By Andrea Lucia, CBS 11 News

ARLINGTON (CBSDFW.COM) – Huddled around a library table, the girls of Girl Scout troop 2038 in Arlington are taking on a big project.

“What are we talking about?” asks troop leader, Brandee Ganz. “Budget cuts,” answers the chorus of girls.

While school funding may not be easy to understand, it is something these girls take personally. “Our teachers are kind of like our friends, and they help us. They’re not just our teachers.” said Laurie, 9.

“They’re either gonna lose their jobs – or they’re gonna have more kids in their class,” said Katie, 10.

“It’d be hard to keep control because that would be a lot of kids,” said Claudia, 9.

The girls want to make a difference so they’re writing letters to state lawmakers and their AISD board member. “Dear Mister John Hibbs,” wrote Laurie. “I don’t want you to cut a lot of our teachers.”

They have some suggestions, too. “Maybe we could use some of the rainy day fund to help our schools. I mean, I don’t want it all to be gone, just in case another disaster happens,” said Katie.

The troop is also headed to Austin next month to rally for more school funding, and they’re already making their signs. “Rainy day fund, save our schools,” reads Donna, 9.

Now it’s just a matter of getting someone to listen. “Maybe if we had help from other people, it would work,” says Claudia.