By Marianne Martinez, CBS 11 News

DALLAS (CBSDFW.COM) – They’re thousands of miles from Libya, but dozens of people at two demonstrations in Downtown Sunday said they feel they can make a difference.

“We’re Libyans in America,” said 20-year-old Khyrria, who did not want to give her last name.  “I think it shows solidarity, support for the people there.”

Khyrria said her father fled Libya 30 years ago to escape the dictatorship of Muammar el-Qaddafi. She still has some family there, and attended the protest so they can live a better life.

“These people are starving. There’s no jobs, no education,” she said. “We as Libyans, want to show them our support. Even in Dallas, Texas we can do it.”

Inspired by the revolution in Egypt, people in countries all over the Middle East are taking to the streets to protest against dictators.

“We’re hoping and praying the suffering of the people of the Middle East will come to an end and that democracy will break out all over the Middle East,” said Hadi Jawad, another protestor.

Just steps from the Libya demonstration in Dealey Plaza, there was another protest for the people of Iran.

“Thirty years they’ve had no freedom, no democracy. Just fear,” said Mahbube Ghoraishi, whose family is from Iran.

Ghoraishi said the current protests have special meaning for her.  Her uncle was executed while attending a protest in 1979.  She has several family members in Iran and hopes they will be able to experience freedom and democracy.

“If they keep going the people of Iran can do it. They can definitely do it, just like the Egyptians did,” she said.