DALLAS (105.3 The Fan) Leading off Today’s “Jock Itch:” The Phoenix Sun’s Leandro Barbosa was a huge fan favorite and got traded this past summer before the NBA season began and why? Well, rumor has it that it was because he was messing around with Steve Nash’s wife! Supposedly, Barbosa was traded because Nash caught wind of the affair and that’s why Nash all of a sudden got that bizarre divorce after his wife had their baby! He realized that the child wasn’t his and then decided to split from her immediately after the birth!


And in OTHER “itch” worthy news….

Orlando’s Dwight Howard supposedly hooked up with Olympic speed skater, Allison Baver, during NBA All-Star weekend! He had a crazy Friday night at his party he hosted with C-Prime and was seen leaving the party with Allison. She was Facebooking about his arms all night too, so you KNOW that means they were all over it!


This comes as no shock but Blake Griffin is THE most searched athlete on You Tube. According to YouTube Trends, Blake is the FASTEST rising search among NBA players, and worldwide, the fastest rising search on YouTube associated with the term, “highlights” is “Blake Griffin.” AND, by the end of November (roughly just a month into the regular season), the league already had enough dunk clips to assemble a top 10 highlight reel!


Last year, just over 5 million people watched the NFL combine over four days on the NFL Network! And just to put this into perspective, a week’s worth of MLB telecasts on ESPN (that’s three games) drew a combined 4 million viewers last season. So, it’s no shock that the NFL Network is gonna deliver more than 30 live hours of Combine coverage starting this week…


Idiot shoplifters are just so stinkin’ cute! A guy was charged with theft after he was stopped leaving a Kohl’s department store, mostly still in his own clothes, but also wearing the pair of high-heel shoes he was allegedly trying to steal…


A potential NFL lock-out ain’t stoppin’ THIS guy from spending money! The Viking’s Bryant McKinnie dropped more than $100,000 on his bar tab in Hollywood last week at an NBA All-Star “Kick-Off Party.” He ordered more than 15 bottles of expensive champagne, among other things. Apparently, these bottles were SO big that the entire club stopped just to watch the wait staff bring them to Bryant’s area to crack ‘em open! And in case you were worried for his financial well-being, Bryant’s reportedly due to make 4.9 million in 2011, given there’s no NFL strike…


A new Broadway show called, “Magic/Bird” is being developed by the same producers and writer of the current Broadway show, “Lombardi” and they’re looking at a scheduled debut in 2012! Since “Lombardi” has been such an unexpected smash hit, producers are now trying to produce more sports themed stage adaptations as well!


Motley Crue’s Vince Neil is serving food in a Vegas jail, all in attempts to reduce his two week jail sentence for driving drunk. He’s serving breakfast to his 4,000 fellow inmates every morning, starting at 4am (then lunch and dinner) in addition to mopping and vacuuming floors and cleaning showers…I wonder if his band’s hit song, “Home Sweet Home,” is playing non-stop in his mind as he’s heaving around the mop bucket…


Counselors nationwide are looking at developing a group called, “Men of Tears” to help men cope with their emotions. It’s going to focus on allowing men to be able to talk about their feelings and share what’s going on with them internally, in order to make them emotionally stronger and less hostile…


Keep the Tex-Mex away from THIS guy but a guy went crazy and stabbed a man to death at a party (where three others were also wounded in the melee) apparently because they’d been making mean comments about the pungent smell of the dude’s gas! http://news.yahoo.com/s/uc/20110220/od_notw/nwx110220xml

And THAT’S my “Jock Itch!”