Price’s Constituents React To “Go To Hell” Tirade

By Stephanie Lucero, CBS 11 News

DALLAS (CBS 11 NEWS) – Constituents of Dallas County Commissioner John Wiley Price are talking about the Commissioner’s controversial remarks yesterday.

“I thought it was horrible” says Kieandria Ellis, who lives in Price’s district.  “Really, you are a great man of power.  People look up to you.  You say things like ‘fat boy” to someone who’s done nothing to you?” she questions.

During Tuesday’s Dallas County Commissioners Court meeting, Price became enraged when a speaker referred to him as a “mullah.”   Price claims it’s a derogatory term, with racial undertones, and mentioned in Spike Lee’s movie “Do the Right Thing.”

But others in District 3 say they’re not aware of the word being offensive and they question why  Price would tell the speaker “go to hell.”  During a verbal altercation Price referred to one of the other members of the audience as “fat boy.”  The protesters have attended a number of Commissioners Court meetings to speak out in opposition to the claimed ouster of Dallas County Elections Supervisor Bruce Sherbet, who resigned.

“Just typical John Wiley Price,” says Darryl Randle, also a resident of District 3.  “He just spoke his mind.  I heard what the white guy said and it does mean a derogatory name because I saw the movie ‘Do the Right Thing’ so he had a right to speak his mind.”


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  1. SDFin says:

    As a Caucasian, I’m offended by being called “white”. “White” is a color – mine is technically “beige”. I’m also getting tired of being asked if I’m latino/hispanic. What does this matter? Judging someone’s physical appearancer isn’t racist enough?

    Why are Caucasians & African Americans referred to by the supposed color of their skin while everyone else gets a proper name? Asian, Hispanic, Native American, Indian, etc. I am not white !!!

    1. mkycp says:

      Anybody with half a brain knows that a mullah is a Muslim religious clergyman or leader that has a lot influence over people. If this idiot would learn something instead of being a race baiting hate-monger posing as a city council member, he would know what the word means and how it was used in context in relation to him. As long as he is still a council member, he will use his position to spew his venom towards whites or anyone else he seems to have a problem with.

      1. dustin says:

        You want him to learn something and yet you haven’t even learned what office he holds.

      2. mkycop says:

        Sorry, County Commissioner. Unlike him, I can admit my mistakes.

      3. Jeff says:

        @ Dustin Doesn’t matter what position he holds. It’s like calling Milk Chocolate “Chocolate”. It doesn’t mean a damn thing. The problem with this clown is that he’s always pulling a race card or generally causing problems and being uncooperative. He’s acting like a ghetto thug instead of maturely rising above the situation as someone in his position should. As I looked through the posts here, I see a LOT of people that are obviously African Americans and they’re all throwing the same race card Mr. Price is. This only perpetuates the hamster wheel of racism. It just keeps going round and round.

    2. vs says:

      “I am not white”…Me either …I’m beige/pink.

  2. Ann1938 says:

    Price has a history of “becoming enraged” at anything he perceives as criticism, and he always gives everything a racial spin. The civil rights movement is over, there is no longer a need for his activism, he has a responsible position, and he needs to grow up. People are frankly tired of his tirades. An anger management program is what he needs. His rage disorder is a form of mental illness.

    1. JAY DAWG says:


      1. js says:

        you are kidding me jay , you probably want to punish the rich for being rich

  3. clair bloom says:

    Someone needs to run against JWP and get him out of office. He’s an embarressment.

  4. Justica says:

    Any educated person can read between the lines and comprehend that the speaker was using racist overtones, “Chief mullah”? come on…. Those who would not be offended, probably don’t know their history or simply care to ignore it. As to the editor of this article; simply having a comment from 1 African American is pitiful and is a misrepresentation of Mr. Price’s supporters which include the majority of African Americans and those “good white folk” who know what the speakers intent really was , I talked to plenty in the professional workforce and we all share the same sentiment. He owes none of those racist biggots an apology, every single one of them speaking were white and gave the speaker an applause at the end of his speech. Not one of those “white folks” thought the term was inappropriate, I saw them all clapping and several were Tea Party members that are known to vote Republican, so the question is, why would Tea Party activist be concerned about a Democratic Chairman? Hmmm….. I bet that’s all innocent to….. Yeah Right….

    1. dustin says:

      Absolutely that guy was being racist. There’s no question about it. The Chair even said in an interview after the incident that he should have reigned in that speaker. That’s why Price is so mad…this man was up there just going on without anyone caring at all.

      1. bah says:

        dont matter dustin

    2. JAY DAWG says:


      1. b says:

        dont matter

    3. Jeckle says:

      Before you call anyone other than Price a racist, perhaps you should do a little research on this fine african american you admire soooo much. His last “temper tantrum” was because he got asked if all the money he lost went into a Black Hole!!!! OMG the humanity! of course Price is either too stupid to know what a black hole is…… or its another fool using the only thing he knows how to use, THE RACE CARD.

  5. Donald Kilgore says:

    Dallas does have a race problem and it’s called John Wiley Price.

    1. Benny says:

      I agree completely….John is the racist. Always has been.
      Why is it okay for him? You let a white public official say something like he did….
      What Happens..???????????

  6. lp says:

    JWP needs to be removed from the City Council. He is an embarassment to his District and the City of Dallas.

    1. vicki says:

      He’s not on the City Council..he is a county commissioner. His actions were disgraceful. But he is a commissioner, not a councilman!

  7. Scott555 says:

    The bigger issue is that JWP is a big-time Dallas County Commissioner. The very fact that he referred collectively to the group as “white” and told them to go to hell is irreparable. Imagine if this was the other way around… really, think about it. WHY does it have to be a double standard?? I hope there is a protest organized calling for the ouster of JWP. I’ll be there for sure. His ridiculous bow-tie white-hating charade has gone on long enough.

    1. Jeckle says:

      LOL ya right! If anyone protested that racist $%#@ they would be crucified by the media and other race card toting idiots.So PLEASE don’t. I have no desire to have Rev. Sharpton and others like him in my city, 1 “whitey hater” with a stage to yell from is enough.

  8. Loyd says:

    This makes me glad that I don’t live in Dallas. Mr. Price seems to be for himself and seeking personal exposure instead of working for his district. I might be wrong but this seems so theatrical and doesn’t solve any local problems. Mr. Price gained the maximum amount of “on-air time” without addressing the problems of his people in his district. Again, if I am wrong then I apologize but I found this very amusing and it gave me some good laughs. Thank you Mr. Price, may God bless.

  9. Dennis says:

    As long as Price has been in office representing his south Dallas constituents, why is there still little, if any economic development in that sector during his tenure???

    Price has done little to help his people, although he has done a great deal to “stir the racial pot” at every opportunity.

    His constituents need to see the elephant in the room, and vote for someone who is actually going to DO something for south Dallas to remove its blight on the rest of the city.

    1. vs says:


  10. CWWP says:

    John Wiley Price has been and is the arm pit of Dallas. As long as his constituents keep him in office, Dallas will remain a racial boiling pot as anytime he is questioned or criticized he gives it a racial spin.
    Replace John Wiley Price and this will remove irrational and immature behavior from the issue. We then can all work together for the benefit of all the citizens of our great city. MLK would be ashamed of JWP!

    1. dustin says:

      Price will stay in office because he gets things done for his district. South Dallas isn’t a pretty place now, but you should have seen it before Price and some of his friends entered the picture. ALL city and county funds were going north. Nothing was spent South of RL Thornton.

      1. texas heartland says:

        JWP didnt do anything on his own. It took a lot of people working towards helping south Dallas and my bet is, some of those folks were white! JWP was a biggot when first elected and is still one today. He is a cancer that needs to be removed. There will be no healing while he is serving that district.

  11. Loyd says:

    I forgot to mention. My daughter informed me that your hair weaving, I guess it is called weaving, I don’t know, but she said it was very expensive. I kind of like it but mine is too short and I couldn’t afford it anyway from what she says. Regular men’s haircut for $15.00 is all I can do. I don’t have that much money to spend monthly. No, I am not white, I am of American Indian heritage just to clarify do you don’t dismiss me.

  12. Robin Patterson says:

    JWP is a bully, and his comments regarding the supporters of the person under discussion were out of control, rude, and as racist as he claims of others.

  13. John in Dallas says:

    I would agree that the man addressing Price had the intention to mislead and imply a racist remark by his use of Chief Moolah instead of Chief Mullah. His actions are inexcusable and he should be barred from attending further meetings for a period of time. There is no doubt his intent was to bait Price into a verbal confrontation, and he succeeded quite well in his goal.

    Price is one of the most hypocritical and racist bigots in Texas. He is well known for his racial attacks on ANYONE he deems against him or his position, be that person black, white, brown, green, or blue. Price is in a position that he well knows will attract this kind of childish and inexcusable behavior…such are Police, local and national politicians, journalists, reporters, talk show hosts…any and all of them are fully aware of the potential attacks and tactics some will use to upend them.

    As a person in his position, or any of the others mentioned, it is his RESPONSIBILITY to handle those kinds of people with appropriate candor and tact. His blatantly willful and openly RACIST comment “all of you are white…go to hell” and his derogatory and slanderous comment “fatboy” should demand the citizens move to legally have him removed from his position and replaced by someone willing to take charge of their responsibilities and work for ALL the people within the district. I personally am embarrasssed that he is a representative of the good people of Dallas.

    He needs to be removed from his position as quickly as possible.

    1. Glad I Don't Live in South Dallas says:

      Yes. Anyone with a half cup of sense can see that the speaker’s intention was to bait JWP. As you said, JWP’s track record is way obvious; and all the speaker had to do was go for it. It would have been such a pleasant change if JWP had managed to rise to the occasion rather than bowing down to it.

      I, too, am embarrased for the good people represented by JWP… and I don’t even life in Dallas… South or otherwise.

  14. Robin Patterson says:

    Why is it okay for Price to spew hateful, racist rhetoric and none of his constituents complain?

    1. Kyle says:

      Because he is black. If a white person did what he did, there would be protests in Dallas right now. It’s like black people feel like they are entitled to something.

  15. tony says:

    why is no one talking about him saying “your alll white and you can go to hello?he should be fired he is a racist plain and simple, i am sick of these double standards

  16. Janwood 1 says:

    If the people JWP represents don’t throw him out of office, then they’re getting what they deserve. He’s outlived his usefulness to his district and Dallas. Let’s hope one of the many good males or females of various races in his district runs against him. If the constituents living there vote him out, they will finally be represented by someone they do deserve.

  17. gigivee says:

    You can call me ‘whitey’ or ‘honky’ it doesn’t bother me. I just roll with it. He is an embarresment to an elected position but as long as his ‘sheeple’ keep supporting him we will have him. I am so thankful I don’t live in Dallas.

    1. les says:

      i agree 100% . if a person is so worried about words , then they must not have very much confidence in themselves !!!! if i don’t like you race is no issue !!!! get a grip people !!!!!!!! rember if you stir s### long enough , you are bound to get some on you

  18. mike says:

    Price is a racist thug. It is time he was voted out. Stunts he has pulled over the years would have resulted in a non-commissioner going to jail. He needs to

  19. vicki says:

    JWP talks about racism and he is the biggest racist of them all. Racism isn’t just against a person of color, it can be spewed against anyone of any skin color. JWP is a disgrace to the city of Dallas. Nothing gets accomplished for the people when this kind of rants are allowed to take place whether in Commissioner’s court or any kind of court. GET RID OF THIS GUY!!

  20. Sany Matthews says:

    Hopefully the 3rd try works. I am white, but I am very upset you spend so much time on Prices reaction but none on the Racist Teaparty KKK mouthpeace you uses a tuant worse than “niggar” as a taunt in a open mic and the moderator did not have him escorted out. He knew he was using a slur to address a County commissioner. How long would a black keep the mic if he reffered to Leppart as aHONKIE in open mic.

    1. texas heartland says:

      Evidently as long as you dont cross JWP you can say anything you want. You could call Leppart a Cracker and it would be fine. Nobody would bat an eye. But Mr. Price has no class and no dignity. He is in a position of leadership and needs to respond appropriately to ALL people. He is a hatemonger and needs to be arrested.

  21. Wattawhip says:

    If I’m not mistaken, someone once used the phrase “black hole” regarding the spending of county money and JWP became enraged over the supposed racist comment. JWP has been the biggest racist around for as long as I’ve known of him. Back to his days of working for Judge Steele.

    1. Joan says:

      LOL! I remember that ridiculous nonsense he stirred up over the comment “black hole.” I’m black, and I cannot figure out why he carried on so over its use. I can only surmise that he didn’t actually know what a “black hole” is and how it pertains to galaxies.

  22. Texride says:

    Dallas is embarrased again by John Price. How many times is this? I lost count 10 years ago.

  23. Eyes Wide Open says:

    I feel the blame is on the judge for allowing the speaker to address a Dallas County Commissioners by anything other than his name. Not one, but siix imes without interupption the speaker used the offensive term. Mr. Price specifically and repeatedly requested that the speaker address him directly.

    The Speaker justified using the term “King Moolah” by defining it as “Mullah” and says it’s not a racial slur, however, for those who know history, a cracker is the head overseer who cracks a whip to enforce his authority. If I were to call a caucasian a cracker it would not be considered a title of authority. It would be considered a racial slur. You cannot justify a racial slur by giving a bogus definition and expect people to be deaf and blind to your racism.

    In future meetings, I feel the judge has a responsibility to maintain control and not allow ANYONE to be called anything other than his or her surname.

    1. Rayburn E. Ezell Jr. says:


    2. Joan says:

      While I do agree with what you’ve said, I still feel that Mr. Price has a responsibility to act way better than what he does. He only brought himself down to the level of the speaker. Actually, he brought himself down way lower than the speaker. We can’t object to racial slurs or even implied racial slurs, if we ourselves are hurling them about. Ditto on that outrageous “fat boy” comment.

    3. gskrptr says:

      news flash! neither mullah or mollah is a racial slur has never been. the term you’re referring to is molie. an Italian word for eggplant.

  24. MON says:

    For those of you who want to call JWP a racist think about it this way. I have three points that you should consider:

    1.They were in a meeting where there was supposed to be a chair who keeps order. The Chair allowed the Commissioner to be insulted 6 times. The Commissioner tried to address the matter with tact but had no one to back him up.

    2. If you are a Christian would you want to called a Muslim? And vice versa.
    3. The Preacher was enraged by being called outside his name (fatboy), but saw no similarity in JWP being angered when he was called “Head Moolah”.

    In my opinion, Price has a no nonsense attitude and defended himself. Who wouldn’t? And who didn’t defend himself that day? They ALL were angered when they felt they were insulted.

    CONGRATULATIONS TEA PARTY! You acheived your goal that day.

    1. Benny says:

      What i dont understand is the media said nothing about the words that came out of Mr. Prices mouth. Why was it all about the lawyer and what he said?
      Cuz he is white?

    2. RUKIDDINGME says:

      There’s a difference between defending yourself and being ignorant. Asking why everyone speaking is white, and telling all the members of the public audience who are white to go to hell is just being stupid. I’m white and I would probably not take it personally that he said something dumb, but I would also think he was a clown and a joke to be in public office.

  25. Josh says:

    They all expect a hand out and they are mad at the world because they aren’t gonna get it!!!

    1. Kyle says:

      EXACTLY!!!!! All of these minorities vote for other minorities to get into office only on the basis that they are not white. They don’t care if the candidate is qualified for the position or not. It shows with 1. Obama and 2. this idiot in Dallas!!! Obama was the biggest mistake in U.S. history and Dallas is known for corruption in it’s city council.

  26. Rayburn E. Ezell Jr. says:

    In all honesty, it shouldn’t matter this was a derogatory name or not. This situation could have been handled a lot better than it was. Whether Mr. Price wants to acknowledge or not he is a public figure, he failed at this meeting to realize he is. That being the case, he has a duty and an obligation to set a standard for himself and other public officials. He did not represent any of his colleagues or himself in a favorable light. Shame on he or anyone during this meeting using malicious language of any sort. They should all be held accountable and punishment, even if this means they are to be terminated from their positions.

    1. Joan says:

      I absolutely agree!

  27. charlotte Burris says:

    I don’t even live in Dallas and have seen numerous issues reguarding unprofessional behavior from this arrogant pretentious joker. Why does he hold an office when he obviously has no idea how to act professional? He is not above the law. Accountabilty Dallas!! Bring this two year old idiot down to earth. Put him in the unemployment line where he belongs.

  28. charlotte Burris says:

    This victom mentality utilized as an excuse for obnoxious behavior makes about as much sense as I was mistreated by someone with black hair when I was 12, so everyone with black hair owes me. And because it happened I am not accountable for my behavior. Get real….

  29. Nujac says:

    John WIley Price it the RACIST in the room!!! Dallas county officials and citizens should be calling for his resignation.!!! He is a disgrace to the position of Dallas County Commisioner.!!!

  30. RUKIDDINGME says:

    Since 1992 John Wiley Price has been charged with the following offenses; aggravated assault with a deadly weapon, assault, criminal mischief, criminal trespassing, terroristic threat, aggravated assault-serious bodily injury, and sexual assault . Seems like a respectable enough person to take at his word.

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