Student Threat Puts TWU Campus In Denton On Lockdown

DENTON (CBSDFW.COM) – The Denton campus of Texas Woman’s University was on lockdown for more than a hour Tuesday morning. The lockdown, which was issued at 9:40 a.m., was lifted at 11:00 a.m.

Initially, faculty and staff were advised to keep their doors locked and not to call DPS unless it was an emergency.

Minutes after the lockdown was issued the university website displayed an emergency alert saying, “a male student made verbal threats during a class”.  When that student left the room the instructor dismissed class and notified campus police.

‘Pioneer Alert’ text messages were sent out advising everyone to remain inside.

The suspect, 30-year old Christopher Gillette, was arrested and is in the Denton County Jail, accused of threatening his classmates.

No one on campus was harmed.


One Comment

  1. Hannas says:

    Thank God, that students will soon legally be able to carry guns on campus in Texas!
    Yeah, nothing bad will ever happen from that!
    (Are you people stupid or what?)

    1. TXTXTX says:

      If someone wants to bad enough (i.e. any other school shooting in history), they will bring a gun on campus with them. If YOU were in a situation where a gunman entered your classroom and a fellow student and/or teacher was carrying a concealed handgun, and put an end to the situation…you can not tell me that you would not be thankful that a formally and legally trained CHL holder was there to save your life.

    2. bobo says:

      ur right idiot, lets just keep letting crazy people carry guns on campus and relish in our unarmed ignorance and hope we are lucky enough to not get shot…….as opposed to having the ability to defend ourselves! no need to ask if ur stupid or what…..its obvious….ur friggin stupid!

  2. Nadine Walters says:

    I have a granddaughter at TWU, if students are allowed to carry guns, guess what

    They don’t have to leave campus to get a GUN, they already have one, just get

    mad and start shooting , NO WAY<NO HOW<WHAT ARE THEY THINKING for all


    grandchildren in other colleges,this scares me to death for their safety.

  3. TXTXTX says:

    you say that until a concealed carry holder saves your granddaughters life because he or she is legally and formally trained (and has passed FBI background checks). Any numbnuts can carry a gun on to campus and start firing REGARDLESS if they have this law or not. Argue that, please.

    1. TXTXTX says:

      And, just to add an addendum to this….Just because they pass the law does not mean that EVERYBODY is allowed to carry a concealed handgun. It states that legally registered CHL holderrs (see previous statement) are allowed to carry. These are the same people who are carrying all around you and you are completely oblivious and unaware. Why? Because, they are not out to hurt you or any one else in the community. They are merely protecting themselves.

    2. TXTXTX says:

      I’m a republican you idiot. Clearly, my argument is conservative. I could care less if you’re a democrat or a republican. You’re a moron who probably has no ideology because you can’t understand simple politics. I remember my first time on the internet….

  4. john c reilly says:

    What a bunch of freakin women.
    And ofcourse its a guy at tWu

  5. Ronnie says:

    Just wait until it is legal to take guns on campus.This will happen a few times a week thanks to the republican party!

  6. Ich_Bein_ein_Texan says:

    well i was in the class when it happened. and i prayed someone was carrying a gun.

  7. jewet51 says:

    Hay tugs, my advice to you is don’t come to TEXAS but if ya do please come on down ta JEWETT you simple stupid little RAT.

  8. Ann1938 says:

    I’m glad my granddaughter left TWU to go to Texas Tech. Note to jewet51 and Tubby: you’re typical of the redneck ignorance that floats around on the fringes. No wonder schools in Texas are 48th (or is it 49th?) in the nation, if you two are products of the Texas public schools. “Notice to all bimbo Americans-you haven’t seen nothing yet” and “Please come down ta Jewett”. Wow! You two should be on Jerry Springer with your mentality. “Promoting Sodomite fith in schools in America”” –a religious recommendation here???

  9. Curmudgeon Tom says:

    Wow, such venom from both sides of this issue! I hold a Texas CHL, but I’m not going to spit insults at someone if he disagrees with me about the right to carry on campuses even if he spits insults at me about it. You walk away if you can.

  10. Ms.Madddwoman says:

    Society has gone to the one with the biggest gun and the whole time, our children are loosing their place in the “World”. This should be a wake-up call for us to gather as “One Nation” and stop the madness…My daughter was in that same building, defenseless as a newborn child and all we seem to be concern with is “who has the gun”…… Haven’t enough of our children suffered????? But by the Grace of God TWU students and staff were safe….

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