be Price’s next campaign slogan.

    43. David says:

      I agree, this guy really needs to step down. Every time I see him on the news all he can do is drop the “Race Card” White Man this and that. I think it shows that finally everyone has had enough of this guy. I’m sure with all this going on we will see Jessy Jackson in Dallas along with Al Sharpton saying this and that. It is really sad. I think everyone made more progress back in the 80’s Black, White, Hispanics and all. Now in 2011 we have a Black President and it seems we stepped back 60 years.
      Just my 2 cents worth.

    44. Move-ON says:

      (Proud Black Man)

      Wow!!! That isn’t a racist comment at all. All white people are not the ones who do all evil. Nor are all black people or hispanics or any other race. We all do evil. I agree with you on looking at history. If you look at any continent and the history of the eoples on that continent there has been many evil things done to everyone (of which whites have been hurt as well). All races need to agree that this has happened adn agree to move on from the past adn make a better future where peace adn acceptance and love of one another is the norm. Then I think we can agree that no race is less important or less noble than any other. God made us all. (we should all be tired of being blamed for what our ancestors have done. They made their choices as should we and hopefully ours will be better than theirs)Every person is responsible for themselves and not anyone else)

    45. Dantrel MadethisFamilypageforyall Bonae says:

      I grew up in the DFW area .John Wiley Price has been a champion of justice and the voice of a people whom had no voice . Its undeniable that If a man defamed your name in public that u as a citizen would respond as such. John Wiley Price is a man of inpecable values and integrity. The only outrage that “these people” are experiencing is that a black man did not stay in his ” so called ” place. Wake up Dallas . Its 2011. The president is Black. We have proven that we are not your subordinates.

    46. BoBo from Texas says:

      ‘Why are Dallas County people in his district still voting for him?”

      Because a majority of the voters in his district are apparently as racist, ignorant and hate-filled as Mr. Price.

    47. Mike Shaner says:

      It is admirable to stand up for the rights of those who are discriminated against. It is noble to fight for the right to speak and act freely. It is hypocritical to assume people should be able to speak freely as long as you agree with them.

    48. Truthhurts says:

      @proud black man- you are probably correct in your assertion- america will lose stature at some point, as all great powers do.As far as the “scorn” whites have sown… There will always be winners and losers- and the losers will always cry “unfair” and “you cheated”, instead of admitting defeat and improving because of it. There are many groups that play on this victim mentality, the only hope is that you can break free of it.

    49. IP727 says:

      because his district is heavily black, and they like it when he goes after whitey.

    50. IP727 says:

      because they like him are racist.

    51. ushodan says:

      These arguments are all a waste of time. Mr. Price said what he said as he was backed into a corner, faced with a subject he did not like. Problem is that unlike the rest of us working stiffs, he is voted into office and his views and actions (racist or not) can determine his political future. I am sure in the DEEP south you will find his counterparts. As for the Tea Baggers, they have their counterparts also, remember those NUTTY Acorns and their problems with Voters fraud, or those zany Black Panthers and the harassment at the voting stations. Those polls should have been guarded by the National Guard to ensure that a special interest group would not threaten honest citizens from performing the most sacred of civic duties. This whole thing is can be seen as Ying and Yang, the view comes from what side you are on.
      Mr Cole, you arguments about WHITEY holding others down is just an excuse for the short comings of those who do not WISH to better themselves. This WELFARE mentality is accepted from all walks of life form the Ghetto to the Trailer Park. The poor only stay poor for generations because they are accepting of their position and unwilling to improve it. I should know I grew up in the poorest of neighborhoods, spent 20+ years in the military and finished two degrees and I am currently working on my third. Most every healthy child in this great country has the same opportunities I was afforded by working hard in school, sacrificing my time (deployments from my family), my personal activities (no drugs allowed in the military, not that I would take them) and accepting the fact that you have to risk your life to defend the rights those who hate you and think of you as a fool for doing so. In short, my example is the norm when it comes to working hard for what you want and to rise out of the poverty that I was raised in. Next time we hear of something this asinine coming from a public official, pray for them and let you know how you feel at the voting booth.

    52. Chris G. says:

      Too bad there were too many cops in the room. The 7 people that Price insulted publicly should have jumped him & beaten him to a pulp.

    53. geezer says:

      If the shoe fits!!! Wear it Price.

      What a wanker.

    54. gem says:

      How do we know they were tea party members? Did they carry a sign saying so?

    55. Danny says:

      Like votes for like.

    56. Ranger01 says:

      Good Question! They need to boot him out of office. He is clearly a Black racist. Let a White man say that to a buch of Blacks, and Dallas would burn!

    57. G Fred says:

      I’ve been shocked for years that this man (JWP) is not fired, impeached, or whatever it takes for him to be removed from office. He is blatantly an anger filled racist who has repeatedly shown to be out of control. There is no place in politics for this kind of hatred, yet he remains ‘safe’ for some reason. I’d like to say “I’m shocked”, but I’ve seen Mr. Price too many times, with his own words, reveal his true character…or lack of. Anyone that continues to vote for this man should be ashamed as well. Unfortunately, most will probably be ‘proud’ of him and just ignore this kind of rhetoric.

    58. schmed says:

      @Matt Hinterlong, as opposed to the other 49 states where all the media is alll liberal controlled, and that that is not, i.e. talk radio, your liberal brethren are trying to forced the “fairness” doctrine to put an end to that.

    59. kneegar says:

      typical rac ist Knee Groid

    60. red says:

      Having been a victim of reverse racism I will say this: if you believe racism exists then you are actively looking for it’s existence. So what if someone doesn’t like you because of your race? There is absolutely NOTHING this person’s dislike for you can accomplish to hold you from your pursuit of Life, Liberty, and Happiness. Stop egging this message of hatred on and move on with yourself! I was raised in a culture of dislike for certain ethnic groups. It’s my chioice if I want to continue the hatred…. just like everyone that was raised that way. Misery loves company!

    61. Jdog says:

      I would simply say “You first Johnny Boy!”

    62. Becka says:

      Because they are black. Duh.

    63. Tom says:

      Because he has a majority black or minority district, that’s why. JWP has been a jack-donkey since I was in high school, 35 years ago. He is and always will be an embarassment to Dallas County.

    64. A. Levy says:

      Because they’re also black and want to make sure their free govt. “goodies” keep flowing. Mr. Price is an excellent example of why slavery must be brought back.

    65. kindandgentle says:

      Typical double standard. A black can say anything they want and get away with it, if not patted on the back for it by their co-horts. Imagine if a white politician was stupid enough to say to the taxpayers he is paid to represent and said, “You’re all black, go to hell.” Every professional race baiter, such as Sharpton and Jackson would be demanding his scalp and getting it. I know I’ll never move to Dallas: too many black racists.

    66. Mike Smith says:

      Why is this Mulllah still in Office.

    67. blaine says:

      yooze wite peeple is gunna pays for slayvree and for jim crow. Weez gunna gits you peeple and obama gunna help us acheeve ours victory over yooze people (wid da help of da jews).

    68. Irritated Mama says:

      Marlon Cole – Almost every thing you complain about is written in the past tense…these events happened generations ago. Yes, there were awful things that were done to blacks. We can all agree on that. I have been a teacher for over 10 years and I promise you, black people along with other races and ethnicities are in our schools. Not only that, they get the SAME education as the white kids. As for your ‘book’ comment…um …books get reused for several years…finances don’t allow for brand new books every year. The black kids aren’t the only ones getting used books.

      How can you continue to blame others for you being lazy? Who has stopped you from doing anything or becoming anything? In fact, there are soo many scholarships for minority students. But you must exert minimal effort in asking about them and applying for them. The opportunities are there, but effort is required.

      People who continue to use “slavery” and “race” for the source of their woes have their ancestors rolling over in their graves…they deserve better from you!

    69. Dunnyveg says:

      I think the answer to why Price’s constituents continue voting him back into office if very obvious: They think he’s doing a good job. After all, this isn’t the first time Price has made a spectacle of himself.

      A better question to ask is why the rest of us tolerate this clown’s antics.

    70. Osamas Pajamas says:

      Ha ha ha ha ha! Black racists are no less ugly than white racists, brown racists, red racists, and yellow racists.

    71. Jim Morrison says:

      They are just like him! An idiot!

    72. Honest says:

      Price is nothiNg but a no good chigger.

    73. Critter says:

      Price should be put in Jail for contempt of court!!!

    74. robert says:

      dumb ass negroe

    75. robert says:

      dumb ass negro

    76. robert says:

      because the majority of the population there is black.

    77. apart says:

      because we have single member districts and he is in a black district.

    78. jim says:

      this is the same idiot that got ticked off when someone used the term “black hole” to describe a government agency.

    79. Neuromancer says:

      Price is worse than a Mullah. The duties of Mullah also include at least some spiritual guidance. With this guy all you get is Jihad.

      On the racist comments alone Price should be impeached.

    80. M. Brown says:

      I knew him when he was a clerk in one of the JP courts in Dallas. As I recall, he hated whites then, particularly white police officers…of which I was one. We used to call him “easy money” to irritate him. I think it’s about time he put on his spandex pants and do his famous slow-walk into history.

    81. riffenberg says:

      He’s the racist. He should be fired or removed.

    82. Jimmy Barrent says:

      “Called me “Chief Moolah” LOL! This fool can’t even get what he was called right, and then bends over backwards in an attempt to play the race card…when HE was the one that brought race into the discussion. It would be hilarious if it weren’t so pathetic!

    83. TP says:

      Amen !!!! I have wondered that myself !!!

    84. FAR says:

      Im not sure but they need to stop, how could he be a public official?! Seeing the video I clearly felt that he was the racist one towards the “white” people. Im neither black or white, but Hispanic and I do not agree with what he did.

    85. david says:

      this moron is an archidiot who has the intellect of a turnip. how this archmoron got elected is beyond me. How he keeps getting re-elected is incredible. this is the 30th time this ultramoron has done this in a public forum. he is an absolute embarrasment to Dallas. All of you who keep voting for him are just as stupid as he is. someone put him in timeout forever. what an idiot.

    86. Matt E. says:

      Uh…because he’s black and so are they. Black urban liberals only see color. If you disagree with me you either don’t know what you are talking about or you are lying.

    87. Deb says:

      He need him gone he’s a prime exapmle fo why we have racialism etc.
      Sorry represenative for the Black populous.
      He is why there are problems in our soceity…

    88. Leroy says:

      Typical Not bright enough to debate, so pull the race card. TNB.

    89. Cass says:

      Anyone who lives in the DFW area knows this racist- this is far from the only racist stunt he’s pulled. How about the jogger who’s leg Price broke after he jogged past one on Price’s protests?
      Voters will continue to vote for him for one reason only- they are racists too.

    90. Cauc incognito says:

      They aren’t still voting for him its called gerrymandering, the same way all these old farts with bad attitudes stay in power for decades. Oh and perhaps the entitlement programs they hand out like candy helps them just a little.

    91. niknak says:

      Because blacks always side with black whether right or wrong, innocent or guilty, racist or whatever. 99.9% blacks always vote for blacks regardless. That’s why!

    92. txcomment says:

      This guy is like the David Duke of the african american community…why is he in an elected position being paid by taxpayers?

    93. James S. says:

      John Wiley Price has been charged with the following over the last 25 years; Aggravated assault with a deadly weapon, Assault, Criminal Mischief, Criminal Trespassing, Terroristic Threat, Aggravated Assault-Serious Bodily Injury, and Sexual Assault(which was dismissed by the Judge).

    94. Kenyan president says:

      People like Price look for ANY excuse to play the race card. Price’s ignorance is painfully obvious in the videos and transcripts on this webpage.

    95. Coon says:

      Price is not fit for office and should not call himself racially sensitive when HE is the one who said “All of you are white people, go to hell”

    96. LikeItIs says:


    97. gommygoomy says:

      As you can see, the N word will never go away. Because the SHOE FITS.

    98. Mark says:

      Mr. Price has been discriminating since he has been in office and now he is promoting discrimination by his actions – what are we teaching our kids now?
      I am APPALLED and ANGRY.
      He should have never been voted back in or even thought of. Who is paying Dallas to keep such a discriminative and arrogant person in this position is beyond me.
      Dallas knew he was this way and kept him – TAKE YOUR MEDICINE DALLAS.

    99. S Major says:

      whatsoever gripes this man had with his opposition. In a courtroom if tried he was allowed a jury of his peers. Now, in a civil case he soley has the right to be addressed by his accuser. I do cristize him for the lose of his composer but not his quinticential human reaction, esspecially if he was not capble or able to find adequate counsel prior to the hearing.

      1. MarkTheMeS says:

        Wow. Where to start with this comment. I won’t go-on about the fact that it seems to start in the middle of a sentence. I won’t go-on about the typos. I do, however, have to point-out that, while this incident did take place in what is called the Dallas County Commissioners Court, this is not a trial court and John Wiley Price was not on trial the day this incident took place. He is, in fact, a Dallas County Commissioner representing Dallas County District 3. I can’t help but wonder if S Major is a voter in Dallas County District 3. That would help explain how John Wiley Price remains in office. MeS™

    100. RH says:

      Mr. price hasn’t changed over the years. He is still riding that poor poor pitiful me program in the dirt. Reverse psychology may work on a 3 year old but typically falls short with mature adults. Its truly sad to witness the immaturity of elected officials in Dallas County. You’d think they had never heard of Roberts Rules of Order. Its truly sad this is the best Dallas has to offer their voters.

    101. BamBam says:

      In Price’s statement, he used the word niggar. This shows that the guy is clearly a racist….oh wait, it’s not racist when a black says it. When all else fails and you can’t intellectually debate, use the old N word trump card.

    102. Conservative Texan says:

      How does this racist still have a job? Like people have mentioned before, if the role was reversed and it was a white man that told a group of black CITIZENS to “go to hell” the Black Panthers would be marching down Main St., It would be on CNN, I’m sure Obama would call for the resignation of the Commissioner, and I can’t begin to fathom what else would happen.

      I heard on the radio this morning a debate about JWP’s actions and a defender of him said “well he’s by far been the most effective commissioner Dallas has ever had”. So is that a reason not to fire him? Let me ask you this. If a town had a pit bull for a town mascot and that dog went around brutally attacking citizens of the town, would you not either put the dog down or find a replacement mascot? Of course you would! I am outraged at how this public official still has a job AND STILL HASN’T EVEN APOLOGIZED FOR HIS ACTIONS!

      I’m glad I only work in Dallas and don’t have to reside here. Because I’d truley be embarrased if I had to call this openly racist man my county commissioner.

      I SAY WE START A PETITION TO FIRE JOHN WILEY PRICE!!! (But I’m sure this will just be chalked up to another one of his outbursts and Spike Lee will go on with making a movie about this idiot.)

    103. thomas says:

      That is a very good question Sheesh. At a time when Price could have RISEN ABOVE the adversity & established himself as a TRUE-Unbiased Leader of all Walks of Life, did instead, lower himself to reveal his true identity…a hypocrital racial bigot…and… I can only conclude that anyone who backs him, will be the same.

    104. RD Sanders says:

      Isn’t it racist to tell the white people to go to hell? If a white had told the black people to go to hell Sharpton and Jackson would have been all over Dallas. Why was the key to the city given to Vick when his team beat Dallas?
      Perhaps Price can dish it out but can’t take it.

    105. RD says:

      Because the black people still blame white pople for slavery, the Whites will never be treated right by the black people. They need to live in the present not the past. No one alive today in America ever owned a slave or was one.

    106. joejoedancer says:

      he needs to step down. he is a racist.

    107. tlegal says:

      Considering that the five top traits of being a leader are:
      1. Honest
      2. Forward-Looking
      3. Competent
      4. Inspiring
      5. Intelligent
      Which this fool posses none of, your guess is as good as mine! I guess that for some, leadership and strength means beating people down physically and verbally. He is a complete embarrassment to the city of Dallas, to himself, and to the people he represents. His professionalism is non existent and he and a few others in Dallas are the most racist individuals I have ever seen in my life. I would hate the thought of going to work every day and dealing with someone of this level. How any work gets done in the city of Dallas is beyond me. You can not behave in this manor and scare people into a corner so that you get your way. This is street mentality and JP has no diplomacy skills or self control.

    108. lightning rasmussen says:

      There’s no excuse. Get rid of him. He obviously thinks he can do whatever he wants. Very unprofessional. He doesn’t deserve to be Commissioner.

  2. mark says:

    Should seem quite clear even to his constituents that Price is a racist and should be removed from office.

    1. Michael Katz says:

      It is time for Mr. Price to go. There is an opening in Cairo. The new Judge is an imediate disapointment but thgis Dallas.

    2. DWB says:

      Price has dealt with lots of racisum toward him and no one should be surprised if he tells them to go to —-. It is shameful how some of the citizens show up for these type events and act like fools .

      1. MelMar says:

        Mr. Price was the one who acted unprofessionally and “acted like a fool”.

      2. Wallace Flynt says:

        Got to agree with MelMar on this one. Price is the fool here, and a quite hateful one at that.

      3. dallas residence says:

        moolah [ˈmuːlɑː]
        (Economics, Accounting & Finance / Banking & Finance) a slang word for money

      4. rob says:

        the word moolah is middle eastern.

      5. American says:

        DWB – Especially shameful for a commissioner or other person in a LEADERSHIP role to exhibit racism. Im so sick of Price I could puke!

      6. Neuromancer says:

        Price is the fool, fool.

      7. Soetero/Obama says:


    3. Bboop says:

      Wow..Racist. Interesting how loosely some people use that word.

    4. anonymous says:

      It is a shame that it happened. It should be removed asap. Racism it is. If a white person said it, the black population would be screaming racism and they would have been removed already. There are good in all races, this is apparently not one of them. Ever wonder why the country is like it is?

      1. llg says:

        Well said!!

      2. BDTR says:

        Price should be removed ASAP

      3. chulachaser2 says:

        cant imagine what would have happenned if that would have been a white person saying the things he does. There HAS to be better representation in the area he supposedly represents. Price is a racist, always has been, always will be. ever wonder who he’s given the key to the city to?

      4. Neruomancer says:

        Hmmm. I’m pretty sure y’all are just saying this because you’re white. 🙂

    5. dallas residenct says:

      websters dictionary

      moolah [ˈmuːlɑː]
      (Economics, Accounting & Finance / Banking & Finance) a slang word for money

    6. D. Burns says:


    7. Wooshga Balboolshga says:

      Racism is a two-way street. Price represents the blacks of Dallas while telling the whites to go to hell (Racism). Straight from the horses mouth.

      1. Jahnke says:

        Then they should go to hell … and stop soaking up our tax money with illegitimate kids, crime and welfare.

    8. Matt says:

      But when his constituents are just as racist, he represents them well. Do you not know of the racial double standard in this country?

  3. Michael says:

    No member of a City council should be able to talk to citizens this way, this man needs to step down or be removed from his seat. I have seen him do allot of good in Dallas, but this is not right. He should be removed from office just as soon as a hearing , with all members to vote..

    1. Tom says:

      Price is not on the city council, but serves as a county commisioner.If others made any attempt to remove him from office they would be harassed and then would never receive another black vote. You have to understand that Price’s constituents stand solidly behind him.

      1. Derrick says:

        Tom is the only one who understands Texas polictics. The good old boys of yesterday (pre 1978) stayed in office by overt or subtle racism while other practiced racism their own way. It really is not about racism it is about ego and power. None of this is right but please don’t be naive in thinking that Mr. Price is and will be the only one doing this. Take a look at how Sarah Palin is taking everyone for a ride.

    2. michael says:

      His diverse role as County Commissioner includes membership on various boards and commissions. He serves as Chairman of Dallas County Civil Service Commission [Grievance Reviewing Panel],

      I think the PEOPLE of Dallas ,Texas have a REAL grievance with John Wiley Price..

    3. sally phillips says:

      I agree….when a person is elected to an official position he needs to show a certain amount of restraint under certain conditions, and this was one of those times……I am ashamed for him as it is quite obvious he is not……removal from office would be the appropriate action taken here…..

  4. Cynthia Saxiones-Garza says:

    John Wiley Price appears to be a very angry, frustrated person who happens to be overly accusative towards the white population of Dallas of being racist. He does not present himself as professional or educated, but rather an inflammatory dinosaur of last century. I have one question for John Wiley Price, when it came time for him to serve his country, during the Vietnam conflict, did he dodge the draft like so many of his era did, or was he man enough to serve his country?

    1. Marcel Leduc says:

      Price is a racist, period. However, don’t question whether he served in Vietnam. Any sensible person did all they could to avoid having to go there.

      1. Richard says:

        Marcel, I don’t know where you come from, or where you are going, but, there are those who did volunteer to go to Nam. I spent four (4) years there. I proudly served with all races, we all survived and would do it again if asked to by our country. You, however, appear to be one of those who would have run to the North or South to get out of serving. That makes you one of the ones we would call a COWARD.

      2. Michael Gross says:

        I agree with you about John Wiley Price being a racist but as far as Vietnam goes, you’re one of the cowards who didn’t go for one reason or another. Go to Hell.

      3. ric says:

        is it wrong too question the policies of a corrupt govt or just blindly go do things when they tell u. glad u made it back alive

      4. Dwight says:

        Richard and Michael are right!
        Marcel the coward doesn’t deserve to live in this country. No one liked that war, but someone had to go when ordered. Anyone who holds that against the ones who went and the many that didn’t return should all be kicked out of the country. They are not true Americans just because they were born here, they’re only true Americans if they’re willing to die for the Red, White and Blue.
        I feel bad for Marcel’s kids having a yellow dog coward for a parent!

      5. Dwight says:

        Ric, no one said you can’t question the corrupt government (hopefully you’re doing that with this current administration right now) but it’s obvious you didn’t serve either. When you’re in you don’t get the option of deciding when and where you go. And those that were drafted went because they were honorable men not because they thought of it being right or wrong. Many went that didn’t agree but they understood what a patriot is! My dad served, I served, and my son is a disabled medically discharged Iraq war vet. And he hasn’t turned 30 yet! It wasn’t fun, be we had to watch out for the country because the cowards like Marcel would already have been shot by the communist he would have let in. They don’t like cowards either. They just handle them more efficiently.

      6. CK says:

        Thank you Richard and Dwight for your service to our country.

      7. Griff says:

        I didn’t go to VietNam…
        Of course, I was 4 when the conflict ended, but is that a ggod enough excuse?

        John Wylie Price is, and has been a smudge on the face of Dallas County (is that racist because he has dark skin?…he would say it is).
        Any opportunity to play the race card, he does. And all he REALLY accomplishes is showing how ignorant he is, as a person.

      8. Cynthia Saxiones-Garza says:

        Marcel, my father was in this country for 2 years when he was drafted for WWII, he served with pride and honor, even though his english wasn’t the best. He believed in the US Constitution and risked his life to protect it. My eldest brother went to Vietnam, and will soon be in a wheelchair from the wounds he recieved back then. He was also proud to serve his country and knew it was his duty. My older brother went to Vietnam, he was against it, but it was his duty and he was luckier his ounds were not so bad.
        John Wiley Price takes full advantage of the rights gauranteed by the Constitution, he abuses these rights regularly. All I want to know is was he willing to lay his life down to protect these rights when his time came. Or was he a coward!

    2. Bruce Draken says:


  5. Tom says:

    Let’s be honest. Price is a bully and has always been. His constituents vote for him because he is black and will speak and vote for black citizens ahead of other races. In some ways, or is some situations, this might be commendable behavior, but in general it is not and he simply makes himself look like the fool that he is! That is shameful, in that he has the ability to be an articulate and influential speaker for his people. If he could only be that for all of the citizens, regardless of race he could be a great man, but he has never shown that he has any interest in people who are not black.

  6. missr says:

    I have felt for a long time that this man is a racist and if he was white and telling black people to go to hell, do you think he’d still be in office? He needs to be removed. He is so angry and hateful to white’s it is like a mental disorder.

    1. D. Smith says:

      This man pulls the race card like a gun but IF one tenth of what he has done/said was performed by the “white” people he referred to, there would have been an uproar and he would have been hounded out of his position long ago; talk about a one-way-street.

      White, black, brown, green or pink, the whole thing is classless and pathetic.

    2. East Dallas says:

      i agree, he needs to be removed…out out out.

  7. Kathy Carter says:

    Why isn’t Price called on racism?? If A white council member had said “You are all black. Go to hell”, they would have been ejected so fast. Why is reverse racism tolerated?. Blacks get away with it way to often.

    1. Kim C. says:

      Actually it’s not “reverse racism”…racism runs in all directions and saying “reverse racism” would mean “racism” only runs in one direction.

      But I do agree with you!

      1. Greg S says:

        Thank you Kim C. Kathy…it’s not being tolerated. It just happened earlier today so give time time for Price to get the reprehand that he needs. Someone definitely needs to check him because he was WAAAYYY out of line. No double standards here. They’ll get ’em so call off the witch hunt dogs. Let me repeat…HE WAS WRONG! Settle down. Racism is racism, no such thing as ‘reverse’ racism.

    2. tunamelt says:

      Yes, all very true statements!! JWP is a racist!!! We have all SEEN and HEARD his actions so many times. It is so sad that he holds a county seat and has no respect for anyone’s race… let alone for himself. How in the hell does he get away with this? Inquiring minds want to know?

      1. carlo says:

        Mr. Price is trying to deny white people their rights. The FBI should be called in and investigate Mr. Price. Will Mr. Holder do so. No, you see, he hates white people. Crimes against white people by the likes of Mr. Price are not hate crimes as black people have crafted the laws to protect them and punish those people they hate, white people.

    3. A J says:

      It is the same reason as why there is an “Association of Black McDonald’s Managers”, (not sure if it still exists), but if there was an “Association of White, Chinese, Japanese, Hispanic, whatever, McDonald’s Manages”, people like JWP would call it racist. JWP is and always has been one of the most racist people in Texas, he continues to show his ass and ignorance on a daily basis and get a way with it. The quote from his response above makes me laugh, “In the absence of a fair and balanced media outlet in Dallas, I wanted to submit a statement that offers my perspective of an “encounter” that took place at Dallas County today. Unfortunately, my comments were broadcasted without the benefit and the full context which they were made.” No JWP I don’t think there is an absence of a fair and balanced media outlet in Dallas, unless the media is unwilling to spin the “encounter” the way JWP wants it to read, in other words lie so you don’t look bad. Step down and save face before you are thrown out. You have polluted Dallas with your ignorance and racism long enough.

  8. Ronnie says:

    There is no one more prejudice and racist than Price. Telling people to “Go to Hell” because they are white? Come on, wake up people.

    1. Greg S says:

      The premise of him telling them to go to hell wasn’t because they were white, it was because they called him out on the issue of him throwing rocks and hiding his hands regarding that sudden departure of Elections Administrator Bruce Sherbet. JWP didn’t like it, coupled with the fact that one citizen kept calling him ‘chief moolah’. Actually his true colors came out because they are white. He calls it being passionate about what he does, but I beg to differ. You HAVE know how to separate business from personal feelings, and clearly JWP is failing to do so.

      1. Carl says:

        Greg, thank you for a rational response and not a follow the pack thinking like Ronnie and others. I bet if we checked in Ronnie’s little life there will be things that he should not have said.

      2. eljefe says:

        You win hands down for dumbest post of the day – congrats!

      3. carlo says:

        Greg, it was not Chief Moolah, it was Chief Mullah, a Muslim term of respect. Greg, do you hate white people like Mr. Price? If Mr. Price was not a racist, then why the reference to “you are ll white people”?

  9. VFW American says:

    This guy thinks he is beyound reproach from anyone. He has been and always will be a “RACIST” . You can see it as he talks at other races in a defensive posture. The peolpe that vote for hime are idiots that keep voting for the same peolpe over and over again and you see where we are at in Dallas County??

    1. caro says:

      Black people who hate white people like Mr. Price. They are not idiots. They know what they want. They want a racist who hates white people. Mr. Price fills that bill. He is also a gery aggressive advocate for his community. He practices racism in favor of the people in his district.

  10. Hootex says:

    John Wiley represents “his people.” That’s why he’s in office. they want their man there, and John Wiley is the man. What else can be said. He is what he is.

  11. Victoria Lynn Strickland says:

    Once again, Price has shown his true colors and what he really thinks of people. He needs to go, his time is over.

  12. Jay Moor says:

    Im a proud Africn American and I think Price is to emotional to hold his position. “WHITE”??? WHat does that have to do with anything. Price learn from Obama… ALWAYS STAY CALM. but at this point, Id rather you just step down.

  13. JimS says:

    It’s mullah.

  14. Mike says:

    I’m black and this was wrong for Commissioner price to act in this manner.. He has a past but he owes those people that he offended an apology.Dont wont to say white people because he offended more than white people. We all have to answer to someone both now and later. Apologize John. It’s the right thing to do. And then repent or change your attitudes. It will take you much further. I do support commissioner Price in something however this isn’t one of them.

    1. Chuck Harley says:

      I agree, Mike. This is not a racial issue like some people want to make of it. It is another one of those issues where someone didn’t agree to Price’s actions and he has again taken offense because someone questioned him, of all people. He acts more and more like a spoiled child in a powerful position and is too used to having things his way. He does not and never has been able to deal with any type of rejection of his ideas or opinions. This is nothing new as far as his attitude toward others. He is just expressing his true feelings more and more. He has been there too long and is burning out.

  15. Big Poppa says:

    Why isn’t the “Rev.” Al Sharpton or Jesse Jackson there to defend the white people? Oh that’s right, because white’s have lost the right to use words of color while blacks, Hispanics, and any other ethnicity can use them all day and not get a slap on the wrist. Reverse racism at its’ finest folks! Price is a very angry, hateful person and I feel sorry for anyone associated with him. While there are countless people of ALL cultures providing great services and attributions, he is one that is trash and continues to only contribute hate.

  16. SaraJ says:

    PRICE IS A RACIST and Always has been.

  17. Kena D says:

    Price telling people to GO TO Hell has nothing to do with racism. There are so many white republicans who have disrespected the president and have not been ejected from their roles in the senate. So what are you people talking about. Get an education, you sound like fools. Yes John Wiley Price is an idiot for saying those things but what does race have to do with the work “Go To Hell”….Nothing people.

    1. billyboy says:

      He yell all you are white…go to hell…is that not rascist?

    2. Jim says:

      I agree that the words “Go to Hell” by themselves are not racist, however when he prefaced the comment calling attention to the color of the people he was speaking to, he just crossed the line into the racist world he most likely lives and thinks in daily. We are not talking about the POTUS here, we are talking about someone who is supposed to represent the Dallas community. Yous seemed to miss the part where the people were called out because of their color therefore, sour comments make you sound as if you harbor some of the same issues as the councilman.

    3. K.H. says:

      “all of you are white – Go to Hell” – nope doesn’t sound racist to me – you too are an idiot and a slave to JWP and that’s the problem with Dallas – nobody is telling the Prez to “go to hell”.

      1. john f says:

        but would there be so much outrage if he just said go to hell. i dont think so

    4. jd says:

      My how easily we can omit things. Did you bother to read that JWPOS first said “you are white”?

      A typical apologist. What better way to defend the actions of one than to throw a different race card in the other direction. I might be way off here, but I have my doubts that it was the treatment of our President by white republicans that caused JWP to run his racist mouth. He did it because he can get away with it, AND because that’s how he really feels. You should consider going back for a few brush up courses, because eventually you’re going to have to use your noggin because people will be so tired of the race card “cry wolf” that’s it’s not going to have a whole lot meaning.

      Good luck, and keep sticking it to the man.

      1. Kena D says:

        Do you all know what the word Moolah stands for. Its a word that is used by italians to demean and degrade people. By saying the word to the commissioner….is a racist word. Why do you think that he said you all are white go to hell. I am not saying its right. But calling him Moolah isn’t right either. Race would not have been an issue here if he was not called Moolah. Look it up, idiots.

      2. ertdfg says:

        “Kena D – Do you all know what the word Moolah stands for. … Look it up, idiots.”

        Ok, looking it up. Slang for money, generic… no Italian reference, no racial epithet reference… nothing. Dozens of pages into google, refining search… nothing at all.

        Maybe you can help this “idiot”, find me 5 uses of “Moolah” or “Chief Moolah” as a racial epithet with a web-page last changed before this year (as it’s a long-time racial epithet… or so you claim, this will be easy, right?).

        I’ll warn you now I was 20 pages into google’s search and found nothing; so you’re going to want to have a lot of time to look for this… maybe have someone hack some together with fake timestamps… as there is nothing out there justifying your claim.

        Oh, and telling someone to “look it up” when you’re demonstrably wrong… that’s the move of an idiot.

  18. Rabid says:

    Kathy it is not reverse racism. It is just RACISM, pure and simple. This man has a blind hatred for whites, which is the true definition of racism. He should be removed from office and banished from City Hall.

  19. mayo says:

    You can not call anyone a chief moolah, that’s an insults. he never started that. are white people who started that.

    1. JoJo says:

      learn grammar dummy

    2. D.BURNS says:


  20. billyboy says:

    Just love his suit what joke. He has the never to call white people racist….what a idiot.

  21. Timothy McCaskey says:

    I guess that’s the Price you pay for being a bigot, ha ha!

  22. Rabid says:

    Kena, read what he said again. If he had just said go to hell that in itself would not be racist. But when he said “All of you are white, go to hell.” he made it racist.

    1. RJ says:

      If the city of Dallas continues to allow this person to serve on its council, they deserve exactly what they have gotten and will continue to get.

  23. Dan G. says:

    Wrong for Price to respond as he did, but just a wrong for someone to call an elected official the “chief moolah”. Who are the other moolah’s that he’s chief over. That is just as offensive as Price’s ridiculous response. An obvious attempt to inflame, just too bad that Price walked right into the trap.

  24. mayo says:

    I give you only 2 deacades, and you will see a pure change, where white will no even be minorities, and will have no choice rather than to submit and respect a man of color and spanish. We are unto this to succed. We are democrats, it is our goals.

    1. Kristy T. says:

      Reckon you will still be walking the streets of Dallas in 20 Mayo? Furthermore, you sir are making the situation even worse by your obvious racism. You are obviously uneducated as you spew hate and contempt. If you do not like the way things are here in America/Texas go back to Mexico. See what you get there… You sure won’t get any food stamps and free health care like you are here.

      1. will says:

        so presumptive…. i’m sure kristy will refuse to use her medicaid and will donate her Social Security checks to a worthy cause because she “doesn’t accept government handouts”.

      2. For Freedom says:

        Will – If she pays her taxes and ss as an American citizen or course Kristy will accept what the government will give her if she needs it. However, we are not so sure that Mayo is a citizen and has paid in her taxes. Your an idiot also.

    2. american says:

      mayo….your spelling needs work dude, grammar sucks as well. did u finish jr high or 3rd grade

  25. billyboy says:

    Mayo, can you please learn to type in english not broken grammer, Mayo you are one big idiot, if you want the hispanics then you won’t have a job as they are willing to work harder than you fool, and they don’t pay takes so you wont beable toget your welfare as there will be ZERO tax dollars for your lazy ass

  26. Rick McDaniel says:

    Price has set a bad example for the people of Dallas, for a very long time.

    That simply demonstrates that certain segments of the population ignore proper behavior, and legal behavior, and elect him anyway.

    That doesn’t mean he is doing the right thing……quite the contrary.

  27. pHIL says:

    I think they especially Price should be investigated like some others have been I am sure there are some dirty dealings going on. If a citizen hollared go to hell he would be removed and not allowed to come back. Just get rid of him and Caraway the racists need to go. If you were white and did this you be a racist and Jackson and Sharpton would call for you resigination. SO PRICE RESIGN NOW!!!

    1. Dan says:

      But it’s OK to call a member of City Counsel the chief moolah? That’s an insult not only to Price, but to all those others he refers to as moolahs. Both parties spoke like idiots.

      1. Jason says:

        Dan he did not call him moolah, he called him Chief Mullah. There is a huge difference. Chief Mullah means a learned Muslim that runs things like a chieftain. Calling someone a moolah is like the N word for Italians.

      2. ertdfg says:

        “Calling someone a moolah is like the N word for Italians – Jason”

        Since when?

        I’ve spent about 20 minutes with google and I find 0 references of this… except for Mr. price claiming this there seems to be no other indication that this was ever a racial slur of any sort.

        Do we just assume it was because a minority wants it to be a racial slur, or can you show me anyone using this as a racial slur anywhere?

      3. Jason says:

        The word that he was referring to is normally pronounced Mulie. It is an Italian slang word for black people. It is derived from their word for eggplant.

      4. Jason says:

        Just to be clear, he was NOT called Mulie but Chief Mullah which is NOT a racist term. He was corrected by someon in the audience and flat out said that he did not care what the word really ment because to him it was racist no matter what. This indicated that he simply refuses to admit that he was wrong and that he IS minority who wanted it to be a racial slur but was too ego driven and racist to admit it.

  28. Cencerned says:

    Price is now and has always been a racist and should be removed from office.

  29. mayo says:

    White, this is dalls and is my home town. we are both citizen, but I will never welcome your stupidiesand arrogance. We are here to move, i want TX to be a full blue state, just give it a short and see. More blacks and spanish AND MANY FOREIGNERS please! And will see wherer you will take all your racial arrogance.
    We need first to transform ur schools and fiil more foreigners and many babies unto communities, and you will have no choice rather that abide to universal rule of respect.

    1. Nancy says:

      So, in other words, you’re saying to “breed out” the white people. You’re a real tribute to humanity, Mayo.

    2. Lemonaioli says:

      It’s not the color of someone’s skin, it’s whether they make responsible decisions for themselves and their family. Impulsive, short sighted decisions (like dropping out of high school because it’s boring and not cool) have long lasting effects. There’s trailer trash of all colors. Blacks and Hispanics aren’t organized enough to accomplish much of anything. There are some with the power to make good and wise decisions. And I’m in no way referring to JWP or the celebrity chaser Dwaine Caraway. However, there are too many others who negate the positive with irresponsible, disrespectful and just foolish moves.

      1. Nancy says:

        You’re right, Lemonaioli, trash applies to all colors. Also, my husband is Hispanic and has said for years that they don’t have a leader to organize them, but if they did, it would be something to see!

    3. BuckeyeTexan says:

      Go ahead, Mayo. Breed us out. Transform our schools and communities. While you’re at it, come up with a plan to financially support your new reality because when we’re gone, so is your free ride.

  30. Emmanuel says:

    Rather than focusing on the contentious matter, most of your comments are blaming the Black people who voted for the commissioner. Typically, your comments came across that the voters have no sense. Please respect the voters and refrain from inflammatory assertions.

    1. Concerned says:

      Well, considering ELECTED officials are in office because they were VOTED in office by VOTERS, I am guessing that there is at least SOME responsibility for Price being in office that should be taken by those who VOTED him in. So if that is an “inflammatory assertion”, then I guess I am making one.

      1. Matthew says:

        and you voted for bush

      2. eljefe says:

        And you voted for Obama lol

  31. evans says:

    John Wiley Price is for JUSTICE, plain and simple. Why aren’t you all attacking the one who attacked him? They started the name calling. Sound as though the majority of you posting these comments are RACIST!! Bottom line!!

    1. JWP says:

      evans JWP is for”JUST US”!!!

    2. ertdfg says:

      And they’re all white as well;; so they should go to hell; right? I mean since they’re white people disagreeing with a minority; that makes them racist.. not so much by their actions but more by their skin color…

      Good to see how this new “racism” works; if you’re white and disagree with a minority you must, by definition, be racist. Weird, I thought it was something else… but since I’m not willing to treat minorities differently from anyone else, I guess I’m this new “racist” you’ve defined.

      Someday maybe we’ll judge people by something other than skin color; perhaps character or something… of course that thought is “racist” by our new terminology, but whatever.

  32. mayo says:

    We are blues and democrats.

    1. For Freedom says:

      Please dont call yourself a democrat. I’m a democrat and you are an idiot.

  33. fxrs says:

    John Willy has always been a racist, and a bully. Unless it’s someone his own size and then he cowers like a little girl.

  34. CliffDweller says:

    John Wiley Price has always been a disgrace. He is as corrupt as he is racist. And that is saying a lot on both counts.

  35. Jeff L says:

    “All of you are white, go to hell!”

    John, John, John…… c’mon man! You don’t have to make this racial. If the shoe was on the other foot??? Apologize John or resign. You would demand the same if a white shout the same thing at a black.

  36. mayo says:

    yes evans and emmanuel. The reality they are not attacking the guy who called Mr price a chief moolah because the guy is white. My price works in the white circle, some of us do and married among them, we know better that some idiots who are talking nonsend. r price is innocent and deserve resepct as an elected official. How about the gus who called president Obama a lier? he never been punishes and he from texas He got away with it, and they adoing same thing to Mr price. It is fully inaccepatble to insult a person simply because they see his as black.

    1. JoJo says:

      learn grammar, then report back

  37. Racially Blind says:

    He used the only attack that his mental capabilities allowed him to do. Nuf said….

  38. Grim says:

    Rice is an idiot raceist he will be in HELL

  39. mayo says:

    They have been doing that always against Him, and none to listen or protect him as long as his black.

  40. Bev says:

    Obviously, JWP’s response is emotional and “Chief Moolah” must be a term of endearment. ok

  41. billyboy says:

    Mayo, what the heck are you saying? No wonder you can’t get a job other then working in a drive through line. You can’t spell, write or even speak english. Dude where did you go to school in Dallas? or did you even finish school…no wonder America is in trouble.

  42. says:

    Well if you all feel this way:

    a) how or why did he get voted into office


    b) Now that’s he’s showing his true colors, when does the recall process start and where do I sign up?

    1. Carl the Truth says:

      Apparently you have no knowledge of the election process. People voted for him just as they did for Tom Delay and Mr. Weapons of Mass Destruction (George W. Bush) and just as they did for not ready for prime time Pres. Obama. I am thankful that we did not have to add Ms. Palin to that list.

      And you have no real idea of politics if you think you can do anything to influence Mr. Price’s disenfranchised district to not vote for him. He may not speak for all of the people in his district, but his voice is their voice.

      1. FTWguy-Thankfully says:

        Carl is correct. Mr Price will never be removed from office until another African-American democrat beats him in an election. His district is mostly African-American and a Hispanic or Caucasian does not stand a chance–just as in North Dallas(a mostly white neighborhood)an African-American would not stand a chance at winning an election. Until Dallas Cit Council unites to makes Dallas a better place instead of worrying about only their one little section of it, Dallas will remain only a shadow of what it once was.

  43. Albert Berman says:

    though two wrongs don’t make a right, why is everybody ignoring what mr. Turner repeatedly called him ???????

  44. ataupetulip says:

    Turner got what he deserved. He should have taken a different approach if he wanted a different outcome. Turner went in there with a racist approach. Turner was disrespectful–John Wiley got with him. No resignation necessary! End of story…. He got just what he deserved!

    1. Concerned says:

      How is what Turner said racist? If Chief Moolah is racist, please explain that one to me…

    2. Daniel says:

      Two wrong choices does not make it right. Both parties are clearly in the wrong and as a “Professional Elected Official” of Dallas County Mr. Price conducted himself unprofessionally! His actions are inexcusable and unacceptable.

  45. huh? says:

    What does Chief Moolah even mean? Am I missing something?

    1. Jim says:

      “Moolah” has always been a term used for “Money.” Such as, “He raked in the Moolah.” Not sure what was inferred by it’s use at the meeting. Chief money maker or something else…….

      1. huh? says:

        Wishing I was a Chief Moolah!

      2. I'm for Change says:

        I agree that moolah is slang for money. As this was a Commissioners’ Court meeting, they deal with the budget of Dallas County. It is they who determine where money is allocated, and the pay scale for County employees. Hence the decision by certain members of the Court to cut County employee pay by as much as 15% because a balanced budged cannot be reached. As the article explains, it is against policy to refer to the Commissioners by name, so different words were chosen. Since John Wiley Price is driven around Dallas with his name and picture emblazoned on more than one SUV, it is only natural for him to be seen, at the very least, as the figurehead of the Commissioners. Ergo, Chief Moolah

    2. vs says:

      Actually, the term he used was ‘cheif Mullah’ which refers to a person of Muslin decendant holding a high office.

  46. AdrianinDallas says:

    No one said anything when the white guy got up in front of the president and told him that he was a liar!! WHO DOES THAT … .

    1. Jim says:

      Who does that? Basically, anyone who sees a politician’s mouth move and hears words they speak. They all lie therefore, the term “liar” is synonymous with a politician speaking. Doesn’t matter if it is the POTUS or your high school student council president. Anything dealing with politics is full of untruths. I think the term used with the POTUS was “You Lie”, which if you want, could be the same as calling him a liar. He may not have been wrong when he made that statement. But then again, both of them were politicians………

    2. eljefe says:

      Uh actually they did Adrian. He was reprimanded by his own party. Plus it was all over the news for several weeks, but nice try.

    3. blitzkriegbopper says:

      It is not racist to call a liar a liar while he is lying.

  47. Concerned says:

    People who are in public office are expected to act in a manner that reflect that office. I think we can all agree that Price did not do that. Regardless of the whole 5-year old “he started it” argument, Price had no justifiable reason to react the way he did. The article clearly states that officials are not supposed to be called by their names. In using the Moolah name, the spearker was trying to make a point. It’s not as though he used a racial slur against Price, so in fact the first person to play the race card was Price when he says all of you are white. Price should be removed from office over this. You all KNOW that if the tables were turned, we’d see rioting in the streets…

    1. ataupetulip says:

      read my post (5th prior to yours)

    2. ataupetulip says:

      Point is, Turner’s approach was off. You get what you put out….

      1. Concerned says:

        Agreed that Turner probably should not have used that name, and he was probably trying to get Price to react. But unless you can give me some explanation on how that name is racist, I stand by my earlier comment that Turner DID NOT say anything racist. And, I will submit to you that even if he had, that Price, being an elected official, had the obligation to act with the responsibility of his position. That comes with the priviledge of public office (or should)

      2. JWP says:

        just speculating here, but the word may have been “mullah”- a Moslem teacher or interpreter of the religious law: used as a general title of respect for a learned man. Also can be spelled mollah.

    3. fxrs says:

      You can bet on that and John Willey would leading them.

    4. Jim says:

      The commissioner could have requested the individual to follow the rules of the session and if he did not, request to have him removed for not following protocol. Maybe he was baited by that man, but he responded inappropriately to a group of individuals based on the color of their skin, not to mention calling someone “Fat Boy” who was just standing near the area he was passing by. I think the term “Boy” also has inflammatory connotations with it. No matter what is said in the room, he gave up his right to respond back with personal inflammatory remarks when he was elected to that position. He failed to do so and should suffer the consequences.

      1. fxrs says:

        Never happen, I agree with you but it will not happen.

      2. CanUSayRoidRage says:

        What consequences? Compared to the stuff he has pulled over the years this is tame. John is actually getting more sedated over the years.

  48. Steve Eitel says:

    Nothing will be expected from Mr Price.Its how your raised as a Child.He must be a Democrat.

  49. Hap says:

    Price is known as the biggest crook in Dallas government that has never been caught. When competing for corporate moves against Dallas other Cities used to send video’s of Price’s racist antics. He is the worst thing ever to happen to Dallas County.

  50. edfromtexas says:

    And he’s always been one! And a narcisstic, sociopathic thug!!

  51. CanUSayRoidRage says:

    Why is anyone upset about this? From John Willey this is practically an I love you. At least he did not physically assault some one or destroy property. For John this is as good as it gets

  52. les says:

    what are you going to do now jwp ????? you are fried !!! let’s flood his office with phone calls and email asking for his removal !!!!!!! call the mayor to !! raise such a stink they won’t have any other choice than to get rid of him !!

  53. Randy says:

    He made it very clear that he doesn’t care what citizens have to say if they’re white. I wonder how long a white commissioner would remain in office if he stated he didn’t care what black citizens had to say. It’s long overdue for this double standard in government and media to stop and to hold all bigots accountable for their words and actions.

  54. J says:

    Dallas county… the can’t do county.

  55. Riley says:

    I had a friend who had a restaurant near downtown and were having problems with a fire inspection. $7,000 later it was solved – all he had to do is pay Price through his moo;ah intermediary.

  56. Mason says:

    Price is classless but he is definitely available to the highest bidder – alll cash please. Either pay him or be black and he is on your side.

  57. yokel says:

    Could you imagine if that was a white council member saying, “You’re all black. Go to hell.”? He’d be strung up in the streets and there would be riots. Hilarious!!

  58. bob says:

    The fact is, if a white guy had set the same thing about blacks in attendance, he would have been out of office and there would have been riots. In the modern day, far more blacks are racists than are whites. You can say this isn’t about racism, but I can guarantee you had the guy been white saying that it would have been taken as racist.

  59. MC Kenny says:

    You are Black and you can go to Hell!!!

    There should also be a poicy on no corn rows for city council men

  60. Adolpho Ruiz says:

    So…is anyone actually surprised over Price’s latest? He’s broken people’s arms, been stopped in a Ferrari loaned to him by a constituent. He is bought and paid for by his “constituents”…a total, complete embarrassment to Dallas County and the Republic of Texas!

  61. Stealing from the Whites says:

    Remember when Price body blocked the 70 year old jogger. What an animal.

  62. Judd says:

    This type of leadership in Dallas is the reason that Fort Worth has surpassed Dallas and as a city is far superior to Dallas.

  63. Vanessa says:

    Price has been like this for years – are we surprised?? Not at all. But oh my what would happen if a white man said “You are all black. Go to Hell.” hmmmm interesting.

  64. torntotio says:

    He said “YOU’RE ALL WHITE” WHEN jwp saw who wanted to ask him questions and THEN HE LEFT before making more insensitive remarks

    I know people who are “scale challenged” and they are very upset that JWP called that man “fat”
    you know how many people are hurting from that by an elected offical


    JWP needs to have the media all over him

  65. John says:

    with everything aside… if you were to tell a co-worker or customer to “go to hell”… would you not have time off or been fired???
    the answer is real simple and you know what that is…

  66. jansonny says:

    As soon as blacks feel comfortable in their own skin and call him out and white leftists stop apologizing for racist behaior from blacks, this will never be solved

  67. Georgia says:

    That’s funny stuff! I’m white and have loved watching him act this way for 20 yrs in Dallas politics. John’s true color…racist. The tape shows John not working hard for his district. Jumping up and running out of the room. Really? Nice tactic…yell a racist comment and run. I’ll laugh all day at this. Thanks John.

  68. Albert says:

    “All of you are white. Go to hell… too fat boy!” hahahaha shhh shhh shhh can you hear that? Thats the sound of his career going straight to hell. hahahaha

  69. B says:

    No, No….if he is removed , he goes back to picketing elementary schools. He is much less irritating as commissioner.

  70. Lee says:

    I think the writer in this story wrote moolah subconsciously knowing that Price had taken many bribes in his career. But the person that angered Price said mullah like an Islamic leader. Makes the story even funnier.

  71. will says:

    TOTALLY! thanks kristy and dubs for fighting racism w/ racism. You’ve never seen a white person on welfare? idiot

    1. Desert Storm 90 says:

      I agree with you Will. Not good Kristy not good, besides I doubt the minimum wage you are earning would contribute much anyway but thanks for the offer.

  72. Billy Y says:

    I hate that man. I used to wish he would be struck by a bus when he would impede traffic on NW Highway with his senseless little parades and protest speeches. Reverse racism at its best. There would be zero tolerance if a white person did something like that to his/her constituents, so the same should go for Price. Wish they would send him packing and tell him to go to Hell!

  73. mayazi says:

    keep him in the office if you want safe communities. You remove him and here trouble comes to your doors.
    i am black and can tell you what comes next.
    it is safe to keep him there.

    1. Ted says:

      Sounds like you feel he and possibly yourself are entitled to special treatment because of your skin color. How many other commenters felt the need to mention their skin color?

    2. Saywhat says:

      I think you are over estimating that.

  74. Ted says:

    Price needs to step down or be removed. He also needs to face criminal charges for racism.

  75. D. Nichols says:

    These citizens should file a police report listing Mr. Price as a suspect. His telling them to go to hell is harrassment. Also, they should file a class action lawsuite against Mr. Price, and the County Commisioners office. His actions were not as a private citizen, his actions were part of the Government. By doing these things, it would allow for the removal of him. His actions could be considered a taunt and provoking the citizens into an unwanted action…. classic case of Harrassment to me….. Sew him…..

  76. Mrs. Lehka says:

    We can all agree that the actions of Mr. Price were wrong regardless of your race. He should apologize, but to those of you who are name calling and calling him a racist it is just not right. So let’s pull the race card how many people that are on here calling him names have called other African Americans names because they did something they did not like. Mr. Price is in his position because of what he does for the African American community. If you watch the video all of the people were white (fact) the chocie of words afterwards is distasteful. He had a weak moment as we all do…

  77. laredo says:

    he did nothing wrong. we are all wrong and many bunch of evil guys on the street. we are all the same.he is not the only criminar in this town. if you are innocent from racial discrimination or other defamation sins, and not being a thief, please to and throw your first stone.

  78. For Freedom says:

    STOP! You are one of the most racist people I have seen on this site. 1. You speak about whites as if they are all racist, this is not true. I am black and have many friends that are white. 2. You speak as though you want to make whites slaves to all minorities. That is just wrong. You are the one that is arrogant, not the whites you speak of. 3. This country is about freedom and even though we have a long way to go it cant be repaired by people like you regardless of color or race.

    1. Paul Burrough says:

      “What they can’t take is that blacks are too educated for they.”


  79. Lisa says:

    One of the biggest problems for Dallas..John Wiley Price. He is bringing Dallas to its knees, he is the worst kind of racist.

  80. jack says:

    White, Black, Brown or Purple elected offical should not talk like that to the public. I’m glad I live in Tarrant county. You don’t hear anything like this coming out of our commissioners court. We are more civilized on this side of the Metromess.

  81. Fab says:

    If 2011 has not brought in enough civilization and maturity I’m not sure what will. If you don’t like name calling don’t start.

  82. Darby says:

    Can someone please educate me on how the word “moolah” (or mullah – whichever) is a racist word? I always thought it was just a slang term that means “money”, and Googling it as Mr. Price suggested yielded just that definition, and nothing else. :/

    1. Darby says:

      Seriously – not a rhetorical question. Is there a “racist” meaning to the word “moolah/mullah”, or is Mr. Price relying on people believing is must be racist slang just because he says Google will prove it, and hoping they won’t actually check it out for themselves?

  83. Daniel says:

    This exchange between an Elected Official of Dallas County (Mr. Price) and the members of Dallas County who were present is inexcusable at best! You can throw the 1st Amendment out there for discussion all you want but, Racism has no place in our Government. Mr. Price could have turned this situation in his favor but decide to travel the easy road and stoop to the level of Mr. Turner. Mr. Price had the opportunity to be a “Professional Elected Official” and lead by example but he displayed what so many politicians do these days and forget about there Oaths to their respected offices. Not to mention the fact that they have been elected “By the People for the People” and that has got to end for America to pull it self out of these hard times and move forward. Every Politician should be putting their constituents 1st and not themselves (which appears a task that is to great to accomplish) for a better America and a better society in general. I’m just an “Average American” with a small voice but when vote in our elected officials they are the ones who should be making our voices heard. This video of todays events in the Dallas County Commissioners court is just another example of our elected officials falling short of their promises and duties to their elected posts.

    1. D. Nichols says:

      I agree with everything you said here. One thing to note, the 1st Amendment does not apply to Mr. Price, while he is sitting on the board. IF after the meeting was concluded and he stepped away from his post, then the 1st Amendment would apply. I say that only because while he sits on the councel, everything he does and says is acting for the county or the Government. So by him replying the way he did, he was acting for the county, so it could be argued that the county was telling these citizens to “go to hell”. I agree with you, this was unprofesional, and uncalled for.

    2. vs says:

      Here Here

  84. R says:

    And this wasn’t just on the local news, but the national news.
    JWP and his followers are too stupid to see how they’ve destroyed businesses coming into Dallas County. All around our neighboring cities, but not diumb enough
    to come into the county and have pathetic racists like this man messing in their business. What a complete ass and fool he is, but to damn angry to see the bigger picture.

    And as far as your comments, Mayo, more black babies. Honey, everyone from all races know how you people drop the black babies, most never having a father, and most not even from the same man.

    This town has DETROIT written all over it. What a shame, as it was once a great city. Minority run now and going to hell in as basket faster than the speed of light, you bunch of idiots !!

  85. Nancy says:

    Wha???!! The only thing I got out of your comment was “YOU HATE WHITE PEOPLE”!!!

    1. eljefe says:

      I know Nancy. I was reading that train wreck of a comment trying to discern some meaning. Mayo, please tell me youre being facetious and youre really not this dumb.

  86. Bill Davis says:

    We should be the one to tell him to go to hell,who does he think he is.We pay him he doesn’t pay us,he just takes

  87. James says:

    if that dark skin man knew how to use good English he probably would But being as ignorant as he is what maore can you expect for a darki man that is so full of bitterness and hate. why not go get your skin bleached

  88. Juana says:

    Someone needs to send that MF’er to hell!! VOTE HIM OUT!!

  89. Jack imhoff says:

    John Wiley Price is an institution. He’s been there forever.
    He is an example of an ignorant constituency that thinks their black candidate can do no wrong as long as he is black. Issues don’t matter, conduct doesn’t matter. The only thing that matters is that he is black. Just like Eddie Bernice Johnson giving Federal Scholarships to her own relatives. Just as long as she is black, she’ll keep getting votes!

  90. Ed says:

    Price should be removed from his position by the State

  91. Pete says:

    People’s places of birth or skin colors don’t make any difference to me. What I entirely disagree with is when people abuse their positions of authority and/or indiscriminately pull the “race card”, saying that any opposition to their viewpoint is just racism.

    Incidentally, I’d totally vote for Rev. Lovell to replace Mr. Price if I were given the choice!

  92. winn says:

    Why does everything have to come down to race????? Mr. Price should have been gone a long time ago, he is the one that makes it about race and then blames everyone else. He is nothing but a jerk, had he been white and talked to a black person that way, better watch out. This is about people, not race, I don’t care what color he is, he does not belong in office, but the stupid people of Dallas keep putting him back in.

  93. JUSTHERE says:

    Hey Mr.Mayo….
    Could you at least learn some proper English and grammar and learn to form a complete and legible sentence? and for goodness sake! Utilize the spell check PLEASE! If you’re going to bombard the message board!! Your rambling is giving all of us a headache!

  94. char says:

    John Wiley Price Tells Citizens To “Go To Hell”
    then makes a racist remark about why only whites signed up. If this was a white congressman referring to blacks in the same context would it be bigger news? Is this the revolution of reverse racism?

  95. Sam says:

    Pay up and go to his black tie gala every year and he will give you the keys to the County. It is the only way to insure continued access to County business. No pay no stay as they say.

  96. llg says:

    I agree 100% he is very much a racist always has been, he needs to take his own advise and go to H—-, he is a thorn in the side of Dallas-what a pitiful excuise for a heman!!

  97. r says:

    Mayo, what about dem cornrows ?
    You’re too stupid to know that the more uneducated black babies and hispanics like yourself will only drive the remaining white to the prosperous (Can you even say prosperous and not Welfare) and beautiful suburbs that are booming because that’s where businesses are going, not to Dallas County. Mayo, all you will have left is slums. But, of course, that’s probably all you seek to attain in life, you racist little welfare trash. The saddest thing is that you don’t want more for your life !!

  98. Derrick G says:

    Whats so wrong with a black man speaking his mind? Thats the problem you want him out because he is a black man that’s not afraid to speak up. If it were reversed and a black member of the audience addressed the white board members as “Whitey” or “King Pilgim” ,they would be upset also. He asked him to not to call him that, but he proceeded with it, so he got what he deserved.

  99. charlie p says:

    Perhaps its time for Price to go to jail like so many other black Dallas co crooks holding public offices.

    1. Ralph Smith says:

      Dallas is ghettofabulous!

  100. Rosita G says:

    I applaud John Wiley Price and I think he is one of the best county commissioners Dallas County ever had. We need more commissioners like him so Dallas County won’t have a “DO NOTHING COMMISSION”. If Commissioner Price did not speak up for himself this afternoon then no one would hear him not even GOD. Mr. Price ask the citizen to address him by his name and he/she chose not to do so. It was obvious these citizens knew what they were doing by calling Mr. Price chief moolah. Hooray for Mr. Price! By the way all you racists got what you deserve when the ice storm hit Dallas/Fort Worth during the week before the Super Bowl. You are so arrogant and greedy and you forgot MOTHER NATURE is in charge of everything and she did not care about the Super Bowl. You better listen and look at all the signs.

    1. passingthru says:

      WHAT IN THE WORLD does an ice storm and the Super Bowl have to do with someone being a racist????

    2. I'm for Change says:

      It is ignorance such as this which keeps this man in office. While the county faces a $7 – $11 million dollar shortfall, we have someone with a fleet of SUV’s, wrapped in personal advertisements for a County Commissioner. He is a man who is only concerned with making a name for himself, instead of making the community a better place. Why do certain people pay all the respect in the world to someone who is only interested in themselves?

      And as far as the bad weather Dallas suffered in the past weeks, what of John Wiley Price’s comment, “I’d see that every employee of Dallas County that stayed home had their power cut off?” Looks like mother nature isn’t the only one unconcerned with the people of Dallas

    3. wondering William says:

      Did you fall on your head as a baby ? Or more recently?

  101. Dennis Hoppe says:

    Google shows that there are, in fact, several companies with the name “Moolah” in them. Moolah Works, Moolah Media, other contextual meanings are “money”.. ie.. “show me the moolah” .. a chief… and the name of a WWF wrestler.. soooooooooooooo.. someone PLEASE tell me just how he made this HUUGGGGGGEEEEEEEEEE leap that this was a racist remark. In the context that it was used.. it appeared to me that it was entirely meant to mean.. “The person in charge”.. ie. president, CEO, committee chariman, or whatever actual title would apply.

  102. Ralph Smith says:

    Where is the Dallas Police here? The Dallas Police should have arrested Price for disturbing the peace!!! The Chief of Police should be held accountable. John Wiley Price wanted to meet in the “back alley”. This would infer that one could be entering a dangerous condition of this wild man John Wiley Price. Don’t’ give us you “Black Card” Price……remember the leg/ankle you broke years ago? Your pathetic and should me immediately removed. Don’t give me this Diversity garbage. You are a diverse idiot and the backlash will put you out of Dallas. The Chief of Police should be held accountable. John Wiley Price wanted to meet in the “back alley”. This would infer that one could be entering a dangerous condition of this wild man John Wiley Price. Don’t’ give us you “Black Card” Price……remember the leg/ankle you broke years ago? Your pathetic and should me immediately removed. Don’t give me this Diversity garbage. You are a diverse idiot and the backlash will put you out of Dallas.

  103. biffula says:

    Anyone who doesnt think Price is a racist is kidding themselves. Just go back and look at his record over the decades. In the 80’s he was a regular Quanell X. But because he’s black he gets a pass. If he were white he would have been gone from the Dallas city council 20 years ago.

  104. James Seawolf says:

    I see Ole Johnny BOY showed his tyrue racist mindset aand beliefs. Might be time to replace him with someone who truelly cares for ALL citizens of Dallas County, not just the non whites.

  105. cycle says:

    Price and Perry leave me feeling embarrassed for TX.

  106. Justpassingthru says:

    If you want Mr.Price out, make it known with your representatives. It’s obvious that Mr.Price lacks the class to conduct himself as a steward of Dallas County and be a positive representative for the city. It’s a shame that people all over the country can connect his name with the city of Dallas and NOT in a postive manner either! Racism is still very alive and well in every single ethnic group, no matter if you’re black, white, asian, hispanic. The one thing we all have in common and we all seem to forget is we’re ALL humans no matter what color our skin color is and we all should be treating each other as we’d want to be treated. Class is the one thing that seperates the trashfrom the civil. and I’m not talking Lower/Middle/Upper, Im talking about self respect for ourselves, our children and those we interact with. If you’re not part of the solution, you’re obviously part of the problem. I dont even reside in Dallas and am thankful every day that I don’t when I turn on the news, its’ always someone or something stinking up the name…corruption runs deep and no entity is safe anymore.

  107. Greg Sutton says:

    I left Dallas for Collin county.I am never returning.Price is typical of big city,big headed and corrupt politicians.

  108. MSAnders says:

    this is why Dallas is a joke with regards to crime and schooling. They allow idiots that don’t have the vocabulary skills to confront the public. All they can come up with is name calling and let’s go outside (high school games). John Wiley Price is a joke plain and simple. I will never live in the city of Dallas until they can clean up these crooks and thugs. He John Wiley Price don’t go north of 635 we might just show you a thing or two. Stay in the hood where you belong.

  109. Doris Beaty Spivey says:

    Stop the madness people, I am a 63 year old woman who has lived the majority of my life here in Dallas, i know John personally. He is really a nice person but just like myself he has seen so much ugliness in this city when it come to race it just makes a body sick. White people like practice racism without being called on it, the minute a black person says anything about this ugliness then we are so wrong. I don’t think we will ever get over this race thing, so what do is handle it on a day to day basis, dishing out whatever that needs to be said or done to make the person or persons aware that they have gone too far. As in whupass, verbal retaliation, or just going over their heads to the proper authorities.

  110. concerned dallas resident says:

    moolah [ˈmuːlɑː]
    (Economics, Accounting & Finance / Banking & Finance) a slang word for money

    dont see how that could be considered racist at ALL

    1. Molly N says:

      I agree. Apparently he had a problem with the scientific term “Black Hole” in 2008.

  111. V. Gray says:

    He has always been a racist. That’s why his district keep voting him back in office. That’s their mentality. He hates whites and they hate whites. Equality isn’t what most like him want. They want superiority. Move to north Dallas and run for office and we’ll take care of you. You cause a bad reflection on all the commissioners.

  112. John P says:

    Price said to them, “All of you are white. Go to hell!”

    But John Wiley Price will tell you everyone else is a racist, not him. Can you imagine if the roles were reversed and a WHITE member of the court made such an offensive comment? There would be rioting in the streets.

    1. I'm for Change says:

      Offensive comment? How about a scientific one? Remember when John Wiley Price raised hell about a white man in a meeting using the term ‘a paperwork black hole’ for a department? John Wiley Price made national news by becoming very indignant with the man, wondering why the department “had to be black? Why is black negative?” Lets forget any kind of rational or calm thought process. Instead, we want to call out someone for using the WORD black, but telling white people they can go to hell. Yes, that seems like someone who should hold office…

  113. Lefty Lefty says:

    Wow!! Really ? He says ‘“All of you are white. Go to hell!” , and someone posting comment here has the true ignorance to say this wasn’t about race , or Price is not a racist ??? As a county commissioner , it does not matter about his previous encounters or his short fuse. As a public official (any color) , he should be be removed from office immediately as he demonstrated overt racism in a public forum while performing his public duties. This should not be tolerated at all in today’s society . People of Dallas, make this man be accountable for what he has proven to be over the years. A bully and a bigot. The country was ready to remove a President from office because of a stained dress, I think the least Dallas County could do, is remove an official who publicly incites racial disharmony with idiotic rhetoric and absurd thoughts. I think if someone goes to Hell , they will probably see Mr.Price paying for his hurtful and asinine attitude.
    People of Dallas, use the internet, let’s get this fool out of office. He should not see any colors in his position , instead focusing on Dallasites and county residents regardless of ethnicity .

  114. Molly Nygren says:

    Commissioner Price first achieved national prominence when he made a racial issue out of the scientific term “black hole” back in 2008.
    I tried searching for Chief Moolah being a racial slur and I couldn’t find it. I might be wrong. But he might be a little sensitive when he is trying to change scientific terms.

    1. Sean D says:

      Have you had many racial slurs thrown your way? Mullah has 2 separate connotations that involve race Mullah is an Muslim educated in religious law and doctrine, usually holding an official post.

      Why would you continue to use Chief Mullah in an antagonizing fashion other to imply that being educated is something of a novelty for a black man.

      Secondly, Mullah is extremely close to Mooley, which has no other connotation.

      1. Darby says:

        That’s ridiculous! First of all, if the man who used the term “chief moolah” meant “Mullah” – a Muslim scholar – it wouldn’t make any sense. “Chief Moolah”, in reference to the one who holds the monetary power, makes more sense. The man himself explained that that’s what he meant, and it makes sense in context.

        Or, is that man a liar, and he really did mean “Muslim scholar”? If so, that wouldn’t make any sense at all, and more importantly, HOW WOULD THAT BE INSULTING? You’re theory that it was meant antagonistically to imply that being educated is rare for a black man is completely absurd, but it sure gives some insight into how YOU think. Good grief!

  115. Sean D says:

    I am a fat white man. I am not offended. The man was defending racist behavior of others and then acts completely shocked to be associated with their actions. John Wiley is a opinionated black male, and many of us white people can not handle that. If there is a court rule stating that public speakers con not address individual commissioners by name, than yes, Mr. Price was wrong in asking the speaker to do so. However, the speaker (and apparently a good portion of our community by reading most of these comments) was out of line and knew very well what he was doing by antagonizing Mr. Price.

    I realize that most people reading this will disagree, but answer me this. Why is it acceptable for the audience members to act in a blatant racist manner, and not acceptable for Mr. Price to be upset?

    Could the situation have been handled more delicately for everyone’s gentle white sensibilities? Yes. Was the reaction that was received EXACTLY what these antagonizing racist jack wagons where hoping for and expecting to happen? Yes!

    1. bobbalou piscou says:

      Ummmm, the report indicated that it was indeed against the rules to refer people there by name, so you shot your own argument down in the first few sentences of your post. Your idea of blatant is apparently different than other views. Mr.Price’s statement was blatant (no room for misunderstanding) , the speaker’s comments were probably petty, but yet not blatant. I do not care if you are a fat white or green man, you fail to get your mind around the reality here that JWP acted in an aggressive ( big surprise) manner and used his public placement to openly try to stir the pot with BLATANT racial remark. I wished someone would call me Chief Moolah , because in my 50 plus years , the only meaning I have known for Moolah is MONEY. Is it possible the speaker was referring to something about money and the way JWP deals with this aspect of his public office ?????

    2. Darby says:

      Blatent racism on part of the audience? I think it’s been pretty well established that the term “head moolah” refers to one in charge of the money. I’ve Googled, as per Mr. Price’s suggestion, and cannot find ANYTHING racist about the word “moolah”!

      Mr. Price uses the race defense all the time, whether there’s anything racist to respond to or not. It’s a nice little trick to deflect the issue at hand, when it’s not going a way he likes. That’s not an honest way to deal with things, and I cannot respect such tactics being used by ANYONE.

      1. Sean D says:

        I’m sure everyone has looked extensively to find any racist tones to Mullah. It is a version of an Italian racist slur that has been used to disparage black Italians and black people in general.

      2. Cleay says:

        Concur – when I do the following query on Google, I get very few (4) results – not one of them showing an intent to slur, let alone racially slur anyone, Italian or otherwise. Here’s the query: “chief moolah” -price -“all of you are white”

        Claims require evidence, Mr. Price. Show us one historical instance where Italians have been slurred as Chief Moolah and what it means. Just one. In my decades of adult life, I never ONCE heard that slur directed to anyone. But I’ll tell you one slur that does fit Mr. Price: putz.

    3. Molly N says:

      He states that “Cheif Moolah” is a racial slur. I can’t find that anywhere on the internet to confirm his allegations. He didn’t like the term black hole in 2008 because he thought it was too racist. I can understand if someone said the N word to him and he reacted that way. Can you find me a resource about the term “Cheif Moolah” being racist ?

    4. uraracist says:

      Your obiously a black racist like price.

  116. Thomas says:

    I dont know who is most ignorant, JWP or the people who keep voting this insult to Dallas County, back into office. I am sure glad I live in Tarrant County…By the way, I am black and I don’t like him. He is an embarrassment to our race. .

  117. David says:

    Time to THROW this POS called John Wiley Price in the garbage compactor!

    Some of you YELLOW COWARDS in Dallas just don’t understand the difference between COLOR & CHARACTER!

  118. rob says:

    Moolah is middel eastern Mr.Price and is still used in some context.It does mean the cheif or head of an organization.Get your facts straight.
    And as far as price being racist?Is that news?

  119. Ivehadit says:

    Price has done nothing but cause problems with the county courts for years, I mean years and years, 10 of years ago, 20 to 20 years ago. He should be removed from office asap. He’s a racist who would not stand for someone to say “Your black and go to hell”. I say to him, “Go to hell”.

  120. CDW626 says:

    JWP has been this way WAY too long. Here’s my story:
    I happened to be in downtown, a several yrs ago, when JWP was doing something there (don’t have any idea what it was). Me and few guys came up as he finished talking and two of us, me and my buddy (who is black) made our way pretty close as he started shaking some of the peoples hands. Needless to say I was one of the few whites there, other than press and sev others. He shook my buddy’s hand and once he got to me he looked me straight in my eyes, paused and went to shake the hands of the people next to us. I looked at my bud (who really looked up to him before this) as he frowned and said jokingly “I guess he doesn’t like white people.” It made him so mad he told one of the reporters what happended who said, “thats not new news, but we’ll get torn apart if we try to report it. Besides, he’ll just deny it happened.”

    WOW! Well now he can’t deny anything, because it’s ALL right there on T.V.!! He talks all the time about how much he despises racists, but he is just as guilty. What makes it worse is he is he is a public figure being two-faced. If the tables were turned and it was a white commisioner up there, he would have been all over the guy, and would have had the NAACP and Al Sharpton there to, till he was forced to resign.

    Mr. Price, you need to do the right thing and practice what you preach, sir. It’s time to draft that letter up. If you need assistance, I can help you. You see, even though you wouldn’t shake my hand, I will still shake yours.

  121. TCookie says:

    “Moolah” pertains to money – not a racial slur. I believe it’s use by the citizen was meant to mean the King of the Money possibly inferring “good ole boy system, backroom deals, special interests, even maybe corruption. The concept that politicians serve special interests, care about lining their own pockets with money, and are corrupt is unfortunately a very common concept these days regardless of the politician’s race.

    However, Price’s comment, “All of you are white. Go to hell!” is clearly racist and should be completely unacceptable for any elected official to say, most certainly to a citizen they are supposed to be serving in their elected capacity.

    Price should be “called on the carpet” for this comment and his continued tirade. Racial slurs by elected officials to any race should not be tolerated.

  122. Gary Osborn says:


  123. Jerry Smith says:

    Judging by the responses here, it would appear that the Tea Baggers were successful in their attempt to race-bait. Regardless of what one may think of Mr. Price, the question is begged (yet never answered by the Tea Bagger defense team) as to why the Tea Bagger representative used not-very-covert racial languages in the first place. I would imagine that their arguments hold very little merit on their own accords if they reduce their position to baiting and angering a public official.

    My education taught me that an argument stands or falls on its own merits, that the use of pejoratives (and selective definitions don’t cut it here, ladies and gentlemen– we know what the term “mullah:” directly implied in this context, regardless of one’s defenses for it, as we also know the context of “tribal” being thrown around– again, context is everything) reduces any position to a loss, regardless of the elation one might feel at having successfully used racial slurs to bait a public official. But then again, that appears to be the Tea Bagger’s modus operandi– racism, denial of it, and then play the victim. Paul Kennedy writes of this happening in Berlin in 1933-1936.

    1. Darby says:

      From what I understand (conceding I could be wrong, because I haven’t heard the whole meeting), the topic was money. “Moolah” has long been a slang term for money. If there’s a racist component to this word, it’s SO OBSCURE, it would be a reach to imagine anyone with half a brain cell thinking it would be a good word to use for race-baiting. Your argument is spurious.

      Your use of “tea bagger” to refer to a someone in the tea party might similarly be considered “baiting”.

    2. Wrgnld6 says:

      Well said!!!

    3. wrgnld6w says:

      Very Well Said!!!

    4. wrgnld6w says:

      In response to Jerry Smith…Great Comment!!!

  124. Chester L says:

    I have lived in Dallas for over 20 years. I know so many smart, hard-working, talented people that live here. Why is it that our City Council and School Boards are full of the biggest idiots you’ve ever seen!!!!!!! The last 10 years or more of Dallas politics has been a joke!!! Come on Dallas!!!! We can elect better people than this!!!!

  125. tleh says:

    TITLE: “John Wiley Price Tells Citizens To “Go To Hell””

    If roles reversed TITLE : “White Racist Commissioner tell Black Citizens to “Go To Hell”

    AND Price says the Media in this town is “one sided”… I think i agreed.

  126. D.Burns says:

    When I read the title I thought of Price right off the bat…and sure enough it was him. Now had this been a white man saying “TO ALL YOU BLACK PPL, GO TO HELL”…..he would have been fired & removed from the room.

  127. Deborah says:

    How much longer is Dallas county going to put up with JWP? He is an open racist. When he was protesting a local TV station many of us may remember him breaking the windshield wiper off of a woman’s car as she was entering the parking lot. He scared the begeebies out of her. What did he get for that? Just more press coverage and a slap on the wrist. He has done so many things, to numerous to mention here.

  128. Rourke says:

    Parent failure evident. If you get upset over a name, you are a child. Period. Why certain people get hurt widdle feewins is sad. Elected officials HAVE to listen to all complaints of speakers, including insults. Goes with the territory. You can’t just get up and leave just because they are all white. Expect more complaints from the Dallas citizenry at the next meeting for the mishandling of this one.

  129. MarkTheMeS says:

    In his statement, Price says, “‘Chief Moolah’ has its roots in a slang that was used against Italian immigrants and was later used by the same to defame or discredit African Americans.” I can’t find a single reference to the term “Chief Moolah” online. Does anyone know if this is true at all and have any proof from anywhere of that term being “racist”? I’m only talking about “Chief Moolah” here, not the correction that appears in the updated version of this story, “Chief Mullah”. MeS™

  130. Pedro Largo says:

    If he had a problem with one person calling him a name that he considered racist then why would he say “you are all white” that has nothing to do with one person. I have heard the term Mullah in the past, and I have never connected it with anything other than a Muslim cleric who controls a tribe in a Muslim country.

    Price is a jerk. He shouldn’t be were he is. There are so many good people of all races that would lead Dallas County well. Unfortunately Price isn’t one of them.

    It is disgraceful and he should be ashamed to speak to a reverend the say he did and then to make an overt threat of “meet me around back.”


  131. Tea Party American says:

    JWP is a dying breed. He and all his other friends who have built a career on yelling racisum and black plight are on their way out. That is why he is so scared. Since the Tea Party came alive and more and more people are joining the movement, people like JWP are on their way out. You cant sell racisum to real Americans. The kind of American who loves their country and dont find a thing wrong with it except we have some anti-American socialist trying to destroy it any way they can. People like JWP dont care a thing about their fellow blacks, not unless they can further his agenda. Blacks who are members of the Tea Party hate blacks like JWP. He and all people like him are destroying their county. I know because I have met them at our events. Dont worry. JWP wont be around much longer. He is too angry and he will do himself in with that hate and anger.

  132. American says:

    Racism on either side needs to stop. I wasnt here when blacks were treated horribly. Sorry it happened, but I never owned any person, my family never did either. For the scars of racism to heal we must start from TODAY and move forward for ALL people. I dont think Price can be healed from his hatred of whites, so probably needs to step down and find another way to get the attention he so desperately wants. lets get down to business and what really matters are the people, all people in Dallas County.

  133. lhegwood says:

    Why do Blacks have to be racist when they speak up for themselves…..white people can’t just say what they want to blacks or any other race like they use too. This is 2011. Call it YOUR right or WROG all day but its a NEW DAY and people like YOU had better notice.

    1. Darby says:

      Why do blacks have to be racist when they speak up for themselves? Good question. Why DO they?

      Better question: Why does Mr. Price have to address EVERYTHING as a racist issue, whether it really is or not?

      Fact is, there are people of all races with the integrity to not respond to racism in kind, and certainly don’t respond as if something is a racist issue when in fact the issue is unrelated to race in the first place. THOSE are people I respect – not people like JWP.

      1. Doug says:

        “Better question: Why does Mr. Price have to address EVERYTHING as a racist issue, whether it really is or not? ”

        Because it’s what keeps him in power and he knows it, he’s been pulling this nonsense for three decades now and he’ll continue to because everyone knows if they point out Price is a racist he’ll scream racism until all the fools who constantly vote for him start a race riot in the city. So my advice is to get used to this idiot, he’s not going anywhere,

  134. Cole Younger says:

    He needs to go nowwwwwwwwwwwwwww dont need jerks like him in office .he probley stands in front of the mirrow every night trying to make himseld black is beautifull .he a raceies piggggggggggggg

  135. realamerican says:

    look at all of the lilly white hillbilly teabaggers on here commenting about a great leader and statesman. you can almost see the racism dripping from these teabaggers words. What a bunch of vile, uneducated hillbillys these teabaggers are. Most sane, educated americans just laugh at these insane john birch society teabaggers. Now all of you teabaggers better hurry up rush limpballs and glen conspiracy beck are starting, and you must get your talking points as you have never had a original idea or thought in your sorry existense.


    You white people just have to suck it up…’re loosing your control…whenever a black person speaks up and man up to you then you’re ready to vote them out of office. Well it don’t work like that any more. Do the name calling and anything else tou want to…but you can’t win like you use too. As for the one that stated “taking care of all those black babies”…what else do your white butts suppose to do for the blacks? They took care of y’all butt for HOW many years??? So please please get your FACTS CORRECT before you go knocking down one race to make the WHITE race on top. ALWAYS REMEMBER WHAT THE BIBLE SAY: “THE FIRST SHALL BE LAST AND THE LAST SHALL BE FIRST” GET READY GET READY. A CHANGE IS COMING!!!!

    1. Darby says:

      There’s a huge difference between “speaking up”, standing up for yourself, an ideal, or a whole people, and just plain bad behavior, and a hateful history does not justify a response in kind!

      As for the Biblical quote, I’d have a hard time believing that’s about blacks. Do you really think blacks are the only race that have suffered prejudice and oppression? There’s prejudice everywhere, in all cultures, and even between different factions of the same race. It’s ALL ridiculous, and none of it special or unique.

      That said, those in this thread who’ve expressed racist sentiments should be ashamed of themselves. Best response to them, though, is to ignore them – not to feed their ignorant fires. Such as they obviously aren’t open to rational dialog, and won’t consider a different viewpoint. Best not to give them the time of day.

    2. Slainte says:

      You can’t be on top until you get an education…there are so many grammatical errors in your comment, I don’t even know where to begin. Just so you know, the jews were slaves thousands of years before the blacks, plus they were victims of genocide (look it up), so I’d say they probably deserve to be “on top” before you.

    3. WCM says:

      I don’t see much of a change to be honest with you. Yes, we have a black man as our president because a bunch of bleeding heart white people voted for him but, has the situation improved at all in the black community? No. And it will not improve until you come up with something better than simply blaming ‘whitey’ for your failings. It is not my fault, or that of any other white person, that your communities are filled with high school drop outs, people hooked on drugs, single moms having entire litters of illigitimate children and the fathers nowhere to be found. You can blather on all you want about how whites need to suck it up or how we don’t run things like we used to. The only reason blacks run our cities (They’ve done a great job in places like Detroit!) is because whites, who pay most of the taxes, have departed and let you have them – all you have done is ruin them. When I was growing up in Dallas, we had great public schools and a high graduation rate – that was back when our schools were about 50% white. Now that the DISD is about 10% white, the schools are failing – it might be that mr. price’s counterparts who run the DISD have not done such a great job. As for your president, he will be out of a job in 2012 – there is a change you can count on.

      1. Will - NC says:

        You are exactly right. In my opinion another of President Obama’s shortcomings is his willing failure to remind blacks of who the raciest are in this country. Every single one of them should be ashamed of all that you mention in your comment. But let one of them attempt to tell it like it is, IE. Herman Cain, Justice Thomas or Bill Cosby and they are called Uncle Toms.
        A great majority of the white people in this country want to do the right thing but sadly blacks who feel the same way are ignored by the black community.

  137. Jim Kelly says:

    What a Joke this self enthralled County Commissioner is. He needs to go. He is a bruise on the Butt, of this County.

  138. mark says:

    Price is an idiot. Chief Moolah was not even the right word. Moolah=money. Turner says that he was saying Chief Mullah. Mullah=Muslim cleric. So, was it Chief Money? Or Chief Islamic Cleric? Either way, Price confused Mullah/Moolah with Moulie which IS a racist term. But, Price is once again looking for an excuse to play on race–black hole comment anyone? Well Johnboy, here’s your chance. MOULIE! MOULIE! MOULIE! Come on over and jump on MY van and pull on MY wipers you MOULIE P.O.S. Dallas County please get rid of this guy!

    1. MarkTheMeS says:

      Thanks, mark. I think you’ve pretty much answered the question I posted earlier. I’d still like to hear from anyone that can find a reference to “Chief Moolah”, but Price probably was thinking of “Moulie”, since he only seems to hear through a racial-filter. I’m surprised he wasn’t questioning the power plant problems of the week before the North Texas Super Bowl with, “Why’s it got to be a ‘black’out?” After all, snow caused the problem and snow is white … MeS™

  139. bill says:

    mr price has been causing trouble in dallas for ever he is one big fool and fools relect him so live with it

  140. lella says:

    He did good to respond.Why is it everybody including the media got surprised or shocked? Is it because Price was black & because he doesn’t have to raise his voice to a white man?
    People are making it like we gotta follow these business places where a white customer calls you names & gets away with it or get you fired for talking back or where 1 white customer’s complaint is enough to change any blacks or foreigners’ familly dreams for the worst.

  141. Be Reel!!! says:

    What do JWP posed to do? He was just KEEPS In IT REEL!!! Dog!
    He are man downtowns!!!!

  142. dici says:

    1) JWP said nothing racist. He responded to the implied racist name-calling from Jeff Turner. Turner initiated the name-calling and tries to justify it by referencing mullahs in the Middle East. He gives a condescending white supremacist definition of what a mullah is. A mullah is a respected educated man of theology and law. Turner did what many whites do, and turned it into a derogatory term. He was specifically and directly racist, implied and otherwise. JWP reacted to this in self-defense. It would’ve been better to kick Turner out/cut him immediately off for using another culture’s religious title in an intended derogatory and prejudicial way. I see now why JWP said “you’re all white” – he was pointing out the racist attack.

    2) As far as Bruce Sherbert, I see he had done something seriously wrong that was the most fundamental part of his job. He had $2 million unused fund from the Get Out the Vote Act, and JWP exposed this and that Dallas was among 10 counties in TX that had NO voter increase since 1998! JWP points that out as well as the fact that this has happened while the demographics of Dallas have changed substantially since 1998. That is an extremely serious infraction because it has denied equal access to voting and voting registration to essentially a majority non-white population. That is unequivocally institutionalized and system white supremacy racism.

    I didn’t know any of this until I researched this. There is something wrong with thinking that someone is so sacred that he should have ultimately control over a position and a process for 23 years. That is undemocratic and suspiciously like a good ol’ boy system where there are no objective checks and balances. Besides, he’s just an employee like all of is and is expendable like all of us.

    He wasn’t fired but after learning all this I think there could have been justification to fire him for this grave infraction. Afterall, TX is a right to fire state and he should be no more special than any of us but had a huge responsibility that actually harmed a democratic system where all should have equal and fair access to vote. He was lucky he was given the right to resign.

    It is too bad too many people can’t separate their personal and favoritism feelings for him from an objective, fact-based job performance review. The fact that most/all of his supporters appeared White while the voters most hurt were non-White, tells me he should have been let got long ago.

    1. Concerned says:

      Point number 1 is ABSOLUTELY WRONG! Even if he said what he said in “self defense” as you call it, it is still a racist comment. You may be able to explain why he said it, but the reason doesn’t change the FACTS.

      And as to the Moolah or Mullah or whatever comment- I guarantee that if you ask 100 people on the street what that means, (without a google search) NONE of them would say it is a racist comment.

      In order for a slur to be a slur, people need to know and understand that it is a slur. By most people’s definition, I could decide tomorrow that the word “duck” is now a racist comment and I could start calling people ducks all day long. If so, would any of you consider that racist?

      Price decided himself that this comment was racist, and then decided that it was fine to retaliate in a manner that we all KNOW is racist. What he said is a fact, and there is no disputing it.

  143. Mrs. Lehka says:

    For your information white people are on welfare to… You sound really uneducated o and racist

  144. Desert Storm 90 says:

    I am a United States Army Vet and I have never felt the desire let alone an obligation to post a comment prior to now. Mr. Price should be removed from office immediately, not because he is African American and not because ” if this had been a white person…”. for the simple fact that his actions were wrong. He has always displayed this type of behavior over and over. Maybe he has done some good in the past, maybe he hasn’t, don’t know and frankly I do not CARE! How can a PERSON of his demeanor be allowed to hold a seat in any form of politics? He shouldn’t. We as a people, a nation, should demand better from our elected officials. “garbage in – garbage out.

    1. Desert Storm 90 says:


  145. Stetsonpete says:

    I’ve always pondered why is it Asians ,Korean, Vietnamese, Etc. can move into deteriorated Black neighborhoods and start Business’s and make them work , when Black’s can’t ? ..Also very few speak English and this is a whole new World that they know nothing about accept that ” If you try ( WORK ) hard enough you will succeed ” . You talk about race’s that have been mis-treated ! and never complained !………. and for J W P asking ? why is only White people here ! ” Well it’s probally because they give a “damn” !

    1. Roosevelt Nelson says:

      I am a hard working African AMERICAN male and I care but I cannot be there during the daytime, because my work hours are from 7am till 3:30pm. Please tailor your message to exclude generalizations and include facts.

  146. SAMMRIA says:


  147. Teri says:

    Mr Turner was clearly insulting Mr Price as a result he did receive that response. Why would someone go to Commisioner’s Court and deliberately insult a commissioner???? Mr Price is against racial comments and unfortunetly this was the outcome…

  148. Sparkpep says:

    Check out and click on “media” to see a side of this man that is hostile to others. He has a chip on his shoulder and a grudge against some of his fellow Americans. He is unashamedly one sided in his representation of the county. I realized this soon after moving here two years ago. He is not for everyone and I hope he has the decency to apologize for his outburst. I think to still play the “slave” card is an insult to those Afircan Americans that have overcome their trials and tribulatiions. He acts like he can say anything and get away with it. Moolah or Mullah a racist word? Is he such a child that he still worries about catching cooties? GROW UP and MAN UP and apologize.

  149. D. Smith says:

    Mr. Mullah….JWP…..or whatever name he goes by nowadays, needs to move on down the road and quit taking fulll advantage of his position to further his own agenda. If he had one ounce of Ron Kirk’s leadership abilities and vision, Dallas would be a much better place to live for all races. Instead……everything is an argument……everything is a drawn-out debate…….everything involves a shouting match……and ultimately, there is always very little progression in the right direction for Dallas.

  150. Ed says:

    Blacks generally have no shame. So not surprised.

  151. Behind the Spark says:

    John Wiley Price should lose his job for saying “All of you are white. Go to hell!”. I agree that the person talking to him should not have made a racial slur, but he is not in a leadership role. John Wiley Price is representing the county of Dallas and in a leadership rold. I for one do not want to be hated by my leaders. I said the same thing about white people that made racial slurs… they should not be in that position if they are racist or make racial remarks because it is an underlying attitude.
    NPR Analyst Loses Job Over Muslim Comments ..Florida police chief loses job teaching ethics over racist emails ….Weatherman loses job for on-air ‘slip’ … Rob Blair on Sunday, a day after he made an on-air racial slur ….
    What makes John Wiley Price different. He should lose his job. The man he was attacking was well deserved, but he said “All of you are white. Go to hell!”. and that is a racial slur to all whites…regardless.

  152. Rich says:

    John Wiley Price should lose his job for saying “All of you are white. Go to hell!”. I agree that the person talking to him should not have made a racial slur, but he is not in a leadership role. John Wiley Price is representing the county of Dallas and in a leadership rold. I for one do not want to be hated by my leaders. I said the same thing about white people that made racial slurs… they should not be in that position if they are racist or make racial remarks because it is an underlying attitude.
    NPR Analyst Loses Job Over Muslim Comments ..Florida police chief loses job teaching ethics over racist emails ….Weatherman loses job for on-air ‘slip’ … Rob Blair on Sunday, a day after he made an on-air racial slur ….
    What makes John Wiley Price different. He should lose his job. The man he was attacking was well deserved, but he said “All of you are white. Go to hell!”. and that is a racial slur to all whites…regardless.

  153. Sad In Denton says:

    It’s 2011. There is no room for racism in any form, by any one.

  154. Joe says:

    Another reason Fort Worth is better….

  155. spuv says:

    What in the world does Dallas county Think—John W. Price in office—-are you kidding. He has no business being a public figure. They should take him out of office for this nonsense. Dallas how much more are you going to take off of him

  156. D.BURNS says:


  157. CanUSayRoidRage says:

    Leave John Alone – For him this is professional and normal. He has done far worse and at least he did not physically assault somebody. When you do roids for many years to bulk up for street protests some things shrink a bit and the brain gets a bit wonky.

  158. H. S. Bedford says:

    I am not a fan of Mr. Price but if I wanted to speak to the coucil or stand and face someone I would at the least have the good sense and nerve to call them by their name ,I would not come up with some witty way to blab on and on without coming to the point. The fact that Mr. Turner repeated the nickname over and over just proves the point that he was there to hear himself and to try and get a rise from Mr. Price. Congradulations “you” succeeded. Twitter is abuzz.

  159. James says:

    John Wiley Price is an embarrassment as leader to people of all ethnicities. It is time for him to either step down or be replaced. Mr. Price the people of Dallas have had enough.

  160. Mike Kain says:

    Can a City Official give a County Official a Key to the City?

  161. J. Michael says:

    i totally agree with Mr. Price and I think his response was more than appropriate. This man tries to insult Mr. Price on the sly and Mr. Price didn’t allow this man to just call him what he wanted. What is so amazing it that no one has said anything about the person insulting Mr. Price however the outrage is oveer Mr. Price not allowing someone to publicly insult him. Then the reporter has the nerve to say “two wrong don’t make it right” as if Mr. Price should have allowed someone to publicly address him in a derogatory manner. This is a prime example of how white folks insult someone of color and the person of color is suppose to take it because the person of color is a public official. If the tables were reversed and Mr. Price initiated a comment where he referred to a anglo as a tribal chief it would have been an outcry for reverse discrimmination. The media is such a biased joke!!

  162. Hesadumass says:

    Disgraceful, arrogant Bastar&. He needs to go!!!! If someone in the government doesn’t stand up and impeach this guy or whatever needs to be done, you should be held accountable for allowing such a racist, angry, volatile man in office who will incite trouble one day that you will all regret later. What an embarrassment to have this person in office to represent Dallas. He his a horrible person, he’s now a the top of the unethical list JWP, EBJ and Caraway.

  163. J. Michael says:

    For the record statistically there are more white folks on welfare than any other ethnic segment in America. i am so sick and tired of white folks like you who don’t know what you are talking about professing that welfare is made up of black people. Again for the record per Whites make up 38.8% of all welfare receipents. So good working white folks like yourself are only doing what you do and taking care of your own kind.

    Myth: People on welfare are usually black, teenage mothers who stay on ten years at a time.

    Fact: Most welfare recipients are non-black, adult and on welfare less than two years at a time.


    According to the statistics, whites form the largest racial group on welfare; half of all welfare recipients leave in the first two years; and teenagers form less than 8 percent of all welfare mothers.

    1. Mr Bull says:

      Bull !!!!!!!!!

    2. Bill G says:

      White folks pay in the most money to welfare also!!!!

    3. MissDaisy says:

      Welfare and Public Housing is where Blacks stay, not Whites…For some reason the White folk get off and go to work, us Black folk stay on forever and ever and ever…go to hell Marlon…you are a huge part of the problem Blacks in America have…WHites don’t owe..we can already jump the line for school, jobs, loans…we have it handed to us! Whites do not abuse the welfare system like we do…not even close!

    4. TrentD says:

      That’s whites are the largest racial group – duh! Therefore the stats will show them higher than the black community which is only 12% of the population. Did you pay any attention during math class? This baby simple stuff.

      Besides that, the welfare idea also comes from the fact the gov and corporate America give away jobs, contracts, grants, etc., to the black community – freely – but deny it to the white community.

    5. David says:

      Yeah but as a percentage of their population it’s much smaller than as a percentage of the black population. Over 50% of the population is white. You can twist statistics but you should understand them if you are going to use them.

    6. Actually says:

      Hey moron, are you even searching per capita? The problem with your figures are the extra 75 million white people, for those of you who don’t know 75 million people is a little over 1/3 of the current black population of America. When you factor percentages that are not made per capita you are not making an accurate comparison. mentions 37.2% of the entire black population is on welfare, that is quite a bit over a third so basically around 90 million. This is while the white population on welfare is less than a third and more than a quarter. Check out the figures below for yourself from the census bureau:

      The US Census figures:
      White Alone: 301,461,533 people
      African American Alone: 224,469,780

      To be fair, the African American population does not have a culture geared toward an emphasis on education over athletics and general social skills. They have been brought down in a lot of ways historically but the opportunities are here at record levels. I don’t blame the black man, I blame the culture, it is a bad habit that needs to stop. Education, tact, and a great work ethic should be the central focus of all people who choose to succeed and if your culture stands in the way then it must change or we will never compete on the global market. These local issues are far too small to worry about, we should be all over our children to drive them to be better and provide incentives to it in every way.

    7. tc says:

      well, lets’ get rid of all welfare then, and let’s see who goes batsh1t

    8. EastDallasBorn&Raised says:

      Your contention that “there are more white folks on welfare than any other ethnic segment in America” is factually incorrect. 25% of all black mothers aged 15 to 44 are AFDC recipients, compared to 20% of Hispanic mothers in the same age bracket. Only 7% of white mothers aged 15 to 44 receive AFDC. [Source: U.S. Census, 1995, In other words, one out of every four black mothers of childbearing age gets AFDC, compared to one in every 5 Hispanic mothers. Less than one white mother in ten gets AFDC.

      Now admit you were wrong.

    9. DAk says:

      OK…whites make-up what 70% or so of the country…so let’s compare apples to apples…

      If whites only make-up 38.8% of welfare recipients, what races make up the rest…and how does that compare to their percentage of the population?

      Blacks make-up, what 13% of the population….so what are the chances that per capita blacks represent a higher percentage of their population on welfare than whites and their percentage of the population??

  164. Bill G says:

    Mr Price showed his real color, now he needs to go away.NOW

  165. hesadumass says:

    At an event for Spike Lee, another racist, lol

  166. T Massey says:

    African American Men in this country has been called every name under the sun. When will the “DISRESPECT” ever end. Our name is the only thing we have and it is the “ONLY” thing we should be called.

    1. WCM says:

      But I guess it is olay when blacks call whites honkies, white devils, crackers, etc.. Respect is a two way street, not a one-way bridge, so practice what you preach.

  167. Dallas Co. Tax Payer says:

    John Wiley is just one of many things that are wrong in dallas Co., John Wiley owes Dallas Co. residents a Resignation, if not, John Wiley should be terminated immediatelly, he is the racists, allways has been and allways will be !!!!

  168. Texas Observer says:

    We haven’t forgotten Commissioner Price picketing the home of Dallas Mayor Ron Kirk. He endorsed a number of Republican nominees against Democrats in the General Election. Not one of the Republicans won. Now there’s this.

  169. Commish Price says:

    All white people go to hell i read these and you are disrespectfull i should remain in office for life

    1. highroller says:

      Dallas racism is alive and well. Just keep combatting it with tearing down corrupted whites. Unfair justice is shown everyday look at Hill case. The whites got away with murder for their part.

  170. GARY says:

    why are we so afraid to upset black people so much? they can call everybody every name under the sun and nothing. REALLY.

  171. woody says:

    Now does this mean he is going to be fired for using the work Niger? If a white person said Niger OH MY Eqaulity hell no…………………..LMAO

  172. CoolHand says:

    Mr. Price should be ashamed of himself, while I don’t condone the Mullah comment – Price was the one that took it to the Racial level with “All you Whites…”
    The man is a disgrace the the community – however his heavily gerrymandered district will probably cheer him and give him a medal –

    Racism goes both ways and what he did behind the scenes to force out the county elections commissioner is nothing more than thuggery and puts Chicago politics to shame. Price failed to judge Mr. Sherbet based on his character rather he chose to do so based on political expedience and self promotion. Shame on you Dallas for giving this Racist a platform.

  173. Worrird voter says:

    If Mr. John Wiley Price was a white person and the roles reversed he would be unemployed this morning

  174. Terry Moore Tax Payer says:

    John Wiley Price needs to GO if a white person had said the same thing to a black person that person would be unemployed or in court

  175. Dan H says:

    Why didn’t the head line say John Wiley Price Tells White Citizens To “Go To Hell”

    1. Rita says:

      My thoughts exactly! Maybe JWP would sound racist if the headline was accurate? Dunno

  176. Margaret says:

    Childs play. Go ahead and knock the stick off my shoulder. Sticks and stone can break my bones but words would never hate me. Ya Right. When words are used to insult and hurt, guess what it hurts…it no different then calling a gay kid out, calling a overweight kid fat or a whole list of words they is meant to make you feel better about yourself by attemting to make somebody else feel small…

  177. Ginger says:

    I don’t decide to like or dislike someone because of skin color. I simply find Mr. Price unappealing, there is no need to be so bellicose. A public official should at the very LEAST have some decorum and dignity. Where is his PRIDE? It is so much better to keep ones mouth shut and be thought a fool than to open ones mouth and remove all doubt.

  178. Jared says:

    Price is a typical Moolah. That is all…..

  179. Jared says:

    Typical Moolah Behavior (TMB)

  180. ranger says:


  181. Mr. Offended says:

    Clean out your office Mr. Price. The City Of Dallas doesn’t need this type of leadership in any part of it’s future. Your services are no longer needed here.

  182. chimney says:

    oh, he thought the guy was calling him a Moulie, that’s the Italian Slang for a black person that comes from the word for eggplant, ‘mulignan’ a dark vegtable

    he didn’t even get the muslim reference, not sure it matters

  183. Hihoze says:

    I always thought Moolah was slang for money. Never, ever heard it interpreted as a racial slur. Pretty silly that rules disallow citizens referring to their civil servants by actual name.

  184. Ed says:

    Simply, disgraceful.

  185. Steve says:

    JWP is well known for being belligerent and has been getting away with this kind of thing for years and years. Who could be surprised that he’s showing his racist roots again.

  186. Sam B. says:

    Mr. Marlon Cole……if you truly feel that there is a “Black America” and a “White America” would you not be the racist?!
    If you want to sit on your computer and spout racial rhetoric in response to not one, but two morons in a Dallas County Commission meeting instead of doing something productive, you are indeed a HUGE part of the problem.
    If you do not like America and what it has offered you, go to your heritage of Africa, and enjoy the blessings that a war torn, impoverished, and truly enslaved country can bring you…..there are many countries to choose from on the continent of Africa. And I can guarantee that NONE will provide a tiny semblance of the freedoms and opportunities provided to you here…..even by the “White-Racist Controlled Government”.
    I say Good Day!!

  187. Bob says:

    Obviously, this one was not bred for intelligence.

  188. Dave in Houston says:

    I wonder if this guyknows my US Rep, Sheila Jackson Lee. Their deft political senses seem very similar.

  189. Newshound says:

    If a white councilman had made such a racist statement Jesse Jackson and his ilk would all over this. Racism by blacks in positions of authority should not be allowed, but unfortunately it is used by liberal Democrats to maintain their power.

  190. Joe says:

    That’s how blacks respond when they can’t win an argument, they call you a raciest. They are the raciest. This is how I know slavery was a sin, look at the mess we’re in now because of it. A house divided can NOT stand

  191. Ron says:

    Cornrows, pimp suit….did anyone get the lic plate number of that 70’s pink Cadallac with the 24 inch wheels he drives at night? How many of his girls voted for him, and how many times.

  192. Rob says:

    What an incredibly weak-minded representative. Typical of an individual of this low intellectual level and poor character, he dodges responsibility for his actions and blaming his lack of class and self control on others. Outstanding public servant.

  193. Sunshine says:

    I believe that the black race is the most racist group. That’s where the most comments that are racist and about racism come from. That is not to say that all blacks are racist. This guy is racist. So is Kanye West.

  194. billybudd says:

    The fact there is even a discussion if a person is racist for telling people to go to h e l l because they are white shows how insane life has become. But I guess if you can hold billy clubs outside a polling place and harass voters and the Dept. of Justice finds nothing wrong with that then you can tell white people to go to h e l l because they are white.

  195. WCM says:

    Some people, like Mullah Price, have made an entire career out of hating/blaming ‘whitey’. My successes/failures are my own – I don’t blame other people when I can’t get ahead. Likewise, I am not responsible for people who drop out of school, do drugs, have fatherless illigitimate children, and otherwise mess up their lives: These are choices THEY make, not me. Someone on here asserted that a racist must have some measure of control over the person they hate: I reject this. A racist is someone that hates another person for no other reason other than their race, period. There are white racists, black racists (Price is certainly one), and brown racists – they are all bad. As for mullah price’s suggestion that we all go to hell, I suggest that he lead the way and go with great haste, because it is getting awfully crowded. As for the black ‘community’, you deserve someone better than a racist hater like price to represent you – electing this thug just because he ‘sticks it to whitey’ is getting you nowhere.

  196. FN Jerk says:

    Moolah is slang for money….Mooley or Moolenyan is slang for black folk. I guess he should have loosened those braids and cleaned the wax out of his ears before his panties got in a bunch. What a FN prima dona!

    1. ricardo maxwell says:

      Absolutely correct! He is trying to make something out of nothing to protect his incompetent prejudiced immature but.

  197. Zarius says:

    They should have all said;”Nigga Please!”

    1. Sean says:

      This was the most amusing post I’ve read so far. It got my imagination going.

      Brevity is certainly the soul of wit.

      Thanks, Zarius.

  198. Lynn says:

    Just another story of a black politician making a fool of black community. Not enough intellectual horsepower for the position.

  199. Larry Bunch says:

    Price is clearly a racist, and his statement is inexcusable as a representative of society. Is the Dallas community that elected him going to sit still and do nothing? He should be ousted immediately.

  200. JBZ says:

    To Marion Cole: Mr Price is a racist. he did not address Mr Turner as a racist, he said, “you are all white,” to 6 people, and then said “go to hell”. Therefore he IS a racist, and so are you.

  201. boB says:

    You absolutely KNOW that if this were the other way around, Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson would be camping out demanding his resignation. But we have nothing but silence here. And that SCREAMS of the hypocrisy of the left.

  202. Macksfield says:

    Price, this is what you said,
    Price said to them, “All of you are white. Go to hell!”
    You can try to explain it away, provide all the excuse that you wish, but this…
    Price said to them, “All of you are white. Go to hell!” is what you said.
    This comment is racist, therefore, you sir are a racists. No matter how much you attempt to blame everyone and everything else in the room, you sir, said this…Price said to them, “All of you are white. Go to hell!”.
    There is really no way around this. You should step down because it is very obvious you have a personal agenda and you are a racists.

  203. Darnell says:

    Shoot nigguh, i motha frickin moola’d yo ars fo rea… moolah yitch!! Hahahahahah!!

  204. truncate says:

    Looks like the Fruit Of Islam is the Police / Security for the Head Mullah there in Dallas County.

  205. Randy says:

    What if a white commish were to have an identical exchange with black constituents? He’s fired by now and Jesse J and fat Al are hamming it up in front of the local news media. That’s racism.

  206. Thomas Jefferson says:

    If I knew it would have turned out like this, I would have picked my own damn cotton.

  207. Irish67 says:

    Typical monkey double-standard.

  208. DUB says:

    No racist like a black racist.

  209. Masked Avenger says:

    JWP likes to talk about race but he never talks the truth about race.

    He hides behind a cloak of the racism avenger lashing out at all of those who transgress. This of course makes him impossible to prosecute. As any person in South Dallas will tell JWP is as crooked as a dogs hind leg. He is now a millionaire after serving a few years as a County Comm.. Just how the heck is that possible.

    JWP’s ethics problems are well known to everyone in Dallas yet everyone looks the other way while John helps to set up the people who go to jail. JWP has snitched out several of his own people in order to stay out of jail. He is nothing more than a common rat.

  210. ricardo maxwell says:

    what an embarrassment for black Americans,and the county of Dallas. Oh I forgot to mention Democrats bu then they are NEVER ashamed of their juvenile immature emotional and often racist behavior.

  211. dontchaknow says:

    OK, to get a couple of things clear. The supposed slur – moolah / mullah/ etc … The word the black guy was offended by is moulie, short for moulignon, which is indeed a racial slur used BY Italians (about black people). The history of the word is that “melanzana”, or Italian for eggplant, evolved into the slang word “moulignon”, which is used interchangeably with moulie.

    Italians USED the term, they were not called it. Watch the Sopranos a few more times and you will hear references to moulies many times.

    In the video, it is clear that the citizen speaker is not using the moulie term, but saying Mullah. Not sure if he implying the black guy is a Muslim, or just taunting him and his methods (implying he is overzealous or intolerant).

  212. sean patriot says:

    Stupid babboon needs to be booted. today

  213. Tony A says:

    I don’t understand how someone can claim that a black person can’t be racist because whitey is in charge of everything and the black man has no power. Price is a commissioner and the white guy was someone in the audience. Who had the power in this encounter? Let’s not forget who is President. What is the color is the most powerful man in the world again?

    1. Macksfield says:

      Excellent point. How long will minorities use their so-called disadvantage? Is there ever an end to the revenge they wish. At some point, to be an equal you have to pull up your big boy britches and start acting equal.

  214. Macksfield says:

    It is a waste of time to paint everyone with one broad brush stroke. The only way to deal with this type of situation is to look at each situation individually. Of course, that’s not what Price wants us to do. He wants to play the race card, all the while being a racist.

  215. Anthony says:

    This is how our government speaks to its citizens and taxpayers? They have distain for freedom of speech. Disgraceful!

  216. Bill L says:

    If Mr Price knew anything about his race and his heritage; he would realize that in Africa only women wear corn-rows in their hair. Enough said for his intelligence.

  217. TrentD. says:

    This black/white thing, it’s like a bad marriage. Sure there’s a few good times here and there, but overall, it’s an abusive, unbalanced relationship. The bad outweighs the good. Isn’t it time for a peaceful divorce?

  218. HEllo says:

    Mr Price:

    What is a tea bagger? A racist comment by a very racist man. Why hasnt ANYONE commented on that?

  219. DUB says:

    If we had brought in Irish to pick the cotton we would be living on Mars by now.

  220. sean patriot says:

    Is this babboon elected?

  221. afrosheen says:

    n!ggers are the most racist people on earth ; )

  222. Htos1 says:

    I TOLD you the race is has been confiscated by the ATM(people)for insufficient funds and fraudulent representation.Blacks do NOT have the “divine rights” of democrats,and had better watch how hard they push against us middle class taxpayers.All socially “engineered” laws,since 1964, should be reviewed line for line for constitutionality.

  223. dareisay says:

    If a white man had said, “You are all black, shut up” He would have already lost his job!

  224. Hank Warren says:

    This is all about limiting Free Speech. After all, censorship is everywhere. The gov’t (and their big business cronies) censor free speech, shut down dissent and ban the book “America Deceived II”. Free speech for all. Just vote this black man out.
    Last link (before Google Books bans it also]:

  225. djh says:

    What an ignorant, race baiting, corrupt moron – and then to go whining about the media? He doesn’t look like a mullah, he looks like some punk thug selling crack – and his constituency should run his cowardly a&& right out of the country and state.

  226. astralweeks says:

    Wow, good thing minorities can’t be racists (so I’ve been told by several hateful minorities), cause ol’ Price there would be a text book of a Racist with a capital ‘R.’

  227. dennis says:

    Price is corrupt and he’s and animal

  228. dareisay says:

    Geesh! many white people were under serfdom in the past. My own ancestor that came here in 1747 was under serfdom, and had to have a letter stating that he could come to North America, and if he ever returned he would be put back in serfdom.

    Get over it, it’s in the past!

  229. Jim says:

    Hey Mr. Price, do you know where there aren’t too many “whites”?
    Back in Africa!!!!! You’ll probably feel right at home there.

  230. LD says:

    To JWP: Your right, you don’t deserve to be associated with Chief Mullah! Chief Mullah is a Taliban chief in Afghanistan who is regarded by their people as a wise man, you JWP, are not a wise man, so in this context I agree with you! You showed your ignorance which has nothing to do with race, just so we’re clear. You also showed your ass-AGAIN!!!!! You are always looking for something racial, which apparently you think gives you a platform to throw a temper-tantrum. YOU JWP, ARE THE BIGGEST RACIST I’ve ever seen. You cannot do that which you expect of others! You are prideful and full of hubris, you cannot blame the white people for that! I am Native American Indian, so guess what, I can say that!!!!! Your a disgrace and as an elected official, you should no longer be able to hold that public seat you hypocrite!

  231. Mel says:

    Price unfortunately mistook Mullah for the italian word for eggplant which is sometimes applied descriptively for African-Americans. The pronounciation influenced by southern italian dialect is Mool-in-yon or Mool-in-John which only sounds remotely like Mullah. Obviously Mr Price has not spent much time in
    Brooklyn. I found the entire episode amusing. Idiocy is frequently amusing

    1. Rowdy Boots says:


      The Italian word for a black is actually “eggplant” or “moulignon”.

      Keep it Factual.

      Rowdy Boots

  232. Dennis says:

    Sounds like hate speech to me, however minorities seem to get the waiver on that. This jerk is a representative of the people? He sound like a racist to me. Whatever happened to majority rule?

  233. tgc says:

    This little racist rant will actually help him. His entire district is made up of the idiots that want to “stick it to whitey”.

  234. noboho says:

    This story has reached Baltimore and guess what Mr. County Commissioner? YOU can go to hell! You are a disgrace to your position and to the people of your race. It’s ignorant people like you that enable racism to stay alive and well. Too bad I can’t be there to tell you in person to eff off you jerk!

    1. KingofScotland says:

      Sorry, fellow American from Maryland. Price would assault you, and probably be allowed to get away with it. He tackled and broke a man’s leg once, and NOTHING happenend. He is a steroild-fueled idiot.

  235. MS says:

    The real definition of racist is- a belief that race is the primary determinant of human traits and capacities and that racial differences produce an inherent superiority of a particular race.

    It has nothing to do with who has power over the other. Thats just revisionist BS.

  236. James says:

    Thats who I want as a leader in my community.. someone who decided to get into public office but cries like a baby when someone “calls him a name”. Poor baby. mama wuvs ew.

  237. ed357 says:

    The Italian word for a dark or black person is…………..


    YOU DUMB A$$.

  238. Rowdy Boots says:


    Everyone knows that this CREEPY RACIST will get away with his remarks because he is of an ELITE RACE created by the U.S. Government that has passed laws strictly in favor of racists like him.

    So, you “white” people…just remember, don’t go against his kind when they make racist comments–the news is full of those who get a PASS when they show their true selves.



  239. Keith in Jax says:

    C’mon, Turner said Mullah. And now Moolah is now a racial slur? Hmmm, and all this time I thought it meant money. Price is an idiot, it’s mooley, not Moolah. What a public servant. smh

  240. sss says:

    Is there a way for the other commissioners to remove this embarrassing fool from the board? Or at the very least censure him? Does the process exist? If a white guy had Agnes off like this, even in private, the efforts to oust him would be well underway by now. I suspect the commissioners are too afraid of JWP, given his historical tactics. Come on Dallas County Commissioners, get some backbone and finally call this guy out for what he really is. He’s an embarrassment to Dallas County and the other commissioners will never be taken seriously if JWP continues to sit among you unchallenged. The time is now. JWP has attracted the attention of the citizens of Dallas County and we are solidly behind the ouster of JWP. Have some guts for once. Cease the moment. Gain some respect.

  241. Melba N. says:

    Quite a “heritage” he’s defending there. Let’s review:

    1) Average IQ of 85. In Africa, it’s 75.
    2) There isn’t a black-run country on Earth that isnt’ a hellhole.
    3) OK, they invented peanut butter.

    Time for whites to start taking pride in a heritage that has much more to be proud of. There’s still slavery in Africa, but whites invented the computers we’re all using now.

    1. Larry says:

      3) OK, they invented peanut butter.

      aint it a crime te smartest guy from s of te ol mason ixon line was a negro, melba. lol

  242. Stan says:

    Let’s not forget that John Wiley Price is the same moron who a couple years ago claimed the term “black hole” was racist and refused to listen to anyone who would explain to him that it is an actual scientific term that in no way refers to race. He is a bully who plays the race card anytime he is challenged on anything. He is everything that is wrong with the United States today.

  243. johwileypricesucks says:

    John Wiley Price is nothing more than a race pimper; he only sees skin color, he knows how he got elected. calling the Tea Party racist? telling white people to go to hell? i bet he was part of contingent giving Mike Vick the keys to the city

  244. Spinnaker says:

    Just another voice from the ghetto.

  245. IHATETX says:

    please, the racist comments i see on here are childish and im not suprised by them. TX is still a very racist state, trust me i live here. and someone said blacks didnt revolt and free ourselves… totally wrong just because you dont see it in the history books doesnt mean it didnt happen. i mean i cant read all these racist comments without thinking about how evil some folks can be. I dont usually say this but white folks kiss our ass”

    1. SGT Ted says:

      Oh another racist outs himself.

    2. Jasper says:

      If you “HATETX” get the hell out.

  246. Melba N. says:

    Africa is hell.

    That’s why you never see American blacks moving back there.

    I’d be very ashamed of that fact if I were black. Glad I’m not.

  247. Kenny says:

    One definition I found for the term used:

    mullah, mulla [ˈmʌlə ˈmʊlə], mollah: a Muslim scholar, teacher, or religious leader: also used as a title of respect

    But this considered a racial slur.

    This guy is a friggin racist pig and should step down.

  248. Art Fold says:

    That old man is wearing CORN-ROWS in his hair??? HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA, LOL (chuckle). Does he also head up a rap group and go pimpin’ in an Escalade? He already has the suit for it! HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA

  249. Just pondering says:

    The universe does not reward people for stupidity and cowardice. In fact it crushes weak people. If white folks don’t start getting a backbone we will be extinct.

  250. Rob says:

    an obama supporter I’m sure

  251. Ray Magee says:

    Until you get rid of race-baiting poverty pimps like Rice ans Sheila Jackson Lee. You’re are not going to have racial peace.

  252. MEINC says:

    Another example of why Blacks will go the way of the dinosaur.

    There is a reason why they are getting passed by the Hispoancis on the soci-econimic ladder.

  253. Keith says:

    John Wiley Price is an Al Sharpton wanna be…both are Irrelevant

  254. Mark Cain says:

    Mr. Price must have been a HUGE fan of George Bernard Shaw
    “A life spent making mistakes is not only more honorable, but more useful than a life spent doing nothing.” – George Bernard Shaw

  255. SGT Ted says:

    The racist commissioner needs to be fired, ASAP. Islam is a religion and ideology, not a race.

  256. Alex says:

    Strange that you de-emphasize the racist aspect in the headlines – imagine if the races were reversed! This is why people hate the media.

  257. KC says:

    Marlon Cole…….DUH
    YOU DON’T HAVE A CLUE. Why don’t you people in that district vote for someone respectable that really wants to do something for the good? It is people like John that has always for years stirred up controversy and started trouble and you have the GALL to still ztand up for him today. He used the N word and put things in peoples mind that was NOT there. …..

    This is why he did NOT address him by name. Read the story dummy……Marlon Cole
    “Court rules state that public speakers may not address individual commissioners by name.”

    What have you done good to help all colors instead of being racial yourself.?
    Respect all people until they are not trustworthy and then if they fail you in your eyes don’t hold it against them because of their color. That was one person. it don’t make all bad. There are GREAT people in all races. Change your heart. God sees no color!

  258. P Dirt says:

    Price is suffering from his own ignorance of the word used to describe him, and probably ignorance in general.
    His responce was totally inappropriate and should probably be grounds for his immediate dismissal.

  259. David says:

    Isn’t “moolah” a term to refer to money? If they are talking about someone spending a lot of money… i think it’s perfectly proper to use here.

  260. you says:

    the boy has a temper problem should be with his kind in prison


    Yes We Can Build a


  262. Steve says:

    Had a white commissioner had said that about blacks – the Jessee Jacksons and Al (where is the camera) Sharpton would be down in Dallas, making a national scene and calling for “Justice” and Boycotts.

  263. glenp says:

    anyone got a good strong rope and a truck to tie it to?

  264. JD says:

    Put the card back in the deck idiot!!

  265. Bob Knight says:

    how embarrassing … is this the “new normal”?

  266. enoughofthatguy says:

    The corn rows and pimp suit, very inappropriate for his position. Shameful. One more black guy who can’t control himself and blames whitey. Just another in a long list. First thing to do is get him out of that position.

  267. Barney says:

    When did M.C. Hammer become a commissioner?

  268. MaynedGKrebbs says:

    Some of you racist and wanting to re-write history should look up Wayne Perryman. Read some of his books ,listen to him if you ever get the chance.
    other than the above it seems John is a racist.

  269. Jim H says:

    Mr Price, sound to me like you are the racist in this action. Might I suggest sir that you ‘Go to Hell’. You’re apparently trash and will always be trash … the same as ‘african-americans’ will always be 3rd world. On the other hand an American can rise to greatness. Too bad you never learned respect. Your mother would be … naaah, never mind I think we know that answer too …

  270. glenp says:

    Melba N.

    Quite a “heritage” he’s defending there. Let’s review:

    1) Average IQ of 85. In Africa, it’s 75.
    2) There isn’t a black-run country on Earth that isnt’ a hellhole.
    3) OK, they invented peanut butter.

    I white physician invented peanut butter—GW Carver was a SOYBEAN expert. He wasn’t too bright either turning down a 6 figure income from Thomas Edison to work in a tin can lab at some obscure university. I guess he didn’t think being able to buy proper equipment was essential to better research

  271. Injun says:

    White people have no backbone these days. Do you really think you can have a logical discussion with someone like Price? Your country is being taken away from you and all you do is go to your stupid council and town hall meetings and put your head down when a black person talks to you like dogs. You gave it to them “power” that is, get used to it, you aint seen nothing yet.

  272. Joseph says:

    I think those braids are too tight………….

  273. WHEREStheCIVILITY says:

    If a white commissioner told 5 African-Americans: “YOU ARE ALL BLACK, GO TO HELL!” What do you think the response would be? This guy is a racist in the top order. It doesn’t matter what color you are – this guy should resign in utter shame – but you can bet his fellow democrats will support him. Ahh, the civility.

  274. Alan says:

    jwp is pimp

  275. tom says:

    This is the lesson this guy, Jessy Jackson, Al shalton, Wright, Obama and his wife have leaned, heard, …from their DNA, not from their eyes, ears, mouths, ..or theirs skins. I am neither white or black but every time I saw or heard these people ready to say anything, I do not believe at all. I just hear what they said and what they did are completely opposite.

  276. Joe says:

    The guy needs street justice..

  277. Barry Burton says:

    This man obviously should step down from his post. He is a Representative of the county and should be able to command respect, not demand respect. All this slavery talk is hilarious in 2011. No one today in America can ever associate them selves with what was happening at that time, Black or White. We are facing a global slavery together in America in , Jobs, housing, economics. Our dollar is going to the toilet and our debt is raising through the roof. We don’t have time for backward individuals like Mr. Wiley. As a black male myself I have been called many names, but I simply smile and go on with my life and let racist individuals die off, like they have been for decades. If i was in that county and had to vote him in for his next term, I would bring a sign to the poll saying, “No, you kiss my ass” …ok no wouldn’t because that would make me no better than him, but you know what I mean…just get rid of him before he divides Dallas. GOD BLESS AMERICA!

    1. KingofScotland says:

      Right on, Barry!! Love the blog — your taste in books and politics are excellent.

  278. Tron Guy says:

    Keep it classy, JWP!

  279. Moon says:

    One great thing has resulted from all the hateful, incendiary, and ugly things Price has done and said over the years and that is he would never be able to hold office outside his district. No sane or rational person would vote for Price outside the supporters in his small enclave. The man is unable to control his temper and everything is racial. The trail of embarrasiing events spans over decades.

  280. aa says:

    i bet jwp is a native jive speaker at ome

  281. Buck says:

    Give hom a break. This video could explane it;

  282. John says:


    We all know the double standard, so it’s pointless to even bring up. Thanks to guys like this Chief Mullah Price, our nation is going to shiiiit.

  283. John says:

    Mike J, you are a useless idiot and seem to forget that many whites fought and dies to end slavery. so before you move back to Africa for a better life, maybe you should thank a white man for your freedoms.

  284. Henry says:

    crymonitly people…this is like saying guns kill people….not people killing people. The past is just that…THE PAST….this country needs to wake up and fast. We are headed to Hell in a handbag. I have great neighbors where I live and they are black, brown, Asian, etc…it is not the outside that makes a person…it is THE INSIDE. This country was founded on the principles of the Bible. Our forefathers fought for it and died for it…all colors. Maybe we just all need to be blind so we all see one thing…..NOTHING!!!!! GOD BLESS THIS COUNTRY AND ITS PEOPLE!!!

  285. Angry Weeaboo says:

    America is very racist, the “African American” culture won’t let the hate go and because of that I don’t feel comfortable being in or around any area that is populated by people following the African American culture in any form. I don’t care if it is a neighborhood of Whites, Hispanics, or dare I say it even Asians acting Afro-American. The likelihood of blacks in America following the African-American culture is very high, personally I don’t want to be around the culture and by in large as a result, around them. Why? Let’s look at examples like these where we have officials nit-picking words to bring up the race card all of the time. Let’s look at how bad and ghetto any area populated by anyone following that culture is, lets look at how crime ridden and dangerous they are. The culture needs to go, not the people.

    My message to black people, stop the culture, make a new one and stop living in the past. Your culture has become one of the most destructive forces in the world.

    Then again why should they change this culture? Why should they adopt a new set of morals and ethics in the black community? Heck they might even get what they want, all the white folks are going to leave. I have been eyeballing the Pacific Northwest and maybe even Canada, because if this culture keeps overrunning us, our country is doomed. Our children speak ebonics, you can’t even make a clear sentence out of half of the music on the pop stations now. What sort of literacy is this? It is all deliberate, to be cool. When will it stop? When will this tolerance end? We need to stop it now or America is gone.

    My rant on rednecks to come at a later date, you guys and your culture is as back-woods and pathetic almost. However it is less destructive. We should look at the Asians, their cultures have it right! Work hard, get educated, build a strong and loyal family.

  286. Jack says:

    One really amazing thing that is happening out of all the political acrimony going on these days is that many blacks and many liberals are openly revealing their core racism. Of course, if the commissioner was white and said, “All of you are black, go to hell,” the press would be demanding resignation. So, why isn’t the press demanding resignation here? That question answers itself, doesn’t it.

  287. Guido says:

    Guido the killer pimp called, he wants his suit back.

  288. Jaydee says:

    Another racist black with an vote for him you live with it

  289. Suzanne says:

    Recently it has become very obvious to me that you cannot force people to be civilizled. To bring slaves to a civilized area and make them stay was the greatest mistake nations who used slavery have ever made. If people want freedom they have to “make their own way to it” or it means nothing to them. Our nation if filled with people who don’t appreciate freedom because they were not part of the movement, they were part of the process. The do not feel connected because they were uprooted and put here before their time. That is why the Muslim population is still inslaved in the Islamic religion and held hostage by their leaders, they are unable to see freedom because they have never been exposed to it. Somehow the people who were able to escape during the settling of America had a dream and followed it even in the chance of death, they could no longer let the chains of restriction hold them back. Now the government instead of helping people who came here against their will to progress have continued to keep them down by encouraging welfare, not indepencence and segregation instead of integration. I’m not talking about bussing children or forcing employers to hire minorities, its about inclusion in society and not encouraging hatred. We are all here together now, we need to make this country work for us, all of us or we will lose the greatest country in the world.

  290. Nck says:


    well whats inaccurate about calling someone a “fat boy” if he’s indeed fat??<<

    It is ghetto, like you are.

  291. DOGINABUN says:

    this is what’s call a NIGGA….

  292. Ping says:

    I’ve lived in Dallas for many, many years. John Wiley Price is an embarrassment. He is a militant and is in fact a mullah as I understand the definition of the word. He is a blatant racist who stirs the racial flames much in the same way Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton do, just to a smaller demographic.

  293. JJL says:

    I have no horse in this race, because I don’t live anywhere near Dallas. However, the Moolah is the pronounciation for “mula” a spanish word meaning “mule”. It has NO racial conotations. If he said Mullah, that might be a different story, but that isn’t what he said and according to Mr. Price, it isn’t what he heard eiither. He heard “moolah” which is slang for money. It has nothinig to do with Italian Americans or African Americans. Look it up.

    Methinks Mr. Price protest too much

  294. Deskboy says:

    I f I were the citizen I would file a civil rights/racial discrimination lawsuit against his @$$. Dem chickens have come home to roost.

  295. Kevin says:

    US citizens deserve the wonderful nanny-state supporting, clueless politicians that THEY elect. US citizens are so clueless that they deserve NO freedom. And soon that will be the case you stupid sheep….

  296. deee says:

    Dont be surprised, ITs all about race now that they have barack in D.C. blacks have habored ill will for years, but now that barack is their back up, they feel they can treat everyone anyway they choose. NO consequences either..because they would shout our Racial slurs. It’s a disgrace that someone who represents a community can behave that way, and yet the man still holds a job. This country is fallin down around us, and nobody seems to be doing anything about it. But hey before we know it, CHINA, Germany and France will own us anyways. IT’s a sheer disgrace what is happening here.

  297. barkingdog says:

    JOHN WILEY PRICE, yoo ma’ma should’a drown you at birth…

  298. TheMadKing says:

    Racist bastid! So much for that new tone of civility. What’s his party affiliation again?

  299. Mack says:

    You notice this dirtball Price was at a Spkie Lee event………Lee is a super racist…..blacks use the race card all day long…….so easy to use the race card…….then you get a free ride… GO TEA PARTY….OBAMA ONE TERM LOSER

  300. Pete says:

    Not sure how to spell it, but the word this idiot was thinking is a slanderous word is moolinyan (again, not sure how to spell it).

  301. jb80538 says:

    And this moron wonders why there are still racial tensions in the country?

  302. Scott Schafer says:

    This John Wiley Price guy is an overly race-sensitive individual who is constantly looking for an opportunity to stir the pot. Frankly speaking, he is a fool.
    You may recall him making a big deal out of the term “black hole” after it was innocently used in a council meeting a while back. Watch Y o u Tube, search “John Wiley Price Black Hole” and watch this knob head.
    He says the word “black” always has negative connotations and the use of the word “black” is insulting to “African Americans”. Oh yeah? I never heard anyone described their company as having gone “in the orange”. And isn’t American Express Black card the ultimate status symbol? Isn’t oil also knows as “black gold”?
    Come on John! Stop telling these little “white lies”!!

  303. Penny Terk says:

    John Wiley Price is loving every minute of this. If he doesn’t have the spotlight he creates one! He has divided this city since the day he had a forum. This time, I think his racist underbelly will be so exposed that the NATION will see that something is done about it! Just look at the LARGE NUMBER of comments that have been posted since this happened yesterday. This man is holding back the very constituents he is suppose to be representing because NO ONE who has to deal with him wants to jump through all his hoops. This is not Iran and he is not suppose to be a dictator….. but to a certain extent he IS! I sincerely hope the time has come for this fool to GO!

  304. jason riley says:

    living near dallas all of my lifeand watching dallas politics, john is just one more corrupt rep. this all started when dallas moved democractly elected. i believe these elections were fair as to the demographics had moved democrat. that being said, craig watkins was elected as D.A. for a second time, barely. questions were raised as to how much he knew or was involved in county constables running a abandoned car/towed car scam where some in the department were using these cars for personal use. some of these cars were towed years ago and owner never notified. the tow company involved was said to be helping the constables with the scam. watkins ran interference during the investigation. two of the constables and under indictment. all involved are democrats. shortly after watkins was re-elected he promptly fired many of republican public defenders in his office. some of these folks had worked under both parties. this past city election was a clean sweep for democrats. ok fine, thats the way elections go. but one on the victors was a newly elected judge named clay jenkins. in a manner of weeks bruce sherbert,
    the head elections officer was strongarmed out of office with a sham and seldom used reviews meeting that was to target sherbert. john wily price was behind the meeting. this is why the public forum above was held. those in the audience were concerned and alarmed how blatant and dirty dallas politics has become. it seems that jwp has finally assumed godfather status, mullah, big cheese, kingmaker or whatever moniker is correct. has he consolidated his power, now he rules. corruption in dallas is now rivaled with chicage, detroit,l.a., new york. we’ve had mulitple scandals in the school district, and big corruption trial involving sitting council people and a state rep involving kickbacks over federal subsidized housing, and now the county constables that may or may not involve the current d.a. . those , like myself moved out of dallas proper because the city is dead. businesses moved, as did the capital. school system sucks.crime sucks. at our public hospital 75% of children born are to illegals. when there is any development to revitalize downtown area they setup or build homeless shelters and drive away citizens and/or business near the new developement. i believe that goal of the the new political machine is to destroy any positive infrastructure so the city become a ward of the federal govt. i.e. more federal dollars. with millions infused to prop up the city who’s gonna miss a few $$$ scammed, shaved, stolen, etc.. create a poverty stricken city and personally profit. hope u enjoy your million jwp.

  305. Kerry Shelton says:

    If Mr. Wiley was white, and used the language that he used, he would no longer have a job. How can you say “all of you are white, go to hell” Isn’t that racist? Then he refers to a gentleman who had remained silent the whole time as “Fat Boy”. The last time I checked “Fat Boy” is a type of Harley Davidson motorcycle. Did anyone also notice that the police who blocked the spectators after Mr. Wiley challenged them to “take this outside” were black. I guess there are different codes of conduct for blacks and whites now. Mr. Wiley, you should be ashamed and YOU SHOULD RESIGN YOUR POST!!!.

  306. BarkingPoodle says:

    The casual observer can now see there is a double standard in Dallas. Can you imagine the reaction if an official of the city said “all of you people are black, go to hell, go to hell, go to hell.” The list of black officials in Dallas, who behave in a manner i.e. corruption, bribery, voting discrepancies, nepotism, conflict of interest, awarding of contracts or benefits and out right blatant stealing is long and what happens each time this is brought to light. We are told that we are oppressive, racists stuck in the past and should be ashamed of ourselves, boilerplate for the true nature of the real, hypocrite racists stuck in the past and unable to function in a free and open system without special consideration and a piece of the pie they neither created, earned or deserved. DALLAS deserves better.

  307. Let Freedom Ring says:

    All individuals involved are wrong. However, as an elected official, Mr. Price is held to a higher standard. If Mr. Price can’t hold his tongue during the most vile of accusations, then he doesn’t need to be in office. Period. President Obama hasn’t thrown any racial comments at the general public, why does Mr. Price think he is above the President?

  308. Toris says:

    Citizens, please step back from the current fractious arguments and consider; the current zeitgeist in America is to divide all citizens against one another in order to continue the oppression of all. TPTB like us fractured and divided, we’re easier to control and take advantage of. IMO, there is a bigger, more dangerous threat to Americans as a whole, Muslim Extremism. We will never be able to combat them in their quest to take over the west without coming together to maintain our western way of life. Black, white, green, blue, yellow, it doesn’t matter. We are all Americans who are currently blind to the real threat against our way of life. I’m afraid the only event that will bring us all together as Americans will be a common enemy / threat from the middle east. By then, it will be too late. Bond together America, for if we don’t, race relations in the Motherland will be the least of our worries.

  309. bob hoop says:

    Negro americans will be negro americans, surprised he didnt use the MF word too.

  310. JKH says:

    I know from experience that what is in your heart will eventually come out of your mouth. To change what comes out of your mouth, you need to change your heart.

  311. A guy in MA says:

    Hey Price, sorry the people who care about County politics in Dallas are, evidently, mostly white.

    I’m sick of people using the victim card when THEY are in a position of power. Do these a-holes get it? They work for us. We pay their salary.

  312. Al S. says:

    He’s staying in office too, you stupid white crackers, go to hell.

    1. TheMadKing says:

      What’s a black cracker, Al? A “blacker”? LOL! Nah, there’s another word, and you know what it is. You can go to hell too 🙂

    2. James says:

      Go to hell Yourself You Racist Bottomfeeder!

  313. tom says:

    Let’s have a BEER SUMMIT. I mean a really big BEER summit with kegs and stuff.

  314. sickofitall says:

    The worst part of this is that Mr. Price will keep his job. If a white commissioner said, “All of you are black. Go to hell”, that person would have been fired already. Just like the Black Panthers intimadating voters and nothing happened to them. Racism is a two way street and as long as non-whites can continue to be unpunished racist, racism will never go away.

  315. Atlas Collins says:

    What a stoopid Moulie!

  316. jeemeymac says:

    John Wiley Price chooses to be a polarizing figure. But judging by the racist and ignorant nature of a lot of these comments, the electorate is populated by a good number of misanthropes and cretins who probably have better public servants than they deserve.

    What is black blood libel? What do the Dallas County Commissioners have to do with Africa? Who cares about JWP’s hair? LOL–scary black man JEEZ

  317. Bob A says:

    Price is just being a good Democrat! Democrats have been anti-white racists for 50 years. Now they are bold enogh to say it out loud. I’m suprised it wasn’t Obama.

  318. Calvin says:

    The racist turd must go. His excuse is a transparent lie.

  319. mike says:

    I googled and Yahooed the term “moolah”, guess what? Only thing I found was a slang term for Money, but we already knew that.

    Once again Price has played the almighty race card to dodge the subject. What I would like to knwo is what will happen because of Price’s racial outburst?

  320. Deshaun says:

    This is what our country has come to, are you happy now?
    What a sad state we have come to, when will people wake up ?
    This cannot be tolerated, government works for us, for the people, not the other way around.
    People like this john price are stinking up the place, It’s time to take the trash out.

  321. mxbs says:

    Who is the elected official? Price! Turner can be an idiot if he wants to he represents himself and nobody else… Price is a f#$%ing Racist no matter how you cut it!!!

  322. Jay says:

    As an Italian, this guy is an IDIOT – Mullah is not Moolee pronounced MOO-LEE . It also doesn’t stand for the N word contrary to MOVIES. It stands for A-hole or Idiot…….

  323. Glad I live in Ft. Worth says:

    Bottom Feeder. Nothing but a sorry sucker feeding off the uneducated individuals that seek handouts from their elected officials. That’s why he is continually voted in by those in his district that vote based on his skin color not his character. True hypocrisy at its finest. Those who cry racism at every corner demonstrate it every time they go to the ballot box. Now you have this career politician who claims rasicm while at the same time demonstrates it with his own actions. So someone called him names? Stand up like a man rather than throwing a tantrum. Even worse use a racist remark…the very thing you claim against yourself. Ignorance on display.

  324. D Hall says:

    I simply find it laughable that those who are so “intolerant” racism and racial slurs are the first to start throwing them out and labeling people. He has no idea if any of those people even support the Tea Party, but boy he did not hesitate trying to throw them under that politically charged bus. Could that one guy have chosen a better term to call him, yes, but as a public official you must keep your cool and not “stoop to anyone’s level” no matter what is said.

  325. Irony Mike says:

    On behalf of Mr. Price, I’d like to tell all you white people making comments critical of him to go to hell! Now if you will excuse me, I’ve got to go to the barber shop and get my hair braided.

  326. Steve says:

    Well, at least he’ll never be elected to anything higher than that position. If George Allen loses because of “macaca”, then if I were running against him I’d just play a loop on “All of you are white! Go to hell! Go to hell!” over and over again in my campaign ads….

  327. desert says:

    Well? whats wrong with telling them to haul his “black ass” out and impeach him if he really does have a black ass?

  328. Duke says:

    That is brilliant! The non-apology makes the incident un-spinable. This moron says that “mullah” is equivalent to “n’r” [Prices word]? Dose he dispute that mullah can mean anything else? So if someone wanted to say that he was a mullah not meaning “n’r” [Prices word], what word would they now have to use? Price is saying that he gets a get out of name calling free card on account of race. Mr. Price that would apply equally to the people you told to go to hell. Their get out of damnation card should have just as much credit. If they don’t belong to your race then you don’t belong to theirs either. If that distinction relieves people of criticism then take a leaf from your own book. As I see it a mullah might be redeemable, but “go to hell” rules that out; agreed? They make a redeemable charge against you and you make an irredeemable charge against them. What, Mr. Price are we to take from that?

  329. Bill XDm says:

    God, i have less respect for the black community every day ..and it is all based on their lack of any sort of accountability for their actions …. even when they ARE the government with the power ..they apparently can’t be racist in their delusional minds …get real fools, this clown (Price) is a racist and hopefully gets removed from office ASAP

  330. Jean Deux says:

    elect ni66ers to government, you get ni66er government, they are a totally dysfunction race at every level, you cannot name a single ni66er country or city that is normal
    it is a crime against nature for whites to be governed by ni66ers

  331. logi_cal says:

    Price is inventing history; Moolah has never been used as a slur.

    I guess he must’ve ‘mis-spoke’… (sarc intended)

  332. godapats8 says:

    I don’t believe Moolah was used in the past to describe Italians and then used to describe blacks. I believe the term mulaam [sp] was used to desribe blacks as in itlalian this is eggplant. The short version was mulely not moolah. I could be wrong but my first wife’s family used to call black mulelies (for eggplant). I guess this guy may have heard the term moolah before in regard to describing blacks so therefore I can understand why he got upset.

  333. Jasper says:

    I once heard him go off because he misheard the name “Kuhn” as “coon.” The man is unstable.

  334. borntobePolitical says:

    Nice try, you are still a racist!

  335. Steve says:

    This is why America is on a steep downhill slope. There are too few real men and real women alive. People are exceedingly flippant, self centered, and disrespectful, not to mention adolescent.

  336. Tommy says:

    “You are all white. Go to hell.” Spoken by a black man. If this was reversed, we would have a much more serious issue. The N word was never used, and if this person was educated at any level, he would know that not one racial slur was thrown in his direction. Stand on your own two feet, and fight your own battles. Your grandparents FOUGHT and EARNED their freedom the right way….through determination and WILL. Quit hangin on the coat tails of their achievements. Worthless!!!!

  337. mikec711 says:

    The response was bad but … calling him a Mullah was flat out wrong. Unprofessional accusation brought unprofessional response. What I want to know is … were the accusers truly Tea Party. Tea Party gets a bad wrap as true Tea Party folks avoid any racist comments. We do feel all are welcome at the table … and that does bring some interesting folks. But the Tea Party consistently rebukes those who represent racism in any way. If the man calling Price “A Mullah” was Tea Party … he needs to be booted or to apologize for that.

  338. J.V. says:

    I wonder how many years did Mr. Wiley sat next to Mr. Obama while they were attending the services of Rev. Wright at United Trinity in Chicago. Where else would he harbor such hatred towards white people, let alone white Americans?

  339. billybob says:

    “you are all white go to hell” sounds like a racist hate crime..
    Just sayin’

  340. Wanker says:

    John Wiley price is a CANCER on the City of Dallas, and always has been.
    A huge bully, and a very divisive racist no good for nada puto.
    Someone should have put him out of our misery long ago.Will it end in my lifetime?.
    Pls may it be so, NOW.

  341. rredlum says:


  342. Grape Soda says:

    Wow that’s what I call a total chimp out!

  343. Dave says:

    What did you expect, Dallas? The man has cornrows! I mean, you’re basically getting what you paid for.

  344. Chucky says:

    Isn’t this the same fool who said that using the term “black-hole” was racist? When are black people in this country going to figure out that the white man is their BEST friend? If it wasn’t for us…yea… us WHITE people… here and around the world, blacks likely wouldn’t survive. Outnumbered, out-smarted and not really liked a whole lot by other races either. Keep it up. The race card is failing miserably now and whites are TIRED OF HEARING IT ! You think all these latinos that are in this country now are going to have the same white guilt feelings that loser white people in this country do? Stupid liberal whites have catered to blacks now for far too long. These LIBERAL whites are going by the wayside now… so…. the gravy-train is coming to an end. It’s been a nice run but…. sorry blacks… things change and equilibrium will be returned to society.

  345. Justin says:

    The race card is maxed out. The dynamic race card bar. Raise it and lower it to shield yourself from any criticism. It’s old. It’s so yesterday. So 80’s. Everyone knows what Mr.Turner was speaking about. No need to rush out a never listened to album of some third rate singer / rapper and say it sounds like this or that.

  346. J.R. says:

    Where is Jackson, Rev Al, and the President on this issue? Hear the crickets? Have you seen it on the national news? What kind of coverage do you think this situation would have gotten if the politician had been white and the audience black?

  347. RufusVonDufus says:

    He does look like a pimp with his cornrows and that suit. I guess he thinks he looks quite the politician, though, as most of them are also pimps!

  348. RJLigier says:

    I read this headline and I immediately knew it was John Wiley Price. No else but JWP would have said this. ROFLMAO. The only other person who could said this was a black female who lost her seat on the council when the activist from Connecticut was mayor. Her first name was Diane.

  349. KA Stevens says:

    “Moolah” is slang for money. I’m guessing JRP doesn’t know any other etymology than gutter slang.

  350. Jim57 says:

    As Price stood to leave, he looked at Turner and the five other citizens who addressed the court. Price said to them, “All of you are white. Go to hell!”

    Price repeated “go to hell” three more times. An unknown member of the audience said, “You should be ashamed!”

    “I’m not ashamed!” Price answered. “I’m not ashamed! Go to hell!”

    Kind of makes one want to avoid Dallas.

  351. Buck Keely says:

    Were is Jessie and All calling out for his ouster for racism
    Heirloom Seed ‘How God plants His garden’

  352. cole says:

    After listening to Mr. Prices interview, he said repeatedly that mullah was a racist slang. So as he suggested I went to an online slang dictionary and the only slang I found was for money or an educated muslim man. The one thing i did find racist was “all of you are white, go to hell” and i didn’t need a slang dictionary to figure it out.

  353. kbworkman says:

    This jerk doesn’t know what he is talking about.

    The term is a religious term. Mullahs can be of any reace.

    Tribal? What is racial about tribal?

    Many races are tribal. He is just trying to misdirect us and use his race to excuse his poor manners and his attitude.

  354. Chad says:

    ““Chief Moolah” has its roots in a slang that was used against Italian immigrants” – Price

    I’m unaware of much slang caused by Italian immigration to Arabic lands in the 10th century or later. Obviously Price is a very educated man deeply committed to unearthing previously unknown data.

    Either that or he’s a thin-skinned, racist jerk who hides behind a credential when called to task.

    Regardless of his nature, he looks to be a waste of time and a disgrace to the Dallas community.

  355. gara56 says:

    Wonder what would have happened if the roles were inversed? Can you spell NAACP? This just shows you how messed up things are in our society. Make me sick to see how certain ethnic groups can get away with anything while others get hung to dry.

  356. Cowboy says:

    This guy still has a job?

  357. Hal Howell says:

    Dear Proud Black Man,
    I’m glad you are proud of your heritage. However, you should remember when they ask, “Where is America?” that will also include YOU! At the final Judgement God will ask, “Are you in Christ?” It won’t matter what you skin color is, how much money you had, what your status was or what was your education level.
    Not all whites owned slaves. I also wonder if you are aware of how Blacks SOLD other Blacks to white slavers. Yes, it would seem there is more than enough blame to go around. All are sinners in need of a Savior, even proud Black men.

  358. Dano says:

    Who is this Price guy anyway? All dressed up with his Malcolm X bow tie. He’s obviously educated beyond his intellect. He’s a disgrace to the race.

  359. enoughAlready911 says:

    Far too often blacks when elected to power exhibit racist expressions with no repercussions.

    Whether white, black, asian or other it is NOT right to make your argument based on their skin color but their actions.

    Can you image if a white man had said “its because your black”? Further, you don’t see other races having these problems to the same degree. Rare is it that asian or latino have the same issues. Primarily because they have less of a racist outlook I my opinion.

    I believe that if blacks want to stop racism used against them then THEY must not accept racist comments within their ranks.

  360. jimboo says:

    Fire the fool, No white person would get away with saying what he said.

  361. Mark says:

    It is amazing that when John Wiley Price makes a racist comment he is only “stating a fact”, but when a white man makes a comment it is racially motivated.
    When John Wiley Price acts the fool like this, I am embarassed to admit that I am from Dallas…
    If Price didn’t control the district voting lines so as to keep his district predominently African American he wouldn’t be able to get elected Dog Catcher.
    He has been an embarrasment in this area for over 30 years…like the months that he and his little group of dissidents “baby walked” across a six-lane boulevard during rush hour traffic to protest the hiring practices of the Dallas Police Department. Seem that Price had a problem with the DPD for not hiring enough Africen American Officers…even though none of the black applicants couldn’t pass the state civil service exam.
    The race card has been Price’s mantra for 30+ years.

  362. jazz says:

    how about we TAKE HIM to HELL instead….politians and governors need to watch thier mouths and steps taken against thier citizens….IT BACKFIRES.

  363. Rich Ellingson says:

    This is the same idiot who took major offense a couple years ago to someone referring to the disappearing parking division funds as “going down a black hole”. John Wiley Moron, not having any idea what the term meant, assumed that it was racist because it had the word black. When told of his idiotic error, and when it was explained to him that the the term was a scientific term, this chowder-head then said that scientists who coined it must be racist.

  364. BlacksAreRacist says:

    Wow, what a whitey-hating ginner. He should be arrested for ethnic intimidation.
    And his ridiculous and unprofessional cornrow hairdo is a wink to fellow whitey-hating black racists.
    Why does the Media not condemn his words as blatantly racist as they clearly were, as they would had a white spewed a similar insult to blacks?
    And the Racial Double Standard continues…
    Wake up, whitey.

  365. Max says:

    That racist piece of trash should resign!

  366. Tina Ferrer says:

    You are a racist pig Mr. Wiley. Let’s get the truth out in the open here. The black population today is at 12.9%. For every 100 whitey’s there are 13 blacks. These are the facts, not the other way around and I have had it with this.

  367. Skids says:

    John Wiley Price – The skidmark on the underwear of Dallas politics.

  368. Tax Slave says:

    If the races were reversed, there would be no question about being forced to resign in disgrace.

  369. phillysmart says:

    Well the true racist continue to come out of the woodwork along with Obama and the democrats true agenda…they are about seizing power from the white establishment who they consider the enemy…take their money because they work and are successful give it to the minorities…after all they are entitled to it …wake up folks many of these ingrates want to destroy this country…12% of the population and they want control to make you a second class citizen…more and more we see it everyday

  370. RB says:

    So tell me… if the the group were black men/women speaking to a white man… and the white man said to them “you are all black, go to hell!”….. the world would be up in arms about the racist white man on the counsel… Jessie Jackson and Al Sharptn would be on TV calling for him to be fired, demanding an apology, etc…. So, when the tables are reversed, why is the white public not raising a stink about the Black racists sitting on the counsel? By his own actions and singling out the people as white… he clearly has a racial bias against white people.

  371. BillY Boy says:

    I guess Price wanted things his way, didn’t get his way, so he resorted to being an idiot. He needs to go.

  372. MELISSA POWELL says:


  373. Ophelia Jackson says:

    We need to clean the racist idiots out of government, starting in Dallas, TX

  374. robbie says:

    PRICE was judging the people by the content of their character, not by the color of their skin. And he was right, they were white they have strong ethics for their own kind and stand up for right and wrong. UNLIKE Price, Sharpton, Osama obama, Jackson, Pelosi, Reed, Schummer, who like to keep the black man in the hood and in a place where they can control em. YOU CANT CONTROL WHITE PEOPLE! Truth is you cant control anyone with real content in their character. UNLIKE PRICE who is just a damn word that is not pc to use here!

  375. MIKE says:

    I am always willing to debate, but never at the expense of my race and my heritage

    so you say, but from that statement everything you do or discuss is race related,


  376. Mark says:

    As a well educated African American and citizen, I am deeply offended by John Wiley Price’s behavior. Not only is he out of order but he displays some of the racist behavior that has held the black community back for decades. In current day America, being black is only a hiderance if you want it to be. As shown by the Hispanic, Asian, and Indian communities is America, effort not race is the real differentiator in being successful.

    1. Tina Ferrer says:

      Thank you for this Mark. You nailed it very nicely. Encore!

  377. hc says:

    Another Gov Employee who isn’t a dime

  378. hillcoguy says:

    Since he seems to be a very miliy=tant black, you KNOW that he’ll say he was “TAKEN OUT OF CONTEXT”.

  379. John T. says:

    This piece of subhuman garbage should be fired immediately fired from his position. If the shoe was on the other foot, “racial wise”, there would be an “uproar” and an immediate dismissal of him/her.

  380. Don says:

    Am I the only on that knows the difference between Mullah and Moolie? Cause aparently this guy doesn’t realize he’s refering to something completely different. Educate yourself Mr. Price.

  381. Scott says:

    Do all you people forget this clown Price….He is indeed a racist

  382. jim says:

    He’s not fat he is thin challenged.

  383. wolf says:

    Price is Dallas’ version of Houston’s embarrassment: Sheila Jackson Lee

  384. Joe Citizen says:

    Yeah right, everything is a racial slur to these monkeys. All I have to say is why are we voting coons into power??? Fu ck you spook.

  385. 1689 says:

    When the citizens figure out that one of their elected leaders is a racist, a person motivated by hatred of one group because of their skin color, they’re morally obligated to fire him, impeach him, do what they have to do to remove him from office. People like that have no business controlling anything other than their own sad lives.

  386. Hot Pistol says:

    Is this what we get with Obama?

    1. UteDB says:

      Yep and with more to come.

  387. Betty Barclay says:

    Low class and ignorant. Nothing new here……just another hateful Democrat.

  388. WalkingOnEggshells says:

    I get tired of being asked to apologize for the crime of slavery, which I never (nor has any living family member or any family member that has passed on in my lifetime) was any part of.

    I get tired of people using the race card as a crutch that has never (nor has any living family member or any family member that has passed on in their lifetime) was any part of.

    I am white. If you are black, and you do not appreciate the stigma of being a slave attached to you (even though you are so far removed from it that you do not know what it tastes like), try living with the stigma that “your” people are responsible for the oppression of “your” race.

    Many years ago, your burden versus mine would win…….hands down. In 2011, with slavery far out of existence, I still get to bear the burden of persecution that I, nor the last few generations of my family had anything to do with. Slavery was an abomination. Those who participated, both white and black slave owners, deserve a special place in Hell. But, thanks to people’s flaws before me (which I have no control over), I get to live my life having to walk on eggshells, watch what I say, and be accused of partaking in the oppression of a whole people. Have you ever stopped for a second to think what kind of weight that carries?

    Everyone has prejudices, but that does not mean everyone is racist. There is ignorance in every culture……yes, even Black culture. There is an insane amount of ignorance among the white culture as well. We are all flawed as a whole, especially when we have to retread what should be a dead subject in 2011 every minute of every day.

    America. Black America. College. Black College. Seperate but not equal? Doesn’t have to be seperate, but we insist on separating and giving special treatment to African Americans? Why? I thought the fight was for equality. It sounds like most do not want equality……they just want separation.

    I have never owned a slave. I have never committed a hate crime. I suffer for all of those that did though. It permeates every poor of my existence. My experiences have shown me that people are pretty terrible, and only look out for themselves. people are not happy unless they have something to complain about. People do not want things to get better because they thrive on their hate because it gives them power.

    So, as long as people feel the need to assert their “white” and “black” power, we are a doomed society. We can not escape our pasts because, face it, no one really wants to. If we did, everyone would run out of excuses as to why they are poor excuses for human beings…..always looking for an excuse as to why they do not have to be better individuals.

  389. Deb says:

    He looks like a pimp in that outfit. Who dressed him up that morning, his 12 year old wanna be gangster son?

  390. AuntieTaqiyya says:

    Price is an arrogant idiot! Mullah is a RELIGIOUS label, NOT a RACIAL SLURl! Price is the most IGNORANT public official EVER! How can an adult male–WITH SUCH OBVIOUS LIMITED MENTAL CAPACITY–occupy any public office? Price is OVERTLY RACIST AND FATTIST! No public official is allowed to call an adult male constituent a “FAT BOY”. It’s a racial slur and a pejorative Price must step down or be fired immediately!!! He dares to discriminate against concerned citizens–in a public forum. TIME FOR A RECALL!!!!!

  391. Al Penn says:

    He’ll no doubt be regarded as a hero.

  392. UteDB says:

    Oh if I could only get my hands around his skinny, old, black neck. He’ll get a pass like most all bigoted blacks these days (Black Panther case). Could you imagine if this had been a white politician? Jackson and Sharpton would be screaming from the rooftops.

  393. d says:

    what if it were a white commissioner telling black citizens to go to hell?

  394. Ryan J. Murdough says:

    This is what happens when you allow Negros to participate in government.

  395. SharpShtik says:

    It’s never too late to repatriate 96% of blacks (all Democrats who hate America and free-enterprise, commit the majority of all crime and consume a massively disproportionate share of welfare) as Lincoln planned to do before he was assassinated.

  396. catherine says:

    I am sure if any white commissioner ever said that to a room ful of blacks in Florida HE WOULD BE FORCED OUT AND I MEAN FORCED OUT BY THE MEDIA THE VERY NEXT DAY!!!!!!

    double standards are gone fella, you will be removed for that racist bash, just like I would WISH A WHITE GUY BEING AS INSENSITIVE TO BLACK CONSTITUENTS AS YOU WERE WOULD BE FORCED OUT………..

    there is no RACE in doing the RIGHT THING.

  397. Farmer Bob says:

    “My history and record will reflect that I am one whose tolerance is limited or non-existent when it comes to racial slurs.” — John Wiley Price

    Now who inflicts the greater harm upon the African race? — the ignoramus who hurls the “N”-word, or the African ignoramus who behaves like one? Is it any wonder that immigrants to this country who arrive with no prejudice against the black inevitably turn into instant “racists” after their first few African encounters here? If it acts like a duck and it runs like a duck, maybe it’s John Wiley Price.

  398. seen enough says:

    some people are more equal than others.. Example.. can a white man use the n word?/ only if he’s a rapper.. can a black man call a white honky ??,… yeah no problem he/she’s just gettin’ over on ‘da man’..

  399. Grumpy Old Vet says:

    Somebody call Vince McMahon… we just located WWE’s “The Godfather”… he’s serving the good people of Dallas while still hollerin’ “Pimpin’ ain’t easy!”

  400. JustMe says:

    Free Puppies!!!

    Can’t we all just get along?

    1. Senior says:

      Not with arrogant racist “gov’t” pimps screaming at us about name calling fiascos.

  401. Jerry Ryan says:

    So if it’s okay to call a man a “fat boy” for being fat. . . can you call a man a “black boy” for being black?

    And if the answer is no, you understand the soft bigotry of low expectations. . .

  402. les says:

    mr. price is not a bad man. he is a black man wishing he was white.

  403. Chuck says:

    Slavery was worldwide in the past – England and America stopped it in thier countries because of the courage and devotion of Christians and other like-minded lovers of freedom. It’s horrible that blacks were enslaved and later discriminated agianst. But you know what? There has been no institutionalized racism in this country for over a generation. Get over it. your problems are your responsibility. Pull your pants up, get a job and raise your kids. And Marlon, no one but you is “100% in control of you financially, emotionally, economically, and educationally”. Don’t blame White Americans for your lot in life – we’re getting really sick of being accused of racism every time one of you guys makes an @ss of himself.

  404. GD22 says:

    I think all was fine with what he said and it just probably goes back to his days of playing in the WNBA where he learned to talk trash. Looks just like a lot of those women basketball players….

  405. JB says:

    JWP is an arrogant racist – and an embarassment to all Dallas.
    And looks the part – –

  406. Tom Davidson says:

    It is possible that, through either a ‘listening impediment’ or pure ignorance, he cannot distinguish between a mullah and moolah. Either way, should he be retained in a job that requires listening to the public and making decisions based on the information thus received?

  407. Mark Carlton says:

    That sounds like hate speech! Where’s the D.A.?

  408. Brigmaster says:

    Just out of curiosity what jail/prison did Price serve time in he sure looks and sounds like a jai house convert to Louis Farrakhan’s Black Muslim religion.

  409. mntx says:

    Why does he still have a job? He is no different than a typical Klan member or Stormfront poster, only a different complexion. If he were anyone else, his nasty racist butt would have been booted out of that job and the community would be up in arms. A racist is a racist is a racist- and from this guy’s history, he is one of the worst.

  410. Nick Danger says:

    John Wiley Price is an ignorant Democrat and, yes, I realize that’s redundant.

    John Wiley Price is also a racist Democrat and, yes, I realize that’s redundant.

    Hey, John Wiley, when are you gonna quit doing your Democrat massa’s dirty work?

  411. Ryan J. Murdough says:

    If anyone is interested in preserving a future for Whites and their children go to

    If White people do not start looking out for themselves, they are going to end up living in a country that resembles something between Mexico and Mogadishu.

  412. pete says:

    Black Racism is alive and Well in Obama’s
    America. This is called HOPE & CHANGE?

  413. Darrel says:

    Price is both stupid AND racist. Mullah you ignorant racist prickkkkk.

  414. muhammed says:

    Skin that filthy nig!

  415. Fanny Forbes Franklen says:

    “Never interrupt your enemy when he is making a mistake.” ~ Napoleon Bonaparte

  416. joetheplumber says:

    Sounds like he should be working for Barack Huessein Obama……..

  417. MJ says:

    If a white commissioner sat up there and said “you are all black – go to hell” he would relieved of his position with no question. Glad I don’t live in Dallas county anymore.

  418. Disgusted says:

    I can’t believe JWP is still in office spouting his racist tripe. I lived in Dallas back in the 1980’s and 1990’s. I recall JWP in front of a live news camera in response to police shootings that Dallas police should not be surprised if people started shooting them from the rooftops. What a reckless inflamatory windbag…

  419. Daniel says:

    Nice hairdo Price. Are you 15 years old or what, you racist?

  420. Doug says:

    MLK would find Price a disgusting little minded fool of a man.

  421. Harpotoo says:

    So this is what gets churned out of the Reverend Wright type Black Churches!


    Well then I say FUN!

  422. SHARON says:


  423. Mike Sarkisian says:

    The rules set where one cannot name a council member is just another way to keep folks from really participating. As for those who were claiming that blacks cannot be racist since they hold no power seems to forget that the council member is black, the president is black and the most powerful person in television is black!

    Racism is a problem of the human condition. The fact is, that elected representatives who engage in it should quietly resign…regardless of race. That would be the case in other public servants…police etc..

  424. Bob says:

    I’m tired of this Kill Whitey campaign black democrats are promoting in this country.

  425. Rev Dr E Buzz says:

    I guess it’s not really a big shock that the inner cities across America are hopelessly hosed when they have “leaders” like this guy.

    Get whitey!

  426. Shaun says:


  427. Red Ruffansore says:

    Ma Sonny Boya, dem corn rows is too tight. Be relaxin dem.

  428. HoustonianTex says:

    All I have to say is, “Dallas, Get A Grip!”
    Once again you prove why our neighbor to the north has not moved into the 21st century and still holds on to its racially hatred past, with all this bickering going on like dirtyard dogs.
    I have always felt Dallas is pretentious and petty and full of high nose/high browed biggots on both ends of the spectrum.
    Learn a lesson from Houston where we “all get along”, at least in our government and courtrooms; (maybe there’s an issue here and there with our police force beating up someone robbing something) but we’ve given up all this race bating that apparently dallas still thrives on… (ok, well, maybe that %#@hole Michael Barry on the radio still thrives on it, but he needs to move to Dallas!) Anyways, this whole incident makes Dallas look like a hick town with a deprived mental framework of operation.

    1. Duke West says:

      LOL! Thanks Tex! You put it very well. I can’t agree more that Michael Berry (with an e) would fit right in with these Dallas folks and needs to move! I can’t wait to hear his radio talkshow refer to this incident somehow pulling Sheila Jackson Lee into this whole mess as the cause.
      Duke West

    2. DallasiteTX says:

      Gimme a break. You guys in Houston should not be throwing stones. I refer to your strong and proud leader – Quannell X.

    3. James says:

      Houston, a sancuary City, bankrupt over aand over, highest Crime area in the state. Give Me a break. You have so many Illegals in Houston You could be considered a Third World City.

  429. Anonymous says:

    If the roles were reversed we’d have Jesse Jackson or Al Sharpton outside those doors within hours calling for a resignation. You don’t stop prejudice by categorizing people as white and then telling them to go home. One step forward two steps back.

  430. joetheplumber says:

    distribute da wealth, HONKY M_therf_cka !!!

  431. WittyMermaid says:

    I left Dallas in 1997, after I graduated from graduate school, and I see this rubbish is still getting elected. WTH is wrong with y’all?

  432. Harpotoo says:

    Darrel you got that right! We’ll be talking Cantonese, trading in the Yan and living under Sharia soon enough if we don’t get back together all of US, using as the Tea Party does, the “Constitution and Bill of Rights” as the basis for the existence of our Nation!

  433. joetheplumber says:

    White liberals and progressives support people like this, due to their massive guilt……which is why they supported Barack Huessein Obowma.

  434. Rodeny King says:

    Can’t we all just get along?

  435. txsense says:

    There is a Sargeant at Arms at council meetings. Why didn’t Price do the mature thing and inform the speaker if he continued using deragatory langauge he would have him removed from the meeting.

    A public official who responds to a slur with his own slur isn’t mature enough to be sitting in that seat.

  436. shlomo says:

    This dope encounters a little flack from a few Caucasians and he just can’t help but yell something racsist.

    Get this clown outta office, DFW.

  437. Maria says:

    I love how easy it is to call white’s racist but, blacks and other minorities are more racist than any white I have ever met. I work in a building that is predominately black, I would say there are maybe 20 whites out of a group of over 300 and all you hear is talk about crackers and how they would never go out with one. Every corner you turn you hear something negative, they love to dish it out but, can’t take it. My two now ex roommates were from India, I figured they would be nice and calm, NOT, all I hear from them is how much they hate whites and because they moved here as teenagers and had to work for what they have, whites are entitled jerks who have it all. Asked them to back up and think about it, most whites have been here for generations, isn’t it common sense that they would be established in their community?

  438. Cass says:

    The obvious racist was the one yelling “All of you are white – go to hell!”

  439. gary lee says:

    Wiley is an elected official representing the people, the speaker is not. Wiley…..resign.

  440. long memeory says:

    Hey, what do you expect from a two-bit leg breaker?

  441. Seven Slaven says:

    Wow, so now if someone feels that what you said really means “the n-word,” then it’s the same as actually saying it? Boy, oh boy, oh boy. What a can of tar you’ve opened up. But, I can’t blame anyone…monkey see, monkey do. Wait, um…HE was the one being racist. But it’s those “whites” that say one thing but think another, and his feelings were hurt somehow. Seems like an effective leader.

  442. Jeff says:

    Real class John Wiley, real class.

  443. Barton Gaskin says:

    People in positions of power should have thicker skins. There’s a long tradition in this country of private citizens speaking directly, angrily, and sometimes rudely in public forums to those who hold positions of power and influence. If Mr. Price finds himself exempt from enduring that kind of treatment by private citizens, he should step down.

  444. Ricardo says:

    I’ve butted heads with commissioner Price going back to the early ’90’s. Back then he was defacing billboards and pointing loaded guns at our police. He is a bully and a bigot. And I’m convince that if you were to wade through his deepest thoughts you wouldn’t get your feet wet. And the fact that he is voted back into office repeatedly shows a total lack of intelligence of his supporters.

  445. Mike Harris says:

    Blacks, whites, abortion, gays, church, healthcare, Obama, Vietnam, Bush, etc. Pick something you hate and start typing. Ready…GO!

  446. BigPaulie says:

    What is Dallas turning into, Chicago?

  447. jason says:

    moolah means money. I think the correct racist term he was thinking of was mooli

  448. Colonel Kenneth Wayne Treuter, Esquire says:

    I am probably the most powerful lawyer and Private Investigator in the State of Texas.

    Perhaps I should have a chat with Mr. Price and show him the error of his ways.

  449. CM says:

    This is not the first time Mr. Price has allowed his ignorance about what someone is saying get in the way of normal discussion of the facts during a Dallas county commisssioner’s court meeting. In July 2008 Mr. Price was questioning the term “Black Hole” used as in analogy to show revenues from citations were being lost. Mr. Price abruptly asked why it was not referred to as a “white hole”. This once again goes back to the root of the problem which is Price’s ignorance of common knowledge and his anticipating everyone is saying something racist to him. Racism is rampant in John Wiley Price’s mind, but only because he looks through racist eyes of his own. We can not leave racism behind if we keep seeing racism every where we look Mr. Price.

  450. Oglethorpe Cleo says:

    Just what Dallas needs for its public image after that disasterous Super Bowl.
    A racist politician.

  451. BigPaulie says:

    “tea party crooks”??? Sounds like an ignorant comment coming from an ignorant person. This idiot John Wiley Price is just like the jive-talking crooks I grew up around in Chicago. They are like a cancer for an urban area and are out for one thing, themselves.

  452. CM says:

    This is not the first time Mr. Price has allowed his ignorance about what someone is saying get in the way of normal discussion of the facts. In July 2008 Mr. Price was questioning the term “Black Hole” used as in analogy to show revenues from citations were being lost. Mr. Price abruptly asked why it was not referred to as a “white hole”. This once again goes back to the root of the problem which is Price’s ignorance of common knowledge and his anticipating everyone is saying something racist to him. Racism is rampant in John Wiley Price’s mind, but only because he looks through racist eyes of his own. We can not leave racism behind if we keep seeing racism every where we look Mr. Price.

  453. Jim says:

    What a double standard; revearse roles and the blacks would be callng for the white commisioners soul.. What is shameless is the news media are cowards to call it what it is”RACIIST BEHAVIOR:”

    Silent Majority

  454. Reggie182 says:

    The terms “mullah”, “moolah”, & “moolie” are completely different as others have pointed out. JWP simply sees and hears racism in everything.

    And just what the hell does a County Commissioner do anyway? How long has he had this title? I’m almost forty years old and I can’t recall a time when anyone but Price was County Commissioner.

  455. Ben says:

    If a white commissor said your all Black, go to hell. It would be on the front page and lead story on the TV news. Of course Obama, Jessie Jackson, and Sharpton would be rushing to Dallas.

  456. Fecal McStool says:

    I like to talk about stool.

  457. KingofScotland says:

    John Wiley Price should have been removed from office a long time ago. This is just the latest in a long list of incidents over many years. He has been given a pass on his poor behavior for far too long. It is not acceptable for him to yell racial epithets at citizens, just as is not acceptable for any government official to do so. Price’s explanation doesn’t fly, given the word he is describing is “mooley” – it is clear that the speaker was comparing him to a mullah. Price is acting like an authoritarian mullah by using his power to force a good, long-term County employee out of his position due to political differences. He has already admitted this was over his distaste for what he considers on overly-influential Republican party in Dallas. There should be a full-scale investigation into Price, and into what was behind the exit of Bruce Sherbet.

  458. Thomas says:

    A white Al Sharpton and a white Jessie Jackson are needed!

  459. furian says:

    Price is the HNIC, get used to it whitey! LOL

    1. MarkTheMeS says:

      HNIC? What does Hockey Night In Canada have to do with any of this? MeS™

  460. Justin Dean Job says:

    Black racist Resign

  461. Fizzler says:

    Price is living proof that the chimps have escaped from the Dallas zoo again.

  462. Drew says:

    I believe the word Mr. Price thought he heard was “mulignan”, pronounced mool-yan. It means eggplant in some Italian dialect, and is a racial slur against black people.

    I honestly do not believe that Mr. Price confused mulignan with mullah. I think he is just reaching for an excuse to justify his own racial outburst. In either case, calling Mr. Price a mulignan is an insult to the intelligence of eggplants.

  463. Dmitri Sydovitch says:

    Price has been a trouble maker and race baiter for 20 years.

    Several incidents – white woman attempting to pick up her child at a buioding where Price was protesting – he broke the windshield wipers off her car. Also he was jogging with a side and and when challenged by the police, ran into his house and reappeared with a water gun.

    Of course being a protected star of the minority community, he was even charged in either incident.

  464. WalkingOnEggShells says:

    Just to be clear…….while i think JWP is a blatant racist and the race card gets thrown around way too much, I distance myself from about 70% of the comments that have been made today on this site. Hard to cite others ignorance if yours is on full display.

    1. mullah moolie says:

      well whatever will we do without your approval? Get fudged you idiot – best way to be distanced would to not be so full of yourself that you feel the need to post to tell people.

  465. Joe says:

    He needs to step down. I will give his office a call this week and ask him if he plans to step down. This racist doesn’t need to be in office. He needs to be arrested for hate speech or something. I’m white, am i going to hell? Cuz i’m white? I’m going to sue him now.

  466. H.Johnson says:

    It figures that this individual would respond as he did to citizens. Racism is okay if its black on white. Welcome to Obammy’s amerika. It would be interesting to see if some background information on Mr. John Wiley Price turns up any connections to radical black groups.

  467. Rick Booker says:

    Mullah? I thought the term was HNIC

    1. MarkTheMeS says:

      HNIC? How does Hockey Night In Canada apply to any of this? MeS™

  468. plainasday says:

    Nice hypocrisy there, Price, slandering an entire political movement as racist. Time for you to go.

  469. Brian says:

    From the person that brought you “Black hole” is a racial slur…

  470. JWnTX says:

    So says the idiot that doesn’t know what a “black hole” is. When will his constituents see what a moron he is? It speaks extremely poorly of the Dallas black community that they keep sending this racist prick back to the Commissioner’s Court.

  471. Katkog says:

    Okay boys and girls I was wondering what all the ruckus was about, so I decided to “Wiki” this gentlemen to see his background and ……. lo and behold I got this info:

    John Wiley Price
    From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
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    John Wiley Price is a politician in Dallas, Texas. He has been the Dallas County Commissioner for District 3, since January 1, 1985. He campaigns as “our man downtown”.[1] [2]

    Commissioner Price has aroused local controversy through his efforts to challenge what he perceives as the status quo of Dallas city politics. Among many other notable instances, Price received national media attention when he took offense at the use of the term “black hole” by a fellow commissioner.[3] His words were lampooned repeatedly by the media and radio talk show hosts including Rush Limbaugh [4] Price again made headlines when he launched a profanity laced tirade at a December 2009 Dallas County Commissioner’s Court meeting over the ongoing investigation of impropriety among Dallas Constables. Price repeatedly pounded on the desk in front of him and responded to a call from County Judge Jim Foster for order by declaring that Foster should “Make me come to order!” [5]

    A school in a village in Kenya was named after Price.[6]

    He suffers from vitiligo.[7]

    John Wiley Price has been charged with the following over the last 25 years; Aggravated assault with a deadly weapon, Assault, Criminal Mischief, Criminal Trespassing, Terroristic Threat, Aggravated Assault-Serious Bodily Injury, and Sexual Assault(which was dismissed by the Judge). [8] [9] [10] [11] [12]

    In February of 2011 Price got into a shouting match with several public speakers and audience members at a Dallas county commissioner’s meeting. Price asked out loud why all the speakers were white. When some audience members protested, Price told them the following; “All of you are white,” he said to the citizens. “Go to hell.” Security personnel scrambled to clear the court and shut it down as the confrontation intensified.

    What a slice of life Dallas has there………remember the media attention he got for claiming the term “black hole” was racist. That must have been a proud moment for the constituents of his district (Astronomy 101 children: a black hole is a condition in space where scientist postulate that all matter including light disappears into never to be seen again)…..and if I remember correctly one of the Dallas County commisioners was using that term as a reference to what was happening to the ticket revenue from tickets written by Dallas Constables.

    Oh by the way Kendra D. the term Moolah has been used to describe currency and when I hear the term it is mostly used by African-Americans.

  472. mongo says:

    Marlon Cole

    You utter racist dolt. First of all you are walking around with the Jackson/Sharpton dictionary – they conveniently redefine lots of words for idiots such as yourself. Also this “official” is just a stupid as you are the epithet for Italians is Moolie not Mullah, also the meaning of Mullah is teacher/leader so it’s nothing to be offended by anyway unless of course you’re racist and looking for it. Oh and one final thing for the other idiot – read up, th emajority of any “kidnapping” out of Africa was other Africans kidnapping their friends/relatives and neighbors to SELL to the white man – ya real honorable that. Backwards people like you make me want to puke – grow up and move ahead you are being used.

  473. Tyrone says:

    What a street nig.

  474. Scott Trent says:

    This is Obama`s America. This is how Government treats citizens. These Government people are getting rich – taking your money and property away by force and then they talk to citizens this way. We the people had better get these Government people under control and soon before it`s too late.

  475. pie says:

    John Wiley Price was fighting the white racist when he made this comment, which was taken out of contex. I am sure the N word was used against Price, and Price was only defending himself against these racial attacts.

    John Wiley Price

  476. Tired of it says:

    What is racism?

    What Is A White Organization?
    A White organization is a institution or foundation that has the sole purpose of enhancing the lives of Anglo American citizens. These organizations are generally supported by corporate and individual donations. Some are also supported by federal and local government grants.

    Why The Need For White Organizations?
    White organizations are needed because the Anglo American community is often ignored by mainstream ones. In addition, White organizations can serve specific needs that only pertain to Anglo American families.

    How Many White Organizations Exist and How Can They Help?
    Hundreds exist nationwide with local chapters in many urban cities. These organizations can help with healthcare, daycare, entrepreneurship, minority business grants, minority business loans, scholarships, internships, equal opportunity, civil rights, and more.

    100 White Men of America
    White Culinarians Alliance
    White Wall Street Merchants Association
    Miss White USA
    National Registry of White Baby Names
    National Society of White Engineers
    National Association of Whites In Criminal Justice
    National White Child Development Institute
    National Association of White Hotel Owners, Operators and Developers
    Dallas White Professional Organizations
    Dallas White Chamber Of Commerce
    Dallas-Fort Worth White MBAs
    Dallas Metroplex Council of White Alumni Associations New
    National Association of White Accountants, Inc – Dallas/Ft Worth Chapter
    Texas Coalition of White Democrats
    The White Academy Of Arts and Letters
    The Dallas-Ft.Worth (DFW) White Professionals Meetup Group
    Dallas White Civil Community Related Organizations
    White Association Dallas Chapter
    Dallas White Fire Fighters Association
    Whites in Government – Dallas Chapter

    Disgusted, revolted, mad, how dare you?????

    Now change White to Black.

    These are current functioning organizations.

  477. Scott Trent says:

    What a crock. The Tea Party wants to control people? What? The Tea Party want a smaller, less intrusive Government with less deficit spending. We want Liberty and Justice for all! Not just for Obama`s supporters! Not just for Government unions and private sector unions who are exempted from ObamaCare. I think a civil war is in our future in the US… The people need to take our country back from a certain group in our society.

  478. m0k3d says:

    lynch that skinny black racist…

  479. Mark Matis says:

    What a surprise! A Preferred Species playing racist! And the filthy maggot pigs continue to enable him. May they rot where they belong for what they have done to this country!

  480. Kris10Smith says:

    Time for this racist to go. Next election, I’m writing in Mel Gibson. Lots better to look at, way more talented than this little man with the girlie braids.

  481. uberbroker says:

    I’m sorry. The guy says “you’re all white, go to hell” and THEN comes back and slams the Tea Party for being “racist”. Why not add “It’s all George Bush’s fault”….or Sarah Palin’s? Why is it that Democrats ALWAYS accuse everyone of exactly the behaviors they most commonly display? The word “hypocrite” comes to mind, but I doubt this guy would understand the point.

  482. Mel D says:

    regardless of what was said or intended, his response makes him no better than who he thought was insulting him. grow up and act like a professional, for crying out loud.

  483. Jeff Hearne says:

    Playing the “Race” card has always worked for JW Price in the past, its the only way he knows how to play. If he actually knew what the word “Mullah” meant, he may not have been offended. But then again over the years JW Price has demonstrated his racist tendencies time and time again. I remember watching him tear the windshield wipers off a van, driven by a Caucasion person while the Cops stood there and watched. Why wasn’t JW Price arrested for destruction of private property? Because this sort of behavior has always worked for him in the past and thats why he always falls back to it. Sticks and stones, JW Price……………Sticks and stones, do you remember the rhyme from childhood………………………justme

  484. black hole says:

    He said, “all of you who are white, go to to hell!”. This is the same moron that threw a childish fit because he thinks “black hole” is racist. This is what affirmative action accomplishes… morons in office.

  485. BillyBoy says:

    Where is Al Shrpton???

  486. Heywood Djashuddup says:

    Nowadays blacks are the biggest racists aound, and EVERYONE KNOWS IT.

    And now let’s listen to the outrage from the liberal media about his anti-White hate speech ;

    (sound of crickets chirping)

  487. Hattie Nuff says:

    Recall JWP now. He has to go.

  488. davec says:


    WHAT the MAJOR F-CK is wrong with THIS?


    Typical Black RACISM, its not about RIGHTs or EQUALITY, its about CONTROL AND MANIPULATION.

    The Civil Rights movement put an end to the question, only manipulators and con artists pretend its still a movement.

  489. Rocco Henderson says:

    A racist is one who sees race in everything, like this guy

  490. What is wrong with you a hole says:


  491. James P says:


    1. End of the line says:

      Says a stupid white guy who has lost his white nation.

      Who is stupid?

      Whose population is still growing?

      Whose materialistic, barren population is in decline?

      No, this man is expressing the truth. The truth no cowardly white man will tell you. They send you to endless wars. Tax you into submission. Treat you like a criminal for going five miles over the speed limit. Your white politician wants you to go to hell, he just isn’t bold enough to tell you to your face.

  492. racists says:

    boot the pimp out.

  493. mct says:

    It seems the man has no answer except “your white-go to hell ! I