Oak Cliff Protesters Support Wisconsin Union Workers

By Marianne Martinez, CBS 11 News

DALLAS (CBSDFW.COM) – Kimetra Lewis stood outside a Dallas County building in Oak Cliff Saturday to support union members in Wisconsin.

“We’re out here supporting their cause,” Lewis said. “If they’re allowed to get away with this in Wisconsin, we’ll be faced with the same things.”

Lewis works for the U.S. Postal Service and is a member of the National Association of Letter Carriers. She believes the union has helped secure her fair wages and benefits.

“I’m a single parent of three children,” she said. “If I had not had a job like this that provided me with the benefits, I wouldn’t have been able to take care of them.”

The rally in Oak Cliff was one of many that took place across the country to show solidarity with state workers in Wisconsin, who have been protesting Gov. Scott Walker’s proposal that would limit the collective bargaining rights of unions and require public workers to pay more for their health insurance and pensions.

Texas is a right-to-work state, so unions do not have collective bargaining rights.

North Texas Republican Congressman Michael Burgess believes the governor of Wisconsin is doing what’s right for the state.

“The governor has an obligation to balance his budget in Wisconsin just as other states do and he is going about that with the tools he has available to him,” Burgess said. “There’s a broad understanding these cuts on the state, federal and local level are going to happen and they’re going to be uncomfortable.”

Some business owners say unions can be too powerful, and hurt the economy.

“Having a right to work state is best for everybody,” said Michael McIntyre, the C.E.O. of Dallas-based Benefits America, which offers discounted health care. “It keeps more people employed. It does help the economy and it attracts more businesses.”

McIntyre’s mother worked for General Motors in Michigan and was an active union member.  However, McIntyre doesn’t agree with how some unions operate.

“I do think there’s a reason for unions and a place for unions. However, their over-reaching power has devastated many industries in this country,” he said.


One Comment

  1. unknown says:

    Well, It seems like the no tax place of dallas wants the union thugs to prevail in wisconsin, what would you expect?
    Look at our pro tem?
    Beware the Carpet Bagger

  2. farmertx says:

    The thuggery in WI from their lying governor has started a movement. It’s all about the people who actually go out and work everyday. And that bothers those who sit behind desks. Both sides need a voice.
    The right has USCoC plus Faux plus the Koch controlled tea party. The left has Unions. And the right can’t have that. They need to be the only game in town as they can’t handle opposition.

    1. Jerri Lee says:

      the thugs are the unions

    2. Gorba says:

      You are so wrong it astounds me. Regardless of who has what on the left and right. The government sector unions are sucking up money that is paid by the taxpayer. Tjhose should not be used in a partisan manner, nor should the union members be able to get better benefits than the people paying taxes to support thier free ride.

      The union bosses are thugs and the protesting teaches don’t give a rats behind about the kids. Who are you kidding?

  3. Ben says:

    Government employees should not be able to negotiate with our tax money. The unions are way to powerful for the return you get. Also, the benefits they get are better then most private secotrs jobs and yet they pay less for them. Unions have a place in the private sector to a point, but not in government.

  4. dallasguy says:

    She believes the union secures her fair wages. What about her job? Has she bothered to notice that the postal service is about to close?

  5. bb says:

    The union are bunch of crooks

  6. rex says:

    what a crock on no union in government because they set the teen wage salary.

  7. yesIamaunionmember says:

    How many of Kimetra’s 3 kids have the same last name?

    1. Carlos says:

      You are a racist idiot! If you can’t make an intelligent observation don’t make one at all Jerko!

  8. NoObamaIn2012 says:

    WFAA got a postal worker to comment in support of unions…. how ironic. A person from the most unproductive, over-paid, over-benefited, biggest money-loser organization in America talks about why they need unions. Think about this… when all these WI and postal worker union people lose their jobs and go to the private sector with their resumes and tell nobody will hire them. Why? Because the private sector knows these union people are unproductive and high maintenance.

    Why was this even a news story. It looks like a handful of homeless people…

  9. Jeff says:

    These people are over payed. If you think the lines at the Post Office and the DMV are bad wait until Obamacare…stand in line to see if you are worth enough to the state before you receive Healthcare

  10. Debra Clement says:

    I believe if there are cuts it should come out of their wages and benefits. I think the workers have paid and done without enough. I don’t think this is about unions I believe this is about how the workers are being treated and how they are going to support their families. I also think every worker should stand up for the people that are protesting because we may be next. I stand behind them all the way.

  11. Sgt.Dread says:

    If you’ll go to our very own postal distribution center(GP) at night and see just how many “employees” are sleeping on the job,yes, I mean SLEEPING ! You’ll see but a small part of the problem.Want to make big bucks ? work the holiday schedule.
    There are so many problems with our postal service it needs to be dismantled and started over again,not just continually charging more every time they need to pay for more benefits,where else can a person with a GED make $70,000 a year ? Further,the UAW union in the north (Wi,Mi,Mn,Il) are receivivng an average of $70/hr in wage and benefits and the average worker in private industry in America receives about $15/hr ………..quite a diff. no?

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