Dallas Co. Commissioners Approved Decorum Policy Change

DALLAS (KRLD/CBSDFW.COM) – The Dallas County Commissioners have approved a decorum policy change for themselves.

If you or I go to Commissioners Court we have to watch what we say. We can’t verbally assault anyone or threaten the government and now the commissioners will be held to the same standard.

But the decision to update the conduct policy didn’t quiet protestors who couldn’t get in to the packed meeting. The group made claims that Commissioner John Wiley Price is corrupt.

One protestor told KRLD NewsRadio 1080, “[Despite] allegations of corruption, for some reason the man is still in power. John Wiley Price has caused the destruction of Dallas County for about 25 years.”

More than 150 people showed up for Tuesday’s Dallas County Commissioners meeting. In fact, there were so many people that the fire marshal had to turn some away.

After last week’s meeting ended with a heated exchange between Price and a group of citizens, extra security was called in for Tuesday’s meeting.

The conduct policy vote was spurred after last week’s meeting when during public comments a speaker made a reference to Price as “the Chief Mullah of Dallas County”, Price said to the group “All of you are white. Go to hell!”

Price repeated, “go to hell” three more times as he stood to leave the meeting. An unknown member of the audience said, “You should be ashamed!” “I’m not ashamed!” Price answered. “I’m not ashamed! Go to hell!”

The big bone of contention centered on the unceremonious departure of Elections Administrator Bruce Sherbet. The group says Price is to blame.

On Tuesday a meeting attendee backed the decorum decision. “Ya know, they should have guidelines for county commissioners. You just can’t come out there and say anything because you’re a commissioner.”

Another Dallas County resident said he doesn’t think the new rules will make much of a difference when it comes to Price. “It’s a part of his personality and I don’t think he’s gonna stop. I think that this is just another episode of ‘more to come’. It’s just unfortunate. The citizens, the African American community, should hold John [Wiley Price] and all elected officials to a higher standard,” he said frustrated.


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  1. BETH MCGILL says:

    Price has been out of control too long. get him out…… He needs to go>>>>>>>>>>>>>

  2. Craig says:

    Mullah: The term is frequently used in English, although English-speaking Muslim clergy rarely call themselves mullahs. It was adopted from Urdu by the British rulers of India and subsequently came into more widespread use.

    Mullahs have frequently been involved in politics, but only recently have they actually taken power. Islamists seized power in Iran in 1979, and later, in Afghanistan under the Taliban.

    This Christian Right wing name calling is not appropriate at any government meeting. John Wiley Price has every reason to be upset.

    1. Jim says:

      Give me a break! This Goof Ball “John Wiley Price” has been an instigator his whole life. That’s the way he rolls. When he’s challenged by someone who happens to be of a different color, he cries foul. John, it’s time to go. You have been sponging off the county too long.


    2. DirtyD says:

      Yea this guy is an idiot for sure! bad city leader makes bad city that’s it!! He wont come to my hood and say some dumb stuff like that with out some sort of punishment! He only does that cause there is a ton of guards around him! He a scary dude!

  3. Kim Dar says:

    John Wiley Price is ALWAYS upset about something. No one had any right to be upset about anything about him. If they are upset, then he uses his outbursts to quiet them and take the focus off the issue and turn the focus onto himself. He is very self centered and craves to be the center of attention. Most of us out grow that, but he is like my two year old nephew. Any attention is good attention. Dallas County really needs better representation than this.

  4. Rick McDaniel says:

    The only change that is going to improve decorum, is the departure of John Wiley price.

    1. DirtyD says:

      Well said!!!!

  5. Mary says:

    After watching the video. I feel the man that was speaking is the one that cause t he problem in the meeting. If he had not made the statement mulliah and direct it to John W. Price. there would have not been any trouble in the meeting. If you don’t want trouble don’t make offensive remarks to anyone. Everyone has a right to be respected regardly how you feel about a person. Because everyone has a opinion about anybody. But, I think you should keep your opinions to yourself especial if it will offend anyone.

    1. DirtyD says:


      This goes back to morals and values! Lead by example and perfectionism that’s his job not to be racist and ignorant! no matter what anybody else says!

      1. DirtyD says:

        even if the guy didn’t say anything this idiot would have still acted out! did you ever see this black hole issue he acted out on! JWP is a multiple offender!

  6. les says:

    check out price’s family tree , i think you will find it interesting.

  7. les says:

    check out price’s family tree , i think you will find it interesting .

  8. DirtyD says:

    fire this nerd or whatever he is and pay for some text books for our kids! since there is no money for that! Put his paycheck to work for us instead of him running his mouth and showing his ignorance!

  9. DirtyD says:

    Where is all the Caucasian people in Kwanzaa Fest??? One of the biggest events lead by this dummy. Seems to me that’s a racist concert toward Caucasians and all others, one that is not geared to getting all the community (Mexican, Whites, Blacks, Asian and etc.) together! Favoritism is defiantly the case here!

  10. Craig says:

    At least we can all be happy that our property taxes weren’t raised for the first time in five decades. The white people who are supposed to be on our side never let a tax increase not happen. Look at the facts before you start slandering the people that are helping you.

  11. DirtyD says:

    WOW no tax increase so now its ok to call us all white people and to go to hell! come on man! Bottom line hes not good enough to be a city leader!
    As like this idiot price said! Here’s my version! Call me a Caucasian not a white person that’s racist!

  12. DirtyD says:

    And “Kwanzaa Fest” don’t help me or others or the city at all! point blank!

  13. Craig says:

    But calling him a Talliban in public is OK? Was the guy slandering him white? Should he have lashed out against someone else? Why do the racist biggots not want to take the heat for their racist remarks? Who cares about Kwanzaa? Religeous freedom and tolerance is what we are supposed to have in this country. Never mind; I forgot that we live in right wing christian taliban land where intolerance of any other religion is OK!

  14. DirtyD says:

    Craig —I agree that guy was an idiot also he should have been kicked right out of there! But try any of these things in a different country and see where you end up! The US is getting pushed around with this open racism toward all kinds of people! If the tables were turned and both parties said what the other party said we would hear all kinds of crying about a Caucasian person being racist but because its a African American guy saying it and its OK uh?! ‘Anybody being racist is an idiot even the man that called him a name he don’t even understand the true meaning of! Our future with the kids of these type of people are doomed! No matter what color of person you are you do not have the right to be hateful to others! Its like our moms used to say! Sticks and stones may break my bones but words will never hurt me! Its time to grow up and be an adult PRICE! your a leader lets try to lead people in the right direction uh!

  15. shadeofafreeway says:

    JWP will just use the new decorum policy against everyone. Useless waste of time.

  16. Mr Brown says:

    …some people have nothing to say when they’re not spreading mess. Hate fueled by hate. You should ALL be ashamed.Look at youselves…where is your focus..I’m glad I don’t live in Dallas county…your hatefulness defines you.Pray for peace and try to bepeaceful…or be quiet.

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