By Marianne Martinez, CBS 11 News

ARLINGTON (CBSDFW.COM) – A bake sale in an Arlington neighborhood started as a classroom assignment. Third graders at Duff Elementary School in Arlington were asked to identify a problem and map out a solution.

Eight-year-old Brianna Hicks and her classmate Maci Clark decided to tackle the Arlington Independent School District’s budget shortfall, one cookie at a time.

“We are doing cookies against cuts,” Brianna explained.

The girls knew their teacher Traci Seibold, who is in her first year with the district, could lose her job.

“We’re trying to save her against the next budget cut,” Brianna said.

Seibold wanted her students to learn about community involvement, but she never dreamed they would try to help her.

“It’s very touching and moving that these young children have the hearts and desire to go out and make a difference,” Seibold said.

Word of the bake sale spread over social media and dozens of people donated. The grand total was $1,296.70, much more than the $100 Brianna was hoping for.

While parents and teachers realize the girls’ bake sale wouldn’t raise enough money to save jobs, they hope it raises awareness. They plan to present the money to the AISD school board members during their next meeting.

“Our hope is Austin hears about this, that our legislators here about this and see that our children are trying to make a difference, and I hope it inspires them to move in a positive way,” Seibold said.