AUSTIN (KRLD) – Tuesday’s Austin hearing on the Voter ID bill got a little out of hand.

The Texas State House Committee on Voter ID was taking testimony from NAACP State President Gary Bledsoe when Dallas Representative Rafael Anchia, who attended the meeting even though he is not on the committee, stopped him.

“I apologize Mr. Bledsoe. I’m very distracted. Mr. Green in the front row keeps mouthing the words bull**** over and over again. I find it extremely offensive,” said Anchia.

Despite the incident, the hearing over whether the state should require people to show identification when they vote continued.

Those supporting the bill say it will protect the election process and discourage voter fraud. “The intent of the bill is not to disenfranchise anyone but to improve the integrity of the voting process,” said B.R. “Skipper” Wallace, the legislative chairman of the Texas Republican County Chairman’s Association.

Those against the bill say it will put up another obstacle for people to cast a ballot and will discourage minority participation in the election process.

“We’ve seen a much larger problem with the issue of voter intimidation and voter irregularities than we’ve seen with the issue of the need for an identification,” said Bledsoe.

A house committee is expected to approve the bill and send it to the full house for consideration. The full house could vote on the issue in a couple of weeks.

The senate has already passed a Voter ID bill.