Girl Scout Troop Earning Advocacy Badges

By Andrea Lucia, CBS 11 News

ARLINGTON (CBSDFW.COM) – Huddled around a library table, the girls of Girl Scout troop 2038 in Arlington are taking on a big project.

“What are we talking about?” asks troop leader, Brandee Ganz. “Budget cuts,” answers the chorus of girls.

While school funding may not be easy to understand, it is something these girls take personally. “Our teachers are kind of like our friends, and they help us. They’re not just our teachers.” said Laurie, 9.

“They’re either gonna lose their jobs – or they’re gonna have more kids in their class,” said Katie, 10.

“It’d be hard to keep control because that would be a lot of kids,” said Claudia, 9.

The girls want to make a difference so they’re writing letters to state lawmakers and their AISD board member. “Dear Mister John Hibbs,” wrote Laurie. “I don’t want you to cut a lot of our teachers.”

They have some suggestions, too. “Maybe we could use some of the rainy day fund to help our schools. I mean, I don’t want it all to be gone, just in case another disaster happens,” said Katie.

The troop is also headed to Austin next month to rally for more school funding, and they’re already making their signs. “Rainy day fund, save our schools,” reads Donna, 9.

Now it’s just a matter of getting someone to listen. “Maybe if we had help from other people, it would work,” says Claudia.


One Comment

  1. wallace1303 says:

    This is Arlington and I should not be surprised.. but…using children for your political cause is not fair to the children…and you liberals know it. Libs always trot out a parade of “victims” on every issue. It is shameless to use these children.

  2. Think Logically! says:

    Wallace, you have to be joking right? Teaching the kids to research their situation and stand up for change of something that affects them is shameless? Come on… You do realize that the Girls Scout Troop will be made up of all sorts of political families. If the parents didn’t agree they wouldn’t let their kids participate. Do you feel loosing teachers only affects the liberals? What is shameless in my opinion is that people don’t see that losing teachers is important to all of us and collectively we have to stand up and say it isn’t acceptable. More groups should be speaking out, Girl Scouts, Boy Scouts, Rotaries, Democrats to the left, to the right, to the freaking center, Republicans to the left, to the right, to the freaking center, associations, small business, big business. The problem is that we are all just trying to stay a float each day and don’t get involved.

  3. underdogg says:

    Like the Wisconsin governor said, “…can’t bargain if we haven’t anything to bargain with…namely money, ’cause we ain’t got none!” Stupid people who want to train up these kids to whine about rights, never mind that they’re spending themselves into the poor house. They’ve throw 10’s of thousands per student at them, and their ranking as ait concerns GPA is still around rock bottom. Stupid people!

  4. brooks says:

    I for one, am very proud of these young ladies. I can tell you that my children and their friends are VERY concerned about the budget cuts. We have already witnessed teachers receiving their pink slips and this is very devastating. Our children’s educations are at stake. Having less teachers, less control and more students in a classroom is not what I want to see happen to our schools. (and no, I am not a teacher….merely, a concerned parent)

    I cannot believe that you(wallace) believe that the leader of this trip is some screaming liberal, simply because she is educating her troop on things that are going to impact them. I am far from being liberal and again, am very proud of these children and parents who are taking a stand. Way to go troop 2038!!!!!

  5. Becky Paxson says:

    Shame on Texas for allowing our schools and CHILDREN to suffer, to have our schools continue to drop in standings. SHAME on those that think children should not be educated about what affects their lives, their futures! Let’s just let the kids become permanent residents in their parents homes because they couldn’t read or write well enough to complete an application, because they don’t have the ability to keep a job because they don’t have a good education to allow them to do so. To not allow them to take part of their future breeds ignorance and people that assume allowing our kids to be educated about the processes are “liberals”. I suppose the atheletes that get MILLIONS of dollars for playing a game are O.K. since they pose no threat to making changes in our government processes or trying to save our schools? GREAT JOB to the Girl Scouts for being aware of what is happening to their schools and for being involved. That’s leadership, being aware and involved in their futures!!!!

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