DALLAS (KRLD/CBSDFW.COM) – The Dallas County Commissioners have approved a decorum policy change for themselves.

If you or I go to Commissioners Court we have to watch what we say. We can’t verbally assault anyone or threaten the government and now the commissioners will be held to the same standard.

But the decision to update the conduct policy didn’t quiet protestors who couldn’t get in to the packed meeting. The group made claims that Commissioner John Wiley Price is corrupt.

One protestor told KRLD NewsRadio 1080, “[Despite] allegations of corruption, for some reason the man is still in power. John Wiley Price has caused the destruction of Dallas County for about 25 years.”

More than 150 people showed up for Tuesday’s Dallas County Commissioners meeting. In fact, there were so many people that the fire marshal had to turn some away.

After last week’s meeting ended with a heated exchange between Price and a group of citizens, extra security was called in for Tuesday’s meeting.

The conduct policy vote was spurred after last week’s meeting when during public comments a speaker made a reference to Price as “the Chief Mullah of Dallas County”, Price said to the group “All of you are white. Go to hell!”

Price repeated, “go to hell” three more times as he stood to leave the meeting. An unknown member of the audience said, “You should be ashamed!” “I’m not ashamed!” Price answered. “I’m not ashamed! Go to hell!”

The big bone of contention centered on the unceremonious departure of Elections Administrator Bruce Sherbet. The group says Price is to blame.

On Tuesday a meeting attendee backed the decorum decision. “Ya know, they should have guidelines for county commissioners. You just can’t come out there and say anything because you’re a commissioner.”

Another Dallas County resident said he doesn’t think the new rules will make much of a difference when it comes to Price. “It’s a part of his personality and I don’t think he’s gonna stop. I think that this is just another episode of ‘more to come’. It’s just unfortunate. The citizens, the African American community, should hold John [Wiley Price] and all elected officials to a higher standard,” he said frustrated.